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(generated from captions) Fantastic! you need to hug, pal. Oh, man. I think he's the one That's magnificent. Yes! (Audience cheers) From a game littered with disasters, to walk away with $10,010. we've managed

Let's see the money! don't bother writing cheques See, the thing is we so there's your tenner. for anything less than 50 bucks,

Well done to the two of you. And there's your tenner, Matt! Off the hook in the end. Tonight, back on Seven at 7:30, ladies and gentlemen, the mighty 'Dancing with the Stars', the juggernaut that is 'Dancing'. and look forward to your company Look forward to your company then tomorrow at 5:30. back at the Deal-o-Drome Cheers, now. The State Government says rail link it will build Sydney's north-west Suspected rail workers and drinking binge. in a video-taped drug

abandoned toddler Qian Xun Xue. A happy family reunion for And, glamour galore for the red carpet. as footballers' wives frock up Good evening. in western Sydney Hundreds of families are facing financial ruin tonight a major trucking company. after the collapse of have been frozen, The workers' pay and entitlements mortgage repayments on their homes. leaving many unable to meet A family-run transport company afford to feed their families. with former employees who can't they pulled the pin. All of a sudden, and we didn't have jobs. They said the company went belly up worked and contractors in Sydney, McArthur Express had at least 400 700 nationwide. Its annual turnover was $60 million.

in yesterday. The administrators came We're not going to get our money. the western Sydney depot today, Locked outside paperwork workers couldn't even get to confirm they've lost their jobs so they can get the dole. I've got $10 loose change in my bag. Well, I've got no money. I've been here for eight years, Yeah, I'm desperate. I've got a mortgage.

why the company failed. The administrators don't know

a complex paper trail They're tracing their entitlements. to see if workers can be paid through an agency. We're paid actually agencies we're all paid through. There's actually three different Seven News has discovered Bon McArthur Transport Australia, a company with a similar name, was registered late on Friday - not the same employees. same address, same directors, I got a loan out on Thursday by about tomorrow. and I might lose everything to deliver goods have also lost out. Companies that relied on McArthur to help get their stock back. Some called the police outside the gates again tomorrow, Workers will meet

trying to get answers. the sack RailCorp employees will also face in a bizarre drug and alcohol binge. if they're found to have taken part men who appear to be rail workers Amateur video posted online shows swigging whiskey

and smoking drugs. track maintenance workers They look like

coming off the rails. I ever did was smoke Ajax. I'll tell you, the best thing in RailCorp safety gear. Boozing and partying Then in their motel - they call it the Room of Hell. do at work, you mother f----r. This is what we f-----g Drugs. Hammer time, hammer time. gets a mention of sorts. Their employer RailCorp's proud sponsor - Tennessee Whiskey. Jack Daniel's No.7 It could be a hoax.

taking it seriously. But the minister's moronic behaviour. Absolutely stupid, RailCorp's drug-testing. It's raised doubts about Commuter safety is compromised of any description when you have rail workers engaging in this kind of activity. they're contractors. The union believes

aren't that stupid. Full-time staff, they say, who contract for work A lot of contractors don't have testing facilities

in place. The men say they're in Ashfield track gangs staying. where motels often have

told Seven News One motel manager here

bout of drinking and loud partying after an early morning by a rail maintenance crew he complained to their team leader, they wouldn't be welcomed back. making it clear RailCorp's taking a close look. identifies who they are I dearly hope this investigation so we can get rid of them. The State Government says rail link it will build Sydney's north-west it's having second thoughts. despite reports will cost at least $3 billion. The line from Epping to Rouse Hill we can't afford to build it State Treasury says we can't afford not to. but the minister says iron-clad guarantee There is an absolute, is going to north-western Sydney. that that rail-link

will be finished within 10 years. Mr Watkins promises the line also known as 'Pumpkin', Little abandoned girl Qian Xun Xue, grandmother in New Zealand. has been re-united with her

is in Auckland. Seven's Nick McCallum And, Nick, how are they? to be back in each other's arms. Extremely relieved, Ian, Social workers here have released and Madame Lui together a photo of the little girl

after what's been a traumatic time. both looking delighted coordinated by three countries. This is the heart-warming reunion with her grandmother 3-year-old Qian together finally in Auckland today. They appear to be well dealing with but obviously now they embark on as an absolute tragedy. what can be described

released a statement Grandmother Liu Xiaoping the body of her murdered daughter. first talking of the repatriation of But New Zealand authorites say to go through. there is still a legal process From here on in to Child, Youth and Family. the formal responsibility transfers to the grandmother's plans And there may be challenges by Victorian authorities, Qian, orginally nicknamed Pumpkin yesterday was flown to Auckland from Melbourne accompanied by social workers. Her grandmother avoided the media at Auckland airport, coming in at lunch time, the reunion a short time later. The search for Qian's father Nai Zin Xue has made headlines in Los Angeles. Local police are on full alert.

We consider him, based on our information, to be armed and

dangerous. Back in Auckland, authorities are asking the

authorities are asking the media to leave Qian Xun leave Qian Xun Xue and leave Qian Xun Xue and her

grandmother in peace. State politicians have been accused of laziness after some took the afternoon off

to enjoy tea and scones with the Governor. Upper house Question Time was cancelled on Parliament's first day back after the winter break. It was supposed to be State Parliament's first sitting day in three months, but MPs were enjoying high tea with the Governor.

grandmother in Lower house members returned to the rigours of Question Time but not their upper house colleagues. This Parliament is operating on half its cylinders

because this State Government hates scrutiny. Legislative Council Question Time was cancelled so the new President could meet Governor Marie Bashir. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves! Today is the first sitting day since June and only the 16th all year. I certainly don't think they're being as accountable as I'd expect them to be - 16 days is pretty lame. for 16 sitting days. (Laughs) I wish I had a job

The Government blames the March election, insisting it's not lazy. But the records suggest otherwise. In 2004 both houses sat for 48 days. In 2005, it was 46. Last year, 50. But this year they'll only sit for 39 days. This is purely just a scheduling issue, to the Governor. and the time that was appropriate

Since the March 24 polling day, lower house MPs have had electorates to look after and ministers' portfolios to run. Not so upper house backbenchers - for the entire winter, their carpark here at Parliament has been virtually deserted. We're all working hard. Why shouldn't they? An emergency funding boost of $700 million has been announced for farmers brought to their knees by Australia's worst drought. Those who want to stay on the land will receive extra cash while grants will help others leave. The big dry is ripping at the parched heart of our farming communities. They are living, many of them, in quite pitiful conditions. A lot of their hope and that of their families is draining away. The Government can't make it rain but today, it let more money flow. Another $714 million to help farmers and small businesses in drought-stricken regions - $20,000 grants to Murray-Darling irrigators to improve water management, families who've had enough and $150,000 to allow farming

to leave the land with dignity. It is a big amount of money

committed to our farmers. but every dollar of it is deservedly Our farming communities across the country

and assistance. need every bit of help since 2001 It takes total drought assistance to more than $3 billion. at suggestions And Mr Howard bristled

to help break his electoral drought. it's been timed a pre-election ploy is pathetic. Anybody who thinks this is will understand We think the community a hand-out to farmers. that drought payments are not has warned And Federal Police chief Mick Keelty catastrophic effects climate change could have on our Asian neighbours, and unrest. causing mass displacement security issue of the 21st century. Climate change is going to be the has arrived home Champion jockey Chris Munce for a Hong Kong betting scandal. to serve out his sentence settling into a Sydeney jail cell The Melbourne Cup winner is tonight an early return to racing. but hoping for but not as a free man. Chris Munce heading home Sydney Airport in a prison car. 10 hours later, he left The Australian Government has negotiated an agreement

with the Hong Kong Government the time to be served here in relation to and that will be honoured. another full year in jail The 37-year-old will serve

in October next year. with parole to be granted It adds up to 20 months behind bars that, in Australia, for a race-tipping offence only a suspension from riding. would have attracted for profit He basically tipped horses

of the rules in Australia and as I said, that's a breach a criminal offence. but certainly not

his 3 children for 2.5 years Taking him away from

for that offence is terrible. could be back at the track riding There is a possibility Munce of his sentence. during the remaining 12 months As a low-risk prisoner for a work release programme. he's a prime candidate to make a determination about that. The commissioner would need It's not always the case that work release is provided for prisoners serving short prison terms. At worst, the Melbourne Cup-winning jockey will be welcomed back to racing after his release from prison. return to the top riding ranks. I believe that he will one day Until then, Centre is Munce's likely new home. Sydney's John Moroney Correctional Unlike in Hong Kong, wife and three young children. he'll be allowed visits from his biggest nights, On one of Australian fashion's wives and girlfriends

of AFL players have tried to outplay each other. partner of Essendon's Adam McPhee, Bree Hately, wore the most revealing gown - and plunging down her back. silky, black, Rebecca Twigley, three years ago, famous for a similar red dress was more modest this time. pressure to pull off a good dress, There's definitely a bit of so it's fun. but I enjoy dressing up for the red carpet, They certainly did enjoy dressing up with mixed results. And, just for the record, was the surprise winner Geelong's Jimmy Bartel of the Brownlow medal. Ahead in Seven News - after a motorbike crash. Actor George Clooney out and about Also, Australian soldiers under fire in Iraq. GUNFIRE And a Sydney filmmaker triumphs as Tropfest takes on New York. A former Navy serviceman who survived the 1964 'Voyager' disaster more than $2 million compensation. has been awarded post-traumatic stress disorder Covington-Thomas suffered collided with HMAS 'Voyager' after HMAS 'Melbourne' during an exercise off Jervis Bay. 82 men died. Another 40 claims are pending. who are waiting I do feel for these other people but they've gotta be determined and hang in there.

the largest awarded The damages are believed to be over the maritime disaster. short film festival, Tropfest, Sydney's world-famous in New York has made its international debut and fittingly, a film-maker from Marrickville. the top prize was awarded to film festival - It's Sydney's favourite except it's in Manhattan. How exciting is this? Welcome. for their inaugural Tropfest. 8,500 New Yorkers gathered a more beautiful environment Couldn't be the World Trade Center to be in front of and on the river here. It was Robert de Niro's idea in his Tribeca festival last year. to include mini Tropfest entries a stand-alone event This year it became

with plans to make it annual. It holds a very special place the Australian film industry. in the heart of of the world is a great thing. So to bring it out to the other side 'Capote' director Bennett Miller The judging panel included

and Australian actress Rose Byrne. I'm really glad I'm here. Really exciting. that I was asked to come along. I'm really flattered most were from the US Of the one 161 entries, a Marrickville film-maker. but top honours went to my film with me, all six of you. Thank you for everyone who made

Belinda King's 'The Picnic' that goes very wrong. is about an afternoon out What's the go with her? from Perth. Ahh, she just moved here helped... Years of selling movie tickets A good motivation to just plug on and get there.

in other countries next year. Watch out for Tropfest Make a film, it's ace!

a fiery welcome Iran's President has received on a visit to the United States. angry protests Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sparked the prestigious Columbia University. over a speech at But the school president pulled no punches with his introduction. Mr President, you exhibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator. Ahmadinejad was grilled about Iran's nuclear program and human rights abuses, an answer about torture of gay men. drawing disbelieving laughter with In Iran, like in your country. we don't have homosexuals LAUGHTER and US President George Bush Ahmadinejad tomorrow. both address the United Nations have come under attack from rebels Australian troops in Iraq a rocket-propelled grenade armed with and machine gun. the Overwatch Battle Group Members of local officials on the weekend were on their way to visit when they were fired upon. The equipment that we have and the bar armour that the vehicle has probably ended up saving lives today. No Australian soldiers were wounded in the attack. Actor George Clooney says he's feeling a little sore since breaking his rib in a motorbike crash. His new girlfriend Sarah Larson has a broken foot after their bike was hit by a car in New Jersey on Friday. Are you going to take the bike out again? I always take the bike out. Good, good man.

We're not quitters. No one will be charged over the accident.

Time for sport with Matthew White, and they've named the Grand Final referee. And he's not afraid to act on grapple tackles. More shortly. Also tonight - Manly's number 1 son hoping to end the Eagles' 10-year drought.

I suppose it just makes it worth the wait. And world champion Casey Stoner home to a hero's welcome. Shh! Shh! Quick. (Both laugh) (Growls) (Both scream) Back straight. That's it, baby.! Fantastic! Fernwood clubs now offer flexible memberships to get ready for summer without locking yourself in. Call 1300 FERNWOOD today. A part-time police prosecutor will be in charge of what's shaping up as an explosive NRL Grand Final. Referee Tony Archer has battled back from a stint in reserve grade to control Sunday night's showpiece between Melbourne and Manly. An infinitely more relaxed entrance to the Olympic Stadium today than it will be Sunday night. Still, Tony Archer isn't intimidated easily - not by clubs, players, media or coaches. I wouldn't be expecting to speak to the coaches. I don't normally do it I won't be changing what I normally do.

But the wrestle, grapple, ripper, crusher are all recent additions to the league dictionary. And there's intense pressure on Archer to clamp down on suspect tackling techniques. That doesn't impact in any way, shape or form the way the referee officiates the game. He officiates as he sees it. Going into the game with any pre-conceived ideas isn't going to work and I won't start doing it this week. Manly has highlighted two incidents from Sunday's preliminary final, involving the Storm's Brett White and Cameron Smith. The tackle's been dubbed "the ripper". It's not a grapple. It's more of a work on the ground. But for a team in the eye of a storm Melbourne appear laid-back and won't change a thing. of trying to get us off our game. I think it's just another case

If you are going to get penalised because you're better than other teams at wrestling you open up a can of worms. then I think

The Storm fly to Sydney tomorrow and will stay, unlike last year when they opted to retreat to their Melbourne bunker after the Grand Final Breakfast. Manly last won the title in 1996 and there's only one man still playing from that premiership side. Steve Menzies is one of the game's great competitors and now he gets another chance at Grand Final glory. He's the unofficial mayor of Harbord and with his beloved Sea Eagles off to the Grand Final, life couldn't be better for Steve Menzies and fiancee Suyin Condon. To have played your whole career at one club and to just always supporting Manly and the passion that I have for Manly, it'd be great to win one again. This really has been what he's holding onto - staying at Manly long enough to see them come through to another grand final. Born and bred in Manly, Menzies grandfather Mackie Campbell played in the first Sea Eagles side while Steve was a team-mate of current coach Des Hasler when the club last won a premiership in '96. I suppose we've been through a few lean years and I suppose it just makes it worth the wait. Suyin, who's pregnant with their first child, is yet to see him win one and thinks she could be Manly's lucky charm.

They say rub a Chinaman for good luck, don't they? Steve's sort of had a dream run of a career so this'd be a bit of a pinnacle and it's really nice for me to be able to share it with him and...

The only disappointment for Manly's favourite son is that will miss the match. his number one fan

Beaver's mum Carolyn is in France for rugby union's World Cup. She sent me a text last night and she said she was crying. You know I think she's been coming to my games since I was seven. Lucky for her, there's next year

because Beaver's committed to a 17th season. Once you retire, that's it forever so I don't think whatever happens on Sunday will change my mind. Good news for the Wallabies, with Scott Staniforth cleared of any serious damage to his shoulder. The 29-year-old's World Cup looked over when he was hurt in Australia's big win over Fiji, but scans revealed only severe bruising. Coach John Connolly will name his team tomorrow to face Canada in the Wallabies' final pool match in Bordeaux on Saturday. Casey Stoner is already plotting title he won just two days ago. the defence of the World MotoGP

The 21-year-old returned home this morning following his championship win in Japan, still coming to terms with his achievement. It's been a long, hard-fought dream but, I mean, it proves that if you never give up and you always set your mind on something, anything can happen. And the Matildas are expected to break into the world top 10 following their impressive performance at the soccer World Cup.

One aim this week - to make you a

Manly fan. You won't have to try too

hard. Thanks.

Checking finance now. and the share market closed at a second straight record high. BHP shares jumped another 3%, but Coles, IAG and Telstra slipped. The ASX200 Index gained 32 points. Newcrest Mining shares dipped on lower world gold prices.

Sara has the weather details after the break. Good evening. Keeping fit is a little easier now the cold weather is behind us. The NSW Corporate Games is a great way to get involved in team sports and raise money for a good cause. Olympic legend John Konrads is getting behind the 2008 Games, and swimming is one of the many sports on offer? There are 20 different sports from soccer to lawn bowls, table tennis, and go-karting.

It's open to everyone, all fitness levels. Your team can be of any size, including family, friends, colleagues, clients. Basically it's a chance to play sport, meet new people.

And all the profits go towards Diabetes Australia NSW. It was a perfect spring day to be outdoors. Clear and sunny with a maximum of 20 degrees in the city.

It's currently 17. Tops along the coast were tempered by the seabreeze, but it was warm westwards. After a cool start, Richmond and Penrith hit 26 degrees. 24 to 25 for most other suburbs. 20 in the mountains. There's some cloud moving our way on the satellite chart, but the airmass is fairly dry

so only far south and north-east parts of the state will pick up a few light showers, if any. Westerly winds will move in behind that change maintaining dry, warm weather for the rest of the week. Around the country: with tops staying in the low 20s. Hobart 17. A few showers for Adelaide and Perth. Very warm up north. 30 degrees in Brisbane, 35 in Broome. A top of 22 degrees in town. 23 in Gosford. 24 for most western suburbs. Slightly warmer in Campbelltown. And the outlook - Mostly fine and 25 on Thursday. Friday, windy and 26 degrees. Cool but dry on the weekend with tops in the low 20s. Pollen levels high. If you'd like to know more about the NSW Corporate Games, there's a link on our website. And that's Seven News to now. Today Tonight with Anna Coren is next. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Bright lights, big cities and the secret world of the supermodels exposed. Hello. I'm Anna Coren. Who's killing the 'Footy Show'? An insider's claims Nine's ripping him off over money.

Buying your way into Australia, and a job. We expose the migrants' racket more profitable than smuggling gold.

Is it lunacy, or genius? Why one man is knocking down mansions worth millions. In the upside-down world of the supermodels, some think it's good to be bad. Polo-playing friend of royalty Jodie Kidd is the latest to stumble, caught on camera doing a drug deal. No matter what they claim, they don't have a model lifestyle, all candidly revealed in a documentary shown in the US and on Foxtel's 'E' channel here. And the drugs are not confined to Europe and America. It's rife here, as Bryan Seymour reports. There was too much sex, too much drugs, everybody was there.