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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. talk TV program for the ACT as well Welcome to State Focus, our weekly Wales. as southern and central New South Hello it's Guy Sweeting. swing for another year, our Amanda Today: with Australian Idol in full

regional news desk to catch up with Abate heads out from behind the Hayley Jensen is up to, 3 years on what Canberra's Australian Idol star competition. from coming 4th in the 2004 Idol another award for Australia's best Also, a Dubbo bakery winning yet meat pie. in Wollongong: one making waves in And we speak with two creative men practical way to get plumbing and surfing, another with a new

power repairs fixed fast at home. planning for next year's Beijing But first up to progress underway on Australian city its coming to: Olympic torch relay in the only Canberra. Deputy Chief minister Ted Quinlan year, is former ACT Treasurer and who joins us now. Welcome to State Focus Ted. Thank you, thank you guy. organisation? How's it going - the torch relay Ah, excellent. so ago, and... We had a visit from BOCOG a week or Olympic Committee organising the I'm assuming BOCOG is the Beijing Games, or something like that.. That's it, that'll do. BOCOG... A bit like SOCOG. Yeah, yeah. their expectations - if you like - And they gave a presentation of what we had done so far, the and we gave them a presentation of

very happy with what's happened, so. planning so far, and they were very check that out? Was there 120 of them that came to No, no, no, no, but there will be. on the day the relay takes place - By the time the relay takes place - representatives, and I think it will be in excess of 100 people.

organised before that comes, so Alright, so you've got to get you're not too afraid of that. we have to know how many people we Well we have to be organised early, have to cater. of those people and we need those We need the accommodations for all convenient locations so that the people to accommodated in the day are minimised. logistics of moving them around for spread hell, west and crooked Otherwise if we've got people in terms of getting people together across town, then we're in trouble various functions and formalities to run the relay itself and for the

that go with it. tell us how it's going to work? Okay, just speaking of logistics; in Canberra and go to? It's April 24, where will it start Has all that been figured out yet? in our planning and we've virtually Well at this stage we're advanced relay to pass. set out the sights that we wish the something in the order of 5 hours, It's only going to run for breadth of Canberra, it will run so it can't run all over the Canberra. effectively in the centre of as Mount Ainslie, Black Mountain Now we hope to include such things Parliamentary Triangle. and all of the icons around the the you know - way out in the various But we certainly can't get too - satellite cities of Canberra @ Okay, alright. used to be the Treasurer and Deputy Well just briefly on to you; you Sport, Tourism and - have I covered Chief Minister and you also handled it all? Business and Tourism, yeah. Ah yeah, Economic Development, leave the Assembly? Alright, reflecting - when did you A year ago last April. to do? Alright, and that was a good thing happy with your achievements? You left at the right time, you're bit longer but I just had some Ah I would have stayed on a little going to put me out of action for a surgery I needed done and it was inconvenient for the government, so time that would have been very somewhat. I brought my retirement forward time and I'm very happy with the But I'm still very happy with my came in to replace me. I think he's done a terrific job. plans? Okay, and what are some future active and I'm involved on the Ah well I'm not retired but I keep this relay, I have done some work board of ACTAB, I'm involved in

also involved in a partnership - as a private consultant and I'm mating dance with New South Wales we're going through, if you know, a corporate governments. Government, in relation to do intend to travel: my partner and But I do not intend to work 24/7, I some travel in the last year or so, I have already been involved in

some more @ we re we really enjoyed it and will do celebrated a birthday as well, so Okay, that's fantastic and you've congratulations for that. Thank you very much. Sorry to bring that up. Yeah, that's alright. heading the ACT planning team for Alright, that's Ted Quinlan , who's the Beijing Olympic torch relay. Canberra's Australian Idol star Well still to come; what's she first came to our screens. Hayley Jensen up to, 3 years after Dubbo, which has already won awards But now to the Village Hot Bake in best chunky meat pie. in 2003 and 2005 for Australia's Now they've done it and won it again. choice award by 'That's Life!' This time taking out the people's magazine. Bake, to tell us all about it. Hello John. Yes good morning, how are you going Yeah, very well. What's special about your pies? secret away, a bit like - you know - You probably don't want to give the like that, do you or...? the 11 herbs and spices or something Yeah, that's about right. our pie is that we're 3rd But look I think the secret behind baking ever since I was little and generation bakers and we've been and my uncles, and also brothers in my pop - on both sides of family,

suppose our secret is that we've the family - are all bakers and I been baking all our life mate. winning pie - that won awards in Now you've had some - the award you stuck with the tried and true 2003 and 2005 as we mentioned, have again? formula to keep on winning once to win the 'Great Aussie Meat Pie Yes that's true, we've been lucky

recipe and it's a recipe that we've Competition' and we use that same each generation, I think, has had since 1918 in our family, and changed, and we use obviously the manipulated it a little bit and get our hands on but also I think freshest ingredients that we can beef that we use, and we hand dice it's a testament to the quality of

that's what - you know, there's a and hand mince our own beef, and lots of it in our pies. lot of beef in it, prime beef - and competitions? How do you get to win these Sydney, or some other place, and get Do you have to take the pies to other people to test them? How does it all work? were - basically people sms'd or Look, well in this current event we different pie shops in Australia voted over the phone, all the

and apparently there was 1700 bakeries that were voted for - and then we were in the top 10 and they phoned us and said "Look, can you to Sydney?" So we froze our pies down and sent them down to Sydney and then there was a panel of 5 celebrities that tasted the pies and heated them up, and you know, looked at the flavour and the pastry and yeah, all the flavour profiles, and we... Because there's nothing like having a fresh pie, but having to send it and package it up and it make all the way the journey to Sydney, and

then they have to heat it and all that kind of thing, and still to Because there's nothing like having a fresh pie, but having to send it and package it up and it make all the way the journey to Sydney, and then they have to heat it and all that kind of thing, and still to taste good - it must be a damn good pie. Oh yes, look I think that that just preserves it, you know, I think that ah, that just gets the product at it's optimum, and I'm sure that when the judges ate that pie that were very impressed with it because it is extremely good. Alright, well congratulations and all the best with those pies, I'll have to get up to Dubbo and have one. Thanks mate. Thank you very much. That's John Stevenson from Village Hot Bake Dubbo, who make Australia's best chunky meat pies. And if you like sink your teeth into a hot meat pie on a cold winter's day, why not let us know where you think the tastiest pies are in your neck of the woods, that's of course if you don't live in the Dubbo area. Have your say at our mytalk website, follow the links. You can also email us: And details again at the end of the program. Well next we'll be joined by two male achievers from Wollongong, one successful in the surf, the other, using the web for a new way to speed

up plumbing and power repairs around the home. Back shortly.

In Wattamondara, you're watching State Focus. Well still ahead; Canberra singer Hayley Jensen joins us from picturesque Yarralumla, 3 years on from when she came 4th in Australian Idol. But now to the first of two male achievers from Wollongong joining us today. And in the case of Ben Allen, it's not that he has been a successful competitor for the Bulli Surf Club, but that he has his sights set on

winning this year's Coolangatta Gold Ironman race on October 14. Ben is with us in our Wollongong studio to tell us more. Welcome to State Focus Ben. Thank you very much. How long have you been associated with the Bulli Surf Club? Ah with Bulli I've been for probably about 3 or 4 years now. Okay, and when did you start there and what motivated you to be involved? Ah sort of being down on the beach all the time and watching - I was

sort of developing my skills as a young nipper - you know, I wanted to become developed and become a bit better at sort of saving people's lives, and that introduced me on to competitive surf lifesaving, and I've really - you know - sort of been focused and determined in achieving some goals in surf lifesaving. And it didn't take you long to realise that that's the direction

that you'd be able to head in? Ah no, not really. I sort of spend every day down the beach so I really love going the beach, and sort of that progressed into you know, focusing on all my talents in the surf, which you know, I've got the up and coming NIB Coolangatta Gold, which I hopefully, you know, do well at this year. Yeah, okay. When you spend every day at the beach - which is just a great idea, isn't it, spending time at the beach, there's no better idea than that - how long do you spend down there and what exactly do you go through? What paces do you go through, what sort of routine do you go through in your training? Ah well yeah spending time down the beach is awesome but, you know, there's a lot of hard yards that has to be done. Normally I get up early in the morning at 5 o'clock and swim and the pool, then go home, have breakfast, head back down the beach, normally have a 2 and a half hour ski paddle out in the ocean, I come

home, have lunch, maybe head over the Uni. Then back down the beach again for another session, so.. @ T And are you doing that every day, as much as rain, hail or shine, rough surf, tame surf? Yeah definitely, you know, there's days out there where, you know, I sort of aren't very motivated to get out there and sort of head down

the beach, but when you're, you know, determined and focused as much as I am, you have to get out there and sort of push yourself in at the end. You've always been a surfer but with Iron Man there's a lot of other components sort of out of the water, isn't there? Are you confident you're going to be good at those as well? Yeah, definitely. You know, you're not up against the water, you're up against mother nature itself, so whatever she can throw at you - you know - you've just got to take on and being out there every day you build

confidence and you're able to sort of put yourself in order to be able to get through those types of conditions @ to ge The Coolangatta Gold Iron Man coming up in October; will this be the biggest event you've ever competed in? This will be my 3rd time competing in it, so 3rd time.... How did you go the other times? Ah the first time I competed I ended up 25th, last year I got 10th, so this year - hopefully, fingers crossed - I'll end up on the podium, which would be a bonus. Yeah. Oh well, well you're climbing up those positions very fast, so I wish you all the very best for that and we'll keep tabs on your progress. Good luck. No worries, thank you very much. Bulli surf club competitor Ben Allen joining us in our Wollongong studio. Well still ahead; Canberra's Australian Idol star Hayley Jensen speaks with Amanda Abate from our regional news team, at the beautiful

set of her new music video in Yarralumla. But now to another successful Wollongong man who came up with an idea to use the internet to speed up the household repair process for customers, when the plumbing or power breaks down at home. Mark Coughlin has set up the 'Lets Get it Done' website to match customers with the right kind of tradesperson for the job they need and he joins us in our Wollongong studio now. Welcome to State Focus.

How are you Guy? Yeah good thanks. Now you're a tradesman yourself, but what you needed fixed up at your house was something a little different to what you normally do. Yeah, that's right. I'm pretty good with my hands - I am an electrician by trade - but there's always plenty of jobs need to be fixed up around the house, like renovating jobs or so on, and sometimes it's very hard to find the tradesperson right to do the job. So I actually had a leaking tap in my downstairs bathroom which I

couldn't fix for the life of me, so I ended up ringing up a couple of tradies, got the normal run around: they were busy, the job was too small, and in the end I finally got one, did a great job, but I thought - it took me 3 or 4 days and a few phone calls - so I though oh, maybe there's a better way of doing this. So I decided to make a database where the customers can put their jobs in online and the tradies then find the customers.

That's a great idea. You know I find it surprising that you are a tradie yourself and you couldn't get - you know - another tradie to come in. So it's not only someone who has a typical problem at home, but someone who's sort of in an allied craft, I suppose, who even had a problem themselves. Yeah, that's right. As an electrician I can do pretty much what I want, but all trades are all different, they're all specialised. If you're not in the loop or you don't know somebody you're in the same position as any body else. Exactly right, yeah. So how has this helped so far - how long has it been running? It's been going for about 2 and a half months now. We've got about - close to a hundred - jobs on there, and we've done maybe about 60-70% of those jobs so far, so hopefully we get the percentage up, but it's going quite well at the moment. You've been going for 2 months and it's working in the Illawarra area,

but it's working so successfully you're wanting to expand it to further afield? Yeah, I've just started off in the Illawarra as a test area from Helensburgh down to Kiama/Gerringong and all out west Dapto way. Using that as a test area then once I iron out all the bugs and get that up and running, we're going to move to Sydney and then Melbourne, and then hopefully spread out across Australia. Yeah, well we could certainly do with something like that in other

areas - Dubbo, Wagga, Orange and Canberra - so I'm hoping that you'll keep those in mind as well. Oh yeah, well I want to do every where obviously. I don't want to start - I'm just going to start out small like I said, but hopefully it will spread and take off. A lot of response I've had from the customers is it's a good idea and I think there's a good market for it, so hopefully it takes off very soon. And the other thing is, once set up, it works itself, it figures itself out. You don't need to monitor it or look over it all that much, it self matches. Yeah, basically you just type the job that you want in and just to wait for the phone to ring, and the tradie then rings you up and that's it, there's very little to do. Okay, well great idea, hope it works out well for you, sounds like it will. Thanks for coming on today. Thank you very much Guy. Okay, thank you. That's Wollongong's Mark Coughlin who came up with the idea to bring tradespeople and customers together faster via his website: joining us in our Illawarra studio. Well next up; heading out to beautiful Yarralumla to find out what Canberra singing star Hayley Jensen is up to, 3 years after coming fourth in Australian Idol. Stay with us.

From Trangie to Tathra, this is State Focus. Canberra raised pop singer Hayley Jensen is heading back to her old stomping ground this week as part of her 'Stronger' tour. Hayley became a household name back in 2004 of course, when she captured

audiences nation-wide in the second series of Australian Idol, in which she came fourth. Amanda Abate from our regional news team caught up with Hayley at Yarralumla, ahead of her Concert at the Southern Cross Club this Friday. (SINGS) You @ the Sou

You see me and you wonder, How I'm stronger without you. Well hi Hayley, thanks for joining us. Now this looks really familiar, this is obviously where you shot your first music video? Yes, absolutely. I'm back here in Yarralumla - beautiful Canberra - at the location where we shot my video slip for 'Stronger', which is my first ever video clip and it was an incredible experience, we kind of spent a lot of time putting together the storyboards and

working out what sort of sets we wanted, and what sort of location we would use, and we originally kind of thought oh, we'd got with quite a plain sort of studio space and then found this gorgeous home and we were able to - it was sort of like a ready made set for us, so it was really lucky. So it was all a bit of a family affair wasn't it? Now this is your auntie's friend's place? Yes, that's right. Nice of them to let you use it? Yeah well it was actually the same architect built the 2 homes, so they're very similar, this one was just a little bit more spacious and the pool was larger, and there were just different aspects to it which we sort of thought we could use more in the clip. The original plan was actually to go to both houses, but at sort of 2am we thought we'd call it quits. Now your new song is 'Stronger', what sort of personal meaning does

that have for you? Well I originally wrote this song - I guess it was in a context of a relationship and just being in a relationship that's not healthy, and trying to kind of get the strength to get out of that. But I guess as I've sort of lived with the song for a little while and I've kind of been on my journey post-Idol - deciding to go independent with all my music and the battles that I've sort of faced,

and successes and different things that I've had to go through to make that work - has sort of all rolled into the song for me now. So when I sing it, it more has that sort of meaning behind it for me now, that determination and strength to kind of say, you know, I might not have all the support in the world but - I've got Canberra!

(SINGS) And you, You see me and you wonder, What you'd do without me... So where did it all start for you? Was it school productions and that kind thing? Yep, just singing at school, and I had an incredibly supportive teacher all through high school - Mr. Spollard - and he sort of encouraged me to get into musicals and try out for the School of Music, and just to expand on what we were

doing at school and yeah, then I decided to do a little bit of jazz at the school of music as well, so that was good fun but I guess I never really saw a way of making it a career living here, and so I just went on to do my economics/management degree, and...

Oh, okay. Woo hoo! And it didn't work out as planned? Well I got most of the way through it and then auditioned for Idol so I.. @ it and th Yeah, so how much did that help you - the Australian Idol experience? Oh Idol helped me just immensely, I mean to be able to get a support base before I even had my own material out is like, incredible. It's every artist's dream you know, and I guess a lot of musicians are probably a little bit bitter with us idols having that, you know, ready-made support base, but you know, they still require you to prove yourself afterwards and so it's still been a real journey for me to kind of get my songs on the radio and you know, keep on 'Video Hits' and 'Rage' and all that sort of stuff. And so, you know, it might sort of seem easy and ready-made success

kind of thing, but there's a long process after that of you know - it's been 3 years for me - of writing, recording and making sure you get on your own path and people still support you there. Yeah, because Australian Idol of course - the next season's coming up soon - so any advice for all the hopefuls out there? I get asked this question - it seems like every second person you

meet knows somebody that's made it or something now... It's a bit like that, isn't it. Yeah it's amazing. But oh it's a huge part of our culture now I guess and it's a great part, you know, people listening to music again and I think the advice I can give is be yourself as much as you can. Nobody can be you better than you, you know, there's always going to be other people that are really good at what they do and so I think

they key is to just focus on what you do and try to do that the best you can, and be yourself. So what were your influences in music, what were you listening to when you were growing up? I guess I loved the Cranberries and I loved, I guess, music that your parents sort of listened to: Carol King, you know, Hunters and

Collectors and - mum will be like "That's not what I listened to!" But yeah I guess the sort of people that inspire me as an artist and musician now, I guess, are people like Sarah McLachlan and Eva Cassidy and I'm glad to see Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries back with us now and that's great and she's got her own stuff happening

again.. @ she's g Yeah. Yeah so I just sort of take from those different people, and... So for those who aren't familiar with your music, how would you describe it? It's always been a really hard question to answer but I think just adult pop is a good way to put it, you know, it's - the themes in are hopefully a bit more mature than shake your booty around, you know, it's kind of dealing with real life issues and things that you face,

and yeah, observations about life and things, rather than yeah, like I said, the main sort of pop themes, it's ah, adult pop. Well thanks very much for your time Hayley, now good luck with your show. Canberra Southern Cross Club, come and see me! For sure. Canberra's Aussie Idol star Hayley Jensen speaking with Amanda Abate

from our regional news team. And as mentioned, Hayley is coming to the Southern Cross Club Woden this Friday night. Tickets 15 dollars at the door.

A quick check on local N.R.L. action this coming week: in round 22, The Raiders are in Sydney to play The Bulldogs this afternoon at the Olympic Stadium with kick off at 2 o'clock. Then in round 23, both of our local league teams kick off at the same time of 7:30 next Saturday night. The Raiders are at home to The Warriors and The Dragons will be in Townsville to take on The Cowboys. Before we go, our viewer feedback contact details.

You can have your say on our website: Or email us: Suggest a guest! Also check our mytalk digital TV channel for local information and highlights of State Focus programs. That's as it happened this week, I'm Guy Sweeting. Join us next week at our regular time of 8:30 Sunday morning, for State Focus. Live captions by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra. We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

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