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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Charmaine Dragun. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Tonight - under attack - as young as 12. police hunting brawlers Melbourne Cup threat - the horse flu vaccination mistake. a rocket ambush in Iraq. Australian soldiers survive

GUNFIRE Drug smoking rail workers - their damning Internet video. is absolutely moronic. The behaviour in YouTube Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan, ahead of Saturday's AFL Grand Final. in Melbourne

Brad, major news tonight at Essendon. the Bombers have a new coach. Chairmane, His name is Damian Hardwick.

is returning to Windy Hill. The two-time premiership player Jimmy Bartel Also tonight, Brownlow medallist but keen to get on with the job enjoying the accolades of beating Port Adelaide.

name full strength teams Manly and Melbourne for the NRL Grand Final engulfs the Storm. as a ripper controversy cleared to line-up against Canada. And Wallabies centre Scott Staniforth

to head-off a drought disaster. Australia's $700 million top-up But first,

to $3 billion, It takes the farm rescue bill we can afford to be generous. but the Government says the impending hike However, it won't head-off

in grocery bills. to a national drought emergency. It's a national response assistance package We have decided on an additional which is worth some $714 million. declared With 65% of viable land drought

as crops fail, and farm debt set to soar rural crisis the Government has moved to stop the

from becoming a catastrophe. farmer a fighting chance Our primary aim is to give every The Commonwealth will dramatically ease eligibility

for drought assistance, in country towns. even extending it to small businesses

no longer make a living And those primary producers who can to walk away from their farms. will be eligible for a $150,000 grant of their families is draining away A lot of their hope and that and at a time like this to be properly generous a wealthy nation can afford to its hard-working farmers. around $3 billion in assistance The Government has now committed since the drought began. is an investment in the nation An investment in agriculture so much of the food and fibre because of course we do provide that Australians enjoy. cannot survive the Australian economy without the agricultural sector. In the cities, in the cost of living, the drought means a rise even cheap wine is expected to become more expensive

because of a smaller grape crop. will be going up too, The groceries - fruit and vegies - so we're being squeezed Murray McCloskey, Ten News. at least eight people, Police are hunting some as young as 12, in broad daylight. after a vicious bashing the attack A home security camera captured as the victim defended himself and flying chunks of concrete. from punches by a car driven straight at him. Moments later, he was almost hit with bits of steel pipe, They were trying to belt us they could lay their hands on, throwing anything plastic surgery on his finger, The 20-year-old underwent in the attack. which was almost severed There's been a dramatic firefight and Australian soldiers in Iraq. between insurgents

in Dhi Qar Province, The Aussies attacked the shoot-out captured on camera.

Contact! Contact - nine o'clock! (Soldier shouts) the outskirts of town, As we got into we were engaged by insurgents, and a rocket-propelled grenade. both with small arms No Australians were hurt. The insurgents fled the scene.

including the Melbourne Cup, The Spring Racing Carnival, is safe for the moment, but there are fears a vaccine row the race that stops a nation. could jeopardise to release enough shots The Commonwealth is refusing to protect the Victorian industry. But instead is only getting 1500. totally inappropriate. We deemed that 1500 was for not speaking up. Canberra blaming the State at the ministerial meeting, Every minister

together with the 20 note-takers, representative, did not hear a single Victorian

veterinary officer neither the minister nor the chief of 1500 doses. contest the allocation

The Victorians says that's nonsense. shouldn't even get that many. should get no vaccines. It's claimed some believe Victoria and Queensland where the virus The majority to go to New South Wales has been detected. repercussions, The war of words could have costly Carnival, jeopardising the Spring Racing including the Melbourne Cup. is in lock-down. Meantime another Queensland racetrack as they were about to start The Ipswich races halted at Deagon this morning because a jockey had done track work reported late yesterday. where six suspected cases were and plans have been shattered, uuThings have been destroyed I suppose. vaccines to be flown in. Queensland now also waiting for as quickly as we can, My opinion is get them infected

at Eagle Farm and here in Doomben. that is, the population here Mate, get it over with. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. Rail workers who videoed themselves

in a drug and alcohol binge taking part could face criminal charges. the contract maintenance workers The video of was posted on the Internet. is absolutely moronic. we are treating it very seriously. It's unbelievable and that's why two separate investigations. The workers are facing A Supreme Court hearing of Peter Brock's final will is testing the validity which leaves much of his estate to girlfriend Julie Bamford. The court heard sign the will the 'King of the Mountain' didn't toward money. and had a cavalier attitude the Brocks should be celebrating, It's a week getting married on Saturday. with daughter Alexandra of nearly 30 years, However, for Peter Brock's partner she warned him against. it's a day in court "Bevo, you'll take care of it," He always just said, and I guess the situation changed it became even more complex. is deciding on the validity of a will made in 2006. In it, the 9-time Bathurst 1000 winner leaves shares and superannuation to his three children, to new lover Julie Bamford. and the rest of his money The will, dictated to his personal assistant, wasn't signed by Mr Brock, and lawyers have described it as nothing more than a draft. The court heard not even Ms Bamford knew of it, written months before he died. In an affidavit provided to the court, Beverley Brock describes her former partner as having a cavalier attitude to matters legal and financial, and that Peter Brock had joked he wasn't worried about his will

because he wouldn't be alive. Ms Brock says Peter had always promised the family home - sold last year and memorabilia to his family. It's a stark reminder that people need to take care of the detail because none of us ever know when our time's up. The court heard his signature was required Peter Brock should have known as he'd already finalised two previous wills.

The last thing Peter would have wanted was to leave the mess that's here. Kate McGrath, Ten News. It seems a new property boom is about to hit Sydney. A national survey has revealed Sydney prices are growing faster than any other capital city with some suburbs cashing in. How times change in the Harbour City. From boom to bust and now, back to boom again. We're seeing up to 30% growth in the last 12 months. That's backed up by the latest survey from the Australian Property Institute which regularly questions leading valuers, analysts, lenders and fund managers. Our survey would indicate that Sydney has probably got the greatest room for growth, And that growth in Sydney residential prices will probably outstrip all other capitals - particularly Brisbane, where prices may start to stall. professionals and investors, Fuelling that spike - cashed-up eager to buy in sought-after areas or reap the benefits of increasing rents. It's like a bubble and the outside of that bubble is doing very well, as well. But not as well as that coastal zone.

I'm also finding that a lot of people who have done very well on the share market are upgrading their properties. But that growth will be patchy. While some suburbs will obviously enjoy the boom, tough times will still be tough for those areas where prices have fallen rapidly and mortgage defaults are on the rise. But even in those areas, prices may start to stabilise. It's fallen a great deal and that probably will be the bottom. But another surge in prices will do nothing to improve affordability. A Deutsche Bank report confirming that while wages have increased by more than 50% in the last decade, house prices have jumped by three times that rate. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Spinking Shane Warne has returned home tonight, defending himself over his latest mobile phone text controversy. He was greeted by his three children and parents, along with a large media contingent he was clearly unimpressed to see. Move on. I think it's time for everyone to move on. REPORTER: So you think it's unfair when you'd separated? that she's saying you cheated on her for a couple of months. No I didn't and I've been single It's just wrong. OK, thanks very much! Warne's former wife, Simone Callahan, made the separation public this week, to a magazine. selling her version of events She claims Warne mistakenly sent her a text meant for another woman. Coming up in Ten's Late News - another good day on the stock market. Details in CommSec's finance report. Fashion's larger-than-life shock tactics. And knocking down multi-million-dollar mansions to build the ultimate dream home. It's amazing to see five houses go down for one. SONG: # In a wonderland # We see # Happiness for you # And me # In a special wonderland. # WOMAN: Falcon XR8 Ute. The power it gives blokes is unbelievable. ENGINE REVS All the way through. That's it, baby. Fantastic! flexible memberships that don't lock you in. Call 1300 FERNWOOD today. Here at the Jones's... The whole team is mixing up play brilliantly. There's something for everyone in KFC's Variety Footy Pack. Popcorn Chicken... Crispy Strips... ..Nuggets... ..Original Recipe... ..and a heap of sides. KFC's Variety Footy Pack. This program is captioned live. You're watching Ten's Late News. An emergency in New Zealand tonight - reports of people injured in a volcanic eruption. Mount Ruapehu has spewed huge mudflows

with police forced to shut the North Island's main highway and rail line. Local radio is reporting people have been injured on the snow-covered peak. The volcano erupted without warning. The abandoned toddler known as Pumpkin - Qian Xun Xue - has been reunited with her grandmother. The secret meeting coming as US authorities step up their hunt for her fugitive father. Her mother murdered and her father hunted by police, little Qian Xue is finally back in the arms of family, both the toddler and her grandmother visibly delighted to again be together. They can now begin a path back to some degree of normality.

Despite still grieving the brutal death of her daughter, Liu Xiao Ping has confirmed she will adopt the toddler. Today she released a statement of sincere thanks to the public and governments of Australia, New Zealand, the United States and China. The open letter also expressed her deepest pain and broken heart, her intention to return her daughter's remains to China and adopt 3-year-old Qian. As for the man wanted for murdering her daughter she says her family bears regret and bitterness, and she asks Interpol to arrest the brutal criminal as soon as possible. In the United States, marshals are planning just that. as part of this investigation. There will be no stone unturned The American public has been warned not to approach self-proclaimed martial arts grandmaster Nai Yin Xue. The murder was violent. We consider him, based on our information, to be armed and dangerous. The investigation, which marshals say is on track, is being conducted in conjunction with New Zealand police and America's Chinese community. I would say that he's nervous, he's looking over his shoulder,

and hopefully he'll stay that way. Luke Waters, Ten News. 43 years after one of Australia's worst naval disasters, a survivor of the 'Voyager' crash has been awarded a record payout. A court ordering he be paid more than $2 million. when HMAS 'Voyager' and HMAS 'Melbourne' collided off Jervis Bay. Peter Covington-Thomas was 22 at the time, a bowman aboard the 'Melbourne'. We were the first boat alongside what was left of 'Voyager'. The horror of what confronted him and his mates has played vividly in his mind ever since, The whole night was just a nightmare... ..and, um, it still is. But today, closure, the NSW Supreme Court awarding Mr Covington-Thomas $2.2 million compensation for stress and loss of earnings. People died that night and people were badly hurt that night, and people were badly traumatised that night. Contributing to Peter's stress - a 12-year legal battle, and now, a possible Commonwealth appeal. stand by you, Is your Government going to or are they going to forget you, with a lot of us? like I think they've done dead and gone. They just want us to be some of the 40 servicemen Peter will tonight ring with cases still before the courts. His message will be a simple one. Stay the course! Brett Mason, Ten News. has appeared in court A prominent Perth lawyer Iran's president has caused outrage, homosexuals in his country. telling a US university there are no welcomed as His comments came after he was a petty and cruel dictator. Iran's President was loud and angry, The welcoming party for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad protesters accusing (All chant) USA! Despite the vehement opposition pressed ahead with the speech, Columbia University the escape the attacks, he was wrong. but if Iran's leader thought he could signs of a petty and cruel dictator. Mr President, you exhibit all the

as unfriendly and insulting Ahmadinejad described the criticism but pressed on. He insisted his country's interest in a nuclear program was for peaceful purposes and defended his right to doubt the Holocaust. Several questions from the audience were met with more questions, persecution of homosexuals. until he was asked about the homosexuals like in your country. TRANSLATOR: In Iran we don't have LOUD LAUGHTER In Iran we do not have this phenomenon.

that we have it. I don't know who's told you LOUD LAUGHTER views of many who opposed the visit. The comments only reinforced the This was a complete joke and I actually walked out early and revolting. because it was completely disgusting

of our generation There's no doubt he's a Hitler should be out here protesting. and everyone

with handcuffs, not a red carpet. He should have been greeted

More demonstrations are expected In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

Fashion is often shocking, has gone to new lengths, but an Italian label for an ad campaign. using an anorexic model have appeared on billboards Photographs of the emaciated woman and in newspapers of Milan's Fashion Week. to mark the start sponsored the campaign. The Italian fashion house Nolita for the photograph weighs just 31kg. The French woman who posed She's been anorexic for 15 years.

The 2 finance news - or street The 2 finance news - or street fell

overnight but Australia were seeing

a very different tune today? It

continued to be driven by the strength of the resource sector.

That has been the case in the

middle of bothers. Since then, we

have had the local market improve

by about 14 %. Over the same period,

the 80 p for example has as its

risen by about 30 %. That stock

accounted for the lion's share of

the market's improvement. It has

been driven by the belief that we

would see significant resource

their operates when the company releases

their annual reports. It expects at

3 and a half % improvement. Imagine being so rich multi-million dollar mansion, you could afford to flatten not one but four in a row. It's happening on the Gold Coast is planning a home where a mega-millionaire that stretches across five blocks. this was an $18 million house... Believe it or not, is on the way out as well, ..and the $8 million one next door worth hundreds of thousands, Even the fittings, are under the hammer. on five blocks of land Four houses all up making way for one mansion. on exclusive Hedges Avenue - believe what they're destroying. Even the demolition crew can't Ah, it's beautiful, a great place. Who wouldn't want to live here? is anything but average. But the man who owns the land and former Sydney Swan Tony Smith Former BreakFree founder ran his first company at age 11 the booming online business Roamfree. and now owns with pool and tennis court, He's building a 2-storey family home, boasting 50m of beach frontage. You're probably going to be as a finished product. somewhere between 60 to 70 That's $60-S70 million. five houses go down for one. It's amazing that you can see mega-mansions on Hedges Avenue, With the mega-rich now building

being a mere millionaire on millionaire's row. no longer gets you a house Andrew Leahy, Ten News. for Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. We head to Melbourne now sons is returning home. Brad, one of Essendon's favourite heading back where it all began Charmaine, Damian Hardwick is

to coach the Bombers. Casey Stoner returns home Also tonight - his first world championship. after clinching the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup. India wins more Paralympic glory. And - Louise Savage chasing Fantastic! to get ready for summer without locking yourself in. of receptors in your brain Smoking increases the number (Growls) Nicabate patches, lozenges and gum

Toyota Sports Tonight. Welcome back to finally selected a senior coach The Essendon football club has to replace Kevin Sheedy. And it's one of his former players. will coach the Bombers in 2008. Rugged defender Damian Hardwick Ian Cohen has the details. Thanks, Brad, and good evening. Yes, Sports Tonight understands, is still under way, though the process a race in three, the Essendon job has been and Damien Hardwick in the mix. with Peter Sumich, Matthew Knights the 2-time premiership player We believe Damien Hardwicke to take over at Essendon. has been given the nod the Bombers success in 2000, Hardwick was a part of by the powers at Windy Hill. before being emotionally let go he replaces the coach who sacked him. So, in a stange twist of fate, Port Adelaide He then helped toughen up with his steely defence, their premiership success in 2004, and was an integral part of as an assistant coach. before joining Hawthorn in the top job So another Power connection in the next 24-48 hours. and an announcement expected more of the coaching jigsaw puzzle So it looks as if is coming together. the rest of the day's news. OK, now to a Brownlow Medallist And it was day one as for Jimmy Bartel the 23-year-old, and the humble young champion,

kept little Charlie close last night. next to me, actually. On the bedside table, checked to see if it was there, I woke up this morning and actually see if I wasn't dreaming it all. The win a Cats boost, as they celebrated quietly. But they remain focussed. I don't think it will be, no, not for Jim.

He's so humble, it's like he's gone back in the rooms and he's got the footies out again on the game. He just wants to concentrate

Chris Judd sent a timely reminder of his value, setting a record as the first to poll in the opening eight games he played.

I've finished meeting the four clubs I wanted to meet with and I guess now, I'll sit down with my manager, Paul Connors, and make a decision going forward. I mean, I've got to have surgery in the next couple of days and really, that is number one priority at the minute. On the other side of the ledger,

Port Adelaide defender Darryl Wakelin plays his final game, hoping for a second premiership medallion with the Power. Yeah, I suppose personally, it's a nice way to go out. And he knows about going out with a bang. Three years ago, he ducked and weaved some Alastair Lynch haymakers. But Darryl's final game will be different. Yeah, they don't suspend you these days, they fine you. So my wife's not going to be happy if I cop a 50-grand fine at the end of the game. His brother Shane will be watching from the sidelines again,

as he contemplates playing on for one last season with the magpies. If only for an extra goal last Friday, they may have been playing each other. Yeah, look, it would have been a nice way to go out. That's footy. We gave it our best shot.

But the heart break for Achilles victim Michael Wilson is driving the club on. He's the heart and soul of our club. Very disappointing the injuries he's suffered. 2-time premiership player Gavin Wanganeen says the Power has the upper hand over the Cats

due to its four Indigenous stars. Normally when the Indigenous players do well, use their speed and flair, the side is going to have a successful day. The three Macs - Scott McLaren, Shane McInerney and Stephen McBurney - have been selected to umpire the big game. And Fresh manoeuvres in St Kilda's boardroom battle. Rod Butterss making a last-ditch bid to retain the presidency, declaring he would work with the rival ticket's two stars, Nathan Burke and Andrew Thompson.

My premise for doing this is that we needed a united board at the Saints and cetainly any hodgepodge

of half "Footy First" and half from the incoming board, I don't think would be a united board. And, Brad, coaching circles - Mark Riley assistant coach at Carlton, but we believe Damien Hardwick has got the Bombers job. Just days out from the NRL decider, Melbourne is again under attack over its tackling. But the Storm players say it's just a Manly ploy to put them off their game ahead of the grand final. The calm before the latest storm. Melbourne once again on the defensive. First the grapple tackle, then the crusher. Now, it's the ripper.

I'm looking forward to the next one they come up with. Mate, we've got no problem with our techniques. Storm players accused of wrenching at the arms of two Parramatta players in the preliminary final. Eels captain Nathan Cayless left with a torn pectoral muscle.

I just think it's a case of trying to get us off our game. If you're going to get penalised because you're better than other teamS at wrestling, I think you open up a can of worms there. Grand Final opponents Manly calling for protection from the ripper and not endearing themselves to the referees' boss. before I'd even had the courtesy of a call.

Obviously there are little tactics that are used. But the man in the middle says he'll call things as he sees them, Tony Archer earning his maiden Grand Final appointment. I won't have any hesitation in penalising anything that's against the rules.

The Storm naminga 21-man squad for the Grand Final, including an unchanged starting line-up. Prop Ben Cross expected to start, after initial fears he'd miss the big one with a hamstring injury. Manly picking it's strongest possible line-up. Winger Chris Hicks is expected back from the ankle injury that forced his withdrawal last weekend. Three players to drop off the bench. For Manly's co-owner, Max Delmege, this week is like a dream. We're in the Grand Final. What a prize the players and the coach has given me. But Max Delmege has given Manly plenty. The real estate agent poured over $10 million into the club, rescuing Manly from the brink of financial collapse five years ago. I always thought it was money that I may not get back. But I thought, if we could keep the club going it was worthwhile. It's fair to say, my bankers thought I was stupid. With Delmege's initial cash injection, coach Des Hasler and staff started re-building the team. virtually from scratch. It was only August of 2003 that Des and I sat down. We had 22 players on contract and that was it. A couple of years ago, the Penn family also took a 40% stake in the club. They're the businesspeople behind Weight Watchers. The prospect of a fat balance sheet never the motivation. We've been passionate supporters since I was a kid and it was about giving a bit back. I've got a pretty good philosophy. When you go to the grave, your office block with you, or your houses with you. You go there alone, so if you can do something worthwhile while you're here, do it.

Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Good news for the Wallabies - valuable utility-back Scott Staniforth has been cleared of any serious damage to his shoulder. Staniforth received the all-clear following scans and could play in the teams final pool match against Canada in Bordeaux on Saturday night. Went to the doctor's today and it's mainly just bone bruising on bruising and a bit of swelling in the capsule. So yeah, I might even be right for this weekend, so it's all looking good. The team nursed out some bumps and bruises in the pool, but rookie fly-half Berrick Barnes is struggling with a corked thigh

and is in doubt for the match. The Matilda's have been swamped with requests for international matches after their outstanding display at the World Cup. The team made a triumphant return this morning. It was a proud and weary Australian team at Sydney airport this morning, eliminated at the quarterfinal stage by Brazil, but putting the women's game on the map and earning a huge amount of respect. COMMENTATOR: It's 2-2! when we have, in fact, as people have seen, got a lot of very skilled players in our team. Star striker Lisa de Vanna revealing her goal-scoring efforts were in memory of her late father. I made a promise to my dad that passed away three months ago, if I go to the World Cup I'm going to go out there and have him on my mind the whole time. So that's what I did. I went out there for him. Her outstanding play coming in spite of serious attacks of nerves.

Besides the stress and about to vomit before the game, and the ulcers I think I have. the Matildas' achievements in China is the fact almost all of the squad are part-timers, the push now on to bring back a national competition. To be competitive at an international level

you need competition and for that, I think, we need an A-League for women. Neil Cordy for Sports Tonight. Injury-prone Australian all-rounder Shane Watson has vowed to continue bowling despite more hamstring troubles. Now under a selection cloud following his continuing problems, the 26-year-old faced the media after breaking down during Australia's Twenty20 World Cup. A similar injury kept him out of the Ashes opener 10 months ago. But Watson is adamant he won't stop bowling. It might be my build-up. Back to playing cricket will be just as a batsman, maybe for a game or two and building up my bowling in the nets before I start playing as an all-rounder. But no way. As I said, I absolutely love bowling. Watson is expected to be sidelined for about a month. India's 5-run victory over Pakistan in the Twenty20 World Cup final has sent a warning to Australia as it leaves for its 1-day series on the subcontinent. overwhelmed against Pakistan, The Indians looked like they would be but fought back in a see-sawing match which was decided with three balls remaining. India arrived at the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup without a coach and missing major stars. Surprising everyone, they made it to the final against clear favourites Pakistan. India set a competitive 5/157, thanks to Gautam Gambhir's 75... Get your name on the scoreboard. ..and a flurry of sixes from Rohit Sharma It looked like Pakistan would make easy work of the Indian effort. Imran Nazir clocked 21 runs in the first two overs. Goodbye, ball. That's huge. But India's bowlers struck in the middle of the innings. Irfan Pathan's 3/16, a man of the match performance. Three sixes late in the innings from Misbah-ul-Haq turned the tables again - Pakistan needing 13 runs with one wicket to spare in the final over. A straight six from Joginder Singh set them up, but then he got cocky, bringing them unstuck. India celebrating its first world title since 1983. Angelina Anictomatis for Ten News. Australia's latest world champion, Casey Stoner, has arrived home to prepare for next month's Australian Moto GP. The 21-year-old says he's still coming to terms with his achievement after just two years in the premier class. Just like his rapid rise to the top of MotoGP Casey Stoner was on the move at Sydney airport. His new title of world champion slowly sinking in. Yeah, pretty much. Sunday night with the team was pretty good, so absolutely stoked. It's a dream come true. Stoner achieved the feat by beating 5-time world champ Valentino Rossi in Japan. COMMENTATOR: Casey Stoner is the 2007 world motorcycle champion. His sixth place finish his worst this season, but the work had already been done. checkered flag eight times in 2007, The 21-year-old has brought down the a tally he aims to increase to nine at Phillip Island next month. That's our next goal for the season. Now the championship's finished, concentrate on winning a few more races and the home GP is number one at the moment. Stoner's accomplishment has been a lifetime in the making. He was virtually born on a bike, was riding at three and won his first Australian title at six. Natural talent that encouraged his parents to pack up everything and live life from a caravan as Casey chased a dangerous dream COMMENTATOR: Oh, Stoner is off. A sacrifice that is now paying off with multimillion-dollar deals now tipped to roll in. It's been a long, hard-fought dream. Proves that if you never give up, set your mind on something you can make it happen. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. She's one of the most successful Australian athletes of all time, but in retirement, Louise Sauvage is taking a different direction. She's trying her hand at a new sport, while also steering her protege towards the Beijing Paralympic games. On Sydney's Olympic training track, there's no medals at stake and no crowd to inspire her. But Louise Sauvage only needs to close her eyes to step back in time. I can envision everything. Yeah, it's pretty awesome and obviously something I'll never, ever forget and, yeah, very special. COMMENTATOR: Sauvage is going to win it. Louise is coming away and she comes home to win. Seven years after winning gold in Sydney, Louise is preparing for more Olympic glory, coaching Athens bronze medallist Angie Ballard. The last one was good - 1.57. It would be good if we can keep it consistent She's made me faster, heaps faster, so it's working. I enjoy coaching very much and I'd like to continue on with it and see how far it can go. That would be awesome. No pressure on Angie. These days, her time on the track is shared with time on the basketball court. Retirement has given her the chance to restart what was a promising junior career. I'm such a competitive person though, that I want to win and I can't do that all by myself in a basketball team.

So I have to rely on the other players and some of the girls in my team are just awesome. Earlier this month, her team, the Goudcamp Gladiators played in the national league final. But Louise insists, that's as far as she'll go shooting hoops. Oh god, no.

I'm like, "Lauren Jackson and me - we don't have anything in common." But those weaknesses are hard to spot. Through sheer mental toughness and outstanding achievement, a lasting legacy. It's kind of awesome to think I was one of the most recognised athletes with a disability and probably changed the minds and attitudes of a lot of people towards athletes with disabilities, and people with disabilities in general. If that encourages someone to go out there and chase their goals even harder or dream bigger, then that's fantastic. Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight.

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The he can now coming up tomorrow

it, we will catch up with a few of

the G long players who were part of

that heartbreaking period when they

lost 4 grand finals in 7 years.

That's coming up tomorrow night. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00. I'm Charmaine Dragun. From the late news team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.