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(generated from captions) You and I know that first-hand. and you shouldn't either. I don't have any sympathy for him What goes around comes around. a come-around, it's him. And if anybody deserves

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for an interest rate rise, Tonight, Sydney braces

plunging families deeper into crisis. are giving us money The finance institutes when we can't afford the repayments.

as his approval rating plummets. John Howard takes on the States again over a massive Sydney drug haul. And suspects face court and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. Also tonight, a date set linked to the Lane Cove Tunnel. for road closures

And the sneaky way to convince children to eat their greens.

First this evening, has worsened, Sydney's housing affordability crisis have forced out first home buyers new figures showing soaring prices on Sydney's fringes. from the once cheap markets could be dealt a major blow. Tomorrow, struggling mortgage holders

Sydney's housing crunch Trying to escape move out of reach, As homes in Australia's biggest city with prices surging in other centres. moving out is less of an option, The pressure cooker is building and places like the Illawarra. these people have nowhere to go. But as they become less affordable, it will only get worse The Urban Development Institute says unless more land is released to make building easier and cheaper. and planning controls changed with mortgage defaults surging. has seen a dramatic increase Financial planner Desiree Fraser in the numbers seeking help - and other loans. on mortgages, credit cards And she blames the lenders. are giving us money The financial institutions the repayments. when we can't afford and saying, Nobody's sitting down with you What can you afford?" "Let's have a look at your budget. Add consumer ignorance to the mix for financial disaster. and it's a recipe

and it might take a number of years, Eventually it's going to sink, in there but put an interest rate rise it's going to come a lot quicker. and guess what, another interest rate rise tomorrow, While borrowers may be dreading is that almost half have no idea the staggering thing they're paying now. what interest rate

also shows The research by CPA Australia that when you ask them, what the rate was a quarter have no idea in the first place. when they took out the loan

is almost certain tomorrow - Economists believe a rate hike

prices have been steadily rising, a 4-month low. even though petrol's hit and consumer spending are high. But business confidence things are fairly robust They all suggest is getting a little bit concerned and the Reserve Bank, I think, a bit of a pick-up in inflation. that's going to lead to

before the federal election. It may also be the last chance Eddy Meyer, Ten News. to the other - From one end of the market in Sydney and a plush waterfront mansion Australian real estate records. has rewritten The three-storey property at Point Piper -

known as Routala - last night. sold for a reported $28.7 million than the previous best, That's $700,000 more set in 2002 by Altona - just five doors down the road. a property for $8.3 million Routala was bought in 1999 before being extensively renovated. even higher sales this year. Real estate agents are tipping for the Howard Government Another shocking poll result State intervention and another explosive to try to reverse its fortunes. today declaring war The Prime Minister Queensland Premier Peter Beattie. on one of his most vocal critics,

mirror the latest poll results - Labor's campaign T-shirts

it's Kevin in '07. The Government's far from impressed. are looking at Kevin Rudd People at the moment for 'Big Brother'. like they look at a promo The Minister clearly no fan. that it's a load of crap. They actually realise Peter Dutton. Well, exhibit A, desperation - even increased, In Newspoll, Labor's vote back to a 12-point lead. the fog of despair get to him. John Howard refuses to let another rabbit out of the hat - In Parliament, the Australian Electoral Commission he will make available in Queensland local government areas to hold plebiscites

opposed to forced amalgamations. What the Beattie Government is doing of the people is riding roughshod over the wishes of many parts of Queensland. the imposed streamlining, Though Kevin Rudd is against Peter Beattie is meeting fierce opposition. The Prime Minister is offering taxpayers' funds for Labor. to further inflame the situation and Melbourne, I just say to the people in Sydney

Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, political trickery by the PM? why should you be paying for some gave his troops a pep talk, In the party room, Mr Howard saying the Coalition can still win or unlosable. and no election is unwinnable

in his last vote play, But cracks are beginning to appear Stephen Parry with Tasmanian Liberal senator his Devonport hospital takeover criticising and a Labor staffer. in front of journalists Is the Minister aware like Senator Parry that government members into the hospital as a disaster? are describing the intervention of an inquiry into hospital services Senator Parry was a member

of the Devonport hospital. which recommended the downgrading Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Police hope an autopsy on the northern beaches. to the mysterious death of a teenager His 20-year-old friend to see Dylan Morris alive. was the last known person at this construction site The pair had been late Saturday morning after a night out drinking. was found in muddy water yesterday The body of the 19-year-old victim reported him missing. after his flatmate We're unsure exactly what has occurred. We're treating it as suspicious until we can prove otherwise. The friend was today helping detectives reconstruct events. In an extraordinary bungle, the Air Force has been firing high-powered lasers at cars on a busy North Coast highway. Officials admitting tonight two F-18 Hornets activated the dangerous beams on the Lakes Way in May this year. They say it was a mistake,

n investigation has recommended the Air Force fix its safety procedures. A major Sydney drug ring is in tatters tonight, with police seizing $35 million in cocaine and ecstasy and a machine that can pop out a thousand pills a minute. Asian Crime Squad detectives also recovered $600,000 in cash. A police operation that began with the seizure of 30kg of ecstasy at this Kingsgrove factory unit earlier this year has now led to eight arrests and the breaking of what police describe as a major drug syndicate. An alleged key player in the gang,

31-year-old Michael Andrew Brack of Turramurra, faces six charges, including the supply and manufacture of commercial quantities of ecstasy

and possessing $41,000, alleged to be the proceeds of crime. Asian Crime Squad detectives alleged that a total of 75kg of ecstasy and 7kg of cocaine has been seized from the gang, with a wholesale value of $35 million. The alleged principal of the gang, 34-year-old Andrew Deakin, is in custody and also appeared in court today. Police allege $635,000 in cash has been seized along with several firearms, including a shortened SKS military assault rifle. Police claim the clandestine lab was a large-scale manufacturing plant for MDMA, or ecstasy. Inside they found a pill press capable of making 1,000 tablets a minute. Detectives allegedly seized $170,000 in cash from this Leichhardt premises. At a safe house in this Rozelle unit block police allegedly found 27kg of MDMA, 6kg of cocaine and $300,000 in cash. When arrested, Brack allegedly had 35 mobile phones in his possession. John Hill, Ten News. A gang of gunmen has ambushed an armoured van in Sydney's south-west.

Chubb security guards were bailed up and forced to hand over cash while stopped at a Greenacre service station. The bandits then sped off down Boronia Road in a silver Mercedes. Police are appealing for witnesses. More traffic headaches for Sydney, with claims road changes and construction work will force more motorists into the Lane Cove Tunnel. The Government denying vehicles will be funneled to boost the number of toll-payers. The Roads Minister inspects work on a bus interchange - part of the Lane Cove Tunnel project -

seeking to play down claims motorists are being forced into the tunnel by the latest construction work and threatened traffic chaos We will keep Epping Road as a viable option for those motorists that want to use it and it's really up to them.

But the Minister admits Epping Road will get a whole lot busier. Two general traffic lanes each way until January next year, will be reduced from three each way when two general traffic lanes will be replaced by priority bus lanes. The Government paid the tunnel operators $25 million to delay the changes until after the March election. it smells like a tunnel funnel, It looks like a tunnel funnel, and I'm sure the local people believe it is what it is, and that is a tunnel funnel. The Lane Cove Tunnel

is currently handling 52,000 cars a day, and rising. But, like the Cross City Tunnel, that's well below original estimates. So far the Lane Cove Tunnel has escaped the anger and frustration generated by the Cross City Tunnel. But all that could change in the future as the emphasis moves This project was never just about cars. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Let's take a look at what's ahead in Sport now with Brad McEwan. Brad, there's an Eel desperate to make it back for the NRL finals. Yes, injured fullback Luke Burt can't run at the moment and he can't ride. But he's still on a bike, though - this one's allowing him to grind his way back to fitness after a terrible knee injury.

We'll hear from Burt shortly. Also, Ron, the missed field goal that shattered the Sharks and soccer great Juninho gets on with getting fit for his Sydney FC debut. A serious medical condition being mistaken for the flu - details next. Plus, the actor in workplace reform ads accused of ripping off staff. And the sneaky tricks that convince kids to eat their greens.

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affects the amount of Commonwealth funding it receives to grow. Your Medicare address plays a big part in indicating where you actually live. If you've moved to the ACT and haven't updated your Medicare address, do it today and you could win one of four $5,000 Service One Members Banking accounts. Do it for the benefit of the community you're living in right now. Update your address by calling Medicare then visit a Service One branch or website to enter the competition. This program is captioned live. Violence has erupted in East Timor over the naming of independence hero Xanana Gusmao as the country's new Prime Minister. Gangs loyal to the former ruling Fretilin party lashed out overnight, burning government buildings and blocking roads across the capital, Dili. Australian troops were called in to contain the trouble. John Howard is sticking by his WorkChoices campaign,

despite an embarrassing bungle forcing one advertisement off air. The Ombudsman is investigating every actor in the ads, amid claims one short-changed his employees. A convincing portrayal of a concerned parent. AD: My kid's about to start work. There's nothing to stop his employer from ripping him off.

But disgruntled apprentice painter Erin Gebert alleges part-time actor Damien Richardson is himself ripping off young workers. The 20-year-old claims eight weeks pay, or $2,000, was unfairly withheld by his former boss. He did that kind of stuff to me and now he's out preaching it, saying, "You can't do this." Felt pretty bad. Fellow painter Phillip Graham, now holidaying overseas, His father's amused at Mr Richardson's latest venture. It doesn't escape me at all. I think the irony is absolutely palpable. Several trade suppliers in Melbourne's north-east say Mr Richardson also owes them. He admits to some unpaid debts, but denies Erin Gebert's claims. I've received no invoices from this person at all, and they're making a claim only because basically they've seen me on television. Not once, ever, has he ever asked me for money, ever. The purpose of the campaign was to dispel public concern surrounding WorkChoices, has done anything but. but it seems the choice of actors The Government's ads, working families that are attempting to con from dodgy employers, that they can protect them are based on a lie themselves. is now investigating, The Workplace Ombudsman but not the campaign. and the Government has pulled the ad,

are very effective Those information ads, Mr Speaker, will continue. and those information ads Luke Waters, Ten News. destroyed in a spectacular fire. A century-old house has been Investigators are almost certain

was deliberately lit. the Gold Coast property at the time. Fortunately no-one was in the house Firefighters put the blaze out to neighbouring homes. before it could spread

has been torched A $200,000 sports car in suburban Sydney. outside a unit complex The Porsche Carrera was gutted called to the Strathfield address. by the time emergency crews were in the blaze. Two other cars were damaged more frightening illness in children. the flu potentially masking a much are showing up at hospital More and more young patients with classic flu symptoms only to find out they have diabetes. Joking and laughing with her parents, than she did two days ago. Hannah Dockrill feels a lot better

pains in my sides, like stitches. I was getting all these stabbing was rushed to hospital, The 10-year-old dehydrated and losing consciousness

took a catastrophic turn. when what seemed like a virus She lost 4 kilos in a day. Which was frightening - of her body weight she lost. it was basically 10% correctly diagnosed. In hospital, Hannah was finally She suffers from type 1 diabetes. have been rushed to emergency rooms This winter, a surge of children with flus and viruses,

they're actually diabetic. only to find six or seven children in a month We normally see and most of them walk in. with newly diagnosed diabetes, we've had 17 already, At the present month

and six of them have been so ill to the intensive care unit. they've had to go confusing diabetes with the flu, Experts fear too many GPs are which masks the condition. in five years, And this is our worst flu season hitting not only children hard with outbreaks across the country but also the workforce. time off sick by winter's end, 1 in 5 workers will have had costing employers many millions of dollars. But it would cost far more if they came in contagious. you've got the flu, In the first five days

to other people, you're very likely to spread it so if you go back to work with a high fever and a runny nose and a cough, a nasty illness. you're going to give a lot of people Danielle Isdale, Ten News. parents have been waiting for - It's the secret to eat healthy food. how to persuade children as simple as a greasy wrapper. New research suggesting it may be fast food packaging 3-year-old Kieran doesn't need to trick him into eating well. a secret to good eating habits. His grandmother says there is and I don't think you give them too many alternatives. and then they're frightened I think a lot of mothers leave it and I think they just give in. and they're not sure of themselves shows Kieran's the exception But new American research food in a McDonald's bag and more children prefer than in plain wrapping, even if it tastes the same. right through to the humble carrot. That went for French fries are offered in wrappers And I guess if good foods and advertised on TV with gimmicks, they would probably eat it more. Because we never say to kids, "You must eat your hamburger" or "You must eat your ice-cream," "You must eat your vegetables," but we always say, about vegetables so just speaking positively about them and focusing on the nice things for children. is a really good message parents have to take responsibility. This mum says except for a party or a treat I don't let my kid eat McDonald's and he eats all his vegies. he sits down and he eats his dinner. I don't let him have any choice - the power of fast food advertising, The research underlines like McDonald's. particularly by the biggest companies could make brussels sprouts more appealing to kids.

We grew up hating brussels sprouts, so no matter how they market it, people will put it in there, then they'll take it out

and then they'll throw it out. Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

Kimberley is very excited about

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he's now. It's racing cosmic night

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Kingston town did, that he's Cox

Plate. What about whether Wise? It was

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To above average, but we cut pretty

chilly - eight degrees. I tell you

what, what's never below average is

a weather photographs. That was a a weather photographs. That was a tumultuous

tumultuous broom crash of Braque -.

Let's get up there are a watch, a

chicken what was a shiny blue kind

of day. Currently 17 degrees.

Tomorrow at your place will be even

better - 21 to 21 degrees, fine and

sunny. See you again in about 10. at a family restaurant - that's next. A gatecrasher comes to dinner who survived this And the Aussie skating champ explains why he's coming back for more.

This is the father of his. Letter

tread the traffic now. He's found a

plea to advance to filter not.

What's the problem? And Ron of a

truck has broken down heading along

Centenary Drive - a major

intersection for traffic. It's

right knee after a street. You can

there and the truck driver is see the middle lane is for hat

behind his wig. Unfortunately peak-

hour traffic is stalling a tad as a

result. Quite some significant

traffic heading away from the

Goodes cemetery and South

Strathfield golf course as a result of this breakdown.

of this breakdown. We've notified

their way. the ITA and hopefully they're and

is under way in Utah A desperate rescue mission trapped deep underground. to reach six coalminers to contact the men, Search teams still haven't managed 500m below the surface who were working when the tunnel collapsed. If the crew are still alive, to survive for a few days. they have enough air and water

with a situation like this. You have to be optimistic You have families not far from here, you have six miners who all could very well be alive. In fact, the experts would tell you that they are. The cave-in was so powerful authorities initially thought it was an earthquake. More cattle are being slaughtered in England following another suspected outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease.

The new cases were found on a dairy farm outside London, close to where the virus was detected on Friday. We're desperately trying, at the earliest opportunity, to contain and control this disease and then to eradicate it. Investigators are looking into the possibility that recent flooding could have spread the disease from a nearby research laboratory which manufactures foot-and-mouth vaccine. A narrow escape for staff at a sushi restaurant in Atlanta - these frightening pictures show a car crashing through the front window just minutes before it was due to open for dinner. I heard this big crash and I thought it was a tornado, and I quickly, you know, run out, I look to the right of the patio

and there was a car there. Police say the 57-year-old driver was drunk. The Australian pro skater who survived a horrifying crash during an extreme competition in the United States is vowing to get back on his board. He fell more than 13 metres and still managed to walk away. Jake Brown was in first place at the Extreme Games competition when, in midair, his board went from under him. After just two days in hospital he's resting up in Malibu nursing a broken wrist, a fractured vertebra and internal bruising, but otherwise all in one piece.

He knows it could've been very different. If the fall was any stronger, I'm sure I could have been For the past eight years Jake has earned a living from skateboarding.

Moments before his fall he was on a career high, completing two 360-degree turns in midair, the first skater to do so in competition. On his next run the 32-year-old was scrambling in the air, attempting to manoeuvre his body to break the fall. I decided to turn around and take the fall to my feet, my back and my head. Looking on was his mentor and fellow skater Danny Way. It brought, like, tears to my eyes, you know, seeing him hit the floor that hard. I mean, if anyone's gonna walk away, Jake Brown is that type of guy. Although Jake will require

considerable follow-up medical treatment, he hasn't ruled out being back on his skateboard and competing again in as little as three weeks.

Some might suggest he's used up all his luck, but giving the sport away isn't an option. It's just all I've been doing my whole life.

I mean, I love doing it. I don't know, if that's the worst it's going to get, then let's do it. In Malibu, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. The wife of a judge appeals her conviction for biting a cop - that story next. Also, saving lives, the herbal treatment for heart failure that really works. And Matt Damon feeling a little lonely in Sydney.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a major Sydney drug ring is in tatters. Asian Crime Squad detectives have seized $35 million in cocaine and ecstasy and a machine popping out a thousand tablets a minute. The Prime Minister has brushed off another devastating poll result, telling colleagues the election is winnable. It followed Labor's pitch for the younger vote - "Kevin '07" the catch-cry for a new web page and clothing range. And almost half of Australians paying off home mortgages don't know what interest rate they're on. The alarming finding comes ahead of the Reserve Bank's anticipated rise tomorrow,

which could take rates to a 10-year high. If interest rates do rise as expected already stretched households will need to find to repay a standard mortgage. around an extra $50 a month Katherine Lane from the Consumer Credit Legal Centre joins us now. It's an extra $50 that a lot of families will struggle to find. How hard will another rate rise make it for mortgage holders and credit card users?

The film made it very hard. There

are already people in financial

distress without a credit rate

interest lies. So those people are

possibly going to be over pushed

over the edge and have extreme

financial difficulty. A lot of people are borrowing money without

a penny is. Is it simply Sydney

housing prices pushing people be on

the need?. No not a lot of people

have problems with credit card debt

as well. They're struggling with it

and it's a lot to do with

irresponsible lending like credit card

card increases. Is there is thin

plot way that responsible lending

can be done. A lot of people I in

financial crisis and we really need

to consider it a matter of urgency.

We need to do something now have to

legislate responsible lending.

Thanks for your time. Accusations of genocide today as Canberra tries to push through laws for its Aboriginal intervention - furious elders clashing with members of the Government. The Government called it a national emergency but Aboriginal leaders from the Northern Territory say into their communities

is more of a national disgrace. This is about the beginning of the end of Aboriginal culture. It is, in some ways, genocide. Cheered on by church and welfare leaders, the elders have condemned the Government for rushing its legislation through the Parliament without proper consultation. The Minister wants the laws enacting major welfare and social changes

as part of the emergency response passed by the end of the week.

What is actually happening here is a return to the days of assimilation. Looking on - maverick Liberal senator Bill Heffernan, his heckling given short shrift by the crowd. CROWD BOOS WOMAN: Go away. It's Bill Heffernan. Tension too inside Parliament - for interrupting the Minister. a protester ejected This country here was the one that trained Aboriginal people how to molest, trained people how to do all the rubbish that's happening today. The Government resolute. The need is urgent and immediate and the Government is stepping up to plate. Just 24 hours after first seeing the legislation, agreed to continue its support a tense Labor Caucus but with some amendments, including deleting exclusions of the Racial Discrimination Act. that the Minister will recognise that those amendments are also offered in good faith. Brad Hodson, Ten News. A judge's wife who bit a policeman is back in a Sydney court appealing her conviction. 63-year-old Joyce Davies apparently bit the officer so hard she drew blood, after failing to comply with a breath test. She was convicted of assault and resisting arrest

and fined $900, but says she was acting in self-defence due to excessive police force. The appeal has been adjourned until next month. A herbal remedy is being hailed as a life-saver the scientific tick of approval It's been given after a rigorous 2-year trial. Donald Bean should be dead. He would be, if it wasn't for a pacemaker. Now my heart is only working at 25%. With damaged muscles slowing blood flow, he comes close to collapse when his heart stops pumping properly. More times than I can count. But the 65-year-old war veteran has been given a second chance, one of the first Australians to trial a herbal heart treatment that's undergone an exhaustive 2-year international clinical trial. There was a 45% reduction of people just dying suddenly. Dramatic results, basically saving one in two heart failure patients who tried it. Instead of 50 people dropping dead, only 25 did It's being hailed as the world's best heart tonic made from a dense thorn scrub called flowering hawthorn. It contains powerful antioxidants that increase blood flow by dilating coronary arteries. This hawthorn extract, adding to all the regular drug therapy,

almost certainly saves lives. Cardiologist Professor David Colquhoun now has six patients trialling CardioMax. Donald Bean delighted to be one of them. Great. Marvellous. Brilliant!

It is a significant step forward

for managing patients with very sick hearts. More than 2,500 people took part in the hawthorn trial, reporting healthier hearts within six weeks and no side effects. Give me more time save my life, probably. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. The Australian share market is back in the black

after an overnight rally on Wall Street. Hollywood nice guy Matt Damon says he'll be feeling a little lonely in Sydney tonight for the premiere of his new film, 'The Bourne Ultimatum'. Damon returns as fugitive assassin Jason Bourne in the third instalment of the popular action series. He may be on the run from his co-stars in the movie, but Damon says he'd prefer they were by his side for the red carpet entrance. Because at least tonight I'm not going to be with any of the other actors - I'm representing the movie on my own. So that's not as fun, because it's fun to go to these big events and put on your nice suit when you can go make fun of your friends in their nice suits, you know? 'The Bourne Ultimatum' hits Australian screens from August 30.

Tim Bailey can't racing's not have

not on Thursday. It's going to be

sensational did. It's a great one

of where all of the money people of

Australian racing get together and

make money for kids who are less

fortunate than themselves. They're fortunate than themselves. They're

at the Red Kite mile. They look

after families and kids who have

been touched by cancer. We're

inside some very pleased free space

for right now. This is the Water

House Cottage at Kensington. The

great T J Smith here. Some great

advice here, I don't think it's TJ

but one of his foreman. This sort

of thing applies to you folks at

home and you in the newsroom. Don't

by cancer, ask no questions, there

is only once trained out, silence is

is golden, turn off the light when

you leave. Beautiful stuff. Weather

Wise, let's have a look at the map of New South Wales.

Tomorrow at your place, 21 to 22

degrees. Fine and sunny. Ron and

team of staff, don't back answer. Sport now with Brad McEwan, and the Sharks are shattered. It all came down to an amazing attempt at a field goal after the siren - that shot shortly. Also, Eels on wheels - what injured Parramatta fullback Luke Burt's doing in a bid to make it back for the NRL finals. And Megan Gale on what's hot for summer. Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser.

Clean & Clear and under control.

How many people are known to live in an area affects the amount of Commonwealth funding it receives to grow. Your Medicare address plays a big part in indicating where you actually live. If you've moved to the ACT and haven't updated your Medicare address, do it today and you could win one of four $5,000 Service One Members Banking accounts. Do it for the benefit of the community you're living in right now. Update your address by calling Medicare

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See what happens... Whoops! ..when Duracell Alkaline He's got the legs to show them all exactly what he's made of. Duracell lasts up to three times longer What do you want? I demand, within 24 hours, (Men yell frantically) This program is captioned live. is on target Parramatta fullback Luke Burt

from a sickening knee injury to return of the finals series. in the first week But he's facing another fight - getting the number one jersey back Jarryd Hayne. from brilliant youngster is still out of the question, While running towards a late-season comeback, Luke Burt's pushing hard to rejoin his team-mates rating himself an outside chance of the competition. in the final round sitting on the sideline, the boys are playing, especially the way and they're playing some good footy. part of that, And you always want to be the happier I'll be. so the sooner I get back, but a whole lot better His leg still not a pretty sight, than when his kneecap was dislocated five weeks ago, the injury horrifying his team-mate Jarryd Hayne, who's since been turning head at fullback. Burt not expecting to get the number one jumper back on a platter. I'd like to hope so, but no, you can never think that, not with the quality of Haynesy. of me putting my hand up and, mate, it's just a matter

when I'm back and ready. the shattered Sharks, Next up for the Eels,

of competition pace-setter Melbourne. who last night got within a point even harder to take, Making their seventh straight loss their early 14-point lead. giving Melbourne the match. A controversial field goal it should have been disallowed The Sharks say was impeded in the ruck. after one of their defenders into extra time Love Covell almost putting the match of our year, really. It's just the story We're just a bee's dick short. It just sums it all up. Leanne West, Ten News. is undaunted Sydney FC's new marquee man, Juninho, the biggest thing about being labelled to ever hit the A-League competition. The 34-year-old says he's concerned about are his own. the only expectations

for the little fella, There's big hopes but if Juninho's at all fazed, he isn't showing it. I know how to deal with the pressure. We don't have to think about, "What are the people expecting from you?" After two months of non-activity, Juninho is gently working his way into the Sydney FC mix, to not overload him physically. coach Branko Culina careful

he can push his body, so he needs to do that, if he pushes too early too soon because the danger is that we don't want. then he might end up with injuries I feel a little stiff After two trainings will come. but I think the match fitness

the A-League's 2-year history Other marquee men throughout for at times taking it easy. have been criticised assures FC supporters Juninho's father, Oswaldo, his son means business. is good, very important. For Juninho, playing in Australia fallen in love with Sydney, Juninho says he's already citing its similarities with Brazil. a wife, two girls and a boy - His family - will join him here soon, frantically house hunting. and that's why he's currently I can see the city's beautiful. Yeah, it's nice to settle quickly.

for the upcoming A-League season, And Sydney FC has unveiled its strip beginning in 17 days time. Rob Canning, Ten News. You might cheer, cheer the red and the white of the Swans, but today they were pretty in pink - Barry Hall and his team-mates donning the striking colour in support of breast cancer awareness. The Swans are also helping promote the 'Field of Women', at Telstra Stadium which will take place on Saturday night against St Kilda. Around 13,000 women clad in pink ponchos

in a spectacular display will take the field as part of the AFL's women's week. to the game, If you're thinking about going

and to get out onto the field, to register 'cause it's gonna be something for the rest of your life. that, I think, you'll remember For those people wishing to take part on the Swans website. you can register for the event

is off to an encouraging start. Lleyton Hewitt's US Open build-up defeated Juan Carlos Ferrero The former world number one

in the opening round of the Montreal Masters.

Hewitt survived a first-set tie break in the second. before winning the match 6-4 Hewitt. UMPIRE: Game, set and match - his serve up so well today. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's mixed The Canadian event is Hewitt's first tournament since announcing Tony Roche as his new coach. Later in Sports Tonight, the outspoken Jason Akermanis slams the AFL.

Problems still in Strathfield Vic?

Have good news is the RTA's is now

he with the broken down truck, but

the bad news for motorists are experiencing

experiencing significant queues are

due to the breakdown. The track is

just at the front of the line, but

take a look at the traffic delays

for motorists trying to get away

from South Strathfield. That's from South Strathfield. That's

about afar have committed gem which

means an extra ability to 40

minutes on your drive home. Not

good news for home down motorists. St Kew Vic.

QUIRKY MUSIC (Barks questioningly) Hmm! (Blows whistle) FANFARE QUIRKY MUSIC (Blows whistle) SONG: # Live a Lotto life. # Lithium takes up to 600 shots. In digital cameras, Energizer will only take up to 80 shots. Duracell standard Alkaline ZOOM!

my record collection! Hey, I see you found would actually be worth a listen. Yeah. Hey, Dad, some of these Hey, well, you know, that's why I put 'em all on one of these.

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This program is captioned live. have reported Dozens of Sydney coastal residents their houses shaking this afternoon, it was not an earthquake. but Geoscience Australia says about 3:45 this afternoon Residents reported windows shaking in the eastern beaches suburbs of Maroubra, Clovelly, Bondi and Tamarama

and on the northern beaches. up to 60 seconds. Witnesses say the shaking lasted are going into battle again, The major department stores to launch their summer fashions. enlisting modelling's biggest names

First off the mark is David Jones, tonight in Sydney. with a star-studded event Ten's Amber Muir is there. Amber, there will be a lot to see. Well, as you can see from the activity behind me, for Summer d'Azur 2007, final preparations are under way David Jones's summer fashion launch. a host of Aussie designers, It will showcase Collette Dinnigan, including Morrissey, Sass and Bide and Lisa Ho, the cover girl for David Jones. and here with me today is Megan Gale, Happy birthday, Megan. Thank you! Yes, it's my birthday, I know. Birthday amongst the madness. What can we expect from the show tonight? You can expect a lot of things - I think this has been the biggest launch that we've done. It's a national media launch. from all around the country We've flown in media simultaneously. and the fashion will hit the stores Everyone will get a first-hand look at the same time.

I love the summer launch as much

more than the winter ones. They're

better. You do get excited about

some are coming even though it's we

get out side. What other must-haves

this season? Are look the maxi

dress, which is a full-length dress dress, which is a full-length dress

down to the ground. That's one of

the dresses of the season. The

tunic and a smock dresses also,

they're a bit shorter. It's not

fitted, a big flurry which is good fitted, a big flurry which is good

to covet it all up. Shoes as well.

They're a bit higher, a chunky They're a bit higher, a chunky as

well. If you like flats, well. If you like flats, they're

very detailed. White and Mal very detailed. White and Mal Whyte.

I've guessed we should let you go.

Going from the beauty of Reading

gaol, two ahead of Tim Bailey

gaol, two ahead of Tim Bailey will

keep you guessing. These are the

kids from Red Kite. They're drawing

racehorses and Red Kite. There is a reason for reason or

reason for that, it's racing isn't

of night at red brick on Thursday.

It's where racing shows it's a

great big heart. We're in this

wonderful room, the history is quite overcoming and brilliant.

They're going to raise 200 to

$250,000. What's required? Well for

50 years they've been helping kids

and families touched by cancer. The

good news about that's about 80 %

of them fight back. I want to talk

to Nicholas about this. When your to Nicholas about this. When your

son against touched by cancer, your

entire family gets touched, it's

about Red Kite and the help they about Red Kite and the help they gave you.

gave you. In day they do, we first

came across the Red Kite in 2000. When my son was diagnosed with

Hodgkin's lymphoma. There is no way

to describe what that does to your

family. An organisation like Red

Kite was available to us as a

family, not just Zack bypass as his

family - to get through it. It's

amazing how the life is turned

upside down by that. It's good that

his back on track. It's a racing's

night of nights on Thursday. If

you'd like to dine en fait find out

more about Red Kite, a debut to Abu

Dhabi dr Red Kite .. A year.

Tomorrow at your place, 21 to 22 degrees.

Cloud is spreading across the South

East in strong north-westerly winds

ahead of a cold front causing light

showers in Tassie and South East

Australia. North-westerly winds

will become stronger in Victoria

and Tassie. In New South Wales that

higher dust does his job and keeps

us drive. Showers of persist in

western Tasmania, showers in the

south of Western the stria. Fought

the next three or four days, you've

glorious of clear skies at your

place. Temperatures on the place. Temperatures on the increase

to around 24 degrees. Think about

Red Kite tonight, help the kids out.

Racing isn't of night on Thursday.

That's it from us at Red Kite. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Enjoy your evening and we'll see you tomorrow night. Goodnight.