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(generated from captions) carrots zucchini zucchini carrots zucchini zucchini Good

morning and welcome to '9am' with

David and Kim. Good morning, happy

Friday. I'm glad it's Friday, seems

to be - to have been a long week.

Last night was a good night. Did

you enjoy yourself. Yes, I went to

the opening of the new Novu

restaurant. Stunning food. Chock-a-

block with people. Hundreds of

people, yes. It was crowded. It was

a celebfest. Yes. The moment where

you run through the door. They were

generous, pouring out lots of

expensive champagne. Lots, and the

food was, of course, it's food from

Novu's kitchen, and you'll remember

the week before last we had Martzu Novu cooking. Tas big thing for

Australia to have one of these internationally renowned

restaurants. I feel for Robert De

Niro, he was there, he's a partner.

Yes. He's well-known as being a

softly spoken, reclusive gentleman.

He's out here. Every single person,

of the 1,000 people crammed in, go

"Where's Bobby?", we want to have a

look". Have a look, go to a

restaurant to have a look. How

bizarre, leave the man alone. I did

that. I had a look. I didn't go up

and lean over, there's the VIP

section. We weren't invited into

that. I was in. No you weren't. You

were upstairs on the B level. I was

in it. I saw everyone. I ruined

your day. Yes. It's good to have

the restaurant in Australia. This

morning we'll meet a man charged

with representing the United States

in this country, Robert D McCallum

will celebrate his first

anniversary as US Ambassador to

Australia, how important are we to

George W Bush and the USA, and what

will happen to the Howard-Bush

partnership should he not be the

next Premier. Paul Bonn Jeano joins

us to talk about the relationship

between John Howard and his deputy

Peter Costello. Is it increasingly

strange. Maybe they are fine with their relationship. They throw

bombs and patch up nicely. You

don't necessarily have to like

someone to work effectively with

them. I reckon they really get on

well. Many women find themselves

faced with a Heart breaking

decision and many don't realise

abortion is illegal in most

Australian states. Doctors will

perform them, but in the bush it's

a struggle to find those willing to

assist. Rural women's health expert

Susie Reid joins us to discuss Susie Reid joins us to discuss this

issue. Gla glamour TV witches charm

audiences, with a surge in the

number of young girls joining the

practice of Wicka, joining us are

two ladies though don't have a

broomstick, but use spells and

pagan rituals to help them pass

exams and boost self-confidence.

There's a little bit of magic today.

I hope you wave the wand with us. This show is live

Has it just occurred to you. Yes.

In the green room. The US

Ambassador rr is sharing the green

room with two witches, is there a

cauldron. I don't know. What a

bizarre thing. They may be able to

teach him a few bits and pieces. All the security detail, it's

despiting. There are security

sweeps of the building. I remember

being in Rome filming some stories,

and US Vice-President Dick Cheney

was visiting someone in Rome, and

pretty much the entire city was

closed down. Yes, closed do n. Yes, in

closed down. Yes, in lockdown. They

don't take any chances. We could

not shoot anything. You mean film,

video tape. Unfortunate choice of

words. We are conscious of language

today, we can't use words like

shoot. They haven't said that, we

are making that up. To get Friday

off on the right leg. Yes. A

Japanese biker failed to notice his

leg was severed below the need when

he hit a safety barrier, and rode

on for 2km leaving a friend to pick

up the missing limb. Obviously it

wasn't on the gear-changing side.

That's insane, people that ride

bikes, there's something about them. bikes, there's something about them.

I love them. So do I. That's about

the gift of that. They worry me on

the road, I love them in the bush,

but they worry me on the road. This

may be interesting for the US

ambassadors security detail, a

senior officer admitted having sex

with a stranger while on duty. It's

Friday. Was cleared of any offence

yesterday after the jury heard he

kept his radio Ere piece switched

on throughout. British transport

inspector was charged with

misconduct in a public office after

a 20 minute Tryst with a police

officer - sorry, he's done alright,

really. Impressed with that. You really. Impresse T = % really. Impresse T ith that. You

know, it's alright if you are in a

hurry. 20 minute tryst in a police

officer with a woman he met on an

Internet dating site. He said he

was always poised and ready to

respond to an emergency, because he

had his Ere piece in. Makes the

difference, perhaps he was getting instructions. There's witchcraft

required in the kitchen, a recipe a

day for 46 weeks of the year, today

we have three-day old suit, it

requires a spell or two, or essence

of toil and truckle. The real magic

will occur, otherwise it will

struggle to be described as Italian

quis join. An embarrassing computer

glitch sent Australian stocks into

the biggest free fall in several

years. Panic was caused in the

market, washed with uncertainty,

and fuelled with heightened credit

concerns. The sea of red said it

all, 10 points shed from the share

market, the bloodbath sick thing

some. When you are a small-time

investor, and you see your dollars

disappear, it's not a good sight to

see. The market knows dived more

than 5 per cent, finishing down.

The credit crash prompted by

further calls in the US. The

Treasurer called for calm. The

markets are functioning normally.

There's liquidity. Some borrowers

using non-bank lenders will be hit,

Australian banks have no reason to

pass on the pain. Rams home loans

caught badly, their shares

decreasing. Among other losers in

the short term self-funded retire

ease, whose assets include shares,

fund payments. lower prices meaning lower super

Australia will export uranium to

India, John Howard explained his

decision to his Indian counterpart.

The deal will The deal will be subject to The deaj will be

stringent conditions. I'm satisfied

that the uranium will be used for

peaceful purposes. Critics branded

the Mofaz dangerous and

irresponsible. They have boasted

which reactors will be open to international inspectors. Police

are hunting a killer after finding

the body of Perth mother Carinne

Rainey buried. An oil leak from her

abandoned car led police to the

grave start. The Supreme Court

registrar went missing after an

evening bootscooting class. She had

two daughters with her estranged

prominent lawyer. husband Lord Rainey Lloyd Rainey, a

Rescuers in paru began looking for

survivors, after a powerful

earthquake erupted off the South

American coast. $500 are throughout

to have perished the the death toll

is certain to rise. A weaker tremor

followed 80 minutes after the

initialCChock. A state of initial shock. A state

initial shock. A state of emergency

has been declared in some villages

without water supplies and phone


Hollywood legend Robert De Niro

opens his latest restaurant in

Melbourne. Novu has Japanese (?)

quip een, and while it's not cheap,

you don't have to be a Hollywood

star to eat there. A drum of sarky

cracked opened the restaurant. At a

star-stud event cooking celebrities

mifpltd with those not short of a

dollar. Diners may need a similar

pay packet to dine. According to De

Niro, it's worth it. I like the cod.

He was hope to talk food, but a

question about his film career or

family earned a rebuke. Are you

talking to me. It's unlikely De

Niro will whip up dessert soon. No,

I don't. We like it that way. James

Packer is responsible for brinking

Nov, you and De Niro down under,

but the man says he's not a fan of

the blackjack table. I don't gamble.

I don't like to lose money. Novu is

opened to the public from lunchtime,

a birth day gift for nearo. Was

that you I saw in the B section.

I'm in his next movie. More of

those stories coming up at 11 and a

full wrap at five. Our close ties

with American allies were forged on

the battlefield in two World Wars,

as Sydney braces itself to host

George W Bush at the APEC leaders

summit. I'm sure the President is

secure in the knowledge in his man

on the ground here is a fellow

skull and bones man. The position

of the US Ambassador to Australia

is considered a plum job. i consi ered a plum job. After is considered a plum job. After a

vacancy of nearly 18 mo

vacancy of nearly 18 months,

President Bush chose his close

friend and college mate Robert D

McCallum who joins us. Good morning.

Can I ask you about the Skull and

Bones society. You can ask me, it's

not necessarily so that I'll give

you answers. It's secret. You can

access and find out about it on the

web, which I did last night, what

are you willing to explain about it.

The thing that's so funny is it's

termed a secret society, but it's

not really, as you say, anyone can

get on the Internet and find out

all sorts of information. It's

really a private group, and we

don't really rather than being

secret, we don't talk about it very

much, but whatever anyone wants to

know about it is it readily

available. There's always the

question of whether the information

on the Internet is accurate or not.

It's an extraordinarily influential

group of men and women. Yes. Women

as well. That's true. How did that

happen. How does so many

influential people come from the

one group. It's true, it's true

that there's men and women, and the

secret societies, as they are

called called at Yale, Skull and

Bones being one of them. It's not a

reflection of that group as much reflecti n of that group as much as reflection of that group as much as

it is a reflection of sort of a

historical involvement by people

from Yale, and things that have to

do with the country, go down do with e country, go down the do with the country, go down the

list. John Kari, Howard Dean, Joe

LBerman, Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Gerald Ford,

President Bush 41, John Ashcroft,

all of these people have a Yale Universityy involvement in their

background, Bob Rysh secretary of

labour, so it's more a reflection

of the University than it is any

particular group within the

university. It's a fascinating name,

the and skull and Bones. Scrolling

Key is another, and then there's

one that was recently formed,

during my era, and it was called

Gin and Tonic. That's my kind of

club. There were a lot of people

that wished to be a member of that

secret society. Before moving on, I

was reading that there was names

given to the individuals involved

in the Skull and Bones group - I

read, is this true... Again, you'll

have to guess those sorts of things

for yourself based upon the

information that's available on the

Internet or not. I'm guessing

George W Bush was called Temporary.

That's as good a guess as any, I

suppose. Let's move on, I'm

fascinated by the fact that you

have had rather an illustrious law

career and chose to move to a

diplomatic posting. Law and

diplomacy, are they an easy fit.

That's often times something I joke

about, I've been a trial lawyer for

35 years, and five years at the

Department of Justice, trial

lawyers are aggressive

confrontational adverse aerial and

not necessarily diplomatics, so I

phrase and describe myself as a ke

recovering lawyer, and every day I

try to make sure that I remind

myself that I'm to be diplomatic

rather than confrontational. How

did the job come to you. I received

a call from the White House and the

President who said "Would you be

interested in taking on the

responsibility for one of our most

important diplomatic relationships,

with the Commonwealth of Australia",

and I had a formal law partner, who

was one of my mentors, who had been

ambassador to Australia under Jimmy

Carter from 1977 to 1981, and

educated me when he came back,

about the wonders of Australia and

the remarkable people that inhabit

the Commonwealth of Australia, my

wife and I, mimyi and I thought

about it, and with great regret to

leave the Department of Justice, we

jumped at the opportunity for a new

journey. It took a while, there was

an 18 month period where we did not

have a US Ambassador in Australia.

That's correct, and one of the That's correct, and one of T = %

reasons for that is our

constitutional process relating to

the process through the United

States Senate. The coming of a new

ambassador depends upon the senate and the foreign relations committee

approving the nomination, sending

approving the nom nation, sending

it to the full Senate, and them

confirming the nominee. That's to

check into your path, clearly

there's more to the job, you don't

have a background in foreign policy.

You must have been reading up on it

quickly to work out what dodo. I

tried to do that. I had the benefit

of a lot of different people at the

Department of State and former

ambassadors to Australia, like Skip,

like Mel Cemler, Philip Austin, a

former law partner, who had either

previously educated me or was

willing to give me insights into

what they had about Australia's what t ey had about Australia's what they had about Australia's system of government, which

although a democracy, different in

specific ways, and interesting ways

to America, America's system. I

wonder whether they talked about

the booze in Australia. The booze.

The alcohol. I was about to say

booze in the United States really

is a term that's used for hard

liquor like bourbon or Scotch,

whereas wine is something that

everyone told me about that Australians are tremendous

connoisseurs and very proud of

Australian wines, and one would say

very discriminating even within

Australian wines, you'll find the

Barossa Valley versus Margaret

River. You are Qiver. You are good. River. You are good. Versus Yarra

Valley. Conakila, around Valley. C nakila, around Valley. Conakila, around the ACT,

and the Hunter Valley. Those

Australians that say "Oh, well,

Margaret River wines are not nearly

as good as ours in the Hunter

Valley", to me, they are all

wonderful. I was going to ask you -

you hadn't been to Australia prior

to your appointment. You've been

here for 12 months, what strikes

you most about Australia, clearly

it's wine. Not necessarily. It's

not so much the wine, but the

passion, and the ability to

discriminate between wines in

various areas among Australian,

which to me is quite remarkable.

I'm sure you remember the Apology

anati film to do with pinoir sales,

they soared because of that. It's

the same way in Australia, folks

discriminate very much, and like

the other character in that movie,

I like them all, bring it on. We

are joking about it, but it's

clearly an extremely important part

of your job, there are big exports

from Australia to the US. 2 billion

a year of exports in Australian

wines, and they are gaining a large

hold of the market in the United

States because of the appreciation

that the United States wine

connoisseurs have for the quality,

and the price. Australian wines

relative to even American wines,

and certainly to European wines are

very competitively priced. What do

you see as the most important ties

between the two countries. Clearly

our involvement with the US in Iraq

is a big binding tie, isn't it. I

would say the ties that are

extraordinarily important in terms

of national security are our military and intelligence

cooperation, transscrending Iraq, cooperation, transscrending Iraq, Afghanistan into various other

areas as well, counterterrorism,

foreign aid that support the

national interests of both of our

two countries. So I think that it's

important to focus on the broad

range of things, rather than on any one particular aspect of that

relationship. Are you actively

involved? Discussions with the

government on a regular basis about

these things. I'm wondering on a

day-to-day basis what your role is. Certainly. For instance, this summer, as we come @ummer, as we come

summer, as we come up to the

talismans sai)er joint exercises in

Queensland, there were a lot of --

sabre joint exercises in Queensland,

there were a lot of discussions between the US Embassy, and the

Australian Government and the

Australian Defence Force on the

coordination and operation of it.

20,000 United States servicemen, Kittyhawk aircraft carrier

participated in that, making port

calls around Australia, it was a

wonderful event. There are very,

very regular communications between

the United States Embassy and the

Australian Government. Is it fair

to say, though, that your role is

mostly behind the scenes, you've

been here for a year, we've not

heard much about you besides the

odd 4 July party that nearly got

blown away. In the first 12 months,

there's been a lot of activity in

terms of moving around Australia,

which is a huge county, same size

as the United States, and trying to

introduce myself to not only

members of the Federal Government,

but membrs of the state and

territorial governments, and also

to members of the municipal

government, so that's taken -- You

go to that degree. Yes, we want to

meet the Lord Mayors of the

different cities, and the members

of the state parliaments, and territorial administrators, so

that's taken a lot of time, and

quite frankly, I think the lack of

notoriety is probably a good thing,

that I'm being successful in my job

rather than being the controversial

adversarial lawyer. Clearly our

Prime Minister John Howard has a

very close relationship with George

W Bush. Should our government

change at the upcoming election,

how do you think that will affect the relationship. I never want to speculate on something like that. I

mean, it's up to the people of the

Commonwealth of Australia to choose

their government, and certainly the their government, and certainly the

United States is not meaning to or

willing to try and interfere in

that in any way. One of my roles is

to advocate the policies of the

United States Government, and clearly President Bush's policy

with respect to Iraq is unegive

call and we'll known, to provide

whatever support is necessary to to

allow the Iraqi people in the democratically-elected government

to be self-sustaining, providing

for their own tranquility and

stability. Having said that, the

Iraqi people and the United States

Government are incredibly grateful

to the Commonwealth of Australia

for its contributions to do that.

The Australian troops deserve

tremendous credit for the work that

they have done in Iraq. When one

gets into the issuures of - in a

broad general sense, of any time an

ally has a disagreement with

another ally about any issue that

is important. Obviously it is not

rocket science to know that that's

going to create a tension or a

friction of some sort or another,

but it all depends, the devil is in

the details, if you will, so it all

depends on the circumstances, and

that sort of thing, so I think it's

inappropriate or really

unproductive to speculate on the

what-ifs, such as that. I think

Australia and its people should be

extraordinarily proud of their

Defence Force and what they've

contributed because the Iraqi

people are certainly grateful for

it. We are nearly out of time.

Being born in Memphis tena see, the 30th anniversary since Elvis died,

how did you celebrate the day. One

does not celebrate Elvis's death,

the memory, yes, beside we are not

all sure he's dead. I saw five of

him on 4 July at the United States

Embassy, so, you know, Elvis may

have left the building, but there

is always a question as to whether

he's left this earth on to his

great reward. I love a conspiracy

theory. Just teasing on that, I theory. Just teasing on that, I did

have a radio interview about Elvis,

and my wife's connection to the -

you know, to Priscilla Presley, and

me as a boy, 10 years old, getting

to meet the king to meet t?e king and to meet the king and that sort of

thing. Other than that, what I

mostly did was read about it in the

newspaper, and, you know, they had

the parks festival with Elvis

impersonators, and I was hoping to

get to go to that, I would have

liked to have seen it. In Parks.

But I did not. Yesterday hopefully

I can make that. Before we go,

there's a presidential election

2009. Yes. As we know, President

George W Bush has done two terms.

Who can you think might be the

Republican -- Gosh, on both sides

of that there are some

extraordinarily well qualified. Aren't there. Interesting too,

Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. On

the Democratic side. Bill Richard.

Rudy Giuly aroundie. Nick Romney.

John McCain. The unannounced

candidate, Fred Thompson, who may

or may not get into the race. Is Al Gore unannounced. He has not

announced. One never knows.

Extraordinarily popular because of

his movie 'Inveent Truths'. That's

one reason former Vice-President

Gore is very popular (inconvenient).

That's a cause he's taken on, he's

served a positive purpose of

raising the consequence of everyone

in the United States and Australia

and many other countries, about

that issue, it's part in parcel

about the public debate, as well it

should do. Fascinating to talk to

you. It's been a pleasure. Thank

you for having me, and lifting me

out of my anonymity. It's been a

pleasure, any time. Back with more pleasure,?any time. Back with more pleasure, any time. Back with more after this.

Peter Costello turned Peter Coste ECO I Peter Costello turned 50, whilst allegations were that he shared

wine, suped with the devil in the

form of a trio of senior political

journalists two years ago. Well may

we say happy birth day Treasurer,

but has the gift gone to the

opposition. Paul Bonn Jeano joins

us now to discuss that. The burning

question that I want to ask you is

the lunch that we've been talking

about over the last couple of days

between Costello and three senior

respected Canberra journalists, was

it off the record. That goes to the

nub of the debate. The Treasurer

has no doubts, he maintains that it

was off the record and always was

off the record. The three

journalists understand it was a

conversation that was non-

attributable, but what they talked

about could be written about, and

that it was really stage 1 of a

campaign that the Treasurer would

embark on in that year to

eventually replace John Howard.

They claim that he changed the

rules the next day, and therefore

they claim when he denied point

black a couple of weeks ago a key

part of the conversation at that

dinner, that he broke the rules

themselves, so they felt they could

go public. That's where both sides

are coming from, it opens a

Pandora's box about off the record,

what's it mean. And what are the

ethics of it. You said then the

conversation was believed to be off

the record, but journalists

believed they could write about it.

I don't understand the difference.

Explain off the record for us. What

you have to understand is this is a

grey area, when journalists meet

policitians, or have dinner with

them, they can shoot the breeze,

it's off the record, and it can

shape your perceptions, giving you

a better idea what they are

thinking. Other times, policitians

can have a dinner with a purpose,

and the purpose could be "Look, I'm

going to do this, this is how it

will work out, this is what I think,

you guys can write it, don't quote

me on it", that's the understanding,

apparently, that these journalists

had here. There can be other, you

know, off the record meetings you

have with people, which is by way

of background clarification, so

that then shapes your perception or

the way you comment or write on it

without seeing Peter Costello, John

Howard, or Kevin Rudd says this

that or the other thing. Is there

doubt among the press gallery in

Canberra that these journalists

have done the right thing in coming

out. There's raging controversy,

some of the old hands believe if

the journalists understood the

rules were one thing, that if Peter

Costello's office reneged on the

rules, those journalists should

have ignored that and written the

story then and there. Others say

that if you held back for three

years, you should never have come

out and written it at all. There is

a lot of points of view, yes.

That's interesting. Why did they

wait this long, why reveal the

details of this conversation now?

Well, the context of it was a

Bulletin rr article written by Paul

Daily, in the context of the Howard

biography that was released a

couple of weeks ago, and this that

Peter Costello is quoted as being

highly critical of John Howard, his

record to Malcolm Frazer, his

spending sprees in election

campaigns. Paul Daily wrote a piece

on that, and to shore up the view

that Peter Costello and John Howard

really are rivals, he quoted this

view that Costello held back in

2005, and said Costello was telling

friends or supporters this. Now,

when this was put to Peter Costello

in an interview he gave on his

birthdays, on another channel.

Peter Costello said, "I don't know

where the Bulletin got that from,

maybe a barman or third hand

somewhere", this incensed the

journalists, and decided in their

view to bell the cat. Is it

damaging, Bong. The public knows

there's a rift between the two, an

uncomfortable relationship. Is it

damaging. Look, it's really hard to

know. What it does show is that

there's on unresolved succession

plan, if you like, within the

Federal Liberal Party. Look,

everybody accepts, and John Howard

himself accepts that nothing goes

on forever, I know we have had this

debate at the last two Federal

elections, John Howard started it

by saying at 62 he was musing about

retiring. Now, people know that

John Howard won't be our Prime

Minister forever and a day, there's

a big debate about if he wins this

election, will he hang around the

whole time or what, surely there's

going to have to be a transition,

which will affect some voters

differently to other voters. What

is in the favour of John Howard and

Peter Costello, despite the rivalry,

and the fact that we now know that

Peter Costello believes he broke

his word to him, he hung around

longer than he undertook to do, the

Howard/Costello duo have managed an Howard/Costello duo have managed an effective competent government.

From that point of view their

record, if you like, you know,

oblitterates or masks the tension.

Then in the background Maxine McKew

is creeping up on the Prime

Minister's seat of Bennelong in

Sydney. This is fascinating. One of

the things feeding this is the redistribution of demographic

change of the seat of Bennelong.

It's gone from being a safe Liberal

when John Howard first won it to

being on paper a marginal Labour.

Maxine has a lot of Labour voters

that have moved in to that

electorate. Maxine is full-time

campaigning, at a time when the

polls suggest, all of them that the

government is in mighty trouble,

and part of that, if you can

believe the Crosby Dexter research,

the Liberal's, is that the voter

are suspicious of John Howard and

tired of him. Maxine is personal, I

worked with her at Channel 10. She

makes a good first impression, if

she's doorknock,, a lot of people,

voters will be impressed with her.

That's the danger for John Howard.

We've run out of time. Given Kevin

Rudd's campaign is based on the

sloggan "Kevin '07' can the Prime

Minister gas ump him and call an

election in '08. He could go as election in '08. He could go as

late at January. If he does that it

will be similar to Barry Unsworth

that hung on to the last possible

legal Saturday until going to the

voters, and got agreemented by Mick

Griener. When do you think it will

be. I see there's speculation it

will be late October, I suspect

mid-November. Thank you about. Ong.

Bye. After the break the already

used, second hand and distinctly

left over. Anthony Telford will There are a lot of myths about the workplace relations system. People keep saying that these days your employer can force you to give up all your award rates and conditions.

That's just a myth. Here are the facts on protected award conditions. Even rest breaks are protected.

And the Workplace Ombudsman will enforce it. If you need more information, help or advice, just call the Workplace Infoline.

The peasants of Tuscany got it

right in the early days when they

used every part of an animal in

cooking. Anthony is in to tell us

secrets of recooked Italian cuisine.

This old soup is alright. I was

wondering, how long can you leave

old soup. Good way to put it, old

soup. I made it Monday, I wanted

something that would really develop

in flavours, That's the trick. It

is, when they say make a curry, let

it, it's better two or three days

later, the reason I wanted it like

that is because there's potatoes,

rice and beans, all the extra

flavours, tomatoes, will permeate

the vegetable, no matter what I eat,

it's one. You need to leave it in

the fridge. Yes, and sits there. I

encourage peep, whenever you make a

soup or whether it's the minis

strewny or a lamb and lentil soup

or a chunky-style, what do you call

it barley soup with vegetables,

make much more than you need and

let it sit and develop. This is a

technique we call Ribollita, which

literally means reboiled, recooked. #iterally means reboiled, recooked.

You mentioned lamb and something

soup, can you continue to reheat

soup with meet in it. Yes. The same principle applies. Most definitely.

I wondered if that's why this was

vegetable. No, when you look at a

lamb soup or the chicken soup, you

used chicken thigh meat, lamb shank,

these are meats you have cooked out.

They become umpsious. The nice

sticky tasty bit in the house, it

can re heat over and over again.

It's perfect. Like the creole style,

where you keep adding. If I put

chicken breasts in, and reheat it,

it gets drier. What I have is a typical minestrone. I made it early

in the year or last year. You

wouldn't have pasta. I do, rice,

beans, you can put pasta. Every day

Mina strewny. Borlotti beans those

sorts of things. Just a minestrone.

It's harty looking. We recook it,

literally, I have stale bread or

ciabatta. Typical Australian bread.

That's a ciabatta. Yes, it's an old

one. I've had it sitting out for a

few days. Flat old soup. I've taken

the crust off. What I do is cook it

out for another 10 minutes, so all

this liquid you see here is soaked

up by the bread. You have ruined it

for me. Why is that. I licked it

before you put the bread in. You

haven't seen anything. The bread

starts to break down, there's two

things you can do. You could take a

slice of bread and put armour san

cheese on it, grill it, pop it in

the bottom of the bowl like a

French onion soup. If this Dunay

peel to you, you can put that in

the bottom and pour the minestrone

on top. Or you can sit it on top.

That's an option. This is a

Mediterranean style, you are going

to freak, I don't want you to.

What's going on here. It's not that

I'm worried about eating oil. It

doesn't agree with me. Look, if it

doesn't, use less. That's not a

problem. Unfortunately it's the oil

that gives flavour. Great for the

skin. You have spices and things on

there. I'll step over here. This is

that further along the track. What

I have done is slice up a bit of

basil. I love watching that. Look

at the shape of the knife, doesn't

it make a difference. Curved knife.

That's what it is. Wasn't Kurtis

promising to get us a few. He's

like that, big promise, fill the

kitchen, nothing happens. Good

morning Kurtis. We have a package

for you guys out the back. We take

it back. We love you. Kurtis, you

big spunk, any time in our kitchen.

We'll chop it up, a bit of green,

mix it through. Salt and pepper,

then we serve. This is what happens.

You have rice. Typical base, I fry

onions, carrots, all those sort of

things. Celery. Celery, cabbage,

then Chicken stock wasn't it. You

could, vegetable stock. It doesn't

matter. No, no. I've used chicken

stock, the kubs. And there's no

chicken in those things, in the

kubs. The odour chicken stock. The

fait. It's like paying the packet

of chips that's the roast beef and

chicken chips and you put it in

your mouth and you go "How do they

do that?". Or the honey smoked

bacon. Sorry about that. Then you

cook it. I'm thinking about honey

baked ham. You could do pea and ham

soup and add the bread and do that.

I'm thinking sideways for a second.

OK. Is there any pumpkin in this.

No. Promise. Absolutely, wouldn't

do it to you. Again. Any garlic in

it. A tiny smidge. See, you do it

to me. Gosh, I'm ruining all of the

shots, I ruined it for the shots, I ruined it for the third

time. Get out of it. You won't want

that, look at all the oil. You've

gone very liberal with the oil.

Before you dig in, here is what you

do. See the slick of oil. Yes.

There's a reason for that. Everyone

panics, it wasn't that much. Here

is what you do. Before you eat, you

have to get into the food, you

can't stand back, you need to get

in there, mix it up. Sorry, David.

You are alright, don't worry You are a right gon't worry about

You are alright, don't worry about

me. Try that. That is sensational.

With the oil, because I've used a

big fruity oil. I'm really, really

surprised at how that appeals to me,

with the bread in it. It's big,

rich and thick. It is. The bread

you don't taste it as bread, it

socks up the moisture, and becomes

part of the soup -- socks up the

moisture, Having been so successful,

it will probably go another couple

of weeks. We are out of time. If

you would like Anthony's recipe you would?like Anthony's recipe you would like Anthony's recipe for

Tuscan Ribollita, look on the web

site. You have a week off. We'll

see you... In Sydney. When we are

at Star City for a week of more of

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latest news headlines shortly, but

Make-up helps hide the signs of ageing. But without it, It can, with Total Effects. With just one product, you can help fight all seven signs of ageing. That's why Total Effects is Australia's No.1 anti-ageing brand. Dare to bare the real beauty community in the land. Whether it's

just a teen fad, rebellion,

curiosity, there's been a marked

rise in teenage witches joining a

coveen, stirring the cauldron. Just coveen, stirring the ECO I

like the witches you see in the

movies, these ladies sit in circles,

perform rituals, wave wands and

cast spells. Are they spellbound,

should parents, partners and others

be concerned. Professor Douglas

Ezzy has travelled to find out more,

and he and two witches, Brooke

Handen and Monica McHugh are with

us as well. Can I ask the obvious,

as a witch, what do you do? That's

an open-ended question. We are

fairly normal, I work full-time,

I'm a fairly normal person, if I

walked down the street you wouldn't

think anything else. As a witch

what do you do? Why, how do you use

it? I find magic in everything I do,

from nature, walking down the

street, trees, birds, animals,

everything in the environment I

find magic, a deeper sense in

everything, I find a bigger

connection to the whole world. What

about you, Monica, what's being a

witch mean to you. To myself witchcraft has been about

discovering my own self, identity,

who I am. Finding a group of like-

minded people that I feel I can fit

with as the more conventional

religions out there didn't seem to

fit with me very well. Douglas,

it's fascinating, you have written

a book, conducted an extensive

study. What did you learn about it,

why did you become interested in

finding more out about Wicka. I met

my co-author, Helen, and she

suggested we do a study of teenage

witches, we interviewed 90, 30 in

the US, Australia and the United

Kingdom. We were concerned there were images they were into

dangerous or bad things. We found

young people talk about wich craft

as a positive life-aare firming

thing that they are engaging in to

try to make sense of some of the

challenges they face in life.

Should parents be worried. I don't

think so. No more than joining any

other religious group. It's clearly

understood. Absolutely. People link

it with the occult. Yes. Is it not

related to that? There's some links

to the occult, but not in the sense

of a dangerous or malicious, more

like the spiritual or mystic

traditions like you get in

Christianity. No beheading chickens.

No, none of that. You formulate

spells, is that correct? Yes. How

does that work. Surely there are

areas awe off limits, you can't go around casting spells on

individuals? Definitely not.

Casting spells is individual as it

is each person that casts a spell.

My spell will be different to

Monica, and my intention of what I

want out of that will be different.

There's not a spell book per per se. There are, there's many guide There are, there's many guides and

websites. Again, they are guides.

You have to find your own way in

how to cast spells. Can you give me

an example of what kind of spell

you might cast, for what reason

Spell work can be used for a

variety of reasons. Spell works,

although it is only a small area of

wich craft and wickanism. Spell

craft can be used to help deal with

deep and meaningful emotions that

you are experiencing, help to keep

a sense of control back over your

own world, but for you to help feel

like you are helping other places

in other ways, suchs the

environment or family and friends

who might be I hope who mi h 8be I hope who might be I hope really

interested to know what your

families both thought. Brooke, when families both thought. B ECO I

you went to your family and said

"Well, I'm going to be a witch and

practice wicka." I don't think it

was much of a surprise. I've always

been a bit left of centre. I grew

up, went to Sunday school. I told

my mum I wanted to be a nun. I was

a spiritual child. To come out and

say "This feels light, this fits

right", a lot of misconceptioning,

they thought it must be evil or

dangerous, but I have never felt

like I've been in danger or a

threat to myself, and after about

15 years, I feel quite comfortable

with it. What about you, Monica.

For me, I come from a family who

has had - brought up with relinon,

Christianity has been where my

background has come from. However,

as the years have gone on, my own

family has changed their religion,

my mother is a Buddhist, when I

told her, it wasn't a surprise to

her. The fact that I had found

something that was making me happy

is particularly what a lot of my

family is about. Your study took

you around the world, the United

Kingdom, the States across

Australia. Were there negative

findings, anything that concerned findings, anything that concerned

you at all. I think the important

thing to say is that there are

dangerous and malicious people in

all religious traditions, and yes

occasionally there are some

dangerous witches, but I don't

think there's more or less than

there are in other traditions.

Occasionally we thought a couple of

the young people may have had some

sort of issues that they needed

professional health with, that,

again, is no different to any other

religious tradition. Some of them

had bad experiences at school, or

if they had a parent that doesn't

understand what they were doing,

they had bad experiences. My sense

is it's not a dangerous religion

per se, but a religion, as monica

was saying, where people are

attempting to make sense of themselves, discover themselves, he discover themselves, themselves, discover themselves,

finding a way of finding meaning

and purpose in your life. Deeply thoughtful. Deeply spiritual.

Absolutely. Myself, I have taken

pilgrimages to the United Kingdom a

few times to sacred places in the

United Kingdom. Stonehenge. I have

been to Stone hedge, Glastonbury,

south-west of the United Kingdom is

very old, very ancient, and a lot

of the old traditions there as well.

I keep - perform myself as well.

Spell craft and such - very public

image of witchcraft, but it's a

very, very small section of the

craft. Fiona Horne is probably the

best-known Australian witch, she's

written a bucket looted of books,

and I know she's been an influence

on the two of you. In her books you

hear about some of the traditions

and the rites that she goes through.

In terms of day-to-day religions,

in terms of where you may go to a

church on Sunday, what do you both

do to reaffirm your spirituality in

Wicka. We have eight celebrations

known as sabats, major celebrations

within the wickan community, they

are times for us to observe the

changing of the season, deeply tide

with the changing of the season.

And the moon. Correct, that's right.

These eight major sabats, yes, it's

a time for pagan communities to

get-together, celebrate, make sure

that we are still in touch with

what's happening within nature. The

eight sabats is with the sun, the

sulkuinoxs, and the pagan community

tends to celebrate the sabat wheel

of the year in public ways, large

gatherings that people can go, the

esbats may be done in smaller

groups, in In the nude, in the bush.

I know that Fiona Horne has told me

about, you know, she has certainly

done those sorts of festivals. It's

curious, too. Yes. Some people do

nude rites, it's not very common,

it's more like, you know, a nudist

camp or something like that, if people feel comfortable in

themselves and want to do that,

it's about celebrating the body,

and feeling comfortable in who you

are, and where you are. It's not

very common. Where do war locks fit

into this. I haven't heard anyone

call themselves a war lock. Only in

Harry Potter. Tools of the trade,

you have something here, this is

your wand. This is. This is my wand.

I made this myself, made out of all

natural materials, and two cystals

at the front and the end. Keep it

still for us. This is to help

chance 'em our energy, thoughts and

processes, stuff like that. It has

the clear quartz crystal, a garnet

at the tail, and has magical

symbols on it that are important to

me. Are you able to say what they

are. Sure, the first symbol is the

symbol of Aries, my star sign. Turn

it slightly towards us. The second

one is the sign of fir, which is

what the Aries star sign is

associated with, the male divinity

or energy is the fourth, and the

last the female energy. They are

related to you and mean something.

Of course they are. Careful, they

are touching a wand. They are not

dangerous and any sense of the

story. How, in a practical sense do

you use this. I particularly use it

in casting circles, which is where

we do our magic, spell work,

ceremonies, it's a protective

circle to ward off negative intentions and energies, intentjov and energies,

intentions and energies, a sacred

space. You would have something

similar.Ism I do, mip is plain

piece of drift wood, actually. It

holds something special to you. I'm

a big beach goer, I love the beach,

ocean, big swiller. I found a

beautiful piece of drift wood on

the beach, about the same size or

shape. No car vings, images,

nothing, it's a very plane symbol

to me, You thought it felt right.

Yes. It's fascinating. It's a

growing - do we call it a religion.

The Australian census sees it as a

religion. That's correct. Lovely to

meet you all. Back with '9am' on

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women. It's time for the news, we

are joined by the spellbinding Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Good morning David and Kim. Happy

Friday. Making news - experts keep

a close eye on the financial

markets after yesterday's very wild

ride. Local stocks took a massive

plunge, the biggest single-day fall

in several years, coming as the

Aussie home loan chief says

Australia should brace for tough

times aha as problems plague

international money and mortgage markets.

Heavy fog causes problems in Sydney,

visibility reduced to 300m, with

several flights diverted from

Sydney Airport, and drivers battled

the dangerous conditions.

We'll have a special feature story

on the incredible benefits of

walking we know our Prime Minister

John Howard is a big fan, but the

simple form of exercise is being

hailed as a new weapon against

obesity. It can burn twice as many

calories as running and boost your

brain power. Champion Mayor Macca

be diva becomes a mum.

Australasia's greatest stake earner

giving birth this morning, mum and

bud doing well. The colt is

sporting a white face and two white

feet. Any idea what the stud fee is

for Makybe Diva. No, I am not sure,

born in the NSW Hunter Valley. I

wonder what she'll be worth when they sell they sel# her.

they sell her. Do you know who the

father is, did you say that. No,

but those details in the morning

news. She scuries for them. Thanks

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