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(generated from captions) with a brand-new Volvo XC70. Karen's going, 'Yes!' A beautiful car of the Dandenongs in. to go heading through the hills for tomorrow night. We wish you all the best We'll see you, and we'll see you night and tempt you again. and see you same time tomorrow 'Bye now. Good night. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by in an emergency room toilet, a woman miscarries Hospital scandal -

are ignored. after her pleas for help Show me the money - maybe it might be saved. I just thought

a failed Sydney transport company. angry workers storm We're here for our cheques. parents urged to take care Predator warning - outside a school. after an attempted abduction full honours for the man Military hero - off the Kokoda Track. who pushed the Japanese This program is captioned live. Good evening. First, to a hospital horror story.

went through the ordeal A Sydney woman last night of an intensely painful miscarriage and left untreated while being ignored at Royal North Shore hospital. A shattered Jana Horska of Royal North Shore, this afternoon checked out of her unborn child. blaming the hospital for the loss because the baby wasn't moving. I just couldn't believe it, it might have been saved. And I thought that maybe became a horror story. The joy of expectancy last night and fearing a miscarriage, The 32 year old, 14 weeks pregnant only to be told to wait. rushed to the hospital, of the waiting room, She's squatting on the floor her knees, with her hands wrapped around

grimacing in pain on her face in some way, and I'm trying to support her nothing is being done. in full view of everyone and staff paying no attention. This went on for close to two hours, found her in the public toilet, That all changed when Jana's husband

realising she'd lost her baby. extremely distraught, sitting on a toilet, screaming, Here's my wife,

get out of my mind. with a look on her face I'll never moved into top gear. Suddenly the hospital but that's all. She was found a bed and a doctor, she was laying in her own mess For about an hour before anyone cleaned her up. on that be in the emergency ward a third world country wouldn't you? I reckon you'd get better care in deeply concerning incident. This is a distressing and this is not just a one-off. But the fact is,

badly while miscarrying in June. Sonja Mole claimed she was treated no treatment - I sat it out myself. It was atrocious. There was Vanessa, died in the same hospital While Warren Anderson's daughter after being hit by a golf ball. The golf ball did not kill Ness. afterwards that led to the problem. the treatment she received have apologised Both the hospital and the Government to Jana Horska and her husband. was their second Last night's miscarriage terrible setback and they say despite this latest to start a family they are still determined and we will go again. We will get it over it over time Well, good luck. Damian Ryan, National Nine News.

have stormed the gates Angry workers of trucking company Bon McArthur, company went belly-up on Monday, demanding their pay after the

leaving debts of up to $15 million. had to be called in The police riot squad after a scuffle broke out. and two workers were arrested a shove turned into an all-out brawl. Angry and demanding answers, Stay away. Wronged by their employer, on the wrong side of the law. workers suddenly themselves Get off me. others left shaken, Two were arrested and taken away, including this pregnant woman. They started pushing into me. I've got nine weeks to go. I'm pregnant, slipped through the front gate... Earlier the group, We're here for our cheques. moving through the warehouse. ..then stormed the building, in his bloody little pigeon hole. Hiding like a bloody pigeon Come out and speak to us. of Bon McArthur had flown the coop, But the directors one already in Bali. were there. Unions say the warning signs for a number of years. Agressively anti-union all over the place. They've set up shelf companies for the collapse, No reason has been given owed more than $1 million. but 700 employees are out of pocket, Do we get one week's pay tomorrow? the answer to that actually is no. Unfortunately, We've got a mortgage to pay, going to day care at the moment. we've got two kids any of their entitlements, Before these workers can receive

exactly who they work for. administrators must establish a tangled web of companies Bon McArthur is in fact the British Virgin Islands. based in a tax haven, is called King Rich, And ironically, one of the companies now on the dole queue. but no riches for the workers Karen Tso, National Nine News. and chest this afternoon A man's been shot in the head of Fairfield. in the western Sydney suburb resuscitated at the scene. The 50-year-old had to be

in Liverpool Hospital. He's now in a critical condition over the shooting. A 45-year-old man has been arrested Police are hunting for a young man an 8-year-old boy who tried to abduct Cherrybrook in Sydney's northwest. from outside a primary school at

around the area today, As officers stepped up patrols their children walk anywhere alone. parents were being warned not to let tightly, Parents holding their children John Purchase Primary, walking them inside snatched right outside the gates. after a Year Three boy was nearly actually. when you think about it. It makes your blood run cold, your kids play on the street. You're almost scared to let I'm really worried about it - out on their own at all. I don't really want the girls outside the school - The boy was waiting his mother was running late - a black Corolla with tinted windows when a car which he described as pulled up. and said, "Come home with me." Someone had got out of the car The boy refused and the offender reacted. He reached for him and when he reached he fell over and was pushed. The victim fled, later telling police

Possible tattoo of a dragon on the offender's forearm. Schools in the area are concerned by a spate of recent attacks on children. 14-year-old girl was assaulted at a park less than 100m away, while last month two 8-year-old girls were sexually assaulted at a sports ground in Castle Hill. At this stage in the investigation, the clear indication is they're not connected.

The school has sent letters to the parents

and is hammering home the 'stranger danger' message. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. Kevin Rudd has refused to endorse Wayne Swan as Treasurer in a Labor government. The move follows speculation that deputy leader Julia Gillard could demand the portfolio if Labor wins the federal election. Campaigning in the marginal NSW seat of Macquarie, Julia Gillard claimed to be happy with her current portfolio. If Labor is elected then I will be delighted to serve in a Rudd Labor government as a minister for employment and industrial relations. But in this week's 'Bulletin' magazine, a Gillard supporter raises the possibility she might want Treasury if Labor wins the election and the same suggestion has been circulating in sections of the NSW Labor Party. So Kevin Rudd, also on the campaign trail in Adelaide today, was asked if shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan would definitely keep the key economic portfolio in government. No-one - no one, I repeat - is guaranteed of any position subsequent to an election. That contrasts with the answer I got

when I put the same question to Mr Rudd

via his media adviser Walt Secord last week. I was told I could quote a spokesman as saying

Mr Swan would be Treasurer if Labor won the election.

Now Mr Rudd says such decisions have to wait until the election is over.

It's only once that is done can we then make a final decision about the responsibilities which should be shouldered by each individual. Economic management is a central election issue. If Labor wins, voters will expect the frontbencher responsible for rebuilding the party's economic credentials

to become Treasurer. And the Labor leader praises Mr Swan's performance. Wayne Swan is doing a fantastic job as shadow Treasurer. But as deputy leader,

if Ms Gillard wanted Treasury she could demand it. Cabinet hitman Tony Abbott was calling on Mr Rudd to make it clear who Labor's Treasurer would be. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. The half sister of abandoned toddler Pumpkin has launched a trust fund for the three-year-old she's yet to meet. It follows overwhelming public support for Qian Xun Xue both Australia and New Zealand. My only interest is to ensure that she has a good life. The funeral for Pumpkin's murdered mother was also held in Auckland today. Australia's economic boom has created hundreds of new millionaires and many of them are young.

'Business Review Weekly' today published its list of the 100 wealthiest Australians under 40. He's 36, worth a fortune, and is at the top of his world, but you're more likely to find Shaun Bonett plotting his next property investment than gracing the social pages. I certainly don't stand in line for photographs, let's put it that way. After debuting only last year on the rich list at number three, the founder of the Precision Property Group finds himself number one, with an estimated fortune of $300 million. It's very humbling. Not bad for a guy who bought his first house at 18. I was brought up with the concept that renting was throwing good money after bad. Our Nicole has made it to number two with a personal wealth of $237 million.

She's got quite an empire, Nicole. There's a sprinkling of other movie and sports stars, including Hugh and Harry, Kylie and Cate. But the rest are hardly household names - mostly quiet achievers. They're certainly not your flashy, flamboyant entrepreneurs. They're more your steady, conservative - you know, take risks, but they're very calculated risks. The poorest on this year's rich list are worth a mere $18 million, up from $12 million 12 months ago. BRW says that reflects a healthy economy. It also suggests the country's future is in good hands. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. In breaking news, Burma's military has begun a violent crackdown on anti-government protesters who've been marching for days in defiance of army warnings. Reports say dozens of students and Buddhist monks have been beaten and gassed in the city of Rangoon. Riot police also fired warning shots to disperse the protesters. One of Australia's greatest citizen soldiers has died. Today, Major General Paul Cullen, the man who led our troops to victory on the Kokoda Track was given a final and very impressive military salute. It was a true soldier's farewell...

..all the ceremony at the army's disposal laid on to honor the remarkable life and times of Paul Alfred Cullen, dead at the age of 98 after 78 years of unbroken service to his nation. Until just last year, he marched with his men every Anzac Day,

a chest full of medals testimony to his part

in some of the toughest battles of World War Two. Paul Cullen led Australian soldiers against the Germans in Greece and Crete, in the great battles of Tobruk and the western desert and in New Guinea, throwing overwhelmingly superior Japanese forces back along the Kokoda Track. He gives real meaning to the notion of 'twice the citizen'. A citizen in the army, where he was a fearless soldier, a real warrior in the Second World War - he fought in nearly all of our campaigns - a great leader. The other citizen, a successful businesman and an inexhaustible worker for others. Humanitarian, a charity worker, an aid worker. And a constant driving force in the armed forces reserves, a role he relished until very recently. It was in these barracks 78 years ago that Paul Cullen joined the army and he was never really to leave. The army and service to Australia filled all the rest of his days. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. In the news ahead: early intervention - parents urged to take their toddlers to the dentist. And the photo that could help solve the Madeleine McCann mystery. The family of the late former federal minister, Bob Collins, is being asked to turn down the offer of a state funeral because of the public furor caused by new allegations that he sexually abused young boys. I can't make a judgement, nobody can - the man is dead and you will never know, but I do know these allegations are awful. The 61-year-old former Labor Minister died last week just days before he was due to face court on child sex charges. Shane Warne and his ex-wife are continuing their slanging match, with the cricket legend

urging Simone to move on from their failed marriage. That won't be a problem for Simone, who says she wants nothing more to do with him. I guess I'm a bit angry today with all the coverage. It's all 'poor Shane' sort of thing and I thought, "Hang on a minute".

Simone has disputed claims she went public on her former husband's alleged infidelity

to boost her own profile. The case of a 3-year-old boy who had to have a mouth full of rotten teeth removed has helped launch a new dental campaign for children. The Australian Dental Association wants parents to bring their children in for their first check-up at the age of one. It was years of having bottles through the night that gave this 3-year-old a mouth full of rotten teeth. He was put onto the public hospital waiting list for 12 months. By the time he got to the operating theatre he would have been having all his top teeth removed. Dr Phillipa Sawyer came to Adam Strickland's rescue. She removed six of his teeth, applied crowns and made a set of dentures. The tragedy is he is only one of 1,000 children on the waiting list in NSW. Which is why Dr Sawyer has launched an emergency campaign on behalf of the Australian Dental Association. Because of the state of our children's teeth, they will now need their first check-up at age one. Most parents first take their child to the dentist between the age of three and six, when their baby teeth have matured. But sometimes that's too late -

cavities have formed, setting the child up for problems later in life. At the age of one you have the opportunity to intervene with all the different practices that are going on with diet and oral hygiene to make sure the child doesn't develop any disease. Stephanie McInnes had no idea her toddler needed a check up. I think I just probably thought other than brushing his teeth every now and then there wasn't really much more I needed to do. The tooth fairy, saved from another visit. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. Investigators searching for missing British girl Madeleine McCann are examining this tourist photo taken in Morocco across the straits from Portugal.

It appears to show a European child, resembling Madeleine

being carried on the back of a local woman. The picture was snapped a month ago but the holidaymakers have only just realised the possible connection. New Zealand's Mt Ruapehu volcano has erupted - raining rocks and ash across the region. One mountain climber was badly injured when a boulder crushed his cabin. Ken with sport next Eric Grothe in big trouble and the Storm have hit Sydney in the countdown to Sunday's Grand Final. While Manly brag about their juniors who will play in it. also Matt Geyer makes a pledge to his sons. And mother nature delivers surfing perfection. Criticised for trying to buy a Premiership in the past, Manly has four local juniors in their Grand Final squad. Anthony Watmough, Jason King, Steve Menzies and Adam Cuthbertson have watched each other come through the ranks, and they're all important to the Sea Eagles' chances. They're a tight group at Manly and unlike their opposition, they're producing their own talent. They've done their homework, Manly, and kept a couple of the local juniors around that they thought had potential and they've really worked on us. Cuthbertson was an Avalon Bulldog, Menzies a Harbord Devil, King starred for the Belrose Eagles and Watmough led the Narrabeen Sharks. They've lived and played nowhere else but in Manly's backyard. Maybe we can bring more passion into the team, yeah. Bring that into the team and play well on Sunday night. The Sea Eagles have also been on a self-imposed booze ban since the finals started.

They'll have their first drink in a month after the game.

It could be quite a night. We're not drinking, we're not going out. We're just doing everything at all costs to get the grand final won. There's a local family showing off the maroon and white. By Sunday, there'll be no other colours allowed on the North Shore. We're really happy and we wish them all the best. Go Manly. And late today the Stewart brothers changed hats, but not their colours, to help kick off the surf lifesaving season,

before they hit the beaches. with one more game National Nine News. Clinton Fletcher, late this afternoon, The Storm arrived in enemy territory with the Eagles. ready for their clash by their enthusiastic fans They were boosted before they flew out. at a supporters day the injured players striding it out. What the fans wanted to see were his usual light speed Billy Slater didn't reach he didn't complete the full session. and like Ben Cross, It felt pretty good, actually was alright. The straight line stuff stuff tomorrow, There's a bit of change direction come along alright. so hopefully it will his own support troupe with him Matt Geyer carries

wherever he goes. His daughter is easy work next to his two boys. They were doing their best to get him ready for the weekend's rough stuff. Geyer says they are his inspiration for a second triumph with the club. And Clint Newton is motivated - And with continuing talk about the grapple, ripper and every other tackle, it wasn't surprising that Storm coach Craig Bellamy insisted that our cameras were turned off controversial tackling techniques. when they were practising their Danny Weidler, National Nine News. Australian coach, Ricky Stuart, Still on League, and a furious in his team ever again won't have Eric Grothe failed to attend after the Parramatta winger the Kangaroos training session today. to respect the jumper, A person who's not going when I got this job, as I said from day one this year or in the future. he won't be in my plans,

with Stephen Larkham in doubt A major blow for the Wallabies his injured knee became infected. for the rest of the World Cup after for the second time in 10 days Larkham underwent surgery and remains in hospital on a drip. are dominating competition Australian surfers

on some classic barrel rides at the Billabong Cloud Nine Invitational. The remote right-hand reef break off the Phillipines - regarded as one of the best waves in the world - is producing near perfect 2-metre tubes. Australia's barrel-riders won 9 of 11 heats, among them Luke Dorrington. Yeah, that was the best waves I've ever had for a contest. Fellow Aussie Mark Visser pulled off the ride of the day, emerging from this 2-metre steam train to score 9.6. After the break -

the CommSec finance report. Majella with the weather details. Then, Bondi beauties - a swimwear shoot. the first world record for (French accent) Step aside! I am getting out of the box. Hey, bonjour! I am Fibre. darling. (Chuckles) And I am Wholegrain, BOTH: We know you want us, baby! SEXY MUSIC Get back in your box. Stop following me! She was looking at me, not you. I am not following you.

Have a drink. New Coco Pops Coco Rocks. Arggh! With 55% wholegrain and fibre... ..mums will love them. I love your haircut. And kids will find them irresistible. In finance, David Jones revealed profits ahead 35%, crediting branded clothing sales and a colder winter, but investors sold the stock.

Coca-Cola Amatil lifted after revealing it's interested in Golden Circle. And BHP finally took a breath today after racing ahead the past few days. Its shares set to remain strong though, as it revealed today The All Ords unchanged today. And our dollar's buying US87.27 cents. That cloud rolled in late, Mark, and it made a little bit of a difference to temperatures. Penrith got to 24. Cooler in the city with a top of 20. And it's 18 outside right now. on the chart. There are a couple of cold fronts move through the west of the state. The first has already started to that's tied up with that front. That cloud that came in today, a thunderstorm or some showers Now from that we could get

tonight or tomorrow morning. But you won't feel a big cool change, nipping at its heels. because there's another front And ahead of that second front and strong winds. are warm northerly winds on Friday. And that's what we're going to get late Friday into Saturday. Then that second front is due a slight slump in temperatures. It's colder, so you should feel there's still not a lot of moisture. And while it is colder, So we're not expecting any good rain. Best falls for the ranges. Victoria will get showers tomorrow though,

and staying windy and wet through to Friday. And if you are heading to Brisbane, there's the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. The cloud should go during tomorrow morning, and the winds will be west-north-westerly. Nothing for surfers on Thursday, and Friday and Saturday look pretty flat as well.

It should warm up nicely tomorrow wherever you are. in the city as well - 24 there. 25 at Parramatta and above average Friday will be even hotter. might be a bit annoying. But those strong winds on the weekend. Then that cool change coming across quite good though. The days still look a bit cooler. They are just going to be of the next story, And Mark, by the look

too chilly in Sydney today? it was just as well it wasn't "If you've got it, flaunt it" They say, did at Bondi Beach today. and that's exactly what 1,010 women Guinness World Record The bikini-clad group set the first for the biggest swimwear photo shoot. '30 Days of Fashion and Beauty' The cheeky event was part of ACP's initiative and was clearly a crowd pleaser.