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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. leave the land with dignity - The Government's plan to help farmers the offer? but how many will actually take up

And is this Maddie McCann? which could be of the missing child. Interpol examines a tourist photo Good morning. farmers across the country First, this morning drought-stricken have welcomed survival package the Federal Government's $714 million the worst drought in living memory. to help them get through which take place immediately. Labor supports the new measures

joins me from Canberra. Ben, the package sounds impressive. can't make it rain, We know the Government in their darkest days? but is this enough to help farmers

He is a significant package. We are

our computers. on the edge of a crisis in many of

our computers. It is justifiable

support. We will welcome the

package. We will continue to talk

to government about what is needed. The

The Government is offering grants

of $150,000 to leave the land. When

many farmers take up the offer?

Time would tell. We want to keep Time would tell. We want to keep

farmers on the land. But you cannot

have a drought this widespread have a drought this widespread

without having some implications on

the industry and communities. If

people do want to take that option

they his support. They can professional advice. This they his support. They can get

professional advice. This morning

he has been said the drug is so bad

of that the future we face affects all

of us. The will be felt through the

whole community. We employ 330,000

people on farms. We provide over people on farms. We provide over

half the food that people eat every

day. We will see pressure on food

prices. It will impact on everyone.

A L the package ease the crisis? We have a short-term crisis. This

package is designed to support the

productive base of 1 nation.

Support the families and Support the families and the

regional communities. Not just

financially but socially. In terms

emotional of cancelling. To hell with the

emotional impact the drought has

had. In the long term we have a

challenge. We have done a lot to

prepare for a trade Continent. We

are willing to do more. We must

protect our productive days. Do you

think many farmers will receive

these handouts? We do not consider

it a handout. It is justified to

support our farmers through this

event. You have to be through AC

that serious drought to get the

support. There are limits and

thresholds. The community demand

that. We understand there. The

thing that changes made yesterday

when the that more farm families

will be able to access these

support. We think is a good thing. And later in the morning news, are the latest to be hit we'll look at how wine drinkers by the gripping drought. in Brisbane A toddler has died in hospital by his father. after allegedly being bashed address yesterday afternoon, Police were called to this Bayside who cannot be named, finding the 2-year-old, with shocking injuries. He was rushed to Redcliffe Hospital but didn't survive the night. has appeared in court, A 34-year old man charged with grievous bodily harm. He's expected to re-appear today they will review the charge. where police say in the hunt for Madeleine McCann - A possible breakthrough of a child Interpol are examining a photo the missing British girl. that could be in Morocco three weeks ago. A Spanish tourist took the photo It shows a blonde-haired child of an elderly north African woman. on the back to the police on Monday The tourist says she went about sightings of Madeleine. after seeing a television news story

She also went to the British embassy with the McCanns's lawyers. to get in contact of Madeleine in Morocco This is the fourth-reported sighting from her family's hotel room since she disappeared in Portugal in May. known as 'Pumpkin', The abandoned toddler, with her grandmother has been reunited at a Melbourne railway station almost a fortnight after being dumped are still searching for the fugitive, Authorities in the US by her father.

in L.A.'s Chinatown district. who's believed to be hiding and her father hunted by police, Her mother murdered finally back in the arms of family. little Qian Xun Xue Both the toddler and her grandmother to be together again. visibly delighted to some degree of normality. They can help her get a path back the brutal death of her daughter, Despite still grieving she will adopt the toddler. Liu Xiaoping has confirmed a statement of sincere thanks Today she released of Australia, New Zealand, to the people and governments the United States and China. her deep pain and broken heart, The open letter also expressed her daughter's remains to China her intention to return

and adopt 3-year-old Qian. for murdering her daughter As for the man wanted and abandoning the toddler,

bears regret and bitterness. she says her family

brutal criminal as soon as possible. And she asks Interpol to arrest the marshalls are planning just that. In the US, as part of this investigation. There will be no stone unturned Luke Waters, Ten News. Peter Brock The last will of motor racing legend is being tested in a Melbourne court. to girlfriend Julie Bamford, In it, he left much of his estate but the document was never signed. but throughout his career He was a master behind the wheel,

attention to financial matters - Peter Brock didn't pay close warned him about. something his partner of 30 years "Bevo, you'll take care of it" He always just said when our situation changed and I guess

it became even more complex. now deciding The Victorian Supreme court if a will made in 2006 is valid. superannuation to his three children, In it, Brock leaves shares and to new lover Julie Bamford. and the rest of his money to his personal assistant, The will was dictated but Brock never signed it. knew of it. The court heard not even Ms Bamford to his family Ms Brock says Peter had promised and the family home, a lifetime of racing memorabilia

controversially sold for $2 million last year. need to take care of the details It's a stark reminder that people when our time's up. because none of us ever know In an affidavit, Ms Brock described her former partner as having a cavalier attitude towards financial matters and that the 9-time Bathurst champion joked

he didn't worry about his will because he wouldn't be alive. Brock had two previous wills and should have known his signature was required. The last thing Peter would ever have wanted was to leave the mess that's here. Ben Lewis, Ten News. Staff at two Sydney venues have been threatened with taser guns in terrifying overnight hold-ups. A group of four robbers began their raids at the Ibis hotel in Darling Harbour. They hassled a receptionist for cash, threatening to use the stun gun, but left empty-handed. The men and women then moved on to a hotel in Refern. They escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash in a late model four-wheel drive.

Spin king Shane Warne has returned home, He was greeted by his three children and parents at Melbourne Airport last night, along with a large media contingent he was clearly unimpressed to see. Move on. I think it's time for everyone to move on. REPORTER: So you think it's unfair that she's saying you cheated on her No, I didn't and I'd been single for a couple of months.

It's just wrong. OK, thanks very much!

Warne's former wife, Simone Callahan, made the separation public this week, claiming he mistakenly sent her a text message meant for another woman.

There are calls for Shane and Simone to put their differences aside for the sake of their children, and later in the morning news, deal with the divorce of their parents. Another celebrity arrested after behaving badly in Hollywood. That story next. And a volcanic explosion sends skiers fleeing in New Zealand.

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This program is captioned live. A pregnant woman has miscarried in the toilet of a Sydney hospital after being kept waiting for an hour. The woman's husband said she had suffered a miscarriage earlier this year and went to the Royal North Shore Hospital after suffering similar symptoms. The New South Wales Government says a full investigation will be carried out into the incident. Bob they said Bob they said there was nothing

they could do. I was unfounded. Burma's military rulers have imposed a dusk till dawn curfew to try to end mass protests. Buddhist monks, are refusing to back down, as armed soldiers move onto the streets.

The soldiers to run the country are

losing their grip. Tonight the

signs of an army crackdown. Trucks

full of soldiers spotted on the

streets for the first time. Curfew

has been announced. Gatherings of

more than 5 people band. The crisis

is coming to her head. What began

as demonstrations by a handful about

about affairs has escalated with

astonishing speed. Many had been

persuaded to join the monks. It is

economic hardship which is driving the people. They are disgusted at their brutal rulers.

There wasn't a view of the state

television. After days of silence

the mouthpiece of the military

Spokane. They are blaming a

destructive elements. The state no longer

longer monopolises the flow of

information. New technology is

opening it up. The pictures were

filled filmed on a mobile phone and

centre on the internet. The BBC has

been getting eyewitness accounts

through e-mail.

The military is beginning to shut

down these digital windows. It is

preparing to use force.

And the protests in Burma have prompted the US President on the country. to impose harsh sanctions Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly, George W. Bush wants financial restrictions placed on the military regime. We will enforce a visa ban on those responsible for the violations of human rights, as well as their family members. I urge the United Nations, and all nations, to use their diplomatic and economic leverage to help the Burmese people reclaim their freedom.

The Australian Government has warned the Burmese military against using force to end the protests. Now to our weekly report from the United States with Ten's US bureau chief Nicole Strahan. Nicole, Iran's controversial President has addressed world leaders at the United Nations. Good morning, Natarsha. A day after Iran's President declared there are no homosexuals in his country,

he's made another controversial speech. This time to the United Nations General Assembly. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's presence at the UN attracted fiery protests. of world leaders Outside the gathering thousands directed their protests at one man. (All chant) We want justice! We want peace! Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stands accused of aiding terrorists,

pursuing nuclear weapons and helping insurgents who are killing US troops in Iraq. MAN: The President of the United States of America...

But inside the General Assembly President Bush didn't want to draw any more attention to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mr Bush's address only mentioned Iran in passing. Instead he focused on a broader fight for freedom from poverty, tyranny and violence. The people of Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq have asked for our help and every civilised nation has a responsibility to stand with them. President Bush also announced new US sanctions on the south-eastern Asian country of Myanmar where the military regime is cracking down on anti-government protests. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was spotted checking his watch during Bush's speech. at the same time Despite being in the same place

these two leaders never crossed paths. During a part of the Iranian President's speech

entitled 'the Arms Race' he referred to a shadow of threat looming over the world, but insisted that his nation's nuclear programs have always been transparent. Our country is recognised as one with the capacity for for peaceful purposes. Behind the scenes the US is pushing for new Security Council sanctions against Iran. asserting that its uranium enrichment is part of a nuclear weapons program. And during that speech by the US President, a reference also to the future of Cuba and its leader Fidel Castro. Mr Bush declared the long rule of a cruel dictator is near its end. wasn't impressed, and walked out. The UN must insist on free speech, and ultimately, free and competitive elections. The Cubans issued a statement of the arrogant and mediocre statement by President Bush. Computer game enthusiasts are likely to be a little weary here in the United States after queuing overnight for the latest hot item, Microsoft's Halo 3. The Halo series is one of the most successful video game franchises ever created and Microsoft is hoping it will boost the entertainment arm of its business. Halo 3 embodies our vision for the future of entertainment. Xbox sales are likely to improve too because it's the only console

capable of playing the game about hostile aliens. I came here straight from work so I could get a limited edition. I was stoked. Halo 3 sales are expected to exceed sales for the latest 'Harry Potter' book. Not among those in line, TV actor Kiefer Sutherland. Instead he's joined the list of celebrities in trouble with the law. Sutherland has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving in western Los Angeles.

The 40-year-old was pulled over

when police caught him making an illegal u-turn. The Emmy Award-winning actor posted $28,000 bail and is due back in court on October 16. Sutherland was already on probation for another drink-driving offence, which means if he's convicted this time around he could spend time behind bars. A farmer, obviously with a bit of time on his hands, has put his artistic skills to work in one of his paddocks.

The giant maze is dedicated to the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' with almost 9km of winding paths through 8 hectares of corn. Natarsha, I'll have more news from the US in the 5:00 news hour. A volcano has erupted in New Zealand injuring a climber. A stream of rock and ash exploded from Mount Ruapehu's crater lake just after 8pm last night. The eruption also triggered mud flows known as Lahars, alarming skiers and tourists, but it was too small to trigger the early warning system.

A teacher climbing near the top of the mountain, of a hut by a rock. was pinned to the floor The 22-year-old's legs were crushed and may have to be amputated. Volcano experts are warning there could be more eruptions over the next five days. The ski fields have been closed,

but the main road is still open for sightseeing. A special delivery for an Israeli zoo. Meet Tibor, the first white rhinoceros to be born at the safari park in 15 years. Zookeepers are thrilled with the birth, because they've struggled to breed the endangered creatures. But all the attention is a bit much for the 1-day-old calf, the camera-shy star happy to stay close to mum. Helping children cope with the divorce of their parents - how to put their feelings first, when the Morning News returns. Why wine drinkers are the latest victims of the nation's crippling drought.

WOMAN: Rush into Red Rooster Choose either a Flayva, for just $6.95. Scores of Australian women can't be wrong. Pantene. (Woman whispers) Shine. This program is captioned live. Drought-stricken farmers are welcoming the Federal Government's $714 million survival package, to help them get through the worst drought in living memory. But there are concerns many struggling property owners won't take up the offer to leave the land, preferring to tough it out.

A possible breakthrough in the hunt for Madeleine McCann - Interpol are examining a photo of a child that could be the missing British girl. A Spanish tourist took the photo in Morocco three weeks ago. on the back of an elderly north African woman. Burma's military rulers have imposed a dusk-till-dawn curfew

to try to end mass protests. But the demonstrators, led by Buddhist monks, are refusing to back down, as armed soldiers move onto the streets. Protests on this scale are a rare sight in Burma. During the last uprising in 1988, the military killed up to 3,000 people. The Burmese military seized power in 1962. A committee of 12 senior generals controls the state, Opposition has been brutally suppressed. Imprisonment and torture are common place. For decades the regime has kept the lid on a seething popular dissent. The pro-democracy opposition has been down this road before. a series of street protests In August 1988 students began calling for the restoration of democracy. A year before the Tianeman Square protests in neighbouring China, the Burmese military did not hesitate.

Their crackdown was swift and ferocious,

thousands of protestors were killed. The regime conceded multi-party elections in 1990, but when the pro-democracy opposition won more than 80% of the seats, the regime annulled the results, and placed its leader under house arrest. Hundreds more were jailed.

It is perhaps more dangerous for the military rulers, that these protests are led not by students, but by the country's Buddhist monks. of Burmese society, They are the most revered sector like the Catholic church in communist Poland, a quiet, patient, peaceful rebuke to military brutality. And the chance of an alternative Burma. And the protesters know that Burma's neighbours have their own stake in the country's destiny. India may be the world's largest democracy, but it depend upon gas supplies from Burma to fuel its growing economy. In return, India agrees to say nothing critical, to exert no pressure for change. China, though, is the closest Burma has to an ally. But the China that is preparing to hold next year's Olympics is quite different to the old China that condoned the 1998 crackdown.

Beijing does not want another Tianamen Squre in its neighbourhood. It may well exert a restraining hand on Burma's generals. But the generals have never seemed susceptible to outside pressure. They've managed to stay in power before the protesters know that they are walking a dangerous path.

In finance news, the Australian share market has opened lower today. The big dry is now claiming another victim -

cheap wine. The days of those $2 or $3 bargain bottles are numbered, with the advice - stock up now! For close to four years now those who enjoy wine have also enjoyed good prices, but that affair, like most things, has to end. The groceries, fruit and vegies will be going up too, we're being squeezed on all fronts at the moment.

Not as much as wine growers though, the industry has gone from an over-supply, to a shortage, in just 12 months. That means prices like these will be relegated to the history books. The two dollar bottle of wine, which you saw in the marketplace last year, will not happen again. The drought is forecast to reduce the 2008 grape crop by half. Growers will now start to hold on to what stock they have, to get a better price. Those guys have been doing it tough, and it's going to be a very tough year for them as well. Don't expect prices to go up straight away though, there is still cheaper surplus stock available. It will be around six months before the big bargains totally dry up. Retailers aren't worried though, they claim the extremely low prices have made wine more appealing, and expanded the industry's customer base. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Now for a look at the national weather, and for the rest of the day.

The economic power of the tween -

why 11- to 14-year-olds are becoming the main target of major advertisers. Our feature story is next.

Choose either a Flayva, Tropicana for just $6.95. This program is captioned live. Children can often be the forgotten victims of divorce. The Child Support Agency to help teenagers deal with the breakdown of their families. The CSA's Dr Paul Jelfs is with us now with more. Doctor, how many teens are affected by divorce in Australia?

None the window that a lot of

children are victims of separation

and divorce. We know there and divorce. We know there are about 11,000 separations that

happen each year. We children are

involved. They tend to be forgotten.

There is support for the parents

but not so much focus on the kids.

Today we have a launch of a new

booklet. The minister is launching

today. It is directed at the

teenagers. By a figure was some of

the issues that they may

experience? Absolutely. Teenagers

get through a whole range of

emotions that they experience. Some

sadness. Some relief. Some shock.

Sometimes they do blame themselves.

These change through the period of

separation. There are rich sauces

in this booklet that we have put

together they really help teenagers

identify those emotions. Work with

those emotions. Identify who they

can talk to about those things.

with these issues early? House and port and is it that we do

We know that from a lot of research

that dealing with the issues is

that dealing with the issues is

very important. We have identified

those issues in this book it.

Teenagers can self- identify. They

can work with others to help

themselves. They can use the issues

that come up in the books to try

and work them through.

may not be a household name, Hannah Montana that is unless you're a tweenage girl 14-year-olds And the tastes of the 11- to are nothing to be laughed at a very adult economic punch. as they pack CROWD CHEERING The hottest-selling act in the country right now... # Everybody sing everybody.. #

... might come as a surprise. CHILDREN SINGING Unless, that is, you're a tweenage girl or her parents. She's funny, she's a really good actress and singer. Her name is Miley Cyrus. She's the 14-year-old real life daughter of 'Achy Breaky' Billy Ray Cyrus. But to her millions of ga-ga fans she's Hannah Montana, on her Disney Channel hit. the character she plays Her 51-city tour is selling out so fast for hundreds of dollars, that tickets are going in some cases, more than $1000,

for ticket brokers.

to the Rolling Stones, if you will, She's definitely comparable 'Rolling Stone' magazine says on its cover any time soon, we probably won't see her she can't be ignored. but as a musical force like no-one else right now, She's selling tickets

it's kind of extraordinary. 'High School Musical', Like the cable movie phenomenon more than anything, Hannah Montana is a means to market.

to 8- to 14-year-olds, Not just music, but merchandise American Girl tapped into the same group at $87 a pop. to sell 13 million dolls Every year, America's 20 million tweens can be counted on to spend about $40 billion and influence their families to spend another $110 billion.

$150 billion is more than the entire economy of about 100 countries. Wendy Gordon

sees parents drop big money on their little kids all the time. Most of them come in and if they put in $5 the Mum will put in the rest of the money, so it's definitely coming from the parents. And as long as Mum and Dad are willing to shell out the next pre-packaged superstar you can be sure is already waiting in the wings. for Geelong. a Grand Final selection dilemma Ahead -

approach to the NRL's season decider. And the Melbourne Storm takes a new Wallabies career be over prematurely Also, could Stephen Larkham's forces him back into hospital? as a knee infection place where it rains in colour. (Turkish accent) I have seen this can last a lifetime. Where a single second (Chuckles) And fingernails are food! thousands and feel totally alone. Where men can be surrounded by than gold. Where leather is more precious And men reach for the sky Septopia. (Whispers) Septopia? Septopia. MAJESTIC MUSIC

What makes her skin feel so soft?

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This program is captioned live. To some breaking news now , firm in Sydney, ugly scenes at a collapsed trucking as employees try to find out about their entitlements. Receivers were appointed to Macarthur Express this week. Workers have stormed the building, hoping to find their papers so they can start to claim unemployment benefits. Come out and speak to us, tell us what's happening, are we going to get our pays or not? It's believed the workers may be paid via a company registered in the British Virgin Islands, which could make it difficult for them to receive any entitlements. Sport now and first, our Rugby World Cup update with Anthony Goodridge. Anthony, have we seen the end of the Wallabies' Stephen Larkham? fly-half was re-admitted to hospital The team rocked by news their veteran It's too early to tell, Natarsha.

for further surgery on his knee. before his future is known. And it could be a couple of days of a glorious Test career, It looks like the end to maintain a brave face. but Stephen Larkham is trying Had it cleaned out last night and hopefully back on track to start running. He got up yesterday morning

just the start of his infection. They took him into hospital getting treated and he spent the night in there and he'll be out today or tomorrow. five-eighth at training Julian Huxley filled in at his way back from a corked thigh. while Berrick Barnes is easing

Alternative five-eighth Matt Giteau had been earmarked for a week off. I'd probably prefer to have a rest but, having said that, if I have to bench I'm more than happy to do it.

The difference from the Welsh game to the Fijian game - he took a lot more responsibility in just one week so he's certainly developing, whether he plays with experienced players or he doesn't. Coach Connolly with plenty of options, though still looking to have the 102-Test hundred veteran, Larkham, at the business end of the tournament. but we'll see. but we're hoping the semifinal, Japan dancing like it was 1991. a game in the World Cup. That was the last time they won They didn't even win this, to a generous 3.5-minute injury time, but thanks the Cherry Blossoms had a shot tournament losing streak. at breaking their 13-game COMMENTATOR: To level the game! The crowd go up. The flags are raised. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. and play the Wallabies Canada now have to turn around on Saturday night. the Aussies face in the quarters - Earlier that morning we find out who

England or Tonga. the Rugby World cup news for now. And that's all in Montpellier, Natarsha, We'll keep an eye on Stephen Larkham and update in the news at 5pm, and of course in Sports Tonight. To AFL, has a huge selection dilemma and Geelong to stay with young ruckman Mark Blake The Cats have to decide whether Steven King. or recall former captain, possible to press his case this week. Steven King will do everything The former captain has had to play third fiddle for much of the year, behind Brad Ottens and Mark Blake. But Blake stumbled under the finals glare last Friday night,

King regained touch in the VFL and suddenly there is a massive decision to make, the best ruck duo in the league. as the Cats take on

a Brownlow medallist. Geelong's midfield now contains Jimmy Bartel dismissing concerns his performance on Saturday, will somehow affect as has happened in the past. our game this weekend. It frustrates me a bit, concentrate on the game. I don't think it will, as a fairytale farewell The Grand Final looms for one of footy's good guys. it's a nice way to go out. Yeah, I suppose personally But there is heartache at Port, his finals dream was shattered Michael Wilson's stayed away after by a serious Achilles injury. very very disappointing... He's the heart and soul of our club, ..cruel to him as a player. Wilson will attend Friday's Grand Final parade. Rob Waters, Ten News. To the NRL Grand Final and the Melbourne Storm is holding a fan day at its final home training session this morning. The team then travelling to Sydney four days before the big match against Manly. The Storm preparing to head north to soak up some final atmosphere.

It's a different approach to last

year's decider. They hope it will

bring a different results.

Meanwhile forward Mick Crocker has announced he'll retire next year Clint Newton at the club. to keep mid-season recruit looked set to force Newton overseas, Salary Cap pressures

but Crocker's offer to forgo the final year of his contract

could mean Newton stays put. forced to defend his team The former Newcastle Knight

the so-called "ripper" tackle. from accusations of one they come up with mate, I'm looking forward to the next with our techniques. we've got no problem the arms of two Parramatta players Storm players accused of wrenching at in the preliminary final. left with a torn pectoral muscle. Eels captain Nathan Cayless

to get us off our game. it's a case of trying I just think

If you're gonna get penalised because you're better than the other team at wrestling,

I think you open up a can of worms there. Grand Final opponents Manly, and not endearing themselves to the referees' boss. the courtesy of a call. are little tactics that are used. But the man in the middle says he'll call things as he sees them. Tony Archer earning his maiden Grand Final appointment. I won't have any hesitation in penalising anything that's against the rules. She's one of the most successful Australian athletes of all time. is taking a different direction. But in retirement, Louise Sauvage She's trying her hand at a new sport, towards the Beijing Paralympic Games. while also steering her protege there's no medals at stake, On Sydney's Olympic training track, and no crowd to inspire her. close her eyes to step back in time. But Louise Sauvage only needs to yeah, it's pretty awesome, yeah very special. I'll obviously, never ever forget, Sauvage is going to win it, COMMENTATOR: Louise is coming away, and she comes home to win! CROWD CHEERING Seven years after winning gold in Sydney, Louise is preparing for more Olympic glory, coaching Athens' bronze medallist, Angie Ballour. The last one was good, 1:57, keep it beautifully consistent. She's made me faster, heaps faster, so, it's working. I enjoy coaching very much, and I'd like to continue on with it, and see how far I can go, and I really like to coach an Olympic gold medallist, yeah, no pressure on Angie. These days her time on the track is shared with time on the basketball court. Retirement has given her the chance to restart, what was, a promising junior career. I'm such a competitive person, and I wanna win, and I can't do that all by myself in a basketball team, so I have to rely on the other players some of the girls on my team are awesome. Earlier this month, her team the 'Goodcamp Gladiators', played in the National League finals. But Louise insists that's as far as she'll go shooting hoops. Oh, no, Lauren Jackson and me, we don't have anything in common. Those weaknesses are hard to spot, through sheer mental toughness, and outstanding achievement, Louise Sauvage has left a lasting legacy. It's kind of awesome to think that I was one of the most recognised athletes with a disability, and probably changed the minds and attitudes of a lot of people towards athletes with disabilities, and people with disabilities in general. If that encourages someone or dream bigger, then that's fantastic. MUSIC PLAYING Paul Cochrane, Ten News. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

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Drought-stricken farmers are welcoming the Federal Government's $714 million survival package

to help them get through the worst drought in living memory. But there are concerns many struggling property owners won't take up the offer to leave the land, preferring to toughen it out. A possible breakthrough in the hunt for Madeleine McCann. Interpol are examining a photo of a child that could be the missing British girl. A Spanish tourist took the photo in Morocco three weeks ago. It shows a blonde-haired child on the back of an elderly north African woman. Burma's military rulers have imposed a dusk-til-dawn curfew

to try to end mass protests. But the demonstrators, led by Buddhist monks, are refusing to back down, move onto the streets. as armed soldiers Now national weather. You know it's almost summer when the first box of mangoes goes under the hammer. The annual event raising much needed funds for children's charities Hundreds of grocers packed into the city's produce market as the tray of fruit went under the hammer. But last year's winner Fred Psiciunerio pipped the other bidders to the post paying $25,000 for just 12 mangoes. It's the fourth time he's made the winning bid and has donated more than $107,000 to charity. All proceeds will go to the Children's Hospital at Westmead. She's gone from hip-hop royalty to Hollywood movie star and it's all just a day in the life of Queen Latifah. But the Grammy-winning, Academy Award nominee

came from humble beginnings that were mixed with a healthy dose of scepticism from her mother. I was like, 'Queen?!' OK, right, your peers are going to call you Queen. Um hum. But the 37-year-old has gone from strength to strength, making the title a fitting one for a woman who continues to have the world at her feet. We'll have this story and more on tomorrow's morning news.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. We'll leave you with some pictures of a different side of football - NRL and AFL stars getting their gear off for breast cancer research, posing for a raunchy new calendar. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.