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(generated from captions) The eggs could be the donor's. Or they may not. Oh, God. No!

to be the one to tell you this... Bridget, I'm so sorry carrying your mother's baby. ..but Taylor may be the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, RailCorp drug scandal - that's forced an urgent inquiry. the shocking video across Sydney are set to soar. Predictions that property prices under attack in Iraq. And Australian troops Good evening. Also, tonight - to help our drought-stricken farmers the desperate measures

for little 'Pumpkin', and a family reunion the search for her fugitive father. as US marshals step up rail workers behaving badly - But heading the news at 5:00 - then posted it on the Internet. they videoed a drug and alcohol binge They now face two separate of criminal charges. and even the possibility

depend on effective track maintenance Commuters and rail staff alike to prevent horrific accidents, is now under question but the safety of the rail system posted on YouTube. because of these videos rail track maintenance workers They appear to show soon after knocking off. smoking drugs while in uniform high on drugs and alcohol The unidentified workers apparently during track maintenance. in a shared motel room of casual contract workers They're believed to be a group working in Sydney. from the Central Coast separate investigations The videos sparking transport safety regulator. by police and the Government's is absolutely moronic, The behaviour identified in YouTube

we are treating it very seriously. it's unbelievable and that's why and drug abuse among rail workers. The videos highlighting alcohol have tested positive to alcohol, In the last year 16 RailCorp staff 24 to illegal drugs. being affected by drugs or alcohol. We don't support workers and their colleagues and the public. It's a danger to themselves that this type of culture We need to ensure is eradicated from the system. can be identified they'll be sacked. The Government says if the workers John Hill, Ten News.

and an iron-clad guarantee Still on the trains will be completed, on schedule, that Sydney's north-west rail link in eight years, Transport Minister John Watkins from State Treasury dismissing pressure to use buses instead. according to the timetable It will be built has already announced. that the Government ramped up the penalties The State Government has also for several serious crimes. Heading the list - trying to procure or groom children. a crackdown on paedophiles from Parliament House. Paul Mullins joins us Paul, the new paedophile laws a federal loophole. are aimed at countering

We already have federal legislation

covering grooming on the internet

but those laws don't cover a face-

to-face contact. The new State laws

will cover that situation. The

government today announced

increased penalties that other

serious crimes including rock

throwing and inflicting serious

diseases such as Aids. But the main

targets are paedophiles and he's

what Morris Iemma had to say. a maximum penalty of 10 years jail These new offences will carry

12 years jail for procuring a child. for grooming a child and

Parliament. Thank you to Paula State pot

Those who stay support and counselling, are in for more generous income now totalling $3 billion. with federal drought relief

a cruel hoax for our farmers. The May rains have proved

to plant crops Many went deeper into debt the devastating drought had ended. in the vain hope At the end of the day cannot survive the Australian economy without the agricultural sector. a $700 million package. Federal Cabinet has come up with is to give every farmer Our primary aim to see it through the drought. a fighting chance The new money brings to $1 billion offered in the past year. the drought relief Easier eligibility rules will apply.

Those who stay on the land will get and counselling. more generous income support Those who leave will get $150,000. of their families is draining away A lot of their hope and that and at a time like this to be properly generous a wealthy nation can afford

to its hard-working farmers. it should be one of those things The drought is so bad that beyond party politics. which gets put in the opinion polls continued The Government's drought today indicating with a Nielsen survey its landslide-winning lead. Labor maintains Opposition MPs are so cocky One report claims after the election. they are already haggling over jobs

I mean, this is a Labor opposition written all over their faces. with smugness and complacency Kevin Rudd was busy in Tasmania,

the State/Howard Government agreement promising to honour on the Mersey Hospital. for his MPs. He also prescribed humble pie I will come down showing any level of arrogance. on anyone Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. another victim - cheap wine. The big dry is now claiming to those $2 or $3 bargain bottles If you've grown used they won't be around for long. the advice is to stock up now because

the cleanskin later this news hour. We'll have more on the demise of for the property market Encouraging news will grow faster with predictions Sydney prices than any other capital city. recording large increases. Some suburbs are already cashing in, How times change in the Harbour City. and now, back to boom again. From boom to bust in the last 12 months. We're seeing up to 30% growth

Randwick, Dover Heights I've had properties in Rose Bay,

that have really surprised us. that have all risen to levels Australian Property Institute by the latest survey from the which regularly questions lenders and fund managers. leading valuers, analysts, Our survey would indicate the greatest room for growth, that Sydney has probably got which hasn't happened for a while. in Sydney residential prices And that growth

all other capitals - will probably outstrip particularly Brisbane where prices may start to stall. Fuelling that spike - cashed-up professionals and investors,

eager to buy in sought-after areas like the eastern suburbs or reap the benefits of increasing rents. It's like a bubble and the outside of that bubble is doing very well as well, but not as well as that coastal zone of Bondi, Bronte and Clovelly. I'm also finding that a lot of people who've done very well on the share market are upgrading their properties, especially Bellevue Hill and Dover Heights. But that growth will be patchy. While some suburbs will obviously enjoy the boom, tough times will still be tough

for those areas where prices have fallen rapidly and mortgage defaults are on the rise. But even in those areas, prices may start to stabilise. It's fallen a great deal and that probably will be the bottom. But another surge in prices will do nothing to improve affordability. A Deutsche Bank report confirming that while wages have increased by more than 50% in the last decade, house prices have jumped by three times that rate. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Australian soldiers have survived a rocket attack during a patrol in southern Iraq. The incident caught on camera Behind their armoured carrier, the Australians thought they were safe. The first round slammed into a wall, just inches from a soldier's head. GUNSHOTS Unsure where the shots were coming from, the Australians scramble for cover. A lookout on the vehicle in front spots the insurgents.

Contact! Contact - nine o'clock! AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE There were no Australian casualties but a unexploded rocket-propelled grenade lies on the road, ricochetting off the ASLAV during the attack. The platoon's commander shouts orders at his men. The bar armour that the vehicle has probably ended up saving lives today.

Defence expert and former soldier Neil James says

it was an unusually bold exchange. It's not quite as common in Iraq these days because basically, the area where they are, popular support. they've got considerable Back home it's the Defence Minister under fire with more weapons, including machine guns and hand grenades,

going missing. Whilst one weapon missing is one too many, we're talking about 33 weapons out of 85,000. Dr Nelson calling in ASIO, amid claims the thefts are inside jobs. Tighter rules, too, for ammunition were accidentally used after live rounds during a practice shoot last year. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. Champion jockey Chris Munce is locked up in a Sydney jail tonight

as part of a prisoner transfer deal. He's been taken to Silverwater jail after flying in from Hong Kong, where he was imprisoned for selling race tips. He will be automatically paroled in October of next year, consequent to the agreement which has been negotiated between the Government of Hong Kong and the Australian Government.

Munce will be transferred to a minimum security prison close to his family in the next few days. Tim Webster with sport, and the Grand Final line-up's are named. And, the referees too. Tony Archer has finally earned a spot in the middle in a Grand Final but now he has to deal with ripper tackles. More shortly - plus we'll meet the millionaires who saved Manly. Also, an emotional return for the Aussie women's soccer team - one of the Matildas has a special story of inspiration. motorcycle ace Casey Stoner is planning to give Aussie fans more to celebrate. Also, good news for a Wallaby who thought his World Cup might have been over. A bitter battle over Peter Brock's estate, that story next. Also tonight, a multimillion-dollar payout for a survivor of the 'Voyager' disaster. And US marshals step up their hunt for 'Pumpkin's father, of America's most wanted. making him one

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and consutruction is Cbus. for people working in building

This program is captioned live. to a grisly discovery Police have been called in the back of a garbage truck. A garbage collector saw blood streaming from his compactor in Camperdown. after emptying a dumpster Fearing a body could have been inside, forensic police were called in, officers testing two plastic bags saturated with blood, but it turned out to be not human. Police emptied the truck, but found nothing suspicious. 43 years after one of Australia's worst naval disasters, a survivor of the 'Voyager' crash has been awarded a record payout,

a court ordering he be paid more than $2 million. 82 people lost their lives on 10 February 1964 and HMAS 'Melbourne' when HMAS 'Voyager'

collided off Jervis Bay. at the time, Peter Covington-Thomas was 22 a bowman aboard the 'Melbourne'. what was left of 'Voyager'. We were the first boat alongside him and his mates The horror of what confronted ever since, has played vividly in his mind a daily occurrence. flashbacks and cold sweats sort of, grim death. Just hanging on for,

A very frightening time.

was just a nightmare... The whole night

..and, um, it still is. But today, closure, awarding Mr Covington-Thomas the New South Wales Supreme Court People died that night and people were badly hurt that night. and people were badly traumatised a 12-year legal battle, Contributing to Peter's stress -

a possible Commonwealth appeal. and now,

going to stand by you, Is your Government or are they gonna forget you, with a lot of us? like I think they've done dead and gone. They just want us to be some of the 40 servicemen Peter will tonight ring with cases still before the courts. His message will be a simple one. Stay the course. it is so important that you do so. Stay the course - taken care of. You need to be

Brett Mason, Ten News. known as 'Pumpkin', Qian Xun, The abandoned toddler with her grandmother. has been reunited The secret meeting coming as US authorities step up their hunt for her fugitive father.

and her father hunted by police, Her mother murdered in the arms of family, little Qian Xue is finally back both the toddler and her grandmother to again be together. visibly delighted back to some degree of normality. They can now begin a path the brutal death of her daughter, Despite still grieving

she will adopt the toddler. Liu Xiao Ping has confirmed

of sincere thanks Today she released a statement to the public and governments the United States and China. of Australia, New Zealand, her deepest pain and broken heart, The open letter also expressed her daughter's remains to China her intention to return and adopt 3-year-old Qian.

for murdering her daughter As for the man wanted and abandoning the toddler,

bears regret and bitterness, she says her family to arrest the brutal criminal and she asks Interpol as soon as possible. marshals are planning just that. In the United States, as part of this investigation. There will be no stone unturned

has been warned not to approach The American public grand master Nai Yin Xue. self-proclaimed martial arts

The murder was violent. based on our information, We consider him, to be armed and dangerous. which marshals say is on track, The investigation,

with New Zealand police is being conducted in conjunction and America's Chinese community. I would say that he's nervous, he's looking over his shoulder,

It's been revealed that Luke Waters, Ten News. and hopefully he'll stay that way.

third and final will, motor racing legend Peter Brock's to his girlfriend, wasn't signed. leaving much of his estate A Supreme Court hearing is testing the validity of the will made by the racing driver, who was killed in a car rally last year. It leaves shares and superannuation to his children, the rest of his estate to girlfriend Julie Bamford. The last thing Peter would have wanted was to leave the mess that's here. In an affadavit, Brock's former partner says he didn't like signing legal documents such as wills.

Checking the weather now with Tim

Bailey. Watered down a! Arse Bailey. Watered down a! Arse city

it's covered in blue sky in

springtime. It was 26 degrees today,

right on average temperature. Out

west it was much hotter, four

degrees above average. Pretty good

day tomorrow as well, 22 degrees on

the coast and 26 to 27 degrees our

West. Let's have a look at the

skies can for you. Crystal Clear

and blue sky and that's very good.

High cloud will be increasing and a

little bit of cloud across on

Friday. At this stage the weekend

is looking superbly. A fine one on

Sunday for the Grand Final. Tops of 23

23 degrees. We'll see you again in

a roundabout 10.

Booed and jeered in America - next, the outrageous gay claim an international laughing stock. making Iran's President the anorexia message And the shock billboards driving home during Italian fashion week.

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This program is captioned live.

You're watching the news at 5

o'clock. Let us check for traffic

with Vic Larusso. The traffic is with Vic Larusso. The traffic is

starting to leave and we can see

the traffic jam on Victoria Road.

As a result of the breakdown

earlier the delays are significant.

The traffic is queuing back about

four to five kilometres. The better alternative is definitely

Parramatta Road. Thank you to Vic Larusso. Iran's president has caused outrage, telling an American university there are no homosexuals in his country. Demonstrators labelling him a new Hitler. The welcoming party for Iran's President was loud and angry, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad protesters accusing

of being the face of evil. (All chant) USA! Despite the vehement opposition Columbia University pressed ahead with the speech, but if Iran's leader thought he could the escape the attacks, he was wrong. signs of a petty and cruel dictator. Mr President, you exhibit all the Ahmadinejad described the criticism as unfriendly and insulting but pressed on. He insisted his country's interest in a nuclear program was for peaceful purposes and defended his right to doubt the Holocaust. Several questions from the audience were met with more questions, until he was asked about the persecution of homosexuals. TRANSLATOR: In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country.

LOUD LAUGHTER In Iran we do not have this phenomenon. I don't know who's told you that we have it.

LOUD LAUGHTER The comments only reinforced the views of many who opposed the visit. This was a complete joke and I actually walked out early because it was completely disgusting and revolting. There's no doubt he's a Hitler of our generation and everyone should be out here protesting. He should have been greeted with handcuffs, not a red carpet. More demonstrations are expected In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. There are fears of a bloody military crackdown against growing protests in Burma. 100,000 pro-democracy demonstrators have taken to the streets of Rangoon,

following the lead of Buddhist monks.

It's the biggest rally against the country's military regime since the army crushed a student-led uprising in 1988, killing 3,000 people. The ruling generals have warned the monks they are ready to take action. It's been revealed American snipers are using bait to lure Iraqis into the open so they can shoot them. The snipers put out detonating cords and rounds of ammunition at night,

then kill anyone who picks them up. It doesn't take a lawyer to know that you can't kill civilians merely because they stopped to pick up something you've planted there. The baiting tactic was developed last year by a secretive army unit called the Asymmetric Warfare Group. It's been exposed during the court martial of three US snipers accused of planting evidence on Iraqis.

Fashion is often shocking, but an Italian label has gone to new lengths, using an anorexic model for an ad campaign. Photographs of the emaciated woman have appeared on billboards and in newspapers sponsored the campaign. The Italian fashion house Nolita for the photograph weighs just 31kg. The French woman who posed

She's been anorexic for 15 years psoriasis. and suffers from the skin disease his provocative work for Benetton. The Italian photographer is known for Imagine being so rich multi-million dollar mansion, you could afford to flatten, not one to build your dream home. but four of them in a row, It's happening on the Gold Coast, the $70 million mega mansion beachfront blocks. stretching over five this was an $18 million house... Believe it or not, is on the way out as well, ..and the $8 million one next door Even the fittings, worth hundreds of thousands, are under the hammer. Four houses all up on five blocks of land on exclusive Hedges Avenue - making way for one mansion.

Even the demolition crew can't believe what they're destroying. Ah, it's beautiful, a great place. Who wouldn't want to live here? But the man who owns the land is anything but average. Former Break Free founder and former Sydney Swan Tony Smith ran his first company at age 11 and now owns the booming online business RoamFree. He's building a 2-storey family home, with pool and tennis court, boasting 50m of beach frontage. as a finished product. somewhere between 60 to 70 You're probably going to be

That's $60-S70 million. A local for 15 years, he's never seen anything like it. Peter Moore says go down for one, you know, like. It's amazing you can see five houses

to own one block over here? The average person would be lucky

boast houses on two and three blocks, Some other Hedges Avenue properties even more exclusive. a trend that's making Hedges mega-mansions on Hedges Avenue, With the mega-rich now building being a mere millionaire on millionaire's row. no longer gets you a house Andrew Leahy, Ten News. skyrocket. That's next. Why the price of wine is set to

Also, the ladies light up the red carpet for AFL's night of nights. And the gripping new musical setting hearts racing in Sydney.

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Top stories this news hour - have come under attack Australian soldiers

while on patrol in southern Iraq.

and shows the diggers being ambushed The incident was caught on camera of their armoured carrier. as they get out No-one was injured. if you're selling property, Encouraging news with predictions Sydney house prices will grow faster than any other capital city. Some suburbs are already cashing in, recording large increases. And an urgent inquiry is under way after a shocking Internet video,

apparently showing RailCorp workers smoking drugs. Police and the Government's transport safety regulator are now investigating. The workers face the sack if they can be identified. another victim - cheap wine. The big dry is now claiming to those $2 or $3 bargain bottles, If you've grown used days of the cleanskin are numbered. those who enjoy wine For close to four years now have also enjoyed very good prices. has to end. But that affair, like most things, will be going up too, Groceries, fruit and veg on every front at the moment. so we're being squeezed Not as much as wine growers though. from an over-supply to a shortage The industry has gone in just 12 months. relegated to the history books. That means prices like these will be

The $2 bottle of wine, this time last year, which we saw in the marketplace

will not happen again. to reduce 2008 grape crops by half. The drought is forecast

to what stock they have Growers will now start to hold on to get a better price. Those guys have been doing it tough, and it's going to be a very tough year for them this year as well. Don't expect prices to go up straightaway though, there's still cheaper surplus stock available. It'll be around six months before the big bargains totally dry up. Retailers aren't worried though. They claim extremely low prices have made wine more appealing, expanding the industry's customer base. So now, if they're used to it by drinking those cheaper wines, and spend a bit more money. then they'll upgrade for the industry. It's got to be good no price could be too high. And for some, dinner, so that's not going to stop. I love a glass of wine with my

Josh Murphy, Ten News. for the Australian stock market, Another record-breaking day 30 points, The all ordinaries up almost

And petrol around Sydney, of $1.22 a litre, unleaded selling for an average down 2 cents since yesterday. as $1.18 at Forestville. We've seen it as low

took centre stage and fashions off the field before the Brownlow countdown, of the best and fairest The better halves sparkling on the red carpet. Stepping out in her new home town, football's first lady made light of all the attention. Wait, wait. There we go. Rebecca Twigley, warming to Melbourne - the 'woman in red' now cooling her couture with a touch of gunmetal grey.

so, yeah, it's good. Her partner, Chris Judd, not so smooth, leaving his preparation for the last minute. I didn't bring any cufflinks over so I managed to snaffle them in the end. Clearly it was a night for the 'WAGs',

or 'wives and girlfriends'. Bree Hately proved back is back, with this jaw-dropping dress, taking a plunge kept it sexy, silky and simple. while those who've been there before

tight-fitting and red - I thought I'd go for something I've never worn red. Skin is definitely still in the fashion faux pas of years gone by. may have walked away empty-handed Gary Ablett Junior was definitely a winner, but his girlfriend, Lauren Phillips, but keeping low-key. the love cats looking the part on my mind that much today. Mate, it hasn't really been the footy genius, While most punters backed the Premier was on the money. He's been a great player all year, so I'm on Jimmy Bartel. Nathan Buckley settled for the safe bet. Best dressed? Tanya - easy. Sorry about that. ..but the boys took a rare backward step, most cutting short Mad Monday and slipping into their penguin suits on the way.

I hadn't tried it on, actually, until half an hour ago. It's a good fit.

Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. George Clooney's new girlfriend isn't letting the world's sexiest man out of her sight. Cocktail waitress turned reality television star Sarah Larson hit the red carpet on crutches hunk's new movie, 'Michael Clayton'. for the premiere of the Hollywood on the weekend They were both injured Harley Davidson crashed into a car. when the actor's rented

Let's have a look at the weather now with Tim Bailey.

Here I'm a monks to the SBS - State emergency services. Here I'm a monks to the SBS - the

State emergency services. Weekend

storm system kicks off on 1st

October. We want to keep you safe

and tell you more about them 6

o'clock. He's their new promo and

the number is one of three to 500.

What have we got with the weather?

The map of New South Wales

Tomorrow it'll be fine and sunny Tomorrow it'll be fine and sunny

and between 22 degrees and 26 degrees. Sport now with Tim Webster Melbourne's Grand Final tactics. and another storm of controversy over of a new style of tackle, the ripper, Yes, they're now accused too well, more shortly. and it hasn't gone down who saved Manly, And we'll meet the owners

of collapse to a Grand Final. bringing them back from the brink Also, our latest world champion vows to celebrate his season at the Aussie MotoGP.

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This program is captioned live. Manly have named a full-strength side against Melbourne. for Sunday's grand final Winger Chris Hicks returns from an ankle injury,

Michael Monaghan, Steve Menzies, Matt Orford, Glenn and Brett Stewart,

despite missing training yesterday have all been cleared to play with niggling injuries. players protected And, the Sea Eagles want their from the ripper' tackle - allegedly used by the Storm. the latest wrestling manouvre Melbourne players reckon the ripper tackle, the latest accusation against them,

to sink the premiership favourites. is just another attempt I just think it's another case of trying to get us off our game. We've been criticised throughout we're not doing anything wrong. and we know Referee Tony Archer handed his first Grand Final and walking straight into league's latest tackling furore. I won't have any hesitation in penalising anything that's against the rules. Manly's public call for protection seen as a ploy to pressure the referee. that was in the media I did note that before I'd even had so obviously there are little tactics that are used. In a show of confidence,

to train here at Telstra Stadium Manly have rejected the chance ahead of the Grand Final. on Saturday, While Melbourne will train here will be 7:00 Sunday night. the next time the Eagles run out A player especially primed - Jamie Lyon. Only a few months ago Blues legend Benny Elias demanded Lyon hand back his pay cheque because of poor form, and he was also tagged the most overrated player. None of that's going to matter if we get the win on Sunday night. so there's nothing much you can do. As long as we get the ring at the end of the night. And tough forward Jack Afamasaga's been given the all-clear to play by his heavily pregnant partner, even if she goes into labour.

She, um, sort of mentioned that, um, play the game first then come to the hospital later. It's hard to believe the game's once-hated silvertails, the club accused of trying to buy premierships, almost went broke. But just like South Sydney, private ownership has brought Manly back to life. Meet's Manly's equivalent of Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court. There's no Hollywood connection, but their story could end up a Sunday night blockbuster. We're in the Grand Final. What a prize the players and the coach has given me. This northside story starts with a southside boy, a former Rabbitohs supporter who made it big in real estate on Sydney's northern beaches. His adopted footy club was going down the gurgler. Manly on the brink after its failed joint venture with North Sydney. It's fair to say my bankers thought I was stupid. Manly was just hours from collapse when Max Delmege tipped in $6 million just to keep the club afloat. In total, he's poured more than $10 million into the club's coffer. I always thought it was money that I may not get back, but I thought if we could keep the club going it was worthwhile. Coach Des Hasler and staff started rebuilding the team, virtually from scratch. It was only August of 2003 that Des and I sat down and we had 22 players on contract and that was it. A couple of years ago the Penn family also took a stake in the club. They're the businesspeople behind WeightWatchers.

The prospect of fat balance sheets never the motivation.

We've been passionate supporters since I was a kid and it was about giving a bit back.

I've got a pretty good philosophy. When you go to the grave you can't take your office block with you or your houses with you and you go there alone, so if you can do something worthwhile while you're here, do it. Leanne West, Ten News. Good news for the Wallabies - has been cleared of any serious damage to his shoulder. Staniforth received the all-clear following scans and could even play in Saturday night's final pool match against Canada in Bordeaux. All looking good. The team nursed out some bumps and bruises in the pool, but rookie fly half Berrick Barnes is struggling with a corked thigh and is in doubt for the match. AFL Grand Final week has started perfectly for Geelong midfielder Jimmy Bartel who won the Brownlow medal last night. the prestigious award The 23-year-old secured with a Best on Ground performance in round 20 against the Kangaroos. He slept with his newest, and most valuable trophy, on his bedside table. I woke up this morning and actually checked to see if it was there, see if I wasn't dreaming at all. Bartel finished with 29 votes. He was presented with the medal by last year's winner, Adam Goodes. There'll be an A-League hearing into a heated incident between two players. Newcastle's Stuart Musialik cited for a clash with Melbourne's Roddy Vargas. The Vargas response landed Musialik with a charge of using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures. The Matildas have been swamped with requests for international matches after their outstanding display at the World Cup. The team made their triumphant return this morning. It was a proud and weary Australian team at Sydney airport this morning, eliminated at the quarterfinal stage by Brazil, but putting the women's game on the map and earning a huge amount of respect. COMMENTATOR: It's 2-2! Generally were perceived as big, hard-working, robust when we have, in fact, as people have seen, in our team. Star striker Lisa de Vanna revealing her goal-scoring efforts were in memory of her late father. I made a promise to my dad that passed away three months ago, - if I go to the World Cup I'm going to go out there and have him on my mind the whole time so that's what I did. I went out there for him.

Her outstanding play coming in spite of serious attacks of nerves. Besides the stress and about to vomit before the game and the ulcers I think I have... Adding to the merit of the Matildas' achievements in China is the fact almost all of the squad are part-timers, a national competition. To be competitive at an international level you need competition and for that I think you need an A-League for women. Neil Cordy, Ten News.

Aussie all-rounder Shane Watson has vowed to continue bowling despite another hamstring injury.

The 26-year-old fronted the media this afternoon after breaking down during Australia's Twenty20 World Championship campaign. A similar injury kept him out of the Ashes opener 10 months ago, but Watson is adamant he won't stop bowling. It might be my build-up, back to playing cricket, will be just as a batsman, maybe for a game or two, and building up my bowling in the nets before I start playing as an all-rounder, but no way, no - as I said, I absolutely love bowling. He's expected to be out of action for about a month. To cricket - and India has won the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup, beating Pakistan in a thriller. 75 from opener Gautam Gambhir helped India to 157. Pakistan hit a 6 off the opening ball of the last over but fell five runs short of the target. Pakistan mistimed a shot to end the match. Australia now play India in a series of one-dayers on the sub continent starting this week. Australia's newest world champion Casey Stoner of next month's Australian MotoGP. has arrived home ahead with his momentous achievement The 21-year-old still coming to terms in the premier class. after just two years fans something to celebrate His next mission is to give Aussie at Phillip Island. That's our next goal for the season. Now the championship's finished, a few more races concentrate on winning

is number one at the moment. and the home GP

since Mick Doohan back in 1998 Stoner is the first Aussie to win the MotoGP title. And in Sports Tonight - a personal challenge Louise Sauvage for 9-time Paralympic gold medallist

And he's Vic Larusso with the

traffic. The traffic is trying to

head out towards Lane Cove and

we're just going to sue me into the

heaviest part. As you can see the

traffic trying to filter through is

looking OK for a Tuesday.

ahead of the Beijing Games. It is bumper-to-bumper on the Ring Road. See you after work, hon. The Arterial inbound is also chaotic. Harry. In a hurry, mate? How are ya? Yeah, good. Yeah. Apia could save you up to 20% on your comprehensive car insurance premium. and not working full-time, So, if you're over 50 call: Apia. # SONG: # Wise move is brought to you by Apia. Tonight's weather It's not going to be over 50 Call 13 50 50. This program is captioned live. that's been turned into a musical A Oscar-winning movie with a colourful cast. opens in Sydney this week 'Dead Man Walking' 'Australian Idol' and a shock jock. features an opera star, an that became an Oscar winning movie It's the best-selling book that's now an opera. An emotional rollercoaster of a show this Thursday. opening at Sydney's State Theatre He's got a set date and time to die and, even though he has committed a heinous and violent crime, it's still a strange thing to be dealing with, even just as an actor. Teddy Tahu Rhodes plays the 'Dead Man Walking', made famous in the film by Sean Penn -

a man who rapes and murders two teenagers and is sentenced to death. (Sings) # August 4 is coming... # August 4, my little brother's birthday # It's a role that takes its toll physically too - given the opera star sings an aria while doing push-ups.

would have wanted to see Luciano Pavarotti do that scene. sing differently to what I'm at. (Laughs) Yeah, but Luciano could at different things. So we're all good Playing the killer's younger brother Anthony Callea. is 'Australian Idol' star

going into this production. The emotions are a little bit mixed, but I wanted to do a musical. I love doing what I've been doing, And, in another casting surprise, takes to the stage. broadcaster Alan Jones but he does it very well. He's got a small part at the opera While spending an evening the death penalty hearing people sing about murder and it has been a box-office smash. might seem unusual,

And here are the SCS volunteers.

And Bank Levi much for this. And

don't these guys do a wonderful

job? And they're the people we job? And they're the people we rely

on week in and week out. And it's

storms say if we could. The storms

is think kicks off on 1st October.

Let's have a round of applause for

bigger Terry! Could you need to

make sure they your roof is in good

repair to protect yourself again

storm damage. Easy for you to say,

you're so tall you could reach up

and check it, what about the

others? Anyone can do it. You others? Anyone can do it. You may

see a number of ladies here. Rather

a large contingent, more than 50 %

of ladies in this SBS.

What have we got weather-wise? A at

think he'll be a fairly calm day

across Sydney, 22 degrees to 26

degrees with an increase in high

cloud. If you're ever in trouble

and you need to know how to get out.

The number for the storm season is

132500. Led to have a look around

the estate on the weather map. And

it's a delightful day today.

Let us have a look at the satellite

for you and cloud is increasing

over South Australia due to affront

crossing the south and triggering

thundery showers. There's cloud

over Western Australia. The map for

tomorrow shows showers across the

far south east, Tasmania and

southern New South Wales. Tomorrow

a shower as if for south-east South

Australia, and Tasmania and South

East W A.

And back to the Storm's season

volunteers. A row and if applause

for these guys in orange overalls.

And he's hoping for you had a

really, really find time. Thank you

very much for the cake! Let us now going

going Interstate to.

Goss that will be 23 degrees tomorrow.

Mostly sunny in Sydney tomorrow.

From at the Randwick emergency

services, thank you very much. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson, and I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. The late news with Sports Tonight is our next bulletin, at 10.30. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions