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Fallen hero - is shot dead in Afghanistan. a nation mourns as an Aussie digger Tears for Dean -

for the murdered boy a memorial service held

found in the Ambarvale Pond. Adding insult to injury -

for the woman who miscarried another slap in the face at Royal North Shore. And dob in a cheat - a new hotline to catch out drivers disabled parking spots. who wrongly use a disabled permit Anyone who deliberately cheats and deserves to be caught. is just callous

This program is captioned live. Good evening. the War Against Terrorism The dangers of with an Australian soldier killed have been brought home once again our second military death in a month. in Afghanistan - during a gun battle SAS Sergeant Matthew Locke was shot with the Taliban. an inspirational leader He has been described as

and a genuine hero, a widow and a young son. who leaves behind Matthew Locke was, and to those who served with him, to those who knew him one of the finest. of duty in Afghanistan, Last December, after his first tour for bravery under fire, he received the Medal of Gallantry of Australian soldiers for saving the lives while under attack from the Taliban.

Governor-General Michael Jeffery, and now honorary colonel, a former SAS chief presented him with the medal. A magnificent soldier. he was an absolute professional, He was brave, sense of humour but he also had a wonderful

and was very compassionate. lost a genuine hero. The nation today one of those inspirational leaders. Sergeant Locke was a great soldier, Matthew Locke was on foot,

an increasingly aggressive Taliban, leading an offensive against when he was shot in the chest. by his mates He was given immediate first aid but could not be saved. and flown to a nearby medical base, a comrade and mate Our SAS have lost a loving husband and father. and his family have lost in 1991 Sergeant Locke joined the army

and served in East Timor and Iraq. He was married, with a son. it will be a time of deep grief. For his family, of course, paused while campaigning in Perth The Prime Minister and wife Janette to visit the SAS base. To say how very sad I was, who had served with him. and to talk to many of his mates to visit the family. But it's not the time, he says,

you need to be surrounded At a time of shocking grief, and personally love. by people you personally know wife, Therese, made later in the day. It was a trip Kevin Rudd and his family of Sergeant Matthew Locke. Our condolences are extended to the

Defence Minister Brendan Nelson says of just under 1,000 troops the Australian contingent in Afghanistan is doing the heavy lifting to do more. and is pushing for Europe

that all of the NATO countries We think it's extremely important to deploy to Afghanistan. fully discharge their obligations Lane Calcutt, National Nine News. late this afternoon, Despite those heavy storms for little Dean Shillingsworth the memorial service where his body was found. went ahead at the Ambarvale pond

Nine reporter Simon Bouda is there - the scene for us? Simon, can you describe was organised by locals Mark, today's memorial events of the past week and a half and has shown just how much the have changed this quiet area. a turnout of thousands The damp conditions failed to stop and of course Dean's extended family. from the community which wants to reach out. This is a community Dean's body was found here, Ever since expressed there have been a range of emotions from shock and sadness, to anger. But there was hope. made the journey from around NSW Busloads of family and friends to be here for the service. was the number of children here. What was truly noticeable

welcoming ceremony, After a traditional family thanked well-wishers. members from both sides of Dean's for all the many tears, And I just thank you

that have been left. for the flowers, the gifts So many people have come today. and you don't even know us. I'm so overshwlnmed by the support was thanks to this local, Jason. The idea of a memorial

he also read a poem. As well as organising it, An angel for sure is what you'll be

eyes you'll be in our dreams so when we close our,

Cole by local Anglican Minister David The service was lead Dean's body. answers since the discovery of who many here had come to for but the world should change. The world has not changed, whose life was taken form us we wantot remeber a little boy There were prayers... released into the air. ..and then 500 balloons were on the pond's surface hundreds of candles floated as the 'Lake Angel'. in memory of the boy known here the Ombudsman has revealed In his annual report, in the number of children there's been an explosion of Community Services, reported to the Department of their responsibilities. partly because people are more aware

are currently reported to DOCS About 1 in 15 children in one way or another, and almost 14% of families, have been the subject of reports. for better communication The Ombudsman says it's crucial as the Health Department and police. between DOCS and other agencies such

the treatment of Jana Horska, An official report into Hospital, was released today. who miscarried at Royal North Shore But, adding insult to injury, given a chance to read it beforehand. Ms Horska and her husband were not Mark Dreyer and Jana Horska A month after they lost their child, can't believe a report into their ordeal would be released publicly before they had a chance to read it. We didn't even know the report was coming out today.

This is just another example of how they handle themselves, this mob. The report by Professors Cliff Hughes and William Walters found Jana waited an hour and 20 minutes to be clinically examined before she miscarried in a toilet of the hospital's emergency ward. They found:

There were a large number of patients who required very urgent care. But the Health Minister, Reba Meagher, was at a loss to explain why the couple haven't seen the report. I'm not sure how the professors actually managed that document.

Perhaps you'd like to answer that, Dr Hughes?

We have been doing some minor typographical corrections this morning.

This report does not include the couple's version of events - the authors admitted their one attempt to interview them failed. We received a letter from their solicitors saying that the meeting was cancelled. They feel very distrustful and very disillusioned. Adam Walters, National Nine News.

Sydney police are desperate to find a gunman who shot a man at random in Yagoona last month, because they fear he is likely to attack again. The 50 -year-old victim spoke about his ordeal for the first time today saying he's thankful to be alive, with a bullet still lodged in the back of his neck. Paul has constant headaches and is on medication to thin his blood. And with good reason - he has a .223 calibre bullet lodged at the base of his skull.

They left the bullet in because it was too close to my spine. He said, "If we get the bullet out you could die. The 50-year-old, who only wants to be identified by his first name, was in his car last month at Yagoona, preparing to start work,

when two men approached. One had a rifle in his hand, so Paul took off. The gunman opened fire. I heard the two bullets go off one after the other,

The second bullet was the one that hit me.

I just felt the blood running down the back of my clothes. Despite being shot in the back of the neck, Paul drove to the end of this street, then down to the BP behind me. He then managed to walk inside and ask for help. What concerns police is the lack of motive. They've released a computer image of the gunman and want to speak to the driver of this white Hyundai

seen leaving the service station. Detectives described the shooting as callous and random. We have to put a stop to these people. They're probably right up there with the highest level of danger to shoot anyone for any reason. because they're just willing

Denham Hitchcock, National Nine News. straight into action last night An off-duty policeman jumped a woman's screams in Botany. after he was woken by by a man. She was allegedly being attacked

and arrested the suspect, Superintendent Ron Mason chased but modestly says he's no hero.

to protect the community, That's what we are there for - and that's exactly what happened. to lock up the crooks, A 21-year-old man has been charged and resisting arrest. with aggravated sexual assault a driver parking in a disabled spot We've all seen it - visible signs of a disability. then walking away without any

you suspect of rorting the system, Now you can report someone set up by the RTA. using a special hotline pulling out all the stops - The Government's to hopefully put an end an advertising blitz to a selfish and cynical rort, to park in disabled spots able-bodied motorists using permits and almost anywhere else they choose. Anyone who deliberately cheats a disabled parking spot is just callous and deserves to be caught. It happens all the time. Is that your permit? It's my mum's, I've got to go get her now. So why are you using it? the camera off me mate. Can you get And it's well worth running the risk. virtually anywhere. The permits allow unlimited parking between $10,000 and $15,000 a year. That can save in parking fees it won't have any problems The Government believes

the cheats - and it's right. in convincing people to dob in Yes, I'll gladly do it. it's very bad of them to do that. They should dob them in because they need to be stopped. I certainly think for the community. The parks are there for a reason, will operate 24 hours a day The hotline to investigate every call it gets. and the RTA is promising start at just under $500 Fine for misuse of the permits to more than $2,000. and range all the way up Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Joe McDonald Hard-hitting union leader from the Labor Party, has been expelled of leader Kevin Rudd. at the insistence party anti-union ad campaign. McDonald is a star of a Liberal his expulsion is a sign of panic. Prime Minister Howard says Terminator impersonation It was Joe McDonald's

of a trespassing charge yesterday after being acquitted into action. that galvanised Kevin Rudd delivered this jibe at John Howard. The WA building union boss

I'll be back. John's gone, you know that. that the ALP national executive This morning, Mr Rudd demanded anti-union advertisements forthwith. expel the star of Liberal Party The remarks that he made yesterday

and I believe unacceptable. were incendiary, inappropriate Mr McDonald's party membership The executive terminated shortly after midday. from any individual, I have no time for any thuggery and that includes this individual. from the PM for his stand. But the Labor leader got no credit Mr Rudd has panicked. He pointed out that only yesterday, be formally thrown out of the ALP Mr Rudd said Mr McDonald could not were completed. until another five court cases

and he will, He's promised us all he'll be back

Mr Rudd will not be strong enough because in government to stop it happening. forcing his way onto building sites. Mr McDonald has been accused of

won't tolerate that behaviour. Mr Rudd says a Labor government

union power With the Coalition linking of former union officials with the high representation on Labor's front bench,

to be seen taking tough action. Mr Rudd clearly felt he had in a storm - a real one - But Mr Howard was also caught when he visited East Fremantle. MAN: Should we make a dash for it? MR HOWARD: Yes. Isn't it good, though, the rain? The Prime minister was there to produce energy to see how wave power can be used a $75 million grants program and to announce clean energy research. for cutting-edge even more climate change cash - Mr Rudd was promising

on the roofs $489 million to install solar panels schools in Australia. of all 9,612 public and private Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. near Lismore this afternoon. A mini tornado has caused havoc of an intense storm system, It formed as part an electricity sub-station. and headed directly for

the region, Winds of up to 70km swept across as hail fell across widespread areas. to repair damage to the substation Power crews are now working

and restore electricity to homes. Diana's last words. In the news ahead - in Melbourne A traditional Muslim funeral for the man behind Crazy John's.

the victims of the Californian fires. And President Bush promises help for You put it on. Did I put it on?

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John's mobile phone company, John Ilhan, the founder of Crazy as a generous and humble man has been remembered funeral service in Melbourne today. by thousands of mourners at his Traditional Muslim prayers were held to a nearby cemetery. before the coffin was taken

didn't speak at the service Mr Ilhan's wife, Patricia, in the funeral program but wrote a message describing him as her soul mate. Among the mourners, Eddie McGuire, and his ex-wife Simone. along with Shane Warne on Tuesday Mr Ilhan collapsed and died near his Melbourne home. while walking

It's here for only 24 hours, plane is certainly making but the world's biggest passenger a lasting impression. to take off from Sydney airport Singapore Airlines' A380 is about commercial flight. following its maiden It'll soon be a regular sight, next week. with daily services starting As visiting celebrities go, they don't come any bigger.

Whether it's taking off or landing or just sitting on the tarmac,

the A380 never fails to impress. The jetliner air traffic controllers are calling...

The big fella? The big fella. What do you think of that?

I think it's a good moniker, but at the same time she's a real beauty. Welcome to Airbus 380. A beauty on the inside as well - what the airline says is the ultimate in air travel. Space, comfort and fun. Yesterday, more than 400 passengers got to experience all three,

though clearly, some were more comfortable than others. I think we could get used to this. We started with first class -

caviar, some fois gras soup, some lobster. But believe the pilot and it's just another passenger plane, just a bit bigger. Once I sit in the cockpit, looking forward, looking at at instruments, I don't feel the weight, I don't feel the size, I don't feel anything. Singapore Airlines has firm orders for another 18 A380s.

The next two will be delivered in February, when the Airbus will begin its first commercial flights to London. This afternoon, storms delayed its take-off for Singapore by nearly two hours but this giant of the skies will be back. For now, Sydney will be its only destination, with the first daily service arriving on Monday morning. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News.

In California's fire disaster, President Bush and Governor Schwarzenegger have toured some of the devastated neighbourhoods, pledging financial support for the victims as they begin to rebuild their lives. We wanna let you know that American people care for people like you,

people who are suffering. We appreciate your spirit.

Two bodies have been found in the wreckage of this home, while four more bodies have been reported in ruins near the Mexican border. A full check of the fire zones will take several days. In Britain, a witness at Princess Diana's inquest has told

of her last words as she lay dying in the wreckage of her limousine

in a Paris tunnel. Damian Dalby went to the car trying to help the victims and heard Diana say, "Oh my God, oh my God".

The Princess died soon after as paramedics tried to assist her. Giving each other a hug and making history - of the International Space Station and the female commander of the space shuttle 'Discovery'. It's the first time that women have been in charge of two spacecraft at the same time. We are very lucky, we are very blessed to have been born in the years that we were born. And to have the doors open ahead of us, so that we could walk through them at the right time. Discovery has delivered the sections for a new space lab and the crew will help put it together over the next two weeks. Stephanie with sport is next - and there will be no Boss in the Cox Plate? Glenn Boss has lost an appeal and won't ride tomorrow, Mark. We'll have the latest on the favourites shortly.

And Stuart MacGill stakes his Test claims before a turn in the weather. Water is a precious resource, so we need to be aware of how much we use every day. Did you know that an 8-minute shower can use a massive 160 litres, but a 4-minute shower with a water-saving shower head uses as little as 30 litres?

And your dishwasher can guzzle up to 50 litres, so you should only use it when it's full. To work out how much water you use, what you should be aiming for and how to use less, visit and:

How much water do you use? How much should you be using and how can you use less? For the answers, look out for this booklet in your letterbox. And save water for life. Jockey Glenn Boss has forfeited the ride on 'Divine Madonna' in tomorrow's Cox Plate, after losing an appeal against a charge for interference. He will be replaced by Dwayne Dunn. The Cox Plate is still one of the most wide open in years - 'Harada Sun' has joined 'Miss Finland' as favourite, with 'El Segundo' the next pick. The fascinators and frocks were out in force at Moonee Valley today. To steal a theme from Flemington, this was ladies' day, albeit without the races. Tomorrow, Craig Williams is aiming to make it his day,

just as he did last year when he piloted Fields of Omagh to victory. This time he'll partner Miss Finland, who some are beginning to think will misfire. Usually good horses answer the knockers. Basically I don't listen to them anyway 'cause I don't want to start fighting everyone that I've had in my lifetime because she's my affectionate horse? so I'll defend her to the hilt. Last year's runner-up, El Segundo, plenty of support. is still attracting He's well positioned with a fairytale Cox Plate debut. to provide jockey Luke Nolen come together nicely Everything's sort of preparation so his job's done. and he's had a trouble-free Now it's my go. in the Cox Plate tomorrow, With two runners has been able to block out the chaos trainer Mark Kavanagh that was the Caulfield Cup. What happened last Saturday? an emerging king of the one-liners, to half a line Kavanagh has got it down and the more fancied Devil Moon. when assessing Divine Madonna which is the pick of the...? REPORTER: How do you rate the pair

They're totally inseparable. Cox Plate Day from noon tomorrow. Nine's live coverage of Tony Jones, National Nine News. his first step Stuart MacGill has taken of the star-studded Pura Cup clash towards a Test re-call on day one between NSW and Queensland. The visitors are 2/192 from a knee injury, but in his first spell back retired Shane Warne's replacement. MacGill firmed as the

for the first Test against Sri Lanka Matthew Hayden warmed up with an unbeaten 103. featuring 13 internationals, In a match own bowling, catching Clinton Perren, MacGill looked sharp off his on a day interrupted by rain. for Liverpool's reserve team Socceroo star Harry Kewell has scored in his first match this season. his instincts for goal, And Tim Cahill hasn't lost

despite a lengthy lay off. against Larissa in the UEFA cup. He scored during Everton's 3-1 win since breaking a foot in March. It was his first club match the CommSec finance report After the break - all the weekend weather details. and Majella will have

of higher interest rates To finance, and while the prospect is frightening those with mortgages,

to 28-year highs. it has sent the Australian dollar and the rain has blown away. And here's Majella - That's pretty much it, Mark. this afternoon, Storms rolled through not much in them for Sydney itself, thundery showers. and tonight we're just expecting Average spring temperatures today,

and that's thanks to the cloud. but still warmer in the evening and damaging winds Stormwise, there still could be hail and Northern Tablelands, for the Northern Rivers could get some heavy rain and the ACT and Southern Tablelands and flash flooding.

about 13mm in an hour this afternoon. Goulburn actually got that are still about Some of those storms could come across Sydney tonight, to have a lot left in them by then. but we're not expecting them will be gone by tomorrow, really. The bulk of the wet weather is weakening and moving off. The trough that brought it of some thundery showers And there's just the chance late on Sunday. and trough coming across. and that's from the next front of a morning shower. Cloudy in Sydney and just the chance the better days for surfers. Sunday and Monday still looking like a bit of a challenge for our cadets, Now today's weather was

from Marrickville Public School but the students took it in their stride they had an absolute ball. and told me OK, one quick reminder before I go - daylight saving starts on Sunday, on Saturday night, so when you go to bed flick the clocks forward an hour. No excuse for sleeping in now, Mark.