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(generated from captions) you really are. to remember what a remarkable man with Rick in Sydney. I am sorry that I lost it I should never have hit your son,

that will never, ever happen again. and I can promise you I know. your future ahead of you... And now you have keep that promise. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

Tonight - puts a teenager in hospital. another senseless rock attack It's every person's worst nightmare, suffering the way he is. to see your own child lying there, of the Pumpkin case, Police defend their handling

confirming her mother was murdered. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - our federal politicians turn nasty. claims of a smear campaign as And fit for a princess - in Sydney. Diana's wedding dress goes on show But heading the news at 5:00 - senseless rock attack, there's been another A chunk of sandstone hurled at a car, skull of a 17-year-old the rock exploding as it crushed the

riding in the backseat. brain surgery. The victim undergoing emergency 17-year-old John Merinovick of his friend's car was riding on the back seat

smashed into his skull. when a sandstone rock his head here or something

'cause it came in and hit him,

and went on the other people. and exploded 18th birthday on Tuesday night. They were out celebrating Eli Mann's on the front seat of the car, He was sitting his head the rock narrowly passing by on the back-seat. before hitting John, that we were in the car. We're all feeling pretty bad

to a few of the boys this morning. I just had a chat

straight to Manly Hospital They drove John without waiting for an ambulance, to stop the bleeding. holding a T-shirt to his head to North Shore Hospital for surgery. He was transferred It's every person's worst nightmare, suffering the way he is. to see your own child lying there, gave them the all-clear - A CT scan this morning

has now stopped. it seems the bleeding on the brain at the neurosurgical ward He'll be monitored here for the next few days, how soon before he can come home. but it's not clear

to police yesterday afternoon, The rock-throwing was only reported on getting John to hospital. because everyone was focused more difficult - But it's made the hunt for clues some shadows of a couple of persons, Some of them remember seeing any further nearby. but unable to describe them scour bushland on Alambie Road - Riot police were called in to help will be tested for fingerprints. a couple of beer bottles they found the culprits to turn themselves in. The victim's father urging if you don't come forward It will only eat you up in time what's happened. and let the police know

Evan Batten, Ten News. have reacted swiftly State politicians to the latest rock-throwing attack. State Parliament. Paul Mullins joins us from are on the cards? Paul, special new laws

Up and from 10 to 14 years if more

drum one person is involved. He

said the Government is also looking

as stand-alone legislation on rock

throwing for the dog that has the

support of the opposition. They support of the opposition. They so

the maximum penalty should be 25

players had to years' jail. Here is what the key

years' jail. Here is what the key

players had to say. This kind of

just shocking, if you dig behaviour is

just beyond it the pale. With the

appeal on behalf of the public for

the Government to do something,

snap this crime out of existence

and stop these young delinquents

from doing it. Police say there

have been six a similar rock Terrin

incidents on Sydney's northern

beaches in the past year. this afternoon. didn't stop yet another rock attack It happened on the busy M4 Motorway. near an overpass at St Clair. Several rocks hurled onto the road Police checked the area for clues, there have been no arrests. but so far Disruption to traffic was minimal. have hit back at claims New Zealand police of abandoned toddler Pumpkin. they've badly bungled the case the girl's mother has been murdered, It comes after confirmation a violent episode. dying in what's been described as

King they will be struggling. Zealand police command forced to King they will be struggling. New Zealand

defend the 40 hour delay in

obtaining a warrant for the Sieger

of Nai Xue kind his dead wife in

the beach. In there has been any the beach. In there has been any

suggestion for the person is alive

or near death, police would have

taken a different approach. A post-

mortem examination was completed

this morning. It appears she was

beaten to death. The fact is the

police and a hunting for any weapons with a connection to the

death. Annie international warrant

for the rest of her 57-year-old

husband has been issued. While the

hunt continues, friends of the

young mother grief. She loved her

daughter are better than her life.

Plans to bring her grandparents

here to Auckland have been fast

track. They can take custody of the

province child and take her back to the

province in China where the family runs

runs the hotel business and so she

will have a good lie. TRANSLATION:

And her closest and most important

family member. Sheila Scott nobody

apart from. And was my only child apart from. And was my only child

and my only granddaughter.

Meanwhile, police are confident her

father will be apprehensive Los

Angeles where he reportedly has a

girlfriend. I am very sad and I

hope that the police of several

countries tried their best to

capture the murderer.

Kelly Morgan joined us from

Auckland. There are still up a lot

of unanswered questions about the

way this case is being handled.

That is right. We were not able to

sit in the press conference

ourselves because at the last minute we learnt it had been

removed to Wellington and some

eight hours away.

That is where New Zealand police is

based. There are quite a lot of

unanswered questions here. Why were

police able to seize Anan's car

which was dumped by her husband at

the Auckland airport last week?

They had so much trouble doing the

same with the car sitting outside

the family's cordoned off home. It

is unclear when the US operatives

first learnt that there was an

alert out for Nai Xue. Police are

strongly defending the way they've

handled this case. They say there

may be lessons to be learned but

they had to adhere to strict

protocols. They ask the protocols. They ask the critics

remember the tragedy at the heart

of this case and the impact it is

having on the family and friends of

those involved. What impact has

this had on the tight knit Chinese

community in New Zealand? It is a

tight-knit community. They are very

shocked but are banding together

and are trying to set up a fund or

foundation to support her when her

gran takes her back to China.

Hopefully that will be in the next

week when they get those custody orders through. And Kellie Morgan joins us now from Auckland. A day of personal abuse in Parliament has set the scene for a bitterly fought federal election. The speaker was ignored as Government leaders struggled to beat a determined Opposition attack. The best explanation for the amazing scenes in Parliament came from a slip by the Treasurer. This is the last question time... it could well be the last Labor triggered a violent reaction with this question. Can the Prime Minister assure the house that no person associated with the Government or the Liberal Party was responsible for backgrounding journalists over recent days on the details of the Opposition Leader's private medical history? I certainly had nothing to do with it. I was not aware... DERISIVE SHOUTING Citing a newspaper report, Labor also asked if the Government or the Liberal Party had employed private investigators and a forensic accountant to trawl through Kevin Rudd's family's business affairs. This is an outrageous slur masquerading as a question and should be ruled out of order. The Leader of the House frequently defied the Speaker as the Government made the extraordinary claim that Labor itself had leaked Mr Rudd's private medical history. It is low, base politics, and it tells us something about the low, base nature of the Leader of the Opposition. be prime minister of this country. You lack the courage to ever The Government denied it or the Liberal Party was conducting a smear campaign. Labor countered, citing another report claiming a Minister handed over a dirt file on Julia Gillard. Whose office was it? Have we got an answer to that? Whose office was it, Prime Minister? The political temperature boiled over today a sure sign a long-term government senses defeat and a reinvigorated Opposition has the whiff of victory. It sets the scene for a bitterly fought election campaign. Kevin Rudd today revealing Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has had the same heart procedure as himself. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A legal glitch means lead-contaminated toys can still be legally sold in some NSW shops and markets. As inspectors carry out a blitz on toxic toys, parents are being warned about what to avoid. The markets are a popular way to find cheap toys,

but these stalls are still able to sell products which could contain dangerous levels of lead. New federal laws banning the sale of contaminated toys do not cover markets and small discount stores. That's because they're governed by state laws

which until now have not been changed. They made the decision about the ban 1.5 weeks ago and we were only advised of it yesterday. It's prompted an inspection blitz in stores and markets across the State, but so far only one dangerous product has been uncovered. This was bought at a variety store and it costs $4 and it has three times the safe level of lead in the paint that's been used. But a similar blitz in the United States has found dozens of poisonous products, some containing up to 96% lead. Finding potentially poisonous products is a slow process. The suspect toys first have to be taken away for testing before they can be identified and removed from stores, and their distributors potentially prosecuted. In a desperate bid to close the loophole, state laws will be introduced tomorrow banning the sale of toys contaminated with lead in all markets and discount stalls. Those who ignore the ban could face fines and charges. James Boyce, Ten News. Sport now with Tim Webster and the Cowboys are coming. Yes, are they ever,

and when they get here Johnathan Thurston will be ready and waiting after being cleared by the judiciary. North Queensland fans gave their side a big send-off as they headed out to take on Manly in Saturday's Grand Final qualifier.

And just feel free to score - an amazing sight in English football as the rival goalkeeper is given a clear passage to the goal the emotional reason behind it shortly. for the little champ, Also another milestone A bouncer faces court accused of seriously assaulting a young Sydney surfer - that story next. Also tonight - friends and family farewell the 'Big Brother' housemate who died in mysterious circumstances. And a labour of love for the horse owners left stranded for weeks because of equine flu. EXOTIC CHORAL MUSIC To plan your holiday, go to: This program is captioned live. Moves tonight to sack and charge an RTA manager who took bribes for drivers licences. ICAC today finding Paul McPherson took up to $1,500 each from people who should never have been on the road. As manager of the Botany motor registry, McPherson accepted money for giving learner drivers the answers to knowledge test questions. Two others were involved in the scam. ICAC will now recommend the Director of Public Prosecutions lay charges. This is the man police are looking for over the sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl in Sydney last month. He was photographed at Telopea Railway station shortly after the attack. The victim was grabbed as she walked through a local park and was dragged towards a creek where she was assaulted. Detectives also want to speak with two women who apparently met the man at Telopea station later the same night. The former 'Big Brother' housemate has been farewelled in Sydney after dying from a mysterious drug overdose in Beijing. Gordon Sloan's family, friends and ex-girlfriend - Rogue Traders frontwoman Natalie Bassingthwaite - bid an emotional farewell to the former reality contestant. He was remembered as a carefree spirit and a generous humanitarian. He just had a strength and integrity that I don't think you really see in a lot of people, you know. His family has denied the 34-year-old died of a self-inflicted overdose, but believes he was drugged against his will at a Beijing nightclub. Politicians are calling for a Northern Territory style take-over More than a month since the horse flu struck are still stranded around the State dozens of horse owners with their quarantined animals.

This makeshift camp at a Pony Club has

has become home to a band of dye

had a horse lovers. They turned up

more than a month ago for a weekend.

They have not be able to leave,

marooned by a horse through. At

11am, police shut the gate. We have

been here ever since. Turning a

padded into re-home, the group of

women have been forced to make do

with what they have brought, with what they have brought, but

slowly they are caravan camp of

fault. John are upgrading to a

caravan is much better and more

comfortable. We felt we were locked

in and could not get out. The Al-

Qaim for one do with my horse and

had no change of crows. They face

another challenge - the stables

turned out to be a hazard. The

brief solo horses were brief solo horses were being

injured. The women remain

optimistic hoping they will be free

to get it the next few days.

Meanwhile, strict bio measures are in

in place that the flu struck to be

held at Rosehill this Saturday with

a record 12 races confirmed. It is

too late in the game for racing New

South Wales to take any chances.

Trainers will be quarantined while

a teenager but as it will separate

them from the public. The day's

racing is chipping a huge morale boost for the industry. We conduct these meetings at substantial losses - we only do it to boost the morale of the people. They've been training their horses, they've worked hard and they need to compete. Tim Potter, Ten News.

Her it started last night. A warm

at night in three weeks. 16 degrees,

or five above average. Anything

from the Three Mills to add another

to two nails at ball from Hill. The

most in the state, Fitzroy falls.

Tomorrow, fabulous Friday will be

all of that - shining at you with

tops the 21 degrees. This will make

you happy - a bit of a weather shot.

A great day. A sublease cent Sea

Eagles sideways. 16 degrees, a real edge

edge to the day. Some showers

tonight but blind and sunny Friday. Facing justice - a court grants O.J. Simpson bail under strict conditions - that's next. And new hope for troubled teens - how the virtual world is providing support in real-life issues. Hi. I'm just after a shampoo and a style. Well, I can give you a tjuz and a clip. DOG YAPS Get to the right place with CitySearch maps. Faster than ever on the Next G Network, only from Telstra. Quite soon you'll have the opportunity to vote in a new Australian Government. As the Labor Candidate for Eden Monaro, Mike Kelly is a key part of my team. Mike's family have lived in Bega since the 1860s and Mike served in the army for 20 years. Despite massive budget surpluses, Eden Monaro has been taken for granted by Mr Howard's government. Mike and I will work to change that

and together we can improve local hospitals, schools and roads. For the task ahead,

A check on the traffic now.

It is causing havoc on the road, the the rain. Unfortunately. For traffic Unfortunately. For traffic trying

to head home, there is to head home, there is major

gridlock. You can see how hard if

the rain is driving towards

Homebush Bay Drive. That is the

traffic trying to get out of

Homebush at the moment. It is all

the way back towards the M4. Fairly

significant traffic delays. If you

are heading out late night shopping

this evening, bigger traffic queues

towards Parramatta due to be wet and slippery conditions. A lesbian mother who is suing her doctor after having IVF twins, has been accused of being partly to blame. In an Australian legal first, the woman and her partner are suing their specialist claiming they only wanted one child, not two. The Canberra mother claims that since the birth and lost the ability to love. she has suffered depression But the court has been told she only wanted one child the woman didn't tell the doctor the operating theatre. until she was in has confronted the bouncer A promising surfer on his 21st birthday. accused of knocking him senseless he remembers little, Sam Page telling a Gold Coast court but has been left with a litany of disorders.

from his 21st with a hangover. Sam Page expected to wake up and stayed there for two weeks. Instead, he woke up in intensive care is to blame. It's alleged Eugene White at Players strip club The bouncer was working in Surfers Paradise. Police claim he king-hit Sam Page. In court today, his mates swearing at the bouncers, a witness said he saw Sam and egging them on to "have a go". a sickeningly loud noise Moments later he recalls out the front of the club. and saw Page land on his skull he was very drunk, But today he admitted that night had done a line of speed about being at Players. and couldn't remember anything White's lawyer told the court the birthday celebrations were out of hand. inappropriately to lap dancers was simply doing his job, and the bouncer trying to eject Page from the venue. taken by security cameras. The court was shown video footage in the face. In it, a man punched Page It then showed him and landing on the footpath below. who saw the incident Several Players staff members

to provide statements to police. have refused and balance problems. Page suffered memory, speech he's been prone to seizures Since the incident and can no longer drink alcohol. Meg Palmer, Ten News. after being released on bail. OJ Simpson is back home back in a Las Vegas court next month But the fallen football star will be and kidnapping charges. to fight armed robbery was required to say little OJ Simpson in a Las Vegas court when he appeared could put him behind bars for life. charged with offences that a deadly weapon, a felony offence, Burglary, possession of

of first-degree kidnapping. two counts Do you understand everything? I do, sir. daughter in court to support him, With his girlfriend and oldest the disgraced football star was granted bail

but it set him back $140,000. He surrendered his passport or his co-accused. and must not contact witnesses After Simpson's release, over the alleged armed robbery a fifth man was arrested from a Las Vegas hotel room. of sports memorabilia a very harrowing experience for him. He's relieved. I mean this has been for three days. He has been in custody and be with his family and kids. He just wants to get home

minus the prison-issued suit - And that's where he headed, back to Miami, Florida, another court appearance next month. at least until And just as it was 13 years ago of murdering his wife and a friend, Simpson's every move. a frenzy is following about his guilt or innocence. Some clearly with strong views (All chant) Free OJ! music producer Phil Spector, Still unclear about his future - actress Lana Clarkson. who's charged with murdering to a Los Angeles court tomorrow The jury in the case will return on the murder charge, to continue deliberations a unanimous verdict. they were unable to reach The judge has decided against a lesser charge. instructing the jury to consider Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In the United States,

There are whispers of a revolution in Burma, with a rare wave of dissent sweeping the nation.

to the streets of the capital Rangoon Hundreds of Buddhist monks have taken for a third day, without warning. after fuel prices doubled to join the protests Most people are too scared jail and torture. with demonstrators risking police attacking marchers Video has emerged of plain-clothed at a recent rally. have been arrested, More than 100 activists by the repressive regime. branded as terrorists a deadly bombing in Beirut. World leaders have condemned politician and up to eight others The blast killed an anti-Syrian in a mainly Christian suburb. 40 people were wounded. in the attack, Syria has denied any involvement an assassination, but the US has labelled it to elect a new president. because Lebanon is preparing A new tool for troubled teens - over the Internet. a computer game providing counselling is already proving a hit. Developed in Sydney, the free program for a lesson in life. These young adults are logging on in this game Imagine you are a character called Reach Out Central and you've just moved to a town and the first thing you've got to do is make friends and build relationships with other characters, got to look after yourself. but you've also

This world-first computer game life skills. is teaching young Australians to anger management, peer pressure - Everything from negotiating, even issues surrounding depression. about Jacqui. Anne-Marie seems pretty worried She won't tell us anything? I think she wants us to go home. With computers and the Internet,

are going for everything, that's where young people and so it's really logical through the Internet. to start delivering services is designed for 16- to 25-year-olds. The game, free online, even back-up support by mobile phone. There's a music soundtrack - to any other to any other approach with this kind of stuff. that's ever been taken I guess it's like a road test of life. a soapie, I suppose a little bit like all squished in to a game format. but it is kind of And just like a real soapie, each week a new episode goes to air,

to return to the site. encouraging users And in case you were wondering, is already in preproduction. season two

In its first four days, the game site received 6,000 hits, The young people have all been saying where they wanna come back to. it's really cool, it's something and the music is great as well. It's heaps of fun you control where you go (Song) # You finally know # You can steer. # Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. for having a secret affair? Was Pumpkin's mother killed

on this developing story next. We'll have more for Kim Beazley Also - a final round of applause their former leader. as Labor colleagues farewell And Princess Diana's wedding dress, the jewel in the crown of a new exhibition in Sydney. I'd probably recommend using a soil wetting agent, some water-saving crystals and definitely putting down some mulch. Decking and timber oil, $49.92. Rainwater diverter, $29.90. a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. You can still have a fantastic garden and a great-looking lawn even during water restrictions. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - a legal loophole means lead-contaminated toys are still being legally sold in some NSW shops and markets. Inspectors carrying out a blitz on toxic toys are warning parents to be vigilant. And a teenager is recovering in hospital after another senseless rock attack. A chunk of sandstone was hurled at a car, hitting a 17-year-old in the back seat and crushing his skull. State politicians have reacted swiftly promising tough new laws. A day of personal abuse in Parliament has set the scene for a bitterly fought federal election. The Speaker was ignored as Government leaders struggled to beat a determined Opposition attack. A fond farewell in Canberra for a man who never quite made it to the Lodge. Kim Beazley took the Labor Party to two elections before falling victim to his own party, which ousted him for Kevin Rudd. Mr Rudd was among MPs on both sides who turned out to bid Mr Beazley goodbye. For me, this tour of duty is now almost done. Time to hang up these boots. But I'm not yet ready to hand in my uniform. My passion to serve this nation, Mr Speaker, burns stronger than before. While Mr Beazley won't contest the next election, he's been tipped for a diplomatic post should Labor win. Politicians are calling for a Northern Territory style take-over after a night of riots in Aurukun in Far North Queensland. But locals are threatening any escalation in police numbers will end in bloodshed. Another sorry chapter in the troubled history of Aurukun - two warring families, fuelled by sly grog, took their battle to the streets, where another 200 locals joined in. Well, the people were very angry. It subsided in the early hours of this morning and there's been no trouble since and we are not expecting any further trouble. But tonight, with police numbers doubled, the town remains in virtual lockdown. We've been advised to keep the other businesses closed until further notice. Police are denying anyone was hurt in the fighting although locals say there are injuries. At one point, a patrolling police van was targeted by spear throwers - the constable driving severely shaken. We try not to get involved in it, obviously because of our numbers, But I think when they saw one side attacking the police, the other side got involved as well.

And I certainly believe that the behaviour we saw last night, particularly the vandalisation of police vehicles, was totally unacceptable. The Opposition has also weighed into the issue, demanding a Northern Territory-style army intervention at Aurukun, saying the State Government has lost all control of Indigenous affairs. It's gotten away on them, so what they need to do is get on the phone right now to Mal Brough and ask for his assistance. But from the people living through the drama of Aurukun, this warning. If they brought the army in here it would be so much chaos. I mean, there'd be killing and violence if they did that. Instead they want caught and punished

so Aurukun can start on the long road back. Tim Collits, Ten News. Another good day on the Australian sharemarket, boosted by strong mining stocks. A new honour for Denmark's Crown Prince. Frederik rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange during a visit to the Big Apple with his Australian-born wife, Mary. The royal couple brought their 5-month-old daughter Isabella with them, but 23-month-old Christian stayed at home in Copenhagen. The world's most famous wedding dress has touched down in Sydney.

Princess Diana's gown the star attraction

at an exhibition of memorabilia celebrating her life. In 1984, one billion people around the world watched entranced as Diana walked down the aisle in her dream dress. And on its first visit to Australia, that dress is no less captivating. It is, I think, the most famous wedding gown - most probably the most famous gown in the world. The pure silk, taffeta and old lace, the 10,000 hand-sewn mother-of-pearl sequins and pearls, the 7.6m train, forming the perfect centrepiece of an exhibition called Diana: A Celebration. Each year, it opens at Diana's childhood home, Althorpe, from her birthday on July 1 until the day she died, August 31. There's school uniform as a child, her diary, there's some of her toys, soft toys, photos but there's also the glamarous gowns she wore, the more she achieved recognition. Graeme Murton and Nick Grossmark

worked with Diana's brother Charles Spencer putting the collection together. Do you think any other single person

would warrant an exhibiton such as this?

Can you think of anyone else? To be honest, no.

I think there wasn't one single woman - the whole world knew her and was intrigued and mesmerised by her

Coming to see this exhibition not

only inspired powerful memories of

Diana but by paying the emission -

admission fee, we are helping the

charity she helped. It opens at

Sydney's powerhouse Museum on SEP-

20 knife. She loved it here and

will be very pleased that she will be very pleased that she is

earning money for her charities

that she loved. The weather now

with Tim Bailey. What are we in store for? Don't

Don't panic. That is the news from

the weatherman. Grey sky will

disappear tomorrow. Fabulous Friday

- 21 degrees. Saturday, a little chilly, 19 degrees. Next

Dogs racing, doing tricks. We

should ago, Ron! Which part of that do we qualified? Sport now with Tim Webster, and the Manly Sea Eagles call for wider Sydney support.

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I can do that. This program is captioned live. The Cowboys have hit back at suggestions Johnathan Thurston was exonerated by the judiciary last night because he's a draw card in Saturday's grand final qualifier against Manly. Meanwhile, Townsville turned out today en masse as the home team was given a boisterous farewell. Not surprisingly, news Johnathan Thurston will play against Manly going down well with the locals. His exoneration just another reason to cheer. The Cowboys farewelled in style as they headed for Sydney. (All sing) # Mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, Cowboys! # The Cowboys receiving a boost the minute Thurston was cleared to play. It's just good news. I know he's bubbling the way the team trained this morning - there was a different attitude when JT was available. Awaiting the arrival of his team-mates, the skipper a relieved man. It's been pretty tough in the back of your mind was that you might be watching it from the sidelines. The Cowboys rejecting the NRL draw card received favouritism. He didn't get off because he's Johnathan Thurston. He got off because he's got a very good case. After last year's Brisbane-Melbourne grand final, the pressure is on both Manly and Parramatta to give Sydneysiders some representation in next week's decider. Manly fullback Brett Stewart hoping fans from other teams give his side a go. There'll probably be a few more supporters going for us because there's only two NSW teams in the semis.

hopefully there'll be a few more than usual. And after yesterday's fiery encounter between Clint Newton and Jeff Lima, Storm players today trying to kickstart round two. But the brawlers reckon it was just a publicity stunt. Jeff hadn't been in the media for a while so we thought we'd get his face on. Mum and Dad were proud, I think. Despite their aquatic aggro, they insist they're mates and proved it for the cameras. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Veteran half-back George Gregan will enter the record books again

when he leads the Wallabies against Fiji at the World Cup. Just three changes to the run-on 15 while replacement fly half Berrick Barnes and outside centre Adam Ashley Cooper were both named despite carrying injuries. The Wallabies presented to the people of Montpellier in the south of France. World rugby's most celebrated player George Gregan set to join former England skipper Will Carling with a record 59 Test caps as captain. you set as a target but it came up, I think, last year. I think to be around, playing as long as he has, going on 40 years now, you obviously need to be very professional and that's the type of guy he is. Giteau is also racking up a personal milestone - 50 Test caps. While Lote Tuqiri prepares to take on his country of birth, but rejecting calls from Fijian authorities for players to represent only for their birth nation. Pretty happy playing for these guys at the moment and everything else so you probably won't see me in a Fiji jersey in the near future. If players were restricted to compete for their country of birth, some of the Wallabies's greatest ever would never have played for Australia, such as George Gregan, born in Zambia. On the other hand, minnow nations would be in a lot stronger position -

Tuqiri would play for Fiji but our front row would be worsened severely - Yeah - born in Calvary, Canada.

I was born in Saudi Arabia, actually. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Rob Canning, Ten News. In Montpellier, France, Another milestone - is now just the 7th player Italian scrum half Alessandro Troncon international rugby tests. to notch up 100

for the nuggety number nine Some well deserved attention before kickoff. As for the Portuguese,

stranglehold. they had trouble escaping the Azzuri

Italy ran out winners by 30 points, they missed out on a bonus point but with just three tries, in Pool C. and now trail Scotland by two

has been given the all clear Lleyton Hewitt against Serbia to play in the Davis Cup tie at training yesterday. after taking a tumble as diabolical. Hewitt described yesterday John Fitzgerald's team against the Serbians, face a daunting task Novak Djokovic. who are led by world number three both his singles matches I think he'd be expecting to win and probably the doubles. of elimination from the world group Australia faces the prospect

dshould they lose in Belgrade. tonight And Australia will take on Sri Lanka for a spot in the Twenty20 World Cup semis without Ricky Ponting. with that torn hamstring. He's out of the tournament there were fireworks overnight, Meanwhile, to some heated words as India's Yuvraj Singh responded with Andrew Flintoff off one Stuart Broad over, by smashing six sixes India going on to win by 18 runs. In the other game overnight, by six wickets. South Africa beat New Zealand Casey Stoner has been hailed in Tokyo Japanese MotoGP ahead of this weekend's a maiden championship. where he could wrap up former world champion Valentino Rossi Stoner has only to finish ahead of the championship. to guarantee himself at this circuit I've had some pretty good results quite a lot and normally enjoy this circuit chance of trying to win this race. so I think we have a much better live on Channel Ten You can catch all the action from 3:30 Sunday afternoon. broken his own downhill speed record, And Austrian Markus Stoeckl has near Santiago. hitting 210km/h on a ski slope Think that's crazy? and reckons 250km/h is within reach. Well, now he wants to go even faster, Shock news in English football - Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho is leaving the Premier League team. But, a story of sportsmanship which has everyone feeling good. In a League Cup replay, a free goal Leicester gave Nottingham Forrest at the start of their match. of Leicester manager Gary Megson, At the instruction walked the ball into goal unopposed. Forrest goalkeeper Paul Smith

to the third division team It was payback

being abandoned. who agreed to last month's match Back then Forrest led 1-0 had a heart attack before Leicester player Clive Clarke He's still recovering for their sense of fair play - and Leicester were rewarded they won the replay 3-2. That's the day in sport. Later on Sports Tonight, with Sri Lanka Australia's crucial Twenty20 clash Plus - the Matildas take on Canada in the World Cup quarterfinals. for a place

But as take a look at the traffic

now. That rain is causing havoc. We are positioned over Bankstown.

We got a call two minutes to go

about a serious smash. We can

already see the traffic build up.

The rain is really coming down

strong. It seems the traffic whiff

brake lights is southbound. It is

built all the way back towards

Liverpool. You can see how hard the

rain is falling over the south-west.

It is causing havoc for motorists

heading out on Bankstown. Stay with us. Tim Bailey has the latest on this change in the weather, next. If you'd like to kick joint pain, with glucosamine and chondroitin then Blackmores Joint Formula may be ideal. September only in-store promotions. Plus, you could win with special Effective joint pain relief. So you can be your best. on the Ring Road. It is bumper-to-bumper See you after work, hon. is also chaotic. The Arterial inbound Harry. How are ya? ENGINE STARTS car insurance premium. on your comprehensive and not working full-time, So, if you're over 50 Apia. # SONG: # Wise move is brought to you by Apia. Tonight's weather It's not going to be over 50 and not working full-time but if you are we're your insurance specialist. Call 13 50 50.

The time to check all be weather

of information. We are getting reports

of heavy rain in some parts of

Sydney. Is there much and that this evening?

Not a lot, no. It is just

threatening. It is going that threatening. It is going that way.

A few drops on the camera. When you

wake up tomorrow, it will all be

over and done with. Two mm in the

city may be. Abbey this Friday city may be. Abbey this

comes at you shiny and warm. - -

fabulous Friday. 21. Saturday, at

19 degrees, maybe a late charge. On

Sunday, tops of 21 degrees. Fine

and sunny. This is the worst of it

right now. It is my job to clear

off and get Friday, sashayed and

Sunday just right. This weekend, if you

you want to help out, the Animal

Welfare League or the guide dogs.

Dog Day by the day. There is a dog

ate and spoon race! They will have

a vet to teach you about ticks,

obedience, the whole thing. Sounds

like a good idea. Into your

backyard. A fair chance it is

sprinkling where you live because

it is here. The south-west getting

heavy rain at the moment. Still a bit chilly.

Cloud over the New South Wales

coast is due to an offshore below.

Low cloud forms over seven Victoria,

Tasmania and far south-west WH.

Cool westerly winds bringing light

showers. Mostly sunny elsewhere and

hot across the North. Tomorrow, a front will approach south-west of

the way causing showers to develop

easterly later in the day. Maughan of

easterly winds will develop over

the Western interior. A cold front

will bring a burst of wind and

showers to Tasmania and Victoria.

Let us have a look at the predicted

precipitation. What will fall from

the sky in the next 24 hours?

Chance of an early shower in New

South Wales, Hunter and mid- coasts. South Wales, Hunter and mid- coasts.

Showers for Victoria, and south-

west of WH. Tomorrow, a good

looking day. Fine and sunny at 21

degrees to pitch in that mood for

the weekend. Saturday, dodgy in the

late afternoon with a shower. Tops

of 19. Sunday, glorious, 21 degrees,

fine and sunny. Interstate:

That is it. See you again. of an operatic cockatiel You might remember our story who had lost its owners. Well, the good news is they've been re-united and the amazing news is the bird had travelled from Melbourne to Brisbane. No-one knows for sure how Moe the Cockatiel made it all the way from Victoria to Queensland after escaping his cage 15 months ago.

But hearing his incredible repertoire was music to his owners' ears.

(Whistles tunefully) He listened to the radio, a lot of AM radio during the day. Sometimes we got classical tunes on there, and he just picked it up. (Whistles classical melody)

Moe has promised a few more tunes before he heads home next week. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. Enjoy your evening