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(generated from captions) an APEC security rethink Change of plan - with the flu. after police horses come down impact on our security plan. We need to acknowledge this will ATM plot - to blow up cash machines. five arrested over plans Recruit salute - Police Commissioner Ken Moroney. hats off to outgoing CHEERING And blood-moon rising - for a total lunar eclipse. eyes on the sky This program is captioned live. of horse flu, Authorities say the strain Good Evening. rejig security arrangements APEC organisers are being forced to for next month's summit the equine flu. after police horses came down with quarantine. All have now been placed in Police say while they will be missed, with rowdy protesters. there are other ways of dealing They're often used on the front line controling protestors during APEC. and were set to play a vital role

at the police stables at Redfern Now, all 36 horses have been placed in quarantine been stricken with the flu. after tests confirmed eight have in quarantine The horses will remain at the earliest. for probably 6-7 weeks were infected by police riders It's believed the horses at Maitland tenn days ago. who competed in a riding event to APEC security arrangements. The flu outbreak a major blow impact on our security plan. We need to acknowledge that it will police water cannon. And this could be the back up plan - should we need it at any time. It's there and available of President Bush Exactly a week before the arrival has also warned Sydneysiders and the Government for major disruptions. to steel themselves

A giant security barrier here at Darling Harbour, has already been built through the city and construction of a 5km-long fence will begin this weekend.

another motorcade run Last night police rehearsed barely a car or person in sight. through the city streets, that Mrs Macquarie's chair And today the government announced to the public will also be off limits to a special fireworks display. when the APEC leaders are treated That's not being a killjoy, public order management. it's about proper

National Nine News. Brad Schmitt, of horse flu, Authorities say the strain and racing industries, which has devastated our equine

caused havoc in Japan. is the same one that recently to link the outbreak That's led investigators at Eastern Creek. to the quarantine facility is demanding an inquiry The State Government into the breach of biosecurity. was lifted this morning, The lock-down on track work stabled at Randwick after four horses were cleared of having the virus. until tomorrow. But the danger period doesn't end without any sick horses, If we can come through that that'll be a very positive thing. Trainers are remaining vigilant, three times a day... testing temperatures 37.9... to emergencies only. ..and limiting vet visits

taken off and left at the stables. These are all disposable. They get to spread quickly, The virus is continuing declared affected with five more properties in NSW and a further 35 suspected. The strain has now been identified Japan's racing industry. as the one which recently crippled

to hold a full, open inquiry. We call on the Commonwealth 58 confirmed cases of the outbreak, Even though there are now at Randwick Saturday week. trainers want racing to resume we are in a lock-down situation. I'm doubtful because of the fact race meetings at Randwick Racing NSW is looking at running but they'll closed to the public that are stabled here. and only will involve horses It means punters can resume betting for the troubled industry. and will also generate an income on the movement of all horses. A nationwide ban remains in place from around the country At St Albans, 90 endurance horses on when they can be moved. remain quarantined - no word yet Allison Langdon, National Nine News.

which was allegedly planning Police have arrested a gang ATMs and safes. to use explosives to blow up this morning Counter Terrorism police swooped national security but say there was no threat to or the APEC summit.

up to 40kg of nitroglycerine. The chemicals could have made were raided at dawn, Four Sydney addresses five people taken into custody.

some type of explosive device. There was a plan afoot to construct when police in the NT The plot was uncovered last month of chemicals. identified a suspicious consignment were brought in. Counterterrorism investigators our involvement suggested Obviously, at that point in time, involving national security. that there may have been some issue

substituted harmless liquids Police intercepted the shipment, and tracked it to Sydney. planned to use the explosives Detectives claim the gang and safes. to blow up automatic teller machines was any APEC or terrorism threat. We have no indication that there While police maintain these raids with national security, had nothing to do this operation is a clear example to the APEC meetings. of the level of alert in the lead-up any information that may lead Shows that we are exploring against national security. to some type of suggested threat charged with a range of offences, This afternoon, four men were and conspiracy. including making explosives Simon Bouda, National Nine News. and the driver got out. The truck did stop re-enter the truck and drive off. However, he was then seen to to the accident, There were plenty of witnesses truck driver quickly. police confident they'll locate the A two-week-old baby girl has died

by the family dog in Perth overnight. after being mauled and thought the husky was outside The parents were watching TV from the babies bedroom. when they heard a noise of the two-week-old baby Saw the pet dog had hold

out of the cot. and basically pulled the baby The baby suffered fatal head wounds. couple's home yesterday The dog had only returned to the after being kept at a relative's house while the baby settled. Federal Labor has moved to counter business fears that its industrial policy will wind the clock back to the days of union control. Labor Leader Kevin Rudd says he'll phase out the Howard Government's workplace agreements over time, but keep some of the current restrictions

on unions entering workplaces. Kevin Rudd was after recognition today... You know who this is? Kevin Rudd. ..not so much from touring students, but from business, trying to calm fears that as a Rudd Government tears up John Howard's WorkChoices... We're going to get rid of his AWAs. would harm business interests. We will make sure that the transition is sensible and measured.

The full plan, only taking effect in 2010, leaves negotiations for those earning over $100,000 to common law and talks up flexibility in enterprise agreements and awards, only phasing out AWAs, some surviving up to five years and hanging on to Howard Government measures that restrict union entry to workplaces, ban secondary boycotts and punish unapproved strike action. People taking industrial action will feel the full force of the law.

The ACTU and the unions are not happy with every element of this package. The union movement would have liked a faster transition and fewer industrial restrictions. In reality, it has little choice but to back Labor. The bigger question is whether business will feel reassured by Labor's softly, softly plan for unravelling WorkChoices. The Government insists Labor remains a threat to the economy. This is a red-tape nightmare for Australian employers.

But Kevin Rudd put his determination to win over those employers on show when asked whether he could rule out any more concessions for unions after the election. Yes. Tim Lester, National Nine News. Prime Minister Howard has toured a NT community for the first time since the Government's controversial intervention two months ago. And he got a wild welcome from local children. Teacher says, "Hands on heads! Hands on heads!" Doctors, soldiers and police have now gone to 72 Aboriginal communities

and carried out over 1,200 health checks. Outgoing Police Commissioner Ken Moroney

returned to the parade ground today to welcome a new batch of recruits and to say goodbye. And there was plenty of praise for Mr Moroney, with the Premier giving him credit for restoring public pride and respect in a police force, once battered by corruption. A fitting farewell for the man today described as the State's most-loved police commissioner. For the last time, Ken Moroney marched off the parade ground escorted by his three police sons, a touching gesture from a grateful State.

Your time as police commissioner has seen pride restored to the NSW police force. It was a ceremonial changing of the guard, Mr Moroney handing over command of the police force to his deputy, Andrew Scipione, before a class of 225 graduating officers. He'll go into the history books in NSW as being arguably our best commissioner and I wish him all the very best in the future. 61-year-old Mr Moroney is handing in his badge after 42 years service, the last five spent getting the force back on its feet. I've said before that if you don't shed a tear at these functions, you've got a glass eye. Ken Moroney plans to leave a physical legacy when he retires. His dreams of creating a commissioned officers training college and a real-time crime centre for investigators are close to fruition. It's time, he says, to repay his wife for the sacrifices she made over four decades at his side. He'll be right. We'll find a job for him. Bit of housework? No, nah, nah, nah. No gardening. As he tossed his hat in the air along with the rookies, there was perhaps a moment when Ken Moroney cast his mind back to his own passing-out parade all those years ago. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. As we're going to air tonight, a type of cosmic ballet is under way that will culminate in a lunar eclipse over Australia. Nine's Peter Harvey is at Dover Heights, one of the best vantage points to watch the moon change colour. Peter, what can, or, more to the point, what can't you see?

And the moon here is just beginning

to break its head of other bankers

see cloud hanging around and there

are only for the past half hour.

They say this is one of the most

spectacular sights that major turn

john. It only happens once every

seven or eight years - a blood red

moon they call it, and it is caused

by the alignment of the Sun and the

earth with the Earth's shadow

obscuring the sum from the moon.

What every day is, it is pretty

good and it will reach its height

later tonight in about two hours

from now and any body living of the eastern seaboard of Australia

should get a really spectacular

view. At the moment as you can see,

we can only see the top of the moon

but to our long-lens cameras you

can get a much better view. It is a

big moon, it is going to get even

bigger full and you may only be

ever see a quarter of the moon here

but as the night goes on you will

be able to see the whole of the moon. Blood-red moons are almost as rare as blue ones. The last time we saw anything like tonight's event was more than six years ago and it won't happen again until 2011. It is a great event. It's always wonderful to see a total eclipse of the moon. It is a dramatic sight seeing the moon become red. And this is how it happens - the orbits of the sun, moon and earth gradually come into perfect alignment. For a time, the earth shields the moon from the sun and as the moon moves deeper into the earth's shadow, the familiar white and yellow changes from ochre to the colour of blood. It's sunlight that is scattered through the earth's atmosphere

and the same reason that sunrise and sunset is red, blue light goes in all directions and what's left is red light, so red light falls on the moon and we see that reflected. The view should be spectacular for everyone along the eastern seaboard. The further west you are, the more the effect will diminish. The lunar light show began a few minutes before 6:00 and will gradually become more spectacular as the moon rises, the greatest effect at 8:37. Historically, blood moon eclipses have been associated with times of great change - the fall of Constantinople in the 15th century and Christopher Columbus escaped problems with Caribbean Indians by threatening to make the moon disappear, which it did, thanks to the chart of predicted eclipses he just happened to have brought along. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. In the news ahead - self help,

using a patient's own stems cells to grow new heart muscles. And fire terror, The Roads Minister says he's pleased with the way that changes to Epping Road went this morning. The delayed lane closures - part of the arrangements with the Lane Cove Tunnel - were brought in today. While congestion was up, there weren't any major delays. It seem to be going well. I thank motorists for their patience, but it's early days yet. The changes, which will turn each kerb-side lane into a bus priority route, won't be completed until early next year. In medical news, there's new hope for people with severe heart disease

following the results of clinical trials involving stem cell technology. Six patients had their own stem cells implanted into their hearts

and the results were astounding. Despite having a quadruple bypass in his 50s, it's remained a battle for 69-year-old Blair Bond

to take a simple walk outside. I had had all the treatment I could have had and I'd sort of reached the end of the rope

as far that went. But thanks to an Australian breakthrough, his heart condition has now improved.

Blair is one of six patients who's had rare adult stem cells injected into his heart muscle. A team at John Hunter Hospital discovered they could take the stem cells from a person's own bone marrow and cultivate them into 100 million cells in just eight weeks. Inside the heart, those cells help to grow new tissue without causing rejection problems. We found that some of the patients improved in terms of their symptoms and some of them improved in terms of their heart function.

And after just three months, Blair had no chest pain at all. I feel like I'm probably going to live forever now. Doctors will look at extracting stem cells from younger and healthy donors, as opposed to the sick patient themselves. If all goes to plan, they predict they could have an off-the-shelf stem cell treatment for cardiac patients in just three years. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. American actor Owen Wilson is recovering in hospital after reportedly trying to commit suicide by cutting his wrists and overdosing on drugs. After family members visited his bedside, Wilson issued a statement asking for privacy as "he heals in private during this difficult time." He's apparently withdrawn from social life in recent months,

after breaking up with girlfriend Kate Hudson. Ken with sport next and with just a game to go

Parramatta could finish up fourth - or ninth? They dug themselves a hole last night. Also, big Dog Willie ready to cut loose against the Cowboys.

And John Steffenson all business at the world championships. Last night's upset win by the Dragons over the Eels has made the final eight picture even more blurry. With one round to go before the play-offs, only the top three positions are set in stone, while below them it's a crazy scramble to play springtime football. While all the contenders are watching over their shoulders, it's the Eels who seem most concerned. The 8-point loss to the Dragons has left Parramatta in a do-or-die game against Brisbane this weekend. We find ourselves scrambling for the last round. We really need a win. The good news out of the match concerns the Hindmarsh clan. Nathan hasn't been charged after a couple of incidents and after being stretchered off, Ian was back up again today. I had X-rays last night which said everything was OK, so I'm good to go. Parra's form has every fan anxious. They've lost their last three in a row. Number four would be fatal. Thank God we're at home, Sunday afternoon, Father's Day, so hopefully it will be a good day. The Tigers are also in the spotlight. Even their voluntary helpers are pleading for that extra effort against the Knights. Paul Harragon, you listen to this - the Tigers will beat you. If they don't, the Tigers are another club that can start thinking about next year.

In their favour - Robbie Farrar is back training with no help from painkillers and there's a belief that once you make the finals, it's anyone's game. To say a side can't win it from the back end of the field is wrong. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Willie Mason is back and he means business, telling National Nine News the Bulldogs are fed up being a 60-minute team and have made a pact to knuckle down and go the full distance. Big Willie is back and confident the injured wrist which kept him out for seven weeks

will stand up to whatever the Cowboys throw at him this week.

Yesterday we did a fair bit of opposed work. I didn't favour it at all, you know I was landing on it and I just went in as hard as I could. The concern for Mason is that the Dogs haven't been doing that in recent weeks,

at least not for the whole match. We've been doing it all year and we're sick of it. We addressed it yesterday and it's one of our main goals this week to play for the full 80 minutes. Mason says Melbourne is the team to beat, but it may have a surprise challenger.

Souths are a dark horse for everyone I think because they know they've got potential, their forwards are really strong and they've got quick backs and they've got momentum. Then there's the X factor. They've got Russell Crowe as well. What does he do? He inspires them. And Souths named their team late today for the big clash with the Roosters and it appears the illustrious career of David Peachey may be over. He missed out on the first-grade fullback spot. It doesn't matter, you know, what the future holds for individual players or what the past is, it's just about the performance in training and on the playing field. And in Newcastle, just when all seemed lost

between the Knights and Kirk Reynoldson, they are back on speaking terms, hoping to avoid court action. Danny Weidler, National Nine News.

John Steffensen has run his second-fastest time ever in the heats of the 400 metres at the World Athletics championships in Japan. The Commonwealth Games gold medallist finished second, but comfortably advanced to the semifinals, as did countryman Sean Wroe. It was tough to pick the winner of the women's 100m last night. Jamaica's Veronica Campbell and American Lauryn Williams hitting the line together. It's tight. It took several minutes before Campbell was declared the winner. After the break, the CommSec finance report, and Majella Wiemers with the weather. Tuesdays are a bit of a non-event. PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. MAN: Hi, I'm calling about something I saw the other day that seemed a bit strange. WOMAN: I overheard them planning something.

I felt like I had to let you know... MAN 2: ..downloaded documents from suspicious websites. Your detailed information could help keep Australia safe, so if you see or hear something that just doesn't feel right, call the National Security Hotline on: You can remain anonymous.

PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. To finance now and Fosters made $712 million profit Fosters shares were 5% stronger. Home lender RAMS again fell heavily The All Ords closed down seven points. Our dollar lost 0.2 cents and is now just under 82.5 US cens.

Now, Majella. Mark, Sydney got to 27 degrees for the second day in a row. Now only once in the last century have we seen that kind of continuous warmth around in winter. Fair to say then the beach was a popular choice for most that didn't have to work today. Now some parts of the State even made it beyond that 27.

The airport nudged 26

and Ivanhoe, in the lower west of the State got to 31. Things will change slightly tomorrow. A cold front coming across - it's further south and weak, but temperatures will be a little milder and there will be a bit more cloud about. There's the slight chance of a shower in the morning, more likely in the west, most of the city staying dry. And the cooler spell will be short-lived. The heat returning on Thursday ahead of another change. It'll get warm again in Adelaide and Melbourne tomorrow. But wet and windy in Perth from that next cold front. Just some light winds tomorrow, with more cloud about. And there's not much for surfers between now and the weekend. Top readings still above average tomorrow

but not as warm as we've just had, 23 in the city, 25 in the west, and the night time temperatures also hovering in the double figures. The heat will return on Thursday and Friday, depending on when that next cool change comes across. Saturday could bring a few falls and be a little cooler. But a warm start to Spring looks likely, Mark... That's National Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre