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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight, a once-in-a-century flood - as the Sunshine Coast is swamped. lives on the line

races threatened - Horses quarantined, fears equine flu has hit Australia. the biggest threat This is potentially in Australia has ever faced. the thoroughbred and horse industry Hello, I'm Jacinta Hocking. Welcome to Ten's Late News. goes to jail - but with a twist. Also tonight - Lindsay Lohan But first this evening - Sunshine Coast, chaos on the Queensland sparking dramatic rescues a once-in-a-century flood

and leaving hundreds stranded. and homes and shops inundated Cars have been washed away dumped in one hit. with a year's worth of rain are still rising. And tonight, swollen rivers and pours... and pours. It never rains but it pours...

South East Queensland While the rest of still wants better rain,

by flooding. the Sunshine Coast has been hard hit

The Noosa and Maroochy rivers at high tide earlier tonight. spilled over into low-lying areas We've sandbagged and I've just got eight mates here and we're just bailing.

to take a hit like this. we can't afford MAN: We're a small business -

nearly 800mm in 24 hours. Some places have received the local dam. And it's spewing over at Maroochydore and Noosaville Volunteers are sandbagging have already been inundated. where local shops so we don't want it to get wrecked, This is our livelihood The SES has rescued dozens of people. The Pengally family was among them. How high is it? It's so scary.

It's just everywhere. to get out last night. The family tried for me, my missus and the baby, By the time they came back

it was a bit late. a four-wheel drive through there. They couldn't get on their car in a raging whirlpool. These teenagers were stranded "I'm on the roof of the car." Rang her back and all I got was, lucky to be alive. Louise Dickins is yet another local

way down there by the torrent. My car was swept The floods are widespread. Woodford inland is awash at the Country Music Muster and hundreds of people are stranded further north at Gympie. The rain is easing but rivers are still rising. The lake is very full up the top. When all the water comes down - at the moment. that is what our major concern is Despite the flooding, the water is welcome. after so much drought We'll get there! It's all good. Mark Suleau, Ten News. hidden cameras A man has allegedly been using in a house in Queensland. to spy on his flatmates He was arrested tonight dozens of hidden cameras after his housemates allegedly found in the the bathrooms and bedrooms. I feel upset and distressed has been watching me in private. that someone

with alarm sensors and locks his bedroom door was secured was bolted down - and the manhole in the roof of cables ran from the roof inside, an elaborate network through to the cameras. with stalking and other offences. He's expected to be charged 'Hot Chocolate' rapist The mother of the accused after his court appearance. has broken down when her son faced a magistrate, Emotions spilled over suspected of attacking 24 women. for Harry Barkas, It's been a long 24 hours

is the Hot Chocolate rapist. who police allege by the allegations? Are you shocked are also hurting his family, But the accusations

after his court appearance. his mother collapsing in custody on 61 sex charges. The 45-year-old was remanded It has been a drawn-out process, was first reported in 1991 - when you consider the first offence it's now 2007. shocked by his arrest. Neighbours of the South Yarra man your neighbours are, do you? You don't know who on one of our babysitter's cars. He actually left a note the long-unsolved case came to light A court heard fresh information in of another alleged sex offender, after the arrest Glen Iris chef John Xydias. Police allege for two separate series of rapes, Mr Barkas was responsible

between 1991 and 2005. with a total of 24 victims He's accused of offering lifts to the victims,

by lacing hot chocolate drinks. then drugging them sex crimes for a number of reasons, A lot of people don't report

very brave coming forward so, yes, they have been with this investigation. and helping us out

was granted by the magistrate a suppression order appearing in the media to stop any images of Mr Barkas before detectives

of the alleged victims. can speak to all and is due back in court in December. Mr Barkas did not apply for bail Cameron Smith, Ten News. to save people from skin cancer. A crackdown on solariums tonight

It's the dying wish of a young woman linked to excessive sunbed tanning. whose terminal disease has been They may allow an all-year tan, also double the risk of skin caner. but experts warns sunbeds The industry's totally unregulated dangerous practices going on. who have a very vulnerable skin. People who are underage, people

dying of cancer A young Melbourne woman of overusing of solariums. is raising awareness of the dangers before developing cancer. It's prompted the Federal Government voluntary regulations to consider replacing current with a mandatory code of practice. Territory colleagues I've today written to my State and nationally consistent regulation suggesting it is important we have in this area. from a sunbed Research showing UV rays with younger people more at risk. can be just as harmful as the sun Exposure to sunbeds less than 35 years of age is probably not a good idea. is essential, Doctors say early detection warning everyone to check any changes to moles.

If you've got more than 100 moles, greater risk of getting melanoma. you've got about a 10 times outweighs the risk of death. But for some, the desire for a tan comfortable in my skin, I suppose I'd prefer to feel about the future. I'm not really thinking I'll just continue to go, yeah Why? Beauty takes pain. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. is battling breast cancer. An Australian sporting hero Marathon runner Kerryn McCann, who's due to give birth to her third child next month, has undergone surgery. Dozens of horses have been quarantined as equine flu poses the biggest threat ever to Australia's thoroughbred industry. With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, emergency measures are now being enforced. Japan's equine influenza epidemic means the horses that took out last year's Melbourne Cup quinella might not make the trip back, is now on our shores. but the highly contagious disease Champion sire Encosta De Lago among 79 of Australia's most valuable horses quarantined in Sydney and Melbourne after one of them displayed equine flu symptoms. This is potentially the biggest threat the thoroughbred and horse industry in Australia has ever faced. The effects if it got into the Australian racing industry and the breeding industry, for that matter, would be catastrophic. The quarantined animals were flown into Australia after stud duties overseas. 21 of them are from Japan. An iron curtain has fallen - no horse will be leaving the quarantine premises until we're completely and absolutely certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that there's no risk of contamination. It has a very short incubation period. It has symptoms similar to the human flu, it can spread very quickly. Last week, Japanese horse tracks were shut down after 20 horses there were diagnosed with equine influenza. It cost the industry around $480 million in lost gambling revenue. Organisers of Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival expect to be spared a similar fate. $200 million is at stake with so many prized stallions locked up for weeks, perhaps months. Every breeder that has a mare booked has to scramble and find another stallion. Test results should be known within days. Christopher Still, Ten News. A decision is being made at midnight on whether the Randwick races will go ahead tomorrow. A dare from friends has led a teenager to international ice-skating glory. 14-year-old Kayla Doig was mucking around with mates on her local ice rink when she accidentally invented her own move. She calls it the Kayla Catch and it's got the international ice-skating fraternity in a spin. Kayla Doig is the first Australian to invent her own figure skating move, unveiled at the National Figure Skating Championships. They were doing the draw and they said that I had been awarded an extra two points and they said that I had to name it. Naturally, Kayla named her move after herself. Mum Sharon suitably proud of her ice princess. everyone seemed to say was beautiful so she just went ahead with it and decided to do it in competition. Remarkably, Kayla perfected the spin at her local rink in Townsville, the tropical town not exactly famous for ice. Ah, well, me and my friend Andrew Dodds were just skating and he was just getting me to do all these things 'cause I am really flexible and he said that looked really good, so, yeah. Well I think it just puts Australia on the map in the world of figure skating. Even after her achievement, this cool climate competitor has no plans to chill out. Well, I want to do the Olympics and I want to try out for 'Disney on Ice'. As long as she is loving what she is doing,

we're all happy. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

Disorder in the house as politicians lose their cool. And the finance report with CommSec's Juliette Saly. I can handle winter, but not what it can do to my hair. Cold winds, then heating can leave it so dry and static. Its Pro-V formula locks in moisture deep down Pantene - voted number 1 by Australian women This program is captioned live. 'Friendly fire' is blamed

for the deaths of three British soldiers in Afghanistan. They were killed when hit by a bomb dropped from a US fighter jet. A top US Republican has called for a small withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Senator James Warner says the move would spur the country's government towards a political reconciliation. It will send a very clear signal to support what the President said on January 10 - we're not there to stay forever. Warner's comments came after an intelligence report claimed levels of insurgent and sectarian violence would remain high in the next year and the government would become increasingly unstable. Labor's firing up its anti-nuclear campaign with television ads targeting the Sunshine State. The Opposition focusing on fears about where up to 25 nuclear reactors would be built. It's a national campaign but Queensland will be the first State to be targeted by the ads. GUITAR STRUMS VOICE-OVER: John Howard says a nuclear industry is a solution to climate change but he won't say where the reactors will go. Labor will be letting each and every community know of the prospect of what a nuclear reactor in their backyard means for them. Labor giving us a glimpse of an atomic future. Queensland - beautiful one day, nuclear the next. The Prime Minister's also been looking ahead. I don't think there's any doubt that in 10 or 15 years time the whole attitude toward nuclear power will be different. The location of nuclear power plants - an uncomfortable subject for the Government - should be put to a popular vote according to the PM. I'm a believer in plebiscites. I wanted the people of Queensland to have them in relation to local government amalgamations. I can hardly turn around and deny them in relation to the location of nuclear power plants. Mr Howard in Parliament said there's no point consulting the people because reactors will be located on commercial grounds and now he says, four weeks before an election, that they are going to consult the people locally. I'm saying that if John Howard is re-elected, I don't believe there will be plebiscites. Mr Howard believes Labor is misjudging the mood of the electorate. I think this debate is moving very rapidly. as people in middle age. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. The PM has been accused of trying to censor the Internet -

his Wikipedia website entry has been tampered with by the public service more than 100 times. The PM would probably agree he is no computer expert...


..but words count in our high-tech world. Mr Howard now appears regularly on YouTube... Good morning. ..and on the other must-have Internet accessory - his own Wikipedia page. It is a reference site, put there for the subject, on a range of subjects, to inform and, it seems, outrage those who log in. Records show Mr Howard's site has been edited by public servants 126 times. The Foreign Minister can't see a problem with that. I guess anybody can access Wikipedia sites. I don't think there's a law against that. Kevin Rudd isn't so sure. But to engage public servants to go out there and re-edit history? It strikes me as odd, to say the least. Internet expert Tom Worthington says the problem with Wikipedia is that just anyone can log in. It is open to abuse. You can literally go in and edit it, and that's the part that makes it different to other web sites. There's a similar debate happening in the US. The CIA and FBI are being accused of erasing entire extracts on sites about the Iraq war.

Writing your own history is very tempting. But the Prime Minister's office says he has asked nobody to change the site for him. The very public nature of Wikipedia makes it a very tempting target. A click of past entries on the PM's site shows one, in particular, by a WA public servant. He or she tried to leave Mr Howard a lasting image. It was removed. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. and CommSec's Juliette Saly. To finance news Juliette, a weak end to the trading day but certainly not the week?

The share market took back 1% today

as investor nervousness certain. It

came about because the word

recession was Bennett about on Wall

Street. We saw the sellers moving

on the market hitting the

financials and markets hard. The

market posted a 7.5 % gain which is

its biggest gain since January 1975.

Companies are still performing well

and we saw that proved again today

with an huge resolve by car tax.

Checking the market in Ford tonight told another 600 workers not to show up on Monday at the Broadmeadows and Geelong plants in Victoria. This is in addition to the 1,250 already stood down in the wake of a strike at a components maker. Surprising revelations about Mother Teresa, the nun who dedicated her life to helping India's poor. Just-published letters written in the 1950s and 60s reveal she had serious doubts about her faith and at times felt abandoned by God. Supporters say her spiritual torment only makes her case for sainthood stronger. Now we have this new understanding, a new window into her spiritual life, and, for me, this seems to be the most heroic. According to her letters, Mother Teresa died with her doubts and had even stopped praying. American presidential hopefuls burn the midnight oil, turning up on late-night talk shows to capture votes. This program is captioned live. It was in and out of jail today for Nicole Ritchie,

the pregnant star serving only 82 minutes of her 90 hour sentence for drink driving. Meanwhile, the other Hollywood bad girl, Lindsay Lohan, has escaped with nothing more than a day in jail for drink driving and cocaine charges. The actress reaching a plea deal with prosecutors, with more serious drug possession charges dropped. The 21-year-old has also been ordered to do 10 days of community service and complete a drug treatment program. America's presidental hopefuls are taking their campaigns to a whole new audience of voters. They're appearing on late-night comedy talk shows, hoping to appeal

to the most politically apathetic group of voters - young men. Credibility to lead the world... If you're running for president, you have to show up at the Iowa State Fair... Alright... You have to debate just about every day... You know, it gets windier during election season. Well now there's a new tradition. fast becoming just as familiar as kissing a baby or chowing down the local grub - or 'The Colert Report', the appearance on 'The Daily Show' 'The Twin Towers' program, 'Indecison 2008'. or the Comedy Central Network's was with John Stewart last night. Senator Barack Obama With the experience and everything, a smaller country first? have you thought about running (Laughs) was with Colbert last week. Governor Mike Huckabee but twice I was at the Colbert show not once, and you gave me the bump last time. has been on 10 times, Senator John McCaine about his campaign. most recently to talk In the words of Chairman Mao, before it's totally black." "It's always darkest So, what's the appeal? being more truthful You actually end up on a show like this. and end up talking more substance would flock to shows You can see why candidates mostly young, mostly male viewers, that draw more than 1 million, audiences. one of the most elusive and desirable

there's a clear bottom-line payoff. For Comedy Central You know the franchise of indecision one of our biggest success stories. has become made a 1-million buy. Advertisers like Volkswagon a freestanding Indecison website Then network has lauched and plans a comedy tour.

is interested in politics, They're reaching an audience which but which is younger and more wary. a different feel from the old days. It's a kind of coverage that has 'The Tonight Show' back in 1960 When John Kennedy went on

almost fawning. the presenter was deferential, Do you mind if I call you John? That's fine. Today, not so much. way possible...who the hell are you? I mean this in the most respectful the (inaudible) don't control? Is there anything in Delaware intellectual bite. It's tough humour, but with an get heated at times, If you think Australian politicians in Bolivia. you should see how they do things debating with their fists and feet, The 'dishonourable members' glasses of water at each other. standing on tables and throwing for control of the courts A long simmering fight into the political punch-up. boiling over has caught the attention A big ticket item from a stunned American crew. He offered to buy a B-52 bomber the cost was $500 million, When they told him he said money was no object. But he left empty-handed - B-52s aren't for sale how deep your pockets. no matter with Rob Canning. Sports Tonight is next through the West Coast tonight? The Saints send a scare Indeed they did, Jacinta. we'll have that next It was a close one at Telstra Dome, of the night's sporting action. alongside the rest against the Bulldogs. NRL and the Storm face off at the A-League's season opener Petrovski's revenge mission Boomers versus Tall Blacks. and Game 3 - SONG: # I am sure this time # Given me a sign Spring to mind # Winter follows, summer follows # And I'm ready... # Extra White reduces stains extra white. to help keep your smile available in a bottle. Extra White now

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delivered to your door, call: For a piping hot pizza

(Howls) Now! SONG: # Domino's. # a look at the weather. As we head into the weekend, This program is captioned live.

will ease along the east coast, South-easterly winds in South East Queensland. causing rain to ease to showers and interior dry A high will keep the rest of the east after a cold morning. ahead of cold fronts North-westerly winds

south-west WA and western Tasmania. will bring light showers to Melbourne. Hobart and Adelaide. Mostly sunny in Cairns, Canberra, Showers in Brisbane and Perth. A possible shower in Sydney.

Sunny in Darwin and Alice Springs. And that's the latest from Ten News. is next. Sports Tonight with Rob Canning I'm Jacinta Hocking. Goodnight. Thanks for your company. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions This program is captioned live. to Toyota Sports Tonight. Hello and welcome I'm Rob Canning. The footy season's coming to a close, has just begun. but the football season tonight Sydney hosts the Coast. The A-League season is under way - Saints or sinners? in the AFL. West Coast and St Kilda face off Double trouble in the NRL -

Knights-Cows, Dogs-Storm. to sweep the Tall Blacks. The Boomers look We'll take you places - to the snow Plus - dropping in on the US PGA Sports Tonight. So get set - we're ready to roll. defeat St Kilda at the Telstra Dome. West Coast has come from behind to in the second half, The visitors surged to key forward Ashley Hansen but a hamstring injury the 8-point victory. has taken the gloss off for West Coast Skipper Chris Judd was back but that's where the good news ended. on the back foot from the outset. The reigning premiers COMMENTATOR: X marks the spot! Playing for their survival, put a tumultuous week behind them the Saints and their fans providing the perfect tonic. five goals to one in the opening term St Kilda dominating this game. 28 points down at the first break, finally found their feet - the reigning premiers and the margin was back to 8. three straight goals That is beautiful to watch. Some class from Aaron Fiora re-iginited St Kilda... Taken by Fiora... Brillantly crumbed, snaps the goal. ..Before Steven Milne ensured the Saints will again be making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Nick Riewoldt the dominant forward on the ground - he had three first-half goals. The Eagles' opening summarized by Mark Seaby's after-the-siren kick. It's like a balloon being deflated, isn't it? West Coast's kicking yips continued after the main break until Rohan Jones showed the forwards how it's done. It's a goal! It's going...not quite... Injuries threatened to derail the Saints before the 'G Train' got them back on track. But David Wirrpanda's third was soon followed by Mark LeCras' second, and suddenly the Eagles were in front. Eagles by 6 points! Ashley Hansen finally found his range as the Eagles extended their lead. At the other end, only Riewoldt stood tall to keep St Kilda in touch. He's the champ! For the second week in a row Quentin Lynch bagged five goals for the game much to the joy of his team-mates. But superstars Cousins and Judd were soon joined by Hansen on the bench, the key forward tearing his hamstring. Justin Koschitzke goaled with 20 seconds remaining but any faint hope was snuffed out as LeCras answered to seal the win. It's over! Lynch and Priddis leading the West Coast charge. Tonight they sit in second position on the ladder, while St Kilda hang on tenuously to eighth spot.

It's a you make those mistakes It's a you mke those mistakes so

you're looking out. I thought our

mistakes were soft this time. They

certainly have resurrected that. I

thought our skill level and are

finesse was really costly. I think

that is the lesson. Melbourne's Israel Folau continues his astonishing rookie season.

The 18-year-old winger tonight equalling the Storms' individual season try-scoring record following a hat-trick against the Bulldogs. The Storm back at the scene of last year's heartbreaking grand final loss for the first time. Sonny Bill Williams ensuring their return was a memorable one. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Dallas Johnstone! The visitors getting revenge through the first points of the night, Bill Slater grounding a perfectly placed Cameron Smith chip. The Dogs with a sniff but the Storm were impregnable until the 27th minute. Jarrod Hickey finding the line to put the home side on the board. Hughes... he gets it away to Hickey! Oh! Big No.17! The Bulldogs muscling up. So too, the Storm -

heading into the break with an 8-6 lead. It was all the Storm in the second, Matt Geyer's circus act handing the visitors an 8-point lead. A juggle and he'll score! Matt Geyer, he goes in to score! Minutes later, Smith was through. His run keeping Israel Folau's try-scoring tally ticking over, the winger across for his 18th of the season,

the Storm up 20-6.

Cronk with the kick... here's Folau! He goes in! His 19th just around the corner. Looking for Folau again... He's got the ball... He'll make it!

The Dogs helpless as Folau racked up a hat-trick. Williams looked to have some consolation for the Dogs in the dying minutes -

Greg Inglis ensuring he was denied. He'll have lost it. The Storm with time for one more before the siren, the visitors home by 32 points. The Dogs outclassed by the Minor Premiers. Coach Steve Folkes shooting down suggestions

the loss will act as a wake-up call. JOURNALIST: is this the sort of loss you need, Steve, going into the finals? That's a stupid question, I hate that question. No. I'm feeling a bit better now than what we were two weeks ago, no doubt. North Queensland is a step closer to a home final.

largely thanks to Johnathan Thuston and Matt Bowan, the deadly pair playing a part in all but 1 of the Cowboys' 6-try romp against Newcastle. The Knights running out

to the support of some of the club's all-time greats. Cooper Vuna was certainly inspired - His barnstorming run exactly what Newcastle has been missing. COMMENTATOR: Look at Cooper Vuna! They will be first on the board.

While the Knights' winger used brute strength to score the opening try, Cowboys fullback Matt Bowen opted for a far less subtle tact.

Back him home... He spins away from Vuna, Links up with Thurston! The Bowen-Thurston show just warming up. The Cowboys skipper's next trick - a 40/20. He's got the angle on it as well! Perfect field position and the Test halfback pounced, throwing the final pass for Ashley Graham. He goes for the line... and scores again! The deadly duo toying with the defence, again combining for number three.

Friendly fire for the Knights to start the second half. They soon found putting their heads together with the ball in hand was much easier. Bailey scores, as simple as that. Two quick tries and Newcastle were back in front. a touch of Graham brilliance, That was until a one-handed intercept and a 90m passage to the line, a cruel blow for the Knights.

And Ash Graham scores a runaway try! The Cowboys sinking the boot in,

Sweeny's try killing off any hopes of another comeback. It was all a little too easy. Brian Smith watching on in frustration

but even the game's best defence couldn't do much to stop Bowen at his best. The 'Bow And Arrow'! The fullback for the Cowboys sprints away! North Queensland wrapping up a home final. The Knights slumping to their seventh straight defeat, Coach Bryan Smith holding on to one final hope for the season. That will top the season off, one more time - that's what the boys were talking about in the dressing room just now. You're watching Sports Tonight. Up next - the A-League season kicks off. A NSW showdown - the city slickers take on the Central Coast. Plus - farewell James Hird, farewell Kevin Sheedy. And Petero prepares to say goodbye to Brisbane.

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with the last four digits in the barcode along with your name and address. Race into a store now and you could be racing out on your new GMC Aprilia. Thanks to GMC and Sports Tonight. Sasho Petrovski said Sydney FC got rid of him. Sydney said he walked. Whatever the case - Petrovski had the last laugh tonight, inflicting an upset loss on his former club as Central Coast opened the A-League season in style. Sydney boosted by the late inclusion of Mark Milligan and their new marquee player Juninho but it was one of their former stars causing the damage early. COMMENTATOR: Now a chance for Petrovski! The Mariners in frount! It just had to be Sasho Petrovski. Sydney's leading goal scorer from seasons one and two gifting his new club the lead with the first goal of season three as the fierce derby rivalry somehow escaped the wrath of the referee. That's a blatant body check from Dean Heffernan. not to be down by 2 halfway through the first. Juninho's brilliance not enough for an equaliser just before the break. Has he delayed too long? They need to get a shot away. That should have been one apiece. With countrymen Patrick looking on, the Brazilian continued to trouble the opposition in the second - but the Mariners repeatedly had his measure, Sydney's attempts to level falling inches short. Not there for Juninho. Sydney so close to the equaliser... How did that not go in? Under the gentle encouragement of their coach Lawrie McKennea, the Mariners withstood the Sydney attack. putting a dampener on the glamour club's start to a new season.

It's shaping as the most emotional round of the season, and for multiple reasons Kevin Sheedy and James Hird farewell their fans in Melbourne, Mark Ricciuto says goodbye to Adelaide, Glenn Archer breaks the Kangaroos' games record and Collingwood welcomes back Nathan Buckley. The stage is set for a fitting farewell

for some of the game's all-time greats. Buckley, Hird, Archer and Ricciuto,

all preparing for one last show-stopper. I suppose you reflect on just what a great place this is, what Essendon is, what it's meant to me through my whole childhood and everything and it's been such a massive part of my life. Sunday night looms as a night for the ages, a grand final-like 90,000 expected to bid so long to two of Essendon's finest. Husband's gonna get out of mowing the lawn on Sunday and wife not really going to cook a meal for the family so probably say, "Let's go to the 'G." What do you reckon, mate? Yeah, you're probably right. I know I'm going to have to mow the lawn on Sunday though. With all the marble around your place, you won't... (Laughs) After six torn hamstrings this season,

Nathan Buckley passed his final hurdle and returns tomorrow night. We almost got to the stage where you think, "Will he get back?" but he's got a great resolve to play league football, play at his best, play at the top. His fellow Brownlow Medallist Mark Ricciuto has one last cameo on his home turf. There is some emotion and it is important that our supporters feel that emotion and enjoy this occasion. And the Shinboner of the Century will play game 307, the most a Kangaroo has ever played. I don't know what we can keep saying about Glenn Archer. What he's actually done for this footy club has been remarkable. A blow for the Cats, though, and for one of the favourites for the Brownlow, Jimmy rtel a scratching from Sunday's top-of-the-table clash against Port Adelaide

after undergoing surgery to remove his appendix, cold comfort for his opposition. You've got someone who's a great player going out but you've got someone really keen to show that he can play

in a team that's most likely to make the Grand Final

so, gee, it's going to be a really enthusiastic and switched on replacement. And more end-of-year retirements to add to the list - Port Adelaide premiership player Josh Mahoney along with Fremantle veterans, Shane Parker and Troy Cook. Manly coach Des Hasler has hit out at suggestions he's a bad sport for leaving players out of Sunday's match against the NZ Warriors. Hasler today scoffing at claims that he's resting some strike weapons. The Sea Eagles taking off without five of their star players in preparation for the Warriors on Sunday. The Stewart brothers, Brett and Glenn, and Luke Williamson Brent Kite, Steven Bell all sitting out the trip across the Tasman. You can cast whatever version or outlook you want on it. We have injuries, we don't want injured players to play, simple as that. Despite the controversy, Mount Smart Stadium is already a sell-out. Tickets also non-existent at Leichhardt Oval for long-time rivals, South Sydney and Wests Tigers. The blockbuster sold out yesterday, leaving some 20,000 supporters empty-handed after the Tigers refused to move the game to Telstra Stadium. There was a bit of a stink but the thing is that they schedule these games - only three for Leichhardt, three for Campbelltown - at the start of the year. at Dhe start of the year. we're going to change a game There's no way which has already been scheduled at Leichhardt because - if you ask the players - probably the preference is for Leichhardt or Campbelltown anyway. And after impressing crowds with their new-found passion, the Roosters will try to keep their finals hopes alive with victory against Penrith. There've got a few reasons - a lot of reasons - to win - Graig Gower's leaving at the end of the year so I'm sure they're going to want to win a couple of games for him, the wooden spoon, I think what's more dangerous - they're playing expectation. Brisbane also under pressure to perform against the Raiders

on Sunday, after losing their past three matches. The match marking the final home game for five long-serving Broncos including current captain, Petro Civoniceva. The five guys that are leaving the club

are probably my closest mates here at the club and we all started around the same time, together, we've been through a lot. I suppose it'll be an emotional occasion for us once we do that lap of honour after the game. champion Kerryn McCann 2-time Commonwealth Games marathon is battling breast cancer.

one of the highlights McCann of course provided Commonwealth Games, of last year's Melbourne her marathon title. when she successfully defended from international competition. McCann has since retired Still to come on ST - the Zach attack at the Big Apple. Tim Henman says, "See you later." And Boom goes the dynamite. This program is captioned live. into the coffin The Boomers put New Zealand with wins in game one and two. to bring the nails But tonight they failed and hammer home a clean sweep. A fourth quarter slip-up game three in Brisbane. giving the Tall Blacks and eight missed shots It took more than two minutes before first points

the men in black with the early lead. and when they came, it was

There's the score COMMENTATOR: and it's taken 2.5 minutes to do. with immediate results. A crowd favourite was injected An unsportsmanlike foul and the Boomers were on the board But the Tall Blacks' big men continued to dominate.

he's now got 9 of the 16 points. Craig Bradshaw, at the first break. New Zealand up 18-12 More of the same in the second. to get the ball rolling. It took a 17ft MacKinnon jumper for Australia in this quarter. That was the first field basket to bridge the deficit Damien Ryan did his best to wrap up the third quarter but a Kiwi triple saw NZ up by 4 at the main break. and the Boomers took the lead Second half to Brad Newley. with four consecutive baskets in your backyard sometime! Try doing that gave Mills another chance to impress. Good defence from Darnell Mee He's done it again, Patrick Mills! You can't teach that. to himself and others. The youngster proving a danger in the final quarter, The Kiwis came out firing to reclaim the lead. Kirk Penny driving the lane Problems right here and his Australia Post Boomers. for coach Brian Goorjian a repecharge series in Europe. They'll have to do that through The final score 67 to 58. in all three games this week. Amazingly, the Kiwis scored 67 has crushed Venezuela by 43 points And the United States in their Olympic qualifying match. Making his international debut, L.A. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was typically dominant -

he hit 14 points. COMMENTATOR: Kobe with the finish! What about the pass? to a 20-point advantage right now. The show is on - 36-16, the US out antics, finishing with 11 points. LeBron James had his own rim-rattling The final score, 112-69. It was all one-way traffic.

is the first-round leader South African Rory Sabbatini at the Barclays Classic in New York, a bogey-free, 8-under-par round. The shot of the day though Zach Johnson. was produced by US Masters champ, There's another ridge. COMMENTATOR: What's he done? Look at it accelerate. Oh, you're kidding me. Outrageous! It's Zach's year. Australian's at even par or better, Aaron Baddeley is one of nine at the 10th. helped along by this birdie approach without ever fulfilling England's Tim Henman is retiring and that's win a major. what all Brits had hoped he'd do, played in six Grand Slam semifinals, The 32-year-old won 11 ATP titles and that I lost that match. four of them at Wimbledon.

I didn't win Wimbledon. I'm disappointed that perhaps I don't necessarily have regrets. But, at the end of the day, and carrying a back injury, Now ranked 92nd before farewelling Wimbledon Henman will play next week's US Open against Croatia. by playing Davis Cup for England Australian Open snowboarding event America has dominated day one of the at Perisher Blue. young gun Chas Guldemond The smooth style of American in the slope-style event. good enough for gold an easy winner His US team-mate Jamie Anderson in the women's competition. was the best of the Aussies - Jindabyne local Jye Kearney he finished 14th, not great. in the women's event, Torah Bright, While the favourite with a shoulder injury. was forced to pull out but not as much as he likes his job! Glen Munsie likes to snowboard thanks to TAB Sportsbet. This is that -

This TAB Sportsbet update, And good evening, everybody.

first of all, Round 24. the National Rugby League are still mathematically possible The Gold Coast to make the final eight. So are the Roosters. are sold out at Leichhardt - The Wests Tigers and the Bunnies you can't get in there! week is for the match on Saturday - In the AFL, the biggest bet of the $75,000 on the Kangaroos at $1.25. night, Collingwood and Sydney. The big game at the 'G, Saturday is Essendon and Richmond Another big game the home fans for Essendon, where the local fans, Kevin Sheedy and James Hird. get to farewell We have also got a market out - their next match in 2007? when will Geelong lose Will it be next week? Will it be this week? Will it be during the finals? the rest of the year undefeated. Or will they go right through the US Open starts on Monday. For tennis fans,

We have a market out during the US Open. on how Lleyton Hewitt will perform

Turkey is the venue for this week. For motorsport fans, that we could go one with all night I know there's plenty more or get down to your local TAB. at on the web

This program is captioned live. here in the mountains We rounded out the week sunshine and light winds. with a gorgeous day of blue skies, With top-to-bottom conditions, took full advantage of the weather skiers and boarders

as they tore down the slopes. There is a dry cover of snow on a firm base up high

across the NSW resorts. were busting big on the wall. Here in Thredbo, freestylers In Perisher Blue, intermediates looking to step it up. Zali's at Blue Cow was a place for Over to Victoria and now: weather across the next few days The bureau is forecasting fine, sunny to the mountains you're in luck so if you're heading snow-riding on the way. with a weekend of sun-filled This is Dominic Sullivan in Thredbo for Sports Tonight. and compared to Bolivia, Play of the Day, Australian politicians have nothing to worry about when it comes to a heated debate. Shoving, punching and kicking was on the agenda for these MPs. Law-makers stood on tables and threw glasses of water at each other. boiling over into this mass brawl and our Play of the Day. And that's the show. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.