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Because it was meant to be. Our baby is going to be so lucky. the most amazing father. You're going to make BROOKE: I've lost you forever. If it was meant to be... this baby with me. would be having the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. the Commonwealth Bank chief Tonight, on interest rates. has a chilling new warning withdrawing nearly 500,000 toys. Mattel And Sydney's transport revolution - to hit the streets. huge shuttle buses Ten News with Ron Wilson. Good evening. Also tonight - accused of plotting to destroy Treasurer Peter Costello

John Howard. reckoned with - And she's a force to be giving youngsters The 98-year-old Aussie athlete a run for their money. But heading the news at 5:00 - that all home loan customers a warning as the US credit crunch hits home. will pay more within months, predicts mortgages will go up will be pushed to the wall. prompting fears strapped home buyers are about to pay dearly Australian borrowers for the mistakes made by US lenders. have already been hit Our non-bank lenders like RAMS to raise rates. and are now under pressure home lender says But now the nation's biggest

banks are also facing higher costs. The fact of the matter markets internationally has moved, is that the price of credit in the be some increase in rates. so there will, at some stage, last week's official rate rise, That increase, on top of should emerge within weeks. Where there is high risk, an increase in margin. there is obviously going to be as a tough time for borrowers. that it's shaping up They need to be concerned, into a nasty storm. because this may break out Not to panic, put it on your radar, at your existing finances. but also have a look The Treasurer disagrees, to be widespread. saying he doesn't expect the pain We're not talking here interest rates, about standard variable mortgage

by the big banks. we're not talking about loans who have a bad credit history But in Australia, loans to people could, in fact, increase. in interest rates Any further increase to the wall, will push more home owners have already fallen, many in areas where property prices compounding the financial pain.

that in two or three months time, We will probably find a couple of repayments when they've actually had to make at those larger rates, that we will see the impact occur, there is not enough money and that will be that suddenly and those sorts of things. for grocery bills Kevin Wilde, Ten News. to the sharemarket. The bad news has extended at CommSec. We cross to Julliette Saly

another 3% wiped off the market. Juliette,

It really was a case of investment

it has 13 in today. We also had a

low in commodities prices. Big

falls from the big minders and

energy sectors. A number of other

companies released impressive

earnings today. But nothing

impressed investors. They buy in a

display - - state of despair.

What is the outlook for them?

There it is a tendency to use the

word crisis in at a time like this,

but the share market has been a

record highs for almost a year. You

have mad L have to vicar be returned people

have made so far. This is it

significant downturn and is likely

to last for weeks rather than data.

It is the volatility at the moment

considering what is happening overseas. shipped to Australia from China. scare over choking hazards It's part of a world-wide safety and lead levels in paint nightmare come true - It's a parent and retailer's

almost 500,000 toys recalled amid fears they could harm or kill a child,

and that's just in Australia. 20 million toys pose a risk. Globally, Mattel estimates more than

I apologise. I'm disappointed. to your parent viewers. I particularly apologise The problems all relate to products made in China.

of lead in their paint, Some contained impermissible amounts others had loose magnetic parts. But this is magnets could attract each other that they're worried in the stomach. after they've been swallowed Since last year, several children in the US from their intestine. to remove the toy magnets Consumer watchdogs are also advising for their lead levels. children be blood-tested hyperactivity disorder, Now associated with with learning problems across reading and mathematics

in later life. and even violent behaviour the affected toys include In Australia, from the animated 'Cars' movie from the Polly Pocket range. and a wide range of magnetic toys with the retailers. And the problem doesn't stop since 2002 The magnetic toys have been available and have long since left the stores.

childcare centres across the globe. Many are now found in homes and products away from their children Parents should immediately take the

if they believe they were affected postage paid by us, a full cash refund. and they will receive The recall has raised questions quality-testing procedures. about Australia's actually testing toys in Australia, The main problem is we're not it's not actually required. or the importer to test their toys. It's up to the manufacturer

And then there's the irony biggest exporter of lead. Australia is the world's Amber Muir, Ten News. to get trucks off Sydney roads. An ambitious new plan linking major motorways It involves building new tunnels

to the shipping ports. Trucks have clogged Sydney, at breaking point, leaving our overstressed roads

the Government is finally set to act, and it seems considering two major tunnels to take the trucks off the streets. duplicating the M5 East. On the table, But the first project, to Port Botany. a tunnel from the M4 motorway Get trucks off residential streets, and the M4 East is the first one, the key project, the key priority. Both carriageways could be reserved for trucks only, with a higher toll the likely outcome. But truckies want the M4 tunnel open to all traffic to help spread the cost. Now, if the toll's too high, then industry won't use the tunnel. It's as simple as that. With truck numbers on Sydney's roads doubling every year, 2-lane tunnels may not be enough. We need a bold plan here that will service the industry for a number of years into the future, 20 or 30 years at least. It may be the Government's self-professed top priority, but the tunnels remain a pipe dream, with no routes or even a date A discussion paper on the preferred route will be released later this year. The people that are in the queues are sick of it. We need some action and we need it to happen now. But the Greens say the tunnels and their potential health effects aren't welcome. There will be massive protests from residents who will know from other tunnels in Sydney James Boyce, Ten News. A transport revolution for inner Sydney. Huge new buses will soon operate shuttle services so frequent they don't need a timetable. It's being touted as the future of Sydney's bus network -

the super-metro bus. Sleek and stylish, it carries 115 passengers - that's double the capacity of a regular bus. I think they're quite interesting, exciting buses. This is about providing safe, comfortable public transport. will be trialled Five different models on routes from Kingsford to Leichhardt via the city at a cost of $12 million. The ultimate plan, to have them running every five minutes during peak hour. But the Opposition says they're already behind schedule. The release today is not about re-announcing the project but about trying to slip through the fact that another transport improvement has slipped in terms of times of delivery. The pre-paid buses will be graded on seating arrangements, capacity and environmental features any orders. before the Government places

It'll also consult the manufacturers on improving our bus network. With traffic chaos looming when Epping Road is reduced from three lanes to one in each direction from January next year, the State Government is urgently upgrading its bus services, and the new super bus could usher in a whole new look. I wouldn't be surprised to see double-decker buses on our road network over the next 5-10 years, but that could be through the private bus network. Tim Potter, Ten News. Peter Costello's credibility is on the line tonight as a new row errupts over his leadership ambitions.

Mr Costello is at odds with top journalists

who claim he told them he would destroy John Howard. Early-morning damage control for the Treasurer after explosive remarks allegedly made at this Canberra restaurant two years ago became public. A lot of very interesting things were said. The dinner was with three senior journalists. We all still have notes of that discussion. Here's mine. The notes recall the Treasurer saying to John Howard by April '06 he would launch a challenge from the back bench. and destroy his leadership Mr Costello denied saying that. Yesterday against the word of three witnesses? Does he now stand by that denial Of course I do, Mr Speaker. journalists' ethics and their recall, Mr Costello questions the three months later than they claimed. saying the dinner was recollections to what I have. The journalists have very different

And did I set April? No. Did I set April? No. Did anything happen in April? No. he carped against the Prime Minister The Treasurer denies or urged his supporters to do so. That's good enough for John Howard. in my dealings with him I have always found an honest and forthright man. Mr Costello for the Opposition. But it wasn't good enough which is now in tatters. We have before us a relationship Labor asked command the trust of the electorate. how the two men can continue to do the honourable thing - When will the Treasurer

challenge or resign? The Government's best line of defence John Howard and Peter Costello have delivered 11 years of good economic management. attack Peter Costello's credibility. But Labor now has a new weapon to it's all irrelevant to the voters. The Government back bench hopes The ongoing sparring and the young bull. is like the story of the old bull to me, I think it's all bull. And this latest episode,

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. during the Central Coast floods A local hero who helped victims has been killed in a house fire. was sparked by a wood heater. Investigators think the blaze The Rural Fire Brigade called in near Wyong, just after 1am. to battle the blaze at South Tacoma, They arrived to find burning fiercely. a 2-storey weatherboard house had managed to escape The parents and an adult daughter

was trapped inside. but 23-year-old Geordie Jack bedroom when the fire broke out. He was sleeping in an upstairs Police and fire investigators say was fitted with smoke alarms. they don't know whether the home by frantic calls for help. Neighbours woken The flames were shooting out the upstairs windows and we could see them through the downstairs windows, and so it pretty much had a hold of the whole house.

Firefighters held back by intense heat, unable to get close enough to bring the fire under control. It was a very intense-burning fire.

to the driveway Firefighters did have to fall back and neighbouring properties in order to try and attack the fire. Investigators suspect could have sparked the blaze. a combustion heater remembered fondly by neighbours. The victim of the fire a lot of the residents from here This man actually helped in the floods and things that we needed. by taking them out and getting food John Hill, Ten News. on a war veteran A man accused of a road-rage attack has fronted court. Martin Bruce Gamman Tom Golden several times in the face allegedly punched 87-year-old west last month. after a near-accident in Sydney's of charges The 33-year-old is fighting a number relating to the attack. Hey, hey! until October. The case has been adjourned imposed for a cocaine conspiracy. A Sydney court doubles the sentence That's next. Plus, the battle over the Koran - the world's richest man. a decision for the Aussies who sued by Sydney schoolkids And fears a provocative skit

red-faced. will leave the US President This program is captioned live. # Oh, I'd go anywhere to fight for oil # to lubricate the red, white and blue

# Everybody! # is hurtling toward the world. A deadly weapon What do you want?

I demand, within 24 hours, the sum of $36.95. It's really not that much, is it? Nissan X-Trail is running out, See your Nissan dealer now. WOMAN: National Security Hotline. PHONE RINGS something I saw the other day MAN: Hi, I'm calling about that seemed a bit strange. planning something. WOMAN: I overheard them to let you know... I felt like I had from suspicious websites. MAN 2: ..downloaded documents Your detailed information could help keep Australia safe, that just doesn't feel right, so if you see or hear something National Security Hotline on: call the

You can remain anonymous. WOMAN: National Security Hotline. PHONE RINGS over a major cocaine conspiracy. has had his jail sentence doubled

43-year-old Ian Chalmers with the help of baggage handlers conspired to bring in the drug at Sydney airport. but the Crown appealed. He originally got 5.5 years, with an 8-year non-parole period. Chalmers will now serve 12 years The court saying the original sentence did not reflect the extent of his criminality. richest men A case involving one of the world's of a Sydney court. has been thrown out The Sultan of Brunei of a $9 million deal to buy had been accused of backing out a sacred relic.

beautiful copy of the Holy Koran. over a 400-year-old rare and It's an almighty row

and the punctuation is gold as well. MAN: The borders are gold from Russian KGB agents The relic was bought by these Australian businessmen, to His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei who believed they'd sold it for A$9 million. But they ended up in court, by the Sultan. claiming they'd been dudded you have a deal I mean, if you've got a deal, and who's going to question the Sultan of Brunei? of one of his trusted advisors. They claim to have taken the word salesman that comes to his door. The Sultan doesn't meet every Why would he meet us?

We took it on face value. it seems you need a contract. But even if you have a royal vow, The Supreme Court today ruled that it was an inappropriate forum for the case. in Australia.

if the Sultan had to appear The Sultan's advisors argued he'd need an entourage of 50 advisors, a private jet and a leading hotel, and they complained deprived contact with their ruler. the people of Brunei would have been The Sultan is due in Sydney for APEC, considering an appeal, but with the businessmen

His Majesty may change his mind. they're tipping

of the judiciary and can't be sued. In Brunei, the Sultan is the head lodge a lawsuit against the Sultan The fact of us going to Brunei to is something that can't happen, he's declared himself infallible. given the fact that

in a safety deposit box, The Koran remains its future uncertain.

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. or freedom of expression? Disrespectful A Sydney school for attacking George Bush. the US President and the Iraq War A skit by its students attacking

has some seeing red, This is the Rock Eisteddfod entry causing all the fuss. Performed by the students of Sydney's Davidson High School, it's a clear attack on President Bush and the Iraq war.

(Sings) # Oh, I'd go anywhere to fight... # The trouble is it'll be performed on September 6, when President Bush is here. Regardless of what you think about George Bush, staging a play which demonises the man at the time when he's in town for the APEC meeting is, frankly, rude. It teaches a lack of respect. Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop says the event is being hijacked by political activists, but organisers claim controversial topics are the norm for the 28-year-old event. We're not into censoring. Freedom of expression is what we support. If the school signs off on the issue we'll respect that.

The same teacher and the fame

school were involved in a very

similar your raw in 2004. And went

on to win. David Eaton High School.

This teachers behind both

productions. In 2004, the students participating said the politics

were his. Its is not my view, but I

feel that will I am at a stage

where I do not have to agree with

it to appreciate it. Is i to appreciate it. Is it it to appreciate it. Is it not him

making sure they get enough making sure they get enough

publicity to win again? I don't think so. A wet morning in Sydney didn't stop a big crowd turning out to commemorate the end of World War Two. The Premier was among those at the morning service for Victory in the Pacific Day. (Plays the Last Post) to Allied forces 62 years ago.

As we can see, a bit of dampness

around the city today. The sky around the city today. The sky

looks like it is clearing nicely for

for a it seems a long time ago that

the downpour of June came to August.

Fairly dry. Syd Mead so far this

month, a dry old story - - Sydney.

This was a storm cloud brewing, moving across North Sydney. Good evening.

Tomorrow, overcast but a bit warmer

- 21 degrees. Maybe an afternoon

shower. See you in 10 It's a sign of the times - school uniforms made of material that resists stabbing. That story next. And the lessons creating a new class of tech-savvy senior citizens.

A traffic check now.

If the M5 is the focus of your attention tonight.

There was a three-car accident at

Bankstown. We were called to this

serious accident. It has been

cleared. The westbound traffic

trying to get home, a tough drive.

The delays go back three to the The delays go back three to the M5

tunnel. We are anticipating an

extra 30 to 40 minutes from traffic

trying to head from Bankstown. The

option for motorists heading home

would be Canterbury Road. A bad

smash on the M2. We will bring you updates. Claims of a secret Cabinet deal to sell uranium to an emerging nuclear power - Australia will reportedly begin shipments to India in a move critics have branded dangerous and irresponsible. It's a nuclear power in need of uranium Australia has steadfastly refused to sell, but now reports a 2-hour meeting

of Cabinet's National Security Committee has given the deal the green light as long as our uranium isn't used in weapons. We could only sell, in a policy sense,

uranium to several nuclear power stations in India that were subjected to an inspections regime. Of concern, India's refusal to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, Australia's secret plan drawing an atomic response from Opposition parties. This is a significant breach

from the consensus of Australian governments in the past and I believe sends a bad message to the international community. We could have forced India into the non-proliferation treaty and we chose not to. But the proposed deal would see Australia set strict conditions on the use of the nuclear material, including requirements Australian inspectors are allowed to check it's only used for peaceful purposes. That's all a farce - the Indians themselves have said that will free us up to put the other uranium we've got into our nuclear weapons system. The United States paved the way with its nuclear cooperation agreement with India. Pakistan also wants to buy Australian uranium for power generation, but mindful of nuclear tensions between the two countries, Alexander Downer has ruled out a similar arrangement, citing the country's poor nuclear record. It is a special one-off case, but it does raise questions about who is Australia willing to sell uranium to. Brad Hodson, Ten News. of a legal setback for three of the Bali Nine who are sentenced to death. Judges in Denpasar have reportedly rejected all legal arguments to downgrade the death sentences given to Matthew Norman, Si Yi Chen, and Tun Duc Thanh Nguyen. The findings against the heroin couriers

are in a report given to Indonesia's Supreme Court, which will deliver the final verdict. Some British parents are going to extraordinary lengths

to protect their children from knife crime. They've started investing in stab-proof school uniforms - jumpers and blazers lined with Kevlar, which is normally used to protect police and soldiers.

I was actually quite shocked myself. This wasn't even a direction I was looking to move in but we have to do something. We can't just sit around and do nothing, so if there's an option there to make you safer, then why not take it? Parents are paying up to $300 to stab-proof a blazer. 11 teenagers have been killed in knife attacks in London this year. A robber in the United States has come unstuck trying to hide his identity with duct tape. His bizarre disguise giving his victims a good laugh. A stocking or balaclava is the usual disguise of choice for the would-be robber.

Not so in Kentucky, where a man thought duct tape would be a better, although rather sticky way to conceal his identity. He probably had every opportunity to put a brown paper poke over his head and poke holes in it, or a plastic bag. But duct tape? It's just unbelievable. People don't think this really happened. The 'duct tape bandit' was chased out of the store with a bat, another worker catching him and holding him until police arrived. Removing the duct tape no doubt a painful experience, although the man arrested for the crime, Kasey Kazee, has appeared on local television to deny any involvement.

Look at me. Do I look like the duct tape bandit, baby? I'm not no duct tape bandit, you hear me? Live, one-on-one, Ashland, Kentucky, you know this is not me. Now, look, do the math, do the homework, man. Police say the suspect only managed to get out of the shop with small change, most of which he dropped in the carpark. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. A communications giant is helping older Australians cope with the computer age. Telstra's $3 million program taps into seniors' own circles to encourage them into cyber-space. As a one-time telegram boy and telegrapher, Brian O'Shaughnessy is a master in morse code. Now at 85, he's moved to embrace the computer age. I stick to probably the basic things.

I do all my airline bookings, hotel bookings, football tipping. But new research has shown many older Australians feel uneasy about how to use new technology, like the Internet and mobile phones, prompting Telstra to launch a $3 million program providing grants to community groups, like bowls clubs, to help educate senior Australians. To build education materials and to run seminars with their members to learn about technology at their own pace amongst their own peers. Wales? Wales - a-l-e-s. teaching others in their age group is seen as the key. We may actually start out dog paddling but we soon surf with the best of 'em out there on that net. You're out of communication with people if you haven't got it virtually because now they don't send you letters - they say, "See you on w-w-w-dot." But it's not just older Australians who may find it difficult grappling with new technology. many younger people also find it equally baffling Brian, how do do you that thing? Allan, it's practice, practice, practice! to others his age? And what's Brian's advice Get on it and enjoy it. Allan Raskall, Ten News. A Sydney community lumbered with a huge white elephant thanks to bureaucratic bungling.

That story next. Also, an explosive test for Sydney's newest firefighting vessel. And a new link between pot bellies and heart disease. With a smooth 6-cylinder engine than the equivalent 4-cylinder Toyota Camry and Honda Accord Euro, the answer should be crystal clear. From $25,990, plus dealer delivery and government charges. It's hard finding time for the things you love. When I do, I like to make the most of it.

I don't like letting myself or the team down. So it's fair to say I don't have time for headaches. That's why I choose Panadol Rapid. The name says it all. WHISTLE BLOWS It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Panadol - it's my choice. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - Mattel's been forced to recall nearly 500,000 toys shipped to Australia from China. It's part of a world-wide safety scare over choking hazards and lead levels in paint. Consumers are being offered a full refund on affected products.

A transport revolution for inner Sydney - it involves shuttle bus services so frequent they don't need timetables. he large, futuristic vehicles will be on our roads by early next year, the services expanded if they prove successful. And denials today from Federal Treasurer Peter Costello that he made damaging but unreported comments to journalists over dinner in Canberra two years ago. The journalists insist Mr Costello vowed to destroy Prime Minister Howard, claiming he couldn't win the next election. Ten's political editor Paul Bongiorno joins us now. Peter Costello disputes the three journalists' verison of that dinner - can we believe him?

None of the things the journalists

say Mr Costello told him came to

pass. The other thing in his favour

is the journalists got the date

wrong. He says it was three months

later than they claim. Indeed

journalists favour is the fact they

had notes that they say they ran by

Mr Costello's press secretary. It

is no secret that Peter Costello

really did want John Howard's job.

Do you see any damage for the Government? The Government needs to start winning

winning a few days. It has tried to

claw back the huge lead Labour has.

You have to put this down to another lost.

Claims tonight a $20 million Sydney development has been left a ghost town because of years of political game playing. Desperate owners say the project could be saved with the stroke of a pen. In one of Sydney's sought-after suburbs is Wakefield Business Park - a white elephant. 30 of the 41 industrial units have been empty for almost four years - locals insist it's Frank Sartor's fault because he refuses to step in and re-zone. They sit in their ivory towers in the city and don't know what's out here. You just can't look at a submission and three weeks later, send back a letter saying, "No, no, no, no." has one of the few businesses still standing. It is a little disheartening, I've been in the business 30 years and I'm finding it very tough due to circumstances beyond our control. Lack of customers and rising interest rates turning this into Sydney's industrial ghost town. The Planning Minister's office denies he had anything to do with it - his critics insist the neglect is purely political. They can't ignore the plight of these people any longer just because it's in a Liberal and affluent area.

Two months ago, a plan to reinvigorate the $20 million site was devised by business groups and local politicians with a view to attracting tenants.

It was rejected. We did have some concerns about the proposed re-zoning. One of those concerns is it could undermine nearby centres. It's a dire situation perhaps best illustrated right here with the 14 surrounding units all empty. It didn't take long for the local cafe to shut its doors.

is failing to attract much interest. Frank Coletta, Ten News. As reported earlier, a horror day on the Australian share market. A new link tonight between potbellies and heart disease. Just a small increase in waist size can increase the risk, even if overall body weight is low. a weight issue - A potbelly doesn't just signal it's now also the best indicator of future heart disease. That's according to new research from the US recommending rather than scales, a tape measure is the best way to find out if you're at risk of the disease. It's not just how much we weigh, it's the shape that we accumulate our fat that's important. The study concluded people who add centimetres to their waistline can triple the rate at which dangerous deposits build up in arteries around their heart, known as atherosclerosis. A higher waist-to-hip ratio is associated with a greater probability of atherosclerosis. And atherosclerosis can eventually be fatal. It would produce the wrong type and the wrong amount of chemical messages around the body, of type 2 diabetes which would lead to increased risk or coronary heart disease.

When scientists compared body shape with early signs of heart disease, they found a strong link to the waist-to-hip ratio. To calculate your waist-to-hip ratio, first measure the midpoint of your waist around your navel, then compare that to the widest point of your hips, around your bottom. For men, a healthy ratio is less than 0.95.

For women, it's 0.85. So, put simply, your waist should be less than your hips, meaning how much you weigh is irrelevant. Even those considered normal weight could be at risk. Doctors reminding there's no shortcut to a flatter stomach. It comes down to exercise and healthy eating. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A new firefighting weapon has been put through its paces on Sydney Harbour. The $300,000 vessel can travel at twice the speed of previous emergency boats and shoot water from up to 40m away. Each year, fire crews tackle around 200 blazes on boats, marinas and waterfront properties. It's hoped this new vessel will cut response times and save lives.

Eight check out the weather Eight check out the weather now

with Tim Bailey. When the Gulf our

way, the boys will play.

Get well soon, Deborah night.

Get well soon, Deborah night. Ron

is the prettiest member of the team!

The weather at your place tomorrow

- 21 degrees. An overcast day. And

evening and after any showers with freshening winds on the coast. Tim Webster with sport. Parramatta cops a blast as Melbourne goes on the offensive over grapple tackles. It comes as the Storm threaten to out clubs they claim also grapple tackle. More shortly. Plus, the Sea Eagles star who'll put his own money into Manly. Also a shattered Knight feels the squeeze

over his $200,000 contract gamble. And she's a force to be reckoned with - the 98-year-old Aussie athlete giving youngsters a run for their money. Today, we're building the perfect hardware store. Start off with a nice big space. Not quite this big! OK, slightly bigger than this. Stock it with all the great brands. As for all the junk... ..chuck it! Keep the prices cut nicely down to size. And finish it off with a load of helpful staff.

Oh, look. Here's one we prepared earlier. Mighty helpful, Mitre 10. Quite soon you'll have the opportunity

to vote in a new Australian Government. As the Labor Candidate for Eden Monaro, Mike Kelly is a key part of my team. Mike's family have lived in Bega since the 1860s and Mike served in the army for 20 years.

Despite massive budget surpluses,

Eden Monaro has been taken for granted by Mr Howard's government. Mike and I will work to change that and together we can improve local hospitals, schools and roads. For the task ahead, This program is captioned live. A $200,000 gamble by Knights forward Kirk Reynoldson appears to have failed. In what is being perceived as a contract squeeze, the Knights are refusing to guarantee him the one extra game he needs to automatically activate a new deal. So he's looking for a new club tonight. Flanked by Players Association boss Matt Rodwell, the tough forward met club bosses this morning after being dropped for Sunday's wooden spoon battle against Penrith. With three rounds remaining, Reynoldson has played 14 of the required 15 matches needed for a contract renewal. But, in an unprecedented move, the Knights board approved his omission for this weekend. In last week's loss to Manly, Reynoldson made 30 tackles in his 44 minutes on the field. Cowboys forward Sione Faumuina will attempt to beat his high tackle charge in a video hook-up for a downgrade. Faumuina is risking a 7-week ban are not happy about rival clubs Meanwhile, the Melbourne Storm attacking them over grapple tackles. the Storm have come out swinging. Cast as the great grapple villains, Just because we're winning, than other sides, just because we defending better we'll start getting on their backs. people need to get off our backs or some clubs of using the media Coach Craig Bellamy accusing to try and influence referees. come out today for this week, We have our opposition coach

sticking his beak in there again, Michael Hagan, mentioning us in the grapple tackle. will end up high in gang tackles. He says it's inevitable arms and more than one team does it. the fingers at other clubs We don't want to start pointing in a glass house, but if you're going to live Meanwhile, North Queensland will try reckless high-tackle charge to have Sione Faumuina's downgraded to a careless high tackle. mitigating circumstances. They're citing Once you slow it down ended up if he didn't hit the ball, and look at where Sione would have we think we've got a good case. Though against the judiciary, than confident. Parr says he's more hopeful It's been a tough place to win - stats north of the border have never been that great. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. has started to prepare A Manly rugby league legend for life after football. shareholder of Sea Eagles Home Loans. Steve Menzies is a director and A slight twist, though - will be invested into a future fund 15% of all profits from the business and keep Manly games at Brookvale. to help develop local talent to put something back in. The man they call Beaver is pleased into the junior league We can put some money

some of the great talent and, you know, bring through here on the northern beaches. that we do have Menzies currently holds the record for the Sea Eagles. for most appearances It's no surprise has coincided with the return to form the Swans' rise up the ladder of Brownlow medallist Adam Goodes. The loss to Geelong in Round 13 of the Swans' season. was the turning point five of their next six matches. They subsequently won the first seven or eight rounds I was disappointed with and I really wanted to do something about it, and leading up to the break my effort and work rate started to pick up. The Swans are looking to maintain their outstanding record against the eighth-placed Lions at the Gabba on Saturday night. They've won 8 of their last 10 matches against them. Lleyton Hewitt has advanced of the Cincinnati Masters, to the second round with Stanislas Wawrinka. surviving a tough 3-set encounter 7-5 The Australian won the opening set

ran him off the court in the second before his Swiss opponent to square the match. the 3-hour encounter Hewitt eventually won in a final set tie break.

COMMENTATOR: He's done it! two sets to one. UMPIRE: Game, set, match Hewitt, Richard Gasquet Hewitt faces eighth-seeded Frenchman in the second round. And later in Sports Tonight, to Sione Faumuina at the judiciary. we'll find out what happens

traffic. Thank you. Let us go back to the

You are not going to be happy - the

M2 has fallen over this evening

after a smash out at the end to

tunnel. The accident is clear. Look

at how bad the accident is getting

out of the tunnel. People will out of the tunnel. People will be

sitting through delays on the way home. Not happy.

Tim Bailey with better news joins

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Time for the weather details now

forced to adopt the agree that in

this bulletin is going from bad to worse.

What finally, someone that makes us

look fairly reasonable on the

television. Two native Australian

bearded dragons. Gary Patterson

does a fantastic job caring and

looking after injured Australian

wildlife. Tell us what happened.

Here had a broken jaw after confrontation with a domestic dog. Here had a broken jaw after a

He had his jaw actually immobilised

for about four months, maybe six for about four months, maybe

months. We were feeding him via a months. We were feeding him via

tube that went into his stomach.

When we actually took the band in

Britain of his jaws, he is

struggling to eat. - - the

bandaging. He will be living at

your place for some time. If you

are missing a pet, he is a

domesticated dragon and is looking

for his owner. While in the

Business Of Lost Pet, if someone

would like to pick me up, I would

appreciate it. If anyone sees

Australian wildlife out there that

his injured, please contact wires:

What are the things to look out

for? Anything out of the usual. May

be a possum out during the day will

start these creatures are nocturnal,

a lot of the marsupials we have in

the area. Are we allowed to show

that on television? Nothing going

on. Were have a male and female but

slightly different species. If you

don't mind, weather-wise, tomorrow,

I can tell you it will be overcast.

21 degrees. An afternoon and

evening shower. Freshening breeze

is out of the north-east on the

coast. Rainfall - you thought there coast. Rainfall - you thought there

has not been much - you were right.

Six mm sofa in August.

Cloud is set floating over South

Australia around an offshore low

causing showers in the west.

Tomorrow, a trough will generate widespread showers across New South

Wales and rain in Queensland. A

front will bring showers and a cold,

blustery change to Victoria, Tasmania

Tasmania and South Australia. Trips

and drops. Showers and storms for

Central West and North West New

South Wales. Isolated showers in

the state. Dry in the far west. If

you have any interest or wild

wildlife running around in your

backyard, you want the boys and the

girls. How many of you are there

throughout New South Wales? 2000

state-wide, but we are always

needing more. You must be a joy to

around the kitchen. live with the with these crawling

That it from the glamourous mob of

the weather. See you tomorrow. Australian athletics titles still racking up at the age of 98. of world records as well, Ruth Frith has a swag running the competition off their feet.

Take a deep breath, because Ruth Frith sets a cracking pace. There's ya hammer. Good oh-ski. She's just back from a medal-grabbing meet on the Sunshine Coast, but still attacks her warm-up like a teenager. Why don't we step it out. (Laughs) Then it's on to Ruth's favourite discipline - and we've crept a little too close. the hammer throw, Oh, no! $100,000! A new camera later, to push her personal best out there, and Ruth's aiming and time's ticking. in the shotput as well, Ruth has a world distance interfere with practice. and isn't about to let a wrist injury or something like that? Maybe stopping throwing No, no, so I just put up with it. so it's all about having a go. She gets out there and has a go, so be careful what you say. (Laughs) Yeah, I got my arm around you, The rest of the world's 98-year-olds swapped athletics for armchairs, have long ago and that's given Ruth a real problem. I haven't had anyone much with me, Ever since I've been 80, so I try to beat the 70s. So now I'm in the 90s the world titles, Ruth's finally given away a little harsh for her these days, the long jet flights proving well, she'll be in Sydney next year, but the Aussies,

hoping to add to her huge medal haul and spread her little secret. Every person, no matter what you do, is given a gift. Use it or lose it - and I used it. Tim Collits, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. We'll have the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30,