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(generated from captions) No apologies - in India, our Government holds firm. as Mohammed Haneef is mobbed expect them to do? I mean, what do you Fall on the ground and grovel? a devoted couple killed - In a split second - of a Sydney street race. the innocent victims Thredbo 10 years on... from the landslide disaster. Wounds still raw And nothing but the best - not good enough for Cadel Evans. second place in the Tour de France and second... OK, the win is everything but it's pretty good.'s not quite everything, This program is captioned live. Good evening. in southern India, Amid amazing scenes Mohamed Haneef former terrorist suspect by Australian authorities. has claimed he was victimised during a wild welcome home. Dr Haneef's criticism came Simon Bouda filed this report of Bangalore. from the doctor's home town a month behind bars in Australia, Touching down on Indian soil after was clearly emotional the 27-year-old doctor by officials as he was warmly greeted

Bangalore's bustling airport. and then ushered through Fine. How is it back in India, Haneef? were nothing But the airport greetings at the family home. compared to what awaited him As he pulled up, he was mobbed. to get through the seething crowd. It was almost impossible for him the waiting Indian media circled, Once inside, a huge scrum of cameras Australian authorities arrested focusing on the man as an alleged terrorist supporter. he read from a prepared statement. With calm restored,

While he thanked his supporters, for the Australian Government. he had this in custody for almost a month The Gold Coast registrar was held with the UK terror plot, in connection after a series of bungles. the charge dropped was simply amazing. Dr Haneef's welcome home Right now, he's behind closed doors with his young family. being reunited seems a million miles away His time in solitary from his hero's welcome here today. Simon Bouda, National Nine News. In Bangalore, India, Haneef was victimised in Australia The PM has denied that Mohamed and says there'll be no apology. Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews, John Howard has also backed into the bungled investigation. as pressure mounts for an inquiry Kevin Andrews is in the firing line, Opposition for a judicial inquiry the main target of calls by the of the Mohamed Haneef affair. into the handling all the facts placed on the table. Let's have it done transparently, John Howard rejects an inquiry Immigration Minister and has given the embattled his total backing. of this matter from start to finish. I support Mr Andrews's handling The Prime Minister said that, revoke Dr Haneef's visa in mid-July, before the controversial decision to the matter fully with him Mr Andrews had discussed and other senior members of Cabinet. To put it bluntly, it is better to be safe than sorry. when you're dealing with terrorism, the Minister plans to make public Tomorrow information the secret Australian Federal Police he says justified the visa decision. The effect of the visa cancellation should leave Australia. was that Dr Haneef He has now left Australia, that's the end of the matter. so, as far as I'm concerned, Dr Haneef But yesterday Mr Andrews criticised for leaving Australia so quickly, after charges were dropped only a day and he was released from custody. If anything, rather than lessens my suspicion. that actually heightens to ridicule. The comment opened the Minister up To say that's suspicious a deportation order when you have actually issued calls into question knows what he is doing. whether the Immigration Minister been jailed for how many days? I mean, for God's sake, the man has His wife's just had a baby. to expect him to go home. It's not unreasonable, actually, Australian police and prosecutors The Government is adamant that did not victimise Dr Haneef and that there'll be no apology. What do you expect them to do? Eat dirt? Fall on the ground and grovel?

Get real. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. have become tragic reminders Alan and Judy Howle

we head out on Sydney's roads. of the chances we take every time couple were killed instantly Last night, the devoted elderly at a St Marys intersection, allegedly involved in a street race. when their car was hit by two others when their drivers hit the brakes, The tyres on the speeding cars blew but they couldn't pull up in time.

believed to have been racing, The two Holden Commodores, making a routine right-hand turn. ploughed head-on into a stationwagon and his 70-year-old wife, Judy, 71-year-old Alan Howle were killed instantly, his body was thrown from the vehicle. the impact so great, from the St Marys Band Club, The couple died just a few metres as president. where Mr Howle spent eight years are furious that street racing His friends and former colleagues of two community stalwarts. may have claimed the lives gonna learn? I mean, when are these people telling them, but they never learn. You just keep talking to them and near the St Marys couple Betty Fielding lived

for more than 30 years. a loss like that, I don't think. There's no way you can reflect all comprehension. It's hit us beyond The Howles were daily church-goers. here yesterday morning, In fact, Judy delivered a reading just hours before their deaths. the news to the congregation. Today, the parish priest broke just about every day for mass They'd be there and people were just so surprised. was almost this stunned silence. When it was announced, there are yet to lay charges. Crash investigators A third car fled the scene. vehicle of interest, blue Mazda, The person who was driving the blue and talk to us as well. it's time for you to come forward children and a host of grandkids. The Howles are survived by seven

Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. for a Sydney family There was frustration today what happened to their daughter hoping to learn exactly medical bungling who died after alleged at Royal North Shore Hospital. 16-year-old Vanessa Anderson died three days after being hit in the head by a golf ball. The Coroner was supposed to deliver his findings today, but instead will hear more evidence after fresh claims were raised against one of Vanessa's doctors. We're after the truth now. Yeah, sure, there's been this delay and it's very frustrating. We can't get on with life.

There are new allegations that the hospital was warned about the doctor well before he treated Vanessa. A teenager has appeared in a Queensland court charged with the murder of a 4-year-old boy and his 18-month-old brother in Toowoomba. 19-year-old Brodie Isaac Preston was refused bail in Toowoomba Magistrates Court and will reappear in October. Police are still awaiting on autopsy results to show how the boys were killed. Labor leader Kevin Rudd has made a big pitch for the votes of home buyers, announcing a fund that he claims will cut the price of new homes by up to $20,000. $500 million will be made available to local councils for infrastructure. John Howard was out in the marginal seat of Lindsay, at Penrith in Sydney's west today, campaigning with Jackie Kelly's likely replacement. Hello, there. But as the PM was leaving, there were some pleased to see him go.

(Chant) WorkChoices is no choice for workers! Mr Howard thought that protester was joking. He doesn't really mean it, you know. He's got a smile on his face. One person with a smile on his face was Kevin Rudd, still basking in the good reaction to last week's housing affordability summit. And today he went further. We will establish a housing affordability fund to invest $500 million in housing-linked infastructure. The $500 million over five years won't go directly to home owners, but it should save each of them up to $20,000. Local governments will have to compete for grants, which can be used to cover the costs of housing infrastructure, such as water, sewerage and transport. I think we need to sit down and work out the detail, but I think it's well targeted. It's a significant win for new home buyers. It will provide a circuit-breaker on escalating new home costs. Anything that lowers the costs of new construction has got to be good for young home buyers. But the announcement hasn't won the support of the Federal Government. Treasurer Peter Costello insists the best way to reduce home prices is for State governments to release more land and cut stamp duties. Daniel Street, National Nine News. It's been a difficult day in the snowfields, where many have gathered to mark the 10th anniversary of the Thredbo landslide that killed 18 people. Brad Schmitt is in the alpine village tonight and Brad, no doubt the grief there is still raw. Mark, after a day of dark memories, tonight something to really lift the spirits. Behind me you can see a fiery trail snaking down the mountain. 1,000 skiers have taken to the slopes for a mass flare run, a tribute to the 18 who lost their lives. 10 years haven't dulled the memories, nor, it seems, the pain. When the landslide claimed the lives of 18 local staff members, it wiped out 10% of Thredbo's resident population. Today families and friends came together to remember. Among them, the mother of Sally Diver, still grieving a decade on. 10 years is a long time, a time line of change, but grieving is still there for many. Grieving has to be there for many. With Stuart Diver choosing to mourn in private, the local chapel was filled to overflowing as 18 names were read out. Barry Decker, Sally Diver and Dianne Hoffman. Each name was accompanied by a chiming bell. Memories of when the Alpine Way collapsed in the dead of night are as vivid as ever. Warren Denham was the first police officer to reach a scene of devastation. A number of people reported they could hear voices coming out of the rubble. And that sticks with you.

The empty slope on which the two ski lodges once stood is now a memorial to those who died. It's here, tonight, at the exact time the landslide struck, where many are expected to gather to pay their respects. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. Aussie Cadel Evans has vowed to go one better next year, following his sensational second place in the worlds toughest cycling event the Tour de France.

While proud of Australia's best-ever result, Cadel says he will not be content until he finishes in the famous yellow jersey. This was a sight never before seen - an Australia at a podium

at the end of the world's most famous cycle race.

CHEERING Beside him, victorious Spaniard Alberto Contador. After 3,500km, just 23 seconds separated them. Not long after, Cadel Evans appeared at his hotel, back on his bike, waving an Australian flag. Understandably tired, he was still trying to comprehend what he'd done. Relieved, to be honest. A week or so and maybe I'll start to consider and understand what's happened in the last month. Also there, his wife, Chiara, brandishing that precious runners-up trophy. You want to have a look at this? The 30-year-old, locked up with his team for the past three weeks, has also been made aware of Australian support. But no-one's a bigger fan than his mother, watching from outside Melbourne. I think she's, um...yeah, she's pretty happy. Next week, a camping trip in Italy, but no wild nights of celebration. After the Tour de France you sit down and take it easy for a couple of days. This year, the event has again been badly marred by drug scandals,

prompting some in the French press to declare the Tour should never happen again. It will, though, and Cadel Evans says he'll definitely be back next year. So, close, but not quite. Next year. In Paris, James Talia, National Nine News. In the news ahead - what's behind Australia's shortage of single men. And talk about a birthday - talkback radio turns 40. Former State Labor MP Steve Chaytor has been cleared, after successfully appealing his assault charges. The former member for Macquarie Fields was expelled from the Labor Party after he was found guilty of kicking his former lover during a fight at their home last year. But a judge today threw out the two charges, believing Mr Chaytor had been acting in self defence.

For single men, it's an ideal situation, but for single women it's a troubling development.

Because of changing lifestyles and demographics Australia is experiencing a shortage of available men. These women are waiting for Mr Right, but, in a cruel irony, the longer they wait, the less likely they are to find him. I think most women are wanting that knight in shining armour

and believing the fairytale that it is going to happen. But the reality is, by the time women reach their 30s, there aren't enough men to go around. There's simply more women than men in Australia aged 30-something now than there was 2-3 decades ago. About 15,000 more, in fact, and while that doesn't seem high, it's a divide which grows wider when you take geography into account. While it's raining men Darwin, Broome and many country towns, in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, there's a severe drought. If you're looking for a man who's established, well paid,

fit and active, it's quite difficult because they've moved offshore. Mostly to pursue career opportunities. But others are simply pursuing younger women, which is more bad news

for the 30-something Bridget Joneses waiting for Mr Darcy.

I think the days of women waiting for Mr Right are well long gone. And while they may not be Mr Right, there's certainly an abundance of Mr Right Nows. The study found men in their 20s significantly outnumber women. So if the older women get together with younger men, it could be a problem which could be easily be solved. Cheers. Good luck on the weekend. Heidi Couch, National Nine News. That well-worn saying that life begins at 40 certainly applies to talkback radio. The medium itself turned 40 today and it would seem it's as alive as ever. If video killed the radio star, talkback gave him and her new life. But it was all very tentative. 40 years ago, Gary O'Callaghan was radio's undisputed morning star. I said, "Who wants to listen to everybody else's opinion?" Fortunately for everyone at this anniversary reunion, just about the entire country took to it and changed the national character in the process. Once, callers shied away from confronting politicians. People wouldn't talk to them they wouldn't ring up. I think they were just nervous to be heard on-air and maybe recognised. You walked down a street in Sydney or Melbourne and said, "What do you think of Bosnia?" and they'd say, "He should play on the wing." So I think that's what's changed.

I think people are far more knowledgable now. And prepare for a no-holds-barred style of radio,

unthinkable when it first began. Bugger 'em - you know, if they phone up and say something stupid, I think it's part of the game to say, "You're a dope." Presenting broadcaster John Laws with yet another award, the Prime Minister said a free media was one of the nation's most important pillars. There is nothing quite so free when it comes to the media of this country

than talkback radio. In fact, he says it's so free and so powerful it's one of the reasons why he doesn't Australia doesn't need a bill of rights to protect civil liberties. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Ken with sport next and Benji Marshall's long-term future under question as he makes his comeback tonight. Plus some Eels fans bring shame on the club.

Also, should Jason Ryles be upset over this hit? And Asian Cup champions - at last Iraq has something to cheer about. Huggies Baby Wipes are the thickest wipes available and because they come in a handy pop-up tub, keeping baby cleaner is even easier. Huggies Wipes clean better. They're thickest. SONG: # It must be love, love, love. # The rugby league world will be holding its breath tonight when Benji Marshall makes his latest return from shoulder injury

against North Queensland. But his Kiwi skipper, Roy Asotasi, has told National Nine News he has grave fears about Marshall's future in the NRL. Benji Marshall says he could have played last round his shoulder feels so strong, and he doesn't want to hear a negative word about his comeback. That being the case, he should listen to the man who captains the Kiwis. At the rate he's gone, you know, I can't really see him having a long-term career in the NRL But, Benji's tough, and, you know, hopefully he can pull through. He's had four or five shoulder reconstructions. He's going to be a targeted man in the NRL. His history is just not good. Marshall could be excused if he's a bit nervous when he runs out here at Leichhardt Oval in half-an-hour's time. He's done his shoulders twice against the Cowboys and since 2004, he's missed 39 NRL games

because of shoulder injuries. At the Dragons, Jason Ryles says there was no malice in this high shot from Andrew Ryan, which will earn the Bulldogs skipper a one-match ban if he pleads guilty. Knowing Bobcat, it wouldn't have been intentional, so it's just one of those things that happens in footy

and unfortunately, it happened to me on the weekend.

In other news,

the NRL issued a crowd control warning to all clubs, after fans threw coins and abused players. Eagles boss, Grant Mayer, is fuming. I think, basically, it's an the act of a gutless coward. We've talked about scuffles in crowds before, but when you to go take it to the next level and actually throw coins at staff and players, I think it certainly is an act of a coward. Better news from Manly - they have signed the Roosters Heath L'estrange and confirmed Newcastle's Josh Perry will be at the club after being unwanted by the Knights. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. Violence and bloodshed was replaced with unbridled celebration on the streets of Iraq this morning, as the country celebrated their surprise victory in the Asian Cup. Iraq defeated Saudi Arabia 1-0 in the final. It's hoped the success may help unify a divided nation. As the Asian Cup was lifted, the spirits of a war-torn nation soared with it. Joy is an emotion seldom seen in Baghdad. Today, the streets were awash with euphoria.

Proof of the unifying power of sport, the Iraqi team comprises Sunnis and Shi'ites, rivals at home, but on the football field they were fighting together for one goal. And in the final, that's all it took. COMMENTATOR: The keeper's missed it and it's a goal for Iraq! The excitement spread from Jakarta to the Iraqi population here in Sydney's Fairfield. But it's in Iraq itself where it's hoped this will have a lasting impact. Very happy for my country. I hope this is the beginning of peace. I have worked to do my best to give happiness to Iraq peoples, to give more smiles on their lips. Sadly, even amid the jubilation, there was danger - four people killed by celebratory gunfire. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News. After the break - the CommSec finance report, Majella with the weather details, then pop star Gwen Stefani lobs into Bec and Lleyton's Sydney home. ACOUSTIC GUITAR MUSIC Starting a successful career is exciting. If you do an Australian apprenticeship, you'll get paid while you learn. You could even start your own business. So to help you stay the distance and make the most of your talents, the Australian Government is offering apprentices under 30 - in a wide range of trades from baking to mechanical to building and construction - a wage top-up of $1,000 tax-free for your first year and another $1,000 for your second year. That's $2,000 tax-free.

And all apprentices in those same trades, no matter what age, may get up to $1,000 over two years to help pay for course fees. It's because, as an apprentice, you're valued as one of the country's most important resources. To find out more and what you may be eligible for, call 13 38 73 for a referral to an Australian Apprenticeships Centre, or visit the website. Huggies Baby Wipes are the thickest wipes available and because they come in a handy pop-up tub, keeping baby cleaner is even easier. Huggies Wipes clean better. They're thickest. SONG: # It must be love, love, love. # To finance news now and our market recovered well after a terrible lead out of the US and that freefall on the Aussie markets on Friday. Bendigo Mining gained 14% on a new gold discovery and BHP Billiton strengthened on higher oil prices. Now Majella, with all the day's weather. Ever so slowly, Mark. A couple of degrees warmer today at Penrith, But still cool in the city with a slight wind chill adding an extra edge. A high is pretty much controlling our weather keeping it dry over the interior. Any cloud should stay off the coast for the next 24 hours or so leaving the forecast for mostly sunny and warmer conditions. No rain at all expected tomorrow, though there is the chance of some light falls for southern NSW on Wednesday. Areas around Wagga could do quite well this week. But really, the bulk of the wet weather for the whole nation will once again fall in WA. The cold front bringing those showers to Perth could also push a few falls onto Adelaide tomorrow night. Windier but mostly fine in Melbourne and Hobart. There could again be fog and frost for western Sydney on Tuesday morning. Winds starting west-north-west, but heading a little more north-easterly as the day goes on. The best surf of the week should come through tomorrow too. Swells building - best by the afternoon. Stay rugged up tonight - another chilly one. A couple of degrees below average. But the daytime temps on Tuesday should make up for the chill. Tops of 20 in the west and 19 for Sydney city. Climbing even further as the week goes on. And we're still looking at that maximum of 23 for Thursday,

before yet another cold front drops the temps right back down for the weekend. Bottom line, Mark - make the most of the warmth while it's here. Finally, visiting American superstar Gwen Stefani has been spotted with the Hewitt family at Lleyton and Bec's property at Kenthurst in Sydney's north west.

The pop diva and son Kingston looked happy and relaxed. The lead singer of the band No Doubt is here for a solo tour, including shows at Homebush tonight and tomorrow. That's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre