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(generated from captions) Johns and the long-term drug abuse The ecstasy and the agony - Andrew that shadowed his brilliant career. There's times during the season, and played Russian roulette. I've run the gauntlet himself for not doing more. Brotherly love - Matthew Johns blames didn't do my job. It was a gutless of me, I suppose. I claims the Olympic great Thorpe cleared - dismissed. used performance-enhancing drugs for Mr Thorpe to answer. There is no case super-mum Jana Rawlinson And golden girl - wins her second world crown. This program is captioned live. Good evening. has crashed back to earth one of its greatest stars a watershed moment for rugby league, In what may prove to be

with a TV confession about drug use at the top of the game. during his years drug testers Andrew Johns admitted to cheating the moments of his career and destroying some of the best with the pressure. as he struggled to cope

looking like a fallen hero Andrew Johns this morning, one of the biggest bombshells after dropping in Australian sporting history. talk about one ecstasy tablet, He appeared on Nine's 'Footy Show' to that was far more shocking. but it was this confession So am I to assume in your playing days? that you were still taking drugs Yeah. Does it go back that far? How far?

Probably 10 years. I've taken it on and off, Yeah, probably 10 years there's times during the season, generally during the off-season, but Russian roulette and taken it. I've run the gauntlet and played the game's greatest player, And then, from arguably how he cheated the system. a stunning admission the drug-testers? People probably ask how do you avoid you don't train on Saturday, Sunday If you play Friday night and then it's generally out by Monday. taking drugs after drinking binges. And how reckless he became, and then I just wouldn't care. I'd have 6-8 beers And why did he do it? has come to Marathon! COMMENTATOR: Maybe God

of just being Andrew Johns. The strain, he says, all the pressure and stuff. To be honest, I used it to escape role model was taking drugs, For the 10 years league's biggest his inner circle shared his secret. The people closest to you - your parents - did they know? your family, your brother, Yeah, I think so. did they know? Your football club - I'd say so, on occasions. Yeah. Your team-mates? And he didn't hold back for carrying an ecstasy tablet about his arrest in London at this London nightclub. after a drinking session and someone come up and just - I left the place to me or put it in my pocket I don't know if they handed it and then I got caught with it. I was gonna take it. Look, I'll put my hand up - Johns spent six hours behind bars. the scariest moment of my life. Probably the most... wasn't much better. And his return to Australia I haven't eaten. I haven't slept in days, I felt sitting there this morning I just can't describe how bad what I'd done in London. trying to explain to my 7-year-old Andrew Johns says he will never touch drugs again. after the London experience I'm so ashamed of it. I look back now, of the great times of my life. It's destroyed some Mark Burrows, National Nine News. has exposed another dark secret - Andrew Johns's startling confession caused private agony for his family. a struggle with depression which Throughout his rise to greatness, about his mental state. they were in turmoil he might take his own life. His brother Mathew says they feared Matthew Johns You don't have to look past and alcohol abuse hurt his family. to see how much his brother's drug Beyond that pain lay a real fear over the last decade that Andrew's destructive behaviour would cost Johns his life. of his ups and downs, Knowing the ins and outs and his reckless behaviour, I was waiting for a phone call in the extreme. that he had seriously harmed himself as a brother? And you lived with that fear as well as a family. I think we lived with it That must be difficult. for the family. It's been very, very difficult Especially for a brother to guide his best mate through life. who felt it was his role Matthew says he let him down. It was a gutless of me. the big brother, I was supposed to be

and look after him, I was supposed to step forward I didn't do my job. but there were times everything out of Andrew Johns. 'The Footy Show' interview took he was barely keeping it together Once he was off air, it was an interview he had to do. but after the ecstasy revelation,

Andrew had to do tonight I think part of the reason was for mum and dad. They'd been through... he'd had along the way. They'd copped every hit They had the fears as well.

five years ago Johns's depression was diagnosed

to even out his moods - and was prescribed medication but not on it. that helped him off the field, with no motivation - One game he walked around the field I knew what was up - that the medication had on him. and that was the effect It just evened him out so much he hated it. and, after what he'd been used to, He hated that effect. by baring his soul last night, Matthew is hoping that

with the rest of his life. Andrew can now get on it makes Joey a better man. My biggest thing I hope for is he can get some positives out of it He comes away from this and and make a difference. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. some tough questions - The NRL must now tackle about Andrew Johns's drug use which officials knew its testing procedures fail? and how did has admitted The Newcastle team doctor

of the star player's problems, that he was aware despite the rumours, but the NRL claims that, Johns was using drugs. there was no evidence rugby league boss David Gallop Under siege, the Andrew Johns fallout. trying to handle It's been a distressing 24 hours, not only for Andrew Johns but, indeed, for the game. Shocked and distressed he may be, but the question remains - how did Johns's drug-taking go undetected for so long? He may well have been the subject of rumour but not of factual evidence from our understanding. The Johns bombshell was felt even in the nation's capital. I hope the Knights community rallies around and helps him, but let's not kid ourselves - this is a problem

and it's got to be tackled with renewed vigour. The Salvation Army wants all first-graders drug-tested immediately to lift the suspicion of shame. That would put a clear message out I think to the community to say,

"Yeah, we're serious about this." The NRL maintains its new uniform random drug-testing program is working, even though Johns underwent just 17 drug tests in his playing career. I've never suggested that we were a 100% watertight. The Brisbane Broncos have their own strict testing program. We introduced a very, very strict code of conduct and we do our own testing now and we do that 24/7. Newcastle Knights management is angry some in the club knew of Johns's problem, but kept it secret. If you ignore something, you condone it and certainly, you don't want people who condone any of that sort of behaviour in your club.

In a startling admission this afternoon, team doctor Neil Halpin confirmed he did know.

Many players, past and present, believe the greatest game of all will now never be the same.

Yeah, I think it's going to, yeah, um, I suppose, for starters, the drug testing policy will get reviewed. Simon Bouda, National Nine News. Another sporting hero has been cleared of using performance-enhancing drugs. Ian Thorpe has been under a cloud since returning a positive drug test in May last year. Today, the anti-doping agency declared he has no case to answer.

For Ian Thorpe's name to be cleared, the verdict from drug testing authorities had to be unequivocal. It was unanimous in their opinion that there was no evidence of the use of performance-enhacing substances by Mr Thorpe. The news immediately welcomed by Australia's swimming chief. I think people around Australia today will be clapping their hands and pumping the air for Ian. Earlier this year it was revealed

Australia's most successful Olympian? returned a blood sample showing higher-than-regulation levels of testosterone and another hormone. He feared his name was tarnished forever. Never will it be completely clean now. But after a year-long investigation,? ASADA says Thorpe is clean. ASADA now consider this matter closed. Thorpe, who's in Los Angeles, released a statement saying: Like another issue involving the AFL at the moment, this story only became public

because Ian Thorpe's medical records? were leaked to the media.

But who leaked them remains a mystery. We have conducted our own internal investigation. We are confident that the material did not emanate from ASADA. Brett McLeod, National Nine News. The world's most powerful man is smoothing the way ahead of his arrival in Australia. President Bush has apologised to Sydneysiders for the inconvenience of the APEC summit. The US President seemed unaware of the disruption he's about to cause. Well, first I'm looking forward to coming to the beautiful city and to the extent I inconvenience them, I apologise. I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about. City drivers facing APEC clearways can tell him. This country is for the Australian people not for George Bush. Where am I going to park? Cabbies are in the same boat. If you park here - ticket straight away. There's going to be no business for a week. Some tour boats on Circular Quay are being sent away.

A bit hectic because Bush is coming. It's going to be very difficult for us. The security fence is up at Darling Harbour, tomorrow it will begin winding through the city. We're going to be fenced off. Leaving Joe's fruit stand and scores of other small businesses isolated. It may be good for the country, it's no good for me. We're close because nobody's going to come. And at the closest restaurant to the Opera House,

it's an empty house for APEC. At the moment, we have absolutely no bookings and just complete uncertainty as to whether we will get anyone come in. It's worth noting that APEC's key goal is to encourage economic growth and investment but, for a week, this city's business centre will take a hit. If I inconvenience people it's not my intent. Dale Paget National Nine News. US President George Bush says he'll use his first meeting with Labor leader Kevin Rudd to argue for keeping Australian troops in Iraq. The President has confirmed he'll meet Mr Rudd during his APEC visit to Sydney next week, of a phased troop withdrawal. and will raise Labor's policy Would ask, if he were to win,

on the ground, that he consider conditions before making any decisions. and I believe we can be successful. That what matters is success to the meeting, Kevin Rudd says he's looking forward the President. but on Iraq holds a different view to for Police Commissioner Ken Moroney There were a few emotional moments today - his last day as the State's top cop. showing their respect with a salute. City firefighters got in first, he said goodbye to all his staff, Then to ensure 'Uncle Ken' used the police radio. the man affectionately nicknamed your selflessness I thank you for your courage, and your dedication. Mr Moroney A guard of honour farewelled for the last time after 42 years. as he left the office In the news ahead - Diana Memorial - Britain ready to mark 10 years

of the people's princess. since the death tips for staying beautiful and happy. and Elle's secret - the supermodel's the perfect Dad's Day gift - How to build rush into Mitre 10 for deals like start by selecting your dad, then solar garden lights: stainless steel-finish Hudson sling lounge: ute for your dad. And you could win a mighty beaut Mighty helpful, Mitre 10. Hoping to avoid legal action,

crisis talks with Racing NSW the Federal Government will hold for the chaos caused by equine flu. to discuss more compensation the stables at Randwick Racecourse, The virus is now spreading through the sick horses are holding up well. but trainers say light trackwork only at Randwick... The go-ahead was given for to gallop the horses We weren't allowed or any strenuous work. for Anthony Cummings ..after an anxious night test positive to the flu who had eight thoroughbreds

late yesterday. getting that sick. The horses really aren't has lost their appetite. I mean, not one of them the strain of influenza, That has trainers hopeful

all 700 horses at Randwick, that will eventually affect is mild, a racing carnival this summer. which may allow the Federal Government tomorrow Racing NSW will meet with package of more than $100 million. to demand a bigger compensation and to what amount? Who is to receive compensation trainers, owners, jockeys? Is it farriers, vets, breeders, and I hope it doesn't get to that, If we can't come to an agreement, at taking legal action. we'd have to look 87 horses and their owners At St Albans, to head home have been given the all clear at an endurance meet. after spending a week quarantined to be able to think It's just a relief we can take our horses away. at Tamworth and Moree However two more properties about 500 horses now have the virus. have been quarantined - no chances are being taken In Victoria, at tomorrow's Caulfield meet.

the horses The public will be kept separate from are banned. and NSW trainers and jockeys that we're infested It's like they think or something like that. but I can understand the reasons. I can guarantee we're not, Allison Langdon, National Nine News.

the British Royal Family In three hours time of Princess Diana will honour the memory in a Paris road crash. exactly 10 years after she died and friends Some 500 royals, officials will attend the London service, are gathering while her adoring public outside her former palace home. and it's a very different scene A decade on at Kensington Palace massive outpouring of grief. to the then are back here now. Many of those who came then was just full of flowers. I mean, the whole of this park I was devastated, I really was. And what about now, 10 years on? I think you just come to accept it.

The makeshift memorial Camilla factions has also allowed the anti-Charles and and post their complaints to slip through on Diana's front fence. right up there to forget her, but we musn't. The royal family want us so we musn't forget her. She's the mother of the future king, married her first husband Charles's wife Camilla

will be held. in the chapel where tonight's service from Diana's girlfriends That and complaints about her going are amongst the reasons

this week to stay away. why she decided earlier left off the guest list Some of those former staff included many of Diana's and revealed the secrets. who wrote books father, Mohammed. And then there's Dodi al-Fayed's he's claimed it was a murder plot For years, organised by Prince Philip. and, he says, he didn't get an invitation either. Not surprisingly, National Nine News. In London, Robert Penfold, last night It was all about looking glamorous 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty. at ACP Magazines's inaugural effortless. Singer Delta Goodrem made it look who offered this tip. So did Elle MacPherson,

opens the heart and the soul Laughter is the thing that opens and makes you look beautiful. Good advice for Sydney's social set more than 48 events who'll be busy attending the month-long fashion festival. planned for from Townsville Ken Sutcliffe with sport next a top-four spot against the Cowboys. where the Bulldogs are playing for to shoot down those plans. Mark, the Cowboys are keen from coach Graham Murray. The latest next by the spirit of our diggers Also, the Wallabies inspired ahead of the World Cup. once again a world champ. And supermum Jana Rawlinson

Here in Townsville they're gearing

up for a huge night. Two crucial

games tonight. For you, you know

you're in to the top three. The

Dogs have got more to play for, I

guess? I think they probably have

ibin some ways. But it's our home

ground. Paul Bowman's 200th game.

Well, you've got two great players,

Bowen and Thurston have been

playing so well. You could have

rested them but you haven't? I had

a good long talk to both of them

and they were keen to play in this

game, particularly JT as the

captain, he wanted to lead the team

out tonight. So I went with them.

There's nothing like a good-hard

game going in to the semifinals.

Willie Mason came out this week,

it's a bit of tongue in cheek and

he said you're just a 2- player

team, JT and Bowen. They are good

but our overall side work pretty

hard and they get the spoils of

what the other blokes do. It's a

wonderful feeling here. Beautiful

wert? 24,000 here tonight they tell

me. It will be a good evening I'm

sure. Best of luck in to the final

series. Congratulations getting

this far? Thank you. Well done. The Wallabies have drawn inspiration from Aussie diggers buried on the battlefields of France for their World Cup campaign. After being addressed by former defence chief Peter Cosgrove,

the Wallabies went to the Somme - a battle that changed the course of the First World War. 1,500 Australians were killed, among them Phil Waugh's great-grandfather's brother.

To have a relative who fought here and lost his life here is very touching and a huge honour. New mum Jana Rawlinson is still pinching herself today after winning gold in the 400 metres hurdles at the World Athletics Championships in Osaka. It's an astounding come back for the 24-year-old, who only gave birth to her son eight months ago. The Osaka Castle was a fitting venue for the newly crowned queen of the track as she tried to soak it all up. We had a really good evening. and got to celebrate with everybody who's been there and been a part of it so it's been very special. Just last December, Rawlinson gave birth to her son, Cornelis. Last night he was her inspiration as she ran the race of her life. The 24-year-old had the Russian reigning world champion coming at her at the final hurdle but the Australian gritted her teeth... COMMENTARY: Here she goes! Is this going to be a second world championship? Yes, it is!

..Rawlinson becoming just the second Australian after Cathy Freeman to win two world titles,

the performance giving the team here? a much-needed boost.

MAN: Championship! Championship! After having a baby, you know, I think you can do anything. It changes your perspective on life, so we're very pleased. Rawlinson only resumed competitive running in May and almost pulled out of these championships believing she wasn't fit enough - at one stage questioning whether she'd ever be able to return to her best. Now her sights are set on gold at the Beijing Olympics. We didn't expect this. I can't wait till next year. She is going to do something stupid. While Cornelis slept through the entire race at her parents' home in Sydney, Jana says he'll continue to be her inspiration. We did it for him and we will continue to do for the rest of our lives. That's what you do - run for your family. In Osaka, Christine Ahern, National Nine News. Lleyton Hewitt is the lone Australian left in the singles draw at the US Open. Defending women's champion Maria Sharapova crushed Casey Dellacqua, veteran Nicole Pratt also eliminated in the second round.

We're back here live tonight at

7:30 ahead of our double header,

the Dogs versus the Cowboys. It's a

sell-out. And the Knights against

the Tigers immediately following.

You enjoy Queensland's balmy's Far North. I will. After the break - the CommSec Finance report To finance, and Harvey Norman's profits were up 26% last year and it's tipping sales will keep growing. Retail sales in the last month were also higher, adding to speculation of another interest rate rise. Now with what's in store this weekend, here's Majella. Mark, sunshine for Saturday and Sunday but there are early signs of some promising falls for NSW next week.

Definitely no sneak preview today, though, with daytime temperatures seven degrees above average and the winds so strong and warm, the night-time temps didn't drop far either. Conditions slightly milder for the first day of spring tomorrow. A cooler change tied in with a front and a low. There's not a lot of moisture in those systems though,

so we're not tipping any falls. Different story next week.

with a front and trough coming through. Too early to tell exactly how much rain, but we are expecting a fair bit of moisture to be about and some cold upper-level temperatures to move in. And those factors? Always help bring the wet. That cooler change will be felt across the board

with overnight temperatures dropping back closer to single figures. Our Friday night Cadet Weather Reporters are from Wyoming Public School on the Central Coast. And the readings during school hours today from the youngsters were spot on. Have a lovely weekend and let's keep our fingers crossed for some rain next week, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight.

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