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(generated from captions) 'Cause I pride mypelf 'Cause I pride myself on being observant - the type of guy who would speak up if he saw something wrong. Well, did you see something wrong? I told you, nothing gets by me. You don't need a fancy diploma to know how this place runs.

Well, how did it run that night? Dr Caron said that all the fail-safes were in place. Were they? Please, Carl! Please! Why did you call me down here? I called you because I can help you. OK! Then do it. Just answer my question. I can do that. Well, now, Carl! Please! Do you have anything to tell me, or not? I can tell you what you want to know.

I can tell you who's the mother of the baby inside of Taylor Marone. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

This program is captioned live. Tonight - the amazing escape. Everything went black and it was a big mess and we'd hit the ground. People were screaming. Bruce Burrell convicted of murdering Sydney woman Dorothy Davis. And a teenager bashed by an adult in a shocking case of sport rage.

Ten News with Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Good evening. Also tonight - Sydneysiders to pay dearly for the desalination plant. And putting on the glitz - TV's biggest stars shine at Hollywood's Emmy Awards. But heading the news at 5:00 - a passenger jet hurtles off the runway at Phuket Airport and explodes in a fireball.

One person from Queensland is believed to be among the fatalities has described while another Australian how he managed to get out alive. Amateur video captured the first fiery moments after the crash of Thai airline. The impact split the plane in two and engulfed the fuselage in flames.

Of the 130 on board, 91 are now confirmed dead. One Australian is believed to be among them - a father of four, Brian Mullery, from the Gold Coast.

Australians, too, are among the survivors. We were preparing to land. He came through the clouds and I think he realised

that either the runway was too close or it was too fast or...

Robert Borland from Western Australia survived the Boxing Day tsunami. He's been lucky again,

suffering a broken arm and burns to his legs. My clothes caught fire, my trousers. I was able to drag myself across to the other side, where the the exit row was and someone was able to assist me out of the aircraft. The 48-year-old has already contacted his mother at home,

who is ever indebted to the mystery man who helped her son. Somebody did phone me in the early hours of the morning and told me that he was dragged off the plane with another man, both in flames. I don't know where that man is but I hope I find him one day and thank him. in heavy wind and rain.

You could tell it was in trouble and came up again. 'cause it kinda landed to numerous Phuket hospitals. Over 20 passengers have been ferried five have been listed as critical. So far, on the body. Two of them have severe burns

It's about 60% burn. have been recovered. Flight data recorders for analysis. They'll be sent to the US for Thai authorities The immediate task

will be identifying victims. the assistance We are offering the Thai Government disaster victim identification team. of an Australian Federal Police in Thailand in almost a decade. It's the worst air disaster Consular officials are on the ground if more Australians are involved. trying to determine Josh Murphy, Ten News.

has been convicted Kidnap-killer Bruce Burrell Dorothy Davis, of murdering wealthy Sydney widow

the abduction-murder of Kerry Whelan, and just like he's done in of Mrs Davis's body. Burrell is yet to reveal the location After 12 years of anguish, Dorothy Davis's children finally the moment a jury finding by Sydney businessman Bruce Burrell. their 74-year-old mother was murdered

It took eight days of deliberations. The family now want to remember her for how she lived, not how she died. Dotty Davis was a loving mum and a grandma. She was a loyal sister and a trusted friend. Such a good friend she lent Burrell $100,000 to help him buy a home. It was claimed Burrell killed her to avoid repaying the loan. She was last seen leaving her home at Lurline Bay.

Police believe she was planning to visit Burrell's cancer-stricken wife. No trace of her has ever been found. I hope the family of Mrs Davis, in some way, can put this all behind them. It's been a long battle. The verdict appeared to shock Bruce Burrell,

who lifted his head towards the ceiling and let out a long sigh. His victim's family now hopes he'll reveal where he hid her body.

It will only be when we bring her home and bury her with the dignity that she deserves that we will truly be able to be at peace. What the jury didn't know is that Burrell had already been convicted of another murder - that of Sydney mother Kerry Whelan in 1997. Again, money was found to be the motive. Again, her body has never been found. Already serving life behind bars for the Whelan murder,

on a date to be fixed. Burrell will be sentenced Daniel Sutton, Ten News. The household water bill is about to skyrocket with plans to charge the average family hundreds of dollars a year extra, small business to be slugged even more. Part of the reason - a hidden cost in the controversial desalination plant. Sydney's dams may be at 59% but predictions of hotter summers and even longer droughts

are being blamed for the huge increases

being sought in domestic water charges. I'm not denying it's a large increase. Sydney Water is seeking, from the independent pricing tribunal, a 33% increase in residential water bills over the next four years, costing the average family $275. It will be even more for those using more than 250,000 litres a year.

Small business will pay 46% more. 40% of the cost will go towards building Kurnell's controversial desalination plant.

If we project forward 15 years from today and we were faced with the same situation we were faced with three months ago, Sydney would have run out of water. We're doing it to make sure that Sydney always has enough water. Adding to the latest price hike threat -

the revelation that when the desal plant is fully operational taxpayers face an extra maintenance charge of more than $50 million a year. The pricing tribunal - IPART - will hand down its decision by mid-next year. Sydney Water may not get all it's seeking but big price increases are inevitable. Morris Iemma's obsession with the desalination plant is not only going to deliver increased water bills

to Sydney Water residents

but increased costs to taxpayers across the State. The cost of not securing the city's water supply is much greater. Paul Mullins, Ten News. A shocking case of sport rage, a man bashing a 16-year-old soccer player so badly he's had to undergo surgery - twice. Police, yet to speak to the attacker, are promising a full investigation.

Returning to the oval where he was king-hit, 16-year-old Christian Pikardt relives the attack which left him unconscious, his nose broken, by an adult from the other team. The Wakehurst under-16s had just beaten Beacon Hill when a brawl broke out after the full-time whistle. Witnesses say a man aged in his 40s threw the punch that floored Christian. He had a very swollen lip as well

and obviously he was bleeding profusely. He was actually choking on his blood at the time. When I saw him lying on the ground so badly injured, I couldn't believe what had gone on.

It's not clear what sparked the brawl, but parents and spectators were stunned an adult could be responsible for the cowardly attack. they're always trying to help. This was completely out of place. It's just really wrong.

Yeah, it's not on, and the offences are criminal, and any offences that are reported to police like this will be fully investigated. Christian has already had two rounds of surgery to repair his nose. The centre back didn't want to talk about the incident on camera today. He's trying to focus on his Year 11 exams. Police have already interviewed parents and spectators who were here on the day, and they now want to speak to one man in particular -

a 41-year-old father of one of the players on the Beacon Hill team. They'll then decide if they'll lay charges. We would like everybody who was there to come forward and talk to the police. Evan Batten, Ten News. Police are planning a blitz on drunken behaviour around Sydney's pubs and clubs and the Rugby World Cup. during the football finals The warning comes as a new report reveals

alcohol-related crime is costing the police force

an estimated $50 million a year -

enough to fund the salaries of an extra 1,000 officers. Those who go out on the weekend and get a skinful and then become violent have to bear some responsibility for their own actions. To deal with the problem another 30 licensing police are being recruited. There will also be more checks on late-night pubs which continue to serve alcohol to drunk patrons. John Howard is bracing for a crucial opinion poll -

it's the first taken since a new debate erupted about his leadership. Some Liberals are already being accused of abandoning the PM. The acid test of John Howard's boast that he is more popular than his party will come in tomorrow's Newspoll, the first major survey since the latest round of leadership ructions. But the Prime Minister is confident he's already stared down any opposition in his cabinet.

REPORTER: ...any opposition from within your cabinet? Yes.

Labor claims Liberal candidates around the country are airbrushing John Howard out of their advertising. Tanya Plibersek believes she's caught Malcolm Turnbull red-handed. Why this newsletter doesn't once mention the PM by name to the Howard Government? nor make any reference

It's a newsletter by me as the local member

and naturally, it focuses on me. There you go. But the Newspoll has spooked the Government and emboldened Labor. The next prime minister of Australia - Mr Kevin Rudd. Ministers are furious with the Opposition's weekend campaign rally. I think this obsession with opinion polls is getting to one person above all, and that is Mr Rudd.

The Opposition is expecting the Newspoll to correct the 18-point lead it showed a fortnight ago but all sides will be looking very carefully at Mr Howard's performance rating. The Government's hoping its $200 million advertising spend this year will begin to bite soon. Is the PM delaying the election just so he can keep

this massive taxpayer-funded advertising blitz going? John Howard accuses Labor of hypocrisy. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster, and the player considered the best in the NRL could be suspended from the finals. Yes, Cowboys playmaker Johnathan Thurston could well miss the grand final qualifier against Manly. He's facing a one-match ban for a dangerous throw in North Queensland's semifinal victory over the Warriors.

Plus - a slice of cricket history for Brett Lee. He's taken the first hat-trick in international Twenty20 cricket. We'll hear from Brett shortly. Also - why Wallabies coach John Connolly is feeling positive about Stephen Larkham's knee injury. A Sydney boss accused of bashing his workers tells his side of the story - that's next. Also tonight - the experts deliver their verdict on whether Sydney toll roads offer value for money.

And the bizarre events that led to a toddler being dumped at a train station.

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This program is captioned live.

Sydney's motorway network. Calls tonight to dramatically extend while slashing fuel bills, A new study shows they save time motorists while accept more tolls. but there are doubts about whether motorists will accept more tolls. to the Lane Cove Tunnel - A typical morning at the entrance using Epping Road, gridlock for cars avoiding the toll

but on the left a dream run to skip all the lights. for drivers willing to pay across Sydney motorways, And it's a similar story drivers took less than half the time the NRMA finding using tollways, to get to work and back by 40%. also slashing the average fuel bill Very significant savings and people using them. by these motorways being in place put in place, If we actually had more of them those missing links in Sydney built,

a far better place then Sydney would be

to live in and move around. On the NRMA's hit list - on building the M4 East, urgent action extending the F6 into Sydney's south widening the M5, to the M2. and linking the F3 in Sydney's north it's making plans, The Government says but won't set any deadlines. is a priority of the Government, The M4 East extension is a priority of the Government the upgrade of Victoria Road

and we will look at other ways of improving the road network with our $3.6 billion roads budget. While new or extended motorways will never be built for free, another toll road would not be popular with motorists. Instead, the NRMA is pushing for more freeways to be built, claiming our taxes should cover the bill. I think motorists are saying enough is enough. We've paid enough - build those roads using some of the money we've already paid you.

But at least one expert disagrees. They should be tolled. Every cent that the Government spends on roads is a cent that can't be spent on hospitals, can't be spent on policing. James Boyce, Ten News. A guilty verdict over the murder of Sydney car dealer Bob Ljubic. 34-year-old Jason Clive McCall has been convicted after a week of jury deliberations. off a cliff at The Gap McCall pushed Mr Ljubic in March of 2005.

five days later. His body was found by fishermen The court was told to kidnap Mr Ljubic McCall conspired with another man to extort money and drugs, in a sudden fit of rage. but threw him into the ocean Sentencing will begin on Friday. his workers with a hammer A Sydney boss accused of attacking has denied ever losing his temper, the man telling a court when he's singing at bible class. he only shouts

He's been dubbed the boss from hell. is accused of using tools Guttering contractor Manuel Purauto to bash his labourers as punishment for mistakes.

Has he got a licence for that? MAN: Yes. Where is it? Show me. would hit him almost every day. Sam Kautai claims his boss Today in court, was put to his boss. Mr Kautai's claim

Mr Kautai must have been in a fight. He told the court The last court appearance ended with the boss's supporters lashing out. Oy! Back off! Excuse me, sir, he just assaulted me. Back off, all of you. But today Mr Purauto denied ever shouting at or hitting workers, telling the court the Seventh Day Adventist when he sings during bible study. he only shouts Sam Kautai claims all he got to eat when he lived with his boss and a slice of bread, was a packet of instant noodles but today his boss fought back, fit for a king, claiming it was a diet and a whole chicken a day. with roast beef they called his stomach the drum. He said Sam ate so much

over from the Cook Islands, Mr Purauto paid to bring Sam Kautai but the court heard something against him this boss may have had because he was a Jehovah's Witness. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. getting some answers Police are finally known as Pumpkin about the little girl at a Melbourne railway station. who was dumped

the identity of the 3.5-year-old, They believe they know on Thursday from New Zealand. who arrived with her father

and caught a flight to the US. On Saturday he abandoned her I don't have a main theory.

I've mulled over this for the last 48 hours and worked through probably 50 or 60 scenarios - some nice, some not nice - but I don't know. nicknamed Pumpkin, Her foster family says the girl, has been asking for her mother. even having some Vegemite on toast. She's been eating well,

A check of the weather now. A nasty

chill in the weather today. Gusty

goose bumps all day long as that

westerly got to 70 km/h. That

dropped the temperature chill dropped the temperature - the wind westerly got to 70 km/h. That

chill factor her forced it down to

10 degrees. That is the apparent

temperature and if you put that

down to be strong winds and lower down to be strong winds and lower humidity. It

humidity. It means it was duly

today! A good one tomorrow, though.

That looks like the Plapp will

clear at the coastal showers and a

sunny blue sky by the afternoon. A

Blue Day - D fluffy clouds were

doing about 70 km/h. It is currently 19 degrees. doing about 70 km/h. It is currently 19 degrees. This is their

a lovely shot of storm clouds. It

puts you in the running for the Sony it puts you in the running for the

Sony it did you can. If you have a

photograph send it to us. You are

part of this bulletin and I will

see you again in 10 minutes. Next - the armed robbery allegations against O.J. Simpson. And thousands flee California's ferocious bushfires.

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This program is captioned live.

has been hit and killed by a truck An 11-year-old girl in Sydney's west. while walking home from school at a set of lights in Parramatta It's believed the girl was crossing when she was struck. with her grandmother is being interviewed by police. The driver of the semitrailer Macquarie Street remains closed. in the traffic helicopter. Now over to Vic Larusso

I dare say there is a lot more

trouble around Parramatta. There is.

Complete road blockages Ford Church

Street, Albion and the local Street, Albion and the local roads

around Parramatta. We are over the

scene where the accident took place

- there is the truck. The road is

completely blocked off. We are over

George Street and unfortunately for

traffic heading through this traffic heading through this area

at the congestion - two lanes

either way. This is pretty much the

story over Parramatta at the moment

and the delays are pushing back to

Parramatta Road and Victoria Road.

Advice is to avoid a Church Street

and avoid Macquarie Street. Will

update you later. O.J. Simpson has been arrested again,

this time over an armed robbery in Las Vegas. The American football legend is accused of stealing sporting memorabilia from a casino hotel.

and on his way to jail. Once again in the hands of police O.J. Simpson's high-profile arrest It's been 13 years since Nicole, and her friend Ron Goldman. following the murders of his wife, part of an alleged armed robbery Now he's accused of being at a Las Vegas hotel. He was taken into custody. and it was without incident. He cooperated,

Police say a room at the Palace State Hotel Simpson and a group of men entered on Thursday, looking for sports memorabilia

including these items put up for sale on eBay. They came in single file, quickly, orderly.

O.J. was the last one to walk in. One of them for sure had a weapon drawn. Simpson says the operation was a sting to retrieve items stolen from him but denies guns were involved. His story backed up by one of the memorabilia collectors who was part of the operation. trying to get his stuff back. He did not have any gun. He didn't have any gun with him, and he and his people confiscated the stuff. Police have also seized what they call evidence of a crime including two firearms. Simpson is facing charges which carry penalties of up to six years in jail. O.J. is like the teflon defendant. They're often charging him but nothing seems to stick. And O.J., on the other hand, is going to say, "They're always picking on me." Brad Hodson, Ten News. Bushfires have forced almost 2,000 people from their homes in California. Fixed-wing aircraft and bulldozers are helping over 1,000 firefighters on the ground. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency, saying there's an imminent danger to populated areas. Authorities are unsure how the fires started but cooler temperatures are expected to ease the conditions in the coming hours. almost $500,000 Sir Richard Branson has given almost $250,000 to help Madeleine McCann's family clear their name. The Virgin boss says he wants to ensure

Kate and Gerry McCann can afford the best legal advice. A short walk to Sunday mass with the world's media invited to film at a distance - it was far from the normality they seek but close to the friends and family who join them today in prayers for Madeleine. Away from Rothley's modest Catholic church, sources close to Sir Richard Branson confirm the Virgin boss has put up ?100,000 to start a fund so the McCanns can get the best legal advice available. Elsewhere, other high-profile supporters spoke up for them. Kate and Gerry have been treated unjustly and inhumanely, because the evidence does not stick up at all. There is this great injustice that, they feel, is pounded onto them.

The attention should really be in trying to find Madeleine. A new Europe-wide billboard campaign

supported by television and newspaper adverts has also been launched to raise this little girl's profile even higher. The ?80,000 to pay for it already raised will come from the ?1 million by the Find Madeleine fund. We need to focus back onto Madeleine and away from Kate and Gerry. That's what was said very clear from very, very early on in the campaign. It is all about Madeleine and finding Madeleine. trying to do something normal, Today's church outing was the McCanns comforted by their close friends and family, who prayed for Madeleine. Behind the scenes, though, back there they're working with some of the best legal and media advisers in the country to try and clear their names of any suspicion and refocus attentions onto their 4-year-old daughter, who's now been missing for 136 days.

Still to come, all the glamour from TV's Emmy Awards. Plus, the bold new plan to protect Australia's tropical treasures. And more from the Aussie who survived We'd hit the ground, people were screaming, there was some fire in the cabin.

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Top stories this news hour - a Sydney teenager becomes the victim of a shocking case of sport rage. 16-year-old Christian Pikardt A man in his 40s king-hit after his Wakehurst soccer team beat Beacon Hill.

Christian has been through two operations to repair his nose. Police are investigating. High emotions from the relatives of Sydney widow Dorothy Davis. They were elated today when Bruce Burrell was convicted of her murder. Burrell is already serving a life sentence for the abduction and murder of Kerry Whelan. We were preparing to land. He came through the clouds and I think he realised that either the runway was too close

or it was too fast or the wind hit him or there was so much rain and wind that he accelerated and tried to pull out. And I thought, "Oh, he's going around again." And then the next thought was everything went black and there was a big mess and we had hit the ground. People were screaming. My clothes caught fire, my trousers. I was able to drag myself across to the other side, which was where the exit row was. A person was able to assist me out, drag me of the aircraft. A 22-year-old Perth man has pleaded guilty to the murder of an 8-year-old schoolgirl. Dante Wyndham Arthurs was charged with raping and murdering Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu in a disabled toilet at a Perth shopping centre last year. Arthurs has also pleaded guilty to deprivation of liberty, however two charges of sexual penetration have been dropped. He originally pleaded not guilty and was set to face trial but instead he'll be sentenced next month.

A sea of red on the Australian share market today

as investors nervously await the US Federal Reserve's announcement

on interest rates. And the price of petrol around Sydney tonight -

unleaded selling for an average of $1.18 a litre. It's just $1.11 at Beacon Hill.

Plenty of Australians - but only one winner - at American TV's night of nights, Toni Collette edged out by Judy Davis for a prized Emmy Award. Gorgeous and glitzy, the stars of the small screen on parade for the 59th annual Emmy Awards. Although the bright lights can be a little daunting for a boy from down-under. A bit scary. It's kind of like a zoo. There's so many people, it's really hot. Other, more seasoned red carpet performers brought support from home. My mother's here, from Australia. Judy Davis was the only Australian to get a gong, as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie for her role as a woman in rehab in 'The Starter Wife', edging out fellow Aussie Toni Collette.

But the award will have to be posted. She's not walking down the aisle, she's not here. I don't know where she is, but I'm sure she'll be thrilled. missed out Fellow Aussie Rachel Griffiths in the Best Supporting Actress category in a drama series, Katherine Heigl from 'Grey's Anatomy' walking away with the Emmy. The Melbourne-born actress predicted it wasn't her year. Have you prepared a speech? Look, I haven't, to be honest. I felt... every time I've won, I've usually had a feeling,

and I have prepared a speech, but I think it's Sandra's night. No single show dominated the awards, but one series picked up several honours, even though it's no longer on air. ANNOUNCER: 'The Sopranos'! And Network Ten's 'The Office' was recognised for outstanding writing for a comedy series. While the Emmy Awards are all about glamour, this year they're also about going green -

solar panels are providing power to the awards ceremony, while even the red carpet is environmentally friendly, made from plastic drink bottles. But they're not taking themselves too seriously. This baby runs on alternative fuel. What fuel? Al Gore's tears. In Los Angeles, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

Let's take another look at the Let's take another look at the

weather with Tim Bailey. A bit

chilly but more warm weather to

come late in the week? This is

where you plan your wardrobe to the

week! Tomorrow what is going Daborn is week! Tomorrow what is going Daborn

is and the cloud will play and is and the cloud will play and it will be sunny and 21 degrees.

Wednesday you should be dressed

down a bit, 25 degrees. Thursday

another front will come across down a bit, 25 degrees. Thursday another front will come across and

it will be windy and 21. I had that

works a what you're wearing for the week.

works a what you're wearing for the week.

Cloudy tomorrow then clearing. A

sunny Embley in the afternoon with

a top of 21 degrees. Are you taking

water of advice on what to wear for

the rest of the week? Sport now with Tim Webster and Johnathan Thurston wins support from an unlikely source after being cited. Yes, Thurston's judiciary loading comes from a cheap shot last year,

but the player he hit says it shouldn't come back to haunt him now.

More shortly.

Ahead, business as usual for Thurston. We'll hear what he thinks of his judiciary prospects shortly. And the hat-trick king - Brett Lee enters cricket's record books at the new Twenty20 World Cup.

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This program is captioned live. North Queensland captain Johnathan Thurston has confirmed he'll fight a dangerous throw charge at the judiciary in a bid to play against Manly in Saturday's grand final qualifier at the SFS. Ironically, he'll have

Manly Leagues Club board member and solicitor Geoff Bellew representing him. Johnathan Thurston didn't appear a worried man at Cowboys training today, but he later revealed this tackle on Wairangi Koopu has him an anxious man. I am concerned.

There's a possibility that I could miss, so I'd be pretty devastated if that tackle makes me miss this match. From what we've seen

we think we can mount a very compelling argument to get him off.

The tackle deemed only a grade one, 18 months ago but loading from an incident

of suspension. pushed Thurston into danger then Storm forward David Kidwell, The victim, is in serious trouble says rugby league because of it. should Thurston be rubbed out I reckon rugby league's a tough game at all. and we don't want to see it softened in this competition at the moment He's the number one player

miss this big game. and I'd certainly hate to see him

the league should consider Kidwell saying during the finals. scrapping loading and demerit points for a grand final berth North Queensland play here against Manly. this Saturday night for four weeks It's their first away game and already rival players are saying without their skipper. they're virtually no chance If North Queensland lose him the game. then I think they might lose this year. He's done everything for them

later in the week The Eels travel to Melbourne for Sunday's clash with the Storm, of the Telstra Dome. who today had first use to return from injury. Star pivot Greg Inglis cleared around him a lot more confident He certainly makes everyone those special things to come out and when you need he can do them. Adam Hawse, Ten News. will join the Eels from Souths. And in other league news, Joe Galuvao And X-rays have revealed has a spiral fracture in his arm. Bulldogs forward Sonny Bill Williams for two of Australia's Positive medical news Rugby World Cup campaigners. most experienced are expected back from injury Stephen Larkham and Stirling Mortlock for the Cup's knock-out stage. Down, but not for the count - from minor knee surgery. Stephen Larkham emerging well of loose material in there, There was just a bit a bit of muck. They cleaned that out. for a semifinal Stephen will be available if we get there. and maybe a quarterfinal, is likely to be rested Captain Stirling Mortlock until the quarterfinal stage in Saturday's win against Wales. after hurting his shoulder for the Wallabies - And a further boost of rookie fly half Berrick Barnes the emergence

as Larkham's backup. If he keeps going the way he is, he'll make some good selection decisions

come quarterfinal/semifinal time.

But the player who flattened Barnes of the remaining pool games - has been ruled out has a rib injury, Welsh captain Gareth Thomas

after a Stirling Mortlock hit. the fullback sore and sorry Fiji, While Australia's next-up opponent, quarterfinal berth in 20 years is a chance to grab their first after beating Canada. COMMENTATOR: Power and pace. French cult figure Sebastien Chabal

over Namibia. may not remember his side's win Oh, that is a clothesline, isn't it!

but Chabal steamrolled on, His tackler got his marching orders in the host nation's 87-10 victory. scoring two tries Leanne West, Ten News. international Twenty20 hat-trick. Brett Lee has taken the first-ever in Australia's 9-wicket win The piece of history came over Bangladesh, to spare. and with more than six overs Bangladesh was 3/108. With four overs to go, with devastating effect. Brett Lee back into the attack to Gilchrist. First, Al Hasan feathered one through Next ball, Lee was even more direct. and gone first ball! COMMENTATOR: Down the pitch, Brett Lee is on a hat-trick. As Alok Kapali prepared to face up, the record books. Lee prepared to enter That's close - lbw shout and given! He's gone. Hat-trick for Lee. in international Twenty20. First time Take a bow, Brett Lee. His second international hat-trick. Bangladesh limping to 8/123. you get the ball in the right spot or you can get a wicket. you can go for six it's always a nice little thing But, you know, to have in the trophy cabinet. for Australia. Hayden was destructive. Same area, same result - six. Razzak finding out you can't give free hits to Adam Gilchrist - the wicket-keeper bringing up Australia's first Twenty20 100-run partnership in trademark style. just over the rope.

It's sailing, sailing - Run out next ball, but the damage was done - Australia cruising to victory with 37 balls to spare. The way we've played the last two games, hopefully we can keep building on that in the next few games. We've got a couple of bigger games coming up. We'll get a bit more of a gauge then how we're going. Also overnight, South Africa inflicted a 19-run defeat on England, whilst earlier, four wickets from Daniel Vettori

spun New Zealand to a 10-run win over India. Andrew Blow, Ten News. MotoGP, and world championship celebrations are on hold for Casey Stoner after he finished third at the Portuguese Grand Prix overnight.

Former champ Valentino Rossi crossed the line first on his Yamaha

of the season, for just his fourth win beating home Spaniard Dani Pedrosa. for his disappointing finish. Stoner blamed technical problems going into this race, We had a lot higher expectations in the last lap battling. at least to be able to be there We felt we had a pretty good set-up about five laps into the race but, unfortunately, with the clutch. I started having a problem by 76 points Stoner leads the championship with four races remaining. between the two McLaren drivers - In Belgium, there was no love lost Lewis Hamilton off the track Fernando Alonso forced team-mate at the first corner. another one-two finish Ferrari celebrated

after Kimi Raikkonen claimed a third consecutive Belgian Grand Prix. Brazilian Felipe Massaa was second, Alonso took third with Hamilton fourth. Mark Webber was seventh. Hamilton now holds just a 2-point lead over Alonso in the championship. A $12 million bonus and even more milestones for Tiger Woods with his runaway win at the Tour Championship. with a score of 23-under, He achieved his 8-shot victory on the US tour. the lowest total of his career And that's all over it. Yeah! COMMENTATOR: by six shots, He also broke the championship record for winning the tournament collecting $1.5 million and another $12 million point-score trophy. for winning the new US tour into his retirement fund - The bonus automatically goes

not that he really needs it. And in Sports Tonight - what the toughest men of league think of the Jonathan Thurston charge.

He is a machine! Let's take another

look at the traffic now and a

terrible situation in Parramatta

with the death of an 11-year-old

girl. It sure is.

girl. It sure is. Traffic is closed

off. Investigations on the severity

of the crash into the evening. We

are over the peak hour traffic

trying to get home and unfortunately the road blockages

are not working with traffic now

trying to get at the Macquarie

Street which has been blocked off

at Smith Street. To Britons have been implemented between Church Street and Parramatta Road and

Victoria Road as we come back over

Parramatta CBD. The accident

occurred just to the west, you can

see the flashing lights.

Investigations are continuing so we

are anticipating road blockages

will continue in Parramatta into

the sea view. OK. Just going to get a DVD. (Whimpers) Come on, girl. Let's go! (Barks) to rent DVDs on BigPond. WOMAN: Now there's a new way of titles online Select from thousands and the video store comes to you. on your TV. Then watch them at your leisure and no late fees, And with our 1-month free trial everyone will be happy. Well...almost everyone. (Whines) Call 13POND or visit as aged-care nurses. We're already paid less

But without fair wages and working conditions how could I stay?

WOMAN: I find it helpful to have a list written down. One of my medications is a generic. different colour, Same bloke, different hat.

It's good to have another option. VOICEOVER: Generic medicines are an equal choice. Ask your doctor, pharmacist or call NPS Medicines Line.

Nurse?! It is bumper-to-bumper on the Ring Road. See you after work, hon. Harry.

In a hurry, mate? How are ya? Yeah, good. Yeah. Apia could save you up to 20% on your comprehensive car insurance premium. call: SONG: # Wise move Apia. # It's not going to be over 50 but if you are and not working full-time we're your insurance specialist. This program is captioned live. Conservationists are calling for the Coral Sea to be declared a marine park.

They fear overfishing will rob the area of its sharks, one of its great tourist attractions. Pristine and teeming with life - but for how long? Globally, reefs are disappearing than any rainforest. five times faster So far, Australia's Coral Sea is an exception. Out here in the Coral Sea, all those reefs and big fish populations are pretty much intact. For now - and the World Wildlife Fund wants to keep it that way, and to do that, it says, Australia must act. It's a really rare opportunity to be able to put in place management to protect the area long-term before it goes the way of so many They want the Coral Sea made a marine protected area, to shelter it from overfishing - in particular, sharks. They're vital to reef ecosystems and are worth millions to tourism. At the moment, fishermen can legally catch sharks to sell as flake. Worse is the illegal activity - they don't catch the animals,

they just take what they need for shark fin soup. From my point of view, these reefs needed to be protected yesterday. an illegal boat come in and wipe out those shark stocks with a couple of weeks of effort. Even if the Coral Sea is protected, there's no guarantee fishing in the area will stop. The Coral Sea is about the same size as NSW - it's an enormous area for authorities to police.

to be done, will be done. We're profoundly committed to protecting the Reef and looking very closely at those areas like the Coral Sea which is adjacent to the Reef. Wildlife campaigners are buoyed by the political support but hope the sun doesn't set on the chance to act before the red tape is finalised. In the Coral Sea, Meg Palmer, Ten News.

Doing the weather now - a Tim

Bailey always says you cannot see a

storm cloud sitting in the studio.

Unless it lets loose in your

underwrote! Can I share one of my

life's little girls? To be in the

car before that unleashes! Have a

look at the menacing skyline

starting to build. That is why the

Bureaux said we could get a Schaller this evening. Coast early

tomorrow as well. That is tomorrow as well. That is the

overcast that will hang around for

tomorrow. They will burn off and

blow away - 21 degrees a mile and

sunny but it is looking rather

threatening as the little fellow

does seas by the report from Blues

Point. A good looking weak coming

your way - Benn's they will be warm,

25 degrees. Those they will be

windy but sunny, 21 degrees. windy but sunny, 21 degrees. But it

will be a good licking day as well,

with the chance of a show on

Saturday. By many fine and sunny

Sunday and 21 degrees. I'm going to

make this quick because they do not

want to get wet!

Didn't know when have some goose

bumps on it today?

Cloud eased slowly clearing from

the south-east behind a front. It

is causing a few showers in

Victoria and New South Wales. Cloud

crossing far south-west Western

Australia is also bringing showers.

Tomorrow's weather map - Tomorrow's weather map - gusty

northerly winds will bring a very

warm day to sub Australia with a

possible late shower. Cool

westerlies will bring showers to

Western Australia and onshore winds

may bring a brief coastal Schaller

to New South Wales. The business of

the brolly, predicted precipitation,

drips and drops across rooftops and

crops - possible coastal shallows

by New South Wales. Possible

thunder showers for seven South thunder showers for seven South Australia.

Australia. Showers spreading across

seven Western Australia. You know when when seven Western Australia. You know

when you can almost sniff a bit of

rain? I when you can almost sniff a bit of

rain? I can almost sniff a bit of

back so rain? I can almost sniff a bit of back so I am going to make this

quick because I do not won this seat to get wet.

Mostly sunny on Wednesday, windy on

Thursday, sunny on Friday, possible show on

show on Saturday, sunshine on

Sunday and are mostly cloudy Monday.

I beat the wet tail! See you

That's the news at 5:00 - I'm Ron Wilson... ..and I'm Deborah Knight - thanks for your company. Stay with us for updates throughout the evening with the Late News with Sports tonight along after the Emmys. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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