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(generated from captions) and we'll tempt you again. We'll see you same time Monday See ya. Have a great weekend. Bye-bye. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by five years on from the Bali bombings. Remembering a terrorist atrocity - This was the day Australian wept. The hardest word - John Howard says sorry, Aboriginal leaders demand instead of his proposed referendum. by a 'Chaser' stunt Ticked off - police not amused featuring a ticking package. TICK, TICK, TICK racial taunts and rubbish And sore losers - Australia's cricket win. as Indian fans try to spoil This program is captioned live.

Good evening. and sometimes brutal, memories. It has been a day of difficult, reflecting on the Bali bombings Five years on Australians have been and the loss of nearly 200 lives. Simon Bouda is in Bali a reunion of sorts and Simon, today has also been for families and survivors? bombing victims were Australian Yes Mark, of course 88 of the that difficult journey and some of the families have made from Australia to Bali of all who were lost. to honour the memory profound grief. Flowers, tears, amid a mood of that Australia wept. This was the day It was a day that Bali wept, too. This anniversary of some of the victims saw survivors and the families Australian Consulate. come together at Bali's the pain can seem endless. Five years can be the longest time. in a garden of reflection. The service took place In it stands a tall wooden cross, of grief for these people which has become the focal point soon after the bombings. since it was built atrocity, our message is clear. To those who carried out this You will not win. of the terror attacks, But for the families of the victims for remembering those lost. today was reserved should be alone on this day. Above all, here in Bali, no-one National Nine News. In Bali, Simon Bouda, for a Bali commemoration service More than 300 people also gathered at Coogee. Sydney's eastern suburbs, 20 residents from the Coogee Dolphins Football Club including six team-mates from were among the bombing victims. those we lost alongside them - To the boys we lost, and to all we will never forget. A minute's silence was held at a Bali memorial sculpture. before wreaths and flowers were laid a referendum to recognise John Howard says Constitution will only pass Aboriginal Australians in the he is expected to call this weekend. if he wins the election which a news conference today The Prime Minister told support the measure that conservative voters will not if Labor wins office. he looked like a prime minister Last night, change of heart. who'd had a fundamental within 18 months a referendum I will put to the Australian people Australians in our Constitution. to formally recognise Indigenous his share responsibility Mr Howard said he accepted Aboriginal reconciliation issue for the mishandling of the growing up in the 1940s and '50s. and blamed the views he inherited There was a stage part of it mattered at all. where I didn't think the symbolic for a statement of reconciliation But this morning, the proposal in the Constitution's preamble to be included wielded against the Labor Party, became a political club to be

the idea and it's Labor policy. even though Kevin Rudd supports could unite I don't believe Labor

Australia on this issue. conservative and progressive I don't. could get the referendum through. Only a conservative government to the Howard proposal was mixed. The reaction of Aboriginal leaders that is shedding his skin He is like a snake with a brand-new skin and you know, he goes away but he is the same old snake. the announcement criticised the PM Even those who welcomed sorry for the stolen generation. for sticking to his refusal to say of the reconciliation process An apology is an important part and you can't cherry-pick. you say or don't say sorry To typify this as just whether and to trivialise the issue. is to misunderstand what's involved for an election About to fire the starting gun he'll be battling to win, that the opinion polls show this Liberal Party manifesto. Mr Howard today issued boils down to a single question - It says the election has what it takes which side of politics and secure into the future? to keep Australia strong, prosperous that his government has grown stale plan for Australia. and does not have an alternative Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. In another pre-election announcement an independent panel the Prime Minister has appointed fought in the Battle of Long Tan to review medals for diggers who during the Vietnam War. that recommendations for awards It follows complaints from veterans were ignored or downgraded. 41 years ago. 18 Australians died in the battle 'The Chaser' Members of the edgy comedy show have again caught the eye of police. over a skit, Charges are being considered dressed up as a courier which saw one of the team

like a time bomb. and deliver a package which ticked

is in hot water again - The ABC comedy team this time over its latest stunt entered major Sydney utilities in which a fake courier with a ticking delivery. Just a delivery. tried the same prank 'The Chaser' crew and Energy Australia at the head offices of Sydney Water but was escorted out by security. a lot looser again, Security's become even looser than APEC. (Laughs) Even looser than APEC! complained to police. The power company from an external entity The complaint was lodged with us and as a result of that an investigation we're obliged to carry out any criminality. to determine if there's Energy Australia fears the stunt a major bomb scare, could have sparked and traffic disruptions. forcing evacuations In these days of global terrorism, to respond to potential threats. the community expects the police 'The Chaser' members involved could be charged with leaving or sending an article with intent to cause alarm. It carries a maximum five years jail.

11 members of the cast and crew are still facing charges over their alleged breach of APEC security breach last month.

Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. There's some much needed financial relief tonight for home buyers struggling to get into the market - in Sydney's newest suburbs. The State Government has announced a cut in developer and councils costs,

meaning savings of at least $25,000 will be passed on to buyers. It's the news first home buyers and the property industry have been desperate to hear. It's $25,000 straight off the bottom line to help young families into their first home. Unfortunately, the price has been too high. Too high because land prices have been too high - the infrastructure charges and levies have been the major culprit. Most of the savings will come from slashing council levies from $45,000 to $30,000 and local government will be forced to spend what it does receive on community facilities within seven years. If you've got $750 million in funds held in trust for infrastructure, it ought to be spent. In the case of the growth centres,

Costa is collecting it, and he's a pretty good guard dog. He's going to collect it and he's going to make sure that it doesn't get wasted. It can be roads, it can be childcare facilities, it can be libraries. And as for rail lines, schools and hospitals - As the land is released and the houses arrive and the families arrive, the infrastructure arrives. The Government says any developer not passing on the $25,000 saving would be exposed very quickly.

Any developer that doesn't pass on the savings won't be in business for long, because their competition will pass it on. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Bus lane hours in the city are to be extended to get commuters to work and back home much faster.

The lanes in Clarence, York, George and Elizabeth streets will operate from 6am to 10am, then from 3pm to 8pm. We expect to save with these measures and other measures about 10 minutes on that trip between Circular Quay and Central.

The changes will come into effect on Monday. Sydney will soon be tapping into an unlikely source for clean energy. Half a dozen new plants are to be built, turning sewage into power - the first to be opened at North Head. Every day Sydney flushes more than 20 million times. It's a lot of waste and a potential source of energy. This treated poo does create power. One by one, our largest sewage treatment plants are being turned into mini power stations. This is brand new, hasn't been switched on yet. The engine at the North Head treatment plant will be fuelled by methane gas, which is brewed by heating sewage inside these holding tanks. It produces power we can reuse on site. Methane power engines will be installed at five other Sydney treatment plants. And the unique clifftop location at North Head means treated effluent can be used to generate hydro power as well. As it falls 60m, it creates a lot of energy of course

and that will spin a prop and that, in turn, will create electricity. Hydroelectricity is usually made with running water, but in an Australia first, treated sewage falling down a pipeline

will generate a powerful flush. Despite the source,

the effluent creates clean energy, and there's the added advantage - the supply will never run out. Dale Paget, National Nine News. In the news ahead, the council that wants to ban junk mail. On fire - a suspected arsonist seen running from an exploding Sydney workshop. And Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills back in court - to sort out their divorce settlement. Police have released security footage of a man who became a human fireball following a suspected arson attack at an Artarmon workshop on Sydney's North Shore

The footage shows a large explosion on the premises - before two men run away, one of them clearly on fire. The incident occurred at about 3:00 on Wednesday morning. Our main concern at this stage is, in fact, his welfare. Police have shown the footage to a burns specialist,

who says the injuries would have been life threatening. It's unsolicited, and for many of us, it's unwanted. Now one Sydney council is taking a stand against junk mail, claiming it's a waste of paper that all too often ends up blowing down the street. Mosman Council will give all its rate payers 'no junk mail' stickers to place on their letter boxes in an effort to reduce the amount of litter. It's the snail mail equivalent of spam and there's no electronic firewall or filter to block it. Well, I really resent it. Junk mail is a pain in the you-know-what.

It's also one of the nation's great growth industries, pumping out tens of millions of super-sensational, not-to-be-missed promotions for new Thai restaurants, nail treatments, laptops and much more they claim you simply can't live without.

I don't want to know about ordinary restaurants up the road. So most of it goes unread, straight from mailbox to rubbish bin. The rest ends up blowing in the wind. It's all over the street. Can you imagine on a national scale how much paper is wasted, what it does environmentally?

Mosman Council will send a no junk mail sticker to every ratepayer soon but presumably not by junk mail. Other councils will closely watch the experiment, although there is a problem. It's often the only way local businesses and councils can communicate with local residents. That's probably not an winning argument. And of course, some would say the timing couldn't be better - with an election campaign about to start, the amount of political junk mail - I beg your pardon - the amount of vital political information heading for our letterboxes is sure to dramatically increase. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Once again, America is doing some serious soul searching about the gun culture among its teenagers. A day after a shooting at an Ohio school, police in Pennsylvania have uncovered a massive cache of weapons - in the home of another 14-year-old boy. The police found all this in a 14-year-old boy's bedroom in the suburbs of Philadelphia. More than 30 guns - deadly looking, although most are look-alikes, still capable of shooting, but they fire slugs rather than bullets.

This 9mm assault rifle is the real thing, bought for the boy by his mother. There are also swords, knives, videos about previous school massacres, books on Nazis and three home-made hand grenades. One of them actually had a fuse in it. Had the fuse been lit, it would have exploded and sent BBs everywhere like shrapnel. The boy was tormented at school and planning a revenge attack. Police are likely to charge his mother as well.

Also today, first video from inside the Cleveland school while that 14-year-old boy, Asa Coon, was shooting teachers and students before he killed himself. Once again, police are discovering this boy had been causing all sorts of trouble at the school.

Some students even knew of his plans but didn't take him seriously. The planning, the execution, was like so many other school shootings. And now all over America, they worry, yet again, about more copycat killers. In the United States, Robert Penfold, National Nine News.

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills have been thrashing out details of what could be Britain's most expensive divorce settlement.

They arrived at court in separate cars

and spent nine hours behind closed doors dividing up an estimated fortune of nearly two billion. Sir Paul is likely to pay a premium to stop Heather going public with details of their four year marriage. He has to calculate in this financial settlement a figure that reflects the damage that that could do. It's thought Heather could walk away with anything up to $100 million. British writer Doris Lessing has won the Nobel Prize for literature but she's less than impressed with the honour. I mean, what am I supposed to get - elated, or excited or what? The feisty feminist says the Nobel committee once told her she would never win and describes the academy as bad mannered. Nevertheless, they've praised her work for its fire and visionary power. At nearly 88, she's still writing

and is the oldest person to win the prize. Despite the equine influenza crisis

racing returns to Harold Park tonight. But instead of horses it will be camels charging down the straight with seven races on the card. With horses barred from the track since August turning to the Sport of Sheik's is one way to bring back the crowds. And when it comes to the celebrity event Suzy, ridden by model Michelle Walsh, is an obvious favourite. If you can just repeat that tonight, girl, that'd be great. Don't get freaked out by the crowds. It would seem Suzy is raring to go. Stephanie with sport is next - and, Steph, some crowd trouble in India? They taunted him with monkey noises, but it was Australia's batsmen who did the swinging. Also, Roy Asotasi promises to bring down Big Willie in Sunday's League Test. And Greg Norman's public praise of his new tennis partner. With dam levels still critical, we must remain on Stage 3 Water Restrictions. This means you can only water your garden at specific times. And activities like filling swimming pools and ponds and washing cars are restricted. To avoid even tougher measures, we all need to follow the restrictions and be aware of how much water we're using outside and inside the home. For full details, visit the website or call the Water Conservation Office and save water for life. An internal investigation conducted by the Newcastle Knights has found no-one at the club had hard evidence of Andrew John's illegal drug use. Meanwhile, the Kiwis are planning to target Kangaroo enforcer Willie Mason in Sunday's Test in Wellington. The Aussies are hoping to bowl over the Kiwis on Sunday. Today the talk centred on the Kangaroo's kingpin, Willie Mason. The Kiwis believe they can strike him out of the game. Roy Asotasi says Mason will be his personal target.

I just hope that I can roughen up and dominate for most of the game. And it wouldn't be the first time - effect, prompting this Asotasi jibe. David Kidwell did that with great comes to Tests, he's pretty soft. Willie always tough, but when it But Mason isn't concerned. bench and miss the early exchanges. He says he's happy to come off the because it's hard mate, I'm sort of liking it that first 10-20 minutes it's hard yakka is a black wall. there's no gaps, all you see expects a big game from Mason. Ricky Stuart out of Willie Mason. I think I'll get a performance

him, a bit of heat put on him, There's been a bit of pressure on to be quite honest, and he's been very quiet and that excites me. And his team-mates have no doubts. If Roy wants to play that way, to combat that. I'm sure Willie has the weapons Australian forwards The main concern for the how to stop Fuifui Moimoi. is working out Nathan Hindmarsh admits His Parramatta team-mate it is going to be a tough task. for the first time, Coming up against Fuifui so, don't know how I'm going to handle him. I've asked a few of the other boys how to tackle him and they weren't too sure either. In Wellington, Danny Weidler, National Nine News. Allegations of racism have marred Australia's convincing victory one-day series. over India in their spiteful directed monkey chants The Australians claim Indian fans while he was fielding in the deep. at Andrew Symonds behaving badly, A series plagued by players was on the other side of the fence. this time the trouble aimed at Symonds, Apart from the racist taunts to protect cameramen. police were forced COMMENTATOR: We've just heard around and harassed. some cameramen have been jostled for several minutes While play was stopped a barrage of bottles when unruly fans launched and other rubbish onto the field... We don't need to see this. on the ruthless Australians. ..none of this had any effect He goes again and he goes long! in the run chase. Just one wicket was lost that's gone. Forget about that one. Aggressive shot - 3-1, with two games remaining. Australia now leads the series

from the Australians. It's been a dominating performance among this trio - Plenty of stories to tell Neil Harvey, Sam Loxton and Arthur Morris are three of the five living members of Don Bradman's 1948 Invincibles.

All out for 496. That's 'cause you took 3/55, that's why. but thank you very much. You didn't have to say that, by other cricketing luminaries They were joined to celebrate Harvey's 79th birthday. National Nine News. Chris Hodgkinson,

to be happy Greg Norman had every reason Hall of Fame awards in Melbourne. at the Australian Sport's of Australian sport, Not only was he named a legend occasion he's attended it was also the first formal Chris Evert. with new partner, tennis great,

Talk about legends - right here. you're talking about a legend so it's special for both of us. She was the best of all time,

the CommSec finance report, After the break -

with the weekend weather details. and Majella from an animal's point of view. Then life in the wild

In finance news, for the first time this week the Australian sharemarket fell for five consecutive days. after scaling record highs

and what's in store this weekend? Now here's Majella, They're gone from the whole State. Well, Mark, no thunderstorms. After all that wild weather in the north, Sydney got their first taste of storms last night about 8-8:30. No hail or damaging winds, luckily. a real chill in the air, though. We have been left with in the city. Even today only got to 21

Warmer in the west, though. in the mid-20s tomorrow. But we won't going see temperatures and all the unstable conditions The trough that brought the storms it's left behind cooler, drier air. has moved out to sea, but the coast tonight, but that's it. There still could be showers for Dry for the rest of the weekend.

about 9mm of rain to the city. Last night's storms brought there was just a short, sharp burst This afternoon around lunchtime and just over 1mm of rain fell.

milder in Brisbane on Saturday, and Adelaide. a few falls for Melbourne in Sydney by the afternoon. Winds a bit more south-easterly basically, mostly sunny, though, A bit of cloud -

look at how cool it's going to be. which is a bit of tease when you the better of the two days. Sunday definitely looks like being winds will make it hot on Tuesday, Warmer on Monday and north-westerly but then by the afternoon, maybe with some showers. another cool change, Because it's still school holidays, from the Ku-ring-gai Arts Centre our weather cadets tonight are to time their readings and I think they managed in any of the showers about today. so they didn't get caught I will see you next week. Mark. Enjoy your rather brisk weekend, but an American invention We still can't talk to the animals from their point of view. is helping us to see the world Called 'critter cam' with an emperor penguin, it takes us along for a swim

including a quick snack. It's the next best thing through the eyes of a sperm whale, to seeing the world a sea turtle, with her family. or even a grizzly bear using the critter cam 60 animals have been studied it's providing fascinating insights and scientists say endangered species. which will help in preserving for this Friday, That's National Nine News hope you have a great weekend. I'm Mark Ferguson, by the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions