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(generated from captions) of fives! Yeah! Oh, sure, the old theory Yeah, Pythagoras' theory of fives! That old one.

Let's hope it works out! Come on, Meg, show me 5 bucks. Yeah! (Laughs) Nicely done! Look at this, girls. into $9,750. You've managed to turn $10 with this one, don't you? I'd say you got away Let's see the money. I think we did get away with it. Nicely played, Tara. The lovely Emma Gurney with $4,750. And well done, Meg. Great stuff! gonna get these ones I don't know how you're undetected, through the X-ray machines something to think about, I guess. but, oh, well, from New York, won't you? Send us a postcard Thanks for being with us. off the hook at the last minute. Nice to see someone getting See you next time on the Deal. That's what teamwork's all about. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by Tonight - his daughter unassisted the father who delivered in a Sydney hospital foyer. it's a case of being filthy. It's not a case of being upset, accused of risking Sydney lives. Four-wheel drive hoons CityRail what it's doing wrong. A $10 million bill to tell Ben Cousins a drugs wake-up call. And sporting bosses warned to make

A furious Sydney father has told Good evening.

give birth to their daughter of being forced to help his wife in a hospital foyer from medical staff. without assistance Mark Lambert says at Liverpool Hospital he's shocked by their treatment with Premier Morris Iemma. and the buck stops You'd expect Mark Lambert of his second child to be celebrating the birth but he's not happy. It's not a case of being angry. It's not a case of being upset. It's a case of being filthy. He's filthy because on Sunday night their baby daughter he had to help his wife deliver of Liverpool Hospital - in the reception from the maternity ward. just 67 steps

it was instinct. I did the whole lot - Help who you love. Get down and do the best you can. That's all you can do. were on hand to help He says security guards but a doctor didn't turn up

for 25 minutes. And when the doctor did turn up string to tie the umbilical cord up he literally grabbed a balloon it snapped twice. in a week And so, for the second time

was in damage control - Liverpool Hospital for the birth. insisting an intern doctor was there

The emergency call was made at the hospital within minutes of their arrival two minutes later. and the doctor was present

A 15-year-old boy had to wait for treatment. And at the Royal North Shore reeeling from crisis - another hospital

a surgeon says six days for a spinal operation an assault victim had to wait because of a lack of staff and intensive care beds. When I started at RNS in 1983 care beds than we did then. I think we now have fewer intensive tearing up bush fire trails Four-wheel drive owners in Sydney's south-west of $200,000. have been threatened with fines of putting lives at risk. Fire chiefs accuse them their destruction on the Internet. The hoons have even posted video of was never meant to be like this. Bush bashing and native vegetation Destroying important fire trails

south-west of Sydney - for all to see on YouTube. It is a widespread problem. It's not confined to one area. to remote bushfires. These trails allow vehicle access into four-wheel drive supercourses But they're being turned making them virtually unusable. lives in bushland Wollondilly councillor Norman Jew just outside Appin. to even walk down here. It's difficult full of water or without water There's no way that a tanker, or down there. is ever going to climb up Local firefighters know some of these trouble spots are. where at least don't. But those from outside the area in these parts And when fighting a major bushfire that can prove fatal. where they are un-trafficable If they are damaged to the point then lives may well be put at risk.

spends $6 million The Rural Fire Service across the State every year. upgrading 10,000km of fire trails and in good condition now We need them to be ready tomorrow. because we may have a fire there of four-wheel drive enthusiasts The RFS says the vast majority do the right thing trails face massive fines. but hoons caught using these fire of $1,500 to in excess of $220,000. From somewhere in the order vehicles entering bushland Anyone who sees immediately. are asked to call police are dangerous - These fires, when they happen, very dangerous. They can't be predicted. a safe route out. People have got to have a paint shop manager in turpentine Armed robbers have doused during a hold-up at Sydenham. the flammable liquid this morning, Hugo Fernandez was soaked in

blind-folded, what he thought was a bomb. and ordered to hold It was actually a box of nails. money bag all the way over his head On a stool,

and just in a real panicky state saying

he can't move, he can't move. as a precaution. Explosives experts were called in hospital Mr Fernandez is being treated for extensive chemical burns. serving in Iraq An Australian soldier has suffered a serious gun-shot wound.

while on routine patrol in Dhi Qar The unidentified man was shot once in the country's south. Fellow soldiers gave first aid to a nearby hospital at Tallil. before he was air-lifted life-threatening. His wound isn't considered an investigation has begun The Defence Department says into who fired the shot. For one military family though the saddest of endings. today brought A funeral was held for Trooper David Pearce killed in action in Afghanistan. BAGPIPES PLAY 'AMAZING GRACE' For those who knew him and loved him the pain is still raw. killed by a roadside bomb Trooper Pearce,

after only one year as a full-time soldier and 18 days in Afghanistan. David was highly regarded by those closest to him who knew that when it counted most, they could depend on Poppy. The military was his passion. Family, his great love - wife Nicole and daughters Stephanie and Hannah. He was a good mate. He was my brother. David loved his family.

He said I am not being sent, I want

to go. I'm doing what I want to do. The family was presented with his slouch hat and Australian flag. BUGLE PLAYS 'LAST POST' At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them. It was a fitting military farewell for the 41-year-old soldier. His family would have their own private time to say goodbye at a service on the Gold Coast later in the day. BUGLE PLAYS 'LAST POST'

Kevin Rudd and John Howard crossed paths for the first time on the campaign trail at Trooper Pearce's funeral. Joining us live from Canberra is our political editor Mark Riley. And Mark it was a sombre start to the day for the leaders. Yes, Ian but the truce was short-lived. The Liberal Party unleashed a new ad campaign attacking Labor's union ties while Kevin Rudd was concentrating on the health of our public hospitals. After a slow start to the campaign Kevin Rudd's searching for the voters' pulse. I can't pick up the beat. LAUGHTER But he's trying to lift the campaign heart beat promising to inject another 9,250 nurses into hospitals with extra university places and $6,000 incentives to lure trained nurses back into the system. This is really important stuff for working families. Any policy that involves training more nurses is a good policy. The announcement was made at Brisbane's Mater Hospital. This, like, I think every hospital I've visited around the country does a fantastic job by this local community. A hospital that's administered by a local board that's very interesting. It's also the Government's plan for all hospitals.

Treasurer Peter Costello left the numbers behind today to do a number on the Labor Party - firing the latest salvo in the campaign ad wars. I now ask that that information campaign be launched.

And the information? AD: Anti-business, union-dominated Labor will be a disaster. Labor's firing back with its own ad. AD: Another scare campaign from Mr Howard always claiming the sky's about to fall in. Can I just say to Mr Rudd - grow up! It's getting dirtier than a game of doctors and nurses. And it's going to get dirtier before this campaign's out. Now, seeing that Labor dropped the only real new policy today I'll give them the day on points, Ian. The State Government is calling in overseas consultants to work out what's wrong with CityRail as part of a $10 million spruce up. But passengers we talked to, say the problems should be obvious after 12 years in power. The Premier snuck up on rail passengers this morning. Oh, sorry. No, no.

How are you, sir? A single to Central, thanks. Catching the train to work

and finding his spot in the daily squeeze. Peak hour is very crowded. And passengers disrupted by track work. But in peak hour you had to catch a bus. He was on his way to announce a plan to make Sydney trains more customer friendly. It's not a review and it's not a survey. It's about making changes that will make a real difference. But first the Government's turning to a global consulting firm for advice. They will come in with fresh eyes. In case the Government has missed something. If Morris Iemma and John Watkins don't already know what's wrong with the rail network they will never know. Commuters say it's obvious. Absolutely absurd. They'll get the answers straight away from everyone that commutes every day. How about me? You'd fix up the trains? I sure would, and the hospitals, and everything else, mate. To begin with the Government's promising better on-time running on key Sydney lines, cleaner stations and trains and no longer than five minutes spent waiting in ticket queues. There's still no sign of integrated ticketing for public transport. But for now. the Premier wants to make trains a happier experience. The most important person in the railway is the passenger. And if you'd like to tell the government what you think of CityRail head to our website and click on the 'story' link. We'll happily pass on your comments. Anti-drug campaigners say the Ben Cousins arrest is a wake-up call to sporting bosses to do something about the scourge of so-called party drugs. The troubled West Coast star will face court tomorrow with his career in the balance. To many in Perth, he's the untouchable but this time, Ben Cousins may have pushed the limit. CAMERAS SNAP Charged with possessing drugs and refusing to give blood and saliva samples Cousins will face court tomorrow. He's let down his parents, friends and fans, once again. It's a very sad set of events that this extremely talented young sportsman has got himself into such a mess. Cousins' 28-day stint in drug rehab earlier this year appears to have done little. His bold tattoo reads "Such is life". But many say the party life has to end. This bloke was in disgrace yesterday. Dragged off by the police, no shirt on unsteady on his feet,

looking confused. The AFL is refusing to comment. Chief executive Andrew Demetriou is overseas and he wants to speak to West Coast Eagles staff before opening his mouth. The Government says the AFL must take a strong stance and change its 'three-strikes and you're out' drug policy. It is not tenable for any national sporting organisation to be dragging the chain in relation to drugs in sport. And the bigger picture - the example it sets to youngsters. De-glamorise it. I mean, for heavens sake don't call them party drugs or recreational drugs - they are evil. Ahead in Seven News - how sugar can relieve pain in babies. Also, a TV host's on-air breakdown over a lost family dog. And I feel totally responsible for it and I'm so sorry. And Kylie Minogue unveils an intimate film

about her cancer comeback. Your feet know where to go. and get 30% off sandals and thongs. Excludes red-hot-price items. Target's Hot Shoe Sale. Starts tomorrow. Today we're talking to ordinary voters about new Uncle Tobys Oat Brits. Excuse me, have you tried these? Uncle Tobys Oat Brits? Hey, they're new. They're made with oats? These are good. Do you know that oats, like those in Oat Brits, are rich in beta-glucan, to help lower cholesterol reabsorption? That's gotta be good. Mmm. They ARE good, love. There you have it, Australia. New Uncle Tobys Oat Brits. They've got my vote. Racing bosses have embarrassed the Catholic Archbishop during a visit to Randwick with Vatican officials. Cardinal George Pell was leading a tour of the site ahead of World Youth Day but had to leave the track to talk to reporters. We regret the inconvenience of them going to one place and then having to come here. Racing officials are angry over plans to stage the massive gathering there next year. The track remains under horse flu quarantine. Fictional nanny Mary Poppins might just have been right about that spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down. In a unique study Australian researchers are giving small doses of pure sugar to newborn babies to ease their pain. Baby Billy Lynch has already had more than his fair share of painful medical tests. Born with a blockage between his stomach and bowel, the little boy needs repair surgery. In the meantime, medical staff have been giving him small amounts of sugar to take the discomfort out of his minor procedures. He quietened down and wasn't really interested in the injections and stuff he was getting so it was good for him. In a study of 55 babies, researchers found small doses of sugar given two minutes before procedures and during them, took the pain away. The babies that got sucrose cried for less time and had a much calmer face and a lot of the babies did not cry at all. It causes several hormones to be secreted from the brain which actually are very potent pain relievers. While this study was carried out in the neo-natal unit, it was so successful that the practice has now been adopted in other departments and it's now recommended that a little bit of sugar be given to babies in hospitals around the country. Billy's mum says she could have done with some herself. He arrived so quickly, she didn't make it to hospital.

I would have loved a little bit of sugar, I think but it wasn't painful for me. Television comedian Ellen deGeneres has broken down on air after a dog she adopted from an animal shelter was seized back. She's been accused of breaking the rules by giving the pet to a friend. She's one of America's most popular comedians. (Crowd cheers) So when Ellen DeGeneres began her show in tears many thought it was a joke. 'THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW': But today is a hard day for me. Today is bad and I am not capable of coming out and pretending to be funny and on when things are going so terribly wrong right now. (cries) Last month Ellen and her Australian girlfriend Portia de Rossi adopted Iggy from an LA animal shelter. I spent $3,000 on this puppy to acclimate it to train it to be with our cats and it just was too much energy and too rambunctious. Iggy and the cats just did not get on

so Ellen's hairdresser took him home for her two daughters. But when shelter managers found out they went to the woman's home with police and seized Iggy. Ellen had failed to read the small print which states that if she's unable to care for the dog she must give it back to the shelter. I was trying to do a good thing, and because I did it wrong those people went and took that dog out of that home and took it away from those kids for it and I'm so sorry. (cries) and I feel terribly responsible

to shut down its website Hate mail's forced Mutts and Mums

it's refusing to give in. but as of tonight, back to that family I'm begging them to give that dog to have the dog... (cries) I just what the family the London premiere of a documentary Kylie Minogue has sparkled at

from breast cancer. about her comeback

for the first showing of the movie Kylie wore a diamond-covered dress 'White Diamond'. It was shot by her stylist at Kylie's preparations and gives a revealing look for her return to the stage. this is just a... Probably how ordinary I am, to try and dazzle you. this is a front - the sparkle, joined her for the premiere. Kylie's sister Dannii Her movie opens here this week. from the Gold Coast Time for sport with Matthew White has only just begun. where the party and so are the drivers. The fans are here for a good time why some of them found Coming up -

eight wheels are better than four. of the Haka. And the Kiwi's Royal version We're coming back! We're coming back. from Mr Howard - Another scare campaign the sky's about to fall in. always claiming This time, it's the unions. from his unfair WorkChoices laws. Mr Howard wants to divert attention My plan for Australian workplaces

from any unlawful interference. protects all businesses It also provides fairness, and conditions for employees. protecting rights right for Australian workplaces. It's all about getting the balance Welcome back to the Gold Coast of the Indy 300 is building. where the atmosphere Today, the covers came off the cars but for many Indy is more about the party than the racetrack.

for motor sport If Bathurst's the grand final

then this is the afterparty. the drivers played the Grid Girls Today,

in beach volleyball... Whoo, sorry! for a weekend of posing. ..while Miss Indy got ready Good. Excellent - good, Sally. That's the shot. The mechanics are busy too. put all their bits back together. Today, Team Australia's crew

we know where everything's at We do this enough - and we carry spares. The V8 teams have had a busy time of Bathurst. since the bash and barge Their cars are back good as new. But today a far uglier vehicle stole the show. This is the Indy ambulance. It's a boat as well. so in terms of turning It's a highly manoeuvrable vehicle

it might out do the Indy cars. V8 driver Max Wilson had a spin to his Ford. but it doesn't measure up A little bit slower in water. and my vehicle doesn't do that well on Friday The real cars start practice with the Indy 300 on Sunday. the best possible start New South Wales has grabbed to its Pura Cup season from their match against WA. taking maximum points was outstanding with the ball Doug Bollinger to be all out for only 193 as the Warriors crashed in their second dig. The Blues won by 275 runs. 5/38. Bollinger was brilliant finishing for the victory. New South Wales takes 6 points against Queensland on Friday week. Their next match is Maldivian is set to start favourite in 40 years the shortest priced Caulfield Cup

in today's barrier draw. after a dream pick for Saturday's $2.5 million race. The boom stayer drew gate 1

the only query is the distance. Trainer Mark Kavanagh thinks He hasn't raced over 1.5 miles so I suppose there is but I think he'll be alright. Most of the fancied runners drew well

in barrier 5 with second favourite Eskimo Queen

and Master O'Reilly in 6. has revealed Wallabies captain Stirling Mortlock with a serious shoulder injury he played much of the World Cup that needs a full reconstruction. in Australia's pool match Mortlock dislocated his shoulder with Wales. He'll have an operation on Friday Super 14 season with the Brumbies. meaning he will miss half the rugby league side And New Zealand's All Golds with a trip to Buckingham Palace. has kicked off its British tour After tea with the Queen a traditional Kiwi royal welcome. they gave Her Majesty

here, it's I need to do a bit of a dance up

Coast but here, it's actually cold on the Gold

Coast but it's going to

Coast but it's going to heat up over

the course of the next couple of

Matt. days. Let's hope so. Thank you, days. Let's hope

And the share market closed lower for a fourth straight session

from the US. dragged down by negative news AMP, BHP and IAG shares all fell. The ASX 200 down 12 points. Iron shares jumped 6% on positive exploration results from Western Australia.

Sara's up next with the weather for a change? and temperatures were below average Yes, Ian. From one extreme to another. Yesterday's heat was followed by an unseasonably

cool day across Sydney. all the weather details next. I'll have Do you like waiting? I hate waiting. for the big phone companies At iiNet, we could've waited years Australia's broadband network. to improve But we couldn't wait. So we built our own network. Tap, tap. Tap, tap.

When you see a big news story and start shooting grab your camera or video phone then send your images to: What a difference a day makes. soared into the low 30s. Yesterday top temperatures even 20 degrees. Today, maxima struggled to crack of only 18 In fact, the city managed a top in a month making it our coldest day and it felt closer to 13 to 60km/h along the coast. as southerly winds gusted Currently it's 15 degrees. from the coast Winds were lighter away a touch higher. so temperatures climbed and Campbelltown 19. Parramatta 20 degrees. Liverpool and Richmond

21 in Penrith. A chilly day in the mountains down to 4 degrees this morning ahead of a top of 16. Skies are mostly clear across the country but the satellite shows a cool change crossing Western Australia with some cloud and showers building along a trough. That system could bring some light rain to NSW early next week but it's going to be dry until then with warmer nor-easterly winds redeveloping on Friday as this High over Victoria moves east. It's going to be a fairly dry day across Australia with just an afternoon storm or shower up north. Brisbane, sunny Warming up in Hobart Melbourne, hot and windy A late change for Adelaide It's going to be choppy on Sydney's waters

So those fresh-to-gust southerlies will ease overnight with early morning cloud giving to a fine and mostly sunny day. Looking ahead -

it's going to warm up on Friday a great weekend to be outdoors staying dry and sunny. Up to 30 degrees on Sunday ahead of a cooler change with a shower or two late Monday and Tuesday. And continued relief for hayfever sufferers with pollen levels staying medium-high.

And that's Seven News to now. 'Today Tonight' with Samantha Armytage is next

I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. America's much-loved shopping giant comes to Australia.

Selling everything from cars, to groceries. Hello, I'm Samantha Armytage. Why its unique set-up means you'll never have to pay retail again. Topless, tattooed like a gang member and in custody on a drugs charge the anger over sports role models. Demi Moore and Ashton brace for a million dollar blackmail demand over photos on a phone. And dad goes back to school to ensure his sons pass their exams. Heading our way a chain of megastores promising mega savings that has Woolworths Safeway and Coles re-assessing how they do business.

It guarantees you will save up to 70% on most items.

Selling everything from cars and petrol to luxury goods and groceries under the one roof. With a motto of pile it high and let it fly, its pricing and methods

are changing the face of retailing around the world. David Richardson explains. This is one of the biggest retailers in the world, coming to fight with one of the most successful retail groups in the world in Woolworths. This would probably be the biggest shake-up that the retailing side has ever seen. A retail revolution is heading our way. One of the biggest supermarket chains in the United States. Each store, the size of a football stadium with an annual turnover of $100 million. Three times that of the biggest Woolworths/Safeway outlet.