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a two-hour meeting in Canberra The Liberal Party has just ended Good morning.

with no challenge to John Howard. The PM's position was assured locked in behind their leader. when senior cabinet members on his regular walk. Words of encouragement for the PM this morning, Johnny. Good luck with the vote Hi, Mr Howard. I hope you win. John Howard's leadership. Senior Liberals rallying behind Foreign Minister Alexander Downer Mr Howard reportedly asking of his Cabinet colleagues last week. to canvas the opinions and unanimously come to the view We've come to the view is to lock in behind John Howard. that the best thing for us

The doubts of last week are gone. forward with the Prime Minister. There is a resolve today to go

also deciding to stick with the PM. Others in the party He's got my total support. John Howard's a fighter. by the end of the day. He will still be Prime Minister He's the best man. John Howard has bottle. But some in the party

their full support for Mr Howard, have failed to voice into the political wilderness. concerned he's leading them Do I support the Prime Minister? That's a matter of the circumstances fish and chip wrappings. Wilson's yesterday's the latest leadership speculation - One question raised in the midst of the Treasurer missing in action? where is Peter Costello, to the election.

At some point, if we win, will take over from him. I assume Peter Costello lost his opportunity yesterday I think Peter Costello the prime ministership and you can't win by sitting in your office. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. joins me now. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno Paul, is John Howard safe now?

It would appear so. He has dared

down the party room, the doubters,

and by all reports, the doubters

were a majority of his own Cabinet.

He is a tough nut and always has

been. He has said he has never

walked away from a fight. While we

have been briefed on what went on,

it is pretty clear that nobody took

the fight to him. It is also the fight to him. It is also pretty

clear that Peter Costello was never

going to challenge and that they

had been no canvassing for votes

for Peter Costello this time. The

really critical test now for the

Government is that they do as

Alexander Downer and Nick Minchin

said they would, that everybody

gets behind Mr Howard and there gets behind Mr Howard and there are

no more Cabinet leaks about how

badly he and the government are

going. How damaging has this been

for Peter Costello? I think there

is a lot of diverse opinion about

that. Many would say he simply did

not have the bottle to take on John Howard, others would say he did

show nous in the sense of

show nous in the sense of loyalty. That argument will continue. The

fact of the matter is that he did

not take the fight to John Howard

one year ago or in the last few

days. I think a lot will now depend

on what happens in the election. is about to meet to elect Anna Bligh, The Queensland Labor Party of Queensland. the first female Premier Ms Bligh will take over

after nine years in the hot-seat. who's stepping down

she has what it takes to succeed him. His former deputy says will be easy. I don't expect that this job that it means a lot of hard work I know better than anyone to roll up my sleeves. and I am ready will be Ms Bligh's deputy. Transport Minister Paul Lucas is recovering in hospital An elderly man at a Sydney hospital overnight. Thieves have staged a daring ramraid Around 2:30am front doors of a private hospital a 4-wheel drive was driven though the in Westmead.

into the foyer A white van then followed the vehicle with an ATM. where thieves loaded the van escaped with the cash machine The balaclava-clad offenders heading further west. and were last seen

to appear in court today, A 34-year-old man is expected aboard a Sydney bus. charged over a bomb hoax told how a man panicked Horrified passengers when he heard news reports the September 11 terrorist attacks. about the sixth anniversary of the driver fighting him off. He grabbed the wheel of the bus, I don't believe I'm a hero. like anyone else would have done. I believe I would have done has been give a couple of days off. The driver lead the tributes The heroes of September 11 of the Twin Tower attacks - to the victims the Ground Zero memorials next. pictures from And the latest resident of Number 10 Downing Street.

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now in a great new pack. This program is captioned live. in the Madeleine McCann mystery. New developments have been give to a judge The case files what should happen next. who has 10 days to decide

Madeleine's father says an unending nightmare for the family. this week has turned into in the building for a few hours The files had only been but the prosecutor had seen enough. he sent down his assistant In the early evening, a brief statement. and outside the court house, The gist of what she said

evidence the police had gathered was the prosecutor had looked at the and he felt there was enough to pass the file on.

will be made by a judge. The next decision the basis for this latest development The secrecy laws mean we don't know McCanns to the airport on Sunday, but this hire car, driven by the seems to be at the centre of things. that Madeleine's blood was found in this vehicle. We have today learned how the McCanns are dealing with this shift in the investigation. Now back home in Leicestershire, Gerry McCann updated his blog. He said: And then on the subject of the McCann's new legal team in their willingness to clear their name, he said: Things are changing here. This is the villa the McCanns left on Sunday, their base for two months has been cleaned and cleared but the focus on them and their time here is intensifying day by day. Nicole, it has been a painful day for thousands of people who lost family and friends in the September 11 tragedy. Good morning, Luke. Flags have been lowered to half-mast and thousands of people have bowed their heads across the United States to reflect and remember the day six years ago

when so many people lost their lives in the terrorist attacks. In New York, the largest gathering but for the first time the main memorial service wasn't held at the World Trade Center site

but rather, at a nearby park. Six years after the terror attacks friends and family members still struggle with their emotions. Rest in peace, brother. Under gloomy skies, first responders spent about three hours reading nearly 3,000 names of victims, not at Ground Zero but at a Lower Manhattan park for the first time. After protesting the change flowers where the Towers once stood. family members were allowed to place But some skipped Ground Zero altogether and gathered at different locations across the city to mark the anniversary. In mid-town Manhattan 15 firefighters were lost including this man's son. When you go back you think of the precious thing that was lost. At the Pentagon,

the Defense Secretary presided over the ceremony honouring the 184 people who died there. While in Pennsylvania a tribute to the passengers who forced down a jet headed for Washington,

With construction progressing at

ground zero, up mourners paid their

final pilgrimage. Many were

clutching images of their loved

ones taken away so brutally six

years ago. And on this sixth anniversary, Osama bin Laden has released another recording, praising one of the hijackers who was on board one of the planes that struck the Twin Towers. the last will and testament Included in the recording, on board the American Airlines flight of one of the hijackers In it he proclaims, and your back, "We will come at you from your front "and from your right and your left... you cowards, "the difference between you and us, and are frightened by it is that you fear death and seek it in the name of God. whereas we wish for it similar tapes The al-Qaeda leader has released in previous years on the September 11 anniversary and it's widely considered to the world the terrorist's way of demonstrating

he remains a force. However, this recording didn't contain any specific threat or suggestions of an imminent attack - but that's of little comfort to grieving families. It's a sad state of affairs that we're still hearing from Osama bin Laden. We should have went after him, the political speaker for al-Qaeda, you know, the head of the snake that did this atrocity right here. The war on terror, which was sparked by that day six years ago, goes on in Iraq and Afghanistan and questions are still being asked about its success. The United States chief in Iraq, General Petraeus,

hearing for a second time has appeared before a congressional has faced tougher questioning, but this time in particular from Democrats. for the political leaders' There have been no consequences said they must do. failures to do what President Bush

and the Administration Year are year, the President and called for patience. have touted progress in Iraq It has been a litany of delusion. at this point, I am not pessimistic or optimistic and Iraq is hard. I am realistic about Iraq President Bush will address the nation tomorrow

when he's expected to outline the pullout of 30,000 US troops as General Petraeus recommended. And a horrific crime discovery in West Virginia with a mother and son having been charged of a 23-year-old woman. over the kidnapping and assault Acting on a tip-off, where they discovered the victim police went to the home of the pair who had been held hostage for at least a week. She'd been physically, mentally and sexually tortured. Four others have also been arrested. And I'll have more news from the United States in the 5:00 news hour. There's a new resident at Number 10 Downing Street - of the British Prime Minister. the home in residence for almost a decade. Sybil the cat is the first moggy

for her first photo call. Today she braved the media a new inhabitant in Downing Street. Huge media interest in the arrival of And the pressure was showing for the cameras. as Sybil made her first appearance

Sybil is a lady of a certain age Named after Mrs Basil Fawlty, to get her claws out. who is not afraid and his wife, She belongs to the new chancellor of number 11, but unlike the previous occupant to get to number 10. won't have to wait 10 years So an unexpected addition "government of all the talents". to Gordon Brown's has yet to be defined Sybil's precise role but it's clear across these corridors of power she'll be roaming wildly and can expect the sort of stardom could only dream of. which most ministers

Public concern about her predecessor, Humphrey, prompted this photo call

to prove he was alive and well

after rumours that Cherie Blair had ordered his days to be ended. He survived eight years in Downing Street. after rumours that Cherie Blair had ordered his days to be ended. in Downing Street. He survived eight years be as long-lived? Will Sybil's celebrity status helping treat diabetes sufferers - The North American lizard that's when the Morning News returns. that story And is it or isn't it? tribute bands come to the real thing. We look at just how close some

(Children laugh) millions of distasteful images On the Internet, can be just one wrong click away. The Australian Government protecting your family online. is serious about Internet safety advice For practical plus a free filter, visit: This program is captioned live. a two-hour meeting in Canberra The Liberal Party has just ended with no challenge to John Howard. when senior cabinet members locked in behind their leader.

The heroes of September 11 have led the memorials marking the sixth anniversary of the terror attacks.

Firefighters and emergency crews reading out the names of the 3,000 victims. Good news for diabetes sufferers.

Scientists discovering a new treatment derived from the saliva of the Gila monster lizard. And for more on that medical breakthrough in Sydney. we're joined by Dr Gregory Fulcher Dr Fulcher, why did scientists start looking at lizard saliva as a potential cure for diabetes? Scientists are very Scientists are very inquisitive people. They saw that his little

lizard it really only needs to eat

two or three times a year, and they

asked the question why. That led to

studying the saliva of the Lizard

and recognising that it contained a

molecule very similar to a molecule

deficient in patients with type 2

a diabetes. One thing led to another,

a treatment was developed, Pyrmont

molecule was synthetically produced.

The is this property found

exclusively in the Gila monster? It

is found in the summer sunlight of

the Gila monster, but it is

synthetic reproduce. It reduces the

desire of people to eat, so close

the absorption of food and

increases the production of insulin, meaning that patients glucose

levels fall. Their weight comes

down as well. There is a great

combination of effects for patients

with diabetes. Is this a

replacement for insolent? No, it is

not a replacement. B is an

additional treatment for patients

with type 2 diabetes. Patience they can't

can't achieve the targets they need

to reduce the complications of

diabetes can and his therapy on top

of other treatments and enable many

of those patients to achieve

targets. You mentioned weight loss,

but what other impact will this

have? The weight loss and the

improved glucose control other main

to results, but they are very important, because we know that most

most therapies for Type 2 diabetes

put weight on, and that is not

necessarily a good thing. If you

have the dream about lowers blood glucose but improves the body

therapy. weight, that is a very attractive

In finance news - has opened in the black today. the Australian share market weather for the rest of the day. Now for a look at the national we cross to Fiona Gwyther in Thredbo. And for today's ski report treating you? Fiona, how is the spring weather

I know it is spring but the wintry

weather has made a comeback, so things are looking pretty good

because we have had 15 centimetres

of fresh snow in the last 48 hours.

In New South Wales the cover has a

higher. fresh layer on a firm base up

The bureau has forecast a bit of everything in the next few days.

Things are looking pretty good for

more slowed by the weekend. Still to come in the Morning News - and girls with Angela Bishop. Daniel Radcliffe talks movies, fame

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# My baby just cares for... #

BOY: The drumstick. GIRL: I'm starving. # My baby # Just cares for me # Ahh. # This program is captioned live. Tribute bands are growing in popularity and fans don't seem too disappointed they're not getting quite the real deal. Increasingly, rock and roll clones are putting our hearing to the test. Fans at the sold-out Hilton in Atlantic City recently could hardly believe their ears. (Sings) # Well, she was just 17 # You know what I mean... # 41 years after their last official concert, the Beatles, it seemed, were back. # I'll never dance with another... # But, of course, it wasn't John, Paul, George and Ringo on stage, and a fifth fake Beatle, Mark, It was Steve, Joey, Joe and Ralph

premier tribute bands. members of Rain, one of the world's # It's been a hard day's night like a dog... # # And I've been working of Beatle books. I liken it to the authors to tell the story of the Beatles They write out their books what it was like at those times, to try and explain to the world only on stage and using their music. and we just do the same thing, # Yesterday # Now it looks as though they're here to stay # Oh, I believe in yesterday... # Rain tries to become the Beatles, Song after song, note for note, from 'Sergeant Pepper'... # It was 20 years ago today

# Sergeant Pepper told the band to play... # ..through 'The White Album'... # They say you got a revolution # Well, you know... #

..and beyond. # All we are saying We want it now! # Is give peace a chance # Come together, all together... # We feel like the audience, they almost have a religious experience if you do it right, because they love the music, we love the music. I love it! Close your eyes and just listen to these guys and you're listening to the Beatles. It's like stepping back in time. It was wonderful. She loves it. nothing but cheesy wannabes If you thought tribute bands were in sequined Elvis costumes, think again. this year Rain will sell 100,000 tickets and the competition is fierce. Beatles tribute bands There are no fewer than 50 in this country alone, with names like 1964, the Get Back Band, the Bootleg Beatles. even the Fab Faux. There's the Fab Four, the Fab Five, First-rate musicians who make a living playing second-hand music. I think its potential is gigantic. The audience satisfaction is so cool, because you see people coming out and they're just blown away, they've had so much fun.

Jeff Parry has been promoting concerts for 30 years. His fastest-growing product? Three tribute bands - Rain, the Led Zeppelin Experience and the Pink Floyd Experience. Well, 'cause I think the music is, as they say, classic. People are still going out to hear right? Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, etc, So this is the same sort of thing. It's classic music, it's survived the ages, it will survive the ages. People want to see it. They can buy the records, download it, but the inevitable experience is seeing something live. So can't afford 200 bucks for a ticket to the Stones? Go see Satisfaction. (Sings) # Well, I can't get no satisfaction. # Partial to ACDC? Try Livewire. # Highway to hell. # Need a dose of Aerosmith? There's Draw the Line.

Name the band, there are a dozen clones out there playing their music. Led Zeppelin bands are everywhere. There's even an all-female version provocatively called Les Zeppelin. (Sings 'Whole Lotta Love') Once the name arrived, there was no not doing it. I have to say, I think it's one of the best band names ever. This is the founder. There's a complete scepticism and really what it is is sexism, which exists that sort of works in our favour. They don't really expect to get the real thing and then you can see it on their faces as we play. We'd like to call it shock and awe. The name is intentionally irreverent, which the lead singer says fits the music. (Sings 'Kashmir') We're not trying to be gimmicky. I'm not wearing a, you know, blonde, curly wig and trying to be like Robert but then we're keeping the truth and integrity of what they were doing.

So people who are fans of Led Zeppelin and are real passionate, like, honest-to-God fans of this band can come and see us and feel like And who wouldn't want to experience Bruce Springsteen up close and personal in a small New Jersey bar? While the 'Boss' has moved onto stadiums, Matt Ryan gladly fills in. (Sings) # Born in the USA. #

Bruce was born in the US, Matt was born in Toronto. But even at an early age, his friends saw a resemblance. And it was very frustrating for me because ever since I was 17, maybe 16 years old, the nickname 'Boss', 'Boss' and from high school on, I didn't like it. You know, we all wanted to be individuals. (Sings 'Hungry Heart') An accomplished musician, he tried to make it as Matt Ryan but... Everything I seemed to do in my life, it all came down to - when you start singing, when it all comes together, you look like Bruce. So he became Bruce and his career took off. The key to success, he says, is not taking it all too seriously. Tribute bands have to pay licensing fees for the songs they borrow but don't otherwise share the profits and while the original artists rarely endorse their imitators, they don't discourage them either. Promoter Jeff Parry. Because let's face it, having all these tribute experiences is actually increasing their brand, they're going to sell more records, more T-shirts, etc. It's almost free advertising to them if they look at it as spreading their brand continually, so it's good for them. The golden age of rock'n'roll may be fading

and many of the legends are gone, but the music will live on and as long as people want to hear it, there will be someone willing to play it. After the break - a look ahead to the weekend's footy finals. Also, a Rugby World Cup round up. Plus, the Socceroos lamenting a spectacular missed goal against Argentina. If you'd like to kick joint pain, then Blackmores Joint Formula may be ideal. With glucosamine and chondroitin, it's specially formulated with ingredients to help rebuild joint cartilage, relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and provide effective joint pain relief. Try to kick joint pain now with Blackmores Joint Formula and you could win with special September only in-store promotions. Effective joint pain relief. So you can be your best. SONG: # Be your best. # This program is captioned live. sport with our world cup update Anthony Goodridge here to kick off and plenty of action both on and off the field? Yes, Luke. Injuries and judicial hearings may have a massive effect on the quarterfinal make-up with 2003 champs England being hit by both. Meanwhile, Argentina needed a second half surge to take the points from Georgia, a team that's never won a rugby World Cup match. Their team a collection of semiprofessionals,

most who play in French club rugby, Georgia weren't about to back down from the Pumas and had the Argentinians stuttering into the break with a narrow 6-3 three lead. Not until early in the second period did Argentina look like the side who'd stunned France on the first night of the tournament. COMMENTATOR: Man over, has to be, finally, and finally Borges gets around the outside. They'd rediscovered their flair but still had to contend with rugged Georgian defence. yet they still ran in three more tries, a vital bonus point sweetening the 33-3 victory. That's the one they wanted, and they can thank the brilliance of Juan Martin Hernandez

and the good finishing indeed. Troubles for World Cup holders England, with goal-kicking whiz Jonny Wilkinson still nursing damaged ankle ligaments, two other players are bedridden with illness, while skipper Phil Vickery will be kicking himself for this stray boot against the USA. Suspended for two games, Vickery will miss this weekend's crucial match against South Africa. could be out of the Cup entirely - Ironically, the player he kicked Paul Emerick earning a 5-match ban for this dangerous tackle. And with Springbok flanker Schalk Burger missing four games for this hit in the side's opener against Samoa, his coach can only accept the heavy-handed discipline being dished out. From my assessment if you look and see what's happened in the last weekend, obviously the powers that be are just making sure that we get, from week one, all the teams and all the coaches and all the referees on the same page. All suspended players have 48 hours to appeal. And it's loose and relaxed around Camp Wallaby as the team prepares for their vital pool match against Wales. The forwards put through their paces ahead of an expected rugged encounter, while injured back Adam Ashley-Cooper rates himself as only 50/50 to make the side. It's a massive game, and I suppose out of all of the games this is probably the one I wanted to play, against Wales, but there are bigger fish to fry and if the toe isn't 100% I'm not going to risk that.

It's not worth it. A huge Saturday of rugby with England versus South Africa in the early hours and then in the night-time, the Wallabies take on Wales.

Both matches live here on Ten, while tomorrow morning we see Japan play Fiji and that should be a very entertaining one, Luke. Argentina have beaten the Socceroos 1-nil in an entertaining match at the MCG. 70,000 fans thrilled by the skills of some of the world's best. It's been 14 years since Argentina's last visit and it didn't take long for the cream of world football to remind fans what they had missed. Archie Thomson with some tricks of his own. COMMENTATOR: That's a lovely nutmeg from Archie Thompson. He's a superstar. The Barcelona star unstoppable. Messi. Carnie trying to stick to him like glue. Still Messi. Oh, Messi! Absolutely wonderful stuff. Josip Skoko made sure his last game would be remembered. Nil-all at the break, the decisive goal coming soon after.

Through header, in off the post and Argentina have the goal. Martin Demichelis breaking the deadlock. Not quite the send-off Skoko had hoped for. The MCG crowd making up for it. Thank you and goodbye Josip Skoko. A wayward cross from David Carney almost levelled the score and Bresciano continued to threaten. Abbondanzieri is happy to palm it over the bar. It was a busy night for the keepers. Mark Schwarzer injured in this collision. Argentina's lone strike proved enough. In Graham Arnold's final game at the helm and Josip Skoko's last as a player. I thought we deserved something more and yeah, it was a good spectacle and a good way to go for me, anyway. Neil Cordy, Ten News. To AFL and it's a case of the walking wounded for this weekend's semi finalists. While West Coast's injury toll is well documented.

The Hawks, Kangaroos and Magpies all have their share of concerns. Slowly but surely a couple of sore Hawks are coming right. They walked laps, then managed the lightest of jogs. to be OK by Saturday night. Luke Hodge and Campbell Brown's knees Hodgey and Browny will be fine. We actually had a bit of a run around yesterday and they both were running around, doing a bit of training so they should be fine.

While Hodge and Brown are battling wonky knees, so too, is Ben Dixon. The 30-year-old aware, like his skipper Richie Vandenberg, the end is near on his career. It's a bit like your car, you take your tyres in and you get 50,000 out of your tyres. I think I got 90,000 so try and squeeze and extra 10,000 out of them. The Hawks face the Kangaroos still licking their wounds after their Sunday spanking. We spoke about it in our review and the last message Laids said

was after we get out of this meeting, that's it, pretty much, move on to Hawthorn. If we keep thinking about Geelong, we're not going to focus on Hawthorn and it's not going to be good for the footy club so we won't be thinking about it. Daniel Harris's hand is OK. But again, leading goal kicker Corey Jones was a no-show at training. He's unlikely to face the Hawks.

At Collingwood, Irish young gun Marty Clarke didn't train

but he's expected to be fit to fly west with the Magpies tomorrow for their Friday night semi against the Eagles. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Star Manly fullback Brett Stewart says he'll be right for the NRL grand final qualifier despite a mishap at training yesterday. Stewart caused a scare when he left the training paddock nursing his thumb, his hand getting caught in a team-mate's shirt. Just my knuckle was pretty tender, that's all. I just went and iced it and the physio strapped it up.

Nothing serious. And Manly's international prop Brent Kite ran freely. He's expected to return from a groin injury in the preliminary final on Saturday week. A spectacular start to the inaugural Twenty20 Cricket World Cup. Hosts South Africa off to a flying start. Chris Gayle's century for the Windies not enough to stop the home side cruising to an 8-wicket victory. Amidst the fanfare and excitement at the Wanderers ground, a game of cricket threatened to break out. And when it did, Chris Gayle brought along the fireworks. COMMENTATOR: Will it be a boundary first ball?

Yes, it will. The first ball in the history of the tournament put away for four. There was more where that came from. Gayle at his destructive best - on his way to 50 off just 26 balls. Consecutive sixes off Makhaya Ntini And again! Repeat shot. A huge hit! Dwayne Smith edged to Boucher in the 14th but there was still plenty to get excited about. Gayle bringing up his hundred next over. 101 to Chris Gayle. What a man, what an innings, what a way to set this tournament alight. 10 sixes on his way to 117. At the end of their 20 overs, the West Indies 6/205. The first ball of South Africa's innings, Daren Powell debunking the theory that Twenty20's a game for the batsmen. And good evening to Mr Smith. Cop that. a chance at deep cover, Herschelle Gibbs set to work. Dropped catches proving costly for the West Indies. Gibbs 90 not out in his unbeaten partnership with Justin Kemp, cruising to victory with 14 balls to spare. Andrew Blow, Ten News. The national weather details when the Morning News returns. Whoops! ..when Duracell Alkaline and Eveready Super Heavy Duty batteries... He's got the legs to show them all exactly what he's made of. Duracell lasts up to three times longer than Eveready Super Heavy Duty. What would you do with a share of $20 million? (Elephant trumpets) Whatever you want! With Lotto's massive $20 million Saturday Superdraw. Time's running out so get your entries in by Saturday September 15 and you could... SONG: # Live a Lotto life! # If you'd like to kick joint pain, then Blackmores Joint Formula may be ideal. With glucosamine and chondroitin, it's specially formulated with ingredients to help rebuild joint cartilage, relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and provide effective joint pain relief. Try to kick joint pain now with Blackmores Joint Formula and you could win with special September only in-store promotions. Effective joint pain relief. So you can be your best. SONG: # Be your best. # This program is captioned live. The Liberal Party has just ended a two-hour meeting in Canberra with no challenge to John Howard. The PM's position was assured when senior Cabinet members locked in behind their leader. Good news for diabetes sufferers - scientists discovering a new treatment derived from the saliva of the Gila monster lizard. The heroes of September 11 have led the memorials marking the sixth anniversary of the terror attacks. Firefighters and emergency crews reading out the names Now for a look at the national weather for the rest of the day. He's grown up a lot since he first hit our screens as the famous boy wizard. Daniel Radcliffe is on a whirlwind international tour to promote his latest film, an Aussie flick, 'December Boys'. The teenager caught up with Ten's Angela Bishop to share his views on fame, girls and what he's looking for in a wife. Well, Daniel, welcome back to Australia, which I can only imagine must feel very much like a second home for you. It does now, yeah, and it just cheers me up to be here, to be honest, because suddenly people talk to you like you're just anybody else, which is really refreshing because they don't do that everywhere. for 'December Boys' here? What sort of world tour are you on OK, I'm actually probably doing as much, if not more, press for this little independent movie

than I've done for 'Harry Potter 5' this year. What impresses me about what you've just said is that 'Harry Potter' probably doesn't need all that publicity, in that people will go to see it, yet this film does, and you've offered yourself up for it. George Clooney, when he was doing 'Good Night, and Good Luck', he toured the world, you know, he did much more than I'm doing for this,

and he got that film out there, and that's the thing.

When it's an independent movie, when it's a movie that's not, in my case, 'Harry Potter', 'Ocean's Thirteen' or something, or in his case, about it, you know. you need to put the word out to the film When you make a commitment to the production time, you don't just make a commitment to however much you have to do you make a commitment to get people to see it. which people are asking - I suppose the other question was your agent - probably the first person to ask that must come to you with the scripts and the choices that you have other than 'Harry Potter' - to do things a little Australian film like this? what made you choose

Quite simply, it was the best script. We had some other really good scripts come in but they just weren't challenging or different enough, you know. This was a film that was really, it was a different tone of film as a whole, Maps was very different from Harry but it was also the character of and I wanted to get out there and show that I could do something else. The only similarity being, I guess, that you're both orphans. We're both orphans, yeah, but that really is where the similarities sort of start and end. Who do you think they'll choose? I dunno. He can fix most anything. Spit's clever. and he's a good artist. Misty's the youngest And Spark's got good energy. wins all the races. He's the fastest, Aren't you good at anything? What about you? I know it's not singing. Well, I don't want to be adopted. about parents anyway? What's the big deal were you concerned First of all, to nail an Australian accent? that you were going to be able We're pretty picky about that. about that, I know, I was very concerned was that, you know, but the thing I started to say generally, the reaction to the accent's been pretty good, it's been alright. If I ever say to anybody, "So what did you think of the accent?" And they say, "Well, you know, it was good, "but there's a couple of vowel sounds that sometimes don't..." And I always used to say I was doing an Adelaide accent.

Of course, because they say 'darnce' and 'charnce'. Yeah, exactly. You know why that is? They were settled by free settlers, not by convicts. Ahh, OK, cool, right. So they're a bit better than us. what I've sort of tended to say Right, OK, yeah, so that's in the last couple of weeks Rod Hardy's face when I said and also, you should've seen I wanted to do an Aussie accent. He was just panicking, "What if he does it awful?" because he's just thinking, And he did say, and practise it, "Look, you can try it to the first day of shooting "but if it comes down I will say, 'Dan, do an English'." "and I think it's awful, received 'Equus' performance With this and the wonderfully that you did in the West End - is now going to Broadway? I believe 'Equus' that doesn't really exist, Broadway almost seems like a myth but obviously it does, because I've been there and seen shows there, but it's like some of it's so far removed from my life, but no, it's going to be amazing. And just to add to the terror and magnitude of it you'll be nude for part of the performance. Oh, yeah, but not much, only like 10 minutes. On Broadway. Yeah. That's alright. Hey, we've all done it. That's nothing. Eight shows a week. Yeah, exactly. The response was wonderful, and congratulations, you've wanted to do. that's obviously part of what for life beyond 'Harry Potter' Do you have some sort of strategy you are taking? and are these all little steps even approach strategy The only thing that could is just the fact that I always knew other things, I wanted to start doing other films, other TV, things like that, other stage plays, was still going on while 'Harry Potter' for them to finish. rather than waiting 'Harry Potter' and did all of them I think if I waited for and started doing other things and suddenly went off

it would be a lot harder for people to see me as something else whereas if I start breaking them in now then hopefully they'll eventually be able to sort of see me as an actor rather than a character, which would be cool. But, you know, I always realised that it would always, at least for the next 30 years of my life, it will be in every introduction to every chapter I'm ever on will be 'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe no matter what I'm promoting. Pretty much. You may as well, and that'll enable you to be free to move forward. Exactly. you're going to have to accept

that comes with you, is this eligibility you've done alright, that you're a successful actor, in the bank, you've got a couple of bucks now that you're 18 - how are you going to handle that and this sort of thing? women fainting

the first person that asks me. I'll just marry (Laughs) of coping. No, that's a really bad way for her role She received an Emmy nomination maniacal mother-in-law Gloria Hodge. as 'Desperate Housewives'

But Dixie Carter may be best known Julia Sugarbaker for playing outspoken feminist in the '80s hit 'Designing Women'. Suzanne, if sex were fast food over your bed. there would be an arch We'll be taking a look at her life

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