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(generated from captions) and just leave your name. ..or you can SMS 199 55 300 Easy peasy. You're in the draw. till 6:00am tomorrow night. Phones open tomorrow night with our 500th! We'll be back here same time 'Bye. And we'll tempt you again. See ya. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by for lighting fires at Port Stephens Bushfire battle - arsonists blamed that destroyed a man's home. here with them I'd like to stand in the middle and say, "Look what you've done." Laser attack - targeted the Channel Nine chopper, police close in on those who as pilots warn of disaster. So it's only a matter of time. why Canberra wants local boards Health crisis - to take control of public hospitals. it's how you run a business, That's how you run a company, how you ought to run a hospital. it's how you run a club and it's a night of fun in some fancy dress. And the Melbourne Storm finish This program is captioned live.

Good evening. we're in the grip of bushfire season. It's still mid-spring, but already in Sydney tomorrow It will be 34 degrees and windy we're heading for trouble. and the experts warn

the Premier has called 'morons' - The conditions have brought out what by wreaking havoc. firebugs who get their kicks

of Oyster Cove are anxious - Residents in the tiny coastal town close to their homes. the huge blaze is burning for Merv Hartigan. The fire's path was devastating today, it was a painful sight - Returning to his gutted property he wasn't insured.

it's unreal at the moment, It's sort of like to sink in, it hasn't really been able in the ruins of the house. even standing here watch and count the cost Yesterday the 60-year-old could only as his home burned. It took such little time. tough of late. He says things have been the insurance money. He just didn't have You can't blame anyone else but me. It's me own fault. The Pettifers, three doors down, a bedroom wall. had flames lapping against While the house was saved, is gone. the shed and everything in it hosing it - We were bucketing water, nothing you can do. just had to stand and watch it - they were forced to retreat, With gas bottles exploding, the heat melted everything. Absolutely devastating. It's just devastating. began their work As fire investigators what's hardest to take - for residents someone deliberately lit the fires. do these things. Just can't believe people in the middle here with them Most probably likely like to stand "Look what you've done". and just say, to flare up tomorrow Fire crews are expecting the blazes with temperatures in the mid-30s. the strong north-westerly winds. The real concern, though, will be to set up containment lines. 100 firefighters are working

a strike force The Premier has quickly established to catch the arsonists. They're dangerous morons. I mean, they're morons. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. are calling for restrictions Commercial airline pilots on the sale of laser pointers of attacks on aircraft. to stop the increasing number to catching the troublemakers It comes as police move closer with a powerful beam at the weekend. who hit the Channel Nine chopper laser pest whose reckless behaviour Detectives are closing in on the the Channel Nine news chopper. threatened to bring down Using our footage, the suspect's address investigators have narrowed down to a few streets in Silverwater. the area of searching We're trying to minimise by conducting a number of canvasses that we currently have. and reviewing the vision the rugby league grand final The helicopter was hovering above by the powerful beam, on Sunday night when it was hit the cameraman on board. which momentarily stunned in a spate of attacks It's the latest and angry commercial pilots now pointers before someone's killed. want to restrict the sale of laser

crew members on aeroplanes, We have had disorientated so it's only a matter of time. as 'astronomy pointers', They're often referred to cheaply on the Internet. but pranksters are buying them to lose control of their aircraft. Pilots don't have to be blinded laser beam through their cockpits They say the mere distraction of a and landings could spell disaster. during the all-important take-offs won't license users just yet. But the Government

We might have to look at that, I'm just appealing to people - but at the moment, that are putting lives at risk. these are senseless acts on aircraft last year Despite 170 reported laser attacks and June this year, and another 49 between April brought to justice. none of the culprits has been Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. After weeks of lobbying, breathe a little easier tonight, the NSW Racing Industry can finally of a multi million dollar package with the Government's announcement the devastating horse flu crisis. to help compensate for package is better late than never. Leading trainers say the rescue industry has been sweating on It's the lifeline the NSW racing for six weeks. is announcing today The NSW Government industry assistance package. a $7.5 million and harness racing, $3.5 million will go to the gallops such as strappers and stable hands. $1.2 million to struggling workers regional NSW $2 million's been put aside for and $500,000 for greyhound racing, the overall decline in betting. suffering from the equestrian industry $300,000 will help prepare for the the Beijing Olympics. with the package. We're very satisfied the Government has seen basically has provided what the Federal Government the scheme. and they've complemented The funding's on top of the $8 million already spent and eradicate the flu. trying to contain not to appear ungrateful, While anxious were still unhappy many senior trainers to make this announcement with the time it took was shown up Saying the Iemma Government by the much swifter action taken by Canberra and Queensland. They've been shamed into it and like I say, there's been a lot of lobbying going on behind closed doors. Sometimes you've got to kick and scream to get things done in this world, so the Government's got an understanding now of the issues. And positive news in Queensland, horses now free to move around the State. But NSW horses there are still not allowed to cross back over the border. Adam Walters, National Nine News.

Morris Iemma has joined other Labor premiers

in panning a Howard Government plan to put local boards of management in place to run public hospitals. While the doctors see some merit in the idea, Labor has dimissed it as another costly layer of bureaucracy. It was one of those silly comments politicians immediately regret. The headline might be 'Sick Government Needs Treatment'. With opinion polls showing the Federal Government very sick indeed, Tony Abbott was trying to improve its health in time for the election with his plan to put all of Australia's 750 public hospitals under local rather than State control. What the Government will insist on is the appointment of local hospital boards with real authority to appoint the CEO of the hospital. Each local board - made up of health professionals as well as community leaders - would manage its hospital's budget, resources and staff levels. To get maximum impact, Mr Abbott chose to formally announce the proposal at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital, where a woman last week miscarried in an emergency department toilet while waiting for treatment. And the Government's big guns backed him. We need more locally sensitive administration. The Commonwealth is putting something like $42 billion into the health system over a 5-year period. We ought to make sure that we get the best value for money. The AMA is onside. Local hospital boards bring management, accountability and responsibility right back to the community. But Labor leader Kevin Rudd, claims the plan could result in another 7,500 bureaucrats in the hospital system. Mr Howard is saying, "Not only are we going to have thousands of federal bureaucrats, "thousands of State health bureaucrats, "but now a new layer of bureaucracy as well." And not surprisingly, Labor State governments aren't impressed either. Our hospitals need more nurses, beds and doctors, not more boards and bureaucrats.

It won't mean a singe extra patient is treated. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. On the same day that home loan lender Rams announced that Westpac has stepped in to rescue its business, it's also lifted its interest rates. Westpac will pay $140 million for the RAMS brand name and its future business. The home lender keeps its existing customers who've been hit with the rise, including an extra 0.3% for those on low doc variable loans. RAMS claims its customers won't notice any change under the new deal with Westpac. A man's been charged with murder following the discovery of a woman's body at a home at Berala in Sydney's west last night. Police say a 29-year-old man led officers to the body of the woman, aged in her 20s. It's believed she'd suffered gunshot wounds. All the concerns about global warming have been endorsed by our national science agency, the CSIRO. The organisation has been assessing the impact on Australia

with some troubling conclusions about local temperatures, rainfall and sea levels. Here's the forecast... Further warming and further sea level rise seems inevitable. And the CSIRO and weather bureau experts have little doubt about where the blame lies. We know we're moving into new territory now because what we've seen in the last 100 years can't be explained by natural factors. But it can be explained by what we understand by the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The damage already done by fossil fuels will lift coastal temperatures by at least one degree by 2030 and by 2070, inland temperatures will rise by as much as five degrees. Rainfall across southern Australia will decrease by between 20%-30%. Some capital city catchments are already consistently recording less than half the rainfall they had 10 years ago. And vitally important agricultural areas are in grievous circumstances. For the Murray-Darling Basin and for southern Australia generally,

the average from January through to September is the highest mean temperature on record. And those temperatures will also affect the oceans, melting icecaps, lifting sea levels anywhere from 60cm to seven metres. A rise of 60cm in world sea levels would see about a third of Bondi Beach and the rest of the Australian coastline go under water. But a rise seven metres? Surf's up - up to here.

Peter Harvey, National Nine News.

In the news ahead - How chocolate really can help with depression,

a rare glimpse - at some of Marilyn Monroe's most famous dresses, and why a judge ordered Britney to hand over her children. Almost every Australian I talk to wants our hospital system to work properly. They just want it fixed. I'm committed to ending the buck-passing between Canberra and the States. As part of my national plan for hospitals, we'll inject $2 billion to take the pressure off emergency departments, free up hospital beds and reduce waiting lists. I'll work cooperatively to get our hospitals fixed but in the end, the buck will stop with me. A toddler has died and her parents have been badly injured in a house fire in north-west Victoria.

The 2-year-old girl was killed when flames engulfed the family home at Swan Hill overnight. Her parents suffered severe burns while desperately trying to pull their daughter from the blaze. Their 4-year-old son managed to escape unharmed. A young Melbourne girl has been savaged

by her family's two pet Rottweilers. Police have praised the quick thinking of her heavily pregnant mother who managed to fend off the two dogs. The 5-year-old is in a serious condition in Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital although her injuries aren't life-threatening. A new Australian study has found chocolate can improve the mood of those who suffer depression. It also found that most of us have food cravings when we're feeling down, and chocolate is top of the list. Chocolate has been consumed for centuries but its taste may not be the only reason for its popularity. Our study confirmed that in about 50% of people it made them feel less irritable, less stressed and less depressed. The study, carried out by the Black Dog Institute, and published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, found of the 3,000 people surveyed the positive effects of chocolate were felt more among people who were overly-anxious or highly sensitive to rejection.

They crave certain foods that have a settling effect.

Former Olympic Swimmer John Konrads has suffered bipolar since the 1970s. in his darkest moments it was a case of sink or swim he says chocolate was his life raft.

It's soothing, if you like, relaxing. There wouldn't be too many days go by without me having a bit of chocolate. It doesn't seem matter what type of chocolate you have what's important is the active ingredients. Chocolate contains a number of chemicals known to trigger the release of endorphins which can reduce pain and create a sense of comfort. Interestingly, some stimulants in chocolate can even have a marijuana-like effect on certain people. For many these findings come as no surprise. It's the biggest comfort food out there. Lynda Kinkade, National Nine News. There are fears about the fate of thousands of Burmese monks

with the holy men disappearing from the streets after the military crushed their democracy movement. Monks who've escaped into Thailand say many of their brothers were killed or beaten and US reports claim that tens of thousands have been locked up inside their temples or in make shift prisons. Russia's President Vladimir Putin may have a tactic to extend his term in power becoming a candidate for PM

in December's parliamentary elections. He's nearing the end of his second and final term as President but he may continue to control the country from the PM's chair. A familiar figure in Britain with a look-alike helping to display the so-called 'Lost Collection' of Marilyn Monroe dresses, including the famous white number from the 'Seven Year Itch'. Isn't it delicious? Only just released for public display,they're the work of the late William Travilla, who was the chief designer for her most memorable roles. Like a little lost lamb, I roamed about, I came to New York and I found out. Travilla locked the dresses up when Marilyn died but his family has now put them on show as a tribute to his skill. The wild and confused times of Britney Spears have now cost her the custody of her two children. A Judge has issued temporary orders to surrender the boys to former husband Kevin Federline and if she doesn't clean up her life, the orders may become permanent. This weekend outing seemed to go well. Britney Spears actually strapped the children in their baby seats and didn't crash the car. The only problem, she didn't have a license to drive. It's hard to imagine how she thought she'd get away with it - 10 days ago police charged her with driving without a valid license and hit-and-run, after she bumped a parked car. Today, at an emergency court hearing, Spears was ordered to deliver 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James to their father within 48 hours. He'll have temporary custody while the permanent arrangement is argued in court. public - The judge didn't make his reasoning either it was the driving,

tests he ordered at the last hearing. or Spears failed the random drug she is a frequent drug user. Her former bodyguard testified at a nightclub in Los Angeles. I've seen her snorting a substance Big Tony also told the court put her boys lives at risk, Spears frequently into oncoming traffic on one occasion driving for no apparent reason.

look right in my face. If you're looking for trouble, National Nine News. In the US, Leila McKinnon, Melbourne airport this morning The paparazzi went into overdrive at beautiful women jetted in. as one of the world's most Brazilian supermodel, Gisele, was shepherded by her bodyguards into a waiting car. The world's highest paid model is in the country to promote her new shoe collection. Stephanie with sport next - and Brett Stewart talks about the tackle which knocked him out of the grand final. Yes Mark, he's still trying to remember the game. While for the storm it's a week they'll never forget. And India's bizzare answer to the super sopper. While Manly officials remain angry over a tackle that took Brett Stewart out of the grand final, isn't holding a grudge. the man himself Michael Crocker Stewart says Melbourne hitman didn't miss, but it was legitimate. Almost 48 hours on, the effects of a tackle and Brett Stewart is still feeling that snapped his grand final in two. they have pole-axed Stewart! COMMENTATOR: Oh, Crocker, Slater, Shaken but not angry, Stewart says job when he came over the top Michael Crocker was just doing his and knocked him into la la land. a pretty legitimate tackle I think it was to pressure me and they were just trying a little bit of an awkward spot and I think I got into for a couple of minutes. and found myself snoozing with Crocker Stewart will come face to face on Thursday. when the Australian team gathers What are the first words? Yeah, I don't know.

with him and not against him.' Maybe, 'I'm be glad to be playing of an ugly facial from Ben Cross. Stewart was also on the end The Melbourne prop was charged, for his new club Newcastle next year. and he'll miss two games celebrations are getting ugly And the Storm's grand final,

and no outfit can hide that.

more than others. Evreyone got into the mood, some and today the public joined in. They partied in private last night We're very proud of you. the heart of rugby league. You just conquered Sydney, a city-centre party. Thousands turned up for and a little salt in the wounds. There was plenty of purple the top two teams fought it out, Very fitting - but obviously the better team won. are about to become paper-thin, And, in other news, the referees and Paul Simpkins may follow. Steven Clark is quitting National Nine News. Clinton Fletcher, into the Wallabies world cup squad Morgan Turinui has been called to cover the rising injury toll. two years on the outer. He returns to national duty after final showdown with England. And arrives in time for the quarter Turinui's only World Cup involvement, Writing an Internet blog had been until now. to France Tomorrow, he's on the plane injury crisis. to help ease the Wallabies' not writing about it. My focus is playing football now, to do anything he can His driving ambition - 2003 World Cup loss to England. to help Australia avenge its that was in that squad, For every guy started that night. the motivation for this World Cup

shoulder is improving rapidly Skipper Sterling Mortlock's injured of lining up on Saturday night. and he has high hopes this week I'll be doing full training the shoulder should be fine. and pretty confident for drying a soaked ground. Here's a novel method happily walked across hot coals India's cricket-mad fans would have against Australia. to get a look at this one-dayer since before 4.30 this morning. COMMENTATOR: They've been queuing they'd waited hours to see. And this is what Gilchrist and Hodge out cheaply. leading the fightback. Symonds and Hayden Symonds smashed 87, when dismissed by Sreesanth. but still received this send-off chasing an imposing 307 tonight. 87 also for Brad Haddin, India

Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News. the CommSec finance report, After the break - Majella with the weather details, that was just a stone's throw away. then the new world record of property investors says In business news, a survey is set to surge again, Sydney's residential housing market in the next six months. 73% predicting substantial growth reached a new record On the markets, the All Ords

gaining another 87 points. Westpac gained on their new deal, incredible 22% in one day's trade. but RAMS Home Loans fell an from those 18-year highs, Our dollar has fallen slightly now trading at 88.21 US cents. And tomorrow is the big one Mark - 11 degrees higher than it was today

made it to 23. and today the temperatures with that Some early seabreezes helped

didn't make it to the west - but they, of course, still 31 at Richmond. Tomorrow, hot north westerly winds.

They are pulling all this dry air country, straight over NSW. from the hottest parts of the from first thing in the morning You will feel the heat areas could get to 110 km/h at that time dry winds in alpine

more than 90 km/h by lunchtime we could be looking at and higher parts of the Illawarra. for the central tablelands And as we heard earlier an extreme fire danger there's obviously

when conditions are like that. gradually.. from tomorrow night.. A cooler change will come in of these cold fronts this week there's not much moisture with any making it cooler by Thursday. so just a dry change, come across Melbourne The same change will and a few falls tomorrow morning. bringing strong, cold winds And maybe a shower for Adelaide. westerlies tomorrow for Sydney. Then here they are - those north a high UV level, peaking early - As you'd expect there's from 8.30 in morning. hayfever sufferers And just quickly - for you tomorrow. the pollen count will be atrocious in the city. We are looking at 34 degrees

even 36 for holsworthy. The same in the western suburbs.. and places like Bourke - 37.

Thursday, staying dry though. Then a break from the heat on Temperatures rising again on Friday to be very similar to tomorrow. and at this stage Saturday looks outside, Mark. And that's almost too hot to even be who has set a new world record Finally, to the man for skipping stones. Russell Byars This is the throw which crowned as the stone skipping champion of the world. His stone jumped an incredible 51 times smashing the previous mark of 40. The record breaking throw was filmed several weeks ago, however Guinness experts had to analyse the attempt, frame by frame to verify the feat. That's National Nine News for this Tuesday. We'll leave you with some whales enjoying a lazy cruise past Sydney this afternoon. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight.