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where my babies are! so please, just tell me Please, just tell me where they are! Will you...? Where did you send them? Where did you send my babies? Just tell me where they are. (Sobs) Tell me, please. Tell me! the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Tonight - a mother's despair - over her young daughter's death. Speaking out - about patient care. a leading doctor's frank admission And the savage dog attack nursing nasty injuries. that's a left a toddler

Good evening. Also, tonight - putting pressure on interest rates. unemployment falls to a 33-year low, And heaven on four wheels - unveiled at the motor show. the latest dream models But heading the news at 5:00 - seeking justice for a Sydney toddler in her mother's arms. hit by a truck as she was carried

Emotions spilled over at court today, the driver's apology. the family dismissing These parents have been through hell couldn't last any longer. and today this mother's brave face Somsri broke down outside court, she relies on to walk held up by the crutches her own injuries as she still battles her baby girl ripped from her arms and the memories of having

as she crossed a pedestrian crossing. The accident happened in July. 3-year-old Jessica was killed ploughed through the crossing, after a garbage truck

from her mother's arms. throwing Jessica I feel it every minute of the day. I've missed so many days at work. I cry at work, to negligent driving causing death. pleaded guilty

to the family of the little girl He wishes to extend his utmost sympathies. and her mother but an accident it was. It's a tragic accident, to have turned left, The driver is believed had a green light. not seeing Jessica and her mum that's months too late. calling his apology a ploy to bring back my daughter. It's not going urging drivers Her grandpa wore a T-shirt to "Go Slow for Jessica". and have a look,

scan the pedestrian crossing. Please. the end of November for sentencing. The driver will be back in court at but for little Jessica's grieving family,

theirs won't change. whatever the sentence - for my little Jessica - Just a little message before I go, Jessica, we love you, and we'll never forget you. we'll always love you

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. in the health crisis. A new twist tonight Shore Hospital has gone public, A senior doctor from Royal North across Sydney claiming emergency departments and a lack of beds. have been damaged by staff shortages senior emergency doctor. He's the Royal North Shore's with the State Government. now on a collision course major damage control here, We're probably seeing and smell the roses and I think people need to wake up

and actually know that things aren't good.

Dr Joseph disputes Health Minister Reba Meagher's claim

that 91-year-old Edith King in a treatment-cum-storage room, spent 24 hours and other medical equipment, stacked with gas cylinders for purely clinical reasons. He says it's common practice to move patients into such rooms

overflows. when the emergency department my grandmother I wouldn't like to see

in a treatment room, no. spend overnight at Royal North Shore Dr Joseph says the problems and throughout the system. in emergency departments, stem from overcrowding and a shortage of experienced staff. because of a lack of beds Why don't they just accept that there's a problem

to address it? and go about the proper way for the sacking of Reba Meagher. Minister of misleading the public. This time it accuses the Health an incompetent health minister If it's a choice between in his field, and a recognised specialist I'll back the doctor each time.

Later this afternoon, her version of events Reba Meagher was standing by surrounding Edith King's treatment. spoken to these nurses, but I have. I don't know if Tony Joseph has 6-month tenure as Health Minister. pre-date Reba Meagher's brief Paul Mullins, Ten News. has saved his little brother A brave 11-year-old with quick thinking. from a dog mauling

the 4-year-old, As the kelpie savaged

with his bike. his big brother took to the dog by a young dog Ben Payne was knocked down and mauled as he played with friends last night, a deep gash to the back of his head. the most serious injury - Jumped up and pushed me over. after watching the dog go savage. His older brother came to his rescue It jumped on him from the back.

grabbing him and ripping into him. It started just biting him, scaring it away. Jack rode his pushbike into the dog, Just heard a blood-curdling scream, and saw Ben covered in blood. went out to investigate and were most surprised The Paynes are dog lovers themselves that did the damage, that it was not a violent breed cross Kelpie Tenterfield terrier. it was their neighbour's you just don't expect it to happen. You're always cautious, but in the back of his head Ben has two stitches on his arms and legs. and deep bite marks He spent the night in hospital. It doesn't matter what breed of dog. to be a dangerous dog. It doesn't need need to be supervised. Children and dogs to be a dangerous breed of dog, Despite the fact that it wasn't known will be charged over the attack police say the owners and face a fine of up to $5,000. and appear in court next month with the owners' consent. The dog was destroyed at the pound Evan Batten, Ten News. unemployment figures in 33 years. Australia has recorded its best The jobless rate now stands at 4.3%, the Prime Minister dismissing fears in interest rates. that will trigger another hike

is that we are getting to the point The proud boast of the Prime Minister

where school leavers can find the jobs they want. Teenage unemployment

the unemployment rate falling to 4.2%, thanks to the creation of 13,000 new jobs. We've had 430,000 jobs created since the new industrial relations laws were introduced in March 2006. WorkChoices didn't cause the economic growth. It didn't cause the employment growth. Our strong economy, and particularly the resources boom, is driving jobs. The resource-rich States of Queensland and WA lead the way, with rates under 4%. More people in jobs in the past has led to more spending power, but Mr Howard dismisses any link now to these results and another interest rate rise.

It's not terrible for interest rates. What puts pressure on interest rates is significant rises in inflation. He says his workplace reforms are helping to keep the lid on inflation. Economists say higher immigration is also helping to meet the demand for workers. The real test of these views will come early next month when the Reserve Bank meets. The Prime Minister is gambling on rates being kept on hold for whenever he announces the election. The campaign will be in full swing by then. He has just three weekends left to call a poll by early December. Labor says he should do it now and save taxpayers the expense of recalling Parliament next week.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Comrades of fallen digger David Pearce have farewelled their mate in Afghanistan. His casket was escorted to the dirt landing strip by an ASLAV, the same type of vehicle the 41-year-old was driving when he was killed by a roadside bomb. injured in the attack led an honour guard up the ramp as the coffin made its way into the hold of a Hercules transport plane.

Trooper Pearce's body will be accompanied by a member of his unit throughout the journey home. He is expected to arrive back in Australia on Saturday. After two years of fighting, Jeff Fenech has finally admitted to stealing two watches from a Gold Coast jeweller. The former boxing champ says it was a mistake, and walked away with a $750 fine. It was the final round in Jeff Fenech's 2-year legal fight and the 3-time world champion threw in the towel, admitting he was a thief,

stealing two watches from a luxury Gold Coast boutique. People don't always look at you the way they should,

but like I said, I've made a mistake and I've hopefully paid for it. Fenech admitted he moved the designer watches,

worth over $200,

so that his friend Francis Grech could steal them. Fenech also acted as a shield standing beside Grech and using his shirt to hide the crime. The thieves were caught on security vision

and police found the watches in hotel rooms of the Fenech family. His accomplice, Grech, admitted then that he took the watches but not Fenech.

Today, the Marrickville Mauler was lost for words as to why he did it.

Why didn't you stand up and say it straight off the bat like Gretch did? Yeah, I just... Just reasons of my own, like I said. Despite Fenech's legal team arguing that he was a great Australian who ran a gym for disadvantaged children,

they admitted that he had been foolish and had stolen the watches. Fenech's lawyer argued that the boxer, who handed out plenty of punichment in the ring, had copped enough punishment in the media. for me, like I said, and my family. Fenech escaping with a $700 fine. Andrew Leahy, Ten News. A look at Sport now with Brad McEwan and India struggling in the cricket against the Aussies.

Yes Deb, a 5-wicket haul for Mitchell Johnson

adding to India's downfall - all the highlights shortly, including a rather quirky moment from the game - how's this for a spot-the-ball competition? But have the Aussies also put today's game out of reach? And the superstars of Aussie sport gather to mark our top 10 greatest sporting moments and to honour fellow greats. And details of the All Blacks wild and expensive night out in London. A police officer bashed, the latest victim of Victoria's racial tensions, that's next. Also, tonight - led to the Macquarie Fields riot. And drawing a line in the sand pooch-free beachfront policy. the battle over Bronte's

(Birds chirping)

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and your pavers to go with your new blooms and get out there and get some sun and get some colour and paint your house. Ceiling fan, $35.70. Bistro blinds, $88 per blind. Mulch block, $11.98. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. Anywhere you want to paint, we've got the paint for you. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # This program is captioned live. Police have re-enacted the fatal chase that sparked the Macquarie Fields riots. The pursuing officer explaining why he gave chase. Detective Senior Constable Ryan Paget, the driver of the police pursuit car, showing investigators what happened in the fatal crash - following the path he took chasing the stolen vehicle through the streets of Macquarie Fields. Paget accelerated, following two car lengths behind the Commodore which sped away. Detectives Paget said he was instructed to stop the car

and arrest the occupants, including 19-year-old Matthew Robertson for car theft, burglary and armed robbery. The policeman said: I wasn't prepared to let that vehicle go as the pursuit began he quickly weighed up the need to stop the stolen vehicle against the risks facing the public by continuing the chase. He said the there was no reason to terminate the chase. There were no other vehicles or pedestrians in the vicinity and the road was dry. It's at this point, I believe, the vehicle clipped the median strip, hits the gutter and hits the tree here which is just past Hickory Place. The fatal crash reported on police radio. Matthew Robertson's family sitting quietly in court as the harrowing details of their son's death were recounted. A suspected arsonist is being urged to turn himself in, after suffering life-threatening burns. It's believed two men started the blaze at an electrical workshop in Artarmon. While security vision shows the first suspect fleeing the scene, the second man is struck down by a large explosion, his body engulfed in flames. Serious concerns are held for his safety. From that footage they've told us that those burns would have been extensive, and if he doesn't receive help in the next 48 hours, he may die.

Hospitals across the country are on alert for patients presenting with serious burns. A lucky escape for two girls when the bus they were waiting for crashed into their stop on Victoria Road, showering them with glass. One was taken to hospital with cuts and bruises. No-one on board the bus was injured, but the driver is suffering shock. Police and transport safety officers are investigating. Racial tensions have boiled over in Melbourne after a funeral for an African teenager. Mourners suspected of savagely bashing a policeman and later turning on the media. Heading home, Detective Senior Constable Scott D'Razario remembers a brutal attack. Oh, yeah, wouldn't want to be in that position again. How many people were there at the time? To be honest, I don't really know. I want to go home and see my wife, OK? Early this morning the detective asked a group of men in their teens and 20s to move off the road and be quiet. One man punched the policeman to the ground, others then kicked him. 250m up the road a gathering had been held for murdered Sudanese teenager Liepp Gony at his parents' home, after his funeral yesterday. Tensions still running high this morning. Don't do it, don't do it! Get the f--- out of here! I'll f---ing break it! Hey, hey, hey! Enough, Enough, Enough! Get the f--- out of here, then. Get the f--- out here! The people are upset right now - OK? It's OK, yeah, OK. Liepp Gony's family have condemned last night's attack and want those responsible caught.

They say the assault occurred two hours after the last of the mourners had left their home. Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews being blamed for heightening racial tensions amid Federal Government restrictions on African refugees. that there are challenges in parts of the community. the challenge is what we've done. The best way to deal with Nine patrol cars and the dog squad were called to last night's attack. This man says he was arrested soon after I respect police, yeah? I respect anyone, yeah? But police don't respect us. Christopher Still, Ten News. A line has been drawn in the sand at Bronte, Waverley Council banning dogs from one end of the beach. Pet owners are furious and say the council's gone mad. The relaxed, peaceful atmosphere down at Bronte beach has gone to the dogs. DOG YAPS Owners venting their anger at Waverley Council's new no-dog zone. It covers one end of the promenade, the rock pool. and the beach and grass in front of the change rooms. From here, I can watch the kids in the bogey hole, I think it's a disgrace to our beach. I think as long as people bring dogs on their leads they should be fine. And it's dividing the beachside community. There's a lot of little kids out that way and I suppose little kids do get scared of some dogs. The council says owners tying up their dogs while they go for a swim is a major health and safety concern. The owners, of course, don't see this, because they're in the pool, but the dogs get really anxious, they're alone they then attack people who come near them. Some big dogs there have had a go at young kids, but I don't agree with it. Owners crossing the line face a hefty fine. But they aren't taking the ban lying down. The dog owners have now stepped up their campaign

by organising a day of protest in an attempt to reclaim the dog zone. We do expect things to change and we will not be intimidated anymore. And the dogs wont be rolling over on this one. Tim Potter, Ten News. Another school shooting in America - a suspended student goes on a rampage, that's next. And a little boy reunited with the off-duty doctor who saved his life.

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A This program is captioned live.

Let's go to Vic Larusso now for a traffic

It's all gone wrong due to a

breakdown a Maryland. There are

major truth traffic queues from Parramatta.

The late-night shoppers trying to get

get into or Parramatta they should

have a look at the Great Western

highway. Although that's struggling

itself. I'll give you more of an

update just after sport. Helicopter. Vic Lorusso in the Traffic An amazing story now of a Canberra boy who owes his life to chance. The toddler saved by not one, but two medicos, who happened to be driving by when he suffered a heart attack. 2-year-old Xavier Chavasse's parents call him a cyclonic child.

Today he was true to form but very different from a month ago when Thomas Koroma It's just terrific to see him running around and playing. Now when I think of him, it won't be, as Thomas described, a blue, lifeless child. Best mates for life, now I think , aren't we? Good on you guys, thank you very much. Xavier had just had his bath when his mum saw him fall over and start convulsing. She dialled 000 and ran out into the street. Luckily that's when off-duty emergency doctor Thomas Koromo was passing by. I saw cars parked, I saw people standing outside. At first I thought maybe someone was hit. and his heart stopped. Xavier wasn't breathing As Dr Koromo started CPR, in a strange twist of fate, Elizabeth, a nurse from his hospital, was driving past and stopped to help, performing the life-saving assistance out on the street. I didn't even know his name, so I just kept saying to him,

"Come on little man - you've got to breath." Xavier was rushed to Canberra Hospital, then airlifted to Sydney.

He spent five days in intensive care. Amazingly, he's made a full recovery

and now has a small defibrillator implanted under his skin in case his heart stops again.

Brad Hodson, Ten News. A 14-year-old boy has gone berserk in another school shooting revenge attack in the US. The teenager opening fire with two guns, injuring teachers and students, before killing himself. Terrified students say they fled for their lives when they heard the gunshots, fired by a 14-year-old classmate. Others, unable to immediately escape, huddled in cupboards and classrooms. He was just shooting at anybody who was in the hallway so everybody just ran down the hallway. The overhead speaker system at the SuccessTech Academy school

alerted students to the danger. I just freaked out. The teacher told me to stay and I was like, "I'm not staying in the classroom. what is a Code Blue?" "What is a Code Blue, and then everybody was saying, "That's shooting. That's shooting." was armed with two handguns - The shooter, Asa Coon, bullets striking two male teachers and two students. A teenage girl was injured All are expected to make a full recovery -

one has already left hospital. I was like, "I've been shot. Oh my God, I got shot".

The terror came to an end when the 14-year-old boy killed himself. Police found two revolvers by his body

as well as a box of ammunition and three knives. I think he was looking at shooting people who'd been messing with him. Police believe he carefully planned the attack,

possibly angry at being suspended from school earlier this week. But he'd also threatened to blow up the school. Some of the victims may have been targeted there. It's almost six months since America's worst mass shooting at Virginia Tech,

where 32 students lost their lives. Parents thankful the outcome in Cleveland was far less devastating. I was just happy she was safe because this could have been avoided because there were warning signs. Questions now about why the signs were ignored. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. A train has exploded,

sparking a huge chemical fire after derailing in Ohio. Packed with alcohol, butane and glycerin, the flaming wreckage forced the evacuation of homes for kilometres. As emergency workers struggled to contain the blaze, There have been no reports of injuries. The cause of the derailment is still being investigated. Bali bombing victims Families of the 2002 for memorial services. For some, the pilgrimage has become a necessary part of the healing process, even five years on.

It's a 5-minute journey from David Stewart's hotel in Kuta to the bomb site where his son lost his life. But after 22 trips he's so well known here Beautiful people. Particularly at this time of year - the anniversary of the 2002 terrorist attacks which claimed 202 lives. Some people said, "Oh, you got to get over it," but they haven't lost a child. You just can't get over it. It's - I come here for the anniversary every year

and I'll be doing that for as long as I can do it. Spike lost his son Anthony just before his 30th birthday and feels closest to him here.

What does go through your mind when you're a...? But other members of his family find the trip too upsetting to return. Five years on the pain is still raw. Back in Australia, Erik De Hart, who lost friends in the attack, but he survived, has only just discovered he's now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. It wasn't until I actually went and saw the psychologist

and walked out I realised what a blessing it was I did go. I felt about 20 kilos lighter. Like many who lost loved ones, his pain is revived every time there's another mention on Bali in the news, particularly when it comes to the men responsible. These people are guilty. They've pleaded guilty, we all know they're guilty so they've got to go. Official ceremonies for the fifth anniversary

will begin tonight in Denpasar and continue tomorrow until the exact time the bombs struck. In Bali, Amber Muir, Ten News. Could this be the end of traditional classifieds? Next, the new online market where businesses bid to do your work. Also, hot new models uncovered - Motor Show. at the Australian International

And the Veronica's get down and dirty at the Kids' Choice Awards.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a young boy has saved his 4-year-old brother from a savage dog attack. Jack Payne rode his bicycle into the dog to scare it away from his brother Ben who suffered a deep gash to his head and bites to his arms and legs. A senior doctor has spoken out about the state of the Royal North Shore Hospital after a grandmother was put in a storage room. Dr Tony Joseph says it's common practice because of bed shortages and understaffing, contradicting the denials of the health Minister. And a distraught mother has broken down outside court after the man who killed her 3-year-old daughter pleaded guilty to negligent driving causing death. Somsri was crossing the road with daughter Jessica when a rubbish truck ploughed through the pedestrian crossing hitting them.

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with his minder. And Jackie is a

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with a bit of humour but also in a with a bit of humour but also in a

way that communicator. The only

thing that I can't do his vote. The

industry says they're not trying to

tell people how To vote but let

people way up the climate change

message. Is it possible that we

should prepare against other threat

besides terrorist's? The document

is part of the British school

system. We'll leave the last word

with Jack. We're in the 11 per hour and we must act to get a quote Trawling through the Yellow Pages may soon become a thing of the past. consuming ring around upside down A new website has turned the time to make businesses come to you. From renovations that's all too familiar, If this is a sight for the best deal, dialling the directory it may not be for long.

a new Internet service Emma-Kate turned to when she became frustrated with traditional classifieds while trying to hire a website designer. People, I guess, who are in that, sort of, contracting role where you snooze, you lose. Service Seeking is an Australian first, a website where you, the customer, place an advertisement for a job you want done. Then it's the businesses' job to get in touch with you. The service business just receives an email alert which is an invitation for them to go and quote for the work. Almost any service you want, whether it's getting fit, or an order for a speciality cake. Geoff Reid's done extra work the site has been operating. in only the first week on the Net It allowed me to have a look

at what sort of work was available. it's something to think about. sometime in the future, yes. In the future - yes, probably a 5% success fee if they get the job Businesses are charged and only when they're paid.

maybe less, It'll end up about the same, as placing an ad in Yellow Pages. that tradition to bed? But will it put is going anywhere just yet. I don't think the Yellow Pages

Business will stay as it is,

business, and getting customers. this is just another way of doing

Josh Murphy, Ten News. Another record day on the Australian share market:

And the price of petrol has jumped in Sydney, unleaded selling for an average of $1.29 a litre. You can fill up for just $1.18 And tomorrow on Ten's Early News - Australia's booming dollar. Where to after smashing A lot of factors do drive currencies, including momentum and sentiment.

Flights to the US have jumped 10% alone this year, importers also benefiting. That's tomorrow, 6am. Some flash models have been unveiled at the Sydney Motor Show and you'd be forgiven for thinking that meant the cars. At the launch of this year's event, second fiddle to theatrical magic. the motoring muscle played on display, For a show with 500 motor vehicles cars were initially hard to find. ..dancing girls to acrobats... over anything fixed to the floor. ..even some likely lads, leaping

also revealed some of their wares. Amid this mayhem, car makers actually

with its Commodore Sportwagon - Holden first off, for a wider audience It's actually going to appeal than previous wagons. While it'll be launched next month, engine won't be in it, this whizzbang active fuel management for the time being. remaining a concept You have a V8 engine, but when you're under lighter loads, when you're on a long cruise, it actually cuts it down to four cylinders and greatly improves the fuel efficiency of the car. More of a reality, the Lexus that parks itself using a barrage of special sensors and motors. A truly hands-off experience, available from $186,000. We're not forcing customers to choose to park that way. the old-fashioned way if they like. But it gives them another option. And amid the motoring wizardry - some American grunt and European sleek. Performance, power your accountant's eyes water. and price tags that can make $1.2 million. This Versace-styled Lamborghini - is all just for show, Now if you think this Ferrari has actually already sold that's not even on sale here yet. more than 40 of a model plus on roads and options, $600,000 base price, close to $1 million. could take the final price for each

over the next 10 days, And for the rest of us to sit and dream. there's plenty of opportunity Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Sport now with Brad McEwan - for an All Black in London. and an expensive night out Yes, Deb. Ahead - New Zealand's Doug Howlett apologises to a nation

for a drink-fuelled vandalism spree. And Mitchell Johnson's joy as he takes a swag of Indian wickets. Also - a 70-year-old great-grandmother honours a 30 year bet to get a tattoo of her champion team.

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I can do that.

This program is captioned live. to Mitchell Johnson A career best 5-wicket haul batting line-up has helped Australia demolish India's in the fifth one-day international. in the field - Adam Gilchrist also had a blinder India all-out for 148. In reply the Aussies are 0/12.

there were options. For those without tickets falling off their perches But fans would have been quickly

on just the third ball of the match. after a mix-up

Maybe Sarav Ganguly is gone. COMMENTATOR: And maybe he's gone. There were no maybes about it nor any confusion where Brett Lee's next delivery was heading. Has he got him? Yes, he has. India losing two in the opening over and the top order continued to crumble. Mitchell Johnson removing Yuvraj Singh for one before two more wickets from the pacemen had the homeside reeling at 5/43

Up goes the finger, Dhoni walks - what a dream start. In his 400th one-day match Sachin Tendulkar assumed the responsibility

of resurrecting India's innings and he found a partner in Pathan Oh and he's gone after him and he's connected - magnificent hit. The locals keen to lend their hand in support... keep going, keep going. Ooh, just about - of a sizeable target diminished ..but any hopes with the dismissal of Tendulkar. Johnson tidying up the tail 5-wicket haul. to complete an impressive What a game he's having. a spirited 41-run final wicket stand The gloves of Gilchrist ending a world record. and earning the keeper a paltry 149 for victory. The Aussies requiring

Andrew Brown, Ten News. all-rounder Ian Botham Meanwhile former English Test has been knighted by the Queen. The 51-year-old legend of the game, to cricket, recognised for not just his services for leukaemia research. but also for his tireless work Botham receiving the honour at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace overnight.

He finished his Test Career with more than 5,000 runs and nearly 400 wickets. has apologised to New Zealanders All Blacks star Doug Howlett after being arrested for a drunken vandalism spree in London.

After running up a $31,000 bar tab with team-mates, leading try scorer was arrested New Zealand's all-time for jumping on two cars outside the Heathrow Hilton. He also reportedly trashed a hotel room. and it's not an excuse There was drink involved for what I've done but I do take responsibility

and there was no intent any harm whatsoever. to cause anybody or anything

their own inquiry The All Blacks will hold crossed paths for the final time Australia and New Zealand have Test in Wellington. before Sunday's one-off rugby league tough Kiwi confrontation. The Kangaroos bracing for a typically an early taste of what to expect. The Australians were given was nothing to fear, But the Parliament House luncheon dining together, players from both teams and Ricky Stuart sharing a laugh, even adversaries Wayne Bennett

Bennett guest coach of New Zealand's touring All Golds. But the new-look Kangaroos know the niceties expire on Sunday. We're expecting a very physical clash. I suppose the fact there's so many guys debuting, it's going to add some spice to the game. But the real action today was on home soil, Paul Mellor and Henry Perenara having their first day as referees after retiring as players. After being told how it's done in their new job and doing their best to take it all in, suddenly it was time to blow that whistle, ref.

first blast of the whistle sounded? So how do they think their Mate, we're terrible! with the sound it made. No, not happy I don't know. To get the right tune they get, it will take a bit of practice.

the two will be fast-tracked, Despite a dusty whistle technique,

control first-grade fixtures. the NRL hoping they can one day Adam Hawse, Ten News. the richest deal in AFL history Chris Judd is about to sign after West Coast and Carlton this afternoon, The Blues paraded their recruit with the former Eagles skipper over five years. set to earn $6 million Doing trades is never easy. I was relieved to have it done and I'm pretty sure I'll never have to go through it again so I'll be getting on with it. Judd's transfer is regarded as the game's biggest move since Tony Lockett left St Kilda to join the Sydney Swans in 1994. A great-grandmother has made good on her promise of a permanent reminder of Geelong's Grand Final win. It took decades but, like her beloved Cats, she says it was worth the wait. 70-year-old great-grandmother Margaret Grawich was like a cat on a hot tin roof this morning. I just think how did I do this, why couldn't I keep my mouth shut! 30 years ago A pledge to her two daughters finally catching up with her - to get herself a tatt the mad Cat vowing if and when Geelong won the flag. it was time to meet her marker. And today Are you ready? Yes, as ready as I'll ever be.

The ink slowly sinking in along with reality. I still can't believe I'm doing this. I can't believe it. But like a true champion she put history behind her and a little pain into perspective. The grand finals were pain. This is nothing. Her husband of 52 years, Graham, enjoying the moment almost a little too much. I never thought I'd see it but I find it rather amusing. I'll be able to hang it on her for the rest of her life.

She says he's a chicken for not joining in and he doesn't disagree. (Makes chicken-like noise) Business at the Geelong parlour has been booming ever since the grand final with hundreds of fans branding themselves winners. Woo-hoo! Very, very sexy. But what if the drought becomes a flood and the Cats go back to back? If the Cats win I'll wear something strapless. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. Some of Australia's biggest stars will be recognised tonight, in Melbourne. at the Sports Hall of Fame dinner to be awarded legendary status. Greg Norman will be just the 27th The great white Shark says about his relationship He even spoke briefly with former tennis star Chris Evert. REPORTER: Greg, dare we say

the spotlight on the red carpet? you might have to share Ah, yes, that'll be true. there's one there in her own right. You talk about a legend, will be among those inducted Steve Waugh and Louise Sauvage into the Hall of Fame. The three best moments in our glittering sporting history will be narrowed down from 10. and we'll catch up with one of our cycling stars.

And here he's just coming through

equine influenza has spread to

Tasmania. And Let's go to Vic Larusso Larusso now for a traffic update.

We got word of

We got word of a smash on the M4

about 20 minutes ago. Take a look

at the delays now. It looks as

though the delays have extended all

the way back past Neutral Bay and

military road. Horrible traffic

delays for motorists trying to head

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This program is captioned live.

Tim Bailey isn't here today so I'd

do the weather for you.

Sydney is 25 degrees at the moment.

To the satellite and scattered

cloud over Queensland in land and

northern New South Wales is

generating showers and

thunderstorms. Cloud crossing

Victoria Tasmania and South astray

Lear is causing isolated like

showers and patchy low cloud over southern showers and patchy low cloud over

southern WA. A trough

would trigger thunderstorms over

the Northern territory, Queensland

and eastern New South Wales. There

will be showers, a small Hale and a

cold change in New South Wales,

Victoria and Tasmania. A high will

keep the central interior dry.

There will be direct warm winds

over Central W A. Shall storms over

the northern New South Wales

Rangers. Storms for Queensland in

the new Northern territory tomorrow.

Around the country tomorrow, like thunder in Brisbane with 32 degrees.

Around New South Wales tomorrow

For the Sydney airier Gosford is

expecting a top of 25 degrees.

The final cost for Sydney tomorrow is

We can expect a lower overnight of 18 degrees.

We're in the new moon phase at the moment.

Saturday will be mostly sunny. Bindi Irwin has been voted the most popular Australian by children. The pint-sized Crocodile Hunter taking the gong at last night's Kids' Choice Awards. It doesn't matter how young they are, these fans can scream like the best of them. SCREAMING At the Kids Choice Awards, there are no stars acting too cool, just plenty willing to muck around and join the fun. And the pint-sized crowd knew how to party, jumping with pop favourites Good Charlotte. in love... # (Sings) # I don't want to be It's the night young fans anoint their favourite stars. Ricki Lee showed what it's about on stage... (Sings) # Shake what you've got... # ..and taking out top female singer,

Shannon Noll the best of the blokes. His show's on after many of these fans have gone to bed but Rove McManus was voted favourite male TV star. she's now the nation's biggest star Bindi Irwin may be little but voted Most Popular Australian. took the blimp for Biggest Greenie. The budding Crocodile Hunter also Although the loudest scream wasn't for an Aussie... Give it up for Zac Efron. SCREAMING ..American heart-throb Zac Efron, aptly voted as So Hot Right Now and soaking up the welcome. I can't believe this. This is insane! And like true professionals, not even buckets of the obligatory slime could stop the Veronicas closing the show. James Boyce, Ten News. That's the news at five, And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10.30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.