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(generated from captions) Oh, right. get control of herself Well, you know, if Brooke doesn't

of those children, and take better care somebody else is going to have to. And I'll see to it. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. the fines fiasco - Tonight, torn up. thousands of speeding tickets hundreds of jobs up in smoke. A factory inferno sends Lockdown lifted - at Royal Randwick. horses finally on the move off Sydney's Northern Beaches. And the menacing sight I think it was pretty amazing. I think it was kind of scary. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening.

the cancer treatment breakthrough Also tonight - has critics in a spin. And a children's exercise trend that But heading the news at 5:00 - over Sydney speeding fines. an embarrassing backflip hundreds of infringements The RTA has started ripping up because a new school zone camera and apologised to drivers could also be thrown out. Thousands more fines shopping strip, It's a busy King Georges Road separating two government schools of two speed cameras in July but the installation for unsuspecting drivers. became a trap thousands were pinged for speeding - For almost two months, some several times -

carried no warning because the surrounding streets of the school zone cameras. work, in our opinion, by the RTA. It's extremely shoddy and sloppy would have known The RTA, in our view, a significant problem. that there was going to be

a class action against the RTA. 4,000 angry motorists launched Today, after weeks of pressure, and reversing the speeding fines. letters were sent out apologising the signage of the school zone. There was some concerns about That being the case, at this stage. we have withdrawn about 180 fines could still be torn up. Thousands more fines its planned installation With the RTA just halfway through of 50 school-zone speed cameras, suffer the same unfair speeding trap. it's feared many more motorists will will continue to repeat itself. We've got no doubt this problem to the Government. It should be a wake-up call from speed cameras - just how much the Government rakes in $41 million in just one year

is from motorway cameras alone. and a quarter of that it's easy revenue raising. But the Premier denies We don't want your money. We want you to stay alive. used to boost police highway patrols. The NRMA says the money should be by fixed speed cameras The fines raised

to improved road safety. should be dedicated James Boyce, Ten News. to control a huge blaze Firefighters are tonight battling at a factory in Sydney's South-West. Primo Smallgoods in Greenacre The fire broke out at this morning, 300 workers, forcing the evacuation of more than watching on as the flames took hold. inside the ceiling, The fire is being fuelled by ammonia spreading thick, toxic smoke. have collapsed, Parts of the roof and factory walls to get close. making it difficult for firefighters used to track the fire's spread. A thermal imaging camera is being buildings in the complex. It has already jumped to adjoining It's not clear how the blaze started.

from the NSW Fire Brigade Superintendent Craig Brierley joins us now from the scene. for fire crews. It's been a long and dangerous fight blaze under control? How close are they to getting this

Crews will be here for some time,

well into the night. Will ride

around 10am. It has been a

problem. difficult fire. Access has been a

problem. We have had the roof come

down in a number of places, walls

have come down. It is also a safety

issue for us. Crews are trying to

put the fire out there with the

danger, they have to stay outside

for the main part, so it will take

a while to extinguish it.

There is a lot of toxic smoke

coming from this fire. Workers have

been evacuated. Is a causing any


We have firefighters on the scene,

constantly monitoring the smoke.

They are not detected any readings.

I would advise anyone who is down

wind, if they have an issue, wind, if they have an issue, leave,

but close all doors and windows if

you are going to remain Good luck. Facts. you are going to remain inside.

into the car crash that killed An inquest is under way the Macquarie Fields riots. two boys and sparked The Coroner will examine whether accident was justified. a police chase just before the of a 30-second police pursuit It was a crash at the end and led to several nights of rioting that took two lives vented their anger on police. as residents of Macquarie Fields

19-year-old Matthew Robertson who can't be named and another 17-year-old youth were killed in February 2005 crashed into a tree at high speed. when a stolen Commodore at a coronial inquest. Now police are under the spotlight on the right of screen, Constable Ryan Paget, was driving during the short pursuit, on the radio his partner, Constable Ram Singh,

It was being driven by Jesse Kelly, at the inquest. who's expected to give evidence He's now serving an 8-year jail term of his two friends. for causing the deaths to claims police rammed Kelly's car, The Coroner told there's no basis causing the crash.

contact with the subject vehicle, The police vehicle did not come into by some local residents at the time. contrary to the belief expressed whether or not The inquiry will examine the stolen Commodore, police should have pursued if police guidelines for pursuits and once they did, were followed. olice caused the tragedy. Kelly's grandmother says she believes it's killing too many young people. They should call off chases, they don't have to chase. They could stay a distance, and its occupants were wanted The inquiry was told the vehicle over a series of armed robberies and it was unclear told the two police involved to do what superior officers if they spotted the car. John Hill, Ten News. Royal North Shore Hospital The crisis at the has escalated sharply.

have been lodged 40 complaints of substandard care since a woman miscarried in a toilet two weeks ago. The embattled Health Minister's first public return to the scene of the Government's biggest health headache

and, with it, a Royal North Shore hospital backdown. While at first refusing to widen the "Jana Horska miscarriage in the toilet" inquiry,

the Government has now set up a more extensive investigation into the hospital with a so-called Professional Practice Unit now on the case. Both patient clinical complaints and workforce complaints. The unit will also investigate complaints of staff bullying. And those offenders who refuse to change their ways and work cooperatively to build a new environment here at North Shore have no place in our health system. the main problems at North Shore are caused by stress arising from staff shortages. I chose it, I chose to be a nurse, and I just see all this crap going on. and I don't come here every day to be chastised. When Parliament resumes next week, the Opposition will seek an upper house inquiry into the Royal North Shore Hospital. and it's confident that will happen. It's a second-best option. The best option is the judicial independent inquiry Morris Iemma refuses to have. Adding to the Opposition's case this unsigned complaint to the Healthcare Complaints Commission said to be from Royal North Shore staff. It refers to the hospital as being "decrepit, dirty and dysfunctional." This is fairly typical of the many, many who have been speaking out. Paul Mullins, Ten News. A dramatic breakthrough in treating cancer, Sydney scientists developing a world-first test, letting doctors know within hours if treatment is working. Today, 48-year-old Cheryl Lambert is happy, healthy and in remission, but just 15 months ago a very different story. They found an 8cm tumor on my right lung, diagnosed as malignant cancer. Like many cancer patients, Cheryl underwent chemotherapy. Lots and lots of pain, lots and lots of illness. Now, new hope for cancer patients, Sydney scientists developing a dye-like substance which, when injected into the body, allows a CT scan to accurately measure cancer cells. Well, if cancer treatment is given, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, this will be an early test whether those cells are dying. In other words, whether the treatment has been successful. Just hours after treatment is administered, doctors can see if a cancer is responding. Anybody with a solid lump that's being watched by a CAT scanner could certainly benefit, and that's the majority of cancer patients. It's estimated the ink test could be used on 95% of cancers. The ink test would also allow medical scientists to design tailor-made treatment plans for individual patients, reducing hospital stays, decreasing side effects and almost certainly saving lives.

If it comes back I know that I can have this treatment and they can track to see if it's actually doing anything. If clinical trials are successful the ink could be available within five years. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. A bittersweet day for the racing industry - just as quarantine restrictions there's confirmation of another outbreak of horse flu, this time in Newcastle. After six weeks in lockdown, another stint in a cage didn't appeal to this 2-year old filly. But for the 700 horses stabled at the infected Randwick track, it might be the best medicine they'll get.

To get them out in a bit of good pasture and get their head down and clear themselves is a good result for the horses. Most of them are being moved to properties in controlled zones around the State. That'll allow Randwick to be disinfected. in the road to recovery at Randwick. But just as the minister was overseeing their departure, the horse flu epidemic was deepening - confirmation a thoroughbred has tested positive at Broadmeadow racetrack in Newcastle. That's a major concern for us because all the horses in Newcastle were again vaccinated last Friday. We need the vaccine to go through our State a lot quicker because containment is not working. The minister spent the afternoon locked in crisis talks. as the States argue over the allocation of the 130,000 available vaccine vials. of 75,000 of those doses.

However many we get, trainers insist red tape needs to be lifted in a hurry to save an industry plunging into debt. Hundreds of millions, Paul, and the worst part about it, Paul, is if we don't get vaccination going quickly, it's going to cost a damn sight more. Today's departing fleet will be allowed back at Randwick after November 15 provided they pass blood-testing procedures. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Emotional tributes in Perth - hundreds gathering to farewell AFL legend Chris Mainwaring at a public memorial. His wife and two young children joined in their mourning

by former team-mates, colleagues and friends. He was and is still, in his own way, the heart and soul of West Coast.

He more than just got the best out of himself, he got the absolute best out of the players around him. The 41-year-old died after collapsing at his home last Monday.

Brad McEwan with a look ahead to sport, and the Wallabies start heading home. Yes, and the ARU says it won't be playing the blame game over the team's sudden World Cup exit. But the blame game is in full swing for the All Blacks. And sadly, a New Zealand women's refuge fears more domestic violence as disgruntled fans take out their anger at the loss. Also, India's fighting bid to finally get a win on the board against the Aussies in their one-day series. Also, a surpising let-off for an Aussie soccer player who struck out at a match official. Still to come - the PM heads to Tasmania to win back votes. Also tonight, clean, green and huge -

One of the world's largest wind farms planned for New South Wales. And beachgoers treated to a rare sight off Sydney's coast.

This program is captioned live. Broken Hill The outback mining town of could soon find fame as a symbol of green energy. A $2 billion wind farm is on the cards, which would make the town one of the biggest renewable energy centres in the world. It's one of Australia's iconic bush outposts where the famous red landscape could soon be better known for being green. by in the order of 3 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emission in every year that it's operating. The company Epuron wants 500 turbines to dot the Mundi Mundi ranges north-west of Broken Hill - enough to power 400,000 homes, more than 4% of the State's electricity needs. It would be one of the biggest wind farms in the world. So far we've met with appreciation, I should say. It's the kind of nation-building project that we need in order to tackle climate change. Environmentalists now argue that the magnitude of the plan shows renewables can meet base-load power needs. better than nuclear. There is one stumbling block - Epuron needs certainty over State and Federal targets on renewable energy before the project can become financially viable. New South Wales is about to set a 15% renewable energy target for 2020, but Epuron wants that green power to be solely generated in New South Wales to ensure market share. No commitment of that, however, today. If that is more economically sourced from outside our borders rather than from within our borders than so be it. If government regulations are favourable, construction will begin in late 2009.

Kevin Rudd has called on the Prime Minister to save truckloads of taxpayers' dollars by calling the Federal Election before parliament returns next week. But John Howard spent the day shoring up his marginal seats and promising millions more for hospitals. John Howard dashed to northern Tasmania today, bearing even more gifts for two marginal seats he hopes will save his government. I'm really delighted to be here at the Mersey. The $45 million takeover will be formalised from next month, from a downgrading. saving the hospital Not everyone is impressed. I wouldn't have saved the Mersey. You've got two hospitals 45 minutes away that are both doing exactly the same services. Undeterred, Mr Howard is offering even more for the region. An additional $35 million over a period of four years for health services in northern Tasmania.

all his largesse so far has failed to move voters, with the Government trailing by a persistent 12 points. Kevin Rudd is more trusted and preferred as prime minister by similar margins. He was offering a modest $15 million for cancer research for voters. It's time for the Australian people to make a decision between my plan for the country's future and Mr Howard's plan. He says calling the election now would save taxpayers $1 million a day in advertising, and even more if it is announced before parliament is recalled. That's a truckload of money when you throw in the airfares and the accommodation as well. I think you're looking well into the millions.

The Prime Minister was evasive. It's scheduled to meet on Monday. REPORTER: Do you anticipate it will? It's scheduled to meet on Monday. The pulp mill hardly rated a mention. Liberal and Labor sources in Tasmania say off the agenda with both major parties backing it. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News, A spectacular sight for beachgoers today when a giant waterspout formed off Manly. The freak twister so tall, it could be seen for kilometres. It only lasted about 20 minutes but it had everyone on the beach mesmerised, the giant twister sucking up thousands of litres of water, throwing it high into the sky above, the waterspout an impromptu tourist attraction. Look, I thought that was awesome out there, I've never seen anything like it - and this gushing sound! It was pretty amazing. I thought it was kinda scary. It was very, very exciting. Everyone was stopping and taking photos. For others, it meant an instant science lesson. What was going up the funnel? Water. to Layne Beachley's surf event It caused a short delay and was even visible from the city - this camera was on the Opera House forecourt,

a thunderstorm, the waterspout spawned by up the coastline, making its way north combined with warmer sea water. just a tornado that's over water. A waterspout is actually than land tornadoes Now, typically they are weaker about 100km/h. with winds generally below some trouble, Strong enough to cause a boat but curious swimmers rest assured - too heavy to be whisked skywards. the human body is just a little Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

I thought I was the only one who

came on the news and spouted. That was

was a spectacular this afternoon on

the beach is. Shower activity on

the base. The weather was in the

North East with thunderstorms

firing up. 90, despite our jails.

Six centimetres in diameter or hail.

Four centimetres in diameter of at

Glen Innes. A bit of rain for that

was pretty good - 27 mm. The weather photographs.

Tomorrow, 21 to 23 degrees. The odd

morning shout. At the weekend,

sunny on Saturday and cloudy on Sunday. Next, killer cop - a jilted officer goes on a killing spree. And ethical dilemma - to sterilise her disabled daughter. a mother's battle

jackpotted to over $9 million! The $5 Jackpot Lottery has Wow! It's really going off up here! Over $9 million! a lottery ticket. You oughta buy yourself

Heart that a check on the traffic

now. The big fire as we heard

earlier in the factory down at

Greenacre is likely to burn all

night. What effect is that having a

traffic we are hovering over

Homebush, away from where the factory fire is.

You can still see the smoke pouring

out. It is having some effect to

what Roberts Road and Greenacre. We

have a fire brigade blocking local

roads. A flying into what Homebush,

we noticed some heavy traffic. It

is quite slow for that traffic

It trying to head into what Greenacre.

It looks like the disability has

been reduced from Homebush all the

way to the south-west. We will keep a close eye for you. has gone on a shooting rampage, A policeman before killing five of her friends gunning down his ex-girlfriend at a party. The US massacre apparently triggered by a failed romance.

A small town is in mourning for six young people,

gunned down by a 20-year-old man whose job it was to protect the community of Crandon, Wisconsin.

to the house of his ex-girlfriend Locals say the off-duty officer went where the pair argued, having with another policeman. possibly over a relationship she was killing her and her young friends, He opened fire, including a 14-year-old girl. a police sniper ended the carnage, A seventh person was injured before shooting the gunman dead. deceased inside that residence. At this point, there are six people

by law enforcement officers. The subject was located

no longer a threat to the public. The subject is deceased and is from the local high school, The victims were friends some recent graduates, by the shooting. residents clearly shaken in small-town Wisconsin like this It's just very hard to believe that it can happen here. You always see it on the news some place else, not in Crandon. but it's always happening I had goose bumps, I was shaking. I just couldn't believe it. My chest tightened up, has a population of about 2,000 The rural town of Crandon at least one of the victims. and most knew so that kind of hits hard. I knew every one of them, It hits a lot of us hard. Schools in the town will be closed Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In the United States, Chicago marathon into a disaster, Heat and humidity have turned the

in hospital. leaving one dead and hundreds collapsed and died during the race. A 35-year-old father of three also ran the marathon, His wife and brother until they got back to the hotel. but didn't find out he'd died hospital or treated on the course Another 300 runners were taken to 31 degrees in smothering humidity. as temperatures hit a race record when organisers shut the course Thousands were turned back after four hours,

there wasn't enough water. many complaining finished first Earlier, Australian Kurt Fearnley in the wheelchair category. An ethical storm has erupted her severely disabled daughter over a mother who wants to undergo a hysterectomy. to improve her quality of life, The woman insists she's doing it it's an invasion of human rights. but critics say 1, 2, 3, goooo! Here they come - on a family day out. This is 15-year-old Katie born with severe cerebral palsy, She needs constant care,

for herself is breathe. the only thing she can do

Katie doesn't know it of an ethical controversy. but she's at the centre Her mum Alison believes quality of life one way to improve her daughter's caused by periods. is to remove the pain and distress to perform a hysterectomy. She wants doctors the stomach cramps, The mood swings, the tears, Katie can't deal with that herself. the pain of having periods, She's not going to get married, have any children. and she's certainly not going to what we class as a normal life. She isn't going to have in Chelmsford. This is Katie's local hospital but it's believed doctors Today, there was no comment, controversial procedure, are seeking legal advice about this that could be a first in Britain. Ashley Exx, At the start of the year,

with a rare brain disorder a 9-year-old American girl including a hysterectomy. underwent several operations to limit her physical growth. Her parents also wanted

are shocked. Some disability campaigners that medical intervention We should not automatically assume best interests. is in someone's intervention is purely social, requires this. there's no reason why the daughter

disability and physical development, Katie's case may spark a debate about if it's not medically necessary. and whether surgery is ever justified Still to come - in a hospital emergency ward. why a man was left to die Also, polarising opinion - the exercise classes for kids that are raising eyebrows.

sizzles at Paris Fashion Week. And catwalk queen Collette Dinnigan has jackpotted to $20 million. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto a truckload of cash! So you could win HORN BLARES jackpot. $20 million Oz Lotto's Don't miss This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour -

Sydney scientists have developed a dye-like substance that allows a CT scan to accurately measure cancer cells. The test will allow doctors to tailor cancer treatments and monitor the progress, reducing side-effects and hospital stays. The RTA has apologised to drivers, ripping up thousands of speeding tickets wasn't properly signposted. after a new school zone camera 4,000 angry motorists had launched a class action over the infringements. And the State Government has agreed to widen its inquiry into the Royal North Shore Hospital. It comes after dozens of complaints of substandard care were laid against the hospital since revelations a woman miscarried in a toilet two weeks ago. The ACT Government has defended staff at Canberra Hospital where a man died during a 4-hour wait for treatment. 30-year-old Allan Osterberg was brought to the hospital in an ambulance but his heart condition wasn't picked up by emergency department staff

until it was too late. But we will, inevitably, see a system that does make mistakes from time to time. That is inevitable in a system of its size and complexity. Two seperate inquiries will look into Mr Osterberg's death and claims staff thought he'd fallen asleep. Welcome now to Noel Whittaker who'll be joining us on a regular basis for the BankWest finance report. Noel, substantial changes to the age pensions asset test for the first time, or a larger payment than they were getting previously. How does all of this works? Well, there's been a big easing in the assets test

and that means a couple can now have $839,500 and still get a part pension, and a single $529,250. and if you get a part pension, you get most of the fringe benefits. Noel, what's actually included in these figures? Is it everything a pensioner has? Well, it's most things, but it doesn't include the family home. That means you could be living in a $10 million house, have $800,000 of assets and still get a part pension and most of the precious fringe benefits. What about all those personal things like household furniture? Well, they're valued at sort of knock-down, garage-sale value so for most people for your personal effects, just a maximum figure of $5,000. Noel Whittaker with the BankWest finance report. Now to the stock market details. A new exercise for kids is being condemned as far too sexual. While supporters say it's innocent, healthy fun,

the Premier and family groups are worried about young children being taught a form of pole dancing. Pole dancing was once only for strippers but its latest form has really set pulses racing. That's because students of Pole Fitness include children, like 10-year-old John. It's good because you get a whole different variety of moves and they've got really nothing to do with pole dancing - it's just fitness. We don't do any dancing whatsoever. Basically it's just stretching, strength-building, flipping, climbing. And there's no high heels or sexy underwear. Instructors insist

they've stripped away the adult element to create a child-friendly new exercise. Have a look for yourself -

I would be an irresponsible parent if I was to introduce my son to a program that demeans women. But the Family Association disagrees, saying you can't get past the fact that this is a highly phallic symbol. To me as a dad of four kids, it would not be appropriate for kids that young. Pole dance teachers say while they're adults only, they can understand children's interest. A child would come in here and see that and go, "Ooh, a monkey bar, Great - I'll climb to the top." But John's already hooked, even if he is yet to tell his friends. I don't really mind what they say - I don't mind if they laugh, but it's a good thing to do. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan has again conquered the catwalk in Paris. The designer is the only Australian presenting her latest ready to wear collection at Paris Fashion Week. She says her spring-summer look is fresh, young, sporty and luxurious - confident without being expensive. It's not necessary anymore to kind of say Australian fashion or English fashion. It's a global world, and we all have our own kind of uniqueness, and I think Australia is very much about lifestyle. The show was hailed a success with only one small hitch, when a model almost took a tumble on the catwalk.

Tim Bailey very rarely trips up

with the weather for the door he is

on solid ground when it comes to having fun.

The Minister for Fun and games on

the 5 o'clock News as well as the

weather man. Adam Harvey has the

number-one album on the country

charts. This is what he has been up to.

# I know you ought to be Air

billionaire, but look at that hair!

#@know when I go to Channel #@know when I go to Channel Ten,

you get the weather right again, Bailey is alright.

That is the new album. We will have more later.

Tomorrow, 21 to 23 degrees. An

early shower, then fine and sunny.

Who is taller?

Do you think we should answer that. and the shattered Wallabies making the trek home

from their World Cup disappointment. Yes, coming back to find a new coach and also a few answers to why And a nation takes World Cup defeat hard - just how hard the Kiwis are taking their defeat may surprise. And an Aussie soccer player's risky swipe at a match official. There's new support available for farmers and rural communities suffering the drought. more farmers in more areas These changes mean that for drought assistance will now be eligible and interest rate subsidies. such as income support has been increased to $750,000. and the off-farm assets limit less than 10,000 people in towns with drought assistance. are now eligible to access And there'll be more counsellors and increased funding for rural communities. for emergency relief Drought Assistance program. The Australian Government Don't self-assess. on 13 23 16. Call the Drought Assistance Hotline This program is captioned live. on both sides of the Tasman The fallout continues early exits from the Rugby World Cup. following Australia and New Zealand's is on the line Graham Henry's All Black coaching job in shock over the loss to England. while the Aussie camp is still just how it all went so wrong, Plenty of time to discuss for Paris the Wallabies leaving Marseille but returning as a shaken-up bunch. and then home to Australia, These players are shattered today

they've let everyone down. because they feel Mate, I probably... they've let anyone down. We're disappointed - I don't think with all the guys last night, It was a very solemn and quiet night it hasn't really sunk in. and for a lot of us is refusing to play the blame game ARU boss John O'Neill into the Wallabies' early exit, and will not launch an inquiry but there will be a planned review. This is a pretty confronting moment, and start to deal with them. but let's confront the problems from this? Will there be many repercussions Look, heads won't roll that John Connolly would move on, in that we've always planned now that his contract is up. We're moving into the market, now, to get the nod for the top job Assistant Scott Johnson is expected is out of the running if New Zealander Robbie Deans as All Blacks coach. because he takes over will forever be known Saturday's shock results the Southern Hemisphere giants. as the slaughter of For Australia it equals

at a World Cup. their worst-ever performance it IS their worst-ever performance - For New Zealand never before had they exited the tournament

prior to the semifinals. the land of the long black cloud. The grim streets of New Zealand, Pretty gutted, to be honest. Gutted. Gutted, really, yeah. the same question - And everyone's asking the hot World Cup favourites, how could the world's best team, fail - yet again? if we can blame a negative outcome It makes us feel better of our control, so I blame the ref. on things that are outside the 2-point loss to France The Englishman who controlled has been copping plenty - and hair-curling personal abuse, online death threats the anger spilling into Kiwi households,

a spike in domestic violence. a women's refuge reporting People do take it very personally. They do feel very despondent. They feel very let down shown towards the All Black team and even the aggression is a concern. This is a time for New Zealand rugby at itself, to take a long, cold, hard look what the total cost has been. of the obsession with the World Cup on the All Blacks' failed campaign, More than $50 million was spent and heads will roll. the coach is always the first to go. Historically, I can't apologise. I guess - That's what happens in sport, you don't always win. No such worries, yet, for South Africa,

through to the final four over a spirited Fiji, with a 17-point win for the first time, and Argentina, into the semifinals 6-point winners over Scotland.

Leanne West, Ten News. Ricky Stuart Australian rugby league coach halves Greg Bird and Cooper Cronk has defended the selection of rookie against New Zealand. for Sunday's Test New Zealand today with little fanfare The Kangaroos slipped into to mourn the All Blacks defeat. as the locals continue

and Bird to fill the boots Stuart says he's backing Cronk and Johnathan Thurston. of injured stars Darren Lockyer to the challenge. They are desperately looking forward of two great players In the positions to do a very good job they will and they will be very keen that they will play well. and I'm very confident and Scott Prince More experienced halves Braith Anasta did not make the team. A-League striker Joel Griffiths. A let-off today for Newcastle's lashed out at linesman Alex Glasgow Upset at a decison, Griffiths against the Central Coast. during last night's 1-1 draw He was given a yellow card. Football Australia says by the referee at the time, because the matter was dealt with no further action will be taken. Australia a victory target of 292 A fast-finishing India has set in Chandigarh, in the fourth one-dayer on his way to his 84th one-day 50 Sachin Tendulkar riding luck century from just 35 deliveries. while MS Dhoni blasted his half Nathan Bracken was back the birth of his first child, after celebrating right on the money. his first delivery very close indeed! COMMENTATOR: That's going to be

Tendulkar was handed an early life the very next over. and his fortune continued What's happened there? Has he got the man?

provided confirmation, clearly out of sorts but somehow escaping dismissal. more purpose to his approach. Sourav Ganguly had a little Hits it well, over point. finally made the breakthrough. James Hopes Ah, and he's gone - a snick behind. to the crease That brought Yuvraj Singh

started to find their finesse. and the home side very delicate. Oh, that's nicely done - to stem the flow... Hopes was again the man and it's taken by Ricky Ponting. Goes for a big one decided to get things moving. ..before Tendulkar Oh, brilliantly played. the Aussie fire The barrage brought back but they couldn't extinguish the onslaught.

More runs - another four. Some clever thinking from Brett Lee ended Teldulkar's reign on 79, Adam Gilchrist with some fancy fielding of his own, catching the ball in his grill. Skipper M.S. Dhoni brought up his 50 with a six on the final ball of the innings. What a way to sign off! Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. A 16-year-old schoolgirl is hoping history repeats at the Layne Beachley surfing classic at Manly. Sally Fitzgibbon mastered Manly's small conditions to nail the only wild card spot for this week's Beachley Classic. It's no easy ride though - she's drawn tournament host, 7-time world champion Layne Beachley, in the opening heat. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself. Last year I thought I had a pretty tough field, but this year I think I've outdone myself. I never anticipated to be the number one seed at this event by this time of the year, considering the year I've had, so I don't think it will come back to bite me because I'm always up for a challenge. Beachley fell to wild card Stephanie Gilmore in last year's final. Later in Sports Tonight- Australia's run chase against India. in motorsport - And the man with the biggest smile Bathurst champion Craig Lowndes. Vic Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter.

After a smash, the Ambulance

Service had just cleared a smash

off Roberts rode. Still some

traffic delays for motorists

heading from Greenacre. You can still

still see how close it is to wed

his factory fire was earlier this

afternoon. Plenty of smoke. With dam levels still critical, we must remain on Stage 3 Water Restrictions. This means you can only water your garden at specific times. And activities like filling swimming pools and ponds and washing cars are restricted. To avoid even tougher measures, we all need to follow the restrictions and be aware of how much water we're using outside and inside the home. For full details, visit the website or call the Water Conservation Office and save water for life. It is bumper-to-bumper on the Ring Road. See you after work, hon. The Arterial inbound is also chaotic. Harry. In a hurry, mate? How are ya? Yeah, good. Yeah. ENGINE STARTS Apia could save you up to 20% on your comprehensive car insurance premium. SONG: # Wise move Apia. # Tonight's weather is brought to you by Apia. It's not going to be over 50 but if you are and not working full-time

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Who how is the rest of this week Who how is the rest of this week looking? Given interesting day

today. We had those exclusive

pictures from Manly. Then some frightening of thunderstorms across

the north-east. Larch the size hail

- 6 centimetres in diameter. A bit

of rain for the north-east. Mark

Sea bee getting 27 mm. In Sydney, Sea bee getting 27 mm. In Sydney,

threatening here at the moment. The

rain will be a trip and a drop.

Tomorrow, an early shower clears. Fine

Fine and sunny. 21 to 23 degrees. Fine and sunny. 21 to 23 degrees.

Now is one of the biggest baritones

in the business. Adam Harvey on the

television. This is his new album.

It is called, I am doing alright.

No. 1 on the country charred and in

the top 40 rock chart. It sounds like this.

# I know I will never be a

millionaire, but I am doing alright.

I am doing alright. I note that you

are a lifelong friend and off the

good times that we spend, money

goes by. And I am doing alright. #

he can catch him in Dubbo on Friday night.

Luckily, we will miss each other!

Thank you. A twine and sunny

afternoon tomorrow after an early

shower. The rest of the week is a

little murky, but cloudy. The

weekend - I like talking about it I

Monday - fine and sunny on Saturday, Monday - fine and sunny on Saturday,

Sunday is mainly cloudy, 23.

Cloud in the east is at a Cloud in the east is at a trough,

generating severe thunderstorms in

north-east of New South Wales. Cool,

south westerly winds will bring

showers to suffer NWA. Rain full of showers to suffer NWA. Rain full of

- isolated showers in the New South

Wales coast. After a showers for north-east New South Wales,

southern and western Queensland. If

you are living in the hunt area,

Newcastle is for free with grommets.

The great rip curl a thirst. Have a

look at the finals. 200 of the best

surface in Australia 4th of is

having a look at the future of Australian surfing. Interstate:

Thanks for being on the TV.

Good on you. Lookout for him in

Dubbo. The see you tomorrow night. A Japanese teenager has won the Rubik's Cube World Championship. The 16-year-old managed to unscramble the puzzle five times in an average of 12.46 seconds. The fastest single attempt was 10.88 seconds,

just a second off the world record. If you think that's impressive, then have a look at the blindfold competition. Others took up the challenge with their feet, or with just one hand. The cube's inventor, Hungarian academic Erno Rubik, believes the game he created in 1974 That's the news at 5:00 - I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the late news with Sports Tonight along at 10:40. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Last night on Idol, eight singers performed the music of Cool Britannia. Here's a repeat of those performances once again. # I don't care too much for money # 'Cause money can't buy me love # Can't buy me love... # # Somebody # Can anybody find me somebody to love? # # And after all

# You're my wonderwall... #

# She knows that I'm not fond of asking # True or false, it may be # She's still out to get me! # # Let it be, oh, let it be # Whisper words of wisdom, let it be... # # I hope that someone gets my # Message in a bottle, yeah... #