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(generated from captions) Good morning and welcome to Good morning and welcome to '9am'

with she and he, she is Kim Watkins.

He is David Reyne. Good morning big

Dave. Good morning little Kim. How

are you. You were out late. Yes, I

went to an interesting talk last

night organised by the kinder. I'm talking about building resilience

in our children. How do we do that.

In lots of different ways. We need

to encourage our children to learn

to cope with failure, and that it's

actually OK, you know, when things

don't go right. That's the cyclical

part of nature and the world. It

was really interesting, actually.

You said earlier that the

psychologist conducting the court

referred to our generation of parents as... Helicopter parents.

They hover in with the children,

drop them off at school, whoosh

around, waiting for a disaster,

rush home and get it, and come back.

Not in my home. If they forget

important to do that, really something, it's up to them. It's

important to do that with kids. My

son - he'll be at school. He's so

vague he'll come home from school

without shoes. He'll step out of

the car without the shoes, I'll go

"Where are the shoes?", he goes

"Oh", what's with that? This

psychologist says in that case,

when kids lose things, shoes,

shirts, jumpers, it's the parents

going through the lost property and

the parents should say "Children,

get in and find your shoes". Your

responsibility. She said

overprotecting parenting. What will

happen with that generation, I

think they'll be the PETA

generation. Dan Matthews has been

bashed abused and chucked in jail

no less than 25 times, but defends

animals, he's the Vice-President

for Peta, people for the ethical

protection of animals. He's created

a campaign I'd Rather Go Naked Than

Wear Fur. We'll find also why sex


Brianna Laugher works for Wicka

peedia. There's some suggestion

that governments and security

agencies modify listings for their

own interest. Brianna will get

behind that this morning. Dr Julie

Summerfield will take a paradox,

introduce it to a dog, with a introduce it to a dog, with a look

at the sex life of pets. And the

fabulous Adam Richard del ves into

the not so private lives of the

move on. rich and famous, so let's get a

This program is LIVE Captioned

That's a worry. What's wrong?

There's a bit of a taste in my

water. You have to worry about that.

I wonder what happened. What have

you got, big Dave. How is this.

This caught my eye in the paper,

the electric can opener is the

worse household gadget invented a

pole says. It's failure to complete

the task in hand is the main reason.

It fails. The high breakdown rate

is a reason it tops the pole with

waffle irons and alarm clocks.

Waffle irons, they are useless. Do

you know what I hate. And omlette

makers. The cling wrap dispenser

never works in the kitchen. I don't

have a cling wrap dispenser. Tear

it off, if you can manage to tear

it off, it all folds up on itself,

it clings to itself, you are

pulling it apart. You need a

hanging line for your cling line,

cling roll stuff. And another thing

- the pepper grinder. The pepper grinder. They never work, do they.

No, they don't. They jam all the

time. Some genius decided to stick

batteries in one and get a torch on

the bottom. What's with that. So

you put it where you want it to be.

And in the garden, I have a leaf

blower, that never starts. All

weekend, it never starts, and

what's with the whipper snipper.

What do you want a leaf blower for.

To keep things tidy. I'd think

you'd be sucking more than blowing,

if you blow it will drift back in

the wind, isn't it. You blow it

downwind into the neighbours area.

And the whipper snipper. I love a

whipper snipper. Effective, but you

trim them, they disappear inside.

There's an issue of ringbarking.

Ever ringbarked a tree with a

whipper snipper, get in close, and

you realise you took the bark off

the bottom of the tree. I don't

ringbark but you have to be careful

of the pet. They want to snap at it.

The most annoying item we have at

our house that be never use is a

milkshake maker. It was my fault I

bought the cheap one that doesn't

work, it doesn't mix. You always

have to go for the expensive one,

the more expensive the better they

are, aren't they? Anyway, mine's

useless. In these times of economic

belt tightening it's appropriate to

use up all of the level overs,

Anthony Telfer will be in to smash

the avoided and dream up ways to

disguise the ingreedents, with an

egg or two, that is raw before

spinning them first. On the papers.

Newspoll puts Labour on track for a

landslide victory. The opposition

is now a staggering 16 points ahead

of the coalition on a two-party

preferred basis, and Kevin Rudd is the preferred Prime Minister

surging ahead of John Howard to a

13 point lead. The poll was taken

after the release of both parties'

tax policies. At this stage it

seems the election is Labour's to

lose at this point. Lutely. Pushing

on, a memorial service held for

Dean Shillingworth, a little boy

whose body was found in a suitcase

in a pond. Authorities have been

slammed for not going enough to protect him.

A grandmother grieving. He was

happy-go-lucky, played on his own,

out the back on his swing set, and

trampoline. Her 2-year-old grandson

Dean shiling worth dead, dumped in

a suitcase in a Sydney pond. His

mother Rachel Phitzner charged with

murder. The grandmother had custody

of the child, after visiting his

mother, he wasn't returned. We

brang him here to go with Rachel

for school holidays, she got him on

the 7th, and never brought him back.

The child's family has been told he

was probably smathered and had

bruises on his arms. The family

claims police and the Department of

community services failed to heed

warnings. They should have done

something there and then. They had

the paperwork there. I think it's

about time that DOCS and the government get their act together.

The families of those who died in

the Garuda plane crash in Indonesia

are demanding the pilot be brought

to justice, following the release

of a scathing report claiming the

captain ignored alarm bells warning

him the plane was coming in too

quickly, and the pilot was singing

as he began his decent.

Indonesianan authorities say no criminal charges will be made. 21

people, including 5 Australians

were killed after it exploded.

Firefighters in southern California

admit to be overwhelmed as

hurricane force winds fan the fires.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Californian

governor declares a state of

emergency as the wildfire threatens

lives and property.

At least 10 homes near Los Angeles

in canyon country went up in flames.

Thousands of others could suffer a

splar fate today as monster wild

fires rage out of control. We've

been evacuating residents in harm's

way, in dangerous heavy winds and

dry conditions making it hard to

get the fires under control.

OnSunday gusts topped 100 miles per

hour, and even higher winds were

forecast for Monday. More than

35,000 acres have already been

scorched and with will about a scorched and with ECO I scorched and with will

dozen fires burning, those figures

are rising by the minute. A

wildfire threatens the enclave for

the rich and famous, about 15,000

have been evacuated. The largest

blaze is in San Diego county, one

person at least was killed and

several firefighters injured. Two

more fires broke out in San Diego county. With many wild fires

burning, resources are spread thin.

On top of that high winds are

expected to continue at least until

Tuesday. In Malibu Jennifer Miller, Ten News.

Cate Blanchett nine years ago had

an Oscar portrayal for a youping

Queen Elizabeth I. She reprised

that in her new film. 'The Golden Age'.

A moment of inmoment threat to

Queen Elizabeth and England, the

wing of fundamentalist Catholicism

blew across England. Cate Blanchett

wasn't convinced revisiting a role

to make her reputation. The first

film didn't lend itself to a sequel.

Wasn't on anyone's mind to revisit

it. It was a matter of finding the

spirit of the first one, which was very risky. It was quite

rock'n'roll, probably the third

film I made. I had nothing to lose

really. But doing it the second

time, you know there's a weight of

expectation. Tell Philip I fare

neither him nor his priest nor his

armies. Cate Blanchett rarely makes

a film these days without the name of Oscar

of Oscar being invoked. Playing the

Queen for the second time is no

exception. It's been panned in the

US. We'll see how it opens in the

United Kingdom. We'll, of course,

have more on those coming up in the

morning news at 11 and a full wrap

at five. Everyone has a defining

moment, for Dan Matthews it came in

the form of a flounder, a bottom

feeder, fed up with being feeder, fed up with being a

feeder, fed up with being a

punching bag for school bullies, he

became a fruit, a raby and a priest

in the name of vulnerable animals

on earth. As a creator for animal

rights, Matthew has been jailed and

committed to a psychiatric ward for

his devotion to the cause. Dan is

in Australia to promote his new back Committed

back Committed and joins us live.

Dan, you've been with the

organisation for 20-odd years. Does

it get any easier to get people to recognise the plight of animals. I

think the reason PETA is a success

is because we try to make the point

that we can live great lives without killing. Although everyone

loves animals, few want to see the

cruelty involved in the meat trade, leather trade,

leather trade, fur trade, labor at

ris. We have these serious

campaigns with Light hearted

strategies, getting people to pose

naked rather than wear fur. Getting

personalityies, like Pink and other

personalities to host the videos,

and keep our fingers on the pulse

of the things that people pay

attention to, knowing that even the

most sensitive people don't want to

see grotesque cruelty, it's our

responsibility to bring them to the

public. We've been able to get fantastic people to front our

campaigns, and have almost 2

million members around the world.

It's a thrill and exciting to write

the book, showing how a serious

issue can be overcome. It's

interesting, instead of the shock

tactics, you leant towards tactics, you leant towards the sex

sells side of things. Oh, yes,

there's no reason that we, just

because we are selling an ethic

rather than a product shouldn't use

tryed and true formulas, which is a

sex of humour and sex. We've done

everything from the naked models

and the drag queens, and it's my

dream to enlist Dame Edna for dream to enlist Dame Edna for Fur

is a Drag. She's not a drag Queen,

what do you mean. She would be the perfect face. On that point, you

know, you discuss this in the book

know, you discuss this in the book

to some length, the Kun un drum to some length, th ECO I um to some length, th ECO I

where you have to take the approach

to get the message across, it's a

serious approach. You talk about an

interesting protest you interesting protest you staged at

Harvard University, and then you

went back to try to prove to do it

in a serious way, it doesn't get

any response, does it. It's true, I

was invited to speak at Harvard

about social change. The professor

asked if I would organise some

event before the class. It was the

dead of winter, we set up a bed

with a sign saying fur out, love in,

we sat in the bed in we sat in the bed in our underwear,

giving out leaflets, and it created

a sensation, we ended up getting

arrested for indecent exposure even

with our underwear on. It was a

case study for the semester, some

criticised us for using frivolity

about a serious issue such as

animal cruelty. We went back the

next time fully dressed with serious posters showing

serious posters showing animals

skinned alive, electrocuted and

drowned for their fur, and nobody

wanted to take a leaflet, it was

too upsetting. You've been arrested

20-odd times, ended up in jail, in

a psychiatric ward. At one point

you were charged as a registered

sex offender. There are great difficulties in your approach,

aren't there, it could be prohib itive.

itive. You know, the registered sex

offender charge was dropped. It was

pointed out by the judge that I had

sponge Bob Square pant boxers on,

they were not lewd. I sewed up the

front so sponge Bob's tongue was

not hanging out. We launched a

campaign against KFC in Paris,

because they boil birds alive in

defeathering tanks. We tried to get

them to upgrate the standards. We

them to upgrate the standards. We

closed the place down, and we were

arrested. Everyone was released but

the police fingered me as the ring

leader and thought it was insane

that an American would run to Paris

to risk arrests on behalf of

chickens, I was chained to a poll,

and had to prove my innocence in

French, it was a real challenge.

When I was chained to the pole I

thought of all the times people

said I was nuts. The doctor came in

and said I was not only sane, but a

good citizen, that's the concluding

chapter in the book. Are you a bit

mad. Yes, anyone that tries to face

down the cruelty and injustice in

the world is a bit bonkers. I try

to overcome that by having a good

attitude. Everything in life can be

boring or fun. When we do serious

campaigns, it's important that they

be fun. It attracts more people

this way. I want to talk to you

about your childhood. It struck all

of us reading the notes, it was so

significant that a child who was

teased and bullied and belittled at

school grew up to become the

protector of those that couldn't

protect themselves. I used to get

beat up all the time for being gay, beat up all the time for being gay,

a punk rocker, I learned at an

early age that the same sort of

thing that drives someone to be

disrespectful and cruel and to

attack someone is similar whether

it's them beating up their wife,

girlfriend, their kids or

girlfriend, their kids or gay...

And to do all these things just for

our pleasures, and for profit. I

thought, you know, this is not part

of a modern civilisation, these

things needed to be stopped. I

decided earlier on to devote myself

to it. I've been with PETA 22 years,

we have members around the world,

we have Imogen Bailey and Sophie

monk from Australia helping us out.

It's great to see people wanting to

defend animals, creating a new era.

You've been clever with the use of

celebrities in your campaigns. Is

it difficult to work with them. Are

they totally reliable. They've they totally reliable. They've been really reliable to us. Some

celebrities might be difficult with

some they work with. When they

volunteer for Peta, they are not

getting a dime, they use their

notoriety to create awareness about

animal rights and they are

appreciative that there's an

organisation that create campaigns

that suit their style, whether it's

Pink or Alec Baldwin, Aleisha

Silverstone. It put us on the map.

People on the news media get sick

of an issue after a certain time,

but never whoever the latest

personality is on the radio or in

the movies, that's where PETA comes

in to make sure we have a fresh

crop of people promoting

vegetarianism or against using

exotic animal skins or fur, things

like that. You bought up Pink's

name, and she was panned and

criticised in Australia when she

came out speaking against mulesing,

because the Australian industry

said they had set plans in face to

phase out the process of mulesing

by 2010, I think it is. When she

came out publicly and spoke and

then retracted some of her

statements saying she should have

done her research further, does

that damage the cause, your

relationship with her. She hosted a

PETA party in LA Saturday. There

was some confusion over that. Pink

never backed down, her video is up,

we needed the video to get out to

her hundreds of thousands of fans

so the industry was under pressure

to make good on their promise to

ban mulsing. I definitely saw an

interview where she said "I should have done have done my research, more

research". Sure, the thing is Peter

Costello threatened her saying she

was out to boycott Australia, she

never was, her boycott was not

about boycotting Australia, but

boycotting mulesing. That has been

a huge, huge help for the campaign.

There was confusion, because they

threatened her, when she was on the

tour. She never backed off. It's

her video that helped push her video that helped push them. We

have reached a settlement with the

industry, they are giving us 6

month progress reports twice a year

to show the alternatives to mulsing,

and we are with Pink to focus

attention on live export and the

cruelty of the animals crammed on

to the ships sent to the Middle

East. Can you explain what mulesing

is. Sure, it's a unique process only done in Australia. only done in Australia. Lambs are

not native to Australia, brought

here a few hundred years ago,

genetically bread to have more skin,

they have so much, they cant crap

properly. Instead of developing a

bare breach breed of sheep as in

New Zealand and other places some

farmers choch off the kin with

gardening shears and a blutedy mess

to combat fly strike. It shows it

does not do that effectively,

there's a lot of farmers refusing

to do it, they look after their

sheep and monitor, and it's a

process that's illegalised in

England and not in use in any of

the other sheep farming countries,

they agreed to phase it out only

after international pressure, after

PETA convinced Abacrombie, Finch,

American Eagle for not buying

mulesing for wool. You go for it,

when you are on the case about

something, I take my hat off to you

for your dedication to the cause,

you don't back down, you never back

down. There's always a kinder way

of doing things, no matter what the

industry says they have to do, they

say it because they want to save

money, PETA points out we are money, PETA points out we are

advanced civilisation, we can

create the products without being

cruel to the animals. Is the

ultimate aim for everyone to be a

vegetarian. Vegan, all the way to

be vegan, I have been for 22 of my

43 years, it's made a huge

difference as far as my health. I

used to be a fatty in school, it

helped me overcome that, and you

just - for so many reasons, for the environment, environment, there's a horrible

drought happening here in Australia. When you consider that 70 per cent

of Australia's water goes to the

meat trade or crops for animals, it

makes you wonder are we doing the

wisest thing by choosing to ate eat

meat. The answer is it's not. Fora

variety of reasons we want people

to consider going vegetarian and even veegan. When will you even veegan. When will you know

your work is done. You've been at

the organisation for 23 years.

Surely you must have had stimulating job offers from all

areas. When do you know that your

work is done there. I'll do this to

the day I drop-dead. My degree is

in history. I studied philosophers, they had commonsense animal they had commonsense animal rights

arguments. Now it's a special time,

society as a whole, as a mainstream

is embracing animal rights, moving

things forward, so PETA is there to

act as the Cata lift to get things

going, and spotlight the worst

cruellities around the world

happening to animals in fashion

industries or meat trade, la)or at

ris, and get the show on the road - ris, and get the show on the road -

- laboratories. It will be

something that happens with successive generations, it's aimed

at young people who are developing

lifelong habits and have no problem

to opt for a vegie diet or not wear

leather or fur. It's good to see

you partaking in the vegetarian

restaurants in Australia. It's a

great place to be vegie here. The

book is

book is called Committed, it's a

terrific read. Thank you for your

time, Dan. Thank you. After the

break, Wikipedia manipulation, can

policitians really change the facts?

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facts? Since Wikipedia was launched

in 2001, more than 2 million

articles appeared on line, as well

as others. It's often the first

stop for students, teachers,

policitians, journalists, policitians, journalists, needing

information in a hurry. How

reliable is this online dictionary,

and who is editing the facts and

figures. Wiki editor joips us to

explain the protocols. Joining.

Where did it come from, how did it

start. Wikipedia. It's an

encyclopedia, not a dictionary. It

started in 2001, it was founded by

Jimmy Wales, and Larry Sanger.

Where, in the States. Yes, I think

in the States. It initially started

with a project called new paidia.

That was written by experts. After

some months they had about 10

articles, so they thought this

process was not working, so they

decided to use a Wiki, a web site

that anyone can edit, open to the public,

public, and on 15 January 2001,

they announced it open for anyone,

and by the end of the year they had,

I think, hundreds of articles, many

more than they'd been able to

produce using the expert... Coming from where, people writing their

own, putting them in. People all

around the world, volunteers, like

myself, that are interested in

something, edit, something, edit, and find it

addictive, and keep it up. How do

you know what's written is actually

true? If anyone can go and edit it,

I can say that David won an Oscar.

Yes. I might do to myself. It's a

common problem is how can you tell

if the information there is

reliable, how do you know if it's

trustworthy. There are a few ways, trustworthy. There are a few ways,

and that's part of the reason that

Wiki paidia has a policy of no original research and verifyability, so facts - information should

always be added with sources, so

that indicates where the

information was found. As an

enpsych low paidia, it's a

secondary resource, not a primary

collection of information, only

reporting what other people have

already said. If there's something there that

there that doesn't have a footnote

or a citation, it should be removed

- yeah, it should be removed. Who

removes it then, how do you know

it's on there. If David goes on and

says he won an Oscar for his

fantastic role in 'Gladyators'. Am

I required to put the footnote

"This information came from David Reyne himself?".

Reyne himself?". It's tricky if you

edit your own biography. There's a

lot of people who do what's called

recent changes patrol. They are

checking all the new edits. The fun

police, are they. That's a little

harsh. They are the fact police,

you could say. Fact police, good.

They check theed its that come in,

if they seem unreliable or don't have sources have sources they can change it

back, re vert the edit or add

something to say "This needs more

sourcing, be careful of this

information". Is it the fact that

it's worldwide that keeps it honest.

It's a multilingual project. When

people say Wikipedia, it's the

English, but it is available in

over 250 languages, and there's

over 8 million articles in all

those, it's a worldwide project.

English has the biggest, and as a

common language around the world

has the most focus. Is that what

keeps it honest? Just the vast

majority of people looking at it.

Lots of people are checking each

other's work. That's how it works.

There must be areas whereby you

find you can't get enough

information. How do you encourage

people to supply, perhaps you've

noticed there's not enough on moths,

for instance, how do you encourage

people to post information? Well,

there are several little Wiki

projects that work on particular

areas, they may be Wiki project

moths, and will make up a list

saying we have articles for these

six, but we need some for these 25.

It encourages - it's a good hobby

for anyone that has a narrow

interest and knows a lot about

something very specific. They can

really get into it and share their

knowledge with the whole world.

That's why it's so fascinating, and

people can spend hours on the site

clicking random, and find out all

these things you never had any idea

about. We were having a about. We were having a joke about

Oscars and moths, but there's a

serious side. This can be politically manipulated, can't it?

Yes, there's been a bit in the

metedia recently with a tool called

WikiScanner. That's made it easy to

see edits that have been made by... see edits that have been made by...

The PM's office. Yes, the

Department of Defence. I think

after the ISPs, the after the ISPs, the Department of

Defence was the biggest editing

group in Australia. So, you know,

there's good tax dollars at work,

they are sharing information with

people. Apparently the PMs office people. Apparently the PMs office

edited any reference to the children's overboard and Peter

Costello had a reference to Captain smirk removed. There's two

interesting things about that, interesting things about that, one

is you don't know how long the edit

stayed on the page, and for high

profile pages like Peter Costello, children overboard people would

watch those carefully, I doubt the

edits would stay live for any more

than seconds, I would expect them

to be reverted within the minute. Captain Smirk, is that Captain Smirk, is that essential

information, or do you allow it to

revert back. That is a tough call.

Partly it depends on if there's

reliable sources which there

probably be is in other newspapers

that mention he has this nickname.

So the Wikipedia community uses a

process called consensus to make

decisions about what is appropriate

within a particular article. within a particular article. If

there's maybe two editors on Peter Cottelo page, one things it should

belong, the other doesn't, they may

revert each other and someone will

say after a while go to the talk

page, give your reasons why you

think this should be included and

they have to battle it out on the

talk page. People can give opinions,

it's a majority rules. It's not.

You have to have arguments you can't pile on and

can't pile on and say yes, I want

it it should be included. What are

the most common complaints or

concerns with users of Wikipedia.

The reliability alty one is one

that comes up a lot, that's ap

question of educating people about

the best way to use Wikipedia, each

page has a history tab, and within

that you can see the difference between each revision that's been made, so

made, so if you are looking at a

page, you can look at the history

tab, see what was made in the last

change, was this informs added in

the last change, therefore maybe

you should think twice about

trusting it. Before we go, I have

to ask you - we were fascinated by

your title, computational link wist,

what is that. I work for a machine translation company translation company in Sandringham,

so I basically am programming with

some linguistic knowledge. I'm a

volunteer for the Wiki media

foundation, that's separate. Your

other job helps you understand how

to do the computer stuff. No, no,

no. That's a great question. It's a

little bit - technical, but we really want there

really want there to be a low

technical barrier toentry. If

Wikipedia is supposed to reflect

the sum of all human knowledge,

then we need input from all humans,

not just the technically illiterate.

It needs to be dumbed down for

David and me. Wikipedia has great

coverage of technical things, geeky

things, but we need things, but we need coverage about

things about farming, parenting,

all types of topics. It's a

constantly evolving thing. Yes. An

indication of the here and now.

Lovely to talk to you. As defined

that features by Wikipedia, frittata is an om let

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Telford is next. The simple things

in life are the best. Anthony

Telford is the master of simple.

He's here with the classic

He's here with the classic Italian

omlette. Good morning. It's handy

to know how to make these things. A

frittata. Frittata, omlette. It's a

baked omlette, I guess, in a way.

It's a baseless quiche, if you want.

It's not all done in the pan or on

the cook top. Not necessarily. It

starts on the cook top and finishes

frittata is one I in the - under the grill. This

frittata is one I do on the LG

roadshow, we are in Adelaide for a

couple of weeks to finish up the

year. What is that, you go out with

the LG equipment, like we have here,

and you explain how to use it. No,

I do a fun cooking demo, like -

because it's part of Ready Steady

Cook. We have three minutes to make

or bake three dishes,

or bake three dishes, we know what

we are doing. That goes well. This

is a beautiful wine. There's been

frustration with the beeping coming

out... It's driving us mad. It

tells you that it... The beeping is

talking to you saying "Where is my

cheers, pan?". It's simple, you stand it on,

cheers, we have one over here, you

turn it up to whatever temperature,

I'll turn it on to nine, full bore.

It will only work, you have that on

nine, I can put my hand on it.

That's full bore, I can put my hand

on it. You put that on it and it

gets hot. It needs a particular pan.

It's based on

It's based on the cores, electrical

magnetic pan. The Cook top is the

pan, not here. If you put a piece

of China on it, it wouldn't work, of China on it, it wouldn't work,

because it's not metallic. No. It

doesn't induct. Cast iron, so if

you buy expensive pans, they'll

work on here, not a problem. It has

other things, a child lock. With - when there's

when there's nothing on here, kids

can play a piano, turn it on, and

nothing will happen. It's a great

safety device to have in the

kitchen. I worry, I love cooking

with gas, I worry about little

fingers, and the woof of the gas.

It's faster, as reacttive as gas,

number one they say. The lowest point or

number one is lower than gas will

ever go, and number 9 is higher,

hotter than gas will get. It's

reacttive. In a minute it comes to

the boil. It has a pause button, if

you cook on all four elements,

rather than turn off, you pause it,

the P comes up, everything symptoms,

you come back, press the pause

button, I had my hand

button, I had my hand on that.

That's coming to the boil. It's not

right on the element. Where it's -

it will only boil where it's on the

element. I can have my hand on here,

it's coal. That is amazing, I'm

really into this. Every time we had

a fabulous international chef, they

all remark on how good this in. The

reason we harp on about it is because someone has won one.

because someone has won one. We

have a give away, if you are a

regular watchers of the show, we

had an ongoing competition to win

an LG kitchen, today is the day.

The major prize winner is Christine

Coglan from Carina Heights in

Queensland. You'll be happy. I

think the total prize value is $12,000. Not bad.

$12,000. Not bad. It's outstanding,

I think you'll be happy. Let us

know how you go with it. Let's know how you go wi T = % t's know how you go with it. Let's make

a frittata, traditionally, you make

things cook it in the pan, add the

eggs, cook it slowly on the stove

top and finish it under the grill.

I'll show you something different.

As you know, I've bred seven p

children. On the premise I'd have

someone doing dishes, it didn't

work. Are they

work. Are they all lazy. We have a

dishwasher and they can't pack it.

My 3-year-old can pack a dishwasher.

They can do it, they choose not to

do it. You've seen me do this

before. This is a kratouche. A

square of paper folded into a

triangle, and folded into a perfect point.

point. I need a lip on here. I'll

bake it in the pan still, cut that

off, open it up for my perfect

circle which will fit into my pan.

Frittata is a great way to use up

leftovers. For example, one method

for getting leftovers is this

Saturday you boast your barbecue,

you drank so much, you

you drank so much, you forgot to

eat and you have a lot of left over

food. I am not suggesting you have

to be drunk. That sometimes happens.

That you forget to eat because....

Kidding. It happens in ours, I

barbecue a happy, I like it cold. I

have a paranoia about not having

enough, I'd rather have more. Here

is what you do

is what you do with it. The whole

idea is that's one way to get

leftovers, forget to eat. You the

other is you cook a roast, have a

lot of left over vegetables and

make a frittata the next day. You

can go to the deli and pick up

roast vegetables done. I have roast

vegetables, cheese, a good rule of

thumb for anybody making it at home,

for every egg that goes into it, a

quarter cup of ingredients. I have

eight cups, and eight beaten eggs

in there. Eight quarter cups. Sorry,

very good. I do listen. I mix this

around, it's even all the way over,

around. You are clever, look at

that. I will bake this for about 15

minutes until it is just set in

minutes until it is just set in the

oven. I am not cooking this on the

stove. At all. I'll bake it in the

oven. OK. Whip it out. There was

beaten eggs, nothing else. Just

beaten eggs. Because I'm a bright

spark, I'm clever at this, I love

live TV. What I have done is this

one is not quite set. You have

buggered it up. No, I wanted to

show you one overcooked and what

happens, but I got my timing out.

This hasn't quite set. You want it

to just set. 10-15, I mean don't

get excited and think it needs more.

It is a custard essentially, and

you want it to set. Basically if it

doesn't, what happens to your

frittata is it goes like that, gets

spongey, the egg sponges out,

spongey, the egg sponges out, it

overcooks the egg and the delicate

proteins dry out and have you a

spongey grit arta. Are you saying

you want it runny. No I want it to

just set. We'll have a go of your

spongey frittata. That's a great

idea, go to the market and pick

them up. That way half the job is

done. If you have left over

sausages or steak, heat them up in

the microwave, take the chill out

of them, mix with other ingredients,

your egg, away you go. It's really,

really tasty. It is quite delicious.

Well done. If you would like the

recipe you can download from the

web site. What are you on to

tomorrow. I am not here, you have a

guest chef in. I don't know who, I

am not going to tell you. Back

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We'll bring you the latest news

headlines shortly, after the break

Dr Julie Summerfield deals with the

pets. Rampaging hormones and lust of your

# Cool for cats # It's springtime,

and as the mercury approaches the

mid 20s, conditions are right for

animal breeding. The tap on the

shoulder goes out to canines and

feel ins around the country. Dr

Julie Summerfield joins us to tell

us about the birds and the bees,

and the dogs and the cats. Aren't

these lovely. Can I ask you a

question? Silly really, because

that's my job. Why do people why

would people want to breed if they are not doing it professionally,

have their pets breed, I mean? Some

of the common reasons people give

is that they want their children to

experience a litter, or

experience a litter, or they want

their pet, they feel their pet

should experience having babies. I

tend to think unless you are

serious about breeding, very

committed to, you know, the

possibility of a financial and time

cost there's so many unwanted

animals that need homes, that you

really shouldn't be breeding your

animals. These little guys are from the RSPCA, they

the RSPCA, they need homes, and

they are breeding earlier this year.

That's a big issue, and desexing is

a big thing to think about.

Whelping is a big process. I've

watched puppies born, it is an

amazing thing to experience, but

you realise that so much can go

wrong unless you know what you are

doing, so you can help the dog or

cat. Most animals don't need help

cat. Most animals don't need help

giving birth, but with dogs, for

example, because - you want to get

down - because the sizes can be

different, depending on which dogs

mate together. They tend to have

more problems than cats do. If you

are going to breed you need to be

prepared that you might have to

spend $1,000 or more if they need a

caesarean, for example, but often there's no problems

there's no problems at all. Do

intervention in doing the business. domestic pets need human

No, you need to give them - often

they'll choose a place, sometimes

in your wardrobe. Great. They'll

find a place somewhere, and really,

unless - I think you should be

watching them. If you know your

pet's pregnant, and you are aware,

pet's pregnant, and you are aware,

you know, you'll see signs,

behavioural changes to suggest that

the birth is imminent, so it's a

lot of guesswork too. The dogs and

cats, the gestation period is nine

weeks. You don't know when they've

mate unless you are a breeder. It's

guesswork, you'll wake in the

morning sometimes and they might

have given birth, you don't need to

straining and do anything unless the bitch is

straining and clearly having

trouble for more than about an hour,

if the bitch hasn't given birth to

a puppy. It can take over 24 hours,

you can have up to 10 in a litter.

Really you don't need to do

anything. They are capable. What

about the act itself of procreating.

Coppulateing. You see two dogs sort of back

of back on and stuck together and

howling and screeching and randy as

all hell. Should you worry about

that, or should you throw a bucket

of water on them. People try that,

usually it's too late, the deed has

been done. By the tame they are in

that situation, that's the paradox

of flexible rigidity. The dog

mounts the female, but then

mounts the female, but then turns

around and the base of the penis,

to get technical, swells up in order to lock it in, so order to lock it ECO I

order to lock it in, so she can't

get away. These animals are driven

instinctively to reproduce. We

think they are cute and cuddly, but

they are out in the breeding season, when they are hormoneial receptive, that's what they want to do. You

can damage them if you try to pull

can damage them if you try to pull

them apart. Once they are in that

position, that's a bit of bad luck.

genetically deaf, aren't they. With these kit eps, they are

White cats are often deaf, not

always. These kittens have to live

inside. Other than that they are

normal kit eps, harder to wake up

in the morning. Yeah, they can't

live outside, it's too dangerous.

breeding season, If you have pets and it's the

breeding season, and you don't want

them to breed, should you desex

them. Yes, I think everyone should

desex their animals. They are

sexually mature from about four to

five months. We say six months, but

sometimes earlier. You might notice

your male cat starting to spray

urine. Female cats, there's no -

what there's no guessing when they are

what we call on call. They Howell

and prowl. Make it very obvious

what they want, and that goes for

two to three weeks at a time. They

don't stop doing that the whole breeding season until they are mate.

For female, for bitches, dogs, it

can actually make a mess, too.

can actually make a mess, too. Yes. Bitches have a discharge early on

in their heat. They have two heats

a year, where they are receptive.

They don't have sex for the sake of

it, they are receptive. If they are

not they'll turn around and attack

the male. They only have sex when

they are ready. It's like human

life, really. Cats are different to

dogs, in that it's

dogs, in that it's very quick and

quite an aggressive process, that

the male has a barbed penis, and...

Good on him. He grabs hold of the

neck with his jaws, and runs off

straight afterwards, because she

turns around and attacks him. It's

important for people to consider important for people to consider that they should desex their

animals. If they are going to breed

they need to be committed

they need to be committed to it.

It's interesting to know how they

behave. If you are a breeder then,

and you have your prized dog and

you discover that it's somehow mate

with some manningy old mutt, is

there some kind of - what's the

word, morning after pill. You can

use a high-level of hormones, and

there are injections that you

there are injections that you can

give. It doesn't come without risks

and it's not 100 per cent, so

really what you have to do is if

your bitch or queen is in heat, you

have to keep them separate. They'll

come from miles. The males smell

the pheromones and they'll do

anything, scale fences. You need to

desex them. You don't have to wait

for them to come on heat

for them to come on heat to desex

them. It's better to desex them

before that. If you desex them if

they are starting to come into heat

or they are pregnant, it is a much

riskier procedure, the organs are

more vascular. It's simply and risk

free to do it early. It involves

removing the uterus and the

Ougharies. That's right in the girls,

girls, in the boys it's a simple

procedure, you are taking the

testicle out. You lop them off, they don't notice the difference.

Spoken like a real woman. What do

you call it when the dogs back on.

Paradox of flexible rigidity or the

tie. There you go, dinner party

conversation if nothing else. Sounds like an

Sounds like an exercise to me. I

think the catles are settled. Don't

you like how they reappear. Very

sweet. I think it's important to

know that these guys need homes and

loads of them do. Don't breed

unless you really are committed. If

you want something like this,

contact the RSPCA. Thank you.

Plenty more of 9am after this.

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News time now, for the latest we

are joined by Max Futcher

are joined by Max Futcher from the

10s news centre. Good morning.

We'll take you to the latest news

poll, Labour extending lis

election-winning lead to 16. Kevin

Rudd is standing as the favoured PM

has firmed to 50 per cent. The

Opposition Leader insists the

election will go down to the wire.

Governor swarlgtser neger declares

a state of

a state of emergency in Malibu,

he's deployed 1,500 troops in the

National Guard to help in the

effort. One life is lost, 250,000

evacuated and 100 homes destroyed.

Don't believe the myth, smoking

does not make you thin. It increases fat around vital organs,

David and Kim, the only thing lost

is muscle mass and years off your

life. There you go.

life. There you go. And stinky

breath. Yes, stinky breath as well.

The myth is prevalent with young

women, a hang over from the old

stereotype of supermodels with a

diet of cigarettes, coffee and Tich

tacks. I've heard it's an appetite

suppressant. It's not true,

according to the study. This time of year

of year we see the bushfire

pictures, and we'll see them in

Australia as well. The Santa Anna

winds come roaring through, 100km/h,

is that right. I've been speaking to Nicole Strahan, our

correspondent, every time she is

does a cross, there'll be another

at 11 am. You see the winds howling,

the poor girl, with her hair blown

everywhere, she says it's

everywhere, she says it's like a

hair dryer. We'll see you at 11:00.

Raymond Carver wrote of the Santa

Anna winds, it makes housewives

reach for the sharp knife in the

kitchen drawer and study their

husband's necks. It makes you crazy.

I understand what you mean. They

are wild, those storms, absolutely

wild. What have you got

wild. What have you got for us, big

Dave. Let me see. I have a ripper.

I don't know who this is from.

"After hearing your opening banter

and much deliberation, I have to

say the worst invention was the carpet sweeper", we were talking

about those things you buy, that

you have at home that don't work.

Total waste of time. Do not work.

They are an absolute waste of time. Joanne

Joanne says "Can I suggest you have

a Tupperware party. Our can opener

works every single time, our pepper

grinder never slips and we don't

need to use cling wrap. We can make

your lives easier", when did this

become a plug for them. Just then,

when you chose to read it. I've never been to a Tupperware party.

I've been to others. There's

I've been to others. There's

something about tuper wares that

appeals to my nature, little neat

boxes, stacked on top, keeping

things clean and fresh, lovely.

Kerry writes "You can purchase a

simple gadget attaching to the

cardboard container of the cling

wrap that has a metal slide. I paid under 10 at Woolworths.

under 10 at Woolworths. Robin says

"I discovered a product called

wrapmaster available at Howard

Storage that makes sandwich left

over wrapping a dream, the best $40

you'll spend with a razor sharp

blade hidden inside." You can't cut

your finger on it. $40. As opposed

to the $10. The $40 will be better, you

you have to pay more to get the

better one. Robin writes "Big Dave

and gorgeous Kim. I have no doubt

Kim uses a fair bit of cling wrap,

since Dave mentioned the dilemma,

she filled us in". Kind of her.

Competition time now, we are

pleased to announce the winner of

pleased to announce the winner of

the Georgia rule. These people have

won a mother daughter weekend

spending up with Westfield shopping

voucher and reconnecting with the

$500 DVD pack. Including soppy

girlie flicks. Congratulations to

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We've used it on the studio floor, it's cordless, it's electric. Have a look at this. I'm going to put it through its paces. Just using the humble light bulb, watch this. Putting the light bulb onto the carpet. I'm going to crush it with my manly foot there. Pushing it into the carpet there. Normally for a job like that you'd use a vacuum cleaner. I'll just pick up the base.

And you're going to do it with the Swivel Sweeper.

Watch this. It's cordless and it's electric. It's got a 360 degree action that lets you work all around the furniture.

You can use it on all surfaces. So whether it's linoleum, hard wood floors. Quite often today you go from your hard wood floors to your carpet. Have a look at this. Would you normally use a vacuum cleaner for this job? Definitely. But this is getting it all up! Tell me that you think that's fantastic.

I think it IS fantastic.

What's the ultimate test for this, Maree-Anne?

I think I should run my hand over the top. Are you ready? Do you trust me? Have a look at this. That's just to show you that the Swivel Sweeper really does do an amazing job. And it does all those jobs that you would normally use your vacuum cleaner around the house. Gimme five! And if you buy one you get another one absolutely free today? Two for the price of one.

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quick and powerful picker-upper. It goes where other sweepers can't

because it uses a slider system instead of wheels. It's got brushes on all four sides so it easily glides over all surfaces.

And picks up in any direction without changing settings. The cordless, electric Swivel Sweeper is perfect for quick clean-ups on carpets or rugs. And it also gets into the grout. And it easily sweeps up messes on all sorts of tile.

And it glides over wood floors without damaging the surface. The 360 degree swivel head allows it to seek out dirt as it easily goes around and underneath furniture without moving it. You can use the Swivel Sweeper around the house. Buy one right now, get a second one free. Reward yourself with the gift of time

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It sounds like a great deal.

I could have one upstairs and you could have one downstairs. Give one away as a