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(generated from captions) It's always your voicemail, Ridge. Oh. It's always your... Uh, listen, um... ..stay where you are. where you are and trust me. Do you understand? Just stay I... think you should even call me. As a matter of fact, I don't Did he do it? Did Ridge kill Shane McGrath?! the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. the Sydney Dance Company. Tonight - tragedy strikes Artistic director Tanja Liedtke killed by a garbage truck.

and running red lights - Drag-racing, speeding rogue bus drivers facing the sack. his mate in a brawl over $50. And a suspect charged with murdering Good evening. Also, tonight - hints at higher interest rates. the Reserve Bank Governor very rare identical quads. And four special bundles of joy - But first this evening - through Australia's dance community. the tragic death that sent shockwaves had the world at her feet - At just 29, Tanja Liedtke soon to begin the challenging role of the Sydney Dance Company. as artistic director But her life ended this morning at Crows Nest. when she was hit by a garbage truck Tanja Liedtke was overjoyed Just three months ago, artistic director to have been appointed Sydney Dance Company. of the acclaimed Mostly I'm just excited and thrilled. out. And just can't wait to begin.details wait to nut the detaisls out. It's already beingning but I can't that promising future was cut short But shortly after 2:00 this morning, and killed by a garbage truck when the 29-year-old was run over on Sydney's north shore. on the Pacific Highway at Crows Nest

and started dancing at age four. Tanja was born in Germany She moved to Australia from London's Ballet Rambert after graduating for the Australian Dance Theatre. and became a dancer and choreographer chairman Tom Dery That was Sydney Dance Company at the time of Tanja'a appointment. he issued a statement Today, too upset to speak, as being in shock describing the company to her partner, and sending condolences fellow company member, Solon Ulbrich.

reports about the circumstances

surrounding the accident and are

appealing for people to come

forward. It is bald and it is

courageous and that makes me very

sad excited. Angela Bishop 10 economic watchdog in the country By design, he's the most powerful he's fiercely independent - and today more proof serving notice the Reserve Bank Governor for the Government he'll do no favours in the months ahead. by sitting on his hands that something needs to be done, If it's clear we could offer the Australian public I don't know what explanation for not doing it, when an election might be due. regardless of on the stock market, And despite the dramatic falls about raising rates last week. he has no regrets

The Governor believes will calm down pretty quickly. the volatility in the market

to support the dollar He revealed the bank has intervened and to keep cash flowing. There are no grounds whatsoever to raise their interest rates. for Australian banks

economics committee is not so sure. But the Liberal chairman of the

on the banks themselves There will also be pressure so that it may not be necessary to make further changes. for the Reserve Bank from the Governor's testimony. There was some comfort for Labor for infrastructure as necessary He sees State government borrowing on interest rates and putting no more pressure than private borrowing. and interest rates The biggest risk to inflation policy was changed. would be if industrial relations to buy into that debate. But the Governor refused there is no substance in the claims He made it very clear one side of politics than the other. interest rates would be higher under Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. 4th of worth Stam would swear -

switch and bid been another

traumatic day for investors. Julia

sally joined us from concept. Juliet is there any sign of a

turnaround in this disastrous week?

Hopefully we will soon start to

focus on our own backyard.

Australian companies on average are

reporting rises of 25 per cent so

hopefully investors will start to

look at the money they have made

over the last year. What we need to

do to get confidence returning to

the city market? Well we have had a

very tumultuous week. We have lost

five per cent. Lower commodity

prices rarely weighed on the market

today but we did so does seeing

some buying in the financial so if

market we start seeing red continue the

market should pick up. Bikie Julia. its new chief executive - Westpac has named boss Gail Kelly. former St George Bank has been appointed It's the first time a woman at Australia's fourth biggest bank. to the top job three of whom are triplets, I have four children, I've needed employers and in my life and my career and provide flexibility to me who've been prepared to back me of my career. during different stages a year She'll earn more than $2.5 million from David Morgan in February. when she takes the reins Veteran broadcaster John Laws by criticising Asian drivers. has been accused of a racist rant of motoring, Well known for his own love who said she was from China, Laws let rip when a female caller, about a traffic fine. complained to him I understand Chinese drivers on the face of the earth are probably the worst drivers fall into that category and you probably along with the rest of them

you do a lot of looking. and I don't think has slammed Laws, The Ethnic Communities Council

are refusing to comment. while 2UE management A Sydney pub fight over $50 his friend being charged with murder. has ended in the death of one man and his head on a bar stool. The victim died after hitting over just $50. 34-year-old Vinh Lu died in a fight

43-year-old Van Pham, Police allege his friend, punched him once. and hit his head on a bar stool He fell back last night. at the Cabramatta Bowling Club has seen the tragic incident on cctv. The manager of the club Obviously a bit of a scuffle broke out, you see a hand go forward, the guy goes back with an arched back and falls backwards and hit his head on that bar, foot bar there. Doctors at Liverpool hospital couldn't save the victim, his family switching his life support off a short time later. The truck driver from Landsvale faced Liverpool court today charged with murder. The magistrate refused him bail. Police allege he's admitted several times to throwing the punch, that Luu wouldn't repay him the $50 he was owed. Vinh Lu lived close to the club where he died. In fact, in the street just over the fence. His widow was home today but didn't want to speak on camera. He had two children, aged six and two. Very, very sad and certainly our condolences go out to all their family. Van Pham will appear in court again in October. Even Batten, Ten News. Buses racing, speeding and being driven recklessly - damning claims tonight which could see some Sydney bus companies kicked out of business. This is the video evidence of buses allegedly drag racing through the Blacktown interchange Another shot shows buses speeding in convoy while a third image reveals a bus reversing out of control. It was sent to the RTA by one of its security guards, Nadim Mikhael who quite in frustration after months of inaction. Constantly every day 10 times a day with passengers on board. I told the RTA but they did nothing. The Opposition says emails prove the police were also told months ago. We have evidence of police intervention way back in May. The Government is threatening to strip the operating licences from the bus companies who employ the accused cowboy drivers. is outrageous, irresponsible What's been described today and we will do anything to stamp it out. But bus drivers claim they're the victim of a disgruntled former guard. And get to 70km an hour? I couldn't do it on a motorbike, it's just not possible. Of course, none of the incidents of speeding can be proved because there was no radar to catch it. Even the bus drivers asked for a speed camera to weed out cowboy behaviour. Drivers admit there are some reckless drivers in the ranks. The RTA installed speed humps six weeks ago to stop the reckless driving. If you did any of those things now you'd end up in a wall. James Boyce, Ten News. A medical supplies company, shut down for pumping out a cancer causing gas, has been allowed to restart operations. Unomedical had been releasing the carcinogenic gas ethylene oxide, sparking fears it was linked to 14 local cases of childhood cancer. The plant will reopen next week after installing special filtering equipment.

Authorities say the emissions will be monitored as they continue investigating. Changes to car registration rules, details coming up. Plus the woman who faked having an aggressive form of cancer. And the young people enduring the agony of arthritis. WOMAN: It's said that you can't judge a book by its cover, but there are rare exceptions where first impressions resonate the beauty of an area and are reflected by quality and sophistication on every page of the story. Buy land in First Edition at Kingston Foreshore and you can design your own architecturally-inspired address at Lake Burley Griffin - Canberra's most prestigious location. This is your opportunity to create the perfect lifestyle. Kingston Foreshore - lakeside living at its best. Call First Edition Land Sales today. Yes! And that is the ball game. All out for 256. That's it. It all starts with the 'Sunday Telegraph Sport'.

EASEaCOLD is different to most cold and flu products. It contains ingredients proven to shorten the life and reduce the severity of your cold. Shorten your cold with EASEaCOLD. This program is captioned live. A man who once threatened to crash a plane into the Harbour Bridge has been jailed for 9 years for shooting a member of his drug gang. Saleh Jamal shot the victim in the groin during a confrontation in a Greenacre park in 1998. Jamal later fled to Lebanon while on bail and was extradited to Australia last year. The judge noting the 32-year-old was suspected of terrorist activities but had not been convicted. He's been given a non parole period of 5.5 years. Three people have somehow walked away from this plane crash in Sydney's south-west.

A pilot and two passengers were on board the 4-seater aircraft when it came down near an airport fence. Ambulance officers treated them for minor injuries.

It's not known if the plane had a mechanical failure or if weather conditions played a part. Investigations are continuing. The rules for car pink slips are being changed, with claims the system will be cheaper and easier. But motoring groups warn there could be problems.

Registering a late model car is about to get easier, For motorists in NSW, it's a yearly hassle ,

paying the local mechanic for a vehicle inspection,

then the long queue at the RTA to organise registration. But it's about to get a whole lot easier. Owners of new cars will be given a five-year stretch

without a pink-slip check - up from the current three-year exemption. This will save people around $31 each year

in inspections they don't need to do, but also it will save them time, not having to queue up to register their cars. renewals will be done online or over the phone. Every pink slip provider in NSW able to send inspection details direct the the RTA. Motoring groups are happy with the changes, but warn it's no excuse to let new car maintenance lapse. Some commercial vehicles in particular do very high kilometres every year. We would be very concerned about those vehicles not being maintained properly over a five-year period. And, if paying for 12 months rego in one hit is too much of a strain, there's more good news. The RTA is introducing 3 and 6-month options, but only if you pay online. The changes will take effect from July next year. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. More than 200 steel workers have lost their jobs in Newcastle. Employees of Australian Tube Mills laid off as a result of a restructure. The OneSteel and Smorgon Steel joint venture closing two mills in the area. If this is the effect here locally at the pipe and tube business which is a small part of the operation, what is going to happen broadly, throughout OneSteel and Smorgon's group? Around 50 workers will be re-employed in Brisbane and Melbourne where the work has been transferred. Sydney disappeared for a while this morning, vanishing beneath a blanket of thick fog. Three flights were diverted from Sydney airport due to visibility being reduced to 1.5 kilometres. International Qantas flights from LA and San Francisco were sent to Brisbane while an Emirates flight from Dubai landed in Melbourne. Ferry services and roads weren't affected.

Standby for switching the one but

when look at this picture on your

television and just have a look at

the top of the frame. What is that?

That is the weekend ended his

sneaking up on you as we speak. On

Sunday will be 17 degrees and

showery. The Falcon has reduced

visibility to 300 metres in most

suburbs. The airport was affected.

Rainfall Wise, we got seven mills

in Newport. And today was 20

degrees and there was officially

two degrees above average. If you get snappy we get happy, the winner

of the half the Norman Sony Digital of the half the Norman Sony Digital

ham it lien waters. The picture was

taken a fishing point. That is a

beautiful shot. Bikie very much

Harvey Norman. Tomorrow your place

18 degrees sky watch right now. A

little bit of blue sky and a little

bit of cloud. Tomorrow

unfortunately it is mainly cloud. I'll see you again shortly. next - more than 450 now dead after the ferocious earthquake. And Schapelle Corby punished for bad behaviour behind bars.

Less check on the traffic now with Less check on the traffic now with

Vic Larusso. What's happened at

Parramatta? In looks like a bad

accident. We heard reports earlier

that there were cars in the side

rail. The investigation will

continue for quite some time.

Unfortunately it means the one city

were bound lane is totally blocked.

City bound traffic is having to sit

through this and the queues are

large. Surprisingly in the opposite

direction you can see that the cars

are having a great run westbound.

We will bring you live up their later. A final farewell tonight for the young Sydney father who died onboard a P&O cruise ship. More than 15,000 mourners packed the church to remember 31-year-old Reves. Boustani, who died on board the Pacific Sun. Relatives recalled his love for fishing, food and family, especially his 10-month-old baby. They also thanked police and the coroner who are investigating the death. His auto-electrician's van and a stretched Hummer - his favourite car - were part of the funeral procession. Another tragedy at the Utah mine where six men have been trapped for 11 days. Three rescue workers have been killed and another six injured through the rubble. trying to tunnel Tragedy tonight as rescue workers become casualties at Crandall Canyon Mine. State and hospital officials confirm three mine workers have died. Caught in a dangerous phenomenon called a bump, nine men were injured while digging a rescue tunnel

for six coal miners who've been trapped inside the mountain since August 6. At least one man hurt in the accident was taken away by helicopter.

Others were rushed to area hospitals. They are typical trauma injuries,

could be broken bones, could be head injuries. dangerous shifting has set back this rescue operation. Recently the pace had picked up, but rescue workers admitted they were at least a week away from getting to where the six trapped men may be. It's devastating to what was already a tragic situation. Now digging that tunnel is on hold as rescuers assess the situation and families pray for the injured and still missing. In Huntington, Utah, Susan Roberts, Ten News. It's expected to climb even further as rescuers desperately search the rubble for survivors. The moment the terrifying earthquake struck - captured by an office worker on his mobile phone. Measuring 8 on the Richter scale, the quake shook Peru for two minutes. In the aftermath Peruvians pick through what's left of their lives. Thousands have been left homeless. The worst-hit area, the town of Pisco, about 200km south-east of the capital Lima. has been destroyed. Almost 75% of the town telephone services have been cut Electricity, water and to much of southern Peru. at a cathedral when the quake hit Hundreds were attending mass believed more than 200 were killed. and in this one location it's Although search dogs one person alive in the rubble. have helped find at least there is little do but mourn. In other areas, A main hospital was destroyed, on those left standing, placing extra pressure with more than 1,500 injured. of the seriously hurt will not live. It's feared many to flee the country, Some tourists were lucky enough flying to the United States. It was very bad. were moving and glasses come down. more than $1 million in aid The United Nations has pledged in the coming days. The death toll is expected to rise Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Schapelle Corby has been punished in her Bali prison cell. for being caught with a mobile phone

It's Indonesia's Independence Day -

for good behaviour. when jail terms are traditionally cut Corby was to have three months taken off her 20-year sentence for drug smuggling, but that was denied because a phone was found in her cell last month. Bali Nine member Renae Lawrence had three months cut from her 20-year sentence. in the Bali bombings, But 10 terrorists involved which killed more than 200 people, slashed from their jail terms. had up to five months another space walk tomorrow Astronauts will make about arthritis and who it affects. Calls tonight for more awareness of as an older person's disease, Traditionally thought thousands of young children researchers say the debilitating condition. also suffer for five year-old Bayly. This is a weekly painful ritual I hate arthritis. I know you hate arthritis. Ow! He suffers from arthritis -

as the disease - and treatment can be just as nasty are usual practice. steroids and chemotherapy you have to do, It's one of the hardest things I want to break down and cry myself, because there are times all this going through to see my child putting him through it. and know that I'm the one Bayly was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis as a baby. like holding a pen, is difficult. It means the simplest of tasks, I wish nobody had arthritis forever. An alarming new report has revealed $24 billion a year. arthritis costs the health system it has on individuals People don't realise the burden or the medical costs, so it's not just the financial cost Often people suffer from depression.

they're missing out. It's the quality of life It's hoped Bayly, who are diagnosed with arthritis, like most children by the time he's an adult, will grow out of the disease but there's a 25% chance he won't. And if that's the case medication and constant therapy. that means a lifetime of intense a national register Mum Jo is calling for from the disease. of children who suffer there are no exact figures. At the moment, children per 1,000 - They're saying it could be 4 missed at the doctor's office they don't know because they're as growing pains. or it's written off Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. market put to the test again, The strength of the Sydney property that's next. star-studded party in Melbourne. Also, actor Robert De Niro's They're very rare identical quads. And four special bundles of joy - This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a 43- year-old man is in custody charged with murder after a pub brawl at Cabramatta. friend in a dispute over $50. He's accused of killing a close The victim died after hitting his head on a bar stool

as he fell during the showdown. are facing the sack Rogue private bus drivers after being caught on camera and running red lights. allegedly speeding, drag racing An investigation is under way, dispute that it's possible but some drivers through the Blacktown interchange. to reach high speeds

is under way tonight And a police investigation Dance Company's artistic director. into the tragic death of the Sydney by a garbage truck early this morning 29-year-old Tanja Leedke was hit at Crows Nest. Exactly what happened is still unclear.

of the public We're appealing to members delivery trucks around that area in particular taxi drivers or at that time and assist the police who might be able to come of what's actually occurred. so we can get a clear picture war enemy. Not so long ago they were our cold now they want our nuclear fuel. Russia is reportedly poised to follow India's lead, and place an order for Australian uranium. is already in jeopardy, with Labor vowing to tear it up if it wins the coming election. to a regional arms race. Critics warn it will lead does expect But the Prime Minister the uranium issue to be raised Putin at APEC next month. when he meets Russian leader Vladimir

and a jittery share market Interest rate concerns weekend for real estate agents. are paving the way for a quieter is now laying low They say even the top end of town to see how the market pans out. on the share market this morning Nervous investors kept a close eye as a rollercoaster ride began. and checked their eyesight then plunged as the all ordinaries index soared, the fallout to hit the housing market real estate experts predicted at the big end of town. in the stock market People who have made a lot of wealth against it to invest in property. either realise their gains or borrow

shaken, Mr White says And when investor confidence is for more expensive properties. demand starts to dry up in Sydney He's tipping a quiet weekend their financial position. as potential buyers weigh up for the bargain-hunters. But a busier time It's an opportunity for first home owners to come back in with a correction to prices in western Sydney. The Real Estate institute agrees, saying most families rise in their stride. are taking the latest interest rate

Life goes on

find another more suitable property. and families consistently need to need to downsize as well. A lot of families rates of around 70%, That's supported by auction clearance this time last year. compared to just 45% one of the busiest times Spring is traditionally for buying and selling homes, but industry experts say - due to the federal election. there'll be a delayed start this year and share market turbulence After grappling with interest rates to more idea of what lies ahead many people are expected to want before making a move. the optimism of some. Although you can't rattle People love real estate. Yes, I do expect to be busy. Amber Muir, Ten News. Another bumpy ride on the Australian share market today. Spooked investors still not over their jitters.

And the price of unleaded petrol around Sydney tonight, an average $1.21 a litre That's three cents lower than yesterday. Best price today - $1.15 at Granville. A glitzy launch for Robert De Niro's new Australian restaurant. A-listers strolling the red carpet before the Oscar winner toasted future success with a cup of sake. The 'Raging Bull' has still got some power in his arms,

officially opening Nobu with a bang. The red carpet rolled out for celebrities. Once inside, they were treated to the strong stuff, and nibbled on Nobu's famous noodles. We are so excited that the Nobu family has joined our family here. Celebrity chefs mixed with those not short of a dollar. Diners may need a similar pay packet to afford a meal at the high-priced restaurant, but the eatery's most famous backer thinks the punters will still be pouring through the doors. Despite attracting some average reviews from food critics, chef-in-charge Nobu Matsuhisa is confident

his style of modern Japanese cuisine will appeal to Australia's palate. Diners to get the same food as in his other famed restaurants around the world. And while he was a man of few words at the opening party, De Niro says he's pleased to be down-under. The launch an extra birthday gift for De Niro, who turned 64 today. CHEERING It's a 1 chance in 13 million birth - identical quadruplets born two months early and without fertility drugs. These four tiny Canadian girls were nicknamed A, B, C and D by doctors when they were delivered by caesarian section. Their parents later turning Autumn, Brooke, Calissa and Dahlia. Dahlia the smallest, weighing just over 1kg. When they're finally here and they look to be healthy it's absolutely magic, There's no feeling in the world like it, yeah. The parents had to drive more than 500km for the delivery, because the local hospital was full. changed their a judge to order

troubled him uniforms, help with

homework and made lunches. She has

helped him overcome a speech

impediment. A I am just happy for

Barlow, he is a lovely little boy.

She has been very good to May.

Sometimes I have been naughty to

her. I have lied to her. Now there

is a bargain well-made and a touch

Shane Warne and there are tears, no Shane Waq e and there are tears, no

self-righteous do good thing but

just some kindness all round. I

realised he was a little boy who

probably could do with some help and probably could do with some help Rnd

and I could give it. And I love his

cheeky smile. And is the weather

again with Tim Bailey. A cameraman

has captured Mother Nature at the

moment. Will live from Darling

Harbour. Be looked like the Harbour. Be looked like the

sunshine might take a couple of

days. We are overcast tomorrow with

tops of 18. Sunday sherry and

pretty chilly with tops of

This week little from those going

to snaky in ball brings some cold

spells tomorrow. Main mainly spells tomorrow. Main mainly dry,

showers on Sunday but on the chilly

side, 17 degrees. I'll send you

back to the desk now.

and the Eels are looking to confirm their premiership claims tonight. No better test than the Storm in Melbourne, especially after this week's hype, more shortly. Plus a Panther dropped for drinking on his day off. Also, a strange twist of fate in Europe for an Aussie golfer. Scott Strange's day just got better and better I mean, I work here and my eyes light up when I see some of these new products come in here. I'll be honest with ya. General purpose potting mix - $4.48. 20kg firewood - $11.48. Top Taste tomatoes - just $2.59 each. Everything you need to do the job is in the one spot. This program is captioned live. More off-field dramas in rugby league. Penrith have dropped Joel Clinton for Sunday's clash with the Knights for drinking on his day off. It's not the start to round 23 the NRL would have wanted as it looks to rid the game of the grapple tackle, kicking off with the Eels up against the Storm tonight. After a week of wrestlemania - tonight's main event seems to have been forgotten in all the hype. a few thousand people to the game, so that's a positive thing for our sport at this time of year. At least they'll see two quality teams. It is after all first playing third and an early snapshot of finals football. This will probably be a test for us to see where we're at and how we're gonna go in the finals. The Eels looking to bounce back after the Sharks downed them in extra-time.

And they know there's still plenty of work to do if they're to finish in the top four. It'd be nice to get a home semi. It'd be nice to stay in the top eight. You know, there's still that chance. We've got something like our best team this week for the first time in a while. For the Storm, no Matt King or Steve Turner. Justin Hodges will play tonight against the Bulldogs despite battling the flu. Brisbane has still got plenty for sure. and we need to be on defensively, fo sure. Broncos have got the better of us the last four games, so mentally I think they've gotta be pretty confident. They'd be more confident instead of stories to Brisbane schoolchildren. Geez, I don't get that sort of welcome at the Broncos any more. And he doesn't get asked these sort of questions. Will you ever write a book like Shane Webcke? Maybe one day. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. A major injury blow for the Swans Defender Tagdh Kennelly has suffered a recurrence of a knee injury. Kennelly wasn't on the flight to Brisbane after aggravating the injury during last night's training session at the SCG. The full extent of the damage is not not clear. I checked on him last night to see how he was. But until we sort of get scans and get him looked at, which we might not have time to do in the short term, we won't really know. Kennelly has been replaced in the team by athletic youngster Ed Barlow who will make his debut for the red and whites. And the Swans versus Brisbane can be seen live here on Ten tomorrow night from 7pm. Lleyton Hewitt's Flushing Meadows build-up continues to gain momentum. The Australian world number 20 defeated Austrian Jurgen Melzer in straight sets in their round three clash at the Cincinitti Masters. Hewitt will meet Spaniard Carlos Moya in the quarterfinals following his 3-set win over Juan Martin Del Potro. I think he's great for the game. I have a lot of respect for him.

an interesting battle. And it's going to be

of the event, Andy Roddick has crashed out by David Ferrer. defeated in straight sets Some strange twists in Sweden. at the Scandanavian Golf Masters leads the field by one stroke Australia's Scott Strange but get this. after firing a 6-under par 64, for the tournament The 30-year-old was a reserve 45 minutes before tee off. and only found out he was playing the day before He hadn't8even ad a practice round He hadn't even had a practice round

were lost in transit. because his clubs and Steve Allan Elsewhere, Australians John Senden of the Wyndham Championship, are both 5 under par after round 1 behind leader Will Mackenzie. just three strokes has spoken about that goal - And David Beckham one of the most anticipated events in US soccer.

goaalll, gooaalll, goaalll! Commentator: David! I've scored a lot of important goals in my career and big goals in my career and this ranks among them. The match was also Beckham's first game as captain in the starting side. Commonwealth Games 400m champ John Steffensen is in Sydney, on his preparations putting the final touches Championships. for the World Athletics before the meet begins in Osaka, Just 11 days to go is brimming with confidence. and, as usual, the outspoken sprinter that I'll bring it home. I've always said He faces a tough task in Japan, going into the meet, ranked 10th in the world toping the rankings. with American Jeremy Wariner Makybe Diva Triple Melbourne Cup winning mare has become a mum for the first time.

She's given birth to a bay colt in the Hunter Valley. at Coolmore stud Galileo, the colt, Dad is the international sire could be worth at least selections for Rosehill tomorrow. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's And just before I go - this Sunday at the Football stadium, Media Challenge. the Harvey Norman Charity for the Leukaemia Foundation. A touch footy comp raising money of Deborah Knight Come along and see the likes the weekend weather forecast next. Stay with us - Tim Bailey has

Led to the looker the traffic now,

and everybody wants to get at of

town and head north. There was an

accident and it has not been

cleared yet. We are just do the Big

Dipper. Motorists who are going off

on the M3, we are anticipating that

it could take over an hour. It is a

slow run from Sydney this evening. would actually be worth a listen. Yeah. Hey, Dad, some of these I put 'em all on one of these. Hey, well, you know, that's why You knock yourself out, hey? and not working full-time, call: So if you're over 50 and not working full-time, If you're over 50 of its time - It's been called the 'Grease' 'High School Musical'. the global movie musical phenomenon are getting ready for the sequel, Now millions of fans around the world which debuts in America tomorrow.

# We're all in this together # (All sing) as just another Disney cable movie, It started every tweenager knows the words. but now it seems,

# We're all in this together # (All sing) (Sings) # I believe in dreaming # 'High School Musical', about a teenage jock and a brainiac the fresh-scrubbed film by auditioning for the school show, who shocked their friends has struck a nerve. (Sings) # We're breaking free # some role models to look up to. I think the kids really enjoy having So, how many times have you seen the movie? 50. Excuse me?! About 50. About 50? entertainment phenomenon. It's now a global a live stage show, There's a live concert tour, even 'High School Musical' on ice. Every high school across the nation of 'High School Musical' now. does a version this generation's 'Grease'. It basically is like Zach. It's made stars of cast members

this week, On the cover of Rolling Stone of 'High School Musical II'. he had fans swooning at the premiere There had to be a sequel. those sorts of numbers, Obviously when you have and getting water. you're going back to that well,

with a baseball number. The singalong continues this time Disney is banking on it. Home run?

Tim Bailey does not seem to be

excited with this weekend's

forecast. I don't know whether to

get excited about the weekend -

what have we got? 18 degrees in

Sydney tomorrow and overcast. Some

showers in the afternoon and early

evening. Sunday showers are evening. Sunday showers are likely

unfortunately. 17 degrees. Speaking unfortuna?ely. 17 degrees. Speaking unfortunately. 17 degrees. Speaking

of teams, Tim steams on 10 we love

this. We know you put your heart

and soul into this. Contact contact

us here at Tim's teams. We will

help to raise the money. We want to on help to aise the money. We want to

on the TV with us.

On the satellite low cloud is

pushed a crossed Victoria bringing

training Queensland. Tomorrow's isolated showers. Patchy light

weather map then. Patchy rain over

Inland Queensland. Showers on the

north-east coast. Polite showers

and Alpine snow in the centrist.

North-easterly winds will keep

under way. Isolated showers in

south-east New South Wales. In the

Far noise north-east there is

patchy rain over Queensland. Light

showers in Victoria, Tasmania and

so Australia. It looks as though it

is going to be a little bit wet

starting on Saturday night. Up to

17 degrees. The long l look is that

there will be showers Monday

going into state. Tuesday and Wednesday. The lead

The best backyard is our backyard -

we call a new set Wales.

Sydney tomorrow mostly cloudy

although much of the day will be

drier. 10 the minimum and 18 the max.

That set for May and have a great weekend! Three decades on from his death and the king of rock 'n' roll has a new song out -

a duet with his daughter. has been remixed Elvis Presley's hit 'In the Ghetto' to include the voice of Lisa Marie.

The song and video clip featuring the pair the 30th anniversary of his death. has been released to coincide with The child needs a helping hand # People don't you understand

and angry young man one day. # # Or he'll grow to be Lisa Marie was just nine years old was found dead at Graceland. when her father I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. and we'll see you Monday. Have a wonderful weekend Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions