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all the way to the front gate. Make sure you walk her You can't do this! Damn you, Stephanie. Just a moment, gentlemen. This is private property. Oh, yes, I can. without calling me, If you show up again they'll take you to jail I'll get a restraining order, of those children. and then you will lose custody That's what you want. all to yourself. Admit it! Because you want my children You're gonna pay for this! God, I hate you so much.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight, the interest rate alert - before the federal election. another rise likely on a defenceless digger. An apology for the road rage attack really, really sorry. I'm really sorry -

And a dad's heartbreaking visit was found murdered in a suitcase. to the riverbank where his son

I just lost my son which I'm never

gonna see again. Good evening. police given new surveillance powers. Also tonight - And California's bushfire refugees -

now being housed in makeshift cities. more than 500,000 people But heading the news at 5:00 - the threat of an interest rate rise of the election campaign. right in the middle trigger action by the Reserve Bank Today's inflation figure could for John Howard. in what might prove a critical blow last time. The mortgage belt turned on Labor five times since then. Interest rates have gone up for my daughter one day I want to buy a house and it's too hard. On the face of it is not pressuring interest rates. inflation in the latest quarter for an annual rate of 1.9% - The cost of living rose 0.7% in nearly eight years - the lowest level that should satisfy the Reserve Bank. and, according to the Treasurer, is really right bang in the middle The 0.7% in the September quarter

which the Government has set. of the target range see it differently. But the banks' underlying measures is closer to a dangerous 3%. The inflation dragon that's the Government's fault. Kevin Rudd says And those paying the price for this on home mortgages. are working families have set market economists in a spin. The underlying figures

Some agree with the Treasurer

for interest rates to rise, there's no need the bank has no choice but to move. but the overwhelming sentiment is for the Government. That would be a devastating blow Then there's the billions of dollars are pumping into the economy. both sides going to be 25-point rate hike It looks like there is definitely in early November. from the Reserve Bank Governor. It fits in with this warning If it's clear that something needs to be done

we could offer the Australian public I don't know what explanation

for not doing it, an election might be due. regardless of when tax cuts and his pensioner handouts. John Howard angrily defends his If I read any more articles very comfortable positions, saying, from lofty economists in, you know, Dear me, I'm worried about it." "Oh, this is a bit inflationary. to get hold of reality. Well, I think they ought Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Fears of higher mortgage payments hit many homeowners hard, have already in Sydney's west - the impact especially felt of the federal election. an area crucial to the outcome In Western Sydney's mortgage belt, to the threat of another rate rise. it's been an immediate reaction and those looking for a bigger house First home-buyers their vote on November 24. say another hike will influence

for people too, Everything is unaffordable losing their home and houses. even most of the people

trying to leave rent behind. The same for those

has had his time. I think John Howard on what he promises. He just doesn't deliver

is the Liberal candidate Colin Robinson for the marginal seat of Parramatta. when the bad news broke. He was campaigning in Kings Langley

a mountain to climb. It's always been I'll have a good sleep. What, 31 days to go? So in 32 days, separate Labor and Liberal here. Only a few hundred votes Mr Robinson believes the most important factor. interest rates will not be

it's never been raised with me. I've got to say the infrastructure and the health. The biggest issues I get are The Greens today confirming to main rival Julie Owens. their preferences will be going

That could mean up to 5,000 votes - she's confident of victory. not enough for her to say speculating You can spend a lot of time is not going to affect the outcome but what's in my mind one way or another. has always been an important issue While law and order across the electorate of Parramatta, are now demanding more attention. several other matters education and nursing With a 5-week-old, childcare, in the hospitals. from having just been and today's turn of events Those thoughts could see Julie Owens race clear.

Frank Coletta, Ten News.

veteran in a Sydney road rage attack A man accused of bashing a war has apologised.

he was going to kill the victim Martin Gamman says but instead only punched him a few times because he was old.

Martin Gamman left court on bail. The 33-year-old is accused of punching 87-year-old war veteran Tom Golden several times

in a road rage attack in July, after chasing him down he regrets his actions. but today Martin Gamman told Ten News to your victim? What would you like to say really, really sorry. Oh, I'm really sorry, hey - your actions? And how would you describe Just out of hand - I'm really sorry. I'm sorry I snapped. was provoked The court has heard Mr Gamman

that left this mark on his car. after an alleged near miss skidded in front of Mr Golden, He allegedly told police he then forcing his car to stop: he started bashing the 87-year-old. Then police claim allegedly admitting: The digger had just visited his sick wife in Campbelltown hospital.

He ended up back there needing stitches to the mouth.

I hope he's alright and Mr Gamman has been charged with malicious wounding and predatory driving. During today's brief appearance in court, Martin Gamman sat quietly in the front row, keeping his head down. He will be back in court in December. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

The heart-broken father of Dean Shillingsworth has made an emotional trip to the pond where the 2-year-old's body was found in a suitcase, the former dancer making the journey after being released from prison. A week after his tiny body was discovered in a suitcase, Dean Shillingsworth's father, Paul, finally made a pilgrimage to the spot where his son was found. Supported by his extended family, Paul Shillingsworth had made the 5-hour-long journey from Junee, where he was released from prison this morning. It was an emotional visit for the grieving father, who had raised Dean for the first year of his life. Family members taking Paul in their arms to help console his grief. Pretty sad. I can't explain it. I just lost my son who I'm never going to see again. He was shown the flowers and tributes left by members of the local community,

who have felt the loss of the 2-year-old almost as acutely as his own family. I want to thank all the brothers in Junee Correctional Centre

for giving me their support, and everyone in NSW for their support. The mood was sombre and respectful - the father lost in his own thoughts. While his father will now be at the grave side, Dean mother, who is accused of his murder, is unlikely to attend the funeral, which will be held next week at Brewarrina. Preparations well under way for a community memorial service, which will be held at the Ambarvale duck pond on Friday afternoon - the Anglican minister officiating says it will help bring the community together. Even though there has been this tragic event, it is not the time to panic about our community but to realise the world is still the same place.

And like the local community, the Shillingsworth clan say they'll never forget little Dean. John Hill, Ten News. The State Government has announced the biggest-ever shake-up of police surveillance laws. State political editor Paul Mullins joins us from Parliament House. for police. Paul, these are unprecedented powers

Very much so, Ron. And the targets

are organised crime figures and

terrorists. Under the plan, police

will be able to bug suspects

interstate and terms of warrants

will be increased from 21 to 90

days. Under these proposals, police

will be given access to the

generation of bugging devices. Bugging devices were used in, think Bugging devices were used in, I

think it was 2003, during Operation

Grapple. As I remember that, police

declared war on Middle Eastern

crime gangs in Sydney's south-west.

In this latest plan, police will be

able to obtain what's called

emergency warrants from the Supreme

Court five days after the event.

Here's what the Premier had to say.

To catch them in the planning of

the act before they ever get the chance

chance to unleash their abhorrent

criminal or terrorist ambitions. You could have isotopes sprayed

onto the person of someone and,

under this legislation, you're able

to, um, have that authorised for

tracking purposes. The necessary

legislation will be introduced in the current session of Parliament.

Back to you, Ron. Thanks. Paul Mullins at State Parliament. California's deadly bushfires claimed more lives today - at least five people have now been killed by the flames burning out of control across the state. 500,000 people have been forced to flee their homes. Ten's Nicole Strahan is with some of them taking shelter near San Diego. Good evening. Another night in limbo for thousands of people

who've sought refuge here at a stadium just outside of San Diego. are being made to Hurricane Katrina, While obvious comparisons this time around the emergency response has been far better coordinated, but of course, these people just want to go home. The question is, do they have homes to return to? I told you to get out! You need to get out now! is proving just too great, The fury of the deadly flames

home after home crumbling, whole streets left in ruins, lives thrown into disarray. The number of homes and businesses destroyed stands at over 1,400, and it's rising by the hour. It's very scary. After more than three days fire crews still haven't been able to stop the spread of what they're calling the beast,

and it's a beast growing in size, with several of the dozen blazes burning across Southern California joining up. The persistent strong and hot Santa Ana winds have made fighting the flames from the air at times near impossible. The winds are common for this time of year, but gusts of over 100km/h are not, sending embers across vast areas. The huge plumes of smoke Back on earth, the President plans to visit the devastated areas. We send our prayers and thoughts with those who've been affected and we send the help of the federal government as well. have fled the raging fires, Over 500,000 people the largest evacuation this country has seen since Hurricane Katrina. At the football stadium as many as 15,000 people are waiting out the fire storm. This is just like Hurricane Katrina only more organised.

Donations of food, clothing and other essentials just keep on flowing in. It helps ease the anxiety, although not completely. we have friends - we're pretty upbeat about it,

but not knowing is a little discomforting.

Firefighters are preparing for another tough day,

thanks to the Santa Ana winds, but there are predictions

that those winds will have died down by the end of the week,

raising hopes that these blazes can finally be brought under control. A woman suffers under excruciating hospital delays - her story next. against a mum Plus - prosecutors drop the charges accused of killing four of her kids.

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after vital medical evidence was ruled inadmissible. Carol Louise Matthey walked free from Melbourne's Supreme Court with a small smile following her big ordeal,

learning the four murder charges she faced over the deaths of four of her children had been dismissed. You must be incredibly relieved. The Geelong woman was charged in 2005 for killing her sons, Joshua, three months. Jacob, seven months and her daughters, Chloe, just nine weeks old. All four died between 1998 and 2003. She's believed to have been the only adult present in each case. What would you say to people that would still have their suspicions given the extraordinary case it's been? No comment. sorry. Are you not guilty Carol? No. But that may never be known with the prosecution case stumbling from the start. After more than a month of pre-trial legal argument, the judge decided the Crown's case was too weak,

with much of their evidence inadmissible. He thanked both legal teams before allowing Ms Matthey to leave the dock. The Acting Director of Public Prosecutions today revealed: She has lost her four children and then to be charged with the murder of them is, I think, unprecedented, certainly in this State, and her loss and sadness is both profound and ongoing. Previously, Coroners had found two of the children died from cot death, another from a rare infection, and the toddler, after a fall. Ms Matthey has one surviving child. Mignon Stewart, Ten News. Yet more scandal for Royal North Shore hospital, administrators forced to apologise again after the media exposed another series of bungles this time involving a woman left in crippling pain. Sara Claridge says she's been let down by Royal North Shore Hospital. Told she needed an operation in June, she was happy to wait until the end of September, but her surgery has now been cancelled several times. I've been stuffed around for over a year, and my condition is not getting any better - it's actually getting worse.

The young mother from Greenwich has pre-cancerous cells on her cervix and crippling endometriosis. It's extremely painful. It basically leaves me where I can't get out of bed in the morning. The condition led her mother to have a hysterectomy at 27. Sara is only 26. Remarkably, publicity about her case has seen the hospital ring her this morning and book her in but after the 90-day deadline her surgeon wanted her seen by. She's accepted a date on 8 November which will actually see her outside the 90 days - it will take her to 111 days. Officially, the first operation was cancelled because of a lack of nurses. In fact, they are 100 positions down on where they should be here on Royal North Shore. On the second occasion, more urgent cases took priority. Originally, Sara's doctor was blamed for the delay. but the hospital has now apologised to him. The chief executive has personally contacted the surgeon in question and apologised for the confusion/ Reba Meagher is not up to the job of health minister. Her denial of problems at Royal North Shore Hospital, her inability to understand the consequences for people like Sara Claridge make her unfit for the job. And for Sara and her husband, Nick, neither is Royal North Shore. If I had a choice, to have the operation done. I would not go there Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

a faster trip Bus commuters are being promised

is introduced early next year. when new satellite technology on all the State's buses Devices installed will communicate with RTA computers, when they're running late. giving them priority get our buses running more smoothly, This is about using technology to especially on those busiest routes. to give buses a clear run The RTA says holding green lights on other traffic. should have only a minimal impact last year The $50 million system was announced to develop and test. but has taken 12 months living with silence. New hope for thousands of Australians

is now so advanced, Cochlear implant technology in almost anyone. deafness can be corrected Meet some true golden oldies. There's Silvia - she's 95 - 91-year-old John, All three have cochlear implants sound after decades of silence. and are living proof there can be I first learned to lip-read - I'm pretty good at that -

and I had ordinary hearing aids. but it wasn't enough, the Cochlear has given me new life. As I always say,

and they'll tell you You ask the girls I could live again when I got it. because I'm sure it was a miracle. I called it a miracle, cochlear implant support group. They're part of a new is now available to almost anybody, Recent medical advances mean cochlear from newborn babies to the very old. 25th birthday, And as Cochlear marks its milestone its founders look back. The technology 25 years ago was a large body-worn processor

which is behind the ear. Now, we have a small processor have a cochlear implant, Today, almost 5,000 Australians people with severe hearing problems and it's estimated a further 15,000 could benefit from the technology. will be no external processor - In the future, I imagine that there inside the head - all the functions will be every day. you could wear it all day, Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

Making the most of it too. Tim, I

bet you had to rummage around the

back of the car to find that

umbrella. A while since you've

needed one! It's a $64 question

needed one! It's a $64 question -

will I need it tonight and

tomorrow? Light drizzle here at tomorrow? Light drizzle here at the moment. It really was cold enough,

though. Sydney today - 21 degrees.

Which is 1 below.

What about your weather

photographs? This is a good one.

Let's have a look at it closely Let's have a look at it closely for

ya. There's a palm that says tropical, a cloud that says storm,

and if you look hard enough, that

little bit of rainbow - is there a

sunny handicam at the end of that

rainbow? We'll find out at the end

of the week. Thank you very much to

Neil Campbell for that shot. As far

as Skywatch is concerned, you know

what colour it came in today - just

grey. The problem with that is

there was no rain-bearing there was no rain-bearing cloud

with it. Still just drizzly out

here at the moment and chilly. Tomorrow, we're thinking here at the moment and fairly

15-30mm of rain, but that will be

mainly near the ranges. Whether it mainly near the ranges. Whether it

gets into the Sydney baseson

looking rather doubtful. Later in

the bulletin, it will be good -

Oktoberfest. We preview the biggest Oktoberfest outside of the famous

Munich beer halls. We'll do that

again when we see you in 10! Next, what a tight fit - under the harbour Bridge. the ship that barely squeezed walks the red carpet in London Plus, Cate Blanchett to get back to Sydney. and explains why she can't wait

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cordless keyboard the Logitech all your favourite settings with one-touch keys to access and a laser mouse for faster, smoother movement. ..humanising technology. Police have released video of a man wanted over a fatal shooting at a Wollongong nightclub. The man, in a dark, hooded jumper, from the Cliff Road club is recorded running moments after the shooting last month.

was killed Father of two Dragan Sekljica in the attack. and a security guard injured

to come forward. Police are urging witnesses has successfully blasted off, The space shuttle 'Discovery' despite last-minute safety concerns. and lift off of 'Discovery'. MISSION CONTROL: Booster ignition on the external fuel tank Engineers found a chunk of ice it's too small to cause problems. but NASA says will spend the next two weeks The 7-member crew installing a passageway to a new lab on the International Space Station.

most celebrated actors It took two of Australia's

The woman says she knew she was

looking at something pretty special.

I said "I don't understand it. I

don't know modern art. I don't have

the apartment for it." But I can't

leave it in the trash. It's wrong.

So I took it home. She's been paid

house Sotherby's. a $15,000 finding fee by auction

It took two of Australia's most celebrated actors and an Indian director to bring the story of one of England's greatest queens to the screen. But British fans don't mind - they've given 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' the royal treatment. and onto Oscar's radar... Stepping onto the red carpet sparkling in a sequined blue gown, ..but Cate Blanchett, has worked hard for the praise. reason to fear Catholic... FILM CLIP: Majesty, we have ever Fear creates fear. Queen Elizabeth, She struggled to reprise her career almost a decade ago. a challenging role that launched playing Elizabeth Can I ask, was it any easier the second time around? Well, the first time I played it just working in the theatre I was sort of Jill Armstong and Bruce Beresford and I made the film with so I had nothing to lose, and no-one knew me internationally Geoffrey Rush Fellow Aussie actor winner didn't think twice about signing up for the sequel where Elizabeth leads her country into holy war and her heart into trouble. I felt like I was in 'The Godfather: Part II', 'Part III'. Is it true you convinced Cate to come back to the role? That story is a little blown out of proportion

but, you know, if you look at Cate's career over the last 10 years, she takes on very daring, very self-challenging very unpredictable kinds of roles. Delighting fans worldwide and directors too.

There's something about Australians that we Indians have also -

we want to reach out. We don't think we live in the centre of the universe like a lot of Westerners The film's received mixed reviews with some US critics calling it an inferior follow-up. On there other hand, there are those already talking Oscars,

'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' opens in Australia next month. I fear neither him, nor his priest, nor his armies.

In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A cruise ship has created history on Sydney Harbour, becoming the largest ship the 'Sun Princess' superliner to ever travel under the Harbour Bridge. The luxury cruiser cleared the landmark with little over two metres to spare, headed to a temporary berth in Darling Harbour. The 'Sun Princess' is now on her way to Brisbane but she'll return here next month to pick up passengers for her first Australian cruise. Next - how the expected interest rate rise will affect the federal election. Also - relief for the families taking desperate measures to buy a block of land. And the new generation of TV sets that are paper thin.

succulent chicken tenders in a Smokey Chilli marinade, So for a hot, new flavour sensation, it's gotta be red.

Tonight's major stories - more than 500,00 people now living in makeshift cities after fleeing California's firestorms.

The huge blazes have killed five people while destroying over 1,400 homes and businesses. A heartbreaking journey

for the father of murdered toddler Dean Shillingsworth. Paul Shillingsworth today visited the pond where the boy's body was found in a suitcase. Dean's funeral is expected to take place next Thursday. And higher than expected inflation figures released today make an interest rate rise likely before the federal election.

The Reserve Bank has already warned it will not hesitate to lift rates during the election campaign if the economy needs it. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno joins us now from Canberra. Paul, it will be unprecedented if rates rise as now expected during this campaign. Just how damaging is this inflation figure for John Howard?

Well, I've got to say, Deb, there's

a paradox here. The headline figure

is the best or lowest rate in eight

years. But economists tell us the

Reserve Bank will look at three

measures of underlying inflation -

makes you wonder why they published

the headline rate. We know from a

Reuters poll-trend analysis that

some pick-up the Government was

getting out of its May budget

ground to a screeching halt in

August when the bank last raised

rates. I suspect, in fact, you

could put your money on it, that if

rates go up, it would be the last

nail in the coughen for the

Government. It's not necessarily a

free kick for Labor, though. This

could also prove problematic for

Kevin Rudd. One senior economist I

spoke to today said feeding into the

the concerns of the Reserve the concerns of the Reserve Bank

would be the billions of dollars

both major parties are promising

to pump into an already-overheating economy. But I think the economy. But I think the problem for Kevin Rudd, indeed for John

Howard, if either of them,

depending on who wins the election,

will come after the election,

because the market is also

predicting further rate rises into next year. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno in Canberra.

After months of anguish and tense wrangling over Peter Brock's will, the Supreme Court has ruled against his partner Julie Bamford. The judge's reasons were handed down just minutes ago, the motor racing legend's ex-wife, Bev Brock, in court to hear the ruling.

A signed 2003 will leaving his substantial estate to his three children with Bev was upheld. A later unsigned document leaving the bulk of his estate to Julie Bamford was ruled invalid. Peter Brock died in a rally accident in WA in September last year. Some relief tonight for the young families going to extraordinary lengths to try to secure their dream properties. Several campers had pitched tents on

to stake a claim on the plots up for sale next month. But the prospective buyers now won't have to spend the next three weeks braving the elements the land developers today issuing a priority numbering system without missing out. meaning they can go home There's a revolution going on with TVs. Manufacturers are shedding kilos to make screens as thin as paper.

Remember that old saying, "you can never be too thin". That's the operative word amongst Japanese electronics makers who are tinkering with the dream TV. You won't see these models in the stores for months, or even years, get a load of your future tube. but couch potatoes Right now Japan's big electronics companies are locked in a battle of the bulge.

They're trying to create screens so thin they're literally just a fraction of an inch thick. Thin used to mean monitors 4 inches thick. Well, 4 inches is the new fat. This baby is just 7/10ths of an inch, slimmed down with its signal delivered wirelessly and invisibly from the floor, TVs are aspiring to become, yes, art. If it's thin enough

you can actually store it like automatically into a console. So how low can they go? Right now the world's skinniest TV is this one, just a hair over a 10th of an inch thick.

Our dream is to make this like thin paper. In other words, goodbye bulky TV sets, hello wallpaper.

'70s singing star Marie Osmond has added drama to the US version of 'Dancing With the Stars'.

After kicking off the show with a lively samba, she abruptly fainted, dropping like a sack of potatoes through the arms of her dance partner. Welcome back to the show. Just so you know, Marie is fine. You are about to see her backstage as she awaits her scores. Like a true professional, a woozy looking Osmond picked herself up and went on with the show.

And speaking of being professional

and perhaps a little woozy, Tim

Bailey, we've warned you about

drinking on the job, you know!

Welcome to Oktoberfest, folks. Australia

Australia will fly a huge flag this

year - the biggest Oktoberfest

celebrations outside of the Munich

beer hall will be held at the beer hall will be held at the

entertainment quarter at Fox Studios.

Studios. Details at 5:55. This is

what it will look and feel like! You

You get the idea! You get the idea!

What have we got weatherwise for

you? Is it going to or is it not

going to rain? Looks like maybe

15-30mm near the Ranges. Will it

get into the Sydney basin? Doesn't

look like it will - maybe a

centimetre or two. Tomorrow at your

place - 21 degrees, showers, maybe a possible thunderstorm, and a

chilly one. The map of NSW:

One of these people was born in

Tasmania. The other two weren't.

Have a guess! That's a little like

yeah. the Benny Hill show! Did, really,

Sport now with Tim Webster - gets a controversial new coach. and Sydney FC is to serve out a pre-existing ban Yes, one of his first duties after that - more shortly. but John Kosmina is aiming high Alan Jones coach the Wallabies again? And back to the future - could

as the Sri Lankan cricketers arrive Also - tight security with Muttiah Muralitharan

Test bowling record. looking to break Shane Warne's

kind of a person though... Not really a gym

Fernwood clubs now offer that don't lock you in. flexible memberships

John Kosmina believes Newly appointed Sydney FC coach

his team can still win this year's former Adelaide coach The controversial

still to be served has four weeks of a suspension from the grandstand and will start his new job

against the Mariners on Sunday.

will be Sydney FC's fourth coach John Kosmina in just over two seasons, hasn't bothered the 51-year-old. but the lack of job security

Look, if I'm succsesful in 10 years time. hopefully I'll be here If I'm not then I won't be. In Kosmina's two years at Adelaide he took them to the minor premiership and last year's grand final, but he also has had a host of run-ins

with opposition players, coaches and officialdom. He has four weeks still to serve of a suspension for abusing referee Matthew Breeze. Those coaches who run around madly on the sidelines are a hinderence to good performance. I'm quite pleased that John will have an opportunity to sit up there and observe what goes on. I think it's a good thing. Chairman Andrew Kemeny and Kosmina are resuming a partnership which began in the old NSL

Part of my responsibility as a coach is to stabilise the playing side of the ship, and we'll work it from there. for half a season, John Aloisi, The man Sydney said was too expensive for the first time trained with the Mariners at the Sydney Football Stadium. ahead of Sunday's clash I won't have Match fitness, of course, for three months - because I haven't played

in the Asian Cup - my last game was against Japan but that will come. And at Telstra Stadium, and FFA boss Ben Buckley LA Galaxy official Tom Payne inspected the playing surface against Sydney, ahead the November 27 match play in Australia for the first time. which will see David Beckham have been sold for the match More than 70,000 tickets going on sale tomorrow. with the final 3,000 Neil Cordy, Ten News.

A shock development early World Cup exit, in the fallout from the Wallabies' making a radical push the Queensland Rugby Union

to be recalled as coach. for Alan Jones despite 20 years out of the top job. Jones says he's up to the task Alan Jones says he'll take the Wallabies job, but only if the ARU opens the door. If it was the view of those people running the game that I could make a contribution to the game was the future of the game, in what they believe

to say the least, I'd find it unusual, but one thing's for sure - to have someone like Alan Jones it would be very interesting

back in the fold. than the leading candidates One man claims Jones is simply better and Kiwi Robbie Deans. David Nucifora, Ewen McKenzie radically different Does anyone of them doing anything

is an absolutely winning formula? that's revolutionised the game and

No, and that's what this thought is about. completely different. Another possible contender - South Africa's Jake White. I would like to think that a country that rates itself highly, that we would have the resources here and I just would like to see an Australian person doing the job. If that man is Jones he'd start by culling the 17-man coaching staff. If ever I was to coach Australia again

we'd be opening Centrelink straight away and we'd be sending a few people down to Centrelink. You simply don't need all these people. And he'd promote running rugby. Poor Larkham - I mean it's a wonder Steven Larkham's alive. For years the poor bloke's been running into forwards. to improve rugby - Or there's another way combine it with rugby league. and pick the best of both codes If you put the two games together what a magnificent game it would be. let's think big and differently. I think go hard -

Adam Hawse, Ten News. of the summer, Sri Lanka, Australia's first opponents to play some aggressive cricket. have arrived in Australia vowing for a few hecklers in the crowd They're also braced to behave like idiots against their key man, Murali. Extra security touched down, as super spinner Muttiah Muralitharan the Sri Lankans expecting he'll be hearing heaps

come the first Test. from the Aussie fans in every crowd, isn't there, There's always idiots

you're going to stop that 100%. so I don't know if

to the same on-field tactics Though they say they won't resort recently employed by India. We will be aggressive, that we'll lose our concentration but not to the extent with silly incidents. and get involved Australia skipper Ricky Ponting says towards the tourists. the crowd needs to maintain respect

when we go overseas - We don't mind a bit of heckling I think you actually expect that - like it did in the series just gone, but when it gets out of control, the home team that's playing there. it becomes embarassing for pass Shane Warne's all-time record. Muralitharan needs nine wickets to is key to Australia's success. Ponting says stopping him NSW's Stuart MacGill He also nominated for the retired Warne. as the obvious replacement

198 Test wickets now I think he's sitting on

as anyone in the history of the game and he's got them, I think, as quick so if Warne hadn't been around a lot of wickets. he would have taken is backing another Blue, Phil Jaques, Retired opener Justin Langer at the top of the order... to take his spot He's replaced me before, at the moment. which probably gives him an edge at what he's done, If you have a look

he's a run-making machine. both in Australia and in England,

..though he still needs to perform in the next two weeks. to be honest. I think it's still up for grabs, and say this is your team, at this stage. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Queensland's openers have struggled in their rain-interrupted Ford Ranger Cup match

against NSW at the SCG. After winning the toss, to bat and he looked promising Bulls skipper Jimmy Maher elected until Doug Bollinger struck. it was a good start for the Bulls, COMMENTATOR: And just when we said

Jimmy Maher will go. Clinton Perren managing 4 Maher gone for 13, off a Mark Cameron delivery. before being caught behind added even less to the tally, Craig Phillips

sent packing for just 3. Rain has again stopped play. Queensland are 3/63.

Queensland are 3/122. That's all for now.

Later in Sports Tonight - the Sydney Kings against the Adelaide 36ers in the NBL. And triathlon in the Solomon Islands where avoiding crocodiles is one of the disciplines.

Which you would learn fairly

quickly, I would think. Make it a slight challenge! Thank you, Tim. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weather details are next.

The heart of Oktoberfest is next.

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Time for all the weather details

now. At least I think we'll squeeze

in some weather! Tim Bailey having

a whale of a time at a beer hall. I

bet the first time that's ever

happened! For a very, very good

cause. Hello, everybody! (All)

Hello, Tim! This is a preview to

Oktoberfest. Next Thursday at the

entertainment quarter, we are geing

to try and raise $300,000 for

CareFlight. There's the little

CareFlight bear. If you would like

to get along to the biggest

augt-fest celebration outside of

the famous Munich beer hall -

CareFlight will benefit $300,000 -

it will be a good night out too. It

will sound a bit like that!

It's going to look a bit like that! And this!

And, if I could - just quake

quickly - something a bit special

happening on the television here.

Ryan Heart is carrying 16 steins of

beer. And that is an equal world

record attempt. 16! Wow-ee! So much

beer, so little time! Put them down, big Ronnie. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

Righto. Ladies and gentlemen, I've got

got something to tell you. Ryan Heart

Heart is probably Australia's

best-known German. But tomorrow,

he's becoming an Australian citizen.

citizen. So can we give him an Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Kana Oyama?

Welcome. Long overdue, my Welcome. Long overdue, my friend.

Whatever you do, get out to the

Oktoberfest celebrations out at the

entertainment quarter, Fox Studios.

It will be a big one. $300,000 for

CareFlight. He'll break the world

record - 20 steins here at the

allowen brow on November 20. We

want the rain, weatherwise. They're

saying 15-30mm worthf will we get a handful of handful of centimetres in handful of centimetres in Sydney

tomorrow? We don't think so. A cold

day with south-east winds. Not penetrating rain, unfortunately.

The odd thunderstorm about too. Around about 21 degrees.

Thick cloud in a broad trough is

causing patchy rain and

thunderstorms to increase in

western Queensland and northern NSW.

Tomorrow's weather map - a

slow-moving trough will take a

widespread shower band and

thunderstorm band further east in

NSW and Queensland. Heavy falls are possible

possible in eastern NSW. We want

every possible drop we can get.

Showers and storms across NSW,

mainly near the Ranges, where

15-30mm is possible. Showers and storms across Queensland, eastern

Victoria, a few storms in Victoria, a few storms in north-west tropic, and in WA. north-west tropic, and in WA. If

you care about CareFlight, you've

got to come to the Oktoberfest at

Fox Studios. No, I'm working.

Thanks. Nice try. A little bit of mewic please!

mewic please! Oh, dear. You never

get sick of one of these bands. Ah,

yes you do. Knock it off! Knock it

off! Remember, when we rehearsed,

I said that meant stop. You guys

love it. The rest of Australia

probably doesn't. Am I right, folks?Ious, I thought so! I

I get paid for this. Quite incredible, really!

This is where we wave bye-bye, folks.

Hopefully we won't see you again

for a long, long time! Alright,

back to the desk. Thank you, Tim. The price of cherries has skyrocketed, hitting an extraordinary $70 dollars a cherry at the fruit markets today but it was all for a worthy cause. The first box of the season was auctioned off, year's record $55,000 price tag. He's got it for $35,000.

The Moraitis family made the winning bid, the proceeds going to the Variety Club. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. throughout the evening and we'll see you again tomorrow at 5:00pm. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.