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You know? It's our baby.

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delivers a savage blow -

cancelled. Sydney's Spring Racing Carnival A contrite Andrew Johns admits he was arrested And the man who could hold the key unsolved crimes. to the nation's most horrific

But heading the news at 5:00 - cancelled Sydney's Spring Racing Carnival

turns deadly. as the horse flu outbreak has been following developments Ten reporter Daniel Sutton and he's at Randwick Racecourse.

have been realised. Dan, everyone's worst fears

the news was grim. The look on their faces said it all - from a stable at Randwick. This morning we've tested 10 horses to equine influenza. Eight of those horses are positive in the stables of Anthony Cummings. The infection has broken out Understandably, he's devastated. is extraordiary. The fact it got here at all

we've got to deal with it. Anyway, it's here, Paxton, This 4-year-old unraced gelding,

a high temperature. was the first to develop

he had a promising future. Owned by retail magnate Gerry Harvey, You have to be a realist.

punch you down. Sometimes these things you can do about it. There's not much have also returned positive tests, Seven others in the same stable

it's now certain the illness so contagious

all 700 horses the virus will spread through which are stabled at the track. at the Lee and Waterhouse stables, Already tests are being carried out with horses there showing symptoms. Randwick has been quarantined. The lockdown could last three months. in NSW - no doubt about that. It is the darkest day for racing I've called it a natural disaster.

There's 50,000 participants now that can't earn a wage out of racing.

sending their staff home. Trainers are already We're looking at the time to the last horse is sick. the first horse is sick Plus then, 14 to 21 days for the virus to expel itself,

to build them back up. then we slowly, slowly start due to start this weekend, Sydney's Spring Racing Carnival, has been cancelled. of the Melbourne Cup and Cox Plate. Horses stabled at Randwick are out

for horses. Officials have ruled out vaccinations would mask the symptoms. They say flu shots The horse flu, it appears, spread to Randwick from Centennial Park

on the shoes or clothing of a worker. o the Choes or clothing of a worker.

for us that rides work There is a fella

at Centennial Park - that also rides work with Paxton not that he came into contact

he had been in the stables. but, nevertheless,

An innocent mistake say officials,

quarantine facility at Eastern Creek, the industry less forgiving of the the original source of the outbreak. for our industry. We want some compensation If it's been an act of negligence at the Quarantine Centre, from someone someone's gotta pay up. announcing The Federal Government this afternoon for an industry in crisis. financial help of up to $1,500 These will be grants financial commitments for people who've got emergency

that can't be catered for as a result of equine influenza. because of the national standstill

is in disgrace tonight League legend Andrew Johns

T ls h r e is need to be exercised. This horse is need to be

This horse is need to be exercised.

We need to discuss this issue. We

hoped that the horses can exercise

here - but then maybe if a two-

month only exercising. They'll not

be racing and they'll not be going

of time that outside. I think that's it period

of time that we may be looking at.

This is a real challenge for the

industry. What does this mean for

the future of racing? A lot of people's livelier herds are

affected. It'll take many years to

recover. He'd not recover the

recover. He'd not recover the

betting turnover which will be

measured in billions of dollars.

This is sadly going to be a very

difficult time ahead fetch tens of difficult time ahead fetch tens of

thousands of people. Banking friend much

much and we'll have more on the story later in

for possessing ecstasy. after being arrested in London he had a tablet in his jeans, The retired star admits by a stranger. but insists it was put there Andrew Johns back in Australia

to his reputation. and trying to repair the damage The retired rugby league legend on Sunday afternoon was arrested in London after leaving an all-day nightclub. at the Notting Hill festival, Transport police targeting revellers in his pocket. found an ecstasy tablet after being officially cautioned. He was released In a statement, after an unknown person put it there. Johns says he forgot about the tablet

and young fans, he added: Admitting he's disappointed family after the news broke. Just how black a mark emerging Footballers are role models, and particularly ecstasy, they are dangerous it could well have lead to charges. and, in this State, Once they sign an autograph,

for their actions they're responsible to the kids and to the the game. at the Knights his friends and former team-mates not adding to the controversy given his profile with young fans. but others have no sympathy he was quite a role model, From what I understand, so I think he's blown that a bit. that everybody has looked up to. Joey Johns has been somebody to young people in particular. It sends a dreadful message

Johns escapes a criminal conviction, By accepting the simple caution, on the police database but it will be recorded a future offence in Britain. and may be used should he ever face After holidaying in Europe, training sessions with the Wallabies Johns was expected to conduct ahead of the Rugby World Cup. Any chance of that was immediately dismissed by the ARU when news broke this morning. In Newcastle, Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

There's been an alarming rise in the number of people getting high on ice and cocaine. But new statistics reveal police are now catching more drug users in the act. It's the latest police drugs bust - thousands of ecstacy tablets and dozens of bags of cannabis, cocaine and ice seized in Sydney's West, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

the number of big busts have actually begun to slide, dropping more than 20% in the past year. In contrast, significantly more users are being caught.

Cocaine arrests have leapt a whopping 67.8%. Amphetamine arrests are also surging. A jump in police activity, but a jump in the size of the problem. We've got a growing problem of amphetamine abuse and a growing problem of cocaine abuse.

Cocaine use has been climbing dramatically for two years but crystal meth, or ice, remains the biggest concern. It's been rising, and in the last couple of months it's risen quite substantially. despite less dealers getting caught, They also reflect arrest rates and they reflect the priority that is made to drugs.

The increasing number of drug user arrests does reveal a much wider problem. Our hospitals are now seeing a significant rise in certain drug-affected patients, especially cocaine. Doctors say cocaine users readily flood the emergency wards suffering chest pains, even small heart attacks. while staff are increasingly at risk of violent attacks from amphetamine abusers.

The tragedy is for the patient, and there's a lot of resources used.

If they didn't take the drugs the resources could be better used elsewhere. James Boyce, Ten News. Police have been given extraordinary new APEC powers. It means they now have the right to stop and search people in certain parts of the city. They've also drawn up a special protesters' blacklist, but demonstrators say they won't be intimidated. Upgraded for APEC,

the Police operations centre now working around the clock as security tightens ahead of the arrival of APEC leaders. More cameras, new communications systems and a a live birds-eye view from police helicopters, enabling commanders to see everything that moves. It's about ensuring that we have the right information

at the right place at the right time so we can deploy the right tactics. Increased surveillance coinciding with tough new APEC laws now in force

allowing police to crack down on demonstrators. The police have got the powers, the training and the equipment to carry out their mission to protect Sydneysiders and our international guests. And as part of those special powers police have drawn up a list of 29 excluded persons. Protestors who they believe could endanger public safety if they enter the APEC seecurity zone.

Police concerned about G20 demonstrators from Melbourne, now called AC/DC, threatening more violence at APEC. And new tactics to discourage high-school students from protesting. We will be running a large truancy operation which will coincide with the planned demonstration. This is our world and it's our future and we will not be intimidated, we're gonna come out in force on Setember 5.

Organisers of the Stop Bush protest, expected to attract $10,000 people, now expect a court battle after police once again rejected their march route. Security is slowly tightening.

Police protection squads checking venues and parts of the security wall visible around George Bush's hotel. John Hill, Ten News. New hope tonight in solving some of the nation's most notorious child murders.

Police are quizzing infamous killer Derek Percy after discovering a disturbing collection. For Victoria's longest-serving prisoner, a rare glimpse of life outside his cell. But it was far from freedom, the 58-year-old taken in for questioning over some of the nation's most infamous unsolved child murders.

At this stage, until he is interviewed, I would prefer not to say, but it does cover offences in NSW and South Australia and this State. Police successfully applied to a magistrate to speak with Percy for eight hours. They'd been tipped off about a disturbing, secret collection

in a storage unit rented by the killer from his prison cell. It's a set of material around videos, around other documents, handwritten notes, a whole set of material we have become aware of

that have, in fact, been in that location for 20 years. The Commissioner refusing to be drawn on who might have helped the killer

hoard his diaries, maps, and pornography. Percy's suspected in a string of chilling cases in the 1960s - including the murders of Melbourne girl Linda Stilwell and the two teenagers killed at Sydney's Wanda Beach. NSW detectives joined today's interrogation,

grilling Percy over the murder of 3-year-old Simon Brook.

Because of the large amount of alleged offences and the complex nature of the material found at the storage unit police were granted an extra two hours to question Mr Percy. It's unclear if he'll be asked about the Beaumont children. In 1966, he would have been 17 years old. he doesn't fit any of the descriptions of the man seen frolicking with the children on Glenelg Beach when they disappeared. Percy will be driven back to his prison cell tonight.

But it may be some time before charges, if any, are laid. Cameron Smith, Ten News. Alarm over an increase in the number of Aussies living in poverty. That's next. the naval vessel that became stuck on a Queensland beach. causing outrage. And a high-tech artwork It morphs Jesus Christ into the world's most wanted man.


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This program is captioned live. A new report says almost two million Australians

are living below the poverty line. The study finding many people believe the gap between rich and poor is widening. The Prime Minister takes pride in Australia's economic boom and low jobless rate, but he admits some have missed out. Not every single person is better off under my government - not every single person. A new report paints a bleaker picture.

It says almost 2 million Australians are living below the poverty line. That's based on those surviving on 50% It was $249 for a single adult in 2004. For a family with two children it was more, but still low, at $522. Despite good economic times and large Budget surpluses, the number of people living in and around the poverty line has actually increased.

and that is there are a lot of people in the Australian community who are finding the cost of living pressures increasingly difficult and becoming impossible. Rises in the cost of groceries, petrol, rents and mortgages worrying voters - the Prime Minister copping a serve on morning radio. CALLER: Why do you perpetuate this myth that your can control interest rates? I don't control interest rates. The report also shows 77% of those surveyed

believe the gap between rich and poor in Australia is widening. I know there are still poor people in this country and I don't pretend for a moment that there isn't more that can be done. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. An unholy row tonight over artworks ridiculing the Christian faith. From the Prime Minister down, there's been anger over the controversial pieces

but there will be no apology from the art prize organisers. Art is no stranger to controversy. In this case debate is raging over a hologram that interchanges between an image of Jesus Christ and Osama bin Laden. Also provocative, the Virgin Mary wearing a burqa. Its creator says he's exploring women's subservient role in some religions. It is certainly not an attack on Christianity.

I don't see the work as blasphemous or sacrilegious. They're part of the prestigious Blake Prize for Religious Art on display at the National Art School

The Chair of the Blake Society makes no apologies syaing the art may shock, but it's not offensive. When we experience something unfamiliar and different it makes us think about our own prejudices and gives us an opportunity and understanding. to practise compassion refuse to get upset. Other religious leaders

People should just relax. It's not an insult. It's a bit of a gimmick. in a number of the art pieces The Islamic faith features so perhaps it's no surprise that some works are considered controversial.

on both sides, It's angered politicians the work as "gratuitously offensive." the Prime Minister describing I think it's off, frankly. how people could be offended by it.

maximum exposure for the art prize The controversy has ensured this is the winning entry - and, just in case you're wondering, 'Stations of the Cross'. Shirley Purdie's Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. to the Wallabies World Cup campaign - An embarrassing start they've lost a prized artwork. The Wallabies arrived in Paris today, somehow disappeared but the precious painting at London's Heathrow Airport.

It was to be presented to a Paris gallery celebrating indigenous art. It's extremely disappointing, particularly for the players in the group that were involved in 2003. We had a special trip up in Arnhem Land where the elders produced that piece of art specifically for that particular team. The painting showed a wallaby reaching for the sky.

refloated An Indonesian Navy ship has been on a Queensland beach. after spending a week aground Perfect weather and tides operation overnight. made for a successful salvage towed to the Brisbane river, Today the training tall ship was the full extent of damage. where Navy divers will assess Negotiations will take place and the ship repair facility, between the Indonesian Government to sea. for the APEC leaders' meeting The ship was heading to Sydney

when it was grounded by wild weather.

To check Rudd the weather now and

Tim Bailey. Hill lamb surrounded by

Pink Ladies. This is for breast

cancer that Australia. 36 women

every day are diagnosed with breast

cancer. Look at the website to see

what you can do to help. You're not in a telephone.

in a telephone. The Pink Ladies are

standing for hope, faith and

recovery. That's good. Leads

degree day. Lookers Sydney. It's another 21

Let's have a look at the sky was full

full year. Another great day. And

let's have a look at the

photographs Today they you've sent

in. I'll see all again in around 10 minutes. $2 billion pulp mill in limbo again - that story next. And a very pampered pooch inherits $12 million

while the owner's grandkids miss out.

WOMAN: National Security Hotline. PHONE RINGS something I saw the other day MAN: Hi, I'm calling about that seemed a bit strange. planning something. WOMAN: I overheard them to let you know... I felt like I had from suspicious websites. MAN 2: ..downloaded documents Your detailed information

could help keep Australia safe, that just doesn't feel right, so if you see or hear something National Security Hotline on: call the You can remain anonymous. WOMAN: National Security Hotline. PHONE RINGS

are known to live in an area How many people funding it receives to grow. affects the amount of Commonwealth

plays a big part Your Medicare address where you actually live. in indicating

If you've moved to the ACT your Medicare address, and haven't updated and you could win one of four do it today $5,000 Service One Members Banking accounts. Do it for the benefit of the community you're living in right now.

Update your address by calling Medicare then visit a Service One branch or website to enter the competition.

Let's check on the traffic

Let's check on the traffic now with

Vic Larusso. There's all sorts of

trouble for traffic at Wentworth

fell? Yes there has been a bad

smash. Unfortunately you can just

say how bad the traffic years old

way back to Parramatta and now.

way back to Parramatta and now.

Also further west along the Great

Western high by there are delays. Significant

Significant queues on the M4 and

gained from Higham bullish. There

are Barry big delays heading out

towards the airport said this is a

very busy nights.

It's case closed Supreme Court judge Jeff Shaw. against disgraced former stealing drink-drive blood samples. He will not be charged with had been investigating The Police Integrity Commission the theft of Mr Shaw's samples, while drunk in 2004. taken after he crashed his car to drink-driving, Mr Shaw pleaded guilty but the DPP found there was no proof he deliberately took the samples from hospital. The PIC today accepted that advice, saying the matter is now closed. One of the most controversial green issues in years

is proving a personal headache for Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Trapped in a major political fight, he's now being accused of ducking for cover. Malcolm Turnbull drew heavy fire Six weeks ago for the $2 billion pulp mill when he released a draft approval picturesque Tamar Valley. at Bell Bay, in Tasmania's Now he's singing a different tune. What I am doing is ensuring

very independent assessment that I have a very thorough, of this application. to refer the mill application The decision to the chief government scientist in the 'Wentworth Courier', comes as this ad appeared in Mr Turbull's electorate. the local paper over the last 48 hours What we've seen trying to duck for cover. is Malcolm Turnbull

have been consulted at the outset. Labor says the chief scientist should The delay could put the decision

in the middle of the federal election campaign.

by some political timetable. I am not running my assessment Malcolm Turnbull has said, timetable, the same as Paul Lennon. "I won't be bullied into a

"I've got a bit more fibre," for that. and he's to be congratulated The Tasmanian Premier not convinced. has given the mill the green light His own Parliament despite well-orchestrated protests.

has clearly been flustered by this Malcolm Turnbull, Mr Speaker, has dropped the ball. and, Mr Speaker, Gunns Ltd, the mill's developers, of $88 million today posted an after-tax profit Government into shortcutting approval and, while they forced the Tasmanian for their project, they accept the latest delay. have told the stock exchange singing from the same song sheet. Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett today

that we would support a pulp mill Labor's position has always been world-class environmental standards. on condition that it met

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Firefighters in Greece say against the deadly bushfires. they're finally winning the battle control, but a few are still raging. The worst of the blazes are under temperatures expected on the weekend Firefighters hope scorching won't cause further outbreaks. Australia's Greek community

the $400 million needed for relief. to help raise some of And fire has engulfed parts of Spain. are battling a massive bushfire Hundreds of firefighters in the country's north-east. At least 30 homes have been evacuated on nearby villages. as the flames close in 1,500 hectares of farmland. So far, the fire has burnt through

of the rich and famous in the US There's a new addition to the list has four legs and a tail. although this one The 8-year-old Maltese terrier of wealthy hotelier Leona Helmsley has been left more than $12 million. Helmsely died earlier this month, leaving her much loved pet, Trouble, more than a dog's life. the means to enjoy It's nuts. With all the poverty and hunger in the world,

to leave $12 million to your dog, it is incredible. It's irresponsible. And you have three dogs? And I have three dogs. And when the pampered pooch passes away, he'll be laid to rest in the family mausoleum. An Australian DJ jailed in Bali for drugs - that's next. Also a smooth-talking con man accused of holding a woman and her daughter captive.

And holy smoke batman - a car park bites the dust in the Caped Crusader's new adventure.

This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories -

catastrophic developments for the NSW racing industry, the Spring Racing Carnival cancelled after confirmation at least eight horses at Randwick have the equine virus. It's believed up to 700 other horses will eventually test positive. Emergency grants will be made available to people who depend on the horses for their livelihoods. Extraordinary police powers have come into force ahead of next week's APEC summit. They can now stop and search people in restricted areas.

Security for the event from a special Police Operations Centre in Surry Hills . And rugby league great Andrew Johns admits he's been a fool after being arrested in London in possession of an ecstasy tablet. He was released with an official caution but he's already facing serious consequences. Johns has been dropped as a consultant to the Wallabies in the lead-up to the Rugby World Cup.

An Australian musician has been jailed in Bali for possession of cocaine. The Sydney-based DJ Nicholas Taylor, faced up to 10 years in prison for having 0.3 grams of the drug, but his lawyers argued he had become addicted in an attempt to beat chronic anxiety, the Denpasar court agreeing with the defence, sentencing him to 3 months and 10 days. With time served, Taylor could be free by the middle of next month.

A warning tonight on the dangers of Internet dating

after a woman and her daughter were held hostage and told they'd be shot. Police arresting a suspect described as an international con man. This is the so-called international con man police say held a woman and her 6-year-old daughter captive in their Perth home for more than a week. During that time it's alleged he threatened to shoot the pair, telling them

they were under surveillance and the telephone was bugged. Per Anderson was arrested on Tuesday night at Perth Airport - he was about to board a flight to Brisbane. It's understood Anderson met his alleged victim on an Internet dating service, the pair chatting online for a couple of months. Went for coffee and she said she didn't want a relationship with him, and look after her little daughter she just wanted to be friends but he couldn't accept no for an answer.

Police also seized a number of credit cards and IDs. The 41-year-old allegedly travelled the world using numerous aliases and is also wanted for questioning in NSW and Victoria. He's been charged with a string of offences including deprivation of liberty and threats to kill.

Per Anderson wasn't required to enter a plea during today's court appearance. He was remanded in custody to seek legal advice

and will reappear in court next month. Police say the case highlights

the potential danger of online relationships. Hopefully now she saved a lot of other girls from going through exactly the same thing as what she did. Jane Bootle, Ten News. The Australian share market is back in the black on Wall Street. after an overnight rally The all ordinaries up 36 points.

You can fill up for just $1.16 a litre at Blacktown and Granville. A spectacular sight on the set of the new Batman movie. It was a case of "Holy Smoke, Batman" as the crew blew up an old multistorey carpark. Producers have been using the area as Gotham General Hospital

for the film 'The Dark Knight'. The movie features Heath Ledger as the Joker.

Hello folks some welcome to the Web

by 04 stop we're having a girl in the

the snow for breast cancer,

Australia. And here in the snow

what have we got for you? Could we

had a warm day to day with north-

westerly winds pushing across the

snow. The good news is there are

something of a potential snowfalls

on the way her a round Sunday night for

for on Monday and Tuesday. Some

predictions at between 15 to 35

centimetres of snow. At flatboat

today there has claimed it paying

up higher. All lifts are operating.

This then story at perish our blue.

Were the officials no depth across Were the officials no depth across

the as Australian Alps is around the as Australian Alps is around

1.4 metres. And the year and let go

to a map of New South Wales.

And back to Sport now with Tim Webster - and more on a black day for Sydney racing. Also, the Wallabies make the most of any practice time

in a landmark session. And Powderfinger join forces with Silverchair to deliver music with a message.

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This program is captioned live. As you may have seen earlier in our news, the equine flu has plunged the NSW racing industry into further crisis with confirmation the Sydney spring carnival is off.

Currently eight horses at Randwick have equine influenza, but it's likely there'll be more.

Neil Cordy is at Randwick racecourse. And, Neil, this is the biggest crisis the industry has ever faced.

The the problem is that this is the time when

time when most of the industry

makes a huge amount of money.

Randwick is now about to be to Randwick is now about to be to and

into a quarantine area for the next

two month. None of the horses will

be able to come and guile and the

general public won't be allowed in

or out of this area. The effect

will be felt for several months.

This is what I leading trainer had to say about the situation. We're

going to be a feeling what has

happened here for some years to

come. There's going to be a

shortage of numbers bore the shortage of numbers bore the next

the real four years. You'll never

be able to recoup

be able to recoup that long time.

This is suppose to be a at could

well do set but there's not much

could well in the trainer's today. As close as yesterday reiterated their support the State Government to be held at Randwick for the Papal mass and, so too, the Catholic Church. You know, I found it very concerning that an institution like the Catholic Church, the bastion of the underprivileged which prides itself on being on a group of people would impose this

in light of their current state. it somewhat hypocritical. You'd have to think

Banking milk Armthorpe details about the quarantine at we brought you earlier - And more on another story NRL boss David Gallop says damaged by his London drug arrest Andrew Johns reputation will be for possession of ecstasy. they can take against Johns The NRL say there's no action role model for the game. but he's still a very important wider scrutiny. Gallop says Johns will face his back pocket, the ecstasy pill. REPORTER: He says it was pushed into

of the doubt? Are you giving him any benefit

That explanation's clearly going to come under scrutiny. but I'll leave it to him to talk more about that. Are you buying into it? to come under scrutiny. As I say, that explanation's going as genuine The NRL have accepted Johns's apology ecstasy dramas in London, In the wake of Andrew Johns's the Wallabies have confirmed as a consultant at the World Cup. they won't be employing him

the startling news of Johns's arrest. The team arrived in Paris to hear a local souvenir. and quick to receive and bonding exercises, For all the pre-Cup camps was finally flying in France. their tournament campaign CHEERING I think the guys are very excited. It's been a long build-up we want to end the tournament. and, I guess, here in Paris is where to see the sights of Paris, Most of the side taking time out one player in particular warming to a new home.

some words in French? FRENCH REPORTER: Have you learnt I have learnt some words in French. I'm bastardising the language. as fluent on the field as he'd like, Key prop Guy Shepherdson not into the tournament underdone. a knee injury sending him

you'd expect he probably would be. He hasn't played for a while, and Obviously, fitness might be a bit of an issue,

but I think with the year of footy I've had,

the coaching staff and myself are reasonably confident. to a nearby art museum An evening journey

in France. capping off a memorable opening day to the museum, Following the team's visit

Wallabies management Ten News informed for possession of ecstasy. that Andrew Johns had been arrested The Australian Rugby Union was quick from the former rugby league star contracted to the ARU saying that he's never been and, in light of recent events, in this current World Cup campaign. will not play any part In Paris, Rob Canning, Ten News.

of a lack of depth There are growing fears in the NRL's refereeing ranks, close at hand. but there could be a solution the whistle, A former first grader has picked up keen to make it in the NRL. will join him. And he hopes other retired players to the refereeing crisis? Is this the answer making the switch. Former NRL star Luke Phillips

It's his first year in the job, to fast-track him toward the NRL. but already officials are planning to first grade, with a whistle. Phillips now aiming for a return I've really enjoyed it but the more I've gone on each week and probably believe it's something that I can do. So yeah, that's my goal at the moment, and get there as quick as I can. Roosters against Brisbane in 2000, A grand finalist with the Sydney of leading referee Shayne Hayne. Phillips is working under the eye

going really good. He's going well, yeah, He's keeping up with the play.

The League believing players top refereeing recruits. could turn out to be a bit better, You tend to be able to read the game

are going through understand what the players at different times of the game. and milk penalties and stuff. When players are trying to cheat to be a hard sell But he knows it's going to make the switch. convincing other players if someone had have asked me When I was playing "Would you become a ref?" "No way in the world". I would have said, Would you become a referee? No way in the world. it's an avenue worth exploring. But coaches reckon if Luke's successful What it will be good for is for the referees he'll be a great example to young players to be able to push out there interest from them. and maybe we'll see a bit more If any player is getting a bit tired with their footy, or a bit stale, or looking for a new challenge definitely try it thought I'd do because it's something I never I really enjoyed it. but once I tried it on life for me. It's like a whole new lease Adam Hawse, Ten News. has taken a shot at the Cowboys Outspoken Bulldogs prop Willie Mason crucial showdown in Townsville. ahead of tomorrow night's with his team-mates, Before flying out Mason said he agreed with comments

a 2-man team, North Queensland are just Jonathon Thurston and Matt Bowen. referring to their in-form double act If you throw Bowen and Thurston out, worried about them, I don't think there'd be many teams so you could probably say that. A Bulldogs win could see them finish in the top four and give them a home final. Australian Wildcard, Alun Jones, gave Rafael Nadal a scare at the US Open. Roger Federer's quest for a fourth successive title at Flushing Meadows continues without a hitch. by the Aussie in their first round match. Jones matching the world number two shot for shot in just his fourth ever

COMMENTATOR: Wow, this is brilliant hitting, standing toe-to-toe. Nadal forced to fight back from 4-1 down to win the opening set. Undaunted. the Aussie came out swinging again in the second. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE COMMENTATOR: Wow! at a set apiece, Jones levelling the match

to a 4-3 lead in the third his awesome groundstrokes helping him by his troublesome knees. The Spaniard frustrated he's in big trouble here. COMMENTATOR: I think Yeah, he is. Nadal battled through the pain. Unfortunately for Jones, reeling off eight consecutive games The three-time French Open champion in 4 sets. on his way to closing out the match to get through. He is very, very relieved I had to play Rafael Nadal. Just unfortunate but I gave it my best shot. He's an unbelievable player by his second round opponent. Roger Federer untroubled COMMENTATOR: Wow! vertical leap, wasn't it? That was a Pete Sampras The world's best smashing 45 winners of Chilean Paul Capdeville. in his straight-sets destruction

COMMENTATOR: That'll do it.

a good day for the top seeds. And in the women's draw, Serena Williams joining sister Venus and Justine Henin Andrew Brown, Ten News. Australia's best medal hopes at the World Athletics Championships

SONG: # In a wonderland # We see # Happiness for you

# And me

# In a special wonderland. # WOMAN: Falcon XR8 Ute. The power it gives blokes is unbelievable.


Hey, I see you found my record collection! Yeah. Hey, Dad, some of these would actually be worth a listen. Insure your contents with APIA

VOICEOVER: Tonight's weather update brought to you by APIA. Let go to Let go to Kim Bailey to find out about this now this weekend.

There's some snow coming - don't

worry about that. These Pink Ladies

are from breast cancer at Network

Australia. 36 women a day at

diagnosed with breast cancer but we're we're trying to raise we're trying to raise awareness.

There's a huge mountain of support There's Q huge mountain of support There's a huge mountain of support out there ladies and we're

celebrating the fact that more

people are surviving to tell their

stories. Let's look at the Web than

at your area tomorrow. Tomorrow

looks beautiful - 26 degrees

looks beautiful - 26 degrees with fine and sunny temperatures.

Tomorrow's weather map - a front

door moved through the Tasman

causing winds two ladies and

showers coming in from the North

East. Light showers developing in

southern New South Wales tomorrow.

Showers falling as

Showers falling as Ngaio around the

New South Wales and Victorian Alps.

Showers in fast South West W i and

on the Queensland coast.

Here is the newest character on the

slopes at red bow - keeping the

kids safe. He'll tell you how to kids safe. He'll tell you how to

ski and board safely when the wind

here. Let go into State now and Have tomorrow.

Is it really went for it? It's doing

doing a good impersonation of summer.

One of life's coincidences the same

size as Ron wealth and It could have been the ultimate battle of the bands but in the end both Silverchair and Powderfinger came out on top as they kicked off their national tour. The bands teaming up to promote reconciliation in Australia. Sings # If you keep losing sleep over other lovers If you keep losing me you're gonna be bored # Sings # I'm still lost and running I can't get enough # They'll perform together for the next two months, rolling into every capital city plus 13 regional centres across the nation. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next bulletin at 10:30. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.