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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - a major APEC security breach. o George Bush's hotel TV comedians get t Good evening. itself to the world As Sydney attempts to showcase "Made for Television" comedy stunt, an extraordinary

has made a joke of APEC security. to Chris Reason Tonight, we're crossing which was breached. at a police checkpoint on the rest of APEC. And we'll have live coverage

after today's breach? is no doubt tighter tonight at that checkpoint behind you Chris Reason, security

Ian, that's right. by a comedy show It was meant as a prank but authorities are not laughing. built their own convoy The ABC's 'Chaser' team guards, complete with motorcycle escort, and an Osama bin Laden look-alike through APEC security. and drove a great big hole the boundaries many times before, The 'Chaser' crew has pushed but never as far as this. Dressed as Osama bin Laden, and colleague Julian Morrow Chas Licciardello took a bogus three-car motorcade "ring of steel". straight through APEC's to what has happened today. I don't see a funny side at all. It looked authentic as a delegation from Canada - dummied-up with outrunner security, a black limousine and motorcycle escorts at the head. four-wheel drives front and back

and the Macquarie Street fenced zone They breached two security checks outside President Bush's hotel, all the way to the checkpoint the Intercontinental. until Chas stepped out as Osama. And no-one twigged No, I'm not embarrassed at all.

What I am is very angry would be pulled. that such a stunt like this

and three hire-car drivers. They arrested eight ABC employees it's all a bit up in the air. Look, at this point, Tonight' and 'A Current Affair'. Well, they were arrested, the security system works. so I guess that shows of course, as comedy This was an incident that began, but may have ended up instead of the APEC security machine. making a laughing stock $160 million spent, to within metres of the hotel. and this convoy got If shots have been fired, of these guys not only for the safety but also the public in the area. I think what they did was foolish. it was far from a security failure. The State Government insists 11 people have been arrested.

to those police officers I offer my congratulations for their diligent work. There was almost a 12th... Just leave the area please? for any more comedians. The police in no mood

Can you believe it? in the town of Sydney. Locked out of my own barricades

, They are adamant no laws have been

broken. The police disagree and say

that comedy stunt could earn them a

stint in gaol. Ian. InterContinental Hotel at the time President Bush was inside the but at 29 floors up

unlikely to have noticed the fuss.

of meetings He's had a fairly quiet day

and a visit to a museum. had everything covered today The President's security team changeable weather. except for Sydney's Maritime Museum ran for cover. Police outside the National a warm welcome for Mr Bush. Inside though, DIDJERIDU PLAYS in the Northern Territory. And a chat about government policy I mentioned interventions.

to bring it up. That's the word I really wanted In the USA Gallery from the USS 'Canberra', Mr Bush viewed the bell a sunken Australian warship. an American vessel named after Then, he went back to his hotel for an afternoon meeting with China's leader.

of yesterday's impromptu bike trek. No repeat though he has any others planned I'm not aware that but he hasn't told me. Last evening, to meet the Governor-General the President crossed Sydney Harbour and dine with the Howards.

of the grandkids. Looking forward to seeing pictures It was an early night - the President back home by 9:30. a great deal of news coverage So far, APEC hasn't been getting overseas

top late-night television comic. but it hasn't escaped America's a lot about Australia. I don't think President Bush knows to visit the home Like today, he said he was anxious where Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up. LAUGHTER So I think he's a little confused. are heeding the warnings Sydney drivers

and steering clear of the city with traffic flow down a third on normal.

Paul Kadak is in Martin Place. but a lot more motorcades. And Paul, fewer cars

Well you can't hope but notice,

there are less people in

there are less people in the city,

much less traffic as well except for

those motorcades. They have been

this around 90 of them through the city

this afternoon and this evening with even more tomorrow. this afternoon and this evening with After yesterday's standstill into Sydney today. this was the morning run heading down to the CBD. So no major dramas North Sydney Traffic across the bridge down 30%. about 5% School holiday's normally down a school holiday traffic volume. so it's down much more than on public transport too. Fewer people have heeded the warnings I'm happy to say Sydneysiders this morning about traffic and transport warnings and left their cars at home. came APEC hour. But right after peak hour The city went into motorcade mode. The Cahill Expressway was closed a super clearway and Sussex Street became to Darling Harbour. as officials began their runs around the closures. Even John Howard had to detour in 30 minutes - More than 20 motorcades

in between. pedestrians allowed to scurry across along the empty expressway Then came President Bush

cutting through Observatory Hill and Sussex Street. down to Hickson Road

and bikes for his trip across town. A convoy of more than 30 cars the APEC motorcades a record run Sussex Street might have given effect on traffic but it's had the exact opposite trying to get into the city - even traffic trying to get out. Drivers became unwitting spectators to the VIP parade. Even security vehicles were stuck - this cab overheated. Stopping here for a long time is heating up waiting too long, yeah, it is a problem. These women abandoned their bus after 40 minutes trying to get out of town. Just behind the tree, that's your bus.

But the traffic did clear. The Government says thanks for staying off the roads. Well Sydney, we're past halfway and to use a mountain bike analogy there's an uphill climb to the finish. Tomorrow Sydney's transport will be on public holiday timetables and three city train stations will be closed - St James, Museum and Circular Quay.

Now to reporter Robert Ovadia who's been keeping watch on protest groups. And Rob, today's anticipated attacks on city businesses didn't happen. Can police call that a victory? Ian, APEC security commanders are happy, but they know there's a long way to go. Police were expecting global businesses like Starbucks and McDonald's to be targeted today but demonstrators were nowhere to be seen. Commissioner Andrew Scipione hopes the huge security crackdown has kept militant protesters away. I'd hope so, but don't forget the APEC Leaders' Week hasn't yet commenced. Leaders Week only commences tomorrow and then we have three days of intense activity, so we're certainly not counting our chickens before they hatch. A large demonstration is planned for Saturday with a march where I'm standing now in Park Street, from Town Hall to Hyde Park. Alex Bainbridge from the Stop Bush Coalition says it will be peaceful.

Today I asked him if he condemned the sort of violence seen at the G-20 protests in Melbourne last November. of condemning, we're not in the business of that sort of thing. Well, you're in the business of condemning the police - why can't you condemn the protesters as well? Well, we are in the business

of organising a peaceful demonstration to get our message across. APEC organisers hope that's the case but are ready if it's not. Ian. A small and peaceful protest today as human rights campaigners demonstrated against the Chinese President. But their message wasn't heard in the APEC zone for closer ties with Australia. where Hu Jintao signed an agreement

Australia's economic future is in his hands. How very nice to see you again. Which is why John Howard was shaking them so vigorously.

President Hu has made China

Australia's second largest trading partner. And he was smiling on us again today - signing a $35 billion gas deal and loaning two pandas to Adelaide Zoo for 10 years. TRANSLATOR: I believe that this will certainly become a new symbol of our friendship. As part of the panda diplomacy

China, the world's biggest polluter,

will get some of our clean coal technology. With the Olympics 11 months away, climate change is a sensitive issue for the world's last major communist State. (Drums beat) And so are human rights. Activists from the Falun Gong movement were protesting today. They'd be locked up for this in China where thousands of supporters are in labour camps. As we get closer to the Games, in China instead of better. human rights are getting worse

Contrary to what they promised when they got the Games.

on Mr Howard's mind... Concerns that probably weren't ANTHEM PLAYS in Mr Hu's honour last night. ..or guests at a lavish banquet

China reveres elder statesmen,

they're old lefties - particularly when especially. 91-year-old Gough Whitlam is a further gesture of respect Today's pandering says the Foreign Minister. the two pandas will breed The hope is but they only mate four days a year. I'm glad I wasn't born a panda. LAUGHTER

Imagine a panda called Alexander. part of APEC, Kevin Rudd's not officially whispers of his own but today he used some Chinese to get in on the act. joins us. Political editor Mark Riley And Mark, he nearly stole the show. wasn't trying to outdo John Howard. Yes, Ian, Kevin Rudd insists he

But he did a good job by speaking in Mandarin at a lunch honouring Chinese President Hu Jintao. A far cry from the security overkill of yesterday. No barricades or snipers as John Howard took his morning walk, just three pedalling policemen and some excited schoolgirls. Hello! Hi! Kevin Rudd took his turn Behind the barricades, No television cameras this time - to meet George Bush.

White House protocol, we're told. for 10 minutes The meeting was scheduled but stretched to 45, covering a range of topics - the main one, Iraq. relationship with the United States strong enough is that it's old enough,

to sustain differences of opinion. and broad enough

But this is a big difference. the military campaign is working. Mr Bush says Mr Rudd wants our troops out. The President's response? of course His characterisation of it you should put to him. is something which of course We tried to...

meeting with Mr Rudd this morning? Mr Bush, can we ask about your ..without luck. the Chinese President gift And in welcoming of two giant pandas of his own Mr Rudd did some pandering in Mandarin. (Speaks in Mandarin) A hit in anyone's language. for the moment. That's all from APEC in the studio Now it's over to Chris Bath with the rest of the day's news. Thanks, Ian. Still ahead in Seven News - this weekend. horse racing returning to Sydney despite rainfall in our dams. Also, household water bills to rise, of one of the world's great voices. And the death ahead of the APEC long weekend. Sydney petrol prices have soared in recent weeks, After falling to a 7-month low up to $1.29 a litre for unleaded. drivers are now being charged with the jump in world oil prices Analysts say the increase is in line

in Central America. following hurricane activity this Saturday Racing returns to Sydney for the first time of horse flu two weeks ago. since the outbreak will go ahead A phantom meeting at Warwick Farm under strict bio-security controls. for horses based at the track, will watch on television Punters and bookies at Canterbury Racecourse. that despite the difficulties of this equine influenza the light at the end of the tunnel. that we are heading towards whether to allow more meetings. Officials will decide on Monday of breaking promises The State Government's been accused in the price of Sydney's water. to limit increases We're set to pay a third more, from Premier Morris Iemma despite assurances and rain falling into our dams. recently Sydney has been bingeing on rain but now, a sobering prediction. Because of climate change may never be the same again. flows into our water supplies This dry period will continue. drought probably We're trying to avoid the term and just saying, this is the new reality.

of higher water bills. And a new reality To pay for the desalination plant water charges would rise the Premier said average household by less than $2 a week.

the boss of Sydney Water. But it's creeping up, according to it might get up to just over $2. Maybe in the next four years families only $100 extra a year. Morris Iemma promised Sydney

under these proposals. That's now $130

the rise could be capped around $2. Today the Government says Unlike rain, doesn't fall from the sky, water infrastructure

it has to be paid for. Despite rain being unreliable part of the price rise stormwater recycling would form in water bills and at least half of the likely hike would pay for desalination. will decide next year. The State's Pricing Tribunal

a third of our energy bill on water. We are only spending a quarter to Water is actually quite cheap. has died aged 71 Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti

with cancer. following a year-long battle as one of the best of his generation The tenor was regarded classical music to a mass audience. and credited with introducing of the Three Tenors He was the big man was impossibly good. and Luciano Pavarotti A rock star of opera. on a farewell tour. He was in Australia two years ago is what you see on television - Well, the only regret I am too fat. he married his young secretary. Still, It was pancreatic cancer last year at home in Italy. and Pavarotti died today He was 71. Sings 'Nessun Dorma' Thank you, all of you. Ciao.

sings 'Nessun Dorma' Sport now with Matthew White. about the grapple tackle. And another warning last night. But it didn't help the Rabbitohs More shortly. Also tonight, at the airport. the Bulldogs stretch out as a Champ car fire causes chaos. And panic in the pits

a Fillet Burger Combo... Hi, can I have and Potato & Gravy? ..and a piece of chicken Ultimate Burger Meal. No thanks, not today. MAN: It's the obvious choice! KFC's:

on the grapple tackle next season The NRL will launch a renewed attack

after a medical expert claimed a death on the football field. it could lead to seven weeks for striking The Rabbitoh's David Fa'alogo copped but the Bulldogs were the big winners at the judiciary. Little Lamya and her brother Zayd didn't want to let go but dad has a job to do against the Cowboys. We haven't put 80 minutes together for a while so we're hoping we can do that on Saturday.

Good luck. The Dogs will have to do it without Sonny Bill Williams but only for this week after his ban was cut to one game. I'm pumped and wishing the boys well next week, oh - this week - and I'll be ready to go next week.

His men loosened up on landing but Souths' story was too much of a stretch for the judiciary to quash David Fa'Alogo's seven-week ban. They didn't accept medical evidence that he didn't know he'd hit Braith Anasta

because a choke-hold had cut the flow of blood to the brain. I think it's a landmark case to, I hope, highlight that this type of tackle is going to kill somebody one day. There are rule adjustments that need to be made in light of that and we just need to make them and move on. While the NRL won't change its stance on grapple tackles this late in the season clubs can expect a blitz early next year with the game's prowerbrokers determined to make the necks of players a no-go zone. At the end of this year we need to get together with all our clubs and drive this out of our game. But players fear the game will go soft. We don't want it to be a game of touch footy. You know, it's a tough game and that's just part of it. He's been out of form and in trouble but Lote Tuqiri is ready to release his frustrations in the Wallabies' World Cup opener against Japan. While vice-captain Phil Waugh was left out of the team, rookie Berrick Barnes will make his debut off the bench. Berrick Barnes and team mascot Wally are best of friends. Proof you're never too old to own a cuddly toy. The women seem to love him. He gets a lot of praise from them and he loves his baguettes, as you can see here, and he's got his beret on as well. Look, Wally's really loving being in France. He's having a good time. Barnes is having a good time, too. The rookie fly-half has won a spot on the bench to debut against Japan on Saturday. I'm going to be lucky enough to play in one of the most experienced teams in the history of world rugby. John Connolly has opted for Al Baxter over Guy Shepherdson in the front row. Vice-captain Phil Waugh didn't even make the bench. The backline has a familiar look. Lote Tuqiri is warning Japan he's got a point to prove after a frustrating year.

Off the field, pretty ordinary. And on the field, not much better. Out of favour with Wallabies management and on a curfew, at least Tuqiri thinks he's popular with the locals. I guess they like the black men over here. (Laughs) And finally,

a terrifying Champ Car incident at Queensland Raceway involving Team Australia. A mechanic was burnt by an invisible flame from Will Power's car. Water, water, water, water! The cockpit then caught fire with WPS V8 team members helping to douse the flames. to hospital suffering burns Mechanic Craig Hasted was taken

but was released a short time ago.

Official launch tomorrow on the Gold

Coast, I

Coast, I will be there, hopefully

less dramatic. I am sure you will

enjoy it. Thank you, Matt. And the share market closed lower today. Investors worried it's recovering too quickly from the July-August falls. AMP and BHP shares made gains though, but the ASX 200 dropped 12 points. We had a few heavy showers to end a short working week. Sara has the long weekend forecast, next in Seven News.

Good evening. from the city today If you stayed away

you would have escaped all the traffic changes, but there was no escaping this rain. It was in on-off mode all day - a few millimetres here and there, topping up light but widespread overnight falls. All up, the city had 6mm with a temperature range of 13 to 17 degrees and we're back to 13 now. Parramatta and Campbelltown received 8mm overnight, but most of the showers contracted to the coast today.

There was still a lot of thick cloud around and that kept tops at 2 to 4 below average. It's much wetter up north where heavy cloud has brought more rain and flooding to the Sunshine Coast. That rain will continue as moist south-easterly winds spread along the east coast maintaining showers in Sydney. Around the country - Tomorrow's weather today looks the same as last night with similar rainfall totals on the way 5 to 10mm over the next 24 hours. Quite chilly again, 13 to 16 in the city. Gosford, Liverpool, and Campbelltown will start a little cooler but coastal parts can expect another fairly mild night. Our dams received less than 5mm this week, but it was enough to lift levels to 58.9%. There's more rain on the way but most of it will be along the coast.

And that's Seven News to now. thanks for your company I'm Ian Ross,


Television's most dangerous fools. Just when will they be stopped from using taxpayers' money to fund their outrageous stunts? They're now putting lives at risk for the sake of manufactured laughs. Hello, I'm Anna Coren. Also tonight - Sisters facing the decision every woman can now make thanks to a breakthrough breast cancer procedure. Bev Brock -

how she was really treated by the racing legend. 12 months on, she finally reveals the truth about her marriage.

What will we be? What will we believe? Australia, 20 years from now, and you can shape that future. Arrested, interrogated, putting themselves and any bystander at risk from gunfire - the main characters from ABC Television's 'The Chaser' are again in the headlines tonight. Having used taxpayer funds to mount their APEC stunt they now need more of those funds to defend the action in court. Again, of course, ABC Television chiefs are, arrogantly, refusing to say anything - either powerless to stop them or in agreement with it all. David Richardson reports. When comedy just goes too far. A stunt staged by 'The Chaser's War on Everything' turning into an APEC security nightmare and a police war on the Chasers. They were damned lucky they didn't get shot. I think this act was over the top and it was irresponsible. If they hadn't been recognised for who they are, somebody could have taken a shot to stop them proceeding.