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(generated from captions) keep telling your students. like you probably You're back Monday to do it again! I do.

This has become your nemesis. Yep. Can't wait. Argh! Yeah. Very much so. other aspect of the show, however. You're just braining them on every Yep. We'll see you Monday. Same time? We'll tempt you once more. Same for you - we'll see you then. 'Bye. Have a great weekend. 'Bye. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by Too young -

who's just 12 years old. the row over the catwalk model our young children, We need to protect our young girls. we need to stop sexualising Sydney underground - connecting Malabar to West Ryde. the proposed new rail tunnel It's very doable. It's a good move. Campaign health care - to train more nurses in hospitals. John Howard stumps up the money fatherhood or football. And the Bulldog captain's dilemma - This program is captioned live. Good evening. over a 12-year-old model There's outrage tonight of a major fashion event who's been named as the face on the Gold Coast. those to express their disapproval The Prime Minister has been among as a national debate rages to be strutting the catwalk. over how young is too young Barely out of primary school, onto the catwalk Maddison Gabriel has been thrust and into a catfight. the world that are doing modelling. There are teenage models all over a teenager - she is 12. But she's not even She's 12! is not only modelling The Year 8 student

she's the face of it . she's the face of it. for Gold Coast Fashion Week, this is inappropriate. We don't think as a photographic model. We're promoting her

child welfare groups are furious Whatever kind of model, as blatant exploitation. at what they see

looking at this, The paedophiles out there will be This is great." going, "You beauty - bring it on! They'll be loving what they see. are equally dumbfounded. Those inside the fashion industry It's a joke. our young children, We need to protect our young girls. we need to stop sexualising for age limits The move has now prompted calls on models involved in adult events. in Europe, It's something they're already doing says we should consider here. and it's something PM John Howard age bans. Yes, I think we should consider We do have to preserve some nature of innocence in our society surely We do have to preserve some notion a 12-year-old and I think catapulting is quite outrageous. into something like this Mum says she's mature enough to cope. Some 12-year-olds are young, is a woman in her right. but I think Maddison

She'll be 13 on Sunday. for a while Let her play in her own age pool before she goes to the deep end. Jessica Rich, National Nine News.

it's just what Sydney needs - Many say linking the city's west to the east a new rail line off major roads. and designed to take the pressure While business is enthusiastic from West Ryde to Malabar, about the proposed underground line could give today the only promise the Premier was looking at it. was that the Government The Opposition is cynical, and the Government admits metro system is just one option a Paris- or Hong Kong-style

of one being built here but the prospect and planners alike. has excited business It's very doable, it's a good move. Paris, New York, Whether it's London, are very much part of their network. you will see that metro trains Transport officials have recommended from Malabar to West Ryde an underground line running off Victoria Road. to take some of the pressure Balmain, Paddington and Randwick, There'd be stations at Drummoyne, a $2.5 billion project to the city by up to a third. that would cut travel times A global city like Sydney some time into the future. will need a metro system proposed a metro line two years ago. Planning consultant Chris Stapleton people on and off trains quickly. The advantage of metro is you get per hour - it's that simple. this means you can have more trains the express city link, But a metro line could mean shelving the Government boasted a $4 billion election promise three new city stations would include and a second harbour crossing. is Labor's age-old tactic - What we're seeing here

announce another plan made before an election campaign. and, in the process, drop a promise There are no firm plans. They have been kicking around ideas. will one day become reality. Ideas commuters hope

Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. has injected $170 million The Federal Government back into public hospitals. to bring the training of nurses The Government claims with the chronic shortage of nurses the scheme is designed to grapple as a patch-up ahead of the election. but Labor's dismissed the move just the cure to divert attention John Howard was hoping he had leadership woes... away from the Government's Do you like it? to nursing education. a boost to talk about me - I haven't come here I've come here to talk about nurses. to build 25 schools for nurses The Government's promised in public and private hospitals. The aim - by training 500 extra nurses a year. to tackle a nursing shortage This is an extra stream. It is in no way designed the existing university system. to undermine The nursing union isn't impressed. is using old-time thinking. It shows the Prime Minister to the ways of the past. He's going back the Coalition into the future, The man anointed to lead was hard at work today, once John Howard retires,

brushing aside questions over whether he has an image problem. Substance is what counts. in politics. You've got to have substance at the Opposition Leader. And he took aim He thinks he's got it in the bag. about Mr Rudd and the Labor Party. You see a growing arrogance There will be the mother of all negative campaigns so just all fasten your seatbelts. The Labor leader has also accused the Government of playing patch-up politics

and is determined to keep Mr Howard's retirement plants in the spotlight. Mr Howard's lost touch Mr Costello has never been in touch with working families. Daniel Street, National Nine News. A Northern Beaches council says its anti-smoking crusade is so successful every other council in Australia should follow suit. Two years ago, Manly banned smoking at outdoor cafes, taxi ranks and in parks

and is now pushing for a national policy. In Australia's no-smoking capital, lighting up is a drag. They make you feel like lepers. Here in Manly, smoking is banned at the bus stop, the taxi rank,

in parks, near playgrounds and on the beach. I've been smoking since I was 13. I had me first smoke on the beach. It's outlawed in most public places, including footpaths and outdoor dining areas.

I'm sick of being discriminated against. I've got rights, too. But Manly Council can't see any drawbacks.

We see this as something that could arguably apply to all council areas. So at a national local-government conference in November Manly will ask all councils to follow its lead. We shouldn't be putting in laws that are difficult to enforce. Smokers do break the rules in Manly, despite the threat of a $110 fine. That's because Manly's no-smoking laws are all huff and no puff. In the two years since they were introduced there hasn't been a single prosecution. It's not been necessary. It's been done through a gently, gently approach. In fact, while councils can ban smoking, writing tickets is difficult because rangers can't force a smoker to identify themselves. We don't have the power to actually enforce it, so is it sensible? Dale Paget National Nine News. Dale Paget, National Nine News. The funeral of a Melbourne doctor who put her babies life before her own was held today just three weeks after she gave birth.

Ellice Hammond refused to undergo high-level chemotherapy for Hodgkin's lymphoma in order not to risk the life of her unborn daughter, Mia.

The 37-year-old lost her battle with the disease on Sunday and was today farewelled by family and friends. Baby Mia was born nine weeks premature but she's improving with each day. There was more bad news on the home front today with fears of an even greater rental crisis because of a slowdown in home building. It comes as a survey showed most Sydney parents fear their children will never be able to afford their own homes. The great Australian dream may be just that - a dream. The reality of owning your own home is getting more and more difficult. Affordability is out of the grasp of many people today. A new study released at the First Home Buyer's Expo has found at least two-thirds of parents don't believe their children will be able to buy a home in the next 10 years because they're just too expensive. Almost 85% of people believe they either won't be able to buy a home or will have problems buying a home. I mean that's a frightening figure. It is hard to save the deposit up, to save for the first one. They always say the first one is the hardest one to get. It's a little bit scary to be honest, you know.

Certainly prices have gone up quite a bit in recent times.

Industry experts say many parents are giving their children a start in the housing market by subdividing their land to build a home for them. That's exactly how Mick Holman was able to afford his own home. We were able to get the head start that we needed, otherwise we'd still be trying to scrape together the deposit. And more grim news today that Sydney's housing affordability crisis is getting worse

with statistics showing a massive downturn in new home construction in the past year. Look, they're disastrous. Economist Rob Mellor says there have been only 29,000 new homes built. This is the lowest number of dwelling commencements in the State since 1958, 1959. The drop, he says, will hit renters particularly hard. We're heading into a major rental crisis. Simon Bouda, National Nine News. A hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico is about to deliver a nasty sting for Sydney motorists. With fears American refineries could be shut down or damaged, the cost of crude is skyrocketing. It would appear a motorist's worst nightmare - oil prices at record levels. Higher fuel prices feed straight through to all forms of transport and the price of all goods we buy. Consumers have to be prepared to pay more for their goods because trucking costs will go up. Oil cracked US$80 a barrel

as Hurricane Humberto threatened refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. I think Humberto over the last two days has been the driving force. It's got gasoline prices to finally come up a little bit. Gasoline prices haven't done what crude oil prices have done. And that may be the saviour for motorists. At the moment, there is a surplus of petrol because there simply isn't the demand. Imported petrol from Singapore has remained flat so our volatile prices here haven't shot through the roof yet.

Diesel, though, is in high demand but when you make diesel from oil, you also make petrol. When you crack a barrel of oil, you create so much petrol as well as the diesel, so we actually have a surplus of petrol. And a surplus of petrol equals cheaper prices at the pump. Nobody knows how long this glut of cheap petrol will last, but you should take advantage of it while you can.

If you want to know when petrol prices might rise, for the Gulf of Mexico. keep watching those weather maps in the Gulf of Mexico. Because you know at some time in the future, you will need a cheaper alternative. Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. Finally, there's a light at the end of the tunnel for race-goers and those in the horse-racing industry. For the first time since the outbreak of horse flu,

punters will be allowed to physically attend a race meeting at Rosehill next weekend. Callous thieves have broken into the home of a 100-year-old man in Perth and stolen his war medals. The man was burgled while he slept. His father's war medals were also stolen.

Really terrible. The thieves ransacked a safe which also contained $2,000 cash and jewellery including his 21st birthday ring. In the news ahead - the Australian eenager on trial the Australian teenager on trial in America for attempted murder. And how the Internet is set to shake up this year's federal election. Cleaning your bathroom can feel like a daunting task. But now there's new Duck Magic Scrubs... (Quacks) ..a breakthrough that makes tough cleaning easy. Simply activate the cleaning agents to cut through soap scum, grime, even water marks. It makes cleaning quick and easy and the biggest of jobs feel small. For a truly great shine, simply glide to a gleam with new Duck Magic Scrubs. (Quacks) Dozens of residents were told to leave their homes today

over fears a simple garage fire could lead to a major explosion. It happened at Guildford, in Sydney's west. The garage contained gas cylinders and it was feared they'd go up in the blaze. Police set up a 200m exclusion zone and sent in a bomb robot to help secure the cylinders. It took about five hours before residents were allowed back home. An Australian teenager accused of trying to suffocate an accused of trying to suffocate an elderly war veteran in the US has told police God told him to put the man out of his misery. But the victim and his wife have forgiven the 19-year-old even comforting his parents in court. 91-year-old Ted Mastos fought for his country in World War II, and he fought for his life in February this year. It was a pillow and I felt a force, forcing it on my face. The 91-year-old had been asleep,

recovering from pneumonia in a convalescent home. He pushed the pillow off his face, Drougas, who'd lived near the nursing home since moving to the United States from Melbourne four years ago, told police God had instructed him to kill Mr Mastos.

Today the judge found he was too mentally ill to stand trial for attempted murder, and will face two lesser charges later this month. He told me that obviously he was sorry but, however, if Mr Mastos still wanted to be put out of his misery to let him know. As Mr Mastos left the stand, his 55-year-old wife approached Drougas's mother, who'd flown in from Australia. Leaning in close and rubbing her arm, Mrs Mastos tried to comfort the accused's mother,

telling her she wished her well and she hoped her son would be home with her. In the US, Leila McKinnon, National Nine News. The United States will go ahead with a limited pullout of troops from Iraq. In a national television address, President Bush announced that 30,000 will be home by next July but 130,000 will remain and he's again rejected calls for a total withdrawal. There are startling new claims that missing British girl Madeleine McCann died from an overdose of sleeping pills. A French tabloid reports that analysis of body fluids found in the boot of a car hired by Madeleine's parents prove the 4-year-old swallowed a large amount of medicine. But British forensic experts have expressed doubts about the claim. With an estimated 12 million Australians connected to the Internet, this year's federal election has a new battle ground. Online video streaming, messages and advertising will start to bombard voters in a matter of weeks. As far as the Internet goes, this is the dream team - the world's biggest search engine combining with the world's largest video site. The focus - this year's federal election. is not some sort of gimmick. I recognise this medium is it's the new tool of democracy. The great thing about YouTube there's Google Earth Along with YouTube and the contestants, which shows electoral boundaries maps and graphs for marginal seats for voters to bite back. and an opportunity I'd want to know more about... ..broadband penetration... ..aged care. and there's no filters. It's the intimacy, the immediacy a dedicated site, Ninemsn will also have and 24-hour online polling. with expert analysis more than a million users a day The ninemsn homepage gets more, to log on during the election. and we expect that many, if not for debates. In the US, a similar model was used I'm going to be hosting the event,

I'm not going to be doing very much. but, frankly, that will be asked. It's your questions known as Obama girl. It also gave birth to the phenomenon on Obama... # (Sings) # I've got a crush for our main contenders And while the sites are unlikely to receive as many hits as hers, the race is on for the newest gauge on popularity. Denham Hitchcock, National Nine News. announced an extraordinary contest The search engine Google has offering a prize of $25 million

to land a robot rover on the moon. for the first private company and scientific data The rover would have to record video for at least 500 metres. and roam the lunar surface Ken with sport next - has more on his mind and the Bulldog captain finals football. than just sudden death forever. Something that will change his life into Wales. Also the Wallabies whinge their way for establishment Twenty20 cricket. And Glenn McGrath signs on has more on his mind Bulldogs skipper Andrew Ryan

sudden-death semifinal. than just tomorrow night's on Grand Final day His fiancee is due to give birth a double celebration. and he is aiming for He's as tough as they come, is not that simple at the moment but keeping focused on football for Andrew Ryan. is 38 weeks pregnant His fiancee, Olivia, at any moment. and he could become a first-time dad with semifinals and... It's not the best timing I suppose ..but, you know, I'm that excited.

But, he's not about to miss a semifinal match if the baby arrives early. That's not going to happen, hopefully. she can hang on or something Hopefully she'll - I don't know if the game starts a win and get back to the hospital. and I can get out there and get became a dad for the second time His rival skipper, Nathan Cayless, two weeks ago. the most relaxing of times. And that hasn't been I don't know about relaxing at home, doing the washing, cooking! just doing everything, it's good to get home. Nah, yeah, it's great, It's an escape, you know. has a different set of issues. Star back Krisnan Inu leave his football career behind The devout Mormon was supposed to and embark on a 2-year mission. But, he's put that on hold. Felou may follow his lead Inu also says that Melbourne's Israel through league. and promote their religion as you know, A big thing for me and Izzy being NRL and everyone knowing, I think that's a big up also. we go to the same church, to all of the kids I think we can be a good example who still go to church. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. The Wallabies have arrived in Cardiff only to be labelled whingers ahead of tomorrow's crucial World Cup clash with Wales.

Some members of the squad have complained about the Welsh being given a home game in a tournament hosted by France. holds no fears for Lote Tuqiri. But Millennium Stadium and everything else like I do, If you like the big occasion the ultimate experience. then it's probably

to big-time cricket. Glenn McGrath will make a comeback Less than five months after quitting, bowler will come out of retirement Australia's most successful fast Twenty20 competition in India. to play in a lucrative former team-mates. What's more, he may play against Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly McGath in India alongside

of the Champions Twenty20 league, and Rahul Dravid for the launch England, South Africa and Australia. which will feature teams from India, McGrath will play for an Indian team. Having retired after the World Cup, next year, at the age of 38. he'll be back playing by April Shane Warne - from a rival Twenty20 competition - who rejected a million dollar offer his former team-mate soon. is expected to join is $7 million. Prize money for the champions league the game onto the next level. I believe it is going to propel England has defeated Zimbabwe, At the Twenty20 World Championship, Kevin Peitersen at his creative best. wow. COMMENTATOR: Reverse sweep for six, to remain in the tournament. Australia must beat England tonight Formula One is reeling a record $120 million after the Mclaren team was fined for spying on arch rival Ferrari. of all points McLaren was also stripped in the constructors' championship. that we deserved to be penalised I do not accept in this way. or our reputation damaged and Ferando Alonso But McLaren's Lewis Hamilton for the drivers' championship. remain in the race Andrew McKinley, National Nine News.

Mark, live tonight at 10:00, live,

it is Twenty 20 cricket, Australia

play England. It will be good.

Must-win? Must within win! the CommSec Finance report. After the break - the weekend weather details. Majella with at two very special Chinese visitors. Then the first look

To finance now, and on the markets: have missed them, though, Mark. Blink and you would in the south just after 2:00. They started they came across the city. Then, of course, because the winds were so strong. They raced in and out 80k's an hour at Kurnell, a bit of lightning, in the inner west, some small hail. and if you were for that warm weather today as well. Blame the winds on this top temperature We'd been toing and froing n the city. but it did get to 28 September day. 9 above an average 29 in the West - that's coming across, that change OK, ahead - it cooler tomorrow. It's going to make bringing sunny days. will move off, The cloud and falls there could be showers The only place far north-east corner. will be the warning for tonight And a thunderstorm is out for that north-east part of the State. We could see some strong winds and rain for coastal parts of the State on Monday. We've just got to wait to see if a low forms off the coast. But there are plenty of weather models suggesting it will. Elsewhere, another cold front will make it wet in Perth tomorrow. Expect afternoon thunderstorms in Brisbane. Winds will start as west to south-west, east to north-east later. And I'm afraid there's not much swell for surfers. Sunday will be pretty much the same, but windy with showers on Monday. Then getting warmer again as the week goes on. Now to finish up, our mini meterologists tonight are from Lane Cove West Public School. They were out there getting their readings during class today and got a top temperature of 29 which is pretty spot on. OK, make the most of the sunny weekend. See you Monday, Mark. Before we go, we'd like to introduce two jet-setting pandas - 2-year-old male Wang Wang and 1-year-old female Funi who'll be heading to Australia soon for an extended holiday. The pandas will be on loan from China and they'll be leaving for Adelaide Zoo as soon as a proper enclosure is completed, the goodwill gesture announced by China's President during his APEC visit. That's National Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.