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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - the 14kn algae outbreak main water supply. threatening Sydney's as a bloom gets. This is about as bad

with shoot down orders for APEC. Fighter jets over Sydney facing disruption Qantas passengers

maintenance dispute. over an off-shore by our total lunar eclipse. And Sydney sky-watchers thrilled

with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. could soon be shut off Sydney's main water supply a blue-green algae contamination because of that's already spread 14km upstream. Our city's 4.5 million residents that smells and tastes foul. are being warned to expect water After seeing this, to swallow, Sydney is going to find it hard and keep drinking the water. but the Minister says trust me the depth of the bloom. We're drawing water from well below will ensure Filtration and chlorination systems nothing untoward happens. blanketing our main dam The blue-green algae slick is now 14km long. Recent rain and nutrients into the water has pushed a high level of sewage which is reacting with sunlight. as bad as a bloom gets. In my experience, this is about Seven News already revealed, have been copping the side effects people living close to the dam

for more than a week. It's brown and it stinks. you may as well not have a shower Every time you have a shower, 'cause you smell afterwards. After those complaints, from 20 metres below the surface. the Government began drawing water

to 40 metres, It's now gone deeper,

and smell different. and admits tap water will taste has been hiding the truth. The Opposition says the Government give us all the information, If it is safe,

in dribs and drabs. don't let it come out what's going on? But 14km-long plume - anyone can do about it. There's nothing for this particular problem Boiling water is not going to help any. Just wait for it to go away. how long the algae will hang around. There's no way of knowing even months. It's been known to last weeks, and Nepean dams on standby, in case. The Government has Prospect is also covered in green Narrabeen Lakes

as Sydney becomes the city of slime. Sydney's skies Fighter-jets patrolling during next week's APEC summit aircraft could be ordered to shoot down flying into restricted air space. Defence commanders say protecting 21 world leaders. their main mission is Over the 10 days of APEC, this is a sight and sound we're being warned to prepare for.

JETS ROAR APEC's last line of defence, The RAAF's FA-18s, exclusion zone over Sydney. patrolling a 20, Officials all but declaring will be shot down. any aircraft that poses a threat

we've been told to protect. We will protect the target will help with APEC security. In total, 1,500 military personnel on the harbour. Today they conducted joint exercises But their role and venue searches. will mostly be restricted to vehicle In an official deal signed today defence will only support. the police will take the lead role, But I need to make it very clear an aggressive role, that they don't have won't have an aggressive role and I trust the police police have that authority. but if it comes to that,

offenders - And this is where they will detain mobile holding cells - their new purpose-built 30 converted buses as jails on wheels. that will effectively operate Senior police have also revealed their so-called watch list - they're finalising a security threat people they consider who will be contacted in coming days by police this weekend nowhere near the city. and instructed to come to develop that list We're still working on intelligence in our own ways. and we will go about engaging people which Australia has never seen. A security lock-down, the likes of Sydney racehorse owners holding phantom race meetings are seriously considering empty stands with thoroughbreds galloping past for the benefit of far away punters. It's a bizarre plan of horse flu to counter the economic effects Olympic preparations. now also threatening Randwick stables quarantined again

an already skittish industry. as more high temperatures unnerve The stable was locked up. to leave and work The horses weren't allowed amongst the general population. Horses locked in, locked out. and soon race fans may be kept at the track, There's a plan to race only horses with no-one watching.

No people actually attend in the racing. other than those directly involved would be relocated to Canterbury. The betting ring Very unusual, on television. but a lot of people watch the events to them. It won't make any difference for horse flu. Six racehorses are being tested

outside of thoroughbreds - There are 90 confirmed cases 700 suspected. This standstill is working. the spread of this disease. It's helping us to limit But it's forced cancellation of Olympic equestrian qualifying events.

Our medal hopes are at some risk aren't trained because if these horses their fitness levels are affected.

Racing officials say empty houses holding events in front of will keep faith with punters. But after horse flu about faith of a different kind - they're worried Youth Day at Randwick next year. the plan to stage the Pope's World

The racing industry put in jeopardy again next year cannot have its spring carnival and take two massive hits like we are in New South Wales. Trainers are refusing to go. put 600 horses in the street? What are they going to do, could be stranded Thousands of Qantas passengers to ground two 747s. by an engineers' threat after maintenance overseas, They claim the jets are unsafe and they've launched legal action for up to four weeks. to stop them flying

They are the backbone of the Qantas international fleet, but those who help keep the 747s in the air argue two of the aircraft shouldn't be allowed to fly. We don't believe they should be at the moment. We think they should be checked properly before they're certified as safe to fly. It follows revelations of substandard maintenance done on the aircraft overseas, including essential wiring repaired using ordinary staples. The Aircraft Engineers Union isn't convinced all the faults have been found. We don't know when further defects are going to appear. You don't want them appearing at 40,000 feet. It's believed the planes are now flying routes to London, but union action in the Industrial Relations Commission could see them grounded. No-one from Qantas was prepared to talk about this on camera today but in a statement, its head of engineering said

the two aircraft had been checked since coming back from Singapore and the airline is totally confident there are no problems with airworthiness.

Qantas has the record as the safest airline in the world. The Government says the aviation safety authority, CASA, is backing the airline. I certainly have full confidence in CASA but in saying that I also want to ensure

that they maintain a very high level of surveillance. Passengers can draw their own conclusion. But we haven't been convinced by the response from Qantas or CASA that these aircraft are fit to fly at the moment. A Sydney gang accused of conspiring to blow up ATMs allegedly used the Internet to learn about explosives. Five men were arrested yesterday in dawn raids. Today a Sydney court was told they'd used the Google search engine to find information on bomb making and to learn how much money teller machines hold. Phone intercepts recorded one man boasting he'd "Own the world, starting from Lakemba." The men have been refused bail. Kevin Rudd has challenged John Howard to bring on the election

exactly three years since the Prime Minister called the last poll. Mr Howard is keeping his election plans secret but he's already finding it rough on the campaign trail. Shopping for votes in Darwin, John Howard got hugged... Can I have a hug? ..and bugged.

Mr Howard! Get your grubby little hands off our territory! This man asked what he'd done for workers. Job security now is at the highest level it's been for 35 years. There were some cheers... Very good to see you.

But the signs in the food hall weren't good. You're a fascist, John. Back in his Sydney electorate, Labor's star candidate

Maxine McKew is already claiming victory. And whose electorate is this? Moi! 'Moi' has to win first.

And three years to the day since Mr Howard called the last election,

her leader says bring on the next one. I think it's time for Mr Howard to confirm that we're going to have an election in October this year. No. No, I have no intention of doing that. He also laughed off Kevin's Rudd's challenge

for a debate on industrial relations. John Howard says Labor's policy has the unions in party mode. They are really popping their champagne corks in private. They have got exactly what they wanted. We're certainly not doing that. We will be popping champagne corks when the Liberal Party is defeated at the next election. Tonight salvage crews are trying to re-float the Indonesian Navy ship that ran aground on its way to Sydney's APEC summit. A tug boat has attached ropes to the 'Arung Samudera' off Queensland's Rainbow Beach and will attempt to drag it

at high tide. The tall ship will then be towed to Brisbane for repairs. The Australian Navy says smooth conditions are helping the salvage attempt. Millions of Australians saw red last night - a blood-red moon caught in the shadow of a total lunar eclipse. The spectacle unfolded exactly as predicted with clear skies allowing a perfect view. We went to the moon last night. All around the country. And it did just what the astronomers said it would - moved into the Earth's shadow and turned red. I'm not quite sure how it's happening but the moon's turning red.

If you look very carefully into the shadow you'll be able to see an orangey red colour. The dust in the Earth's atmosphere scatters away all the blue light and keeps only lets the red transmit through so that's what gives it that reddy appearance. For an hour and a half a beautiful alignment - the sun, Earth and moon. So good, you could sell tickets. Two adults and one child. 1,300 watched from the Sydney Observatory. And so clear along the east coast, you couldn't miss. 'SUNRISE': Oh, you've been sending us some wonderful photos

of last night's lunar eclipse. Philip watched from his backyard in Rockhampton. And Irene's son took a photo of the eclipse over San Francisco.

Wasn't it wonderful? At Adelaide River in the Northern Territory just the outback, the moon and the road trains. We won't have another night like this for four years. Funny thing, the moon. (Cackles) Ahead in Seven News - Australians urged to help Greek bushfire victims. $100 million of your money Also, how Morris Iemma spent

on advertising. And we go inside the world's biggest casino. BIRDS CHIRP BRIGHT MUSIC Kellogg's Sultana Bran is more than just a cereal kids love to eat. MUSIC SWELLS In fact, one bowl of Sultana Bran gives an 8-year-old over a third of their daily fibre needs, along with the goodness of juicy sultanas. With a nourishing breakfast, they can take on anything. Kellogg's Sultana Bran: The State's Auditor-General wants the Iemma Government to come clean on how much of taxpayers' money it's used on advertising. After spending more than $100 million in the past year, the Government's right up there largest corporations. with some of the country's

Forget Coca-Cola, Myer or McDonald's ads - Morris Iemma beats them all. The State Government is the country's seventh-biggest spender on advertising. before the March election, With $111 million spent in the year the Auditor-General thinks to the cash-strapped Opposition. it might be unfair to the perception It could contribute favours the incumbent government. that government advertising Today's report shows last year. the Government's ad spend jumped 21% was non-campaign related ads Only a quarter of it like job vacancies. substantial budget. That was on top of Labor's own just $1.7 million. By comparison, the Opposition spent State Government's continued use This report is damning of the of taxpayers' funds of millions of dollars in order to make itself look good.

But the Government insists were drought awareness campaigns, many commercials transport information, and... of the Government advertising budget The biggest spender was the Cancer Institute. He says so much on WorkChoices ads the Federal Government has spent in the lead-up to its election, to find slots. New South Wales struggles wants the Government to publish The Auditor-General on its website detailed monthly reports of spending on campaigns. should be applied And he says stricter guidelines to avoid overtly political spin. has launched a relief fund Sydney's Greek community of the country's deadly bushfires. for the victims 64 people have been killed and thousands more left homeless

by fires still burning on 25 fronts. the Greek-Australian community, I think 700,000 throughout Australia - which numbers, incidentally, community will show its generosity. but generally the Australian Details of the appeal will be advertised in newspapers

over the next few days. opened in the Chinese city of Macau. The world's biggest casino has to build The Venetian cost nearly $3 billion second-largest building. and is also the world's and 7,000 pokies. It has 3,000 hotel rooms their money back within five years. Its American owners expect to make students are threatening to sue Parents of American high school to overturn a ban on mobiles. an important communications tool They claim phones are to keep children safe. Forget books, there's another essential at schools today - mobile phones. If I did not have my cell phone, I would die. For many parents, giving their children phones gives them peace of mind. that I'm really safe Just as a feeling

and call help. because I can always pull it out coordinate after school. It helps parents and students Hey, Ben, it's Mom. right now. I'm outside the high school including New York, But several cities,

at school. have banned mobile phones parents are suing. So in true American style, for a child under 11 It's absolutely unsafe nowadays to travel in this city for their safety. without some back-up

At this Florida school - Blanket policy, in our school. kids can not have cell phones

they arrive at school on the phone. Parents are also banned if

For those of us at a certain age was a luxury item at school. an electronic calculator between the ages of 14 and 17 But 15 million American children now own a mobile phone. to leave it at home. Try telling them I think it may be a losing battle. Time for sport with Matthew White, says farewell to footy. and Craig Gower and plenty of dramas. He leaves behind a stellar career

More shortly. Also tonight, the Sea Eagles star whose alter-ego got a run at training. of the world championships. And a super run from the supermum might be doing something illegal. One of these travellers local customs. But everyone should respect The couple kissing? No. it's not advisable. But in some countries The busker? His only crime is bad singing. No, this is the person at risk. is illegal in many countries. Photo, no. for stuff your mates do 't know, Log on to Smartraveller for stuff your mates don't know,

but we do. CHEERY MUSIC for as long as I can remember, In my family, Kellogg's Corn Flakes. breakfast was I've seen the world change Over the years the family breakfast never has. but the importance of enjoy the original, And while I still

today there's another classic that brings us all together. New Kellogg's Corn Flakes - goodness with the

and rice. from wheat is $6 million. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot ask for a Powerball Megapick. For more chances to win, Panthers captain Craig Gower says League with no regrets he's leaving the National Rugby despite making the headlines for a series of off-field incidents. plays his farewell game The one-time Test skipper captain on Saturday night against the Warriors in France. before he switches to rugby union Penrith has produced plenty of champions

and now they need to find a new one at the club about to end. with Craig Gower's career It's gonna be emotional. Yeah, you'd love to go with a win, that's not the be all and end all. but, you know, with plenty of good memories. Gower goes From the boy who debuted at 18 and Tests, to the many State of Origin matches his career highlight. but they're not a winning grand final side. Oh, obviously to captain It's the number one. Sadly for his family many want to mention, it's the off-field dramas but Gower wants fans to forget. No, there's no regrets there. that comes and plays football. I hope they remember the player

That's the player they know. Not from what a paper says they don't know who I am. because at the end of the day Gower just wants to thank the fans for a switch of codes before he flies out for France and if it doesn't work to come home. he has a get-out clause but it's obviously there I'm not concentrating on that, what's going to happen. because you don't know because I've never played the game. I'm sh------ myself Au revoir. and it could be hello to the Cougar Goodbye to a Panther and a switch to television commercials for Manly's Luke Williamson who tackles the Dragons still without a contract. I don't know if I'm going to be here next year, so let's make the most of it while I can at Brookvale Oval. An AFL players boycott against speaking to Channel 7 reporters is beginning to falter. The nation-wide ban was suggested by the code's Players Association after a Seven News report about alleged drug-taking at an AFL club, but it's easing in Brisbane. The black ban on the network that are joint holders of the AFL broadcast rights was set to hit Brisbane late this afternoon. Seven News had been told Nigel Lappin wouldn't answer our questions at training. But the Lions playing group had a last minute rethink. From my point of view it is extremely disappointing but at the same time, Channel 7 pours a lot of money into footy so I'm sure something will be worked out. But Swans superstar Leo Barry joined a host of others in protesting against the Seven Network. I'm not answering questions, mate. I said that before, OK? Not answering questions?

No, not with Channel 7. The AFL was incensed the story was aired and, with others, obtained an injunction to protect the players and club. That was despite Friday's exclusive Seven News report not naming the players involved. But leading commentators have attacked the AFL and players, saying their protest and threats to boycott the Brownlow Medal count are merely a smokescreen on the real issue of footballers using illicit drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, and ice. If they don't like what I'm saying, come on air and belt me. They can do that. They're big, brave boys. But to avoid the issue seems silly to me. The AFL's illicit drug code's been attacked for its soft stance where a player doesn't face penalty or suspension until a third strike. Beijing is looking brighter for Australia's Jana Rawlinson after another dominant run at the World Athletics championships. Rawlinson was in a league of her own, winning her 400m hurdles semi-final and qualifying fastest for Thursday night's final. A very comfortable performance by Jana Rawlinson. 53.57. Impressive running indeed! Patrick Johnson made it through to the semi-finals of the 200m. Aussie captain Grant Hackett has swum the second fastest short course 800m in history at the National Titles.

He's back all round. Checking finance now. And the share market closed sharply lower as weakness in US markets overshadowed local company results. IAG was the only top stock to edge higher. The ASX-200 fell 76 points. Cazaly Resources dropped the ball after a court dismissed its claim to a West Australian iron ore project, owned by Rio Tinto. not be done yet. It looks like Sydney's winter may

Sara has the seven-day forecast, next in Seven News. Nissan X-Trail is running out, with drive-away prices and $1,000 free fuel. See your Nissan dealer now. Do you like waiting? I hate waiting. But we couldn't wait. So we built our own network. Good evening. This Saturday marks the beginning of spring Foundation's doorknock appeal. and day one of the Heart

Volunteers across New South Wales are hoping to raise close to $1 million for research into cardiovascular disease. It affects 3.5 million Australians, so please give generously when these collectors come knocking. Weather-wise, onshore winds meant a cooler day in Sydney but it was warm overnight.

16 degrees in town ahead of a maximum of 20. Those south-easterly winds delivered tops of around 19/20 degrees to Cronulla and Terrey Hills. Winds were northerly away from the coast, helping Richmond and Penrith climb to 23. A gorgeous 21 in the mountains. On the charts - a strong frontal cloud band is crossing the south-west of the country with strong winds and showers. That change will move east, preceded by strengthening north-westerly winds. They won't affect Sydney but alpine areas should be prepared for hazardous winds with gusts up to 125k/ph. Clearing to a warm and sunny day. 25 to 26 along the coast. 27 in Parramatta, Richmond, and Penrith. Another beautiful day in the mountains, 21. Not too cold overnight. 14 in the city. 9 in Liverpool and Campbelltown. Looking ahead - and cloud will increase on Friday ahead of a late change. Dry and mild over the weekend. 21 on Saturday. Sunday, 24. Enjoy it, because temperatures will take a dive early next week with showers possible from Monday and tops down to 16 on Tuesday. The Heart Foundation doorknock appeal runs throughout September. 2500 volunteers are needed.

He's back all round. As causes go,

it doesn't get any better. And that's Seven News to now. Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross.

Goodnight. Living in a wasteland - and no-one can help them. Hello. I'm Anna Coren. Is their landlord Australia's biggest bully? Is it really finders keepers? A court will settle the argument over thousands found buried in a backyard. Keep the lid on your garbage. The thieves systematically checking it want your whole identity. The millionaire factory -

the TAFE course setting up young Aussies for life. There are times when you have to ask yourself

where's the law when you really need it? A family is asking itself that question right now -

their backyard taken over, bulldozers turning it into a wasteland, and a landlord who doesn't want to talk about it but still wants the rent. Rodney Lohse has the story. it doesn't get any better. They're just muscling in.

Absolutey despicable that they can

continue doing it. The noise and commotion

commotion and everything is the tip

of the iceberg. The actual

destruction that's happening around

us and the

us and the fact that as tenants,

we're virtually powerless to do anything. He gave them no notice, no warning.

The first they knew their backyard was part of landlord Jim Taylor's development plans was when the bulldozers, tree loppers and chainsaws moved in