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..please forgive me. Please. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live.

Tonight - deadly argument - to overhaul Sydney Ferries. The controversial blueprint for news on their missing son. And a family's desperate plea

Good evening. Also, tonight - on a breakfast favourite. the deadly news And will he stay or will he go? Mason's future at the Bulldogs. Urgent talks to discuss Willie But heading the news at 5:00 - of a Sydney grandfather, the senseless death over water restrictions. murdered in a fight The attack in Ken Proctor's front yard

shocked. leaving friends and neighbours

Ken Proctor had everything to live for -

and had just become a grandfather. he'd retired, renovated his home the 66-year-old was murdered of watering his front lawn. in the simple act It's the whole neighbourhood, you know, it just hasn't sunk in. we're just in total shock, Mr Proctor turned his hose on a man Police say who argued with him over water restrictions.

punched to the ground and kicked. It's alleged he was heart attack and stopped breathing. Five minutes later he suffered a tried in vain to resuscitate him. An off-duty police officer from a devastated community. Today, flowers and who's dead and that's not right. has been charged with his murder. Todd Munter of Sylvania A court today heard the 36-year-old was on morphine and other medication

for intense back pain. Family members supported him We're decent people, mate, see ya. with Sutherland Council, A former truck driver 'Bradman' - Ken Proctor was jokingly called he never got out. when he was in his truck that did his work, Just a real old-school kind of bloke a real family man. have asked for a better friend. Neighbours say they couldn't

Thursday night was the big night, A group of about eight of us,

for the meat raffle we'd go to the local club and our ticket in the meat raffle. and we'd have our couple of beers And so tonight, if they're up to it, will be back here at the club, Ken Proctor's mates at the meat tray in his honour. having a drink and a crack getting concerned He was a little bit that he hadn't won a ham yet,

that's for sure. but we'll win a ham for him,

Daniel Sutton, Ten News. of Sydney's ferry services. Plans for a major overhaul and the dumping of the Manly JetCat, The changes include privatisation course with the unions. putting the Government on a collision shake-up of Sydney's ferries. It promises the biggest ever The inquiry report ferry tragedies earlier this year, forced by two separate harbour

ferry services for the future. This is the road map into better of full privatisation, It falls just short

recommending instead of public-private partnership, the option of two forms with the government-owned no longer at the helm. It is quite clear from the report is not an option. that the status quo

of Brett Walker's report - The main points of the JetCat service to Manly There's also a call for the dumping

between Rydalmere and Parramatta. and all existing services won't be able to set fares. But any new private operator where ferries run, when they run The Government would still determine

and what the fare structure is. The unions not impressed of public-private partnerships. with the concept

Look at the Cross City tunnel. debacle of the Cross City tunnel? Do we want Sydney Ferries to be the No. of Sydney Ferries as a basket case, The report paints a picture with customer complaints on the rise. And already big numbers of private firms

are lining up to take its place. with the world's best harbour We believe the city the world's worst ferry service. shouldn't be condemned with officially respond to the report The Government will in the new year. Paul Mullins, Ten News. for the grey vote, Kevin Rudd has made his play

package with a little more thrown in. matching John Howard's $4 billion And the Prime Minister is promising around the country emergency medical centres

off public hospitals. to take the pressure the Flemington track this morning John Howard walked and, like other famous stayers, the winning post one more time. is hoping to flash past I'm John Howard. I'm getting my morning walk. What odds are you? LAUGHTER according to Sportingbet. $3.05 for a win Hoping to make them even longer,

for the grey vote Kevin Rudd making his pitch which, according to Newspoll, with the Prime Minister. are the punters most on side need every piece of support We believe that these Australians they can get. utilities rebate of $500 a year Labor will match the $4 billion but will pay it to being a 100% MT. It seems pretty close to announce a $50 million scheme Mr Rudd tried to buy a train ticket concessions are valid nationwide. to ensure seniors' cards for travel to the telephone allowance Also on offer - a 50% boost at seniors' clubs. and $10,000 for Internet cafes on his agenda, John Howard had family health emergency medical centres. promising 50 family The $433 million package off hospital emergency departments. aims to take pressure

treatment needed There are many situations where the accident and emergency departments does not have to take place in the of big public hospitals. his centres will need staffing Mr Howard concedes

are in scarce supply. and doctors and nurses His announcement on a boost to training places of foot-in-mouth disease got lost in yesterday's outbreak

suffered by Tony Abbott, the avalanche of good news long-time Liberal supporters. not exactly impressing this they're spending all this money now I'm just a bit disappointed and not over the last three years, you know, that they've got to buy votes like that. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. An emotional appeal today from the family of a man police fear has been murdered. Matthew Leveson has just vanished, leaving few clues.

Her son is missing. Faye Leveson has been forced to accept that Matthew will not be coming home.

He's a beautiful boy, he wouldn't harm a fly. He's got lovely friends, his work is missing him, Please, if you know something, heard something that night, that morning, please come to the police and tell them. It's been almost six weeks since the 20-year-old disappeared, his car found in a park near his Cronulla unit.

His male partner of 15 months has told police they went to sleep on Sunday morning. Matt was gone when he woke up. His brother Peter had seen the couple the night before at one of Mr Leveson's favourite Darlinghurst nightspots. That's where he last saw Matthew alive. Happy, happy, just dancing around the place. Security cameras here at Arc Nightclub have given investigators valuable images

of the last night that Matt Leveson was out with friends. They're now almost certain he was murdered, but they won't say exactly how they're sure he met with foul play. The circumstances of the disappearance are highly unusual. We don't believe that he's chosen to go missing. His family today appealed for help from the public. They don't believe he would have taken his own life. Baffling, baffling.

he was looking at term deposits for investments, he was looking at buying a new car. Miranda police will accept anonymous calls from anyone who has information about this disappearance. Please come forward, I want my son back. Evan Batten, Ten News. A moving farewell today for Dean Shillingsworth, the little boy found dead in a suitcase in a Sydney pond.

His body has been laid to rest in the family's home town of Brewarrina, in the State's north-west. Ten Reporter James Boyce is among hundreds of people there for the service. Well, it been a very private but sombre ceremony for Dean Shillingsworth, the 2-year-old boy who was found only two weeks ago by children just playing around an Ambarvale pond, his body found in a suitcase.

Now, he's been buried here today in Brewarrina

following a very simple ceremony and service in the township

in their community hall. Around 500 people attened here today, mostly from his family on his father's side and local community members. Now, they didn't invite the media inside. They wanted to be able to just have their moment in privacy and peace. As they sang some songs, said some prayers and had a moment of reflection on Dean's life,

one of his great aunts, Rita Wright, was one of the ones to get up and speak to the congregation. One of the things she did mention to them was just the fragility of life and how it really shows with Dean's passing how much you have to cherish your children. Now, after the service, he was taken away in the hearse and it followed by a huge number of cars for what is seen as a bit of a traditional thing here in Brewarrina. They take the hearse and the congregation followed down the main drag of 'Bre',

as the locals call it. Here was taken here to the ceremony where the locals gathered around his burial site Here, they released hundreds of balloons into the air before saying some final prayers and their final goodbyes to the boy who, back in Ambarvale, has been nicknamed the little Lake Angel from where he was found. Here the cemetary is known as the place angels rest. Back to you.

The world's biggest cancer study has just been released and its findings are disturbing. Among the revelations, one-third of cancers are related to what we eat. The evidence is overwhelming - the fatter we are, the greater the risk of cancer. What we eat and drink, our weight and lack of exercise can increase the risk of getting at least six types of the disease. It's just not a question of simply being fat. The evidence that's accumulated is that it is best to be as lean as possible. A 5-year review of 7,000 studies with input from 500,000 scientists found obesity will soon rival smoking as a cancer risk. So we should try to be thin without being underweight. Lack of exercise is a major factor - aim to do at least 30 minutes a day.

Diet, of course, is very important too. It says toss out bacon products and hot dogs,

eat less meat, drink less wine and sugary drinks. On the plus side, young mothers can reduce the threat of breast cancer by breastfeeding. But every kilogram you've put on after age 21 increases risk of cancer. Most people say it makes trying to lead a healthy lifestyle

too confusing. Apparently everything causes cancer these days. Next week they'll bring something else out to say you can eat them. I think everyone needs to cut back, I know I do.

OK, so here's the good news, particularly for those who love a good steak - another recent report says red meat is actually a vital part of our diet. of iron, it's our most important source of zinc, it's our most important source of vitamin B12, of omega-3s. They say we are not eating enough. Red meat is not part of the problem here, red meat is part of the solution. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport and Willie Mason's days as a Bulldog could well be over.

Yes, Mason wants out of the club, but it's now shaping as a bigger revolt. Adam Hawse joins us, and it's an all-out fight between the club boss and its biggest player?

If anyone was expecting peace talks here they would be sadly

disappointed. Willie Mason has

threatened to quit and to take a

few bulldogs with him. The club is the most important thing. The club has been around for 75 years and hopefully we'll be around for another 75 years. Willie Mason won't be here in 75 years time. The club will move on, with or without Willie Mason.

And for it's ill-informed to

suggest that Willie Mason is bigger

than the club. Four of the highest- profile

profile players have told Willie

Mason that if he leaves he'd

they'll also consider leaving. It's

an ever-growing story and we'll

have more Ahead, reaction from the players chosen for the first Test againt Sri Lanka but there are more decisions to make with a 13-man squad selected. Also, applications about to close on the Wallabies coaching job. Australia to benefit from a US rate cut. We'll cross to CommSec for the latest next.

Also tonight - Ben Cousins's father denies his troubled son is lost in LA. how a brave teenager fought back. And beating anorexia -

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Treasury - a trade unionist whose policies are anti-business. Industry - ex-union boss whose policies will stifle business. Small business - trade unionist Trade - ex-union boss whose policies will damage exports. whose policies will destroy businesses and cost jobs. anti-growth Labor government. Don't even think about it.

I thought you were going to mow the lawn. VOICEOVER: The Ford Territory Ghia comes with a reverse camera

And who's responsible for this mess? NSW health minister Reba Meagher - a trade union official. Just like another trade union official, Michael Costa, who is responsible for the public transport mess. But it could get worse. Because soon there could be a Rudd Labor government in Canberra with 70% of the ministers being ex-trade union officials with hardly any other experience.

This program is captioned live. Fears of a recession have forced the US Federal Reserve to drop interest rates by 0.25%. We're joined now by Martin Arnold from CommSec.

Martin, is this good news for Australia?

And is suddenly is good news. A

stronger US economy will help support support the global economy. This

has been pushing Australia's

economy along for a couple of years

now. The proof was in the pudding today.

today. We keep getting thumped by

the oil prices which keep going up.

Yes, petrol prices in Australia are Yes, petrol prices in Australia are

likely to keep heading north. But

petrol prices would be a lot higher

if the Aussie dollar was as if the Aussie dollar was as not as if the Aussie dollar was as not as

strong as it's now. Ben Cousins The family of troubled AFL star denies he's gone missing in L.A. It follows reports the disgraced Eagle failed to check-in at an exclusive drug rehabilitation centre. Ben Cousins's father was once again thrown in the spotlight. Ben is not missing and has not been missing at any time whilst in the US. I spoke to him myself last night. The 29-year-old giving rehab the slip, but not the headlines.

Top gossip sites around the world asking, "Where's Ben?" Staff at Malibu's exclusive Summit Centre, where he was apparently due to check in on Monday, giving nothing away.

WOMAN: We cannot admit or deny anyone is a client and we do not speak to the press, OK? Thank you for calling. The rumour mill was running wild overnight, with reported sightings with Hollywood glamour girl Cameron Diaz at a gym and another on the streets of New York.

Back home, the sobering reality of a potential contempt of court was dismissed by his lawyers. I haven't even considered the point, but I'm absolutely certain my client is not in contempt of court. The AFL has distanced itself from the latest saga, saying, while it's concerned for his health and welfare, as far as football's concerned, he's off the radar. It would be very, very difficult in the foreseeable future

to see him return to football, given his issues with his health and welfare. While the Players Association says he could make an unlikely comeback, any potential opponents aren't too concerned. I've sort of distanced myself from it and, to be honest, I'm a little bit over talking about Ben Cousins. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. of eating disorders, A revolution in the treatment as a Sydney schoolgirl The changes come and triumphant story of survival. goes public with her touching her old hospital ward, Walking through remembers the agony of anorexia. 14-year-old Gemma Rogers

I had nothing on me, no meat, I was just really, really sick if I didn't start gaining weight. and I had to get a tube up my nose at just six years old. Gemma developed the eating disorder

it threatened her life. By her early teens, any colour in me. Pale, and I didn't have so she was profoundly malnourished. She was at risk of dying, could maintain a temperature. We needed to heat her so her body very slowly, she'd stopped growing. Her heart rate was beating very, mum Katie prepared to say goodbye. So sick was Gemma, she was literally dying, I knew it. It is, it is - sorry. (Sobs) at Westmead Childrens Hospital, But with the support of doctors Gemma's life was saved. Now, new therapy techniques and family support focusing on rapid nutrition are saving other girls like Gemma. reduction in re-admission rates, What we've seen is a massive in the length of illness, a reduction

to families and working with them and that's because we are listening and the changes have been enormous. will experience an eating disorder. One in ten Australian women across Australia, Of those admitted to hospital

20% will lose their battle to live.

will save someone else. Gemma hope - her story just get help. Get help, talk to your parents, Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Next, Heather Mill accuses the media against her. of running a hate campaign

than a paedophile or a murderer. I've had worse press And the dangers of Halloween - narrowly escaped this prank.

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But it can't last long...

Water is a precious resource, of how much we use every day. so we need to be aware Did you know that an 8-minute shower can use a massive 160 litres, with a water-saving shower head but a 4-minute shower uses as little as 30 litres? can guzzle up to 50 litres, And your dishwasher when it's full. so you should only use it

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This program is captioned live.

Here's Vic Larusso with a traffic

Here's Vic Larusso with a traffic

update and there are big delays and

a broken-down truck just to the

west of the Meccano set. Three

unfortunately lanes are still available but

unfortunately the traffic is tailed

back along way. Traffic trying to

get to the south-west

get to the south-west is very

delayed. We'll now check the M2 for

reports of a smash. Three al-Qaeda terrorists to more than 40,000 years jail have been sentenced over the Madrid train bombings. But victims' groups are outraged was acquitted. after the self-confessed ringleader

Europe's deadliest Islamic terror attack - 10 backpack bombs ripped apart commuter trains

at the height of rush hour, at Madrid's main rail terminal

killing 191 people. judgment day for the mass murderers. More than three years later, planting the bomb - guilty. Jamal Zookim, who witnesses saw also convicted. The miner who supplied the dynamite - I looked at the terrorists TRANSLATION: Afterwards and that was my little victory. but they just hung their heads, But feelings are mixed. 7 people were acquitted, While 21 militants were found guilty,

including Rabai Osman, orchestrated the bombings. who, prosecutors claim,

TRANSLATION: We'd like to announce will appeal against the sentence. that the association I represent We will go to the Supreme Court. of more than 40,000 years in jail Suspects received sentences will serve no more than 40 years, but, under Spanish law,

of this 25-year-old victim the mother one of many Spaniards asking why. and I respect the verdict TRANSLATION: I trust the judges but the whole truth hasn't come out. was always going to disappoint Experts say the verdict blew themselves up. as seven of the true ringleaders Jose Maria Aznar's party The men blamed then Spanish PM for supporting the US invasion of Iraq.

His party was voted out but it insists by the Spanish court. an opinion rejected Martine Griffiths, Ten News. has had a major meltdown on TV, Paul McCartney's ex, Heather Mills, herself to Princess Diana. talking of suicide and comparing of running a hate campaign The model accusing the media with the former Beatle. over her bitter split with Sir Paul McCartney may be over, Heather Mills's volatile union with the media is still going strong. but her love-hate relationship so upset about this. I've been close to suicide, than a paedophile or a murderer. I've had worse press Mills blames the paparazzi Melting down on British television, sensational headlines. and the UK tabloids' a gold-digger, a fantasist, a liar, They've called me a whore, things. the most unbelievably hurtful footage she filmed herself, To back up her dramatic outburst - hounding her every move. showing photographers What did the paparazzi do to Diana? They chased her and they killed her. for new European media laws Mills's initial agenda was a campaign

to raise standards in journalism. But the focus soon turned

If you were told your wife had death threats and she had your child, would you protect her? Would you? Is Paul McCartney not protecting you and Beatrice? You decide. accusing the former Beatle by name. She repeatedly stopped short of I could sell the story right now. and our daughter. I'm trying to protect Paul

and I'm being pushed to the edge. I am trying She may not need the money. Mills is expected to walk away from her marriage to McCartney with more than $130 million. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Prince Harry has been questioned by police after two rare birds were found shot dead, an offence that can mean up to six months in jail. is in deep water, It might look like the prince but he wasn't talking about the incident during a visit to the Royal Navy's diving squadron. The young royal was drawn into the criminal investigation because he was at Sandringham with a friend when a nature warden found two protected hen harriers had been shot. Prince Harry has been shooting at Sandringham since he was 12, but has denied any knowledge of the incident. A baby has survived a potentially deadly Halloween prank in the UK.

A security camera shows a man in a skeleton mask throwing a box of fireworks on the floor of a bottle shop. He escapes as the sound of exploding rockets

brings the shop owner running to kick it outside, away from his 15-month-old son. I heard (imitates sound of fireworks). I think, "If I don't kick the fireworks out the door...

was taken to hospital suffering smoke inhalation, but wasn't seriously hurt. One of our great military moments has been relived, with Australia's legendary light horsemen

returning to a World War I battlefield in the Middle East. Israeli children waved Australian flags as the soldiers, with their distinctive slouch hats, paraded through the streets. The diggers joined British and New Zealand troops to re-enact a cavalry charge marking the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba. A group of Australian mounted infantrymen, on horseback of course, made a terrific charge which went right through the Turkish Ottoman defensive forces. The commemoration also included a wreath-laying ceremony at a military cemetery. pull out all stops

in the battle for one of the election's most crucial seats, that's next. Also, spoilt for choice - mobile phone users go back to basics. And Justin Timberlake brings sexy back to Sydney.

the signs of stroke, If you recognise these signs of stroke,

Dad, I think the doghouse needs a paint. Dad, I think the fence needs a coat of paint! Dad, it's time the hallway was painted. VOICEOVER: Buy two 4-litre cans of Dulux paint and get a 4-litre can of jelly beans free.

Worth doing, worth Dulux. This program is captioned live. Tributes are flowing for a Sydney grandfather, murdered in a fight over water restrictions. Ken Proctor's alleged attacker has been refused bail in court.

An emotional appeal for information on Sydney man Matthew Leveson, who's vanished and is feared murdered. He's a beautiful boy. He wouldn't hurt a fly. And the State Government is on a collision course with the unions, following the release of a report into Sydney's ferry services.

It recommends part-privatisation, a new fleet and the dumping of the Manly JetCat. A new headache for the Prime Minister. He's losing support in one of the country's most crucial seats.

Whoever wins Eden-Monaro traditionally takes government and it's not looking good for the local Liberal minister. It's no coincidence the election campaign in Eden-Monaro. John Howard kicked off day one of There have been plenty of hugs and handshakes from both parties

in this regional NSW seat, and with good reason.

Due to its diversity, intention right across the country. it's regarded as a snapshot of voter

by the party that forms government In fact, Eden-Monaro has been won consecutive elections. for the past 14 past the snowfields The electorate reaches west and east to retirement towns like Narooma on the South Coast.

areas through its centre, It takes in rural and agricultural in its north. and suburban Queanbeyan

winning this seat is crucial. For Labor, 'Cause what we know is where goes Eden-Monaro goes the government. losing it unthinkable. And for the Government, it's a marginal seat. Everybody knows It has a great member. Just like the Prime Minister, Special Minister of State Gary Nairn sitting member and with a narrow margin. is fighting on for a fifth term This former business owner believes voters share his memory of hard times

Trying to keep 25 people employed, overdraft, 17% on my home mortgage. and I was paying 21.75% on that His Labor opponent is high-profile military lawyer Colonel Mike Kelly. After a posting to Iraq, of the Howard Government. Colonel Kelly became a vocal critic Australian Wheat Board fiasco. Things like the was poured into the war chest $300 million

our soldiers in to fight. of the enemy we were sending Eden-Monaro polling reveals

away from the Coalition. a significant swing history repeats The Labor Party will be hoping leads to a win nationally. and a win here by all the features on new mobiles, If you're bewildered you're not alone. on our biggest phone companies, The problem is slowly dawning

to move beyond just making calls. realising customers need more help in Australia as there are people. There are almost as many mobiles Trouble is, just how much they can now do. have very little idea with your phone. You're looking bewildered there Oh, totally, mate, totally. PHONE RINGS

It's ringing. it's ringing. (Laughs) take pictures, play music, Ringing maybe, but they also now television and surf the Internet - organise your life, let you watch

like it or not. and receive calls. It seems all the technology is leaving many with mobile fatigue. I've got a phone sitting on my desk just charging. I haven't got around - upgrading to the new features because it's the barrier that's actually stopped me. I've got the new one sitting there. I'm still on my old one, But now there's help, with retailers starting to twig.

we've recognised too, Well, that's exactly what

well ahead of a lot of the customers that the manufacturers have moved to make this stuff work. in terms of how hard it is is making it simple. What Telstra's doing offers a techno lifeline - Telstra's new Sydney flagship store you can test-drive all the features. every phone on display works so 20-minute lesson with an expert And customers get a free to make sure you know how to use it. Industry watchers say it's overdue. from what everybody else is doing, And that's such a big departure

and you look at the thing, where you basically go in the store it doesn't do anything. and it's dumb, are so complicated, And the phones now

no idea of which one you want, they do so much you can get

just by looking at the thing. which is best for you Eddy Meyer, Ten News. for the Australian share market A record day of the dollar, gold and oil. with a boom in the price

New technology is giving teens a horror insight into the long-term effects of smoking. are providing young smokers Australian researchers of the future, with a confronting glimpse in their 50s showing what they would look like if they don't kick the habit. Oh, I'm never touching one again. to give up smoking? REPORTER: Does it make you want

Yeah, definitely. It's hoped doctors and pharmacists in the fight against smoking. will eventually use the technology there's a revolt shaping at the Dogs. Sport now with Tim Webster and Ahead we'll have more at the top of the bulletin. on that breaking story we brought you Willie Mason is threatening with him in a walkout. to take other big names selectors pick their men And Australia's Test cricket

post-Warne, McGrath and Langer. for a new era joins a host of seniors legends Plus Jan Stephenson in Sydney. for a tournament with a difference strong performance ..but consistently for people in any industry.

one of the top-performing funds In fact, AustralianSuper is

over 3, 5 and 10 years. super fund for all Australians. AustralianSuper. The industry

official, Michael Costa, Just like another trade union But it could get worse. Labor government in Canberra Because soon there could be a Rudd being ex-trade union officials with 70% of the ministers

there'll be an even bigger mess. And if that happens, JAUNTY MUSIC to her Qantas flight... # SONG: # Sarah's connected

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them BigPond homes them network homes # Them homes, them homes,

them BigPond homes # Them homes, # Them homes, them BigPond homes. # This program is captioned live.

in his dispute with the Bulldogs Willie Mason has upped the ante threatening a player revolt, with him. taking four big-name players Adam Hawse broke the story for us earlier. He's back with more. from the club in the last half hour? Hawsie, what's been the reaction I've just

I've just spoken to the club chief

executive. He says that he's had no

approaches from any player. He says

there's no major walkout as Willie

Mason has suggested. He says that

it doesn't to change the club's stance towards Willie Mason. are on his side Malcolm Noad says the fans when it comes to getting tough with Willie Mason.

to be bigger than the club. They don't want players

The club is the most important thing. The club's been around for 75 years

and hopefully we'll be around in another 75 years. be here in 75 years. Willie Mason won't The club will move on, with or without Willie Mason. sparked by him being fined Mason's threat to quit for skipping a Grand Final luncheon and being banned from a boxing bout in January worth a six-figure sum. He's a professional footballer. and a footballer in our opinion. You can't be a boxer Plus he also spent a substantial amount of time on the sidelines last season

Mason accused of failing to meet a litany of obligations. This includes a no-show at an important photo shoot for NRL major sponsor Telstra. The club had been attempting to meet Mason to thrash out their concerns.

This is about discipline and it's about to respect.

It's about guys toeing the line and having respect for the club and what the club stands for. Noad saying he could work with Mason again, despite reports Mason wants him sacked. It's understood if it does come down to a battle between Noad and Mason, the Bulldogs board will back their CEO. They're privately saying they've had enough and that Mason's become a destabilising factor at the club.

Launching his latest fight, Anthony Mundine offering to help his friend if he wants to become a heavyweight of the boxing variety. If he wants some advice I'd be the right man to talk to.

He still has two years on his contract and he's still contract and he's still considering

asking the club for his release.

But the speculation is where would

he go? They're talking about him

linking with an English club.

The countdown is on for the Wallabies coaching job. Applications close tomorrow, with former Brumbies coach now the outright favourite. South's Africa's World Cup-winning coach Jake White looks out of running. He wants the England job and he's already had a falling out with Springboks officials. I'm really disappointed about the way they've treated me, they've done the process. about the way

Alan Jones has shortened in at least one market, but is yet to confirm if he'll formally apply. The boss of Aussie soccer, Frank Lowy,

has defended the governing body's decision to significantly increase levies for junior players. The Football Federation will use the extra money to launch a long-term national development strategy. With the World Cup windfall a distant memory the FFA needs money and players young and old will have to pay more to play. I'm worried about it. I would rather have no charge at all, but when you can't afford it, you can't afford it. Some of the funds will go towards a new national development program

which will be highlighted by the introduction of a national youth league, a national women's league,

an Australia-wide and improved coaching. A further component will be a compulsory move away from large pitches for children under 12 years of age to small-sided games. Hopefully it will lead to a better, more positive experience for the kids coming into the game.

The benefits of the program are only expected to be reaped in the long-term.

The impact at the very junior level won't occur for maybe 10-15 years, but we have to start now to achieve that in that time period. Fitting into that time frame is Australia's bid to host the 2018 World Cup finals, Frank Lowy hoping for a Socceroo-Brazil final on Australian soil.

It is a big ask of ourselves, but if you don't dream, you don't get there. Neil Cordy, Ten News. The only surprise from Australian cricket selectors is the size of the team they've announced for next week's first Test against Sri Lanka. It's a 13-man squad. Phil Jaques won the vacant opener's spot, while six bowlers will fight it out for four Test caps at the Gabba. Phil Jaques has waited a lifetime for the phone call he got at 1:30 this afternoon.

Mike Hussey knows what that's like. Nervous wait. for a bit, but no. It was exciting, mate. Jaques has been there before, twice called up to cover injury. This time he'll be given an extended run. It feels so much more special this time around. You know, getting your first one is really special, but you know to know that there's a spot there I can make my own, it is a special feeling

and, you know, I just can't wait for it, it's gonna be great.

I think he really deserves his spot. than jaquesy has. No-one's made more runs Jaques to fill the void left by Justin Langer's retirement. As expected Queensland quick Mitchell Johnson is in line to replace Glenn McGrath.

It'd be a home ground Test debut. I'll have friends and family there, obviously and hopefully all Brisbane, well, Queensland will be behind me so it'll be very exciting for me.

but he's no guarantee to play. Shaun Tait also included in the squad. For now selectors have delayed their decision on the most contentious spot in the side, the spinner role, We're really just going to assess the conditions up there and think who - they're both very different, obviously, and we'll see how they're both going in the lead-up to the game.

Stranded on 198 Test wickets for the past 18 months, MacGill is eyeing off a milestone at the Gabba. I sort of think I've only got two wickets to get there and if I get a game I'll think two minutes isn't enough, really. I think it'll be a case of like, "Yep, got that, now move on." The squad assembles in Brisbane on Sunday. Mate, I'll see you on Sunday anyway. Paul Cocharne, Ten News. Some of the leading cars in the V8 Supercars series in a spectacular crash in Bahrain. have been involved The bizarre twist - none of them were actually being driven at the time. This photo shows the Commodores of Mark Skaife and Todd Kelly and the Falcons of Mark Winterbottom and Steven Richards balancing on a freighter truck. The straps snapped and Winterbottom's car actually fell off the truck. They'll all be repaired in time for today's opening practice session. Some of the greats of women's golf have arrived in Australia for the inaugural Legends Tour Open Championship. than 159 LPGA titles

This group have won no less and 14 majors between them.

Our own legend Jan Stephenson will do battle with the likes of Amy Alcott and Pat Bradley starting tomorrow at Concord. The event will be run in conjunction with the men's senior championship. Half these guys, I played junior golf with so it's wonderful to play in the tournament with them because usually we're so spread out - they're on one side of the country and I'm on the other. And this is rare -

the cheque for the winner of the women's event will be bigger than the men's. And later in ST - dramas at the Bulldogs. the very latest on Willie Mason's

To Here's Vic Larusso with a

traffic update and we've bigger

traffic programmes all the way out

to the north-west. Take a look at

the traffic trying to head towards

North Ryde. All three lanes are

jam-packed and the traffic goes

right back to Epping Road. The

traffic is getting worse as the

peak hour

peak hour traffic progresses. I'll

give you more about the M2. on the weather next. I'll be back with the latest shows his style in Sydney. And US pop star Justin Timberlake

See you after work, hon. is also chaotic. The Arterial inbound Harry. In a hurry, mate?

How are ya? Yeah. Yeah, good. ENGINE STARTS car insurance premium. on your comprehensive and not working full-time, So, if you're over 50 Apia. # SONG: # Wise move It's not going to be over 50 and not working full-time but if you are

we're your insurance specialist. Call 13 50 50.

That This program is captioned live. That This program is captioned live.

Tim Bailey won't be back with us

for another couple of weeks so why

will be doing the weather.

Let go to the satellite picture now

and there's thick cloud over the

northern and central parts of Australia.

Australia. Cloud spreading to the

South East is causing showers.

There's cloud across northern New

South Wales and Queensland and

another try of his bring patchy

rain and storms. Tomorrow's whether

MAM looked like this. There will be MAM looked like this. There will

widespread rain and storms over the

interior and south-east of the

country. The rains will be

country. The rains will be heaviest

in central Australia and northern

New South Wales. Tomorrow there

will be rain across the northern

half of New South Wales with

moderate falls. The Northern

territory, Western Australia and territory, Western Australia and

Tasmania will have showers.

Tomorrow will be mostly sunny and

30 degrees. At the label

30 degrees. At the label have showers and 21 degrees.

In New South Wales thunderstorms

and showers are forecast for all

areas in this date tomorrow.

In the Sydney area tomorrow - the

forecast for the Sydney area

For the weekend we're going to or have

have mostly wet weather. On

Saturday there will be

thunderstorms and on Sunday thunderstorms and on Sunday there

degrees. will be rain and it'll be 23

is just hours away Singing superstar Justin Timberlake in the 'Harbour City'. from entertaining his final audience with his special style of dance moves Last night he dazzled the crowd and an array of special effects.

(Sings) # Just remember what... # like I love you...# Next stop for the American 'King of Pop' is Adelaide.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. 10:30 and our Early News is at 6am. The Late News with Sports Tonight at by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions