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(generated from captions) You've got to get in. That's right too. Over $35,000 worth. Thank you. So congratulations from us!

That's fantastic. Enjoy yourself. That's wonderful. Thanks very much, Channel 9. It's our great pleasure. three new hot shots tomorrow night. We clear the decks. Back with Grand Champion, I wonder? Who will be our next We'll tempt you again. See you same time. 'Bye. Goodnight. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by Campaign blunder - a major backflip on climate change. Peter Garrett under pressure after of this election campaign so far. The most unbelievable capitulation Bernie Banton hits out Anti-asbestos campaigner

Tony Abbott. at Federal Health Minister, He's a gutless creep. Doctors join the push their beer from plastic cups. for Sydney pub drinkers to drink sweep across Queensland, And wild storms leaving behind widespread damage. This program is captioned live. Good evening. has claimed Prime Minister John Howard a major victory on climate change - issues in the election campaign. one of Kevin Rudd's favourite a humiliating backflip Mr Howard says Labor has completed with a policy that leaves the Opposition virtually identical to his own. a major electoral asset for Labor. Peter Garrett was supposed to be Now, after a campaign debacle, can't even be sure the former rock star portfolio if Labor wins office. of retaining the environment after the election. I'll be making the judgement

backed by Mr Rudd, said Yesterday, Mr Garrett, a Labor government could sign up climate change agreement to a new international and other developing countries even if China declined to do so immediately. But after John Howard attacked that to destroy Australian jobs, as a policy

and said Labor performed a rapid backflip "an essential prerequisite". a commitment by China and India was

of this election campaign so far The most unbelievable capitulation on climate change. is that Mr Rudd now agrees with me their position at a news conference, As Mr Rudd and Mr Garrett defended the lights went out. please. Time for some renewable energy, election policy on renewable energy The Labor Leader announced a new of diverting attention perhaps as a means embarrassment. from his shadow minister's of Australia's electricity He said that 20% and geothermal power by 2020 would have to come from solar, wind

if Labor is elected. renewable energy target. Australia needs a real, robust Mr Howard's 2020 target is only 15%. squared off Peter Costello, meanwhile, Labor treasurer, Wayne Swan, in a debate against the would-be refereed by the computerised worm registering reactions on handsets. on behalf of 50 uncommitted voters The worm didn't like WorkChoices. laws at the moment I think our industrial relations have struck the right balance. between fairness. They've struck the right balance the Government over interest rates. It went up when Mr Swan criticised five interest rate rises There have been and Peter Costello promised since John Howard to keep them at record lows. when Mr Costello talked tax cuts. But it registered approval an overwhelming victory - Despite the wormers awarding Mr Swan with 6% undecided - 56% to 38%, the debate was actually pretty even. but no mistakes either. There were no killer blows, And today's Newspoll showing in a week Labor's lead cut from 16 points to 8 to smile about in his campaign. finally gave Mr Howard something National Nine News. Laurie Oakes,

at the worm in action, And we will have a closer look later in the bulletin. called Health Minister Tony Abbott Asbestos sufferer Bernie Banton has

"a disgraceful human being". "gutless" and His outburst came at a rally the Government where asbestos victims petitioned an expensive medication. to subsidise Looking extremely frail, of his sick bed this morning Bernie Banton got out signatures to the Health Minister to personally deliver 17.000 only to be told he wasn't in. at his Manly office - He's a gutless creep. knew he was coming The 61-year-old said Mr Abbott to speak to him personally. and should have had the decency I'm absolutely infuriated What a gutless effort - denied to meeting me. that this man has so consistently

Let's be up front about this. Look, it was a stunt.

but just because a person is sick I know Bernie is very sick, pure of heart in all things. doesn't mean that he is necessarily fellow asbestos sufferers, Bernie, along with calling on the Government handed over a petition for all victims. to subsidise the drug Alimta $22,000 per treatment - It's expensive - Tony Medina can't afford. an amount 42-year-old father of five be subsidised for me. I believe it should my only crime was going to work. I've paid taxes all my life and to have Alimta - This is the third attempt that treats the disease - the only drug subsidised on the PBS. it's not his decision to make - However, the Health Minister says of independent experts. he relies on the advice Allison Langdon, National Nine News. Premier Morris Iemma says just the one casino. NSW will continue to have which claimed He rejected a newspaper report today

to be backed by James Packer. he was considering a second venue Morris Iemma was adamant. Despite all the speculation a one-casino State. NSW will remain Australia's wealthiest man And he denies being pressured by

have not lobbied me, Mr Packer, PBL, have not put any case to me. He did confirm a meeting with and James Packer his old boss Graham Richardson of the online betting agency Betfair. to discuss the operation We discussed me becoming Premier, It was a dinner. Mr Carr's departure, I had become Premier, the economy, health and he raised Betfair. The way in which Morris Iemma conducts his business lacks any openness, lacks any accountability

and involves far too many of his friends. And the treasurer today confirmed that Star City has signed a $100 million dollar deal to guarantee the casino exclusive rights to be the sole operator in Sydney for the next twelve years. But negotiations didn't go strictly to the company's plan. We rejected a claim from the casino for an additional 750 poker machines.

$300 million will be spent on renovating Star City and building a new hotel. Particularly aiming at attracting interstate and international tourism to this city. Adam Walters, National Nine News Some of Sydney's top trauma surgeons have joined calls for pubs to serve alcohol in plastic cups to put an end to attacks using broken glass. Doctors say victims can suffer disfiguring

and life-threatening injuries, and claim that even if one such attack is prevented the push for plastic will have been worth it. The evidence speaks for itself - these victims bear shocking injuries. It's known as glassing. In recent weeks, there's been an alarming spate at inner-city pubs and clubs. You've got this street gang violence breaking out and it's been happening all this month. Former Wallaby, Brendan Cannon, was attacked with a beer bottle at a Sydney nightclub three years ago. It broke on impact, on the side of my head and caused serious lacerations, some nearly as deep as the skull. Sydney police now want hotels and clubs to serve drinks in plastic cups. There is more and more violence

as a result of overconsumption of alcohol.

The proposal will be considered at a meeting between police and the liquor industry next month. I think there is certainly some merit in it. Many pubs already serve alcohol in plastic late at night. At major sporting events, it's the only way to get a drink. Professor Gordian Fulde runs St Vincent's busy ER. He's seen a horrifying spike in knife and glass attacks. Such rage and hate that explodes and this is new, this is new. So concerned about the spate of stabbings and glassing attacks, staff here at St Vincent's Hospital have a special code to handle the victims. Code Crimson means patients are bleeding uncontrollably. The only way to save that person's life is to get them into the operating theatre. Simon Bouda, National Nine News.

A man who pushed an elderly war veteran into the path of a car, killing him, has been sentenced to a minimum of two years jail but could be free as early as next September because of time already served. Craig Wheatley, who suffers from chronic schizophrenia, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Robert Narramore at Riverwood last year.

Wheatley didn't know the World War II digger who died the day after his 83rd birthday. The judge described Wheatley's behaviour as impulsive and loutish. Fierce storms have shattered buildings, overturned aircraft, and destroyed crops in central Queensland. A huge clean-up is now under way at Emerald, west of Rockhampton. The storms struck with the force of a category 3 cyclone.

Nearly 80mm of rain fell in just 10 minutes but it was the ferocious winds that left townships with a damage bill in the millions of dollars. Residents of Emerald said it was more like a tornado - destroying several warehouses and factories in the town's industrial area. It ripped some signs off and, as you can see, they've come through and just destroyed the place. Wind gusts of up to a 180km/h tore off roofs, sent trees crashing onto houses. So strong, even a concrete lamppost was snapped into pieces. A giant container was too big a load for this 4-wheel drive. This man had just finished building seven demountable homes - he's lost the lot. As well as the shed up the back. That's totally had the middle torn out of it. In the orchard-growing town of Gayndah, citrus crops were ruined, while this was the local airstrip where at least four planes were badly damaged. 10 houses lost their roofs. My wife and I used to live around Nambour and we lived through big cyclones, but nothing as terrifying as what this was. Caravans were tossed aside. How does it look, Bev? Write-off. And thousands of homes were left without power. Locals say it's been a storm season like no other,

and they've been warned it's not over yet. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. As a cricketer former Australian captain Mark Taylor was often inspirational. Now his wife is hoping to inspire the nation as well. Judi Taylor saved her brother's life with an organ donation, and she wants others to follow her example. When he hung up his baggy green cap, Mark Taylor left behind a glittering career as Test cricket captain. But now his wife Judi has also made a mark, giving the ultimate gift of life, a kidney, to her sick brother John. What sort of person is she? Be careful! She's a tough old so-and-so! As a family, it was something the Taylors sat down and discussed. People often say it's a huge call and I think it's a pretty good summary, because it is a big call. It's something that we all sit around at home and I think, "Ah, yes, I'd do that." John lived with lupus, an auto-immune disease, for 30 years and was touched by his sister's selflessness. It's the most special thing, I think, that anyone could do for anyone - it's changed my whole life. The Taylors spoke about their experience in the hope more Australians will register as donors. surrounding organ donation, Sadly, for all the awareness there's still not enough action.

who are eligible, Of the 16 million Australians only a third have made a commitment. is confused on how to become a donor, Transplant Australia says the public on their driver's licence. most opting to mark it

to log onto the Medicare website We would much prefer people on that register. and register formally Jessica Rich, National Nine News. with Mark and Judi Taylor More of that interview on tonight's 'A Current Affair'. In the news ahead - what you pay for petrol. how record oil prices will affect close encounter with the worm. A group of swinging voters and their And Kylie's latest fashion tip - a colour, just go sparkle, I guess. You know, when you can't choose

from three of the Bali Nine A desperate challenge to avoid the death penalty Indonesia's Constitutional Court. has been thrown out by the convicted drug smugglers It ruled because they are foreigners. could not mount a challenge It was always a long shot. and Scott Rush argued Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran

Indonesia's constitution. the death penalty violated The nine judges weren't interested

from the Australians. in any legal argument In their judgement, they said have the right foreigners didn't even to challenge the country's laws. in Brisbane Scott Rush's father was at home

Very disappointing. when lawyers told him of the outcome.

so that we could move forward. We expected a better outcome Bali Nine members on death row - The only option for those six an appeal to the Supreme Court. Scott Rush might have a chance. to get death. He was the only one of the mules

The others all got long jail terms. Government is committed If that appeal fails, the Australian to go in to bat for them from the president. by appealing for a pardon to face execution at all I don't want those Australians to try and save the Australians and we'll do everything we can

who are on death row in Indonesia. And there is increasing speculation are about to face the firing squad three of the Bali bombers and Muklas after Amrozi, Imam Samudra from family members. received long visits all avenues of appeal The trio has now exhausted

execution is a fate they welcome. and for all them, the prospect of

Mark Burrows, National Nine News. Oil prices have reached a fresh high, rising to almost US$94 with a barrel of crude oil and some traders are forecasting figure of US$100 a barrel. it will soon reach the landmark

and we're a couple of weeks away. I think it's realistic on wars and the weather. The rise is being blamed anointed as an icon of pop and style Kylie Minogue has been officially at an awards night in London. by Britain's Music Industry Trust Kylie's long showbiz career. The prize also acknowledges to applaud Kylie's honour. Sister Dannii was there to take a moment Special for all of us and reflect on what we've done. her fashion mates Dolce e Gabbana, Kylie was wearing another frock from

which was crusted in lead crystals. of her secret fashion solutions. It turns out that crystals are one a colour, just go sparkle, I guess. You know, when you can't choose been at work again today As we reported earlier the worm's on the debate providing instant feedback and his rival Wayne Swan. between Treasurer Costello 56% to 38%, with 6% undecided. The worm claims Mr Swan won to take the worm off the air. And this time there were no attempts the unlikeliest of political jobs. 50 voters with

A worm wrangler. they're mostly undecided, Selected because the wonder of the worm. they're also keen to experience I've never touched the worm. by the technology of it. I'm intrigued, actually, a controller... Each wrangler is given They are the worm whips. in how to turn the worm. ..and a short course being said, then press the nine If you approve of something and hold it down. every 10 seconds. The worm takes fresh orders The technology has evolved - 'very dull' and 'very good'. early worm wranglers decided between star gatecrashed the leaders' debate, This month, the renegade political to be cut off - twice. causing Nine's coverage Our other feed's gone now. say it trivialises politics, Those who want the worm squashed and turns debates into game shows.

the worm has a new lease on life. But love it or hate it - Go the worm!

requires very fit thumbs. But making it go they're totally worn out. They're worn out - Dale Paget, National Nine News. Ken with sport is next a lot of damage this summer? and Brett Lee primed to do than ever before, He's fitter and faster an eagle eye on a Test spin spot. while Stuart MacGill has working towards a Cups double. And Master O'Reilly

Hi, honey. How was your day? I dropped the kids off... Oh, it was great! in your life and in your town Talking to the people shouldn't come at a price. can call each other for free. That's why TransACT phone customers in Canberra and Queanbeyan One in four homes and businesses

have already signed up. Hi. How was school? the whole town talking... So let's get Pocket money? ..with free local calls. Call today and switch to TransACT. the Sri Lankan and Indian batsmen - Here's a warning for bowl faster than he ever has before. Brett Lee believes this summer he'll just over a week away, With the first Test and he's itching to have a go. Lee says he has never felt better

Brett Lee loves the limelight. of young hopefuls at his book launch. Today he was surrounded by hundreds all summer Now he wants to make headlines then he's ever done before. by bowling quicker I hope so, yeah. every opportunity All I can do is just give myself the best cricket that I can. to go out there and play since ankle surgery in January, In his first game the 4-day match against Queensland Lee didn't take a wicket in with his speed on a flat pitch. but all the batsmen were impressed Give Lee the right conditions who gets in his way. and he's promising to stop anyone I've been training really hard. I've worked so hard on my fitness. Probably the fittest I've ever been, so really looking forward to it. The Test squad is announced on Thursday and while Stuart MacGill got up close with a wedge-tail today he's promised not to get into a flap if he misses out on Shane Warne's old spot.

If I don't get picked in the national side, it will really be business as usual. MacGill is also coming back from injury

and with 198 Test wickets to his name 200 would be nice but it's not his goal. It's almost a shame that there's only two to get. If there had been 10 or 20 to get, it would have been a decent thing to aim for. As a wine ambassador, MacGill entertained Nathan Bracken, Phil Jaques and Mitchell Johnson today. A Test call-up for any should see the champers cracked. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. After today's third declarations there are now just 39 horses vying for 24 positions in next week's Melbourne Cup. Caulfield Cup winner Master O'Reilly

remains the firm favourite to win the spring Cup double. After receiving the spring baton from Caulfield and Moonee Valley, Flemington is up and running. The unmistakable figure of Bart Cummings is evidence enough that the Cup carnival is here. While his hopes of a 12th win rest with outsider Sirmione, it's another master proving the one to beat - Master O'Reilly.

The Caulfield Cup winner is at the peak of his fitness unlike his trainer. I am just a little fragile, yeah, I had surgery Friday night for having an appendix removed and I am on some pretty strong antibiotics

but hopefully things will pick up by the weekend particularly if we can win the Derby. David Hayes has six Cup runners, among them, Tawqeet, which threw a spanner in the works by throwing a shoe. It's becoming his spring thing. Yeah, he did a similar thing last year but he pulled the shoe off and actually trod on his nail. And that caused us a lot of grief for the last 24 hours - Tawqeet later worked on the course proper, starring against stablemate, and Cup rival, Blue Monday. Having his first look at Flemington, English stayer Purple Moon with Damien Oliver on board. Tthe 5-year-old was at ease with the foreign surrounds. He did everything I asked him. I didn't want to do too much, I just wanted him to stretch his legs a little bit and get a bit of a puff, But the European contingent is now officially one less following the scratching of Scorpion. Tony Jones, National Nine News. After the break - the CommSec finance report, Majella will have the weather details,

then police called in to arrest an escapee from Melbourne Zoo.

To finance now, and a new report claims home loan defaults in NSW rose 40% last year. The markets drifted off their record levels today - Now with all the weather details here's Majella. Another day of sunshine - hope you made the most of it because there are plenty of grey skies ahead, but we are about to finish the month on a high - Sydney's warmest October in 19 years, and it's thanks to temperatures like this. 31 again at Penrith and Richmond, 25 in the city. Tomorrow, much more cloud, and that's a sign of what's to come. This trough is going to come onto the scene and it's tapping into some really good moisture from the north of the country. We haven't seen that sort of moisture for a few months - rain and storms in the centre of the country already. And by Thursday, it should get to NSW. isolated showers and thunderstorms. We're going to be looking at some Then by Friday, that trough - the north and the west - with the moisture from with all the moisture from the east. is going to hook up with this trough, most of NSW should get falls. Bottom line - on Saturday. Really similar conditions

and eastern parts of the State. Sunday - best rain for central but basically, for Sydney, We're still debating how much, this time next week. showers are forecast until and Hobart tomorrow. We could see falls for Adelaide just more cloud - Hot in Brisbane and fine for Sydney, UV levels right up there. as the day goes on. Winds turning more south-easterly cooler than the west tomorrow. They will keep the city Just shy of 30 degrees. 25 for Sydney, and Penrith? the little icons say it all - Further ahead - Thursday, Friday and Saturday. showers and thunderstorms More showers Sunday and Monday. next Tuesday. And a few splashes will stick around So, I'd have a back-up strategy were planning, Mark. if it was a weekend outdoors you

Finally tonight - here's the one about the police and the binturong. Before you ask, this is a binturong - or bearcat - after escaping from the zoo. and it was up a tree in Melbourne, Police were called in instructions from the zoo's vet, and one bold officer, under managed to snare the animal. That was the easy part. Beautiful. Got him! Now what? and a local garbage collector It took two officers, the vet to help bring the bear down.

He's since gone back to the zoo. had their excitement for the day. As for the police - well, they've I'd rather wrestle a drunk! Absolutely. I think for this Tuesday. That's National Nine News I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions