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This program is captioned live. threatening Sydney's drinking water. Tonight, the algae outbreak of bloom to manifest itself It is not abnormal for this sort and smell. in a slightly different taste our Olympic equestrian hopes. The horse flu crisis shatters

And the would-be bombers to devise their explosive plan. who used the Internet and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. the air force given new powers Also tonight, to shoot down planes during APEC. as the moon shows its dark side. And a red-hot show for stargazers

Sydneysiders are being warned First this evening, to taste and smell differently. to expect our tap water at Warragamba Dam. It's caused by a massive algal bloom to quickly get rid of it Authorities claim there's no way so it's safe to drink. but say the water will be treated It covers the water like a blanket - a bloom of blue-green algae to Warragamba Dam. an unwelcome addition

surface scum or surface algae It's extremely rare to have so much we're seeing in Warragamba Dam for the extent at this time of year. for 14km, Stretching from the dam wall the appearance of the algae bloom to offer reassurance. had authorities rushing This does not constitute at all of Sydney's drinking water. a threat to the quality any toxins This bloom is not producing

and it is rare that they do so.

washed into the catchment The bloom is the result of nutrients during recent heavy rain in recent days. followed by unseasonal warm weather While it looks awful, on our drinking water supply. experts say it will have no effect that water - we never will. In Sydney we're not drinking The management practice now from at depths of, say, 50m, would be to take water where there's very little sunlight,

Once it's filtered and chlorinated, a different taste or smell, the Minister says we may only notice as quickly as it came. and it's expected to disappear of dispersing this bloom. There is actually no way to leave it undisturbed In fact, it is better with the passage of time. so it will dissipate should it become necessary, The Minister adds that, from Prospect Reservoir water can be sourced or the Nepean catchment.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Revealed tonight - security measures for APEC. Sydney's extraordinary to flood the city with soldiers, A deal has been done today and airborne snipers while jet fighters ready to shoot down hostile aircraft. to underline its capability The RAAF staging a flypast aerial attack on the APEC conference. in the event terrorists attempt an

air-to-air missiles armed with short-range of an Air Force weapons director and operate under the control aircraft to be blown out of the sky. with the power to order a hostile

in Australia This would be an extraordinary step and arrangements have been made of Government for that. and agreed at the highest levels entering Sydney airspace during APEC All airlines and civilian pilots

to a strict security protocol are subject of the consequences and have been warned

of disobeying directions. we've been told to protect. We will protect the target above Sydney airport Others will be in a holding pattern to protect APEC leaders to be called in if a hostile aircraft approaches. to head off intruders. Smaller jets will also attempt

have confirmed Those in charge of APEC security patrolling police helicopters they'll have snipers aboard aircraft and kill hostile pilots. who could also intercept light to suggest There remains no intelligence has changed. that the threat to leaders week

for the unthinkable. But authorities are still exercising and the army bomb squad combining Water police aboard a Sydney ferry. to neutralise a suspicious package

to be deployed Thousands of soldiers expected to protect the world leaders. their prison vans, Police also unveiling arrested and held without bail. vowing violent protesters will be John Hill, Ten News. resume in Sydney Hopes tonight horse racing could by the end of next week. to the horse flu crisis, But there's still no end in sight

in turmoil, with our Olympic equestrian team for our top trainers. and further scares Another Sydney stable in lockdown - a horse trained by Anthony Cummings officials carrying out checks on

after it recorded a high temperature. Authorities conducting a blood test contracted the equine flu. amid fears the animal could have that are not well. You don't like having horses particularly unwell, I must say. This fellow doesn't look

there is something going on. Obviously with the temperature have been tested today. The results will be back tonight. we followed procedure - Under the crisis

and notified the stewards. we locked the stable down

90 horses around NSW are infected. Olympic equestrian team is in chaos - Our gold medal-winning for the Beijing Olympics four big chances or stuck overseas. are either in quarantine

at risk, Our medal hopes certainly are aren't continually trained, because if these horses they lack fitness. to allow race meetings next weekend, But a plan is being considered but only with local horses. the standstill. We would not be abandoning For instance, Randwick has 700 horses.

who's stuck in South Australia, The owners of champion Miss Finland, Victoria will be reopened on Friday, are desperately hoping the border to in a crucial event. allowing her to compete that race practice, If she doesn't get or as fit as she should be - she won't be as fit - for the Cox Plate,

this spring. which is her ultimate aim for the whole industry. A nervous wait Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A free ride for ambulance patients for better pay and conditions. as paramedics battle strike action is on the cards They've warned if a deal isn't reached by the weekend. The ambulances are still in action - the only difference is the service is free. It will stay that way until Saturday, for better pay and work conditions.

as officers ramp up their battle It was the only option without putting lives at risk. They are extremely frustrated. Officers say overtime is getting out of control, while staff shortages are forcing rookies

to work well above their level of expertise. Despite the increased stress, the union says management plans to cut many officers' pay by up to $90 a week. This is what their management thinks of them, they they are not worthy

of giving them a death and disability allowance. The union will accept nothing short of a substantial pay rise across the board.

The Opposition calling on Premier Morris Iemma to take charge. Acknowledge their concerns, acknowledge the extremely low morale in the ambulance service and resolve their problems. But the Government says

That will lead to a resolution of the issue to the community that if they call for an ambulance, an ambulance will arrive. The ambulance service is refusing to talk today, if they haven't reached a satisfactory pay deal by Saturday the war could escalate, including an ambulance strike over APEC. More than 300 ambulance officers will meet this weekend to vote on a walkout. It would be the first mass strike in the ambulance service's history. James Boyce, Ten News.

Explosive allegations about a gang of would-be ATM robbers - a court has heard they learnt how to make bombs over the Internet. Police allege the men then tried to test their handiwork in two Sydney parks.

Kevin Rudd is challenging the Prime Minister to call the election now and to spell out his further plans for workers. But John Howard says he has no such intention. A mixed reception for the Prime Minister in Darwin. Can I have a hug? Everybody knows what a liar you are. It's three years to the day since he called the last election. Oh, really? That had passed my attention.

A term dominated by his unannounced revolution in workplace laws, and he's finding it hard to sell. level it's been in 35 years. Job security is now at its highest Kevin Rudd is demanding the Prime Minister spell out his industrial relations policies for the future. Let's have a debate now - on our plans for industrial relations for the future. We don't have any changes in mind except for any fine-tuning. The Labor leader is challenging the Prime Minister to call the election on the third anniversary of the last poll. No, no, I have no intention of doing that. Kevin Rudd's re-arrangement of his policy have left the union representing Australia's lowest-paid workers disappointed and angry.

Textile workers on AWAs paying $5 an hour will could wait up to five years for a fair go. What I've offered is to take Kevin Rudd for a day around to clothing factories, to sweatshops, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Why some patients with fatal lung cancer are being denied free treatment. That story next. Also tonight, cheers and jeers for the PM, selling his Indigenous policies in the Top End. And total eclipse - the heavenly rarity occurring only once in a red moon.

Most Australians think Mr Howard's WorkChoices laws have gone too far, cutting basic rights like overtime, penalty rates, leave loadings - not to mention job security. And so I've been talking to business and to working families across Australia because I'm determined to get the balance right. I believe in two core principles.

One, flexibility for business to keep our economy strong. Two, every working man and woman deserves to be treated fairly in the workplace. If elected, we'll replace Mr Howard's WorkChoices laws and his unfair AWAs with a better system. We'll protect the fair and reasonable rights and conditions of all employees. But we'll also provide flexibility for business, including small business, and give protection from any unlawful interference. The key thing is to get the balance right

to go confidently into the future with a strong economy, but one that also delivers... for Australian working families. Come on! Where are we going?

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This program is captioned live. A northern beaches schoolteacher who allegedly filmed up the skirt of a teenage girl has appeared in court on two new indecency charges. Robert Ian Drummond is accused of producing and possessing child pornography, including a tape of the 14-year-old,

which police say was shot at Warringah Mall using a hidden camera. An earlier search of the 41-year-old's Harbord home allegedly revealed indecent film of up to 3,000 women. Drummond, who's facing a total of four charges, has been bailed to reappear in September.

An Aboriginal elder has been jailed for eight years for giving girls petrol in exchange for sex. 52-year-old Winkie Ingomar was reported to authorities by other members of his tribal community in SA. He faced multiple charges in relation to three teenage victims. The judge told Ingomar he's damaged his entire community and must serve at least five years. Calls for the Federal Government to subsidise chemotherapy for all patients suffering from the asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma. A new study revealing why up to half of those patients aren't receiving life-saving treatment.

Tony Lorizio was diagnosed with an incurable asbestos-related cancer three years ago. Chemotherapy extended his life, but that treatment isn't available to all mesothelioma patients. It should be available to everybody. Price should not come between life. Life means so much.

Brian Fegan another patient lucky enough

to receive the life-saving treatment. Whether you can afford it

or quietly die because you can't afford it is depended upon which State you live in.

That's absurd. Victoria and Queensland A study revealing patients in SA,

cannot access the newest drugs. But you can in NSW and Western Australia. The report presents an unbelievable situation of unfairness across Australia. I believe every Australian should have access to that gold-standard treatment. The study was funded by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly Australia and the Asbestos Diseases Foundation. Australia has the unenviable record

of having the highest rate of mesothelioma in the world. By 2020, the number of new cases each year will explode from 600 to 18,000. And that, doctors say, highlights the urgent need for chemotherapy to be available to all mesothelioma patients. If it's available for smokers, why shouldn't it be available for people that are inadvertently exposed to asbestos fibres? Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. The Siberian husky that mauled a 2-week-old baby to death

has been put down. The little girl died in hospital of head injuries after the family pet dragged her from her cot. Her parents were watching television at the time

and thought the dog was outside. Last night they gave permission for the animal to be destroyed. A barrage of verbal abuse for the Prime Minister over his intervention in Top End Aboriginal communities. Protesters dogged John Howard in Darwin.

Security and police forced to step in at a local shopping centre. Mr Howard, get your grubby little hands off our territory. No respect, no respect, mate. What are you on about? The PM using his visit to announce an extra 66 Federal Police

for the Northern Territory over the next two years. It was a red-hot show as the moon revealed its dark side last night. Crowds flocking to vantage points

to catch a glimpse of the rare lunar eclipse.

Just about any park became a lunar park last night. Why just turn your eyes to the sky when you can make it an event? It's a blood moon. It looks like... It's all red. A marvellous night for a moondance or even a doona dance - the eclipse eliciting some strange behaviour. Dogs refused to howl, Bondi Beach backpackers stayed sober as the 3-hour skyshow kept us captivated. 'DARK SIDE OF THE MOON' BY PINK FLOYD PLAYS

When you see something like this, it just makes you realise we're mere mortals. An astronomically qualified mere mortal

explains why it turned red. That's because it's light that's scattered onto the moon from the Earth's atmosphere, and that's what really makes a total eclipse of the moon so exciting. While what we saw with our own eyes was better than the camera can capture, Ten News viewers sent some great snaps in to our website as the Earth got in between the sun and the moon. I see parts of the moon that are white and some that are dark.

That's how the ancient Greeks actually knew the Earth was round and not flat, because no matter how many times they watched an eclipse, the shadow was always curved. One for the diary - it'll all happen again in December 2011.

Worth Mother Nature knows how to do

eclipses doesn't she? This really

stole people's imagination. There's

a lovely sunset now be high May.

The temperature today was 22

degrees - that was to above average.

Tomorrow will be around 26 degrees

and that's a degrees above average.

Let's have a look at the weather photo of the day.

This red moon picture is in the running

running to wind a Sony handy camp.

We've been bombarded with your

photographs. We get happy when you

get snappy. Let us have a look at Skywatch for you.

Tomorrow a return to some sparkling weather. I'll see Again at around 10pm. Australian firefighters set to help battle the bushfire emergency in Greece. That story next. And the nappy-wearing astronaut who tried to abduct her romantic rival pleads insanity.

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Are watching the news at 5:00pm and

let us check the traffic now. Tell

us abo t he in 2esting phenomenon us about the interesting phenomenon

us about the interesting phenomenon

you've spotted over the suburbs this evening.

There has been some very low cloud

and we've lost all the south-west.

It seems to be rolling in from the

reports north and we're getting a lot of

reports of the city has been

blanketed. Take a look of extensive

delays in both directions. Not only

the smoggy get involved but also

heavy because of traffic.

has worsened, Greece's killer firestorm with 50 new outbreaks in 24 hours. Victims are furious over woeful preparations -

one man forced to fight flames with wine because there was no water. In four days and in searing temperatures, Greece has been consumed by fire. The strong winds have blown flames over a vast area of the south - almost 2,000 square kilometres of this country reduced to ash. Throughout the day, firefighters, with the help of helicopters from 17 countries, have been battling new fires, sometimes evacuating villages in the deepest reaches of the forest. Nothing and no-one stands in its way. in about seven minutes. The fire burnt the village The villagers had barely minutes to make their decisions.

would mean life or death. For some, the choice they would make were forced down this road, Those who fled but the smoke was so thick the white dividing line. they could barely see in a head-on collision, This car was involved that had come to save them. ironically with a fire engine and those who were first on the scene The survivors and straight into a wall of flame scrambled from their cars that was racing across this mountain. was Anastasia Paraskevopoulou The driver of the car with her four children, She ran off into the forest inside the vehicle. leaving her mother-in-law trapped on this mountain, They are now digging the graves ready to bury the dead. and many bitter questions - But amid the grief, deep anger how did it spread so quickly, who started these fires, so hopelessly ill-prepared? and why was their Government 19 South Korean hostages The Taliban has agreed to release for almost six weeks. held captive in Afghanistan mostly women in their 20s and 30s - The Christian missionaries - in small groups over the coming days. will apparently be freed cried with relief In Seoul, family members as they were told the news. As part of the deal, troops from Afghanistan South Korea has agreed to withdraw working there. and stop Christian missionaries

the reported discovery of a diamond Mystery surrounds

of the world record holder. said to be twice the size show the huge greenish rock These mobile phone pictures unearthed in South Africa by diamond experts. but the gem is yet to be verified this is a Cullinan diamond. Put this into perspective -

was 3,100 plus carats The Cullinan diamond gem quality diamond ever found and it was the biggest and largest and ever has been found. If this diamond, in fact, exists and how priceless it is. you can imagine how big it is say the colour looks right Experts who've seen these pictures but the shape is too good to be true. for the claim to be investigated. It could take up to a week The nappy-wearing former astronaut a romantic rival accused of stalking and attacking

in her defence. will claim temporary insanity her bizarre behaviour Lisa Nowak's lawyers plan to blame on psychological problems. she's competent to stand trial Lisa Nowak's lawyer says but argues she was far from stable with various weapons and nappies when she armed herself on a road trip from Texas to Florida. was suffering from a mental disorder. He claims the rocket scientist of an elaborate plan It's alleged the trip was part to get rid of Colleen Shipman, of astronaut Bill Oefelein. a rival for the affections

had fallen for Oefelein, Nowak, a married mother of three, to the other woman. but has since apologised how very sorry I am And I would like her to know

in any way. about having frightened her Court documents indicate with severe insomnia Nowak was struggling Asperger's disorder and the autistic-like condition

to Florida's Orlando airport. when she drove more than 1,400km Nowak was stalking Shipman, Police allege to shoot her with capsicum spray. eventually getting close enough a knife, mallet, BB gun In her car they found and 40 nappies, 3 of them used. She said that she used the diapers in order to pee

as many stops. so that she didn't have to make Her lawyer argues after the arrest she was so sleep-deprived

she was unable to understand her legal rights.

and burglary, Charged with kidnapping, battery is due to begin in late September. the 44-year-old's trial In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

takes another battering - A sea of red as the share market details next.

Also, the new trend Sydney's affordability crisis. helping homebuyers overcome

could save your unborn baby's life. And the revolutionary device that

might be doing something illegal. One of these travellers These guys? No. local customs. But everyone should respect The couple kissing? No. it's not advisable. But in some countries His only crime is bad singing.

government buildings Because photographing is illegal in many countries. Photo, no. for stuff your mates don't know, Log on to Smartraveller

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - for our top trainers today further horse flu scares to overcome the crisis. as the industry battles But there are hopes by the end of next week. horse racing could resume in Sydney extraordinary new powers The Air Force has been given

during the APEC summit. to shoot down aircraft Security chiefs confirming entering the Sydney area hostile planes will come under attack. in Warragamba Dam And an algal bloom stretching 14km with our drinking water. is causing havoc Sydneysiders are being told to taste and smell differently, to expect tap water it is still safe to drink. although health officials insist

from the film 'The Great Escape', It may look like something is no wartime route to freedom. but this tunnel The 40ft-long shaft was painstakingly dug by would-be thieves aiming for a cash machine. But their plans were thwarted when builders knocked through the top of the tunnel there at the bottom of the railway embankment, just a few metres short of their target,

which was this cash machine. It's a good size tunnel with good working space in it

without being too large. They were close - to where they wanted to be. they were getting close If they were heading for the cash machines, another couple of days would have seen them there. Builders also say it was a well-constructed piece of tunnelling, protected against collapse. Proper scaffolding was used in the 5ft-high space. But where all the earth went remains a mystery. The tunnel has now been filled in with concrete and police are investigating the attempted burglary. As yet, no arrests have been made over a plot that could have come straight from the movies. A new and fast-growing market has emerged from the housing affordability crisis. Friends and family members are banding together to buy homes that they couldn't afford any other way. For many 20- and 30-somethings sharing-housing is a necessity. But friends Dave and Adrian have taken it a step further. Since May, they've been sharing a mortgage. For what Adrian and I bought pooling our resources I'm really only responsible for half of that, which wouldn't get you a car space. The mates have gone halves in a $350,000 unit -

brand-new, two bedrooms in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria. I think it's just sort of a way of splitting the risk, you know? They're not alone. Pod Property specialises in drafting the legal documents for mortgage-sharing. Every month, we're seeing between a 10%-15% increase in the numbers of people we're helping with co-ownership. High prices and rising interest rates are accelerating the trend.

I think the housing affordability crisis is the main spur. Sharing a mortgage with family or friends is a prospect being considered by more and more people

keen just to get into the market. Lenders too are realising split mortgages are potentially a major growth area. 65% of all people who are considering buying a home are considering buying it with a friend or a family member.

Co-ownership makes up around 10% of home loan applications. In the coming years, that figure could jump to 50%.

I see it growing and growing at a phenomenal pace. Although committing to share a mortgage does have risks,

they're risks many are only too willing to take. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

The Australian share market took a dive today, dragged down by Wall Street.

A revolutionary new device for expectant mums - it's a portable foetal heart monitor which can give vital early warning if something isn't right. Jodie McKenzie's first baby was stillborn. Tiny Jadalee dying in utero at just 30 weeks.

Disbelief, absolute disbelief, when my doctor turned around to me and said "I am sorry". I screamed, I cried, it couldn't have happened. But it does happen, every day.

Kind of not expected, and such a tragedy when it happens, And often there is no explanation. Dr Chris East is part of a Queensland team looking for the reasons why. They're developing a pedometer-like foetal monitor that will detect every little movement, 24 hours a day. Do you know anything that gets Bub moving? No? JR Benelisha is testing a prototype.

She's due to give birth in just three weeks. But is baby OK? We got some good movements here, up in that top left hand corner, so I think that's his arms giving us a bit of a poke. Relief for the expectant parents. So anything that can help with new technology to reduce that risk, I think is fantastic. Researchers expect unborn babies who do not get enough nutrition have fewer movements. The heart monitor will tell them when to intervene. The monitor will eventually be web-based, women uploading data for doctors to check online. Every woman I have talked to go so helpful, I would love that." Too late for Jodie. I think it would have made a difference to me. She's been blessed again though - twice.

Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News.

Let's look at the with the now with

Tim Bailey. Look good look behind

single day! me what a studio are working every

single day! And it's another great

day for Sydney - 26-27 degrees.

Yesterday it was the first time in

100 years. Tomorrow, we're going to

do that again with another 27

degrees record temperature. Let's

have a look at the map.

It looks like a cold snap on It looks like a cold snap on Sunday,

Monday and Tuesday could put some

fresh snow on the ground in the

snow district. And going there are this snow district. And going there

this weekend by self-. Sport now with Tim Webster about to bid farewell to Penrith. and Craig Gower We'll tell you why shortly. Yes, but he could be back. Also, a finals boost for the Swans. Plus, Lleyton Hewitt heads up a much better day for Australia

at the US Open. And striding out - is Jana Rawlinson charging towards another world championship?

This program is captioned live. Penrith CEO Mick Leary today held talks with Souths man of the moment Joe Williams. The Panthers plan to make him an offer next week. Williams would need a release from his upcoming contract with French club Toulouse. Ironically, the man he'd replace at Penrith, Craig Gower, is also off to France to play rugby union.

number seven But the sometimes controversial

for an NRL return. is keeping the door ajar for Saturday night, His farewell's set down to say this is his NRL swansong. but Craig Gower's not prepared

definitely your final NRL game? So you going to tell us this is I'm going over there for a couple of years and we'll see how it goes.

and be successful. Hopefully I'll make a good go of it

Gower will switch codes After playing the Warriors,

with French rugby club Bayonne. in a 2-year deal But he has an escape clause. Some believing the overseas stint might actually freshen him up for another shot at the NRL. I haven't seen a great deal of French rugby union but I have seen a lot of club rugby in England and I don't think it's going to take much out of him. So he'll have plenty of juice left in him and he's a really competitive character. In his 11 years at the top

Gower's seen plenty of changes in rugby league, but there's one he's not keen on and it has him concerned for the game's future. He fears an overzealous crackdown on high tackles means league's losing its hard edge. a little bit soft now. I think it's getting It's one of the issues now. there's nothing in it You creep up there and it seems like and you get a penalty against you. I'm not too sure what they can do, of the toughness out of it. but I think it's taken a bit And the face of Penrith's future of having a big head. can't be accused to forgo Mad Monday drinks Rising star Jarrod Sammut after the Warriors game - under-20s Jersey Flegg competition. he's volunteered to return to the where I've come from and me mates. I'll always remember when you're playing with your mates You most enjoy your footy and having fun. So I'll definitely be going back. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Warnings of a slow start for the Wallabies when they kick off their World Cup campaign - assistant coach John Muggleton says the team is looking to build their way into the tournament. Confidence high on the back of the team's 5-day Portugal camp, Muggleton is unconcerned about New Zealand's favouritism with the bookies. If they're going to get to the final they've got to get over the top of us, and literally they've got to get over the top of us. We're not going to let them through the door. your best football in October, It's about playing not so much September. That's when the prize is won. The team heads to Paris for two days next week's opener against Japan. before final preparations for his long-awaited return from injury Swans fullback Leo Barry will make

at the SCG against Hawthorn. in Sunday's final home-and-away match the last five matches Barry has missed after straining his hamstring against the Eagles. in the Round 16 match With one match to go their position on the ladder the Swans cannot improve

or drop out of the final eight. Next game against Hawthorn is more about just trying to get our best team back on the paddock, trying to get a bit of enthusiasm back. And, you know, it's been a big couple of years and maybe that's wearing down on a few of the guys, so it's more about the enthusiasm and enjoying our footy at the moment. The Swans' first final is likely to be in Melbourne against either Hawthorn or Collingwood. Lleyton Hewitt has overcome an injury scare to cruise through to the second round of the US Open. It was a better day for Australia. Alicia Molik lost, Hewitt needed only 1.5 hours to beat American Amer Delic. a successful US hard-court campaign Having enjoyed came courtesy of Roger Federer, where his only losses against his 71st-ranked opponent. Hewitt wasted little time UMPIRE: Game, Hewitt. just 25 minutes The 2001 champion requiring

to wrap up the first set, in the second. and he continued to fire Oh, there's that accuracy. COMMENTATOR: a mid-match knee injury The 16th seed overcoming into the second round. to advance impressively Yes, well, a good closing point as he points up to Darren Cahill and his wife, Bec, in the stands. like a football right from the start. I had a little bit of a scare when I nearly did my knee out there

but apart from that I felt like I was moving incredibly well. Australia's successful day continued with veteran Nicole Pratt fighting back from a set down and a break to beat Jamea Jackson. And after recently cracking into the top 100 on the rankings, Casey Dellacqua defeated Russian Yaroslava Schvedova in straight sets. A proud mum who has been battling breast cancer on hand to help celebrate her daughter's first win at a Grand Slam. I've played a few now

is really good so to get that thing off my back and I'm just so excited. world number two Maria Sharapova Dellacqua now meets in the second round - title defence in sparkling fashion, the Russian kicking off her against Italian Roberta Vinci. dropping just one game It's a little different. like the Big Apple, It's red this year, in honour of the city. Andrew Brown, Ten News. a second 400m hurdles world title Jana Rawlinson is in line for in last night's semifinals. after qualifying fastest to her first child, Nine months after giving birth the 24-year-old was never challenged as she cruised to the line. Yeah, very pleased. I got my stride pattern well tonight, so now just a matter of hitting that 10 and coming off 10 well. Disappointment for Sally McLellan, who missed out on the final of the 100m hurdles after finishing fifth in the semi. She also won through to the semis in the 100m flat, between the two events but now has to choose for next year's Beijing Olympics. Liverpool have booked their spot in the group stage

after beating Toulouse 4-0. Peter Crouch opened the scoring in the 19th minute the lead shortly after the break. before defender Sami Herpia doubled from Dutchman Dirk Kuyt Two more goals

completed the rout. Liverpool advance 5-0 on aggregate.

a new-look sleeveless uniform Cricket Australia has unveiled in South Africa next month. for the first world Twenty20 titles breathable fabric top The yellow, lightweight aluminium-coloured compression layer will be worn over an that's designed to support muscles. keep the players comfortable It's also claimed the uniform will at any temperature perform at their peak. and allow them to consistently Later in Sports Tonight, an injury scare for Gold Coast Titan Chris Walker, and a new contract for Kevin Muscat at the Melbourne Victory which could see him become the club's coach.

Let's have another look at the

traffic with Vic Larusso. There's traffic with Vic Larusso. There's a

breakdown at North Rocks.

breakdown at North Rocks. But - the

intercept section up there's Church

Street at Parramatta. There's a car stuck in t ck in

stuck in the middle lane. And

unfortunately, as a result of that

the traffic is queued all the way

back to kissing. Road.

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With all this great whether we've

hearer the moment we're just

discussing all the blooms that

around now. And here is Tim Bailey.

The we're in the last two days of winter

winter but you'd think he was

summertime. Already we've had two a

27 degree days. We're going to

finish the we cough in the same way.

Thursday and Friday a 26 degrees

and 27 degrees across the city.

Have a look at it here now. It's a

very mild evening. The Red Moon at

last night - we absolutely loved it

and so did you. You send us pictures and we loved them. Your pictures are very important, if

you've some pictures please send

them to us. We've as Sony handy can

already decamp to give away every

Friday, thanks to Harvey Norman.

It's glorious out here - let us

have a look at the map.

Let's check the satellite. A cloud

band is crossing western South

Australia causing showers. Strong

westerly wind in Tasmania causing

tropics. showers. Coastal showers on the

tropics. There will be a gusty,

Cherie change to South Australia

later in the day, New South Wales

should stay dry but maintain

showers on the Queensland coast.

Try across New South Wales. Why not

throw in the word warm up as well?

Showers that Tasmania, southern

South Australia and Western

Australia. In your area after an

early-morning fog patch there will

be a great big blue supply. And on

Friday we've another 27 degree day.

I wonder how long it's been since

we've had four 27 degree days in

one working week at this time of

year? Letter was going to stay now with the map.

See you again tomorrow night from

the top of Thriplow. Regardless of the weather, it's hot in the fashion world, of this summer's swimwear range. with the launch The event shrouded in secrecy. beautiful girls, skimpy clothing - A secret rendezvous, it sounds a bit naughty. But, in fact, it was swimwear night Fashion Festival. at the Mercedes-Benz the 500 guests Organisers decided to surprise

under Brisbane's Story Bridge. with a secret destination There they dined on fish and chips in hot summer fashions and perused the latest the Brothers Neilsen, from labels such as Jamu and Riot. The models walked on water - through it, actually, as 3,000 litres covered the catwalk. Fashionistas in the front row were a little less than fashionable in their plastic ponchos, but at least they were kept dry. Bikinis are apparently back this summer, now just a season away. A quick count revealing designers favour them over the one-piece. The festival continues today with a forum on the growth of the fashion industry, and shows for evening wear and menswear.

No secrets in that lot. Mark Suleau, Ten News. I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.