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the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - A body found believed to be the mother of abandoned toddler 'Pumpkin'.

a homicide investigation. This is now as World Youth Day talks break down. Randwick trainers declare holy war

yeah, we gotta do it. If we gotta barricade ourselves in, over plans for a poker machine ban. A rift at South Sydney Leagues Club finals future goes on the line. And Johnathan Thurston's

with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. of little abandoned girl 'Pumpkin' The mother has almost certainly been murdered with Auckland police revealing in a car left at her house. they've found a body Seven's Nick McCallum is there officers suspect the worst? and Nick, an Asian woman's body Ian, they say they've discovered formal identification yet, and while there's no it's Pumpkin's mother. detectives believe a murder investigation They've now launched has fled to Los Angeles but Pumpkin's father and Seven News can reveal to hunt him down. police there haven't yet been asked Nai Zin Xue's car, with the name of his newspaper on it,

for more than five days. was out the front of the family home then towed it away, Police looked at it last night, actually opened the boot. but only this afternoon

at what they found. Clearly they were shocked The body of an Asian female (Clears throat) of the Honda Rafaga vehicle. has been found in the boot

it is Pumpkin's mother, Anan, They believe but will await formal identification of a cause of death. and the establishment

the time it took to find the body, Police defended is different to Australian law. saying New Zealand law a thorough inquiry here Well, we're conducting

a search warrant on that vehicle. Ah, we've had to execute and gaining a search warrant The process to do it properly. ah, does take a long time These security photos were taken of Nai and his daughter

a confiscated machete as he claimed out of New Zealand last Thursday. just hours before they flew This is now a homicide investigation for our inquiry. and as a person of interest Pumpkin's grandmother in China Police say they have contacted

and told her the news. a Chinese-speaking journalist She told to get to Melbourne she was desperate to see her little granddaughter. Pumpkin with her She said she would love to take and go back to China with her and live there.

this latest development, Even as police revealed on the family home earlier today, Forensic police converged parked at the back. concentrating on another car Interpol is searching for Nai, Police here say but Los Angeles police say and they're puzzled as to why. no arrest warrant has been issued on Saturday If we would've known this right there as soon as he landed. and would have been waiting for him anywhere in the world now. This individual could be In another development today from a previous marriage, Nai's missing 20-year-old daughter referred to in this documentary, indicating she is safe and well. has now come forward

stunned disbelief from neighbours. Back at the family home,

They haven't named the father as a

suspect, but they've appealed to him suspect, but they've appealed to

to come forward. It may be too late. to come forward. It may be too late. Thanks for that.

holy war on World Youth Day Sydney horse trainers have declared after the Government ruled out an alternative location.

Already crippled by horse flu, they say the Catholic jamboree at Randwick forever. could see the end of racing at Randwick Racecourse is next July, The Papal mass dead and buried by then, but local racing could be warns the industry. at the end of racing at Randwick. We're definitely looking from equine influenza, Already reeling

trainers say making a bad situation worse. the government now risks It's angry into Randwick next week, because contractors will be allowed despite the quarantine lockdown, to begin preparing for Youth Day. that we've been acting under here There were rules in place for the last five or six weeks. like they used to. And as of today, they don't count

for World Youth Day - The Iemma government lobbied hard Catholic festivals of its kind. one of the biggest to get global attention. Another event But the racing industry says on promises of compensation the organisers have reneged and new infrastructure. and ate it themselves. They dangled a carrot I don't feel God's against us. its administration is against us. I feel that the Catholic Church and were already deadlocked. Trainers and government Now, confrontation looms. yeah, we gotta do it. If we gotta barricade ourselves in, the landlord of Randwick - But the government - insists there's no quarantine risk. being undertaken with biosecurity. The advice I have is that it is My advice is they're not going

anywhere near horses. The industry says until Easter. racing couldn't return to normal But then, construction will be in full flow. Are you praying? Yeah. Feverishly. Anti-gambling campaigners are applauding a plan to ban poker machines at South Sydney Leagues Club. The proposal, from football team owners Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court,

has caused a rift at the club with fears it could go broke.

Not happy with just rescuing their football club,

now the saviours of Souths are out to save a whole suburb. There is an undeniable cost with poker machines in low-income, high-unemployment areas. When the redeveloped Redfern Club reopens next year, Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court say its 60 poker machines should be sin-binned. We're not doing this on moral grounds. We're doing this because we think it's better business. Without pokies, they say, more people will come. There's a split view amongst the locals.

They should get a few people down there, I reckon, especially with someone like Russell Crowe behind it. It'll fold unless someone backs it. Like Russell Crowe? Yeah. A club used to internal brawls may be facing another one, with doubts it would last a year without gaming machines.

If you asked the directors of the South Sydney Leagues Club today, I'm sure they'd all say no. Anti-gambling campaigners are hoping it's the start of something bigger. It certainly has the potential to change the culture within the clubs. But if Souths does trash its poker machines, it'll be out of step - far from disappearing, the opportunity for a flutter is about to expand. An estimated 200 hotels are about to add Keno to their gaming options - up till now, restricted to just clubs and the casino. Not extending gambling addiction, says the Government, because so few people play Keno. Lottery is the number one product, poker machines number two, horse racing number three, and Keno comes in a long way behind at four. Kevin Rudd's economic credentials have been dealt a blow

after he bungled an answer on personal tax. The Labor leader was unable to name the four income tax brackets, he's unfit to run the economy. prompting Government claims

At a school in the marginal seat of Eden-Monaro, Kevin Rudd tasted a sweet opportunity

as an OECD report ranked Australia among the lowest spenders on public education. Fail, fail, fail, fail

government's performance in terms of our national

on education. But the Government marked him down on economic management when he couldn't name the current tax rates and thresholds. I think the high threshold kicks in, I think at $175,000 and then I think it cascades down, ah, down the spectrum. Fail, fail, fail and fail again. The top threshold kicks in at $150,000.

If you don't understand the income tax system, you can't understand the Australian economy. He is a Leader of the Opposition on trainer wheels. It's an attack the Government will milk for all it's worth as both leaders hit the hustings. Voters can expect to see a lot more of this in coming weeks. The campaign hasn't started yet, but the battle for the marginal seats is well and truly under way.

And Eden-Monaro is one of the most important, which is why John Howard was there today, too. Every seat I have is important to me - every seat. I love them all. And he hopes they still love him. The Australian survivor of the Phuket air crash has had an emotional meeting with the man who saved his life. Robert Borland was hauled from the blazing wreckage by a fellow passenger - a complete stranger until today. Of all the visitors crash survivor Robert Borland has had, perhaps none was more significant than this. 39-year-old air conditioning salesman Paiboon Phaphan dragged a badly injured Borland and one other out of the burning plane through an emergency exit. It just shows the generosity of the Thai people.

He wouldn't be alive if not for the bravery of this quiet Thai hero. Will this be the beginning of a long friendship? I hope so. I hope so. There was another special visitor too. Hello, Sunshine. Smile for mummy. Borland says even at 48, there's nothing like seeing your mum. Wonderful. Wonderful.

She also delivered those treats from home. Your Tim Tams and your baby. (Laughs) At the airport today though, heartache - relatives in the grim search for loved ones' belongings or their faces from the victim photo boards. And as they began flying the first foreign casualties home, a row over the actions of the crash pilot. Transport officials say 56-year-old Indonesian Arief Mulyadi knew about dangerous crosswinds

but continued anyway. The last radio exchange was: Officials also revealed today that the body of Brian Mullery, the Australian killed in the jet crash, is being flown back to the Gold Coast for a home town burial. The National Rugby League judiciary is meeting tonight

to decide the finals fate of Cowboys captain Johnathan Thurston.

Seven's Patrick Molihan is at Rugby League headquarters.

Pat, North Queensland fans have their fingers crossed. The National Rugby League Judiciary is meeting tonight Ian, they face Manly on Saturday night they're as good as gone and without Thurston many believe

in the race for this year's premiership. The 2-times Dally M winner is here fighting a one-week ban for a dangerous throw after he was charged over this tackle

on Sunday. in the win against the Warriors

Now, despite what's at stake, Thurston's remaining upbeat. Nchling a lol Nchling a Nchling

haven't A lot more confident this time. I

haven't had anyone say they think he deserves to be deserves to be suspended. Unfortunately for Peter Parr, the only opinions that matter here tonight

are those of the three former players on the panel who'll decide Thurston's fate. And Matthew White will have more League finals news later in sport. But ahead in Seven News - repair work for some famous Sydney landmarks. Also, shocking video as a uni student is zapped with a stun gun. Ow, ow, ow! And Princess Mary charms the children on a visit to New York.

DOORBELL RINGS for every room in the house.

A Maori family has performed a traditional haka outside Glebe Coroners Court to demand the immediate return of a man's brain. Shane Hau was killed in a hit-and-run accident on Saturday and relatives say it's a cultural insult if his entire body isn't handed over This is really important to us. This is not just a piece of body. It's our family. The Coroner's Office says the brain will be returned

once the cause of death is determined. Sydney petrol prices have jumped by 20 cents a litre in one day after a spike in the cost of oil. Many petrol stations are now charging over $1.33 a litre, well up on yesterday. Oil reached record highs overnight, nudging US$82 a barrel. higher prices at the bowser Drivers have been warned to expect

in the coming weeks.

An American student has been shot by police with a stun gun after interrupting a speech by former US presidential candidate John Kerry. Video of the incident has become a hit on the Internet and triggered debate about free speech. When John Kerry finished speaking, he opened the floor to questions. want to thank you for your time. I first and foremost

Andrew Meyer demanded to know why Kerry didn't contest the 2004 re-election of George W. Bush. Didn't you want to be president? Campus police were called in to quieten him, but he wouldn't stop. Thank you for cutting my mic. Thank you. Are you going to arrest me? Excuse me. Excuse me. What are you arresting me for? From the microphone John Kerry urged officers to let Meyer finish his question. By then the situation was out of control. Help! Help!

Officers claim they repeatedly warned Meyer to stop struggling or he'd get tasered. Don't taser me, bro! Don't taser me, bro. But they did. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! John Kerry maintained he could have handled the situation without interruption. WOMAN: Why are you doing that?!

ANDREW MEYER: Oh, my God! OFFICER: Back up. Back up.

have been placed on paid leave Two of the officers

while the university investigates. The incident has triggered a fierce debate about free speech, while the video has become a hit on the Internet. Scientists in Peru are investigating a mystery illness affecting hundreds of people living near the scene of a meteorite strike. The space rock crashed to earth in the Andes on the weekend,

leaving a crater 6 metres deep and 20 metres wide. It gave off powerful fumes which caused headaches and nausea. Locals also say their sheep and cattle are behaving strangely and refusing to eat. Denmark's Princess Mary has become queen of the kids on a visit to New York. Australian-born Mary was the star attraction at a Manhattan childcare centre, surrounded by little princesses. It's the Danish royals' first overseas trip since the birth of 5-month old Isabella, who's with her parents but kept out of sight of cameras. Mary told Danish reporters she'd like to have more children but isn't sure how many. One of Sydney's most famous neon signs

has been switched off temporarily. The lucky golfer above the old Sharpies Golf House has been hitting a hole in one for nearly 50 years. the Elizabeth Street building But the owners of

have removed the sign with the permission of the State Heritage Office. Repairs will be made and the golfer will be back within a year.

A bronze statue of poet Henry Lawson is back in its proper place under a cabbage tree in the Domain. The sculpture, by artist George Lambert, was reinstalled this morning. Henry Lawson, when he was down on his luck in the early '20s, lived here in the Domain for a while. The Lawson bronze had been on loan to the National Gallery in Canberra. A modern statue of a Maori bouncer which had been the stand-in will now go into storage. Time for sport with Matthew White, and the Johnathan Thurston case is under way?

We'll go live to Pat Molihan for the latest next. Also tonight, an injury scare for the Wallabies' star rookie. And Pakistan blast Australia into sudden death in Twenty20. COMMENTATOR: The biggest six of the competition - 111 metres!

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The Cowboys have begun the fight to have Jonathan Thurston cleared to play in Saturday night's grand final qualifier against Manly. League reporter Patrick Molihan is at the judiciary. Pat, what's the latest? Matt, Thurston's case against a ban for this dangerous throw charge is just getting under way. The star half-back is being represented by special counsel Geoff Bellew as he tries to beat a 1-week ban. But it's not the only worry for the Cowboys.

Veteran playmaker Jason Smith is battling niggling injuries,

while star fullback Matt Bowen continues to struggle with a thigh problem. Yeah, it's a bit sore, mate, after the Bulldogs game, I think. Medics been pretty good about it and kept me off it.

With Bronco Karmichael Hunt injured Bowen is facing a shoot-out for the Australian job against Manly's try-scoring whiz Brett Stewart.

debuting for Origin earlier on in the year, and, you know, it'd be icing on the cake to finish with a Test jersey. Storm stars Cameron Smith and Greg Inglis had Australian jerseys on to promote a World Cup match against England in Melbourne next year. Inglis happy to provide an update on his back injury. OK - short and sharp. I'm fine and I'll be fit to play. Amazingly, more than 20,000 tickets have been sold for the Storm's clash with Parramatta at Melbourne's Telstra Dome on Sunday

as sales go neck-and-neck with the Manly/Cowboys game. Yeah, well, it is exciting. It's probably the biggest crowd the Storm have ever played in Melbourne. Hopefully we can get a bigger crowd than what the Sydney guys get. I think that'd be one for the record books, really. Rookie Berrick Barnes has sent a scare through the Wallaby camp but he is expected to play in Sunday's World Cup match against Fiji.

Barnes had the coaching staff in a panic after limping from the training field this morning, but his quadricep injury isn't serious. He's the youngest in the team but he's got a cool head on his shoulders so as soon as he felt the tightness, he pulled out. But I'm sure he'll be fine. Stirling Mortlock's injured shoulder continues to improve. The skipper, and five-eighth Stephen Larkham, are both on track to return for Australia's quarterfinal.

A hamstring injury may force Ricky Ponting out of Australia's sudden-death Twenty20 match against Sri Lanka tomorrow night. Mike Hussey and Brad Hodge helped bat the Aussies to 165 but a record 5th-wicket partnership between Shoaib Malik and Misbah-ul-Haq guided Pakistan to a 6-wicket win. with his usual fireworks. Adam Gilchrist opened

COMMENTATOR: That's cracked off the back foot! But in Twenty20, risks often outweigh the rewards. This is a big wicket. Gilly gone for 24. Andrew Symonds indulged in some hit and giggle - 29 off 18 balls. That is a very big, muscular blow. But even Roy admitted his dismissal was embarrassing. Ricky Ponting tweaked his hamstring. He's now in doubt for tomorrow night's clash with Sri Lanka.

Obviously a big loss because he's such a key player.

To me, he's probably the best batsman in the world at the moment. Mike Hussey top-scored with 37. Straight 6. Australia finished 7/164 and had the early edge over Pakistan. That's in the air. Taken again. But that edge was smacked away by a record 117-run partnership between captain Shoaib Malik and Misbah-ul-Haq.

Biggest 6 of the competition - 111 metres. The win puts Pakistan into the semis. Australia must beat Sri Lanka to stay alive. Bangladesh is going home early, but at least they've taught us all a new way to catch.

The typhoon in

The typhoon in China has postponed tonight's soccer tonight's soccer match in the

women's one one. We just need a draw

and we're through to the final 16.

In 24 hours, we'll

In 24 hours, we'll have news. A

typhoon is a pretty major

distraction though. Thanks, Matt. Checking finance now.

The share market jumped sharply higher today, boosted by a big cut in US interest rates. BHP shares put on more than 4%. The ASX200 index gained 164 points.

Financial shares were the big winners, up 8%. It's been a warm and breezy spring day across Sydney. Sara has the 7-day forecast next in Seven News.

Hey. Just a thought. do you think they're fully embracing this whole 'cheap phone calls over the Internet' thing?

Good evening. It was a near perfect spring day in Sydney with clear blue skies, warm sunshine and light north-easterly winds. Top temperatures were quite variable care of an afternoon seabreeze. The city peaked early - 22 was our maximum just before 10.30. Not far below that now on 19. But take a look at Penrith - after a cool and foggy start, it warmed up to a summery 27 degrees. Richmond, Parramatta, and Liverpool weren't far behind on 26. It gets cooler as we head towards the coast. Down to 21 in Cronulla. From the satellite, a frontal system and its associated cloud is moving into south-east Australia, bringing a few showers and the odd storm at its northern tip. Tomorrow, that system will deepen into a small low off the New South Wales south coast, strengthening these southerly winds ahead of a weaker change due into Sydney on Saturday. Those southerlies will bring a cold day to the south-east corner with showers for Canberra. Clearing in Melbourne, but staying dry in Hobart.

Perth, 21.

Dry and windy up north. Brisbane, 30 degrees. In Sydney, there's a gale warning for coastal waters tomorrow. a fine night, Tomorrow's weather today shows

but increasing cloud could bring a few coastal showers

later in the day. After a warmer night, will be quite cool, daytime temperatures

sticking around 21 degrees. 19 in Terrey Hills. Back into the mid teens for Katoomba with a range of 9 to 14. That low will move away from the coast on Friday so it won't be as windy -

21 degrees. The a coastal shower is likely on Saturday

ahead of mainly fine weather from Sunday, warming up again mid next week. And allergy sufferers should take extra care with pollen levels continuing high. And that's Seven News to now. Today Tonight with Anna Coren is next. And tonight, Andrew O'Keefe springs the ultimate surprise on a battling family. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Is milk dangerous to your health? Hello. I'm Anna Coren. Tonight, the startling claims about the milk we all drink and the suggested alternative.

'Deal's happiest home viewer. Half an hour ago they discovered they'd won $200,000, and we were there. It looks likely that I will lose my house and be thrown out onto the street with nowhere to go. She's just one of the many victims of predatory lending. Will the Government at last do something to stop it? One law for them - with O.J. Simpson again in handcuffs

and a jury deadlocked over music legend Phil Spector, why celebrities walk free when the rest of us would be locked up. Claims in a new book that a protein in milk is linked to serious illnesses

including heart disease, diabetes, autism and schizophrenia. The author insists he's joined all the dots to reach that conclusion and has now sold his shares in the company

which makes the health milk he suggests as the alternative. Helen Wellings investigates. It just seemed to me to be a story that had to be told. That's on tomorrow night's program. For us, it is a miracle milk. It has made such a difference.

Our past stories on this alternative milk, A2, who couldn't tolerate ordinary milk had many people around Australia

raving about A2's benefits. The alternative before we started A2 milk was absolutely no dairy at all.