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(generated from captions) thanks a passenger Hijack hero - a Sydney bus driver for saving the day. you could see it on his face. The driver was terrified - on Asian drivers. John Laws extraordinary attack

the worst on the face of the earth. Chinese drivers are probably but our dollar dives. A better day on the stockmarket, And hanging on for dear life - a night at sea with no protection. the two sailors who survived These two people had nothing. This program is captioned live. Good evening. in Sydney's west What began as an ordinary bus trip of quick thinking finished with an extraordinary act which ultimately ended a hijack. to passenger Wendy Sky, It was all thanks but guided them to the trouble. who not only managed to alert police, after a bus ride from hell. A heartfelt reunion You saved my life. Mother-of-three Wendy Sky from school yesterday was escorting her kids home was signalling her for help. when she realised their bus driver You could see it on his face. The driver was terrified. a violent, drug-affected passenger Jose Quezeda was being menaced by who was demanding to take the wheel. the dashboard of the bus. And he started hitting He started hitting the machines.

mainly with schoolchildren, The bus was packed, leaned over the steering wheel. when the man repeatedly

tried to maintain control. For 45 minutes, Jose desperately and killed us all. He could have had an accident

and made my way up to the back, I sort of took all the little ones "This guy's nuts." 'cause I thought, When Jose winked at Wendy for help, off the bus, she ordered her daughters but the eldest refused to leave. then reached for her mobile phone The quick-thinking mother towards the bus. and quietly guided police

I made the call and I just mimed it Put my hand and I said, you know, back at me and he's looked in the mirror and he's gone, "Thank you." sirens blaring, As police cars approached the bus, though. Investigators are hot on his heels, the violent passenger fled.

a drug pipe and identification. He left behind his bag, containing to the bus depot today Wendy travelled

welfare. to check on the shocked driver's Saved everybody's. Oh, Wendy saved my life. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. of the Sydney Dance Company The incoming artistic director by a garbage truck this morning. has died after being hit on the Pacific Highway at Crows Nest 30-year-old Tanja Liedke was struck just after 2:00am. Graeme Murphy as artistic director Ms Liedtke was due to replace in October. In an interview in May, forward to the challenge. she spoke of how she was looking thrilled and can't wait to begin. Mostly I'm just excited and say Staff from the Sydney Dance Company at Ms Liedke's death. they're deeply shocked An 80-year-old woman has died a bus at Bankstown this morning. when the car she was in crashed into from their seats. Passengers were thrown I fell off the seat When the bus came to a stop, was the car smashed into the bus. and all I saw when I looked up was taken to Liverpool Hospital A male in the car in a serious but stable condition. and understandably shaken. The bus driver was visibly

to claims Unions have reacted angrily driving dangerously - that bus drivers have been caught

some even racing - in Sydney's west. describing them as 'cowboys' They've admitted that a few do speed, who drive responsibly. who've tarnished the vast majority The Patrick Street bus tunnel Westpoint shopping centre, runs directly under Blacktown's a gleaming new terminal. taking passengers to and from

these security camera pictures, But, believe turned the roadway into a raceway. and private company bus drivers have be breaking the road rules, Any motorist out there shouldn't but, in particular, a bus driver. the tunnel in the wrong lane, The footage shows one bus entering another reversing into a wall. in a 20km/h zone, One is alleged to be doing 75km/h are supposedly drag racing. while these buses

he tried alerting the RTA. This former security guard says 10 times a day probably. Constantly - every day, Some buses had passengers on board. have given the rest a bad name. Drivers admit a few through that tunnel, Out of many thousands of movements cowboys breaking the rules. there might have been one or two

of drag racing But they question claims make speeding impossible. and say speed bumps You're talking a 17-tonne vehicle. in that distance to 70km/h - It wouldn't accelerate

physically impossible.

have dismissed the security footage The drivers and bus companies

as a misrepresentation. speed cameras in the tunnel They've urged the RTA to install

and have welcomed any inquiry. These are very serious allegations if they're actually true. and we have to find out Brad Schmitt, National Nine News.

Veteran 2UE broadcaster John Laws on his program stirred up plenty of trouble today about Chinese drivers. when he shared his views from an Asian woman, Responding to a call are the worst in the world he told her that Chinese drivers but simply telling the truth. and insisted he was not being racist, but John Laws said it on air. Some people might think it, I understand the worst on the face of the earth. that Chinese drivers are probably the talkback king in hot water again Comments which are bound to land a woman caller named Helen. were made as he spoke to along with the rest of them. You probably fall into the category that sweet Helen's little too. I'll give you even money She's about 4'8". between the steering wheel I can see it - and they look out and the top of the dashboard. mouth was getting him into trouble, And while Laws seemed to sense his he didn't stop. well, I won't put it that way... But you've got to go - you've got keep your eyes open. ..well, I will - As you'd expect, this afternoon. his views revved a few drivers on the radio or the news. He shouldn't say that to that kind of stereotype. I don't think Asians can be held was fuming. And one prominent community leader which could be explained These are not comments as politically incorrect.

These are comments which are offensive. Laws has made no apology for his comments saying it was the truth, and he has some support. Truthfully, I think they are. The majority of them are. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. New cars will not need a pink slip for five years under proposed changes to registration laws. The Government says it's increasing the period from the current three years because of the greater reliability of new cars. The NRMA has welcomed changes to the system that will allow registrations to be submitted online and paid over 3, 6 or 12 months. Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens says he won't hesitate to raise interest rates during the election campaign if that's necessary to keep inflation down. And Mr Stevens has told a parliamentary committee

he has no regrets about last week's rise. He's the man who could have as big an impact on the coming election campaign as John Howard or Kevin Rudd. How are you? Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens has his finger on the interest rate trigger and if he pulls it again before the poll - well, Government MPs shudder at the mere thought of it. The governor understands the consequences. We are not pretending there is no pain involved. But he told a parliamentary committee hearing on the Gold Coast that if economic figures indicated another rise was necessary, he would not hesitate, even if the election campaign was under way. If it's clear something needs to be done I do not know what explanation

we could offer the Australian public

for not doing it, regardless of when an election might be due.

New inflation figures come out in late October. The Reserve Bank board meets on 6 November. That could be in mid-campaign if Prime Minister John Howard opts for a late November or early December election date. Mr Stevens's attitude could push the PM towards an earlier poll, on the 20 October or 27 October,

on 20 or 27 October or maybe 3 November. The biggest risk, of course, to inflation and interest rates would be if industrial relations policy were changed. I don't want to step into this particular political minefield. Mr Stevens told the hearing that despite the financial market crisis,

he has no regrets about the interest rate rise approved by the bank last week. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. Our sharemarket hasn't settled down,

but trading was calmer compared to yesterday's wild ride. But now of equal concern is the plight of our dollar which took another hammering today,

the fall threatening to push up prices, including petrol. Investors around the world are wondering when it will all end. People are thinking that there's light at the end of the tunnel, but, remember, a lot of the time the light at the end of the tunnel can be a train.

The turmoil again hit Australian shares. Our market was down, up and finally down again. Most will feel the impact through the super fund. The average super fund is down around 4% since July 1,

But the further the market falls, the more bargains that are emerging.

In the space of a month, it's gone

from being a seller's market where

the seller can dictate the price,

but now the buyers are dictate the

price. The dollar has fallen in parallel with the stock market, down more than US10 cents in the past three weeks as international traders desert the country they once considered a mecca for making one.

The fall in the dollar is also bad news for people travelling overseas or planning a trip. The price of foreign currency has risen dramatically, increasing the cost of international travel by 10% or 12% and for consumers, that's not where the bad news ends. The price of anything coming into our country will rise from the next shipment. Flat screen TVs, cars, some clothing, you can expect price rises. Even worse, petrol prices are also likely to rise. It all puts pressure on interest rates and worst of all, interest rates.

Manufacturers will do a little better too and it might provide some relief for farmers which will be good news too.

Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. According to coastal authorities in the far north of the State, two close mates have survived their own stupidity. The pair spent 15 hours clinging to their upturned catamaran, before they were saved, but it's their actions which led to the drama that have confounded the local coastguard. Joel Wilson and Scott Warren - lost at sea, then somehow found. It's good to be back on dry land, matey. The pair were found early this morning by a rescue chopper, three nautical miles off Brunswick Heads... RADIO: Lifesaver four has located the yacht. ..just a dot in a huge, slate grey sea. Would have been a cold night for them. They could be seen sitting on top of their small hobie cat. A 15-hour ordeal was about to end. The Westpac chopper was their saviour, winching the men to safety. We kept our heads, though.

It was good. We both kept our heads and did what we had to do to survive it. The men had been sailing yesterday afternoon when their yacht overturned and they couldn't right it. But what exactly did they do to survive? They are not saying yet - a tell-all deal seems to be their plan. There was a secret to how we survived so well out there, and it wasn't spooning - not just spooning. Before they sell their story, they might need to explain to the local coastguard why they went to sea with no lights, lifejackets, flares or even a radio to guide in their rescuers. These two people had nothing and they put a lot people's lives at risk. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. In the news ahead -

a sharp rise in the death toll from the devastating earthquake in Peru. And the king of duets to mark 30 years since the death of Elvis. The nation of Peru is mobilising a major humanitarian rescue effort, following yesterday's massive earthquake. At least 400 people died in a region south of the capital, Lima,

and that toll could rise as rescuers reach the ruined towns.

It came after dark, from 30km below the sea off Peru's southern coast, and it brought fear and panic and destruction with it. In three small cities south of Lima, office workers ran into the streets as multistorey buildings began to break apart. This woman was on the 14th floor when water began shooting out of toilets and cracks appeared in floors and walls. The quake registered as a very powerful and rare 8 on the magnitude scale. At least 200 worshippers were in this church when the quake hit. None survived.

Thousands of homes, mostly made from sun-dried bricks, simply collapsed. Even many hours later, people stayed outside,

together with the dead. Badly damaged hospitals struggled to cope with the injured. The quake shattered parts of the main highway to the north, tragically slowing the relief convoys Locals also feared a tsunami,

fishermen dragging boats away from the beaches, and then huddling with their families on higher ground. The tsunami warning was later lifted, but a series of aftershocks continues to leave tens of thousands of people living on the edge. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. The desperate effort to find six trapped coalminers in America has now led to the death of one of the rescue team. He was killed when an earth tremor caused a fresh tunnel collapse. Six other miners were injured. The original six were trapped,

when another seismic tremor caused a mine collapse, 10 days ago. A Canadian woman has given birth to rare identical quadruplets.

The odds of such a multiple delivery, a staggering one 1 in 13 million. The four girls were conceived without fertility drugs and born two months premature. They are breathing without ventilators and are said to be doing well. They're finally here and look to be healthy and to hold them, it's absolute magic -

there's no other feeling like it in the world. The couple also has a 2-year-old son. In a mix of sadness and celebration, thousands of Elvis Presley's most devoted fans have completed their pilgrimage to Memphis, marking 30 years since his death. The event wound up with a concert, which included a performance by his daughter, Lisa Marie. Fans sat there mesmerised while now-ageing members of his original band worked with him again live - sort of - in concert. Still belting it out and appproaching 80, his original backing singer, Millie Kirkham. And then a special moment - thanks to video-mixing, Lisa Marie Presley joined her dad for the finale. (Sings) # If there's one thing that she don't need # It's another hungry mouth to feed in the ghetto... # And another female has a lot to thank the King for - Australian Elvis tribute singer Jacqueline Feilich. She's a star at the clubs here and this is why. (Sings) # If I can dream of a better land... # Here at Graceland, Elvis's home, there were extraordinary scenes here last night - there were so many people wanting to take part in the candlelight vigil the place stayed open all night and they were still filing past his grave at dawn. Ken and Joy Shepherd from Sydney eventually got in after queing for over 13 hours. What do you think about what you've done here for the last couple of hours? What's it meant to you? Oh, I'm going to get so emotional. Yeah? She's a real Elvis fan? Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Both work in the distribution department of Woolworth's and saved for years for this. Ken's photos of Joy at the gravesite in the Elvis tribute room will now be the latest exhibit in Erskine Park. she's created back home National Nine News. In Memphis, Robert Penfold, Stephanie Brantz with sport next at the Panthers? and there's more trouble Ad, yet again, booze is to blame. with Melbourne coach Craig Bellamy Also, we tackle those issues with the Eels. ahead of tonight's big clash delivers her first foal. And the great Makybe Diva At Franklins, to make big savings. it's easy for you Like 200g Moccona coffee, Dark or Delicate varieties: Freeze Dried Classic, That's:

Crunchy Nut Clusters 540g Kellogg's or 825g Cornflakes: That's: for Franklins': Look in our latest catalogue To save you time as well as money. But only at Franklins, Australia's original discount grocer.

meet the injury ravaged Broncos, In league tonight, the Bulldogs version of mission impossible while Parramatta face the NRL's taking on Melbourne at Olympic park. joins me now. The Storms Coach Craig Bellamy lets get it out of the way first, Craig,

is going to react how do you think the referee the grapple tackle this week? with all the drama surrounding

Well, hopefully he'll just referee

what he sees and that's what we

expect, that's what we should be

getting. Well, you're not worryed

that your guys will be targeted

with all of the publicity? At the

end of the day, incan't control

that. We can only control our

actions out there, and as I say, if

the referee referees what he sees

and judge ons what he sees, we have

no problem with that. You'll still

be winning, but is it time for you

guys to snap back into the form

that can win you the Premiership?

Yeah, again, we probably haven't

been at our best for three weeks,

but at the same time, we've won the

games and the last couple of games

have been real physical, knock them

down and drag them out affairs

against Cronulla and Brisbane and

we were happy with the performances

there. As I said, they were tough

games but we stuck in and grinded

the game out and got two wins. So

we don't think we're too far away.

All right, tonight is a good test.

Parlour is one team that you could

well have to play in the finals?

Yeah, they've got great side,

they're probably as good as any

side on paper, especially the back

five, big strong guys with great

skill and good pace. It's a good

challenge for some of the young

outside backs tonight and we're

looking forward to it. All right, well, good luck tonight and thank

you for your time. Thank you. Clinton has been dropped We can reveal Penrith prop Joel with coach Matthew Elliott following a run in hungover. after turning up to training, including Craig Gower, Clinton and three other players, in Queensland, were drinking at a sponsors function

which is against club rules. The players were all fined. key Swans defender Tadhg Kennelly In AFL - Makybe Diva, The first lady of Australian racing, for the first time has become a mother new foal could be worth, and there's no telling how much her but it will be millions. birth just after 3:00 this morning. The 3-time Melbourne Cup winner gave Valley at Coolmore Stud in the Hunter The Diva's dynasty began just after 3:00am this morning,

a perfect first-time mother. the triple Melbourne Cup winner, mare who's having her first foal - Be hard to see a maiden mare - be as professional as she is. overnight, Nine foals were born at Coolmore under wraps in this stable. the mum and child that mattered

will be donated to a good cause Money from the sale of photos by owner Tony Santic. by leukaemia. Tony's family have been touched like a Ronald McDonald house, They're trying to build a house, who've been treated with leukaemia. for families with kids is English Derby winner Galileo, The foal's dad a record price if he's ever sold. his pedigree bound to bring sort of $4 million or $5 million. You would think he would make the Australiasian record? So he'd easilly break Absolutely smash it, I'd say. Motherhood for Makybe Diva as her racing career. is bound to be just as hectic the next month here at Coolmore The Diva and her son will spend is likely to fall pregnant again. where the champion mare three Melbourne Cups, As the only horse to win Makybe Diva rewrote racing history. becomes a legend! RACE CALLER: And a champion Big boots to fill for her little boy as her, he'd be good enough. I'd say if he was a 100th as good I mean, in my lifetime, and the Southern Hemisphere, in both the Northern hemisphere like Makybe. I've never seen a racehorse Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News.

of being a baseball umpire. And just before I go, the dangers key Swans defender Tadhg Kennelly In AFL - night's important clash has been ruled out of tomorrow because of a knee injury. with the Lions in Brisbane the Commsec Finance report, After the break - Majella Wiemers with the weather,

restaurant already a smash hit. then, Robert De Niro's Australian In business news,

has been poached by rival Westpac. St George Bank boss Gail Kelly to run a major bank - She is the first woman her base salary, $2.7 million.

Westpac shares were higher On the market,

to buy bank shares. as bargain hunters jumped in companies, which were again lower. No such luck for the big mining is approaching. Mark, a run of wet days High cloud still about this Friday. peaking at 21 degrees. The top temperatures a little higher, And right now? It's 18. More cloud at times tomorrow. There's a cloud band reforming. with an upper-level trough Now that's tied in

and into our State. that will extend over Queensland for north-east parts of NSW. Best falls out of that will be especially on Sunday and Monday. Quite heavy rain expected there, north-easterly to south-easterly The winds will swing from

as the winds become more on-shore, late in the day tomorrow and after dark. we'll see showers come in for Sydney stick around for most of next week. And those light falls are likely to Rain developing there. Wet also in Brisbane. Adelaide and Hobart. Showers on Saturday for Melbourne, Local fog for inland parts tomorrow. Mostly fine during the day, though. Surfers, you might as well cross a weekend on the waves off the agenda. Hardly anything about. It is Friday night, so of course, we have our weather cadets. This week from Condell Park Public School in Sydney's west. Our cadets take their readings during school hours and when they got there this morning it was 16 degrees. Enjoy your weekend whatever you are up to. Hollywood actor Robert De Niro pulled a celebrity crowd for the opening of the much anticipated Nobu restaurant at Melbourne's Crown casino last night.

Australia's most expensive dining experience was officially opened with the three owners, and local investor James Packer, performing a sake ceremony. A quick toast and then it was on to the fine food.

And that's National Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson - goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.