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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. with David and Kim. Good morning and welcome to 9am And I'm Kim Watkins. I'm David Reyne.

Good morning, everyone.

How are you this morning? Very

excited. Why are you excited. It is

a big day. At 1230 I will be

sitting down with a nice lunch

watching Wayne sworn and Peter

Costello debate the economy. They will be on the television for one-

and-a-half hours. What were the

ratings like that be like? I find

the worm distracting. All I want to

do is listen to what they are

saying. Roy reason why I am excited

is that today for the first time in

the studio we were taught to the

Prime Minister. Is he coming? He is.

I wish someone had told me. Stay on

top of it. The last two weeks we

have been asking why is the prime

have been asking why is the prime

minister? Now he is in Victoria. He

has announced a lot of money being

spent. He is down here spending

money. Which we always liked. He

will be having a gallop along the

Yarrow Road at this morning. He's

very fiesty. I do like him with his

tracksuit. He wears shorts now. of the election campaign In week three has boosted the Coalition's standing. the latest Newspoll

is gaining ground Prime Minister John Howard to lead the nation as the preferred person joins us in the studio. and this morning the Prime Minister

on the rhetoric, And keeping a close eye of the election campaign spin and pork barrelling Foundation. is the Australian Conservation the health of the planet Today we'll speak about Don Henry with Foundation executive director has the best policies and find out which party to lure the environmental vote. mobile phone requirements Even if your most basic and allows you to make a call, are that the thing rings every 18 months. you will update your handset But what happens to the old phone? is putting out a jewellery range Master jeweller Nic Cerrone recovered from your immobile mobile. using materials isn't necessarily a ring. We'll see how that which glitters

And mobile phone etiquette of Alice Williams latest book would have to be chapter one 'Would It Kill You To Say Please'? We'll delve between the covers being nice to the boss and find out what good manners, for Generation Y. and fame-whoring are all about on any of the show today Email us your thoughts your very own Sony Handicam. and you could win

Let's start the lesson now.

And much has been made about

beetroot Garroch and his position

on killed so. He said the Labour

Party would sign up to a post 2012

climbed up agreement. Only if it

had commitments from developing

countries. The shadow minister

issue in explanation. A

clarification. To make sure

everyone knew where they were

coming from. It is election stunt.

It is designed to put them off

balance. Stich beat Neil in when

they can. Election campaign for

good fun. Great fun. Only a few

weeks very little has been made of

climate change. Suddenly it is that

in issue. All the farmers are

thinking that they know about

droughts but this seems to be

conflicting research. The vast something different. There is

majority of people to believe that

global warming has a lot to do with

people. Even my kids are talking

about greenhouse gases. It is a problem for future generations. We

have to get it right. I worry about

the effect it has on children. My

three-year-old said he'd doesn't

want go to the Galaxy is because

that's where the greenhouse gases

are from. I never realised chicken

curry was such a popular item. We

had rain adult version this morning. in the opinion polls, A bounce back for the Government

two weeks into the election campaign. on its primary vote, The Coalition improving

in an election winning lead. but Labor is still

the darnedest things. Kids sometimes say who made cactuses? My name is Locke and I want to know for the Coalition is But the real prickly question poor opionion polls just how do they turn inconsistently

into election victory?

the latest Newspoll After two weeks of campaigning contains a glimmer of hope. published in The Australian newspaper to Sunday has a 4 point bounce The survey taken from Friday in it's primary vote, to the Coalition Labor down 3 points. two-party-preferred stakes It narrows the gap in the to 8 points. for Labor. Still an election winning lead to John Howard The figures will be of some comfort will maintain the momentum and he'd be hoping a focus on jobs a Melbourne High School as he visited Australian Technical Colleges to promise 100 more over 10 years. at a cost of $2.1 billion and meat and creedence It will give real substance

a 3% unemployment rate to our drive towards of government. at the end of our next term

Brad Hodson, Ten News. for Labor's Environment Spokesman, Meanwhile embarrassment

greenhouse gas policy. Peter Garrett, over the party's

Mr Garrett to issue a clarification, Kevin Rudd last night ordering

international greenhouse agreement, after he'd committed to signing a new immediately agree even if developing countries didn't to cut their emissions. handed down in Jakarta today A court decision is expected to be of the Bali 9 live or die. which could decide whether 3 members to the death penalty in Indonesia, The challenge could put an end and even save the Bali Bombers. court decision, His clients lives depend on today's the Indonesian Constitutional Court barrister Julian McMahon is hoping will grant them a reprieve. how wide a win might be It's difficult to anticipate to the Bali Nine. but it should at least flow through who represented executed drug courier The human rights lawyer Van Nguyen in Singapore, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, is now counsel for

and convicted mule Scott Rush. will find the death penalty He's hoping the court contravenes Indonesian laws, which preserve the right to life. effectively can't be taken away, The constitution says these rights

to take that point of law so we're the first people

to the Constitutional Court. the ruling could also save Mr McMahon admits if successful, from the firing squad. the Bali bombers

Si Yi Chen, Tan Duc Tan Nguyen Fellow Bali Nine prisoners have appealed their death sentences and Matthew Norman in the Balinese Supreme Court. For all involved, it's a nervous wait. It's very difficult to sit in jail wondering whether you're going to live or die.

Gerard Scholten,Ten News. Residents are continuing to clean-up after a freak storm cell ripped through Brisbane's south-western suburbs. Falling trees caused most of the damage, smashing into homes and bringing down powerlines. The State Government says disaster assistance may be available to people

living in some of the worst-hit areas.

More storms caused damage in central and western areas of Queensland last night,

tearing off roofs and triggering flash flooding. Australians are reproducing at a record rate with the latest statistics showing we're experiencing our biggest baby boom in more than three decades. There were 265,900 births last year with Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland leading the way. The stats show, while women are putting off having children, the median age for first-time mums is nearly 31

and for dads it's just over 33.

An the Prime Minister has arrived

early. We had shunted the first

guest. He is very good about it. We

will have more on the news stories coming up.

The prime minister is hiding behind

the door. We have been told is changing out of his tracksuit. G

remember when he tripped and

stumbled and he shot up like a man

half his age. I want us the Prime

Minister why did he choose to

retire. Given that there are

several others he continued well

into their 70s. We will ask him. The man is like a spring colt. Up at the crack each and every morning. Lapping the lake, scooting past the Opera House leaving his puffing, sleepy advisors behind. 15 days ago Prime Minister John Howard called the election and the spring in his step has become feisty. Will the electorate return him

as the nation's longest-serving Prime Minister since Robert Menzies? The Newspoll published today has him closing the gap. Look out, here comes the PM. The Coalition's latest campaign strategy sees a return to traditional technical education as a means to lowering unemployment within three years and the architect of that plan Prime Minister John Howard joins us this morning.

Flakey so much for joining. Me

getting changed after your walk. I

had a great walk along the Yarrow

river. It is great for walking. You

get past all the roles. There were

hundreds of them this morning. They

must be getting really for rowing I

guess. I got the occasional get

lost. That goes with the territory.

We are very excited about you

becoming a grandfather again. He is

so gift from us. It is great being

a grandfather. As a breakthrough

has been a father. It is fantastic.

How is it different? We have baby

sat him. I rediscovered the art of

burping a baby. You never forget it.

It is like riding a bike. The sense

of continuity. Is that why the

election was put back a bit more.

Committal connect you walk this

morning. There was an article in

the paper that suggested you have

had a hip. My father had a habit we

was talking to people of putting

his hand on his hip. I have of

photographs of Dutch. He's got a

hand on his hip. I have not done or

hip in. It is a family trait. When

not in need of any new hips. It

seems flush you are very fit. Why

did you decide to retire given that

there have been plenty of other

political leaders who continued

when into their 70s? I'm not

retiring for some time. Well into

the next term. No particular time.

There will be a transition. It will

be Peter Costello. He is really

very sprints. I think he would do a

great job. He has a lot personal

chum. Charm. You have been through

a few election campaigns. Does it

easier? No it doesn't. Every

election is different. I lost in

1987 against Bob Hawke. Then I have had a few wins. Three different

leaders. Paul Keating. Kim Beazley.

Mark Latham and no Kevin Rudd.

Every election is different. The

challenge is different. It is

always about your future plans. How

you want the country better and

stronger. We do have a strong

economy. We have unemployment down.

We could get it down to 3%. We do

not turn up back on past

performances. Is there a promise?

It is a gulf. I cannot guarantee it.

I notice you're using the word Gulf.

You have been staying in the past

by allegedly making promises. So

much hinges on the slip of a ton. People will make their judgment

about those things. The public is

not fooled. They carry on about. We

can get unemployment down to 3% if

we do the right things. If we put

more money into technical education.

Having a trade qualification is as

good as being at university. If you

do have the skill to build a house

now you can run to the bank. You

announce the policy. Technical

colleges around the country. How's that different the Labour Party

policy? Up policies they have

dedicated technical schools. The

emphasis is on technical education.

I think you need schools there are

all about people who want to be

tradespeople. It is an emphasis on

technical schools. And what people

are not interested in technical

training. But there up some have a

laugh. They once an exclusive focus

on that. I'm not back in the Labour

Party policy. The heart is in the

right place. We don't think it's

the right way to go about it.

Georgia treatment this is the way

for you. We will have a foot on

free school. Melbourne spending

half an hour a week working the

oven or cutting for 1 share. It

confirms the stereotype that it is

in some way inferior. We are saying

he is a high status atmosphere in

which to become a tradesman. That

is what we want. We are interested

in talking to about childcare

maternity leave. It is a big issue

for our audience. What you stand on

childcare? Do we have enough of it. Is it affordable? I am very much

about having choice. I do not think

that much of mothers he wanted

their homes to meet second class

citizens. We need to give them

extra help. If a woman drops of the

work falls completely she is giving

up and info income. We're not

saying everyone should do that. We

want choice. We should have

childcare. At the moment 65 % of

the total cost is paid by the

government. By the rebate all the

childcare benefit. But for a 30 %

rebate. Labour is talking about

upping the rebate. To 50 %. We have

more things to say about childcare.

It is a hugely important thing. I

do understand how important it is.

One of the motivations behind a tax

change was to create a situation

where before too long most women,

mothers work part-time. They do not

work full-time. The normal pattern

is their one and half income. We

want a tax system where two-thirds

of those women are paying no more

than 15 in the dollar. There is one

of the features of the tax policy that we announce. There would give

them more encouragement to re enter

the workforce. A growing pattern is

that you are at home for a year or

two. Shone for longer. Then you go

in for the part-time workforce.

Some go into full-time. The

majority do not. It is hard. It is

not always mum. It mostly is. But

not always. The policy should be

gender-neutral. One that paid

paternity leave. There is a Bill

urging the government. We decided

instead that funding a 14 we

maternity leave to bring in a baby

bonus. It is going up to $5,000. It

represents a number of weeks of

paid maternity you. We didn't want

a mandate what the choice is. We

know how the situation where there

48 % of the workforce has at Turf

to some kind of maternity leave.

Difficult to make it compulsory for

small business. If you force small business the paid maternity leave

it could cost the women their jobs.

We were more Mat to happen. There

has been discussion about the Government paying it. There are a

lot of things the government can

play for. Weather is better for if

to give paid maternity leave or tax

rebates is a difficult one. I'd

rather people define what they do

with the money. We encourage more

employers to offer maternity leave. It is expanding. But the

explanation with the baby burners

is that as a big impact on everyone.

It's a nice experience being a grandparent. That'll do that

climate change. You refuse to

ratify a geophone. You fe will cost

jobs. We will ratify a new

agreement. In Sydney we got an agreement from China and America

that the country should aspire

towards some binding targets. It is

more than America and China have

done any of the meeting. There will

beach a new agreement. Where

everybody who has contributing few

greenhouse emissions should in some

way be bound by the agreement. Not

exactly the same. A country in a

much more advanced stage of much more advanced stage of development should have been

different obligation to the country

this still developing. We need

China in India involved. Along with

emissions will go jobs. There has

always been a reservation. A

welcome back Kevin Rudd agrees were

made that we cannot find a new

agreement unless there are

obligations placed on the

developing countries. That's a big

step forward by the Labour Party.

There is no very little difference

between the government and the between the government and the

opposition on this issue. It is a

good development. We all want to do

something about climate change. But

we do not want it to destroy it

Australian jobs. Mark Bell said

there was conflicting information

about whether people are involved

with climate change. I believe

humans do. We all have to play a

part. It has to be a pub that we

can afford. A one other people to

play their part. By the year 203060

% of the world's emissions would

come from the developing countries.

60 %. A fleet closed all of our

emitting industry is down it would

take just nine months of China to

council and other emissions. We

need China in India involved. We were not achieve anything without

them. I want us to play a part. We

will play a part. I took the bow of

a Trappist monk and not to say

anything about polls. OK forget the

wood pulp. The of voters out there

who have changed their mind at the

last minute. What has changed?

There is it coming. I'm paying for

this cuddly bear. I have not begun

that soft the touch. You get the

first week. You're asking me to be

a political commentator. The media is for the political commentators.

A lighter use my precious time to

talk about the future and the sort

a country that Australia will beat

in the years there. Politics is

life. We talk about childcare.

Family. Talking up baby bonus.

Climate change. They will have

political dimensions. They are our

life. I think you'll get a load of

some of the ways in which politics

is talk about. It is much better be talking about values and beliefs

and polishes rather than talking

about who said what with which

facial expression 20 years ago. We

haven't even mentioned Maxime the

queue who is causing you a deal. A

deal of grief. Murphy is a marginal

seat. I have never taken it for

granted. I'm not now. And working

hard for my constituents. I have to

get up an hour earlier each day.

Before you go we have not seen a

picture of your grandson yet. There

will be one fin. He is a great

little blood. He's fantastic. We

are very happy. Is watched his

first rugby match. His dad is a fanatical rugby follower. Should

some Katich be in the Test team?

Told that bludgeon your way in. It

is very hard. The application is

needed. The premium on long innings

is different. Then back in the

1930s. The whole thing was so

different. I admire his application.

It was really gutsy. It fell back.

Rejected. He said don't forget me.

I think there is terrific. They

give you time at this morning.

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We need a voice to be strongest in

urging other countries. We need to

ratify the agreement now so that

our boys to strong. For the we can

speak up for Australia's interests.

Let's get to the big issues. The

scorecard. The overall score card

we hope the parties will do a lot

better. They are weeks to go. This

is a life scorecard we are keeping.

The minor parties are doing well.

We would love to see both major parties doing much better. The

environment is so important.

Climate change is so important. It

is not good enough for the

Coalition to still be failing. I

would like to hope that by the

election campaign they will both be

getting high distinctions. The

future of our kids believes that.

The we say there should be a strong

target to boost renewable energy.

We say the target should be 25 % by

2020. Labour had not announced.

They are both in which positions.

We want them to pull their socks on

renewable energy. What about carbon

trading? Is that important. A lot

people do not understand what it is.

It is good but if they get it right

it will generate business. You have

hit the nail on the head. They are

committed to have a trading scheme.

That is good. They had released any

detail. The key thing is what

target you fair to reduce emissions.

What you have these schemes. You

have them to reduce greenhouse

pollution. That is the other area

that both major parties could still

do much wrong. They have not

released 2020 targets. Labour does

have a modest target of 60 %

reduction. But if you look at

countries like California they have

targets of 80 %. They can both do

better in the target arena. It's interesting that California has

done this. It is the 5th largest

economy in the world. Other

countries are really starting to move.

A do you agree that a nuclear

industry is inevitable. The nuclear

issue has incoming Serb this year.

Most Australians would hate to

think we have to have nuclear waste

stored in Australia. It's not great

legacy to leave your kids. We are

fortunate here in Australia. We are

a funny country. The potential for

from power, for wind power. - is

less polluting than coal. We do not

have to go nuclear. We should and

in our view. We should just get on

with the job of cleaning up our

economy. Can you explain what

clean-coal is? I think it is silly

word in. There is no such thing.

The idea behind it is to try and

reduce the pollution when you burn

coal in power stations. To catch

the green has pollution and to

Pompey underground. We don't know

how well it will work yet. It does

work it could be important. I think

the words clean-coal of filly. What

you make of the announcement that

the Labour Party and the Greens

will do a preference swap except in

Tasmania. Because the issue of the

meal. But in the pot meal is an

important issue. We hate to think

that the Forest in Tasmania are

being turned into wood chips. Most

Australians would save we should

make sure that the remaining forest

are protected. I think it is going

to be an issue not only in Tasmania

but for most people in our towns

and cities. They say surely we can

do better than that. You would have

to say giving your scorecard but

people should vote Green. We do not

urge people had to vote. We provide

information. We respect it is up to

the individual. There are a range

of factors. We say we have probably

got six or seven years to go on top

of climate change. There is all the

time we have got. It is worth

remembering this next and the

parliament and the representatives

are we put in their will be making

crucial decisions for a children's

future on climate change. We say

please pay attention to climate

change. Pay attention to the

environment. Us the politicians

what they are going to do. They

would be fantastic and we had by

parties and polishes on climate

change. We still have a long way to

go. A magazine suggested last week

that Peter Garrett sold out. I

respect that once they go into a

major party they have to fight the

good fight internally and live with

those decisions. I'm sure he's not

happy with decisions. I know what

he cares about the environment. We

have to judge whether parties stand.

We have to put the pressure on them.

We have to say we want you to do

better. It is crucial for a

children's future. We need first

Clough polishes on climate change.

You would think that we should be

leading the world. We have great

innovation in this country. We can

be great world leaders. I think

they are a fair way behind us.

Lovely to talk to.

Today the very competitive Arianne

is going to show us how to make a

very different Burmese curry with to matos and overwhelmingly light

on the lips and the hips. Good

morning. I'm so not competing. Come

on, you must be? It wasn't two days

ago, it was like five days ago. I

didn't even know that because I

wasn't here. It was the best thing

- well, your other dish was my

favourite? You wait till till

tomorrow The different here is it's

Burmese or Thai? It's a Thai curry

but this is where boundaries blur I

think. When a country boarders on

another country, as Thailand does

and it's got a number of different

borders it takes influences from

those cultures and dishes, it

boards with Laos and India and the

southern Thai, you can see on there,

Burma has quite a lot of Indian

influence but it's also - it's

right there in Thailand. This is

from northern Thailand and thraer

more salty. The golden triangle.

They like things a little saltyer

than, say, the southern dishes

which are a bit more sour and sweet.

That's red curry paste and yellow

curry paste, and apart from this

yellow curry paste in the chicken,

it's the only likeness it as to

Anthony's. It's always the secret

ingredient? I like this brand and

it is over there. You can buy it in

a one curry sashay or in the tubs.

It lasts for forever. Forever Not

too hot for kids? It is bit hot,

that's why I like it I think the.

Use less Is there a way, if you've

made a particularly spicey curry

and you can't give it to the kid,

is there a way of diluting it? You

can also dilute something that's

too salty. When I tasted this one

before I'd madeate bit salty so I

put more mill spwok that one. You

put them in cut in half and it

sucks out the heat. If something is

too hot, don't get water, that does

nothing, milk is better, if you're

eating something hot, to drink

something milky with it. Potatos...

Will suck it out. You want to fry

that curry paste on till itsar

mattic. Do you run the risk of

burning that? It can burn. Then you

just stir that until the chicken is

all nicely coated. My husband was

so anti-using chicken thighs in

food for such a long time and now

every time I make something with

chicken thighs he say, "I'm glad

you finally accepted my advice and

wok the chicken thighs." Kim, I

need you - those tomatoes, h that's

another - just some wedge, please

and just four of them. You can cut

them. That's good. You want to coat

that chicken with all the curry

paste, and then into that, just

going to through some palm sugar

and that's what I really like

because you don't have to shave it

off the block, it's really good for

lazy people. Get that at the

supermarket? You need to go to an

Asian grocery. Then some fish sauce,

that's the salty influence and in a

minute. Not too much with the south.

How much was that? A third of a cup.

You can smell that now,. That

smells car Meli and fishy. Like

underpants? That's made it

appetising, or not! I did hear you

say that. I will turn you off your

morning tea if I tell you the

story! Here is a mixture of milk

and water. This makes it a lot

healthyer for you. Milk, skill milk.

I do it with both and I make this

curry, been doing so for a lot of

years. Skim mill,, tends to split...

Is that fish sauce up a your nose?

I just coughed on my hands. I can

hold them up. The tomatoes will

cook down and sort of disintegrate

F you don't like tomatoes in the

dish put in some tomato purree.

You'll get the same flavour but not

the chunks Are we hoping to end up

with chunks? No, we want it to

break down a bit. That's basically

it. Leave it now for... Lid on? No.

I really gentle simmer. I look at

that and I think, yuck, that looks

disgusting. It smels fantastic but

it's real bettery isn't it? Don't

you love that. That was my dad's favourite thing about the curry,

all the juices at the end to...

Anyway. What I'm getting at is it's

kind of more like a watery

consistency? Just have your bubbles

just Gently breaking the surface.

You dant want to do that really

rapidly. I didn't know you could do

that. I've never occurredled it

before. It was disgusting. Then I

mixed in and it was fine, because

I've mixed it in again and it's

fine and then I cooked it and it

was disgusting. Kim, you scare me

times. The rice? By the magic of TV,

in the microwave. Just a long grain.

Something like that. To garnish i

it I'm got to put some fryed

shallots over the top. That's

thickened up a bit since you

reduced a bit. It doesn't look at

reduced a bit. It doesn't look at pretty as Anthony's's. He spent

many years as a head chef in a Thai

restaurant, hi knows how to present

it. I've just been whacking out

dishs in the home kitchen. That's

what cooking is all about. I should

share my carbonara recipe with you.

You could soak those Juless after

afterwards. Much to my surprise,

that is delicious. Yeah. Again,

it's salty. We would put some more

milk. That's right. As with every

curry, this will be better in two

days time. Now, if you would like

the recipe for Burmese chicken

curry that's light on the lips and

the hips, you can download

everything you need from our

website and... What are you cooking

tomorrow? The most amazing pear and

white chocolate cheese cake. Oh my

goodness. That's... To die for! I'm

trying to be healthy. Back with

more after this. We all like to

keep in shape during the summer

months but we don't always have

time to spend hours working out.

Larissa will let us in on a secret

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lose weight. It's not really a

secret. It's the age old skipping

rope and did you know that skipping

is one of the most effective fit

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do. Of course you often see boxers

and elite athletes using them as a

training tool. Something going for

them?. That's right. Fitness

experts swear by skipping ropes and

studies have proven it Judging by

the way James is going over there,

it's not the easiest exercise to

master? Exactly. Today I'll

introduce you to the world's first

and only computerised ropeless

skipping rope. Jump snap is a new

invention that lets all of us get

the incredible results from

skipping in in as little as 16

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A skipping rope without the rope.

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your fitness level or what age,

anybody can use the computerised

jump snap, burnicalories fast and

most importantly lose weight. Let's

hear from the inventor himself.

This is me. Over 50 pounds ago. Wow.

It's hard to believe. I lost 50

pounds using jump snap and six

inches in my waste along, going

from a 38 to a 32. I feel like an

entirely different person and you

can do. Alison and James seem to

have picked it up quite quickly.

What areas of body are they working

out? Skipping with the jump snap

givous a full body work out,

trimming and toning all muscle

groups at the same time. Withouting

in having though think about which

exercise you're doing, work your

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cardioworkout. Jump snap burns 300%

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That means more weight loss in less

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hearing things, I think, is or that

jump snap actually talking? It even

talks to you to tell you how your

doing with its onboard computer

that counts your calories burned,

number of jump, exercise time, it

even lettous stet a target time

alert toel you when you're finished

and it has built in sound effects

that let you maintain proper form

Like having your own personal

trainner a little bag? Exactly the.

Beaut ji you can take it anywhere

and get a great work-out at home,

in the park or on the road. It

looks much easier than working out

on big treadmill and bikes that

could cost hundred of dollars. It is easier and much more effective

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You'll be so glad you do. Jump snap

is a great idea that gifrs everyone

the unt to get fitter and feel

better as a result. Thank you very

much for coming in and telling us

all about jump snap and to our

models of course, James and Alison

with the jump snap. That is a

skipping rope without a rope! How

much extra for the rope? I've seen

it all now. That's morning TV.

We'll bring you the latest News headlines shortly but after the

break how the mobile phone becomes

another women's latest

Fantastic! Fernwood clubs now offer Call 1300 FERNWOOD today.

From the cinema to the dinner table

people use their mobile phones in

the most inappropriate of places

and there are some people who just

condition bear the thought of being

straited from their mobile menace.

Now you can dangle your old hand

set from your lobe long after it

has offrd it unfinal ghastly ring

tone as Marianne discovered. Nearly

all of us have one and three

quarter of have a second unused one

lying around the house T-Mobile

phone is a must in these day of

instant communication. A staggering

8.5 million of them were shipped

into Australia last year alone. They're great, they're convenient,

but what happens to them when they

come to tend of their life? We

upgrade our mobiles every 18 to 24

months. There are approximately

15.5 million old mobile phones in home andfiess around the country

and 4 million of them don't work.

That's huge pool of raw materials

and potentially hazardous waste to

be effectively managed. The

industry is leading the way to

responsibly deal with hand sets once they've reached their useby

date. This is the official

recycling program. It's a free take

back recycling program for consumers across Australia and we

take all the hand sets batteries,

chargers, car kits everything to do

with mobile phone components. A

whole complexity of plastics and

metals in the hand set, there are

plastics, also circuit boards which

have gold, silver coppier. In the

batteries, there's a range of

chemicals and in the chargers there

are circuit boards and copper.

There are 3,000 mobile muster cleex tubes around the Australia and over

454 on thestons of bits have been

collected since late 199. The

phones are braen down into their

various xons with over 90% of the

materials recycled. We actually extract those various materials

from those components. We either do

that locally here in Australia or

overseas. In the case of the

plastics, they're turped into fence

posts. For the circuit boards we

recover the gold, silver and

coppier and they're used for jewellery or other purposes.

They're what caught the eye of a

master jeweller. Another one making

jewellery. Dime yoplds. Your

favourite heart. - diamonds. He's

teamed up with mobile muster to

create a jewellery range using

materials that can be recovered

from recycled mobile phones. I

never thought there were these

materials behind telephones like

gold, silver, copper. Globally we

have this problem at what we have

been been use fog the last 20 years

and knowing there's a lot of things

going to waste and that is so

important, that you know, we do

become aware what we're doing with

our resources. With phones becoming

a fashion accessory in themselves

it's reassuring to know they can go

on to become a thing of beauty

after their technologyical life has

ended. How many mobile phones would

it take to produce this range of

jewellery? About 8700 ha hand sets

would create enough gold to make

this, alternatively you would mind

about 20 to 25 Tops of gold ore.

This is being auctioned over the

next two weeks. To check out these

beautiful pieces, or to make a bid,

go online to: as an added bonus,

all money raised will be donated to

land care old phones, new trees

project. The message is very very

strong, it's really not to waste

these phones. So that we can reuse

the phones. And it can be become an

asset. For us and for the future of

our kids and the future of our

country. He really does make

beautiful stuff. We've had n email

I want to share that I thought was

very funny and we should remind you

that anyone who emails us this week

is in the running to win the new

Sony handy cam. That's a beauty.

Wile you're looking at that.

Regardless of who I vote to I do

always like to hear the leaders of

each party in interviews but I'm

afraid I was a littledy tracted by

the bear. I do wish John Jihad put

it on the floor. It ended up face

down in his crutch then it waepbtd

from hand to hand, shaken at

various points to add emphasis. In

short I felt the bear was being

manipulated. What tz bear really an

incident gift for Angus the grand

child or a sneaky journalist's prop

to show how John acts when you put

the country in his hands instead of

a stuffed animal. Colleen! You are

a non-believer. It was an innocent

gift to say congratulations to the

PM because he's very excited about

his new grand child. He is. Back

after that. Following the success

of the swivel sweeper James is back

to look at how you remain stains,

scuff marks spills and spots from

your floors Hi. It's the superlight

wait, supermanoeuvrable go anywhere,

clean anything marble. The power of

steam gives you cleaner floors

quicker and easier than you ever

thought possible. Pluts it can be

used to refresh your carp eand help

remove staipbs You can use this for

stains and spills, for all the high

traffic areas, all with one steam

mop? Sounds like a lofplt watch

this. The steam mop heats up in

just 30 seconds and lasts for 20

minutes using ordinary tap water

which is then converted to steam.

Have a look at. This watch my floor,

I bought an old show to show you

this. There's nothing worse than

getting those scuff marks on the

floor. We've got soap scum here

from the bathroom tile, crayon that

the kids have left on the floor.

And your dirty footprints from

before? Yes. The unique swivel head

concentrated steam and micro fibre head all combine to remove, mashs

spill grease ands me, quickly and

easy with no messy buckets and no

dirty mops. It's safe for all

surface,. The steam mop is easy to

use and it will even disinfelt and

remove bacteria using that power of

steam and all with minimal effort

Right before my eyes, it's all

gone? I knew you'd be impressed.

Also good for hard wood floors If you think that's amazing, watch

this. Is steam mop is superlight

weight and movable. The low profile

swivel head reefps around furp tuer,

swivel head reefps around furp tuer,

along base board and - and unlike

that cold water you'd use, it

supercleans with continuous hot,

powerful 1500 watts of steam

penetrating the dirt in the floor.

The micro fibre pads scrubs it away.

Your floors are dried at the same

time. It also works with your

favourite detergent. Remember, with

a regular mop, even if it looks

clean it's not. With the steam

mop's micro fibre pad it's like

cleaning with a new every single

time. It works any any surface.

Vinyl, slate, ceramic, even tough

to clean grout lines and it's safe

enough to use on hard wood and

there's more. The steam mop even

converts to your very own carpet

steamer. Now you can erase stains

and spills, all of your carpet,

rugs mats and high traffic areas

with just one machine. Designed for

the toughest jobs it comes with 10

free disposable pads. Thick thick

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cleanest floors ever I am impressed.

Everyone who calls the number right

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The two free reusable micro fibre

heads. Clean floors and carpet but

call now. Call the number right now

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be one of the first 200 and take

advantage of this amazing deal It

seems like a great deal and an easy

way to get superclean floors

without the hassle. Just make sure

you're one of the first 200 to call

or order online. Thank you James.

From Danoz Direct. After the break,

the latest from the Ten News centre

and still to come the moral

dilemmas that confound and confuse

the legion of social butterflies moan as generation Y. can leave more plaque bugs on your teeth - so they invented Oral-B Vitality, a rechargeable brush under $30. and reduces up to two times They're all off getting prepared

for Peter Costello. They're all

excited about that? As much as I

like Peter Costello and Wayne Swan,

had them both in here, they're both

very charming individualings Peter

Costello I find him, very

charismatic. I couldn't think of

anything worse than watching

something like that on the

television? That's why you're not a

journalist. I can't wait to watch

it. I'm mad for it. Don't you want

to watch it? I'll be interested to

see who survives it Bert, because

Peter Costello is very experienced,

and Wayne Swan, not as experienced

as Peter Costello. Smart man,

though? OK, so in the meantime,

emails. What you got? Julia has

written - "Hello I'm being brave

and using technology, yeah." I

guess she's not awe fate with the

email system or something. I wish

Mr Howard realised technical

colleges were just as important as

universities in the last 11 years

and not it so late in his lip to

encourage trade people. Thank you

all all the very best,. It's interesting because in the

commercial break before the PM left,

he was - yurp talking to him about

your husband being a tradey and he

said, "Good on him, great job,

booming economy." I said that I'm

very happy. He felt he was

personally responsible for all your

wealth and prosperity. I think he

thought that he genuinely was. Time

new for some give aways. We're

giving five people the chance to

wane year's supply of the new

Babylove wigly nappies. Here is now. Yep, not a worry. OK. Talk to you later.

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Hands up anyone who can guarantee

they haven't made a complete idiot

of themselves at the office party

or in a job interview. Never.

Really? I don't believe you. After

the break, Alice Williams will take

us through her guide to modern

manners and explain the pitfalls of

famer whoing for the modern guy and

Not really a gym kind of a person though... Call 1300 FERNWOOD today.

Now unfortunately we've had a technical problem and we can't

bring you the news update. There is

no news today But there will be

news at 11 o'clock. The moment you

know you've committed professional

suicide occurs when you wake up

after a big night houplt and

realise the 20 text mentals you've

sent to the guy in accounts telling

him he's got a big backside have

gone to the managing director.

Alice has overcome sucher ofs of judgment effectively and has

written a guide to modern manners

and etiquette. It includes how to

pass the time in a boring job, how

to get rid of someone in the

morning. How are you. Speaking from

experience? Maybe, once or twice.

Why was it important for you to

write this book. Have we lost the

art of manners and etiquette or is

it modern technology that requires

a whole set of new manners? You're

right, modern technology require

new manners and we think that

manners are these stuffy things about holding the tea cup and

actually I wrote the book because

there a number of tkwhrars we

haven't got man rs for like

technology, relationships, one

night stand, getting into the job market and this generation of

people perhaps need some pointers

in that department. Let's talk

about mobile phones. We do it all

wrong. We're rude in every

situation? We haven't got a code

yet. They should have an

instruction manual. Clearly time

when you should not answer your

phone? Movies I think. And texting

was the light shines back on

people's - you want to throw pop

corn at the their head Even at

dinner or lunch? Yeah, I think

we've really got a kind of 80s Wall

Street idea of what mobile phones

which is remember the brick f

you've got one and you're really

important. Supreme to answer it all

the time when there's no quicker to

charm someone than to turn off the

phone and concentrate on them F

you're on a date, turn off your

phone, you're in. So I think

keeping that in mind when other

people This whole thing about text

mentals, my wife receives hundreds

of them a day and... Does that

bother you? All times of the day.

It's her mobile phone. What bothers

me is the fact that she feel

osbliejed to answer a text message,

then and then. 3:30 in the morning.

Some inAnne text message. It's not

you. But it annoys me. Yes, it is

you. Must you respond? How much it

really drives you nuttings. The

thing is to turn it off at night.

Family people, who would have

emergencys that I'd care about,

also the thing about technology is

sending the message to the wrong

person and that is something we all

fear so if you see someone sending

the wrong message to the boss -

I've perved on the delivery guy

once and sent a message to my best

saying how hot he was. My boyfriend

came p and said I think you sent it

to the wrong person. That was fine

because it was harmless and joke

but everyone understands those kind

of things Are there situations, mmm

how I do put this? Are there

situations in the workplace that we

shouldn't avoid complete to keep

ourself out of trouble? It's become

a problem FaceBook. MySpace is

Jebly younger people, FaceBook is often professional, educated people.

You have to check it all the time.

England doing that stuff during

work hour, people can see hofr the

shoulder. You send the wrong

message and your boss can read it.

Just avoid all faux pas and avoid

it. In some stpigs situations there

is the guy, the lovable larrikin

that be suggestive and then there's

the other person that will get sued

for the same kind of action. I

think use the Warney defence in

this. A a friend of mine can walk

up to you and give you the once

over and you feel like you're

brilliant whereas if anyone else

did it, it would be a bit sleezely.

You've got to find ourdown manner

and style F you can get away with

it, go for it but if grow want

someone to have a shower, hold back

Have we forgotten good old fashioned manners like when you're

on the bus and an older person or a

pregnant women cops on the bus? The

tax - taxi driver was talking to me

about this. If no-one stands up or

draw attention to them themselves,

I think you feel a built

embarrassed. When manners are in

fact just about doing a practical

thing for that moment, not about

making air and showing off and all

that stuff. It's worse if you stand

up and they say that they're fine.

Or I'm not pregnant That's a major

- I've never done it I've done it

twice. Did they slab you? You don't

get out of it. You don't say, "Oh

my Good god, you're not pregnant,

you're rust just really fat."

That's not going to happen. I've

said it twice on two occasions.

"When are you due?" What did they

say back? I'm not pregnant and you

just go," Oh, right..., hello over

there. The biggest chapter in the

book is dedicated to dating and sex.

Is Generation Y getting it wrong?

Yes, we are. I think TV shows like

'Sex and the City', they're fun to

watch but the reality is spending

hours decoding messages is just

boring, don't want to do it. If boring, don't want to do it. If

someone likes you tail be strict

straight with you. There was that

great book, he's not that into you.

I don't know about that. If we need

a book to tell us that someone

doesn't like us, you know, I think

if you're getting mixed messages,

just just have to ask them straight,

"Where is this going," And then

just move on Do blokes of the

modern generation think that's a

bit poshy? They're still afraid of

forward women, no matter how far

they they come. If a girl asks the

guy out there's the expectation

that this will happen. Guys then

act in a way that kind of puts you off Let's say that relationship,

that new relationship gets to the

sexual stage, how do you politely

make sexual suggestions? Like how

do you kind of move it from the

couch to the bedroom? Yes and once

in the bedroom, how do you suddenly

say, OK, so here are my handcuffs?

This has actually happened to me.

It's all in the book. I presended

to be asleep because it was the

handcuffs, but I would advice -

things I can't mention on

television. There are websites, I

can put them up late fer anyone is

interested. The thing about fetish

stuff and things that aren't... So

S & M? Anything that's kind of a

bit unusual. Feathers? Yeah.

Slings? Whatever takes your fans

yirbg Kim. Sorry! I wasn't talking

about me personally? You have to

approach it in a spirit of mutual

exploration. Neither have done it

before. Anyway, you can deal with

that later How do you get rid of

them in the morning? There's two

approaches. If you're a bit shy,

it's good to stand an errand or

something you have to do and get

dressed quickly and say that you'd

love to hang out but then walk

around the block and come back,

otherwise you can try the direct

approach which is looking at them

and saying "I've love to hang out

butty of throw you out." What can

someone say to that sh The book is

called "Would it please you, the

guide to modern manners." Thank you.

And still to come on the show, your

emails and the chance to win that

Sony handy cam and a bit later the Good morning. The Coalition is clawing it's way back in the polls. The party's primary vote rising 4 points. John Howard is also closing the gap on Kevin Rudd as preferred PM. The clean up has revealed millions of dollars damage for residents of storm-ravaged Brisbane. More details emerge about the royal sex and drug blackmail plot. And a cheeky zoo escapee is back behind bars after leading animal rescuers on a wild chase in Melbourne.

Lots lots of emails with our chat

with the PM, but qch I am pleased

to naupbs that the Worm is no

longer the biggest distraction in

this election campaign. The

yesterday the teddy has outdone the

warm. The leader of our great

national on TV with his teddy bear. Not so different really from George

Bush who appears to travel with

everything but his teddy bear. Was

it teddy rfpt oosevlet, the who

used to travel with a bear. Back

with more of us only the other side of this. If you're unsure about new phone technology you'll be very interested in our next guest. Hello, Georgia, from Telstra. Hi, Maree-Anne, thank-you for having me. You're here to talk about a new phone feature, tell me.

Yes, video calling is wonderful. It's technology with a human face because it lets you see the person you're talking with on your mobile phone instead of just hearing them. So it really becomes a face-to-face conversation? Absolutely. They see you, you see them. Why is video calling better than having a chat on the phone? There's an extra level of connection because you see each other. Important when you can't be physically close to family and loved ones.

I imagine grandparents who live away from their grandkids? That's a good example. With video calling from Telstra grandparents can see their grandchildren growing up.

Even if they live in different parts of Australia. So you're pa