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(generated from captions) to take that back. I would do anything Phoebe, don't worry about that now. when I couldn't reach you. I was worried I need you.

I can go through this by myself. Rick, I don't think I'm here. I'm here for you. Forever? Forever. I'll get the rest of this later. Thanks. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - Joey's shame - after Johns's explosive confession.

the league in turmoil by an anti-doping investigation. Also, Thorpie cleared banned from APEC. And the 29 troublemakers Good evening. claims another victim - Also tonight, the horse flu crisis

from racing in Victoria. a leading jockey now banned And farewelling a father figure. Police Commissioner Ken Moroney. Officers say goodbye to retiring First this evening - Rugby League. the bombshell that has rocked The stunning admission, Andrew Johns, from it's highest profile player, during his entire career. that he took drugs widespread shock and disappointment. The revelations have caused as it was startling. It was as unexpected with a clumsy excuse in the morning What had been brushed off by evening. became a shattering confession Andrew Johns telling the nation for more than a decade. he'd used drugs and alcohol generally during the off season, I've taken them on and off,

during the season, but there's been times when, and played Russian roulette I've run the gauntlet and taken it.

with admission after admission. It was easily Joey's lowest point The reason he claims greatest player the game has seen, was the pressure of being dubbed the causing depression. of the great times I've had I think about some because I've taken drugs. and they've just been destroyed and I'm just so ashamed of it. I look back now The frank interview followed news landing him in jail for six hours. caught with an ecstasy tablet, It was really scary. It really shook me up. the drug arrest was a strange relief. For his brother It was 3:30 in the morning. He rang and he said, on Joey." "Mate, I've got some bad news and his reckless behaviour, And knowing Andrew I thought he was dead. I've been waiting for. I thought this is the phone call mixed reactions. From fans last night, and he didn't look too good, He was pretty cracked up in there so it was a pretty gutsy effort. so-called role models, I think a lot of these people, and be more responsible. better wake up to themselves Across the community today, an idol had fallen. concern over how far he'll be disappointed in himself. I was very disappointed, I think the reality It's very important that we face that drugs in sport is a problem. And that, says the Salvation Army, every player in the next 24 hours. is why the NRL should drug test I think it would give the message that have a look to a lot of younger people that interview last night. that drugs are just unacceptable. I think it would be a clear message life and they destroy your life. They do not do anything for your But dealing with the fall-out, administrators will consider. it's not something the game's down that road. No, we are not going to go in tests in the next few weeks. We're not suggesting an increase The NRL says testing procedures in recent months. it has already beefed up its about just how rife drug taking is But still nagging questions remain of the rugby league. at the elite levels

players knew about his behaviour. Johns says his family and fellow they'll reflect back Perhaps in hindsight

tapped him on the shoulder and think possibly I should have to do something here." and said basically, "Mate, we need of a cover-up, But the Knight's CEO disputes talk to help. saying processes were in place would go through those processes. I'm sure if people had known they I hope that over the coming days the Knights' doctor admitted Late this afternoon for the past five years. he'd been treating Johns's addictions Eddy Meyer, Ten News. of his drug admission, Besides the public shame the commercial fallout. Johns will also have to cope with league, left out its night of nights. He's already being snubbed by the highest award a record three times - Andrew Johns has won the League's There was little choice. won't be cut adrift. But the NRL boss says Johns

will abandon him There's no suggestion that the game back on track we'd like to see him get his life

is a shock. The NRL claims the scandal But within League circles, was common knowledge. Andrew Johns' drug-taking Were you shocked? for quite a while Nope, cause I've known about it on it too. and there's a lot of other blokes when I first started taking it, I was about 19, 20, 21 evade a positive drug test Somehow the champion managed to for more than a decade. message for children. Drug experts say it's a terrible

lack credibility All of a sudden the messages we give we cannot afford and that's something and drugs. when it comes to young people told his seven-year-old son. The reality hitting Johns when he

knew about drugs. It surprised me just how much he behaviour when you think about it. It's just incredible, selfish Of course, the drug scandal ramifications for Andrew Johns. could have far-reaching financial While some sponsors are sticking by him,

their future relationship others are seriously reviewing with the damaged star. Agent Max Markson believes will pay dearly for his mistake. Andrew Johns I mean tens of millions of dollars. Ten of million of dollars, really But the lost endorsements will come second to kicking the drug habit.

James Boyce, Ten News.

On field tonight John's club, the Knights, take on the West's tigers the dreaded wooden spoon. as they try to avoid Stadium Adam Hawse joins us from Telstra and Adam, the number of people who knew about Johns drug problems, If cleared of drug allegations. On holiday in the US, Thorpe issued a statement welcoming today's ruling from Australia's anti-doping authority. The evidence available does not indicate substances by Mr Thorpe.

I think people around Australia today will be clapping their hands and pumping the air for Ian. Thorpe says

his reputation as a fair competitor is the thing he values most. Authorities haven't established how news of his abnormally high testosterone reading was leaked to a French newspaper. into affect tomorrow, APEC road closures start coming with parts of the city expected to come to a standstill. But police will be more concerned with blacklisted protestors. 24-year-old Paddy Gibson, an activist and organiser of the anti-Bush protest, now banned from entering the northern part of Sydney's CBD on police for the APEC meeting. under special powers conferred I'm certainly willing to take to the streets and if that means they're going to pluck me off the streets just for being there, in opposition, in protest to their policies,

I'd like to see them try. He's one of 29 people listed facing arrest on sight if they enter a restricted area. I think it's atrocious. I think it's more like a dictatorship. than a democracy. And in Melbourne detectives issued more APEC orders, banning 22 people charged over the violent G20 protests as they appeared in court. Among those unwelcome in Sydney, activist Daniel Jones. If police are willing to arrest then that's something that we have to do to defend our democracy. Anger with two G20 supporters arrested, police say they're ready to meet the violence head-on. What I will not tolerate is anybody wanting to come up here and commit acts of violence, malicious damage or assault on both police or members of the community. I'm not a danger to persons or property, but we are a danger to the policies this government is putting forward, continued involvement in the war, in Iraq, a nuclear deal with the United States. come into affect tomorrow, The first of the road closures as workers begin installing the 2m high steel mesh safety fence. John Hill, Ten News. And an apology tonight from George W. Bush to the people of Sydney, saying he hopes APEC won't cause too much disruption.

The US President says he's also keen to meet Kevin Rudd to discuss Iraq. Ambushed by an Australian TV crew over his US encounter. It's a dance for dollars - please! Kevin Rudd can expect some friendly fire in his next American experience. Due to meet with the US President next week,

the pair are already at odds over Iraq. He doesn't know me and I don't know him. So I look forward to sharing my views. What I ask, if he were to win, that he consider conditions on the ground Labor backing a staged withdrawal of combat troops from the region. But George W. Bush says premature withdrawal would result in chaos in the Middle East and have wider implications - the Prime Minister in line with his American friend. It would have serious very consequences for the West. Mr Bush and Mr Howard have their views on Iraq. We have a different view on Iraq. John Howard dismissive of questions the issue will overshadow next week's meeting of world leaders.

Prime Minister? REPORTER: Will they dominate APEC, No. Can we have another question? On the question of will be affected how the Australia-US alliance by a change of government, to be drawn. George W. Bush didn't want in his praise for an old friend. The President, though, was warm

behind in polls before and he's won. I remember John Howard has been

for the APEC influx, And, as Sydney gears up an apology from Mr Bush. why it's done I hope people understand their lives too much. and I just hope it doesn't disrupt Brad Hodson, Ten News.

happened in sport now Let's take a look at what else has with Tim Webster. at the World Athletics, Ahead, contrasting emotions has been disqualified again. Walker Jane Saville That drama shortly. is on top of the world But Jana Rawlinson her second 400m hurdles crown. after winning We'll hear from Jana shortly. for the Wallabies in France Also, a solemn moment

as they visit Aussie war graves. Sydney bashing victim, that's next. Workers dig deep for a brave turns to frustration Also, devastation stops a leading jockey from racing. as the horse flu And passing out for the last time - the force farewell after 42 years. top cop Ken Moroney bids

This program is captioned live. $11 million by Westpac A man accidentally given plus interest. has been ordered to repay it all - real estate agent Victor Ollis Due to a computer glitch, personal account, had the cash transferred into his and fought to keep it. him to give it back, But the Supreme Court has ordered plus $3.7 million interest. over the accidental windfall. His partner is also being sued The nation's top jockey has accused of a knee jerk reaction, to Melbourne after being banned from travelling for the start of the Spring Carnival. whose income has been jeopardised by Darren Beadman joining thousands the equine flu crisis. Australia's top jockey

Carnival on television. reduced to watching the Spring Racing banned from travelling to Melbourne, Darren Beadman devastated he's been

spread of equine flu. as a precaution against the further in a candy shop, It's like you're a kid

The loss will cost a six-figure sum

the frustration made worse because

he hasn't been to any infected

areas in six weeks. These areas in six weeks. These

thoroughbreds are were allowed on

to the track at Randwick this

morning. Light training has been

approved for all stables. The

sooner they're over-rich, the

Track. sooner we're back on

Officials have taken the unusual

step of warning of track staff not

to socialise with colleagues from other racecourses.

It's very hard to control. 41

properties around the State are properties around the State are now

infected with equine influenza. The

industry is starting to shed jobs.

The horse transport company rang us

yesterday and have lost 50 people

in one day. This horse was given

the all-clear to travel from South

Australia to a race in Melbourne.

Lauren Huxley The family of Sydney bashing victim by her father's union. has been given thousands of dollars The CFMEU rallied round doused with petrol after the 20-year-old was bashed, at her home two years ago. and left for dead It's funny to see when you see these big, tough building workers and some of them actually had a tear in their eye when they heard the circumstances of what had happened. The money will be used for Lauren's rehabilitation and education, while letting her parents take time off work to care for her. A man involved in killing Sydney policeman Glen McEnally has been jailed for 11 years. was in the driver's seat Motekiai Taufahema opened fire, when one of his passengers five times. shooting the senior constable of murder, Taufahema was originally convicted on appeal. but had the verdict quashed to manslaughter. He later pleaded guilty in 4.5 years. He'll be eligible for release for the police tonight. The end of an era bowing out in style. Commissioner Ken Moroney emergency service A guard of honour by another greeted the Police Commissioner one final time. as he arrived for work of Ken Moroney's popularity. The display, a mark only thanks for others But the Commissioner had when given the last word. express my sincere appreciation I wanted to take this opportunity to to every member of the Force to the people of NSW. for their loyalty and commitment In a broadcast over police radio he reflected on a career spanning four decades. I have laughed with the many colleagues, and like you, cried at the funerals of our colleagues. But now it was time, he said, wife has made in that same period. to think about the sacrifices his for all those uneaten dinners. It's a time to recompense

tomorrow night The times I said I'll be home

and arrived home due to work, three or four nights later. and getting home

for his successor. And a quick word of advice support his people. Have faith in his people, outside. His people had already gathered Salute! from the police headquarters A corridor of blue to a waiting car outside. at a country police station. was to become a sergeant he leaves the State's top job. 42 years later - all over if he had his time again. He says it's a career he'd repeat Not that retirement has sunk in yet. 6 o'clock tonight. will occur to me around after one final lunch with the boys.

When Les checkout the weather now When Les checkout the weather now

and winter is out of the way. Yes

it was the warmest August on record.

Four days in August have been more

than seven days above the average.

Tomorrow we've a sparkling blue sky

although it'll be a little caller -

around 21 degrees. Temperatures

will be ranging from 16 to 19

degrees from Monday to Friday. But

tomorrow is the weekend and it'll

be fabulous sunshine. Let have a

look at this great snap - a

beautiful sun rise. He's in the

Harvey running to wind and camera from

Harvey Norman. Let's go on to

Skywatch. Friday is a beautiful day

here. A fine and sunny weekend is

expected to and if you're heading

to the mountains some light snow to the mountains some light

was showers on Monday and Tuesday. I

turfed from a competition The schoolboy's rugby team that's next. because they're too good, And remembering Diana 10 years on - memorial for the 'People's Princess'. hundreds expected at a private

This is the news at 5 o'clock.

Let's trek check on the traffic

with Vic Larusso.

It's not good for traffic out of

the north-west. It's very the north-west. It's very windy

conditions and you can see the

tailback on the M2. There was a

smash just outside the talk

Tolbooth. These three lanes are

jam-packed of unfortunately the

delays continue. It's a very slow

run for traffic trying to get run for traffic trying to get home

on Friday. Thanks for A bitter brawl amongst Catholic schoolboy rugby teams, with this year's premiership winners booted out of the competition. St Augustines at Brookvale is now considering legal action and a new competition for its players. It seems a very grubby game of politics is being played out behind the scenes of this schoolboy rugby comp. Newcomers to the Independent Sporting Association, St Augustines at Brookvale has just won the 13 As and Cs, the 14s, 15s and the Opens. Despite their success they've just been given the boot from the competition. As a community we were on a really big high and then this happens. Everybody's just sank down and went, "What are we going to do next year, you know?" It's just a disappointment for the whole school, after we've worked so hard, coaches, teams to get to the standard that we are now.

The school received a letter from the board of the ISA, rejecting its application to renew its membership next year. with the strength of the school, They can't understand why, we'd be pushed away from any competition. There are almost 500 registered rugby players at the school, looking for a new competition next year. They've achieved some fantastic results. next year to defend five titles. simply refused to appear on camera today. He wouldn't even admit that a decision has been made He claims it's still a live issue for the board. There's a new chairman this year and he's playing his cards very close to his chest. They must have good reason for that, we don't understand it. After signing a 5-year lease for playing fields, St Augustines is now considering legal action. Evan Batten, Ten News. It's now morning in London, where in a few hours there'll be a special royal service to mark 10 years since the death of Princess Diana. It comes amid controversial new claims about the medical treatment the Princess received after her crash. Her life captured countless hearts and her death brought the world to a standstill. 10 years on millions will stop once again and remember the 'People's Princess'. In Paris flowers and notes above the tunnel where she died. I remember waking up that Sunday morning and putting the news on and I couldn't believe it, basically. It was a such a shock. The anniversary a time of reflections and accusations.

Two hours passed between the time Diana's car crashed and when she arrived at hospital. A team of American doctors say better, faster care may have saved her life. Anybody that's bleeding has to have the bleeding stopped as soon as possible. I can't say that she definitely would have survived, but it certainly took away all her chances In the days after Diana's death a surge of international grief flooded Buckingham Palace. and seeing the banks of flowers, the number of people who were very silent. It was a very quiet, but rather threatening atmosphere. And for each of the five days the Queen stayed in Balmoral after the crash, public anger festered. I knew of the Queen's distress at that. I think the public misunderstood her role in protecting the young princess. WOMAN: I think the future for the royal family lies in continuing to learn the lessons that were learned in the week after the princess's death. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Here's story which has to be seen to be believed. In a state park in Texas, a sight to strike fear into the hearts of arachnophobics everywhere. A monster spider's web twice the size of a football field. It's not the work of one giant spider, but the result of teamwork by thousands of little ones. One of those freak occurrences.

Freak...I want to say amazing things that nature does to wake us up. If the huge web isn't already creepy enough to keep people away, there's one more reason to keep clear - an overwhelming stench of dead bugs. The fall-out from Andrew Johns's drugs confession. Hear what shocked fans have to say next. Also, why playing outdoors can reduce a child's chances of developing diabetes. And saying thanks to the dads of the world this Father's Day. A dad is someone who protects you. SONG: # It's gotta be... # a whole new menu range of succulent Skinfree chicken pieces in three tongue-tingling flavours - ..Smokey Chilli Tenders... ..and Portuguese Pieces. All freshly grilled when you order them. So if you're ready to turn up the heat, it's gotta be red. This program is captioned live. The horse flu has claimed another victim - Australia's leading jockey Darren Beadman. of the Spring Carnival in Victoria. He's been banned from the start has apologised to the people of Sydney over any disruptions caused by APEC.

is that I'm coming to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And if I inconvenience people, that is not my intent. My intent is to represent my country in an important meeting And Joey's bombshell - league great Andrew Johns admits to taking drugs, including ecstasy, for his entire career. Experts estimate the tell-all confession could cost him millions in lost endorsements. And here's what you've had to say about the Joey Johns's drug scandal. I just thought it was really bad that our children had to see a hero, in their eyes, be doing that sort of thing. I am proud of him for coming out and saying what he did and not, you know, shifting the blame to someone else. Glad he came clean, but wasn't prepared for what he said, definitely not. Everyone makes mistakes, that's life. I'm not going to hang him for it. I was a bit disappointed with the way he handled it,

but I think he redeemed himself this morning. I was disgusted 'cause I've got a child that wants to be an NRL player. Everyone's sort of heard the rumours for as long as I can remember and it's just good to finally hear it from him. He's not the only one that wouldn't be doing it. Yeah. He just got caught, he's unlucky. He's only human, that's how I look at it. I am disappointed, but he's only human. A new study suggests children who play outdoors are less likely to develop type one diabetes. Researchers revealing an alarming increase in the incidence of the disease. James Shepherd is one of the growing number of young Australians suffering from type one diabetes - a life-changing disease. I once had the left hand side of the body shut down during the night and they'd thought I'd had a stroke. Children today are 20% more likely to develop the disease than seven years ago. Now researchers are starting to think

we are keeping our children too clean, not allowing their immune systems to fully develop. So don't be afraid of exposing your children to things like dirt and the diseases of early childhood. They can actually be in the child's long-term benefit. The same study also recorded a rise in cases of type two diabetes, researchers linking it Another report is highlighting how teenagers' unhealthy eating habits is increasing their risk of developing not just diabetes, but also cancer. It showed one in two Australian adolescents eat too much fast food and overindulge in sugary drinks. The findings prompting more calls to restrict junk food advertising to children. That was the thing that worked with restriction of tobacco advertising. That changed the way society behaved. We think the same thing will occur with obesity. Catherine Kennnedy, Ten News. The banking sector has pulled the Australian share market higher ending the week very much in the black. You can fill up for just $1.18 a litre at Sefton, Fairfield, Smithfield, and Guildford. Only two more sleeps until Father's Day, but some aren't getting much sleep at all - especially if they're new dads. A special DVD is offering some handy advice for those new to the game of fatherhood. For thousands of Aussie blokes

this Sunday will be their very first Father's Day. The truth be told a few of them might be a little unsure of how they are doing in the dad department. Especially if it is early days. So much attention gets focused on the pregnancy and the birth and the epidural and the pain and the hospitals and no-one ever thinks, once that is finished, what are we going to do then? Troy Jones and Sam Holt decided to get a whole bunch of new dads together to find out how they are coping. We just figured we would get some guys in a room, ply them full of beer and talk about footy for an hour and then slowly seed in some baby talk and see what happens. We are going, "Oh, isn't he beautiful, isn't he beautiful? "We love him." And the nurse said, "Oh, you might just want to check." And we've gone, "Oh, he's a girl." Covering just about everything... Leaving the hospital putting the car seat in the car for the first time, driving home for the first time with the hazard lights saying, "Stop", you know, "Nobody touch me please." nearly two hours to fit the car seat and reading the instructions, re-reading them, triple reading. While doing their research their guys found that while expectant mums tend to read everything they can get their hands on, expectant dads are not so good. Now all they have to do is stock it on the counter of a hardware store so they will notice it. He started to get a lopsided head and I am thinking, "The kid is three months old and we have wrecked it. Already."

The DVD is called 'Being Dad II'. It is a sequel to one they made a couple of years ago about men and pregnancy.

UN was the weather going to be like

this weekend? Tomorrow he'll be 21

degrees, a fine and sunny. Let's

have a look at the map to see was happening in

South Wales. Sport now with Tim Webster and Andrew Johns's stunning confession has raised serious questions about the extent of drug testing. Tim, I'll try to get you some answers to that issue shortly, including one former player who thinks Johns Also, Jana's on top of the world again. Also, it's happened again to walker Jane Saville - disqualified at the worlds.

This program is captioned live. tonight with the bulldogs The final round of the NRL kicks off chasing a top 4 sport against the cowboys and at Telstra Stadium. The West Tigers have to beat the Knights to say alive for a finals spot. Adam Hawse joins us, and Adam seemingly overriding everything including the late rush for the finals is the Andrew Johns issue. How did he get away with it ?

All we can say is that charms

gambled and he got lucky. He was

tested many times. For Andrew tested many times. For Andrew Johns

it was his personal game of Russian roulette. how do you avoid the drug testers? Well, if you play Friday night and you don't train on a Saturday or Sunday, then generally it's out by Monday. Johns evading a positive result despite 17 drug tests. As people scratch their heads at his incredible luck, the finger inevitably pointed at the Knights. Your football club - did they know? I'd say so, on occasions. There's certainly evidence that officials knew of his problems and rumours of his problems, but there's no evidence and he hasn't suggested that anything's been covered up. The net Johns slipped through has been tightened, according to Gallop. The code's new illicit drugs policy, introduced just two months ago, dictates each club conduct a minimum of 70 tests each year. Earlier on we didn't get tested as much as we do now. I think it came out Andrew Johns has been tested 17 times in his career. I think I've been tested 17 times in the last two years. The league community split over what to do with Johns. The league still want him involved in next year's centenary celebrations. he shouldn't get off that lightly,

like AFL's leading player. I was really horrified by the treatment of Ben Cousins. He looked like a rock star superstar and was really put up there like he hadn't done that much wrong. All players left with this warning. If you run this risk then you're a good chance of getting caught. We may not catch you tomorrow, the next day, the next month, or next year, but if you continue to run the risk then you're a good chance of getting caught. Swans coach Paul Roos says

The Knights have just released

another statement saying the club

was not informed of John Sears drug treatment. Swans coach Paul Roos says he's confident none of his players are using illicit drugs, but concedes the game does have a drug problem. At today's training session ahead of Sunday's game against Hawthorn, Roos called on players to take more responsibility as the game's role models. we don't get lost in the fact that we don't want players taking illicit drugs. End it, full stop. they take that very, very seriously. And the players need to make sure Swans co-captain Barry Hall looks certain to miss the Hawks clash with a groin injury. More injury concerns for the Wallabies Captain Stirling Mortlock has a back problem while Matt Giteau has been floored by the flu.

They're the latest names added to a list of dramas sweeping through the squad. The Wallabies stayed off the training paddock today to visit Australia's official war memorial on the western front. But 5 players from the side's top 22 failed to make the journey to the Somme. Stirling Mortlock, Matt Giteau, Scott Staniforth, Guy Shepherdson and Al Baxter all in need of treatment or rest. Mortlock's injured back a recurring injury. He's such an influential player, but the doctor doesn't' think - he thinks it'll settle down as quickly as it came. For those who did make it to Villers-Bretonneux, a place made famous by Australian soldiers' courage and success, it was a moving experience. What happened here in 1918, with the Australians and the battle that they had here,

has had a big impact on our lives. For Wallabies vice-captain Phil Waugh the search for his great-great-uncle's grave gave the trip extra meaning. of what the men before us have done, but, as I said, to have a relative who fought here and lost his life here is very touching and, you know, it's a huge honour. Over 60,000 Australian soldiers died in World War I and over half of them here in France. Here at Villers-Bretonneux, 779 Australians lay at rest. and remembering those who fought for them to play it. We live a privileged life and it's probably a lot to do with these types of people who sacrificed a lot for their families and for their country. A local museum summing up this area's admiration for Australians. Rob Canning, Ten News. to win gold in the 400m hurdles Jana Rawlinson has defied the odds

at the World Championships just eight months after giving birth to her first child. Jana is now pumped up for more gold at the Olympics in Beijing next year. Our national song echoing in the Osaka sky. 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR' PLAYS The victory anthem for a remarkable performance COMMENTATOR: Here she goes. Is this going to be a second World Championship? Yes, it is. Eight months after giving birth to her first child Jana Rawlinson was back on top of the world. Realistically, I've been given thousands of gold medals in the birth of my son. To think I've been rewarded with this too, I'm a very lucky lady. The hard work was done mid-race. She built a lead and held on. This her second world title, but, after a preparation punctuated this was extra special. with totally different goals. I'm a totally different person All day all I've been worried about is whether that photo came through from my mum and my little man. But an Olympic nightmare revisited for Jane Saville - disqualified in the 20m walk. She was sixth when her final warning was issued. Then all of a sudden I saw the chief judge walking out and I knew it was for me. The other girl didn't have anything. Yeah, it's just really hard. And how about this? Italian Andrew Howe hit the lead in the men's long jump with his final leap. And didn't he celebrate? So did his mum. But the final competitor, Irving Saladino, had other ideas. COMMENTATOR: Up, up and away. The beaten Howe settled for a far more subdued gold clap. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Another disappointing day for Australians at the US Open with Casey Dellacqua and Nicole Pratt both exiting in the second round. Dellacqua managed to take just one game off world number two Maria Sharapova, the defending champion charged through the match in less than an hour.

Well, I've never played her before, so I figured, the faster I start to figure out what she does best, the quicker the match will be.

Earlier, Pratt suffered a straight sets defeat against Russian sixth seed Anna Chakvetadze. And in Sports Tonight, all the highlights from tonight's NRL, AFL and A-League matches.

Players have another look of a

traveller with Vic Larusso. The traffic is trying to head south and

this is what they her Hume Highway

looks like. Unfortunately the

delays continue past Campbelltown.

It's a tough run through going south out of Stay with us. Tim Bailey's weekend weather is next. And Delta shows off her sexy One of these travellers might be doing something illegal. These guys? No. But everyone should respect local customs. The couple kissing? No. But in some countries it's not advisable. The busker? His only crime is bad singing. Photo, no. Log on to Smartraveller for stuff your mates don't know, but we do.

Hey, I see you found my record collection! Insure your contents with APIA VOICEOVER: Tonight's weather update brought to you by APIA.

You're watching the news at 5

o'clock. Tim Bailey doesn't usually

operate well under pressure, but

he's under pressure tonight. As far

as the snow is concerned, we did

have a little bit of Rainier. It

looks like a fine and sunny weekend

though. The scheme up Highway is

marvellous. It's a beautiful

weekend coming in Sydney. Fine and

sunny and 21 degrees and 22 degrees.

Goodbye to August - and it was a

records - the warmest August on

record. It was a degrees above

average today. It's Friday and let's

let's look at the map.

That's the Good Friday night isn't it?

Scattered showers with Alpine snow

over southern Victoria and New

South Wales. A ridge of high

pressure across the south will keep most of New South Wales, Victoria

and South Australia fine and and South Australia fine and sunny.

Showers are possible on the New South

South Wales South Coast. Showers in

West Tasmania and across West Tasmania and across Western

Australia. We've a winner for the

Sony Handicap and. Thank you to

Harvey Norman and this is a

beautiful shot. Look at that! Can

she's won a brand new camera to

take even more fantastic shots.

Send us your pictures and half a

million people will see your

photographs. Let go into State now.

Happy Father's Day to all the dead

cell there!

Have a good weekend him. A sneak peek tonight at Delta Goodrem's sexy new look. The 22-year-old singer strutted the red carpet with Elle MacPherson at a party in Sydney last night, all part of her campaign to prove she's now definitely a grown-up. And you can get a sense of how her new look was created on the set of her first music video in three years, called 'In this Life'. (Sings) # In this life in this life # You give me love you give me light # The single, already the most added track on radio, is released on September 15. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.