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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - in his Sydney home. a priest stabbed in the throat as best he could I imagine he defended himself

but he's a very gentle person.

for a State Government minister. A public health scare show their Sydney colleagues American police how to deal with car hoons. in Sydney's fashion wars. And Team Hawkins turns up the heat with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News

north-west are living in fear Catholic priests in Sydney's Good evening.

was stabbed in a communal home after one of their own and left for dead. The 55-year-old is seriously ill, enormous blood loss. having suffered His attacker is on the run.

is described by friends Father Ho Tran who wouldn't hurt a soul. as a well-liked man He's a very gentle man - to be involved the last person you would expect in this sort of confrontation.

shocking stab and slash wounds But the Catholic priest suffered to his throat, arms and body in the kitchen when he went to investigate a noise of Divine World Missionaries. a male person inside - he was stabbed a number of times. as best he could I imagine he defended himself but he's a very gentle person. this path, leaving a bloody trail. Father Ho managed to get away along a man named Ray - He was saved by a cook - and called for help. who stopped the heavy blood flow

is at a loss to understand This peaceful religious community to caring for others how someone who dedicates his life of such an appalling crime. can become the victim and is still on the run. The attacker escaped of the home for priests. Father Ho is in charge

by thieves and vandals. It's been repeatedly hit for increased police patrols. Local MP Greg Smith is calling when some weirdo or somebody else You just never know and destroy the peace. wants to break into your home after emergency surgery. Father Ho is recovering His condition is improving. The State Racing Minister is back in the saddle

at a Sydney media conference. after collapsing work schedule and dehydration Graham West blames a heavy he's set a bad example for others but doctors say by refusing an immediate check-up. did look a little pale. The Racing and Gaming Minister Can I get a glass of water? He needed a chair. Ladies and gentleman, I need to do that...I... can I actually sit down, But it was too late - goes weak at the knees. his first major media conference an overhaul of thoroughbred racing Graham West had been announcing before fainting. Only four months in the job - ministerial stumble. literally his first And there he goes - he's fainting. which is the biggest problem of all They're supporting him

can't flow to his head. because the blood The minister blamed dehydration. and skipped breakfast. He'd had a late night Undeterred, he had another go. to make a decision... Actually gets six months the chair finally arrived. In the end, At just 33 and a keen sportsman, fittest members of State Cabinet Mr West ought to be one of the may have to slow down a little. but it seems the Racing Minister at the Gosford Races. He was straight back into the saddle he doesn't plan to see a doctor. Despite his collapse, Mr West says we hear the clunk in our V8s, You know, straight to the motor repairers. we go and we ignore it We feel the clunk in our bodies with men and their health. and that's the real problem and I intend to take it. There's a valuable lesson there a major Sydney rail project on hold. The State Government has put

to build a rail clearway $190 million had been promised between Sydenham and Erskineville to disentangle the network. as part of a plan But nothing's happened was finished in February. since a feasibility study Once again, we have evidence infrastructure budgets that Labor cannot deliver

on time, on budget, or on cost.

are still thinking about it. The Government says RailCorp bosses he rarely uses, John Howard has uttered a word for the interest rate rise. saying sorry he's come under attack While defending his economic record,

announcement as a diversion. for recycling a military John Howard says often. It's not a word Ah, sorry.

But twice today. an interest rate rise Sure, we've had and I'm sorry about that. is sorry And now a member of his government to keep interest rates low. about the election promise it's a promise you can never make. I've come of the view that

to turn their backs on him, As voters threaten Mr Howard turned to the military... Hi, sir. Nice to meet you. Nice to see you. G'day. defence training for school leavers. ..announcing gap-year it's an innovative program. This is a new - New? It's been announced FOUR times. last October... First by the Defence Minister We have a gap-year program. ..then Mr Howard in December... A military gap-year scheme. ..and again in the May Budget. JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, a distraction from interest rates. the Opposition claims this is (Laughs) You gotta be joking.

The advertising war's no joke defend WorkChoices... as business groups Let's keep workplace reform. TV AD: on interest rates. ..and Labor attacks Now up again. $7 million of ads from October With the Liberal Party booking to raise rates again and the Reserve Bank tipped Melbourne Cup Day - on November 6 - on a November 3 election. the smart money is now Look, I don't know when the race is. the election is rather. (Laughs) I don't know when in a crash this morning A light plane has lost a wing at Bankstown Airport. hit a fence at the end of a runway The single-engine Piper Warrior was able to free himself. but the pilot for minor injuries. He was treated at the scene It's believed the plane had an undercarriage problem during landing. Police in California are urging their Sydney counterparts to come down hard on street racing or watch more people die. One police department even has a Street Racing Squad with orders to stamp out the illegal sport, literally. (Engines rev) Saturday night in the suburbs of Los Angeles where street racing has killed 15 people since March. Still, the thrill outweighs the danger. But on this night, it's police they need to worry about. Turn your car around. LA's street racing taskforce has arrested 1,000 people -

both drivers and spectators. You got ID? And this is what happens to many cars that are towed away. (Glass shatters) Police hope to also crush the spirits of street racers, like this man, by reducing their pride and joy to a cube of metal. I just watched that car get crushed.

I wanna cry. The lighter it is, the faster it goes and the weight is everything in racing. Corporal Jeff Higbee is in charge, with up to eight more cars waiting for the crusher. It's been very effective. I know the word is out there on the streets. His advice to Australian police - it's not enough to just seize cars and sell them. It sends the message - better if we crush it? Police believe they are making a dent while keeping the car crushing business very busy. It's never going end, never going to end.

The International Olympic Committee boss has admitted some events at next year's Games may have to be postponed if pollution levels are too high. The issue of Beijing's smog hung heavy over last night's spectacular ceremony marking one year to go. The final countdown and Beijing has a year left to fix its sky. Nothing would spoil the party, though,

held in Tiananmen Square - symbol of the Communist Party's might. China does this is sort of thing well. Thousands of young dancers, always pressed into service on these occasions. They'd been in training for months. Everyone loves a party. And in China, it's still the Communist Party. This show as much for them as it is for the Olympic movement. Only invited dignitaries were allowed in to watch the celebrations. Surrounding roads were closed. The general public kept back by police. Spontaneous gatherings worry the authorities. It was, though, a seamless performance. But for the next 12 months,

China will be under the IOC spotlight. Jaques Rogge admits some endurance events might have to be postponed if Beijing fails to clean up its air. There can be no denying that air quality, especially for sporting competition, is a challenge

for our hosts and our athletes. When Beijing was awarded these Games it promised they would lead to a more open China. For the IOC it's now essential it's a clean China too. # We are ready. # A party closer to home was last night's Sydney launch of Myer's summer fashion range. Sara Groen was there and, Sara, this looks nearly as big as fashion week? Almost, Ian, it's a big-store battle - DJs with Megan Gale, Myer with Jennifer Hawkins, last night heading up 40 models strutting their stuff on Australia's longest catwalk at 35 metres. But the big drawcard was our Jen. Store wars, round two, and Myer came out fighting. FUNKY MUSIC PLAYS Leading the charge - Jen Hawkins, supergirl, in a yellow cape. Everything bright, tight and colourful. The message this spring - if you got it, flaunt it. The minis were micro, the bikinis teeny. A fashion riot. Forget the backyard, this was Australia's best - Cue knew it. Gorman got it. Charlie Brown had peacocks - Leona Edmiston big sunnies. And like these from Liano and Zayt, the legs at Nevenka knew when to quit. Guys weren't overlooked - that's Jen's man Jake there. Others sporting schoolboy shorts. Euro chic versus Aussie cheek.

But for drop-dead elegance, it was Hawkins who had 'em gawkin'. MADONNA'S 'RAY OF LIGHT' PLAYS All up, 30 top designers

showing that summer '007 is going to be hot. Jennifer closed the show in a Jayson Brunsdon number made especially for her but I think that black Michael Azzolini bikini received the most attention. And I'll be back later with Sydney's weather, Ian. Ahead in Seven News -

The scandal over Prince Harry's bare-chested magazine cover. Also, a mentally ill Australian teenager facing a possible life sentence in America. And the Sydney schoolkids burning rubber at Eastern Creek. Watch your back 'cause we'll attack. There are a lot of myths about the workplace relations system. People keep saying that these days your employer can force you to give up all your award rates and conditions. That's just a myth. Here are the facts on protected award conditions. Even rest breaks are protected. And the Workplace Ombudsman will enforce it. If you need more information, help or advice, just call the Workplace Infoline. Police say they've seized the largest marijuana plants the State's ever seen in a drug bust at Campsie. 72 cannabis plants, some 3m tall, were found in a house yesterday. The drugs are valued at over $360,000. A 54-year-old man has been charged. A 19-year-old Australian man has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of a California war veteran. The teenager's family blames mental illness, but a judge has ruled him fit to face trial

and a possible life sentence. Joshua Drougas appeared alert and focused as his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty. Mr Drougas, you have a right to have a preliminary hearing. It was in stark contrast to the incoherent and confused teenager who faced court after his arrest in February for trying to smother a 91-year-old. His father says anti-psychotic medication is finally working. He's back with us, you know, he's my boy again. A judge found Drougas mentally fit to stand trial but his lawyers hope to prove he was far from sane when he walked into the nursing home a few doors up from his house. It's not in his nature. This was totally out of character and it was the illness that was behind it. Drougas moved to America four years ago. He'd been acting strangely before the attack but his parents thought it was just teenage moodiness. We had no idea that he was mentally ill. It was... ..apparently it can surface around 18 or so.

If Joshua Drougas is found guilty, prosecutors are likely to push for a life sentence

to be served here in California's notorious jail system. But even the family of his elderly victim believe that would be too harsh. Space shuttle 'Endeavour' has blasted off safely on a mission attracting extra attention because of one crew member.

It lifted off this morning from Cape Canaveral in what NASA called a perfect launch. MISSION CONTROL: 2...1...0... and lift-off of space shuttle 'Endeavour',

expanding the ISS while creating a classroom in space. On board is Barbara Morgan, a former schoolteacher. She first trained as a back-up for the 1986 'Challenger' mission

that ended in disaster when it exploded, killing all seven crew, including schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe. The current mission is scheduled to last 11 days. An American magazine is refusing to apologise for a faked cover showing a bare-chested, beer-drinking Prince Harry lounging on a throne. It's actually a model with Harry's head pasted on. An article inside describes the 22-year-old as a skirt-chasing, hard-partying royal pain. The magazine says it ignored requests to leave the prince alone because America is obsessed with young, good-looking and powerful people. Students from 22 schools across the State competed at Eastern Creek raceway today. No drags or burnouts, though. This was strictly low-tech - a race to see who had the best billycart. They look like old-fashioned billycarts but these are a special breed. They are pushcarts with a handle on the back so somebody pushes while somebody sits and then they swap around. 850 students from across the State vied for the championships. Kangaroo Valley. No engines, just kid power. Go - go! Carts had to have seatbelts and a brake and crew wore helmets but they're as fast as ever. Everyone wants to win. In the obstacle course skill beats speed. (Chants) Let's go Blazers, let's go! (Claps) Today, number 13 was lucky. And then when I made it I was so happy that I didn't hit any cones. North Ryde's Truscott Street won best design. Truscott Speedsters, Truscott Speedsters. St Catherine's at Pestons won Best Team Spirit. (All together) Cheeters! Goooo, Cheeters! The third and final even is the hotly contested sprints. Last year's top speed was 25km/h but in these conditions, with the wind at their backs, anything can happen. And they're off and racing! Time for sport with Matthew White and there's no joy for the Sharks. Adam Dykes may have played his last game in the NRL. Also tonight - he's under siege, but Brian Smith says he'll do it his way at Newcastle.

And the heat is on at golf's final major of the year. Did you know Japan has had high-speed Internet access available to pretty much everyone since the late '90s? How nice for them. That's why iiNet wanted to build our own network here in Australia. You know, we want to make faster ADSL2+ broadband available to more and more people in more and more places. Unless, of course, you're thinking about moving to Japan, which I've heard is lovely... ..this time of year. He's already bound for the UK Super League but the Sharks' Adam Dykes may have played his last game in the NRL after breaking down with a groin injury at training today. And in Newcastle, coach Brian Smith is refusing to back down, the mass clean-out at the Knights even though he admits

has upset some of the club's biggest names. The bosses were putting on a brave face in Newcastle. No more hugs. And Brian Smith wants to know what all the fuss is about. Well, team morale's not so bad really. You know, it depends on whether you're talking Monday or Tuesday after a loss. was talking today. But stand-in skipper Steve Simpson

Yeah, it is a little bit low. Obviously, there's been a little bit going on. Players are angry at the way Smith has shown so many Knights the door. I'm the one at the coalface who makes the decisions but the big decisions about the change that needed to take place were not made by me. As for criticism by club captain Danny Buderus... If you want to find someone who's not at the top of their game and is going to make an error of judgment, then you go to someone who's suffering from severe disappointment. Smith says Buderus is feeling the heat as he battles to succeed Andrew Johns as skipper and cope with losing Origin as well as his Test spot. When it's not going well, you know, you're going to find a bloke who's likely to say the wrong thing. So I wish he hadn't said it.

I'm sure he does, too, but them's the breaks. And while the Dogs believe Brad Morrin's eight-week ban for biting is a bit harsh,

there'll be no appeal. What I did was stupid, so I've just gotta cop it on the chin. They may have missed out on a spot at the Beijing Olympics, but next month the Australian women's soccer team has a chance to make an even bigger impact in China. The Matildas are off to the World Cup and they're doing it the hard way. See the girl selling the shoes? She's one of Australia's best female footballers. This is how we do it. have rent to pay, you know, We all work full time,

we all pay the same bills as everyone else. Imagine Harry Kewell or Mark Viduka working a 9-to-5 job one month out from the World Cup. Midfielder Danielle Small is a personal trainer.

We do it because we love it and I think you do get a lot more out of your sport when you are motivated by that love for the game. brought Australian football The Socceroos

out of the shadows in Germany. The women's World Cup is the Matildas' shot at the spotlight. They head to China ranked 14th in the world but aiming for the semifinals. Our advantage going into the World Cup, most people underestimate us and they did that to the men. There's plenty for the girls to play for at this World Cup. Not only is it a chance to advance their sport in Australia, there's contracts up for grabs in a lucrative new women's league starting in the US. If the opportunity comes along, I'd probably definitely take it. So would Danielle, but a move to the US might come as a shock to her cricketer husband Phil Jaques. As I said, cross that bridge when we come to it but, yeah, I don't think it'd be a problem! (Laughs) He's yet to win a major this year,

but once again they'll be hunting Tiger when the USPGA tees off tonight at Southern Hills in Tulsa. 12 Aussies will battle an Oklahoma heatwave but the bookies say beating Tiger Woods will be tougher, even though his last major win was this event in 2006. Well, the whole idea is to win. You don't go there to show up or out here working on your farmer tan, you know. 98 of the world's top 100 are in the field.

Iger is such a clear favourite appear that $3.

Checking finance now and the stock market closed higher today despite a big drop in Telstra shares. The telco reported a profit of almost $3.3 billion. But that was below market expectations. Telstra shares losing 4%. It was another unseasonably warm day, but there could be some rain on the horizon. Sara has Sydney's 7-day forecast after the break. QUIRKY BRASSY MUSIC Looking for real entertainment? Buy $5 worth of any Instant Scratchies and get a free Cadbury chocolate! Plus, a chance to win one of 21 Panasonic packages, with the Scratch, Snack 'n' Relax promotion. SONG: # Scratch me happy! # CAR CHUGS This weather report brought to you by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. HAMMERING, TOOTING Good evening. What can only be described as very non-winter weather continued across Sydney today with tops 5 degrees up on normal for early August. In the city, a mild low this morning of 13 degrees. It warmed up quickly reaching 23 before 1 o'clock. We stayed in the 20s for most of the afternoon. Just below that at the moment, 19. Nor-westerly winds were mainly light to moderate, but gusts reached 57km/h in Penrith. A maximum there of 23 degrees like most of Sydney. 14 in the mountains.

Variable overnight lows ranging from 2 in Campbelltown to 13 along the coast. On the charts, fast moving frontal cloud bands are sweeping across the Southern ocean, bringing some rain to Tasmania. For New South Wales, the main feature, strengthening nor-westerlies. They're moving around this high pressure ridge, gaining strength with these cold fronts to the south. So south-east capitals can expect a mild and windy day tomorrow. 18 in Melbourne. Some rain for Hobart, 13 degrees. Showers easing in Perth, 16. Fine and 26 in Brisbane. In Sydney, the bureau has issued a strong wind warning.

Clear skies ahead on Tomorrow's Weather Today. Then dry and mostly sunny with strong winds gusty at times. Tops will be quite warm - 23 to 24 degrees. But it will feel around 5 degrees cooler due to the winds and low humidity. Ahead of that, a warmer night. Dropping to 8 in Richmond, Penrith and Campbelltown. It's been a dry week and our catchments have suffered slightly, dropping to 57.5%. It will stay dry until Monday when a few showers are likely to develop, but we can look forward to a sunny weekend ahead of that next cold change. 23 on Saturday. Dropping to 18 on Sunday and staying that way into early next week. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. A record bill for overdue rental DVDs. Nearly $10,000. Hello, I'm Anna Coren. And the woman confronted with that demand isn't alone. How you can spend thousands on real genuine leather and still end up with a fake. Probably that one? Wrong. Have another guess. I would say that one? No. That one? That's vinyl. The tricks of the trade to keep you right. Telstra reports billions in profit and gives its boss a $4 million pay rise

but small businesses can't get the phone connected. And exclusive with Jennifer Hawkins' mum and dad...

How did he feel when she first walked out? ..backstage at Australia's biggest fashion show. Most of us have done it - taken a DVD or video back to the rental store a few hours, or a day late.

A slap on the wrist, another fee. The end of it. Unless you don't return the DVD at all until years later, as Graeme Butler reports, they catch up with you. I was a bit shocked to be honest, I nearly dropped to the floor. Getting hit with a late return fee at the video shop

is one of those little annoyances in life could send her to the wall. but for Kara Rayfield the late fee

I borrowed four DVDs back in 2004 and I've just recently received a bill for $9,000 for those four DVDs. Yes, you heard it correctly - $9,000.