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(generated from captions) Thank you. Who are you calling? Lieutenant Baker, please. No! Put that phone down. I will. You don't have to talk to him. No, no. Put the phone down! for Lieutenant Baker. Yes, I'm holding sending Ridge to jail. You're talking about We'll get him off. We'll testify on his behalf. That's not what's gonna happen. No, that's not... Yes, thank you. Put the phone down! Ridge's best interest. Stephanie, this is for The truth needs to be told. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live.

Tonight, the torrential downpour - Sydney's water restrictions. heavy rains set to ease overtaking illegally at high speed A teenage driver accused of that killed four mates. before a crash Sydney APEC protesters And a water cannon set to knock off their feet. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening.

visiting strip clubs. Also tonight, more politicians admit And a fiery emergency - as it goes up in flames. passengers flee their plane of a P-plater crash Astonishing details tonight near Byron Bay. which claimed the lives of four mates overtaking on S-bends at 100km/h A court told of drink-driving, passengers travelled in the boot. and a second car so packed emerged from court The families of four road victims with causing the deaths. where a P-plate driver stands charged The case reviving their grief, leading up to the horrific crash. hearing details since our boys died It's, what, 10 months to have to go through this. and it's pretty horrific are feeling the same way. I'm sure all the other families Corey New, aged 16, both 17, Mitchell Eveleigh and Bryce Wells, and 16-year-old Paul Morris all died instantly when the car they were travelling in south of Byron Bay. careered off a road who can't be identified, The 17-year-old driver, sat impassive in court a litany of road safety breaches. as those first at the scene revealed there were two car loads of friends The court heard that fateful night. travelling out of Byron The first had an unlicensed driver two travelling in the boot. by a second car carrying five friends It was overtaken on an S-bend just a few hundred metres away. and it crashed

overtook on double lines at an S-bend Witnesses say that second car at well over 100km/h. because: he says he was chosen to drive Robert Wells wants to change. It's a driver culture enjoying themselves, We're not trying to stop these kids to reduce the road toll we're just trying safer drivers and let these kids become in that first 12 months a motor vehicle. for tougher P-plate laws Mr Wells has been campaigning ever since his son's death. In Lismore, Amber Muir, Ten News.

not the start many enjoy Driving rain and spine-chilling winds in the surf. And it was no more pleasant spilling into the sea Partially treated effluent couldn't cope. because the sewage treatment plants Sydney has been soaked. a 123mm drenching. In 24 hours, Gordon received Castle Hill took in 93mm, at Penrith. while more than 60mm has fallen again. The Central Coast has been hit hard leaving motorists stranded. Roads are flooded, submerging cars, to more than 200 calls for help. The SES responding climb above 60% capacity by Friday, It's expected our dam levels will on water restrictions a step closer. the Government bringing a move and summer As we move closer to spring when gardens need more attention, is in a position to relax them. it may well be the Government

on restrictions. The Greens oppose any lifting their habits They say home-owners have changed and are now used to saving water. to lift restrictions It makes absolutely no sense a desalination plant. The Opposition calling for to be made permanent. some of the restrictions Whatever easing goes on, to the wasteful ways of the past, we must never go back

paths and other wasteful ways. where people wash down concrete James Boyce, Ten News. on the wild weather. Tim Bailey has more to continue into the week? Tim, can we expect this rain Good

Good evening, Ron. Not for Sydney,

no. The east coast low will take

the torrential rain to the north

coast of NSW and into south-east

Queensland but, as we've just seen

in James's story, Sydney did cash

in. 106mm of rain in the 24 hours,

making it our wettest August day in

nine years.

Gosford, they need a snorkel up

there, the wettest day in more than

90 years of record. In the north

end of the Warragamba dam area,

they had 92mm. But lower falls in

the southern end of the catchment

meaning averages down to around

about 20mm. The upper Nepean

catchment averaged around about

39mm of rain. Sydney tomorrow,

though, we ease the rain done to

showers and the torrential stuff

heading for the north coast of NSW.

Back to the desk. Good on you, Tim. And the weather is being blamed at Kellyville, for a head-on crash between two buses leaving eight people in hospital. the other ending up on a path. One of the buses hit a tree, to Westmead Children's Hospital. Two of the victims were rushed with minor injuries. They were later sent home in Westmead Hospital. Six adults were treated contributed to the crash. It's believed slippery roads accused of a smear campaign The Howard Government is being strip-club booze-up were leaked. after details of Kevin Rudd's already won forgiveness But a repentant Mr Rudd has from the powerful Australian Christian lobby. Scores gentlemen's club in New York It's a long way from the swank to the Make It Count dialogue to the fervent Christians who flocked

with Kevin Rudd. The organiser of the event some support amongst his constituency has no doubts Mr Rudd will lose but forgiveness is more likely. recognise that we all err People in this constituency and having admitted to that will go some way to repair the damage that was done.

Mr Wallace suspects Rupert Murdoch's, 'New York Post' editor Col Allan may have tricked Kevin Rudd into a bar that was also a notorious sex shop. Mr Allan, like the only other member of the party on that night four years ago, Labor MP Warren Snowden, Mr Rudd stated the facts as they were and they've been endorsed by Mr Allan.

I've got nothing to further to add. There was simply no incident and no-one was asked to leave. Kevin Rudd is not sure if he's the victim of a Government dirty tricks smear, but hopes it won't be the tone of the campaign. Questions concerning the campaign tactics of Mr Howard, Mr Downer and others should be put to them and to the Liberal Party.

Running for cover, the government, and denying involvement.

I have nothing to say about it, I'm not going to comment on it

or in the future. Thank you. The saying goes people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, which could explain why ministers don't want to be seen criticising Kevin Rudd. The Defence Minister today even admitting he, too, visited a strip club but 20 years ago. Oh, yes, and I suspect there are many Australian men and an increasing number of women who have done so as well. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The riot squad has unveiled its newest crowd control weapon with a warning - they'll use the water cannon to blast protesters off their feet if they get out of control during APEC sparking fears there could be serious injuries. The $600,000 water cannon will give police the upper hand in riots and will be deployed as a weapon of last resort at APEC. It fires high-pressure blasts of water at protesters, and beyond saying the tank contains 12,000 litres of water and will be used to knock protesters off their feet, riot squad police are revealing little else about their new weapon. If there are going to be people who take the law into their own hands with riotous behaviour on our streets, then this is a good weapon to have. But water cannons do more than knock demonstrators down. They're capable of breaking bones, causing internal injuries and blinding protesters struck directly in the face. If you seek to engage when a water cannon is fired upon you, then it's a commonsense issue. You know you may incur injuries if you can advance upon it,

so the commonsense thing would be to retreat. Protesters say police are trying to intimidate and frighten people away from a peaceful protest. It's always a worry if they're threatening to injure protesters, but of course we're determined to make our point. But not all demonstrators will be targeted by the water cannon. The union movement has done a deal with the Police Association to make sure it's never aimed at striking workers. The cannon unveiled as Commissioner Moroney retires. This was his opinion of them back in 2005. When you've got to the stage of issuing water cannons, sprays, mace and those sorts of things, in that sense, we've really lost the plot. John Hill, Ten News. A sigh of relief for investors today, with the stock market rebounding in spectacular style. from the opening, Shares surged across the board ending the day a massive 4.5% higher, the biggest 1-day rise in 10 years. A sea of green, reflecting a very different mood on the stock market. The significant losses of the last two weeks finally halted, replaced by a recovery, and not a small one. It would appear that there was a lot of very good quality stocks probably on an irrational basis, sold down very heavily, and we are now starting to see a return to rationality in the market. The reason for that change of mood - confidence boosted in the United States. On Friday, America's Federal Reserve slashed by 0.5% the rate at which it lends to banks. It helped ease the panic over a credit crunch caused by growing bad loans. The crisis wiped away a year's worth of gains, hitting our biggest companies. The market will be forced to refocus on companies that are reporting better than expected results, and they will get re-rated back to what we would consider more normalised levels. The Asian market followed our lead today after a similar story in the US and Europe. After the wild ride of the last couple of weeks, investors could be forgiven for wondering whether it was finally all over. Well, the answer to that question appears to be maybe not quite yet. There may be a number of smaller shocks that come into the market.

That's possible and we have to be ready for those. But certainly the wild volatility we've seen we think is over.

It doesn't mean it's over completely. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and Souths and Manly lift their rivalry to a new level. Yes, we'll cross live to Telstra Stadium to preview a game that's already seen a few broadsides fired between the clubs. Plus, a last-minute injury concern for the Wallabies just as they prepare to fly out for the World Cup. Also, an incredible crash in the 250cc race at the Czech Grand Prix - a rider came out of a dust cloud with nowhere to go but into a fallen rider's bike. The extent of his injuries, shortly. Also, a young Aussie golfer gets his card to the big time in US golf with an instant promotion. A court told greed and revenge led to the death of a Sydney car dealer - that's next. Also, senior citizens go into battle against new licence restrictions. as well or better as the next person. And they cost a fortune, but now cold water is being poured on the health claims about so-called super juices. Just going to get a DVD. OK. (Whimpers) Come on, girl. Let's go! (Barks) WOMAN: Now there's a new way to rent DVDs on BigPond. Select from thousands of titles online and the video store comes to you. Then watch them at your leisure on your TV. And with our 1-month free trial and no late fees, everyone will be happy. (Whines) Call 13POND or visit

This program is captioned live. Elderly drivers are fighting plans to restrict them on the road and they're getting a lot of support. Experts say the over-85's shouldn't have to do annual tests, because they're the least likely to have a crash. Bobbi Grosvenor has held a licence for 66 years. The 84-year-old from Annandale is furious at changes that could limit her driving to a 10km radius. In this country, the size of this country, you're limited. In my case, I wouldn't be able to go to Bondi or anywhere and not have a life. But there is some hope the RTA will allow that local licence and in the country. especially in outer suburban areas We are very open-minded, actually. We've put some proposals forward.

We think there's a lot of merit in what we've put out there, but we are running a 3-month consultation period.

The final figure is being worked out. Compulsory medical tests from 75 instead of 80 and annual driving tests from 85 are set to stay. Our members are telling us that they are being failed on really minor infringements like stopping not close enough to the stop line.

Under the new arrangement,

if you are prepared to accept a local licence, you forego that annual test. If you did want to drive more widely, nothing would change - you'd do the test.

The NRMA is opposed to the plan. Look, there has been a couple of high-profile cases involving older drivers and that's really seemed to have coloured the water, but what we would like to point out is they're are a low-risk group. I'll go for any test with any driver, police or otherwise. And I still consider I'm as good as I ever was. From next year, Bobbi will have to prove just that. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A warning tonight against expensive exotic juices that claim to cure almost anything. Consumer watchdog Choice finding they offer no benefits compared to normal fruit and vegetables. If the marketing hype is to be believed, these fruit juices can cure almost anything. One website claiming goji juice has a number of health benefits, from conquering cancer to even helping you lose weight, all thanks to antioxidants. Choice measured the amount of antioxidants in goji, acai, mangosteen and noni, comparing them to apples. The results for goji typical. A litre of that contained approximately the same number of antioxidants as three red delicious apples. Basically a litre of super juice might cost you $80. Three apples cost me $1.60. The consumer watchdog attacking not just the misleading marketing of so-called super juices, but also how they're distributed, through a pyramid system. Both the ACCC and the Food Authority are investigating. We believe that various claims are in breach of the rules and regulations and really some action

should be taken.

One naturopath says he was never convinced of the marketing hype. I think they're unethical. It gives people carte blanche to do guerrilla marketing in their marketing. And so the old saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' still rings true today. If it's antioxidants you're after, it's far cheaper to just visit your local greengrocer. Having them fresh is always better. Once you juice something, you destroy some of its nutritional value. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Allegations of greed and vengeance today of murdering a Sydney car dealer. as a man went on trial accused The court heard the victim was hurled over a cliff after an extortion attempt went too far. The night 44-year-old Bob Ljubic disappeared from his family home in 2005, the prestige car dealer, who owned two car yards, told his wife he was off to look at buying a Ferrari. Five days later, a yachtsman found his body being attacked by sharks off Botany Bay. Jason Clive McCall today went on trial for murder, a jury told he forcefully abducted Mr Ljubic and threw him over the cliff face at Watsons Bay. The court heard there was an elaborate plot to lure the luxury car dealer to look at a Ferrari for sale, the accused even allegedly wore good clothes to look the part. The jury told three men: They then allegedly drove Mr Ljubic to Watsons Bay. The court told one witness will allege they planned to simply frighten him into paying money, when: The court told they then dumped the deceased's Porsche nearby to make it look like suicide. claiming the victim was involved: The case is continuing. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Tim Bailey, it looks like this dump

of rain has come at exactly the

right time to keep the good right time to keep the good news

coming from the dams. Damn, that

was wet, even in the dams. Come ba

got lots of flow-off. They're at

the up reaches of the catchment.

Sydney just had its wettest August

day in nine years and Gosford says,

"We can times ten that." It was the

wettest day in Gosford in the 90 years of record keeping.

Tomorrow at your place, what do you

think we've got for you? It will be

a shower or two, easing, tops of

19 degrees. And I'll see you again

in around about Passengers flee their jet as it goes up in flames. That story next. And the flood victim who had to be rescued twice.

G'day. We're here building the perfect hardware store. To finish the job off,

add a generous application of super-helpful people. Here you go, folks. Just what you're looking for. Mighty helpful, Mitre 10.

Let's check on the traffic now with

Vic Lorusso in the traffic chopper.

How is it looking this evening?

Great. We've had the rain that's

eased this afternoon and into this

evening and we're just looking at a

trouble-free run home on the M2.

Usually I'd zoom down here and you

could see all the traffic building

up to the motorway but this evening

it is very quiet heading into Lane

Cove, Epping Road, we've had no

problems for traffic on Parramatta

Road which has been fantastic for

traffic trying to head home after a

disastrous start this morning.

We'll update it again and let's

hope it's the same at 5:50. A full-scale emergency in Japan as a China Airlines plane explodes in flames. Terrified passengers were rushed from the aircraft as the flames took hold, just as it reached the terminal. The fireball erupted just as the plane was taxiing to the gate. Ground crews watched as the flames took hold of the plane, raising the alarm with flight attendants, 157 horrified passengers and 8 crew were escorted off the Taiwanese flight. Early reports suggested two crew members had minor injuries,

but the airline now says everyone is safe.

It took an hour before crews could extinguish the flames. The Boeing 737 had just arrived on the Japanese island of Okinawa from Taipei. on the Japanese island of Okinawa

from Taipei. Authorities are checking whether a fuel leak was to blame. Witnesses say the left engine was the first part of the plane to ignite. Left to do the talking, the airline spokesman in damage control was quick to point out that correct procedures were followed during the emergency, and said the plane had recently had a maintenance check. But this is the latest in a string of accidents for China Airlines, with 4 deadly crashes in 13 years, killing more than 1,000 people. Evan Batten, Ten News. Hurricane Dean is battering Jamaica as it tears through the Caribbean, heading for Mexico. The monster storm has already claimed eight lives, and the Department of Foreign Affairs in the region is warning Australian tourists to prepare for the worst. Jamaica escaped a direct hit by Hurricane Dean but residents still felt its fury - winds of more than 230km/h lashing the southern coast of the island, felling trees and destroying homes. The International Space Station captured images of the powerful storm as it edged towards Jamaica, while back on Earth thousands of tourists were evacuated on special flights before the worst of the weather hit. Jamaica's electricity grid was shut down or head inland. and locals were urged to take shelter Haiti was also struck hard. At least two people lost their lives were destroyed. and more than 150 homes The clean-up is already under way in the Dominican Republic,

where houses were knocked down severely damaged by floodwaters. and those left standing were As it moves across the Caribbean, strengthen to a category 5 storm, the hurricane is expected to with winds of up to 250km/h in Mexico and Cancun, Tourists at resorts of the hurricane, both in the the path eager to escape. have crowded airports, before I've never experienced a hurricane so I'm happy I'm leaving, man. I don't want to get stuck here. except to prepare for the worst. Some have few options The hurricane has forced NASA of the space shuttle 'Endeavour'. to cut short the mission from the International Space Station It's undocked and will return home a day early. It's feared the hurricane could veer north

and hit the southern coast of Texas. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Amazing scenes in the United States. Drivers caught by floods flown to safety, clinging to the under carriage of a helicopter.

Pummelled by tropical storm Erin, Oklahoma's waterways rose fast, across the devastated city. stranding scores MAN: See if he can jump in the boat there.

Oh, there he goes! to get to the frail and frightened Rescue workers used jet skis

thousands to evacuate. as floods forced out of their houses. Started pulling people Out of a second-storey window! is plucked from her sinking truck. Here, an elderly woman But as the chopper heads to dry land, and falls into the murky river below. she loses her grip MAN: Oh - oh, no. what I did not want to see. That's exactly The highway patrol team circle back try again... and, in a dangerous manoeuvre, this time. She is going to sit on the skid ..finally pulling her to safety. going on out here This is some dangerous stuff with people saving lives out here. the same dramatic scene plays out - In another rescue attempt, caught in the current. a man, lifted from his car, for over a kilometre - He'd have to hold on a risky ride that proved too much. after battling the raging current. Emergency workers finally save him Tonight, a heartfelt thanks. I can't thank highway patrol enough.

the city in a state of emergency. 20,000 are without power, At least one life has been lost. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. over the fate of 181 miners There's anger in China since Friday. trapped in two flooded coal mines to pump water out, Rescuers are still trying has told local media but the chief rescue officer the trapped men Frantic relatives say to keep the miners safe more could have been done of scuffles with security guards. and there have been reports the accident is a natural disaster. The mining company says The shafts filled with water in torrential rain. after a river burst its banks The families of six American miners for two weeks trapped in a Utah coalmine on the missing men. have accused officials of giving up They failed us and our community. is they have failed Of paramount concern

for an above-ground rescue attempt. to drill a hole large enough last week, The underground search was called off in a cave-in. when three rescue workers were killed

the latest air readings show Mine bosses have told families to support life. there's not enough oxygen linked to obesity. More health hazards We'll have the scientific evidence next. Also, a boom in poker playing against problem gamblers. raises fears the cards are stacked wasting the boss's time? And is going online of those networking websites. The astonishing cost of country Australia This is the part where my parents raised me. We all went to this local school, we got a good education. and by the standards of that time, But when I look to the future, greater than ever before. our kids will face challenges to the future - Education is the pathway and our kids' future. our country's future globally competitive. It's the key to being I've a goal for us to be the best-educated country in the world. with the best-trained work force Australia must now plan for an education revolution, boosting early childhood, schools, tech colleges, universities, and insisting on higher standards

can take on the world so that Australia through the best-trained people,

and conditions. not by cutting wages has a strong economy, The Australia I want for the future the 'fair go' out the back door. but one where we don't throw our country great in the past. That's the balance that made for the future. Let's not lose it This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - for the riot squad in Sydney. a powerful new weapon knocking protesters off their feet. It's a water cannon capable of during the APEC summit It'll be on hand in case of violence early next month. in Lismore A P-plater faces the Children's Court that killed four of his mates. over a crash The court was told overtaking on S-bends at 100km/h of overpacked cars with passengers in the boot.

And the torrential rain raises hopes will soon be eased. Sydney's water restrictions in all the right places, It's been falling

to top 60% by the end of the week. with dam levels now expected to keep the restrictions in place But there are calls to saving water. now that we've become used Claims tonight the best way to fight cancer might be exercise. even without losing weight, Nutrition experts say getting active,

can dramatically cut the risk. is a common goal. Exercising to shed kilos is now a real possibility. Exercising to prevent cancer at dampening down inflammation and, for some reason as you get fatter, you tend to switch on inflammatory molecules, at causing cancer. and these are quite powerful Keeping fit has already been found of colon cancer. to dramatically reduce the risk Scientist Peter Clifton says to promote longevity. an active lifestyle is a simple way related to causing cancer Insulin sensitivity is somehow but scientists don't yet know why. with the bonus of losing weight, When you exercise, insulin can help subdue potentially damaging molecules in the body. Insulin can inhibit damage to our DNA. That damage is the underlying cause of cancer. How well the hormone's protective process works can be adversely affected by being obese, sensitive to the action of insulin. and exercise makes your body more When you exercise, you can certainly damp down that level of inflammation, even if you haven't lost any weight, so you can overcome some of the effect of the extra fat by exercising. There are significant benefits in losing weight too. Overweight people are five times more likely to fall victim to kidney, prostate and breast cancers. If you can exercise and lose weight at the same time, the benefit will be enormous, but if you can only increase your exercise, or alternatively lose weight, then I think you'll certainly get benefit in reducing the risk of a lot of cancers. Lou Hendricks, Ten News. Now to some of the extraodinary figures from today's big share market turnaround. Claims tonight our poker boom is raising the stakes for problem gamblers. But card players insist, far from destroying families, it's teaching Australians how to socialise again. It's a scene played out most nights at clubs across the country - Australians have poker fever. Ever since a group of locals won millions on the international circuit, now everyone wants to play. We certainly do enjoy getting together and having a bit of a laugh, and, at the end of the day, there's some serious money to be won as well. Or lost, predicts the Salvation Army. This is going to involve families, young people. We're seeing major problems with gambling now in our society.

The Salvation Army is picking up the pieces with problem gamblers. The social consequences are becoming quite horrendous. Leading the boom, gambling franchise PokerDome. We see this more as entertainment. A player can come here and, for $20, play for 1.5 hours, where, as we well know, in other forms of gambling they can lose thousands of dollars in a very short space of time. The craze is so new the impact is still unknown, but Australia already has 300,000 problem gamblers. of which many of these addicts lose more than $15,000 a year - that's 10 times more than the average punter. Almost 90% of Australians gamble at some point during the year - that's the highest rate anywhere in the world. Even more surprising, perhaps, is the amount of women

who actually take part in poker matches across Australia.

A bit of down time, not a lot of thinking involved, so it's just a good stress release. It's just like any other night - some people like to dance, some people like to play poker. And poker diehards say there's another upside. are ex-poker machine players, and this is saving them quite a bit of money. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Internet website Facebook has been labelled

a multibillion-dollar waste of time. The social website is estimated to cost Australian businesses $5 billion a year in lost productivity. While some companies are restricting access to the site, many workers continue to take up the trend, with Australia now the world's fifth largest user. There are also fears Facebook could leave company computer systems vulnerable to hackers.

This weather has been keeping Tim

Bailey busy. Cooler, nice rainfall.

More of the same tomorrow. Good

evening, dw. eb. Yes, 50m m to

100mm of rain to most Sydney

suburbs this morning. The big wet

headed to the north coast of NSW.

Temperature 16 today, two below

average. And the south-easterly

winds that bit us will do the same

thing again tomorrow. Tim's top temperatures:

If you're looking for a little ray

of sunshine, blue skies again

around about Friday. Back to the

desk. He looks good in that puffa

jacket too, I Sport now with Tim Webster, and Souths have everything to play for tonight. Yes, a top eight spot is there for taking. We'll cross live to Telstra Stadium to find out about the rival coach death-riding the Bunnies. And a wet, wet countdown for the Wallabies as they prepare for their World Cup departure, with injury concerns off field. And blinded by the dust - a horrendous crash for a rider at the Czech Grand Prix. You start a diet on a Monday. You get Mondayitis on Monday. And on Mondays more people plan holidays. traveller's cheques, and foreign currency. You can do your personal banking and pay bills before you go, so you'll enjoy more of every day. This program is captioned live. Round 23 in the NRL wraps up tonight, with Souths playing for a spot in the top eight against Manly. Adam Hawse is at Telstra Stadium. Adam, not everyone's cheering for the Rabbitohs?

The Roosters also want Souths The Roosters also want Souths to

leave. They'll have Rabbitoh leave. They'll have Rabbitoh voodoo dolls out tonight. If Souths win,

the Roosters are just about out of

business for 2007 and the Rabbitohs

have had a late boost. Mattor Ford

is out with a leg injury.

Despite yesterday's loss to the

Gold Coast, the Roosters haven't

given up on a finals berth, but

they need some help tonight. I'll

be death-riding Souths for sure.

We have to. We have no choice. Fits

gibion stunned at outrage from

punters who did their dough on pick the scores when he the scores when he declined a

conversion attempt at full-time. We

didn't get time to take the kick.

The kick was irrelevant for the score. I'm sorry if people lost

money. I wasn't thilg about that at

the time. After yesterday's match spanned an astonishing spanned am astonishing spanned an astonishing 98 minutes,

Roosters players calling for video

referees to be given a limit of

five replays to make up their mind. & ve rep#yys to make up their mind.

I don't think you need to look at

it nearly 900 times to make a

decision. It dragged on for ages. I felt like we were out there for

hours T would be nice if they could

speed up the replays. After being

overlooked yesterday, out-of-favour

Kirk Reynoldson looked on again as

the Knights tried their hand at a

different sport. He's not saying if

he's got his hopes up at playing

the Cowboys on Friday. No comment.

Selections are made tomorrow. That

will be left up to the coach. He'll

select the team on form. Happier

days at the Bulldogs. The players'

families teaming up with the

Salvation Army for a selection

drive . Unlike the Roosters, Steve

Folkes isn't concerned. I'm only worried about us.

Most interest is in Parramatta's

star from Tim that that hu. He'll

escape suspension with an escape suspension with an early play to the high tackle.

This is a

very important game for South. They haven't

haven't been to the finals since 1989. Queensland prop Rodney Blake has been called in to train with the Wallabies for the rest of the week

to cover for the injured Guy Shepherdson. 'Rodzilla' took part in this morning's sodden session at Coogee while Shepherdson received treatment an injury that continues to plague the prop three weeks after arthroscopic surgery. I'm concerned that I'm not 100% going into a World Cup, but, I mean, the coaching staff and the medical staff are pretty confident, so hopefully things can go to plan over the next few days and I'll be available for selection. for the World Cup on Thursday Shepherdson will leave along with number eight David Lyons who's made a steady recovery from deep vein thrombosis.

Swans coach Paul Roos says his team must move on quickly from Saturday night's heartbreaking draw against the Brisbane Lions. Johnathon Brown's 55m goal in the dying seconds of the match left Sydney players ruing what might have been. It probably means we've got a little more breathing space in terms of making the eight. That's our primary objective at this stage.

There's a lot of talk about the top four and premierships and things like that, but we don't talk about that. Roos confirming impressive debutant Ed Barlow will play

in Saturday's game against Collingwood. "90 minutes, 90 emotions" is the tagline for the new A-League season, which Sydney FC and Central Coast will kick off on Friday night. FFA boss Ben Buckley today launching the new season and calling on players, coaches and administrators to surpass the high standards set in the first two years of the competition. The biggest star of the League, Juninho, is still some way off full fitness. I think maybe two or three games and I think everybody, not just me, will be fit. The Brazilian star is expected to have limited time on the pitch in Friday night's opener at the Sydney Football Stadium. Australian Casey Stoner moved a step closer to the MotoGP world championship with a magnificent start to finish victory at the Czech Grand Prix. The day marred by a frightening crash in a lead-up event. Warm-up in the 250cc class - Italian Marco Simoncelli unseated from his Aprilla, the bike becoming an unavoidable speed bump

for Japanese rider Taro Sekiguchi. Thankfully, he's recovering in hospital after suffering a broken pelvis and two fractured ribs in the horror fall. A much less dramatic and almost predictable race in the MotoGP - Casey Stoner starting from pole

and seemingly unstoppable on board his powerful Ducati. Unchallenged throughout the race, the 21-year-old romped home, almost eight seconds ahead of American John Hopkins. Unchallenged throughout the race, the 21-year-old romped home, almost eight seconds ahead of American John Hopkins. COMMENTATOR: But it is Stoner who is smashing them in the 2007 series, he is braining them. Brilliant stuff by the Aussie. Fellow Aussie Chris Vermuelen won a tight battle with former world champ Valentino Rossi - Vermuelen finished fifth, Rossi seventh, now trailing Stoner by 60 points in the championship race. An Australian in some way helping another Australian. Six events left in the season, with the world crown looking more and more likely to head down-under. I just want to thank everybody in my team, my wife, everybody who's been there, you know, throughout the year. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Golfer Joanne Mills has become the third Australian to win on the European Ladies Tour, with a 1-shot win in the Wales Championship. And it's an early dream come true for Newcastle's Nick Flanagan - to the big-money US PGA Tour he's received an instant promotion with his third Nationwide Tour victory for the year. The 23-year-old stormed home on the final day of the Xerox Classic with a 7-under-par round, just the eighth player ever to earn a mid-season graduation from the secondary tour, for the end of the FedEx Cup playoffs but he'll have to wait a month before starting in the big time. from wheelchair basketball. Finally, a super shot threw what's called "a prayer" Perth Wheelcats captain Brad Ness in the National Wheelchair League

with spectacular accuracy. and his prayer was answered What a way to end the first half. it was nothing but net from Ness. Now, you could say Not bad, Brad. That's all for now. Monday night footy, Later in Sports Tonight - in the first of a 3-match series, plus the Boomers take on New Zealand at stake. with a place at the Olympics

Vic Lorusso really doesn't have

much to do tonight. It's all smiles

from where we are. No accidents or

breakdowns. This is Smithfield.

Look at the Cumberland highway.

Pick any lane you like as you head

home. No excuses for anyone being

late this evening. It's a good

Tim Bailey's weather is next. Stay with us. change. Thank you.

my record collection! Hey, I see you found would actually be worth a listen. Yeah. Hey, Dad, some of these I put 'em all on one of these. Hey, well, you know, that's why Insure your contents with APIA and you can save 50% on your personal effects premium. and not working full-time, call: So if you're over 50 update brought to you by APIA. VOICEOVER: Tonight's weather

It's all been about the rain today

I'm afraid. A friend of mine at

Gunnedah says they've had several

days of rain. A good day for

puddles and a for a couple of our

Warragamba favourite puddles, Woronora and

Warragamba dams got a little bit.

Tamworth and Gunnedah - it rained

everywhere but Sydney was really

the story and the Central Coast of the story and the Central Coast

course. Gosford, it's wettest day,

90-year 144mm of rain in 24 hours. That's a

90-year record.

We've had our wettest August day in

nine years. The east coast low

spinning this rain towards the

north coast of NSW and south-east

Queensland, leaving Sydney with a

shower or two today, tomorrow shower or two today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Friday - some sunshine,

sunshine. Blue skies Friday

afternoon and I know, ever since the alarm went off this morning, you've been thinking about your weekend. It's looking fine and

sunny for you. Into your backyard,

if you don't mind, folks. He's a

little wet behind the ears and

anyway. bedraggled but he'll do the job

Let's have a look at the satellite.

Thick cloud over north-east NSW due

to a low forming off the coast.

That's causing heavy rain. That's causing heavy rain. Severe weather warnings for flash flooding

are in force. Patchy cloud in

south-west WA is cause ago south-west WA is cause ago few

showers -- causing a few showers.

Let's look at tomorrow's weather

map. A low off the east coast

generates heavy showers. Large

swrels along the northern NSW and

south-east Queensland coasts. South-easterly winds bring light

showers to southern Victoria and

Tasmania. A trough will weaken in

south-west WA causing showers to

clear. The business of the brolly,

crops. drips and drops across rooftops and

Isolated showers over eastern

areas of NSW. Showers in areas of NSW. Showers in southern

Victoria and Tasmania. Possible shower or two for south-west WA.

Just three days ago I was saying we

were 75mm dune on the August

average for rainfall and then 10mm

in 24 hours, more than our entire

monthly average of rain drops on us

and we're looking alright with

those dam levels. Some talk they

might hit 60% when it all runs into

interstate for you. Warragamba and Woronora. Let's go

That's it from me, a little wet

behind the ears. Wouldn't be the

first time. See you tomorrow night.

As long as he tosss in a fine

I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00. weekend, that's OK.

Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. throughout the evening We'll have updates with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. with the Late News Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions