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(generated from captions) that since you were the one calling And I guess the tech assumed you were talking about, that that's who so that's what was sent. Wait a minute - so you're telling me were in the fertility lab that my mother's eggs donor's eggs were fertilised. at the same time that Taylor's OK. Yes. Oh. were sent over too. But the donor's eggs I just checked the shipping order. those instructions. Dr Kimborough made

were in the lab... But if my mother's eggs donor's eggs were fertilised the same time that Taylor's under the same name... and they were labelled Oh, dear God! I might have implanted Taylor Are you telling me that with my mother's eggs? the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, lockdown - for Sydney commuters. the APEC nightmare begins

at the moment. It feels like you're in a jail Getting down to business - 20 world leaders. John Howard prepares to welcome And claims of price fixing in Sydney. as the petrol inquiry hears evidence and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. admits being warned Also tonight, the Federal Government three years ago. about a possible equine flu outbreak for the Wallabies - And a warm welcome to watch their World Cup training. 10,000 French turn out But heading the News at 5:00, for thousands of Sydneysiders. a challenging day Those APEC barriers are up. But for many, security the city have every known. work must go on amid the tightest

in the CBD. Channel Ten's John Hill is John, how's everyone coping?

Ron i Codicote pretty well. Considering what they were racing it

it is the biggest security up I

have ever seen in Sydney. It is

probably the biggest security

operation ever staged in Australia.

Look at these huge fences, when you

look at what they're up against in

trying to protect all the world

leaders from terror attack, but

also all the protesters who want to, and upset things. around the Opera House, Unprecedented security of the famous icon, police keeping boats clear to help keep the leaders safe. as divers anchor a boom prime ministers expected to meet here With so many presidents and to enjoy fireworks, and appear in the open is being guarded against. even an underwater terror attack Very impressive, very strong. how much more strength is in this We were just commenting on we've ever used before. than every other fence over the weekend, On land, the security fence erected Police Commissioner Andrew Scippione. inspected by first test for the new commissioner. APEC security arrangements the security Sydney's ever seen. Commuters confronted by the toughest I hope it never happens again. It's like a war zone, isn't it?

but to prepare for the worst, Police say they had little choice detailing how to evade detection as a new protesters' manual emerged, of rioters and causing mayhem. by breaking into small hit squads a step-by-step guide to people So it's cause physical damage, to cause grief, possibly cause injury. There's many groups to this particular event that will be threatening to stay on top of all of them. and our job is like the anti-Chinese Falun Gong, Peaceful protesters, will be active all week, their followers suffer in China. demonstrating against oppression for a profit, And their organs are taken out to sell on the international market. I think that's absolutely horrific. at Mosman High And anger among students following a directive Wednesday's student rally banning them from attending against Bush and the Iraq war. I'm going, no matter what, to go. and I have my mother's permission I have my parents' full support a completely legitimate excuse and I think it's to be attending this rally. by the hour Security is getting tighter progressively locked down. with each of the venues being Officials say by tomorrow night it will all be in place in Sydney. when George W. Bush arrives at their hotels The delegates arrive as APEC security goes operational from other nations and advance security parties are moving into position - this group The security cordon around Sydney won't be lifted next week. until all the leaders have departed

He let us go back like no to John.

Did you get to inside some of the

venues today? This would be a very

big week for John Howard as he

strides the world stage today. He

took a look inside the Opera House

today were those meetings will take today were those meetings will take

place. The opera house has place. The opera house has been

cleared out for the weekend. There

is a risk of security breaches

there. 33 trailers are clear for

the everything out. There is

everything in there that you would

need to run a large conference like

APEC. In the back of his mind no

doubt today, there is a poor

showing that most Australians think

that there are $300 million being

spent on APEC is a waste of time.

John Hill there in the city. Thanks, John. for the start of APEC The major traffic snarls predicted have failed to eventuate, simply avoiding the city. with many people were down, as was traffic, Train, bus and ferry passengers the worst is yet to come. but authorities warn during APEC, Our leaders had asked for patience like a typical Monday peak - but this morning played out if not better.

city-bound on the Bridge. One of the only snags - The 5-10 minute delays were put down to confusion over fencing

around the red zone. We're expecting people are going to have more familiarity

this morning. after going through there What was notable - as Sydney became secretive, it also fell silent.

buses and ferries were down, Passenger numbers on trains, as was the volume of traffic.

This morning, 10% less than normal. Businesses are reporting more people and there's been a 30% jump in annual leave. Many are going to take 4-day weekends or take the whole week off. The true test for the city will be tomorrow and particularly Wednesday and Thursday, when President Bush's motorcade will randomly block streets with little or no notice and with the barriers closed, forcing pedestrians to find other ways around the CBD. Details released by the White House confirm the president will be on the move Wednesday and Thursday, during the morning peak. You ain't seen nothing yet, because things are going to get a lot tougher. Today was the lowest level of security Sydney will see for APEC. Moving around will only become more difficult. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Climate change protesters have caused major disruption at one of Victoria's largest energy suppliers. Four people locked themselves to conveyer belts shortly after 5:00 this morning. Other suppliers in the grid were forced to pick up the slack to avoid interruptions. Management was furious at the security breach. We don't know how easy it was for them to get in. We know they got in and that's something that's still under review. The protesters calling on world leaders attending the APEC Summit to stop using fossil fuels. Finally, proof oil companies are ripping us off. The NRMA claims it has evidence that prices at the pump started falling Petrol stations have been calmer places in recent months - the wild ride for prices nowhere to be seen. And the NRMA believes it comes down to just one thing - the June announcement of a federal probe into pricing. And we think it shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that prior to the announcement motorists were being ripped off, because since the announcement the price of petrol has come down, even though the price of crude oil has gone up. Prices recently have fluctuated between $1.15 a litre and $1.30. Just before the inquiry was announced it was hitting highs above $1.40. And this is the NRMA's smoking gun. Now, while this graph what it basically shows is that the price of Tapis crude was much lower at the beginning of the year than it is today, yet the price of petrol at the pump is about the same when, really, it should be much, much higher too. The NRMA says

prices should be 16 cents a litre higher now but aren't.

Lo and behold, when someone's looking over their shoulder and they've got to account for their actions, suddenly they find that they're reasonable and responsible and lower the price of petrol. That's what it should have been all along. The Competition and Consumer Commission is holding two days of hearings in Sydney, and, along with the NRMA, will question oil companies and supermarket chains. of this inquiry to, first, increase the transparency in the marketplace about petrol prices at the various levels of the industry and to identify any current impediments to efficient pricing. The NRMA wants the ACCC to recommend that petrol be regulated, because the oil companies, it says, simply can't be trusted. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The Federal Government has admitted with quarantine it was warned about problems

before the horse flu crisis - three years to the Minister about its concerns. Australia's peak racing body writing and months of racing lost. Hundreds of millions of dollars

Australia's racing industry - Equine influenza has devastated warned of three years ago, just the result its peak body voicing concerns in the quarantine process. over the use of private vets They were dealt with at the time until in the last 24 hours and have not been resurrected by the Australian Racing Board, quite curious. which I find, in itself, of the inquiry The letters will form part into the horse flu epidemic. in response to that letter? What action was taken more generally which have been sounded on the warnings of Australian quarantine about the handling over the last three years. on horse movements New South Wales's ban

has been renewed for another week, this Saturday at Warwick Farm. but racing is expected to resume Banned from the track, from giant TVs punters and bookies will watch on at Canterbury race track, 20km away. to normal by Friday. Victorian racing should return at the Spring Carnival This year's handicap will be bigger than usual though, quinella winners, with last year's Melbourne Cup and New South Wales as well as horses from Hong Kong all expected not to make the trip. When the race starts on race day an outstanding contest. it's still going to be

Racing Victoria believes will make the journey to Melbourne there's little chance NSW horses for the Spring Carnival, will be taken with them if they do. but says every precaution That's the number one priority - to Victoria. to make sure it doesn't spread

some understanding I hope I've got at least of the magnitude of the problem. It seems to be a very great one. Christopher Still, Ten News. to sport Tim Webster with a look ahead in Finals week. and the NRL judiciary hits hard are to lose key players Yes, both Souths and the Bulldogs for the finals. is facing seven weeks Rabbitoh David Fa'alogo's big punch for punching Braith Anasta. Sonny Bill Williams could be out for three weeks for a late shot.

More shortly - when we'll hear from the finals captains, after they eyed-off the premiership prize today. Also, what a welcome from the French - as 10,000 locals turned out amazing scenes at training. to cheer on the Wallabies edges closer Also later, Aussie Casey Stoner to the World MotoGP crown. childcare centres - that's next. The dangers lurking in Australia's Also, traffic gridlock - after a multi-vehicle pile-up. commuters endure a one-hour wait in the war against diabetes. And the new weapon

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This program is captioned live. open bins of dirty nappies Exposed power cords and facing children just some of the dangers across Australia. in childcare centres in a national safety audit. The shocking threats exposed A sad start to National Child Protection Week -

an Australia-wide safety survey revealing are putting kids at risk. one in four childcare centres 22% of facilities surveyed last year within reach of children. had potentially dangerous objects safe buildings and equipment Hundreds more failed to provide the spread of infectious diseases. and didn't do enough to control Responsible carers are shocked. at trying to provide that safety We work very hard in childcare centres and I would have thought would be aspiring to the same level. that all childcare centres the Federal Government. The Opposition quick to blame that centres are safe, Parents need to know as much as they are. especially when they're paying offenders would be named and shamed. Under a Labor government, kept this information from parents. The shocking thing is Mr Howard has

any breach is one too many. Canberra admits It's not good enough that there be any centre first and foremost, the safety that doesn't look after, the most responsibility for. of the kids that it's got pointing the finger back at Labor, But the Federal Government is the State and Territory Governments claiming it's the responsibility of to regulate and monitor safety issues of childcare centres. It's an extraordinary thing Jenny Macklin is out here her State colleagues. railing against She's saying State Labor has failed. Industry consultation is under way next year. for an upheaval of safety standards Danielle Isdale, Ten News. of boat licence rules Moves tonight for a shake-up

which left four people dead. following a Brisbane crash of one of the vessels is just 16. It's been revealed the skipper weighing heavily on his young mind, With the gravity of the past 48 hours met his lawyer. the 16-year-old skipper His family was there to support him - of Saturday's crash themselves survivors in another boat which killed four people and injured 10 others. They're all holding up very well. that are still in hospital. for the well-being of the persons It's just been a tragic accident. his parents' boat The teenager was driving about two nautical miles off Brisbane when, it's understood, a 5m Haines Hunter approached from the left.

According to marine laws, has the right of way. the boat on the right But the 16-year-old's lawyers containing the Chen family, argue the smaller boat, did not give way. From our client's perspective. there's a denial of any responsibility.

go to the Coroner. The matter really should a boating licence The 16-year-old does hold being from a nautical family, and his lawyer says, for much of his life. he's been around boats

boating death toll to eight The tragedy doubled this year's and has sparked debate how you got a licence in Queensland In the past, is you went to an examiner - most of them were in the private sector - and the old carton of stubbies on the boat ramp was the complaint many people had. competency-based testing. And it could get tougher - restricting the size of boats which young people can drive. One of the things we'd like to have a look at is whether with much larger vessels - on the waterway - whether there is a further level of licence qualification for those. The transport minister will release a discussion paper on possible changes within a week. Max Futcher, Ten News. Traffic gridlock in Sydney's west this morning with an accident blocking all city-bound lanes of the M4. Two trucks and a car collided on the motorway near Prospect. One driver had to be treated by ambulance crews after being crushed in the wreckage. The lanes were closed for nearly two hours, while the crash was investigated. Outbound drivers were also delayed. There's been a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes, which could possibly save millions of lives and the best news is

the key medication is already available. Gregory Quinn is one of 600,000 Australians

dealing with type 2 diabetes.

I've had to watch my weight. I've also had to go to gym and do a bit of dancing. Two-thirds of diabetics have high blood pressure and most are either killed or disabled by related complications, like heart attacks and kidney failure -

until now.

Many hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of deaths and disabling and major disease events could be avoided. Researchers at Sydney's George Institute studied the effect of two blood pressure drugs on more than 11,000 patients worldwide.

The combination of perindopril and indapamide markedly reduced their risk of dying. The number of deaths from any cause was reduced by 14% and the heart and vascular deaths were reduced by 18%, so almost one-fifth reduction. The drugs even worked for diabetics with normal blood pressure, like Gregory. Ah, your blood pressure's very good, so that's also good. The breakthrough results are now being presented in Vienna at the European Congress of Cardiology. Researchers are demanding urgent action to ensure patients with type 2 diabetes are identified and treated. The drug combination is already sold in Australia

as Coversyl Plus. Kimberley Harper, Ten News.

Let us check the weather now with

Tim Bailey. It is not just a lot

Dunc. Everyone is going to give Dunc. Everyone is going to give it

the cold shoulder at APEC. The

temperatures are only around 17-19

degrees. This other LEAs will freshen overnight bringing showers

with them. 19 is the norm estate

will be. That last week of winter

was more like some were, and the

first week of spring is more like

winter. Add big employers want to

meet today when we got this

photograph today from Anatoly. meet today when we got this

photograph today from Anatoly. She

happens to be just 12 years of age

but isn't that some creative genius. Well

Well done and now it looks like

clouds crossing the sand.

A if you have bought a raffish are

descended in. That is now have a look at skyward.

19 agrees is as warm as it were good for the next six days.

Tomorrow I to replace it will be chilly with a south-easterly. Diggers found - next, the remains of Australian soldiers found in a mass grave in Malaysia. And Mount Etna roars back to life. Just going to get a DVD. OK. (Whimpers) Come on, girl. Let's go! (Barks) WOMAN: Now there's a new way to rent DVDs on BigPond. Select from thousands of titles online and the video store comes to you. Then watch them at your leisure on your TV.

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The what this program is captioned

live. You're watching the news at

five. Let us trek with the traffic

at the helicopter. There are some

APEC love down in the sky I

believe? It is all happening as we

know there closures in a CBD. It's

very good to be flying in a

helicopter close to the city but

there are around a lot of APEC

broad reconstructions going on at

Macquarie Street. It looks like the

traffic at the domain tunnel is

moving or K. That's going towards

the Harbour Bridge. The advice that

we can give from our area

perspective is that give yourself

plenty of time to go home. It looks

like everyone is doing the right thing at the moment. A big change in the way British troops operate in Iraq - the last soldiers have pulled out of central Basra. The 550 soldiers stationed at Basra Palace have joined the 5,000 British troops at the airbase on the edge of the city.

The British Government says it's part of the ongoing process of handing over to Iraqi security forces. There's a limit now to what we can usefully do in Iraq, a limit which, in my judgment, has reached the extent that we ought to have a framework for a total withdrawal of all of our troops. The Australian Government is describing the Basra withdrawal as a sign of progress. A mass grave of Australian soldiers executed during World War Two

might have been discovered in Malaysia.

The news emerged as a group of their comrades arrived at the site to unveil a memorial. Jack Varley won a Military Cross for his bravery at Parit Sulong. He never thought he'd come back, but he did, for his mates.

I've come here to pay my respects and fought here, to the fellas that died here and also to lay a few ghosts to rest. It shakes me up a bit. Those ghosts include 110 wounded Australians reluctantly left behind by the retreating Commonwealth forces in 1942. But instead of care as prisoners of war, they were herded into this old workers' hut, machine-gunned, then doused in petrol and incinerated. But now new evidence suggests they weren't burnt, but instead buried in a mass grave. And we'll do all we can Remember, every one of these Australian soldiers carried some sort of gunshot wound. They were packed in here, taunted by the Japanese,

punched, kicked, jabbed with bayonets, then dragged out that door to a certain death. They are more than deserving of every possible recognition. to be recovered, If there are remains and bury them properly. then we would probably recover them oversee expected delicate discussion A special government committee to and the Malaysian Government between Australia before the end of the year. will be reconvened Tim Collits, Ten News. At Parit Sulong, Malaysia, In a major breakthrough, its nuclear weapons facilities North Korea has agreed to disable in the next four months. weekend talks with the United States. The agreement was reached during give up nuclear arms in the past, The Communist State has agreed to to a deadline. but consistently refused to commit of all of their nuclear programs a full declaration The DPRK will provide of all of their nuclear programs their nuclear programs and will disable by the end of this year. receive oil and other aid. As part of the deal, North Korea will to a monster Category 5 storm Hurricane Felix has strengthened with winds of up to 260km/h. across islands in the Caribbean, Felix has dumped heavy rain

causing flooding in some areas. into open water The hurricane is moving out and heading towards Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. If it continues at its current speed, by the end of the week. it should reach Texas

as a volcano roars back into life. A spectacular show in Italy Mount Etna, on the island of Sicily, in the world. is one of the most active volcanoes look threatening, but experts say The exploding lava might from the rumbling mountain. people living nearby are in no danger this year, Mount Etna has erupted several times attracting crowds of tourists. but what does APEC hope to achieve? We know about the disruptions, We'll take a look at that next. Also, driven mad - that won't stop whistling. the pet bird And it's all over - go their separate ways. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - it was warned three years ago the Howard Government admits

would expose the country that changes to quarantine procedures to an equine influenza outbreak. At the time, the racing board wrote to ministers opposing the changes.

The NRMA says ripped off by big oil companies. it has proof Australians are being since a federal inquiry, The organisation says

the price of crude oil has gone up. petrol prices have fallen even though US President George W. Bush arrives And a day before for the APEC summit, Sydney is in lockdown. Security barriers have been erected traffic disruptions so far. but there's been no major is warning However, the State Government later this week. that delays will get worse the APEC lock-down, While Sydneysiders adjust to already fed up with all the fuss. the polls show most of us are Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno joins us now from Canberra. Paul, John Howard was hoping to get a bounce from APEC, but it's not turning out the way he had hoped.

Their grant, so higher it is not

looking like the bonanza, the

political bonanza that the Prime

Minister would have hoped for. A

galaxy ball that was released today,

and was prepared for the Greens. It

said this summer should not have

been held in Sydney. Most people

think that the 300 million dollar

plus price of the event could have

been better spent. People believe

that he is looking for a photo- opportunity with President Bush. 69

% of Australians have an

unfavourable view of the States policies and its president unfavourable view of the United

Mr Bush. A policy on climate change,

how significant were the changes

be?. There would be no carbon

reduction targets and nothing will

be obligatory. It would be

aspirational. The Prime Minister

today play down what he thought

APEC could be chief but he said it

could make a contribution to

climate change. This would leave a

lot of people wondering just how

good a contribution that could be. Paul Bongiorno in Canberra. Thanks, Paul. for Australia's new High Court Judge. A formal swearing in today the federal bench for 15 years. Susan Kiefel has been on in history to join the High court. She is only the third woman I have the honour to announce Chief Justice,

that I have received a commission the Governor General, from His Excellency the High Court of Australia. appointing me to I now present that commission. the retiring Ian Callinan, Justice Kiefel replaces who is about to chair the equine flu outbreak. the Government's inquiry into for the Australian stock market. A positive start to the week reportedly split Aussie star Heath Ledger has with American actress Michelle Williams. 'Brokeback Mountain', a couple of weeks ago. are believed to have called it quits is reporting An American gossip magazine for some time and had grown apart. the pair had been having troubles

the magazine But an unnamed source told great parents they're both committed to being Mathilda. to their 23-month-old daughter, of the split. There's been no official confirmation a very special bird with its owner. The RSPCA is trying reunite it whistles opera. The cockatiel has a unique talent - a love of birds and the classics. So they're looking for someone with of Tchaikovsky's '1812 Overture' Admittedly, his rendition is a little off. (Bird whistles '1812 Overture') like 'Oh My Darling, Clementine'. But he does do other tunes too, 'Oh My Darling, Clementine) (Whistles is lost But this Beethoven of birds

and is now singing his way into the hearts of RSPCA staff. He's been here about a week straight away and we pretty much noticed that as soon as we'd open his cage he'd start singing and showing off. and flapping his wings (Whistles tune) Three or four different whistles of songs. beckon you over. He can wolf-whistle, "here, puss, puss"! Apparently he says,

a bird like this. We've never quite seen that say 'hello' Obviously, you get the ones

"hello cocky", and the cockatoos that say

but one singing the '1812 Overture'? And some of the other orphaned birds giving a strong performance. are also realising the value of Hello! does have a few quirks. But the cockatiel

apparent comfort to perform Despite his in front of just about anyone, the only place is standing on their heads. The RSPCA is hopeful this cocky's chorus and come forward. his owner will recognise (Whistles) Jesse Grayson, Ten News.

They might not want him back. I

pack to win my jumpers over the

weekend and now you tell me I need

to get them out to get t$em out again. to get them out again. The big

fence that is around Sydney is a

grey and ugly. It do would be a

real chill in the air. Showers

tomorrow and it doesn't get much

better temperatures pushing up to

around 19 degrees. That is the

warmest you will see in the next

five-6 days. Let us have a look at

the map of New South Wales.

As a chore you back to the desk,

that cockatiel whistling it is a

bit annoying. It's like hanging out

what Ron Wilson. Hey I don't touch her. Sport now with Tim Webster and finals fever is warming up. Yes, all the NRL finals captains gathered today, seven of them trying to stop the Storm claiming the crown. And the Souths player who has apologised

for the punch that will put him out of the Rabbitohs' finals bid. And - winning over the French - thousands turn out to welcome the Wallabies at their World Cup training base.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. (Men cheer) If you're not enrolled to vote at the Federal election, don't wait. Time's running out. If you wait, you'll miss out. Remember, an election will be called very soon. So don't wait. Enrol now or you'll miss out on your vote. To enrol or update your address details, grab a new enrolment form now. This program is captioned live. Souths enforcer David Fa'alogo has apologised to his team-mates and Rabbitohs fans, but not to Braith Anasta, after learning he faces a 7-match ban for punching the Roosters five-eighth last Saturday night. The Bulldogs have judiciary concerns too - Sonny Bill Williams facing a 3-match suspension for striking. David Fa'alogo could be about to start his summer holidays early - hopes of playing in Souths' first finals appearance in 18 years virtually over. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Fa'alogo! Fa'alogo claims he lashed out because he was being choked by Anasta's tackle. Memories revived of Jaiman Lowe's attack on Brett Delaney. The skipper admitting his players need to keep Yeah, I think we do. There's been two incidents this year where the player's been sin-binned or sent off. We've just got to go through the right channels. His co-captain with a different spin on Fa'alogo's fistwork. It looked good but, yeah, no comment. He didn't know it at the time but Aaron Payne had good reason to smile -

Sonny Bill Williams charged and could be out of the Cowboys-Dogs semi after this hit on Johnathon Thurston. It's a pretty important time of the year. They'll go through the process and hopefully he gets off. just a second successive minor premiership. Melbourne have lost just three games all season, but anyone who thinks this is headed south in a few weeks time had better think again. Just two of the last eight minor premiers have actually gone on to win the grand final. after the game and the coach spoke to us about starting all over again. I think it's anyone's game now.

That includes Parramatta - Jarryd Hayne still tallying up the tries from their romp against Brisbane. Big win like that, it's a big confidence booster not only for the team but for all the supporters and everyone knowing that we've got what it takes. And in breaking news - Braith Anasta's outburst at the referee on Saturday being put on notice will lead to finals players about how they should speak to officials. Meanwhile, Manly are set to lose key forward Brent Kite for one to three weeks with a groin injury. A mad Monday warning for NRL players in the wake of last week's extraordinary drug use revelations from Andrew Johns. League boss David Gallop reminded partying players about the game's new drug detection regime. They should know and their clubs should know they are going to be under scrutiny and to be careful. And one NRL captain is calling on players to report team-mates dabbling in drugs. It's a community problem, as well, and you see the side effects Sydney Swans co-captain Barry Hall is set to return from injury

for Saturday night's sudden death final against Collingwood.

Tadhg Kennelly and Amon Buchanan also likely to be back on deck. The Swans doing well without the trio yesterday, their 72-point win over Hawthorn convincing Jude Bolton that they've turned around their patchy run of form. We really want to just get back to that fercious tackling that ferocious tackling and things like that, the hardness that we wanted to put on the game. It sort of translated into a good win. And Bolton reckons the Swans will take better form into the finals than they did last year.

You'll see the Swans' finals match here on Ten. The Wallabies are convinced they'll be the second team of French fans after 10,000 rugby-crazed fans flocked to watch the side train. Astonishing scenes as the Wallabies conducted their first public training session 10,000 people packing the stands to see the two-time world champions,

and it blew the players away. CROWD CHEERS I've never had a sold-out training venue like that. No, that's something I'll cherish. It was very weird running out initially, it felt like we were about to start a match. Then, afterwards, going around and clapping the crowd, it was like you just finished a match, so a great atmosphere. The rugby-mad people of Montpellier prematurely kicking off the World Cup. CROWD CHEERS

It was really amazing to see them play. I like the Wallabies. It's a very good team. It's the better team in the world. That's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I think. The French turning on first-rate hospitality for Australia, including a police escort everywhere the side travels. It's certainly something to see when you're going up the wrong side of the road and there's police motorbikes going everywhere, and they're kicking cars and whatever to get them out of the way. Even the Wallabies' Montpellier training facility is brand-new. This is the first time this stadium will be used with the public. It's been a couple of years in the planning with the city of Montpellier and because we based ourselves here through to build this stadium. they were able to get funding of the Wallabies This unbelievable treatment right throughout the World Cup. will continue it's under construction. Even the local gym says 24/7 for the team. It's not - it's actually reserved

Rob Canning, Ten News. In Montpellier, has denied speculation Ricky Ponting's management is set to miss that the Australian captain the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup. for South Africa Ponting didn't fly out this morning with the rest of the team

that emerged over the weekend. due to a family matter He is asking for privacy. yeah. I've been in touch with Punter, at the moment He said that he's most likely to join us again in a few days time,

wait and see how things pan out but, as I say, we'll just over the next few days. Shane Watson and Stuart Clarke also missed this morning's flight. Watson has a hamstring strain, while Clarke's young son is sick. Both are expected to join the squad later in the week. Aussie Casey Stoner has notched a third straight MotoGP victory, this time at San Marino

as he closes in on the world championship. This spectacular spill in the 250s staying on board. highlighted just how tough it was by a first-lap pile-up The main race was marked which claimed Honda's Dani Pedrosa, to finish due to engine problems. while Valentino Rossi failed from fellow Aussie Chris Vermuelen. Stoner won by five seconds

a lot of concentration You know, it took on this track. to not make any mistakes and really hard work today It's really hot of a normal race. and it felt like double the length of the year Stoner's eighth race victory in the race for the title. has him 85 points clear has escaped a frightening accident NASCAR driver Brad Kezlowski in California. Kezlowski lost control, slamming into the wall at close to 350km/h and bursting into flames. Safety crews helped him from the car, where he was airlifted to hospital. But X-rays have, remarkably, cleared him of any broken bones.

Aussie Marcos Ambrose finished the race 13th. Disappointment for Craig Mottram at the World Athletics Championship. The tall Australian almost suffered a repeat of his infamous fall at last year's Commonwealth Games.

He struggled home in 13th behind Kenyan-born American Bernard Lagat. Got the Olympics next year. You move on. and go away and train. You forget about it A couple of wins with a difference - everything into his final throw Finland's Tero Pitkamaki put to claim gold in the javelin, the high jump gold while Croatian Blanka Vlasic won a little different, and then produced something with her impromptu victory dance. winning over a few admirers And later in Sport Tonight - end of season awards dinner we'll take you to the Roosters'

and catch up with some players.

Her you are very naughty. Print you

came. Let us have a look at the

so traffic. While it in a CBD but not

so quiet everywhere else. We are

just go to zoom in on a pin road.

This is going back all the way to

the Epping shops. There is a

breakdown slowing down everything

going towards the hills district. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's weather is next. And - Hollywood's hottest couple cause a sensation

It is bumper-to-bumper on the Ring Road. See you after work, hon. In a hurry, mate? How are ya? Yeah, good. Yeah. Apia could save you up to 20% on your comprehensive car insurance premium. and not working full-time, So, if you're over 50 call: Apia. # brought to you by Apia. Tonight's weather update and not working full-time, If you're over 50

Time for a look at their weather

details with Tim Bailey. We're not

selling Sydney in its best line

with the rabbit prevents going

around the city. You have pulled

turn-on the sprinkler for. There

were there has given us the cold

shoulder just as APEC has given us

the cold shoulder. It is as warm as

it would be for the next 56 days

now 16 degrees. Showers will come

from the south. It will be wintery

tomorrow. There is no sign of that

famous blue sky of Sydney. We

haven't got the best face on. This

other LEAs will increase tonight

and there would be and there would be showers across your rooftops tonight. Be

temperature won't get higher than

19 until next Monday. Into your backyard, here we go.

You don't really want to be up and kicked

kicked him over the next few days.

Let us have a look at the satellite

photograph. Scattered cloud spread

across Tasmania and brings at the snow

snow to the Alpine districts of Victoria.

Victoria. It would be sunny in

tomorrow's weather forecast. Western Australia. This is

North easterly winds will bring warm weather to South Australia.

Let us look at the business of the

brolly. There would be trips and

drops across the rooftops.

They were the showers and storms

for northern New South Wales.

I can do really paint a very pretty

picture for the next five days.

Starting tomorrow, 16 degrees and

showers all week. Temperatures will

on the move from 16 it to about 19

in this time next week. Let us have a look around the country.

New South Wales will look like this.

Just look at the weather up the Blue Mountains very cold.

That is it from me, I'll see again tomorrow night. That is it from me, I'll see you

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Hollywood glamour couple have caused a sensation at the Venice Film Festival. The actor is promoting his new film about American outlaw Jesse James. The doting dad revealed he was ready to be a father again. The most fun I've ever had is also the biggest pain in the ass I've ever experienced, and I love it and can't recommend it any more highly. Director Woody Allen also hit the red carpet for the premiere of his new movie, 'Cassandra's Dream'. His leading men, Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor, sent autograph hunters into a frenzy. I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. Stay with us here on Ten. is our next full bulletin The Late News with Sports Tonight Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions sang for their survival. Last night, the eight wildcards into the finals You can put two of them just by voting for them. Here they are again. # Where would you be now? # Oh, without love, ooh... # # I believe, I believe I believe # I believe,

# That love is the answer... # # Bye bye, sweet caress # Hello, loneliness # Bye bye, my love, goodbye... # # When he kissed my mouth # He really hit the spot # He had lips like sugar cane # Good things come to boys who wait... #

# It's in the air we breathe tonight # Love will lead us # She will lead us... # # All I'm sayin' is