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(generated from captions) (Sighs) Hello? from the hospital. Dr Forrester, it's Carl Who? Carl Ferret. Glasses, brown hair. do the grunt work. Ring a bell? I tidy up in the lab,

Um, well... What... Ooh...

What do you want? that may interest you. I have some information Concerning? to implant Mrs Marone. The eggs that were used really happened that day. I know what the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - the Navy Sea King tragedy. criminal charges could be laid over Rail revolution - Sydney's traffic congestion. a new underground line to help ease of Iraq by the end of the year. And US troops to begin pulling out Good evening. Also, tonight - the way nurses are trained John Howard's plans to overhaul as he tries to win back voters. And Sydney caught by surprise sweeps in, bringing hail. as a summer storm But heading the news at 5:00 - manslaughter charges might be laid helicopter crash over Australia's Sea King on the Indonesian island of Nias. as they gave victim impact statements Mothers were weeping in court today which took the lives of nine people. over the disaster in court The navy's fleet commander consideration be given as the NSW Coroner recommended placed 12 cans of butane gas to charging a man who allegedly that crashed aboard the navy helicopter in April 2005. on the Indonesian island of Nias lost their lives in the tragedy. Nine military personnel suggesting Evidence at a naval board of inquiry and part-time army commando an aid worker aboard the helicopter, left the cans of flammable gas the fierce fire that broke out the cans exploding and sparking when the chopper went down. should be charged with manslaughter. The DPP will consider whether he This is not the end of the process. all of the recommendations on implementing are focused very much

of the board of inquiry, of those nine people lost. We owe it to the memory

the naval inquiry's outcome The coroner formally accepted to speak about their loved ones. as she told the court, Pilot Paul Kimlin's mother wept they aren't being told But the families are angry taken against those responsible what disciplinary action is being that caused the crash. for the poor maintenance have been a demotion or whatever. They may have lost pay, there may that there's more than that, We need to know

because they did kill nine people. to fund independent legal advice. And they're calling for the navy the coroner today backing that call. John Hill, Ten News. is up in the air again. The future of the city's rail network Promised projects are being put on including the so-called Anzac Line,

through the city to West Ryde. running from Malabar out of rising traffic congestion. It was supposed to be Sydney's ticket CBD rail link has run out of puff. But it now seems the Government's that's sparked concerns. It's this lack of commitment across the harbour, The link would have run north-south on the overloaded north-shore line easing pressure and creating three new city stations. to talk about two more options. But today, the Government preferred running from Malabar to West Ryde. The first - an east-west metro system from the city to Penrith, And the second - a fast train reducing travel time to just 30 minutes.

planning and feasibility work We are doing where they might go, on what they might look like, and how they might be funded. is Labor's age-old tactic - What we're seeing here announce another plan and, in the process, drop a promise made before an election campaign.

The business community says

is long overdue in the west, the network upgrade at the city's expense. but shouldn't come It makes no sense at improving the CBD rail networks. not to be doing better the western links And there's also concern partnership with the private sector. would depend on a government higher ticket fares. That would almost certainly mean But first things first, the planning stage. and that's to get past over the last 10 years We've become a little cynical that never happen. with promises and more promises and a very fast train to Newcastle. one from Parramatta to Epping Amber Muir, Ten News. has dismissed election research The Liberal Party a single new seat in Sydney. showing Labor will stop them winning was out spending up big on nursing. The claims come as John Howard After his horror week, to cure his leadership woes. John Howard was looking for something These are nurses of the future. Yeah? I can see that. continues to be the focus, But his own future to regain the agenda, even as he tries of nurse training. announcing a dramatic overhaul

Over five years, 25 nursing schools in hospitals - $170 million will be spent building nurse numbers by 500 a year. a move expected to increase We are desperately short of nurses. new opportunities for people. And we need to provide university-based courses - will be funded in addition to The hospital-based training

along the way. students receiving cash bonuses it's a really backward step. We think

is using old-time thinking. We think it shows the Prime Minister to the ways of the past. He's going back was walking the wards, The Opposition Leader also

branding the move a pre-election patch-up.

We have a 19,000 shortfall. on the eve of an election Mr Howard now says with an additional 500. we might provide you

will deflect voters' focus Mr Howard is hoping the announcement from the crisis of confidence he suffered last week,

convincing them he and his team have what it takes to lead the country.

But voters are dubious. in NSW could go to Kevin Rudd. Leaked Labor polling shows 10 seats those figures short shrift. Peter Costello has given PETER COSTELLO: Awgh!

Substance is what counts. in politics if you're going to deliver jobs. America is cutting its troop commitment in Iraq. The US President has ordered home more than 20,000 soldiers, but predicts the war will still be going when he leaves office. American soldiers on patrol hand out lollies to children in Baghdad, perhaps a sign of improving conditions in Iraq. The US President insists the violence is declining, thanks to an additional 30,000 troops sent in as part of a so-called surge earlier this year. Now it's time to start bringing them home. Mr Bush accepting the recommendation of his chief in Iraq to withdraw them by next July.

Now, because of the measure of success we are seeing in Iraq, we can begin seeing troops come home. Beyond that remains unclear. Despite pressure from the Democrats and from within his own Republican party, the President failed to outline when the remaining 130,000 soldiers would leave Iraq.

I will ensure that our commanders on the ground they need to defeat the enemy. His critics weren't impressed.

An endless and unlimited military presence in Iraq is not an option. John Howard was briefed by the President last night by phone, but wasn't buying into the withdrawal of Australia's 1,500 troops. Prior to the surge in Iraq the American troop level in that country was just under 100 times the troop deployment of Australia. Mr Bush also challenged Iraqi lawmakers to do more, while praising those providing to track down terrorists hiding in the country. Support that comes at a cost. Sheik Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha, Sunni tribal leader who'd vowed to help defeat al-Qaeda, was assassinated just hours before the President's speech. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. A big fire and fears of a gas explosion in Sydney's west have sent residents running for cover. More than 100 people were evacuated as the blaze destroyed the Guildford property. The bomb squad was called in as gas cylinders in the garage threatened to explode. After a robot failed to get through officers had the delicate task of removing the bottles by hand. Five hours later residents Sydney's housing affordability crisis is about to get worse because of a dramatic fall in home building. Construction is now at its lowest level in four decades, drastically increasing pressure on rents and prices. It's a statistic the experts expected, a critical pointer to things getting worse. Just 29,300 houses and units started construction last year, the lowest levels since the late '50s. We should be building 40,000 a year simply to meet demand. The consequences are that, basically, you'll see a massive increase in rents. The danger is you could see prices start to grow rapidly again because of the demand pressures in the system.

It's the fourth year residential construction has declined, making any future recovery more difficult. This could be something that we are not just living with for five years, but for 10 years. Research by building advisory service, Archicentre, shows 85% of parents now believe their children will not afford a home or have great trouble achieving the dream. And that means that ultimately what will happen is that those parents will, in some way, almost have to bail out their children. A daunting prospect for first home buyers hoping to pick up tips at an expo in Sydney today. If you don't make that much money at work, it's really hard to save. But I think the more you wait, the more expensive houses are going to get. Because of that we're restricted into moving to suburbs we don't really want to be in, but that's all we can afford. The picture of financial pressure doesn't end there. New figures out today show that loan defaults increased by 30% in the last year alone. It's now estimated some 1.8 million Australians are struggling with their debt. With housing costs a key factor, it's prompted calls for State and federal governments to stop bickering over how to solve the problem. of all blaming each other. Now we really have to sit down and focus on improving housing affordability. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. An early summer storm has swept up from the south, catching Sydney by surprise.

The ominous big, black clouds rolled in as the city was basking in a beautiful spring day. The wild storm left a trail of hail across Sydney, making life difficult on the road and off it. It passed through very quickly though, and has now moved up through the Central Coast. Neil Cordy with a look ahead to sport, and the Dogs forwards are even more wary of the rival pack. Yes, Deb they certainly are. They're not falling for the hype and suspect the eels forwards are planning a bit of ambush. More shortly, plus - making the most of that empty feeling - super boot Hazem el Masri's secret session to fine tune the radar at the Telstra Stadium. And the Wallabies arrive to a storm of controversy in Wales after their complaints about World Cup scheduling and they're accused of whinging. Plus cricket's rich new deal to block a rebel league and a massive fine in Formula 1.

The growing row over the Gold Coast's that's next. Also tonight, a bitter-sweet achievement for some of Australia's rising soccer stars. And revealing all - Delta Goodrem on her new look, life and music. What would you do with a share of $20 million? (Elephant trumpets) Whatever you want! With Lotto's massive $20 million Saturday Superdraw. Time's running out so get your entries in by Saturday September 15 and you could... SONG: # Live a Lotto life! #

FUNKY MUSIC SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # (Woman whispers) # Zoom, zoom... # VOICEOVER: It's got the looks and all the right moves.

All-new Mazda2. It's a super little model. This program is captioned live. Smokers beware - lighting up outside is about to get tougher. Councils statewide considering dramatically extending smoke-free zones. in the country Manly was the first council to ban smoking at beaches and surrounding areas three years ago.

But is it working? Did you know you're actually smoking in a non-smoking area here at the moment?

Nah, I didn't. Um, I didn't realise that 'cause there was no sign here. There are signs, but smokers complain they need to be bigger and more prominent. But Manly Council disagrees, are a success. claiming its outdoor smoke-free areas So much so, they want councils across the State to follow their lead, placing bans at sporting facilities, playgrounds and outdoor dining areas. If a council is listening to the community expectations then it's an obvious, natural outcome from this to implement smoke-free areas. But I expect it to be a hotly debated issue. Councils are expected to vote on the issue next month. If councils do adopt the no-smoking rule, the Local Government Association has been forced to admit, enforcing it could prove difficult.

You know, the rangers are not police. They can't force people to give them their identity and they really can't stop that person from smoking. They don't have the power to do that. The Cancer Council says smoking bans help people butt out and stay smoke-free. It pretty much becomes self-policing. People like it. and so people just do the right thing. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A legal twist in the Bruce Burrell murder trial. will need to agree for a verdict. Only 11 of the 12 jurors The 54-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Sydney grandmother Dorothy Davis in 1995. After more than a week of deliberations, Justice David Kirby has told the jury he will accept a majority verdict. The panel resumes work Monday. Gordon Wood, the man charged with murdering Sydney model Caroline Byrne, will stand trial next July after entering a formal plea of not guilty. Rene Rivkin's former chauffeur is accused of throwing Ms Byrne off The Gap at Watsons Bay 12 years ago. Wood will remain on bail until the trial which could take up to six months. The 12-year-old model at the centre of the Gold Coast Fashion Week furore has gone to ground as anger over her catwalk stardom grows. Even the Prime Minister has bought in, saying we need to protect our children's innocence. Last night Ten News revealed the face of Gold Coast Fashion Week is just 12 years old. Today we're not welcome. No filming at the moment.

On Wednesday night, Year 8 student Maddison Gabriel won the face competition which was held in a bar. She beat a bevy of beauties much older than herself and believes all the fuss is unfounded. should be able to do that. Today the Prime Minister joined the debate. I think catapulting girls as young as 12 into something like that is quite outrageous and I am totally opposed to it and I think most Australians would feel the same way. Child protection advocates are appalled. People need to understand that paedophiles love these images - they believe that they are doing nothing wrong, that children are sexual beings and now we're dressing children like mini adults and playing right into their hands. Premier Bligh was also disapproving, but not buying into calls for State laws to prevent children modelling as adults. I was a bit surprised and I think it's a bit young. But there was nothing illegal going on and we should not step in and have the State regulate. A leading academic says there's a greater underlying social problem. I think having a 12-year-old represent what is fundamentally an adult fashion week - it's a sign of the times, that kids are growing older younger it's a sign we need to address quickly. and it's something

today. The Gabriel family kept a low profile today, there would be no comment. Maddison's agent made it clear that

There's no need - national exposure. Maddison's now enjoying Simon Hooper, Ten News.

What let's go to the weather now

with Tim Bailey. Yes this afternoon

was amazing. A storm in Sydney.

After a rather a warm morning - our After a rather a warm morning -

warmest mornings so far - the storm

produced 80 kilometres an hour,

heavy rain across many districts.

But it was gone as quickly as it

came. Now we're back to bright blue

skies which are going through to

Friday and right through to will

guy watch. Monday. Let's have a look at this

What have we got a few as father as

the weather photograph? Can this is

a great sunrise. The photographer

is in the running for a Sony

Handicam. Thank you very much to

Harvey Norman who will be giving

one of those away soon. Tomorrow

will and the weekend will be fine

shortly. and sunny and I'll see you again

A mother's ultimate sacrifice to save her baby girl -

her heartbreaking story next. And chilling evidence at the trial of an Australian teenager LOUD THUMPING Janie! What are you doing? I&J Crispy Battered Fish? when there's Nice and tasty. I&J. Quick and easy.

You're watching the news at 5

o'clock. Letters check on the

traffic now with Vic Larusso. How

easy-going today Vic? Run, it's

awful out here. If you're about to

leave town now you'll have to face

this. They're major disruptions on

the Hume Highway in all three

traffic lanes. Heading north

remained very very slow. It's all

bad news for traffic heading south

to Campbeltown. See you later. the ultimate sacrifice, An expectant mother has made for that of her baby. giving up her own life stopped treatment Battling cancer, the young doctor

had a fighting chance. so her unborn daughter in a short but selfless life - The final chapter is farewelled by family and friends, 37-year-old Elice Hammond her husband showing unwavering strength. She lived life to the fullest and unfortunately, we're here today to mourn her loss. And what a loss - the young doctor stopping her own cancer treatment to save the life of her unborn child. Mia was induced on August 20. I don't think it was a tough decision for her but it definitely was for me. It's hard when somebody's life was in the balance.

after becoming a mum, Sadly, almost three weeks Elice lost her battle for life. she wanted to be was a mother It's the one thing and that was her proudest moment, with little Mia beside her. when she was lying on that bed celebrated her short time on earth - At her funeral, family and friends remembering a happy young woman - art and fashion. a joker who had a love for music, every time she walked in. She would always light up a room She loved to dance and do silly things and had a great sense of humour. live on in baby Mia Elice - And Peter believes those traits will

of a mother's sacrifice. her middle name a lasting memory We hope to see in the years to come coming out with her. a little bit of Elice but should be home soon - Mia remains in hospital tiny feet to walk in giant footsteps. to the fullest, that's for sure. She just knew how to live life

Allan Raskall, Ten News. in 24 hours have rocked Indonesia, Three powerful earthquakes killing 13 people and injuring 50. emergency supplies The army is delivering on the island of Sumatra. as relief teams assess the damage Buildings have collapsed have been destroyed. and hundreds of homes patients moved to tents, A major hospital had to be evacuated, was issued, then cancelled, A string of tsunami warnings fleeing to higher ground, with many locals of the Boxing Day disaster in 2004. fearing a repeat Claims tonight of proof Madeleine McCann is dead, that missing British girl of sleeping pills. killed by an overdose step up pressure on her parents. The allegations come as police yesterday, Emerging from their family home the McCanns put on a photo opportunity

for the invited media. some uninvited guests. But tonight they're awaiting

to raid the McCanns' house, British police are apparently set from Portuguese investigators. following the handover of a warrant Gerry McCann's laptop They reportedly want to examine Cuddle Cat, and Maddy's favourite toy, since she disappeared. which her mother has kept close is also of interest. Kate McCann's diary taken photocopies, Police have already but apparently want to seize According to a French newspaper, is already dead. there's forensic proof Madeleine An investigative reporter claims he's seen the results of toxicology tests on body fluids found in the back of the McCanns' hire car enough sleeping pills which show Maddie had swallowed to cause an overdose. lies with the Portuguese judge against the McCanns, given the task of reviewing the case as formal suspects who've both been named in their daughter's disappearance. have paid the couple a visit While they wait, social workers of their twins Sean and Emily, to talk about the welfare standard procedure in England in such a serious investigation. when parents are involved Daniel Sutton, Ten News. have been dropped Attempted murder charges against an Australian teenager who claimed God told him to kill.

Joshua Drougas is accused a 91-year-old with a pillow. of trying to suffocate a court in California The World War II veteran telling pressure on his face. he woke up when he felt He was standing by my bedside with his finger on his lips, "Don't say anything." which to me indicated, The judge ruled the teenager's police interview it was clear from

and unaware of his actions. he was almost catatonic diagnosed with schizophrenia. The 19-year-old has since been He's still facing burglary and assault charges. Italy is in the grip of an anti-pasta protest. that's next. of Queensland's new Premier, The funny side

Also, panda diplomacy - bound for Australia. China shows off the new envoys And all grown up - candidly about her plans ahead. a new-look Delta Goodrem speaks It was a whole chapter of healing, of everything. a whole chapter of letting go

Top stories this news hour - This program is captioned live.

its troop commitment in Iraq. America has announced it's cutting more than 20,000 soldiers. President George Bush ordering home be going when he leaves office. But he predicts the war will still is up in the air again. The future of the city's rail network are being put on hold Promised projects including the so-called Anzac Line as new options are considered,

could be laid And manslaughter charges helicopter crash over Australia's Sea King on the Indonesian island of Nias. Mothers were weeping in court today as they gave victim impact statements over the disaster which took the lives of nine people. A bittersweet grand final day for some of Australia's rising soccer stars. Teenage sensation Ohmeer Hameed died during a match earlier this year. This weekend, his teammates will They're the fresh-faced future of Australian football. but their watershed year has been tainted with tragedy. 10 weeks ago, on this ground, 17-year-old team-mate Ohmeer Hamide collapsed mid-match and died. It was a horrific moment threatening to derail the team. Training, you just couldn't do it, couldn't get the ball, because soccer made me think of Ohmeer. It was the same with all the boys. We were so tight - and to lose a close mate like that was really hard. Ohmeer Hamide was Sydney United's top young player, a lightening mid-fielder destined for European success. Before his death the side was undefeated, but went on to lose three of their next four matches amid the enormous grief. But the team regrouped, reaching the grand final of Australia's toughest youth league. I think it's the biggest learning curve to see their team-mate die on the park next to them. His mates are determined to honour Ohmeer's tragic loss. with a premiership. But it will also for Ohmeer, he was the heart, he was the soul of the team and - yeah. Ohmeer's father witnessed his son's death tomorrow he'll return to support Ohmeer's team. Not easy to come here, it's hard, it's hard. But when I see the team play the grand final I feel better. Ohmeer's family still have no idea why he died. The coroner has told them it may take several months to know that answer, If they find one at all. But answers will never bring back a son. I never forget him, he's always here, he's in my heart. James Boyce, Ten News.

We're going back to the weather We're going back to the weather and

Tim Bailey has found a stunning sunset.

sunset. But the storm today was

quite amazing, but the good news is

in leaves behind a great Saturday

and Sunday. Let us have a look at

the map of New South Wales.

We're giving away the Rothienorman

Sony Handicam for the best weather

picture of the week later Iran. The Australian share market closed the week higher thanks to stronger commodity prices.

The price of petrol around Sydney tonight is one cent cheaper than yesterday - unleaded selling for an average of $1.18 a litre. It's just $1.11 a litre at Beacon Hill and Forestville. The pandas being lent to Australia have become even more rare. The 2-year-old male, Wangwang, and 1-year-old female, Funi, are the last to be loaned by China as a diplomatic gift, a practice dating back more than 1,000 years. The pandas will go to Adelaide Zoo in 2009, the goodwill gesture announced during APEC. There are thought to be only 1,600 pandas left in the world. It's not an election, but it is a campaign trail of sorts - as Delta Goodrem gets set to release her first single in three years. next week, It's tipped to debut at number one but she's taking nothing for granted. There's no doubt about it - Delta Goodrem is a hard worker. With her new single 'In This Life' out tomorrow, she's up at sparrow's to do the rounds of radio. The single's on the radio. It's all part of a meticulous campaign of appearances and interviews designed to make sure we know she's back. Since you got back there's been a stack of positive media.

Rome since she got back in the

country you've other a lot of

positive media. But there have been

some big to pieces. How are you at

coping with those? You just have to

remember that at the end of the day

not everybody is going to like not everybody is going to like what

you do. I'm not trying to be

anything I'm not. One columnist today disputing descriptions of her new image and labelling her "as sexy as pine furniture". I didn't label myself sexy. Still, Delta and her new look will continue to be busy. She shoots the clip for her second single next week, launches her new album, Delta', on October 20, will attend the ARIAs and stay here through to Christmas before heading back to England to do it all again there. You were very sick. anything I'm not. He'd go sick a anything I'm not. He'd go sick a

few years ago when two? Yes I was

an-hour take time off when I need

to do. I look after myself but

thank you for asking. Angela Bishop, Sport now with Neil Cordy and the Bulldogs are fearing a forwards ambush. Yes, Deb, they are. The Dogs are super wary of the Eels pack carrying an underrated tag, more shortly. Also, on the quiet,

an extra kicking session for Hazem El Masri to finetune his radar. And a frosty welcome to Wales

as the Wallabies are accused of whinging about playing in Cardiff. This program is captioned live. for either Parramatta or the Bulldogs Just a day left in the 2007 season as they prepare for tomorrow night's elimination semifinal at Telstra Stadium. The Bulldogs today admitting they fear an ambush by a group of players the Eels forward pack. who get virtually no publicity - It might have been a private training session, but there was still plenty to see at Belmore. Like Willie Tonga looking anything but a fleet-footed centre on match eve, courtesy of a cork. And Mark O'Meley and Corey Hughes showing their wares as amateur lumberjacks. Coach Steve Folkes attempting to draw curtains on the show, his captain declaring he's worried at being cut down by an underrated Parramatta pack. I think they'd be sitting at home all this week,

sort of enjoying that everyone's talking about our forwards and their backs. They'd be just ready to go out and try to rip in tomorrow night. Our forward pack's underrated. I think they've done a really good job in the work they did against the Warriors, against Brisbane the week before, and even Melbourne a few weeks back. They're probably not getting the raps they deserve at the moment. Former Eels forward Peter Wynn says it was the same story during Parramatta's glory days in the 1980s. He's hoping that's a good omen. We had some fair players like O'Reilly and Ray Price in the side, but we always were underrated and I think it's much the same this year. Eels fans moving in on Wynn's sports store as the pre-match hype hits Parramatta. After a week of strong ticket sales If that happens, it will be a new record outside of grand finals. for a finals match at the venue, Free bus and train transport being put on to ferry the masses

to the Telstra Stadium showdown, with major event status given to arrive early to avoid queues. officials urging fans as Hazem El Masri No chance of that today made a surprise appearance. finetuning The Dogs point-scoring machine with a lengthy kicking session. a frosty reception in Cardiff The Wallabies have received pool match against Wales. ahead of tomorrow's Rugby World Cup after they questioned the scheduling two home matches. which has given Wales of their comfort zone The Wallabies forced out in the south of France surroundings of Millennium Stadium. and jetting into the daunting They're hard to beat here. and it's a big tournament, I mean, that's the reality of it and the people will get behind them. so they'll probably be harder so it's a formidable place to play. this Wallaby squad are whingers? Scott, do you think Oh, geez, where's that come from? Just a whole lot of headlines in the Welsh newspapers.

Ah, well, I'll just ignore that one. Oh, mate, I say emphatically, "no", anyway. Johnson himself, As the former Welsh coach, is expecting a hostile reception. The warm welcome hasn't occurred. warmly received prior to the game. I don't envisage that I'll be that might be a different thing. I think after the game

to beat Wales The Wallabies have failed the previous two times at Millennium Stadium. that they're played them right here for an ambush of song and passion. And that is why they are prepared

is sensational, the roof's closed. They just sing, the atmosphere and everything else, like I do, If you like a big occasion the ultimate experience. it's probably for the All Blacks Meanwhile all is flowing freely who enjoy a gentle ride into the quarterfinals,

this weekend taking on Portugal. Rob Canning, Ten News. Sydney FC marquee-signing Juninho from a shoulder injury could make a shock return new Kiwi franchise Wellington. for tonight's home game against for the first time in a fortnight. He trained yesterday he'll be part of Sydney FC history. If he does line up and Iain Fyfe Foundation players Clint Bolton will be the club's first to reach 50 A-League games. they're hoping to celebrate with their opening win of the season. I hope so. I think it's well overdue for the club and the fans will be looking to do this week. so it's something all the players at the bottom of the A-League table. Wellington are currently an Indian Twenty20 league Glenn McGrath looks set to join to the rebel league set up in response the game. which threatens to destabilise a potentially lucrative exercise, McGrath's comeback for the winners. with $2 million prize money these guys we have up here The possibility to play alongside and not have to bowl to them to all parts of the field and have them hit me is something very exciting as well. to football's Champions League, The competition similar the West Indies packing Bangladesh has sent at the Twenty20 World Cup, of the Windies total of 164, making light work with two overs to spare. reaching the target Historic moment for Bangladesh. COMMENTATOR: Game over. Meanwhile, a 37-ball 79 to Kevin Pietersen crush Zimbabwe overnight has seen England while India's match with Scotland was abandoned due to rain. A guilty verdict for Formula 1 outfit McLaren in the spying scandal that has rocked the sport. It's cost them the Constructor's Championship and over $100 million. on their Italian arch rivals McLaren found guilty of spying after secret Ferrari details

of McLaren's chief designer. were found at the home

McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso and current world champion in the drivers' championship. will keep their points McLaren can appeal the decision. Rain caused major delays final play-off event, to the US golf tour's the Tour Championship. went verplunk at the 7th. But not before Scott Verplank

the middle of the green COMMENTATOR: Work a fade off and everything should feed down, There you go! Or feed in, sorry. though, with an 8-under par 62, South African Tim Clark set the pace including this at the 15th. his first round on 4 under, Tiger Woods yet to finish best placed player, Adam Scott. level with Australia's selections To the Tips, and Michael Sullivan's at Moonee Valley tomorrow. for the Group 1 meeting

Later in Sports Tonight we'll have the highlights from the AFL's semifinal between the Eagles and Magpies. Stay with us.

The traffic is trying to head their

to have said they and tried and off.

We there are queues build a way

that can so whichever way you look

a bit of, trying to head it of

Sydney will be a bit of a struggle

this evening. But bikie. after the break.

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Surely there can't just be a club for Shirleys? Well there is. And this weekend they're gathering on the Gold Coast to celebrate the name they share. Meet Shirley. Shirley Foster from Sydney. And Shirley. Shirley Knight from Cairns. I'm Shirley Murphy from Rocky. A veritable sisterhood of Shirleys. But surely Shirley isn't that common? Well, this weekend it is

being held on the Gold Coast. at the Shirley Club convention So hold onto your hats. food and friendship." Our motto is "fun, They've even got their own song. Happy as can be. # # Here we are again. that's been running for 11 years. As for the club, for the girls called Shirl. It's the fourth convention

I take it that seriously Gold Coast dolphin that I have the Shirley Club tattooed for my 60th birthday. 80-year-old Shirley Cocks from Christchurch in New Zealand. flew all the way I think it gives me a lot of leeway. Well, I'm proud of my name, I can play up. any of these lovely ladies' names While it's not hard remembering coming to the convention with more than 200 Shirleys is getting a word in edge-wise. the real challenge and jolly good company. # # All good Shirls Andrew Leahy, Ten News.

And the weather now with Tim Bailey.

I was a little bit worried earlier, around 4 o'clock this afternoon.

There was some localised flooding

and winds hitting 80 kilometres an

hour. But now they've gone over the ocean and there's nothing behind

them a perfect blue sky for the

weekend. Your Saturday will be

crisp and clear, 21 degrees. Sunday

will be 23 degrees and there will

be blue sky for the next 48 hours.

You'll weather forecasts photographs are really important.

Our winner of the week is this

great photographer.. That's a

really good storm sell picture.

gets a Sony Handicam for his really good storm sell picture. He

troubles, thank you to Harvey

Norman. It's officially now the weekend

weekend and we're ready to go! Let

her the look at the current temperatures.

Let us have a look at the satellite

picture. A severe storm warning is

enforce the parts of eastern New

South Wales. The map for tomorrow

shows a high in the East causing

winds to ease and showers to us

stop. There will be showers in

Victoria. Tasmania will player.

Showers in the north-east

Queensland. Showers in WFA.

We can come up with her Harvey

Norman gift voucher to help Norman gift voucher to help you

raise money so letters know if you

her if a charity event. Let us go

Interstate a look at the weather around the nation.

Possible storms in Lismore.

It'll be call a tomorrow in Sydney

but Sunni and 21 degrees. A bit of

cloud next Friday, and that's it

from me and I hope you've a wonderful weekend. have a new home, Three rare Bengal tiger cubs moving into Australia Zoo on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Charlie and his two yet-to-be-named sisters are part of a special breeding program and are proving to be quite a handful. It's not too late for the tiger. The tiger still has a fighting chance, but it really does need everyone's help. Fast. The Bengal tiger is critically endangered, with only a handful left in the wild. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company.