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Have you ever had fondu?

Have you ever had fondu? The

Steamboat. You have the pot and you

put the meat in it. And you can

progressive dinner. have chocolate. We are giving a

progressive dinner. It was a 70s a

thing. One did fondu go out of

fashion? I do not know. A wasn't

much washing up. Maybe it was because you were sharing the same

Monday. bowl. A what a fascinating stuck to

Monday. I am into 70s foods. Angels

on horseback. I think it is making

a comeback. In a restaurant these

days you will see a prawn cocktail. With

With sliced letters. Mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

I am over that kind of food. You would? Would you work in a war zone? a private security provider? How about as $500, $1,000 a day? And for how much? What price do you put on your life? 180,000 private contractors There are around

presently working in Iraq. but the rewards are high. The risks are extreme, often deadly, This morning we'll speak with James Sammons former SAS soldier and contractor who spent three years in Baghdad

and roadside ambushes. dodging bullets, suicide bombers with a mental illness Caring for a family member is undoubtedly stressful some alarming statistics. but new studies have revealed More than half of carers health suffers as a direct result find their own physical or mental

never had any training or education and almost three quarters have for the tasks they are performing.

and carer Jo Buchanan Doctor Kate Strasser from SANE will join us this morning. his Hogwarts from his Quidditch Mark Howard wouldn't know he was picked to help out but for some unfathomable reason Harry Potter book on the weekend. at the release of the latest to reveal the ending. We'll see if we can get him

with the top performing concealers. And Dhav Naidu will be in let's get it on the road. Lots more of course,

I think fondu is French. Why have

you gone crazy on this? Last week

we were talking about progressive

dinners. I felt

dinners. I felt my fondue set. In

the back of the cupboard. I had to.

One was never enough. Her due

keeping warm? There is a burner

underneath. I dropped a once and

said the floor on fire. They are

great fun.

great fun. You end up getting drunk.

It takes so long for the food to

cook. Have you ever had the cheese

fondue? I never did the cheese.

Byron Bay. There was a fondue restaurant in

Byron Bay. Rambling so the mad

woman on a Monday morning. but essential as a rite of passage Not too demanding for cook or consume come to our senses. until we eventually

Arianne Spratt has decided to mess culinary understanding with a cornerstone of this nation's unAustralian Worcestershire sauce and include the mesmerisingly to the parma. has her crucified, Before such a sacrilegious act this morning? Kim, what's on the front page

There's been an embarrassing slip-up terror supporter Mohamed Haneef. in the investigation of alleged Reports this morning claim incriminating comments Federal Police wrote potentially in Dr Haneef's personal diary. investigators trying to work out It could be a damaging bungle for Dr Mohamed Haneef played just what role in the foiled UK terror attacks. 'The Australian' newspaper claims of several overseas terror suspects Federal Police agents wrote the names

in Dr Haneef's diary. about the diary entries They then grilled him at length their own officer's handwriting. only to later realise it was one of The latest slip comes to light Commissioner, Mick Keelty, just a day after Federal Police was forced to hose down reports in Australia. Dr Haneef was planning an attack because you've got to understand It's just frustrating on a drip feed. that they've just really put us

national was planning an attack Media reports suggested the Indian the Q1 tower on the Gold Coast's tallest building, in his apartment. after plans were found that's simply not accurate. But the AFP says family support arrived from India. Those startling revelations come as arriving at the weekend. His wife's cousin as a very good person, We all know him and as a modern person, as a model citizen

and everything. character wise and behaviour in court today Haneef's legal team will be back to have his visa cancelled. appealing the Government's decision Anthony Donaghy, Ten News.

a Coalition meltdown Labor has predicted if the Government is re-elected, to become John Howard's successor. as Liberal MPs scramble shows It comes as Opposition polling are deserting the Prime Minister, blue collar workers

due out this week, A new biography on John Howard, fuelled leadership tensions, has already

between the PM and his Treasurer. highlighting the rift if the Coalition is re-elected Now Labor claims a leadership free-for-all. it will spark in his office with the Rubik's Cube, For years, John Howard's been there some future leadership arrangement trying to find some combination, that isn't Peter Costello. it's Tony Abbott, So it's Peter Reith,

it's Malcolm Turnbull. And it claims for a leadership change, Mr Howard has left the way open

in a newspaper interview refusing to guarantee to the next election. that he'll lead the party from John Howard is, What we want to know with Peter Costello has he done a deal if he wins? to go quietly after the election as leaked Labor Party polling shows The renewed speculation comes a decline in support for the PM "Howard battlers" - among the so-called

blue collar workers the Coalition to government who've returned as a reward for economic prosperity. The Opposition poll revealing has stayed beyond his use-by date, voters feel Mr Howard increasingly desperate and sneaky. is too old, This is another Labor Party con job.

into government They're trying to spin their way and we will not be distracted.

Brad Hodson, Ten News. former advisers One of the Prime Minister's

arrested in a drug raid last year in compensation. wants almost $1 million News Limited papers say Iktimal Hage-Ali is suing the State Government for $750,000 claiming wrongful arrest and false imprisonment. The 22-year-old was embroiled in the drug scandal just days before she was to be crowned the New South Wales Young Australian of the Year. She was forced to give up the title but later released without charge,

after admitting her cocaine use was recreational. Ms Hage-Ali was a member of the PM's Muslim Community Reference Group. At least 26 tourists have been killed

when their bus plunged 20m off a mountain road and burst into flames in the French Alps. The coach was carrying a group Polish pilgrims that were visiting a holy site in France.

24 others onboard have been injured, 12 of them are in a serious condition.

The accident happed at a notorious blackspot. 43 people died at the same place when another coach crashed in 1973. Springfield, Vermont, has rolled out the yellow carpet

for the world premiere of 'The Simpsons Movie'. The local community beat 13 other Springfield towns across the US to host the event. Thousand of fans of the world's most famous four-fingered family turned out as did the stars Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and Homer.

The movie opens in Australia on Thursday. And we'll have more on those stories in the Morning News at 11:00 plus a full wrap in Ten's News at 5:00.

It's known as the most dangerous place on earth. Many Australians wonder why on earth we're there at all. But imagine working in Iraq Putting yourself between target and bullet voluntarily. Former SAS soldier James Sammons has spent the past three years in Baghdad doing just that as a private security contractor. up to $1,000 a day The father of two was earning protecting journalists reporting on the Iraq war.

He returned home safely last year, and admits he's exhausted all of his nine lives.

A a whole frightened were you for

your own life?

your own life? At certain times. When you're moving around the

countryside. It's out did you make

a dangerous situation safer? We plan for

plan for these things. We put in

fences. Multi- layered defences.

When you are on the move we have

armoured cars. Low-profile vehicles.

armoured cars. Low-profile vehicles.

They are high-profile armoured cars.

There are low-profile normal cars.

Different colours. Different mates.

That's the way we operate. When you

are moving around. are moving around. Not in the

compound. The chances of you

getting struck is not as high as

when you are moving around. Were

journalists a target? Anyone who is

a foreigner is a target. It doesn't a foreigner is a target. It doesn't

matter what you do or you come from.

There seems to be done as on

everything. What you heavily-armed?

We do not go around a highly armed.

Iraq is the only country where we

carry weapons. In at the other countries we do not.

countries we do not. It's as the

situation escalated? Yes it has.

Absolutely. In 2004 we were getting

around. We would have lunch in

restaurants. He would have tea at

tea houses. You cannot do that. You tea houses. You cannot do that. You

have to move from its Secure

location to secured location.

You're working every day. You're

there for months. You're based in

Iraq. A you come up for your

holidays. What you were holidays. What you were there it

you're working all the time. Was no

money the reason why you did it? Not really.

Not really. I joined the tactical belief in the farewells. I was

frustrated in how they operated. A

job opportunities came up. There was a different world.

was a different world. Living here

is calm. You go over there it is

very different. You believe the

violence has escalated. Why? It is

a power trouble. There is a vacuum.

Saddam Hussein had Saddam Hussein had tight control.

It became as it is. Everyone is targeting you.

targeting you. Westerners are a

part to blame it for their woes.

But how they feared.

Security providers do not have

support from American forces. They

have to look up to themselves.

have to look up to themselves. It

will go down he'll win the US

troops leave. A what colour right

you have as a security provider.

Do you have the backing of the

military. The Australian government. Buster regulations in

Buster regulations in Iraq. You can

only carry certain weapons. Some

companies have been caught with

illegal weapons. They have been

booted out. It's if you become involved in an

involved in an incident the US

troops welcome and get you but it

will take a long time. I've never

had to use my weapon. I've had it

out occasionally. We carry weapons

Cover the. We never display them.

As there are a number of Australian

out there. Well they are drawn to

that other world? There is money to

be made over there. They like the lifestyle.

lifestyle. 10 you tell us about the

close calls it that you have had.

I've not had many close calls. As I

had been in a hotel went it has

been struck by a rocket. been struck by a rocket. It's all

you will travel along a road and you wi#l travel along a road and

half an hour later someone will be

killed. These a sense of if I was

in the car it would have been

different. You put your weapon a

couple of times. What happened in

those situations?

those situations? I was escorting a

pliant it in Baghdad. They were

driving along. If a car pulled up

next to him. A guy had a weapon and

was pointing out of the window. The

client was being threatened. It

turned out it was a unmarked police

vehicle. You cannot trust police in

Baghdad. They had

Baghdad. They had been infiltrated.

We got him to pullover. What kind

of relationship you have

of relationship you have with the

client? To have to run them through

security detail? We run courses. In

the UK and Washington. They're

media-related courses. We teach them what

them what to do before they go them ?aG to do before they go them what to do before they go

there. The streams do it too. We

teach them what to do when they go

over. We tell them what to do. You

wear this. You do this. We give

them briefings. We tell them what

to do something happens. Our guys

to do something happens. Our guys are medically trained. How would

you feel if you were asked go but

there? I would do it. I have come

back to Australia and I have been

offered a job. Are not intending

long going back. And this wheel

short on the ground.

short on the ground. If the troops

were to withdraw with Debbie Moore

work? If there would be. We would

be escalating people. Escort in people.

people. As Eddie way up the dangers

of when you're a bad? Dad.

The way we operate I feel Secure

most of the time. A couple of weeks

ago some Australian guys lost their

lives. But must hit home? It does.

I really feel for the families.

I really feel for the families. One

of them had young children. Ordeal

could say? I explain it to them. I

fe I go there to look after people.

That's the way I do. People still

go there. They need people to look after them.

after them. I tell them that's what

I do. I protect people from bad

people. I bet they are proud of you.

If you do have to go back, stay safe.

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Alarming new statistics from SANE Australia have revealed that more than half of all people

who care for a person with a mental illness have reported a decline in their own health and general wellbeing. Even more suffer in silence, having received no relevant training or education and most disturbingly

one in four carers experience mental illness themselves.

Doctor Kate Strasser and her team have developed the SANE guide for families.

She joins us this morning to explain what's in the guide

and how it can help, along with carer Jo Buchanan.

One was there a need to bring this about?

about? Families are important in

somebody's lives. It clear when

they are unwell. Families are

forgotten. We felt it was important

to bring out something for families.

What has researched show news? He

shows us that families are

struggling to do with families. With their

With their loved one who has a

mental illness. It's when families

are involved in treatment planning

the outcomes are much better. Three

laps rakes are less. I would

imagine you are thrust into it. You

would want to do the best buy them.

And you go headlong

And you go headlong into trying to

the support the person. You

probably go into it without

understanding. I think there is

true. If that happens with all

sorts of illnesses. Particularly

with mental illness. We are

including depression. Anxiety

disorders. Schizophrenia.

disorders. Schizophrenia. The goat

which is available for $12 this is

one step towards helping families.

It gives them practical advice. A emotional aspects. Financial aspects.

aspects. Legal aspects. It is

helpful. How has mental illness

affected your family? In the 1970s

were sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

schizophrenia. I helped to bring up

her son. He was diagnosed with schizop renia.

schizophrenia. Back in the 1970s

there was nothing like the support.

There was a lot of ignorance. He

was a big struggle. How difficult

was it to discover that your own

son - I could not believe it.

son - I could not believe it. My

nephew took his life. My sister

died eight weeks later. I educated

myself on mental illness. I did

research. Why some was diagnosed with depression. I really couldn't

believe it. I had to tackle it.

believe it. I had to tackle it. I

would imagine many people with

mental illnesses do not realise

that they have an illness. For

someone to suggest they have must his letter his l that

his letter that the problem?

Absolutely. Especially with certain

illnesses. A schizophrenia is

illnesses. A schizophrenia is a

lack of insight. The depression

people go in words. They people g.5 in words. They do people go in words. They do not

always looked on that they are

depressed. It there is false

behaviour. People drink and take

drugs thought to numb the pain. They present a different personality.

personality. Do remember the moment

when you realise something was not

right? It's he was an actor. He had

the lead role in a play. He

disappeared after the opening night.

It was a huge thing. He disappear. We could not

We could not find him for a long

time. As a couple of weeks. That

was the end of everything. It did

well to come to terms with it. What

did he tell you about that time? He

did not have a great great memory

of it. He ended up in

of it. He ended up in hospital. I

was notified. We went from there.

As when Eddie tried to alert

professionals the response was

often inadequate. Absolutely. Very

often you do not get taken

seriously. You cannot report your

child missing until after a period

of time. Things a lot better now.

You have places to ring.

You have places to ring. Back in

the old days you didn't get the help. It didn't exist. That is

encouraging. There's not enough

help. It is better than it was. We

have a help line. People can ring

for information. It's it is

for information. It's it is 24

hours. What do carers need? They

need education. They need to

understand about the illness. Wide

their loved one is behaving like

they are. There is important. That

they understand the illness.

they understand the illness. They need to be involved in the clinical

team. There is important. He family

often that the person best. They

can pick up subtle changes. That a

clinician might not be aware of.

How important was the family

support be think it? Extremely

important. Family support is very

important. I am lucky. I have two daughters who are supportive. They're not afraid to They're not afraid to speak up

about it. But is good. The law firm

is have that. It can be frightening.

There is still showing vol. There

There is still showing vol. There

is a stigma. It is difficult for

families. It does he feel his

depression is an impediment to act?

He doesn't want to go back to

acting. He is creating a new life for

for himself. He is studying. A this happens to carers. They go through

grief. They lose a loved one. They

may not physically dire but they

leave someone. A personality. They

go through showing.

go through showing. Guilt. They

think they've done something wrong.

Anger. So why shame? There is

stigma out there. Why gilts? You're

thinking, what did I do wrong? It

is OK to fill those emotions.

is OK to fill those emotions. It is OK to fill those emotions. It is

all right to feel. You need to look

after yourself. If you fall apart

at everything falls apart. They

need to know it is OK to feel their

way. It is OK to pick up the phone

in us for help. They are the one

looking after the other one.

Therefore they should be able to

cope. And you are always very

mother. Of the carers are battling through,

through, could it be detrimental to

the care of the person? Definitely.

There has been research that has

shown that when family is involved

in the treatment the outcome is

much better. There is a lower rent

laps rate. People function better.

laps rate. People function better.

Wide as does it work best when the

family is involved? As we are

social beings. A lot of the mental

illnesses affect people's abilities to have relationships. In

to have relationships. In a

comfortable way. It makes the

family more important. If you're caring whether understanding the

mental illness, can that be

detrimental? I do not think so. I

have the for us they will delight

you? A save your loved

you? A save your loved one as I do

not know what to say but I am

worried about things. It has lots

of helpful hints. Had to give

advice. Helpful hints to discuss things.

things. It is directional. Helpful.

A lot of people are with mental illness lose confidence within

cells. And their ability to make

decisions. We still seem to

struggle with mental

struggle with mental illness. Why

is that? There is this belief that

because it is something with to do

with your mind did you should be

able to fix it. The mind is part of

the body. By have a diabetic

the body. By have a diabetic they

have incident. But I have someone

who is clinically depressed they

think, oh no, I should be able to

do this by myself. The best

treatment for by polar his

community support and medication.

community support and medication.

My son was diagnosed with clinical

depression. The manic episodes are

not as great. The depression is greater.

greater. He is very creative in the

manic tonnes. He writes music.

Poetry. When they are like that

they should be able to express

themselves creatively. As well as

the medication.

the medication. Creativity is

helpful. It is getting rid of the

energy. If you would like more

information go to the website.

Fascinating talking to you. In the era of shoulder pads and acid wash, the deep fried, crumbed lump of cheese reigned supreme. After the break, Arianne will casually move us into the new millennium with un-fried, crumbed cheese scattered over a helpless bird.

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so this week Arianne is back to her delicious best with a butter, cheesy taste explosion, otherwise known as parmesan chicken.

You can take their Hobley out of it. It is

It is different from chicken key.

This is parlours and chicken. It is

related to bark - Parma jama but

not quite. That has no tomatoes

laws, most bars of homeowners. Then you will

Then you will find that out for me.

The what is that?

Banners be is the only made a few

weeks ago. You making the began to

two things at the same time? Night.

two things at the same time? Night.

Bam is another 1970 thing. The bids

all is that congealed stuff on the

outside I want you to keep doing

that. I want a cup of

that. I want a cup of both fresh

breadcrumbs I made into the bowl,

those things their ends when David

has done the bacon for me we're

going back in his while.

I want you to leave it on the heeds.

I know how to fry!

I know how to fry! You are at the

be reviewed you with the Bill last

week. This is an impressive in a be

and it has already bid for you. You

worry about what is blowing over

here. I might just go home

here. I might just go home this

morning. We give you such a hard

time. I want to show you the

chicken breast. We do not want to

overcook it because it will blow

dry and are this is called Big

dry and are this is called Big tenderloin of pet

In that is a method will linger.

You can get under the flat beer and

went in his India Una in his court all the way through.

The I am going to be parading of

the beer butter, garlic.

Mastered - and that is the Dijon

mustard. Would you say this is an

Italian? Yes except for the war of


A one-bed there may not

A one-bed there may not doubt N's

I'm going to put the beans on. Make

as balanced. Used planet she leaves.

Cut the due tomatoes and I have

some both same both are the glaze.

Gallic panache we import majority

of our Australian garlic from China

and in his bleached and it is

treated with a lot of things to

make its opaque to bring him.

make its opaque to bring him. White

Cube bleach garlic? But you'd have

all purple garlic is Australian

organic garlic and it is not


bleached. We will put the chicken

breast in the air like that.

breast in the air like that. It is

ablaze thing you do not need to use

or ill with that. I have never

heard of a blaze. We use fresh

heard of a blaze. We use fresh

breadcrumbs bands will this over it.

Everything needs to be done and

modulations that we're not played a

but every night up a healthy week.

but every night up a healthy week.

If you want use creaminess, use

chicken stock or skimmed milk. I

have never made fresh pesto. Bezel is hard to

is hard to come by because there

has been a lot of late leap for we

would put another blob of pesto in

there with the beans. The pine nuts and will

and will blur. That is beautiful.

How about that? That looks

delicious. Or will overcome any bit

of dryness the jigger might have. Ballet of

Ballet of flavours. We had done.

That is a good layer ring of


flavour. Labour but that out if he

did not want to has it been the

source. Used to reduce check-in.

That is not at all try. That is

beautiful. Have a book she can. Chicken is my if

Chicken is my if I'm it is dry it ends up.

You can use thin should you want to.

Began when a brick taking

experience and Melbourne.

The progress of his back. We will

fly you to Melbourne on Tuesday

21st August. Check and see all we

were luxury overnight stay and he

will wake up all buffet brickbats.

Taking the spectacular views of

Melbourne is that the it had agreed

to your main cause of inspired

Italian food. Take that back it

will caress your taste buds.

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Charlie centre of an e-mail. Just

the old I'll let you know that my

the old I'll let you know that my

local Ian Hughes Power - and not

quite right. Staff that is beyond

the use-by date. Bass sell its - a

chain of supermarkets. Sometimes

bird pence will have a team to this

survey cellars and a reduced rate. Charlie says there is

Charlie says there is a local store

has hundreds of boxes of Kim's

favourite cereal Kellogg's just

growing. I have got off that. Why

the new favourite. I had done on a researcher might run a lot of

cereals and I am addicted to

another brand. It has given us - it

is fantastic. Give it a try.

is fantastic. Give it a try. That

is what happens when Kellogg's

stops producing just right I have

to ghost edgings for something else.

I have seriously been seized lot of

cereals and thank you, it is

required. I have tried every single

serial I have been seen.

We'll bring you the latest news headlines shortly. But after the break, big changes afoot at Ramsay Street. To what extent will new 'Neighbours' increase the value?

Hello, gentlemen. I see you got my message. What do you want? A deadly weapon is hurtling toward the world. It's really not that much, is it? (Men yell frantically)

Feels like we just don't have any rights anymore - I've heard they can force you to give up your holidays.

Holidays are really important, and no-one can make you give them up. So, we know where that's going. That's right. That's the law. And the Workplace Ombudsman will enforce it. BUSY OFFICE SOUNDS If you need help or advice, just call us on the Workplace Infoline.

For the last 22 years 'Neighbours' has been thrilling audiences with the fascinating lives of the extraordinarily suburban. It's been an astonishing cul de sac chock-a-block full of pretty young things whose soapie beginnings have either gone pop or frothed into international stardom. In recent years, the crows feet have started appearing and the hair has greyed a little around the temples. But far from being sent out to pasture, tonight sees the unveiling of a rather dramatic face-lift including new sets and storylines.

Dropping in to give us the inside word on the botox are new cast members Steve Bastoni and Nikki Coghill.

What d'you mean? I am talking collectively.

collectively. I think it is the

largest running shower in

Australian history. Had it that

sure you get involved in it? The

Duke of the word out or do they

come to you? I know you have not

been working on screen for a while.

I've been working in theatre.

Weekend to get back? Absolutely.

They approached me five years ago

but there wasn't

but there wasn't quite as with Kidd's the end. They approached me

again and I was very lucky. Then new storylines in different directions. Kenny see that? NEC

than the writing? The changes will

be gradual because they don't want

to scare of the audience that already have if. There

already have if. There is more - it

is more of an evolution and not an

revolution. We are part of a change.

The major thing she were murders is

that the show will be going H D. It

is a broad thing.

is a broad thing. They will be new

families. This is love stories. You

moving into Ramsay Street tonight.

Violent indeed house. I'm not sure

we are moving enter lies the we're

moving in some time this week. I

think Tessas. We drive down from

Sydney and the old track then ruffle a

ruffle a few feathers of avoid.

Fathers shooting high definition

change things? D necessarily have

to wear more make-up? High- definition he is a more sensitive

to light and pigs are more detail.

It is a better quality image.

It is a better quality image. In

this Gio sense she was the

difference. It is a lot lighter.

Everyone raves a high-definition -

why is everyone excited about that?

We have is the all the wrinkles.

There is no good Oxy have.

There is no good Oxy have. You look

amazing. That was not meant for you.

As Bormann this industry, the roles

dried out for women over 35 p and

IMI over 40 and it is difficult.

You had to kind. This is tricky. Idea

Idea not have any of their

enhancement. Do you remember the

workload? He is even more then when

we did find doctors. It is full on.

Juggling kids. Do get overwhelmed

by the workload? It is incredible.

The of night I have a think.

The of night I have a think. The if

you're not on the steam train

you're left out. This poor man next

week. Has been doing the show,

reading nose while making donor -

is that the weaker operators well?

There is a bit like that. You learn.

You have the juggling have to be

very decisive. You have to be very

organised. I've got to learn my

nowadays, I still my script. You

tried to get back into the routine.

But it have? Learning lines for the

first couple weeks was overwhelming. Nicky had

Nicky had 22 lines one day. It is

like doing half the play in one day.

Haverty do that? You do - it is

like riding a bike after problem

runs the site you become all but it

does take a while. It is a skill

and his practice. When he joined the

the cast, as you need is to get

yourself as characters sort of

motors. We need to get the

directors and the writers to understand your character and to be

excited by a character. Paddy do

that? We at the mercy of those

writers in that respect. All we can

writers in that respect. All we can

do is give a believable performance

to the spring. They do Jews as the

mood has until the storylines that

were prevalent in getting all our storylines for the first three

months because it is like moving

into a new neighbourhood. All the

neighbours are at their than the

writers try to put you in the most

popular characters illustrate because of their like you, they've

they get the audience will like you.

Neighbours is full of the pretty

young things. Eight tempted to go

out and party with them? Here White.

When do I have time to

When do I have time to party with

them? You brought a flying doctors

and we have found a couple of

fabulist old clips.

That is a laugh. Look at their hair.

Looking back at the work any cross

paths, or that isn't an issue there

is quite small you must all crossbars together

crossbars together and it is great

Tacita Aborigines. We were so intensively with someone and then

it stops - and has been 15 years

since we seen his father. There is

a wonderful thing to do. His Nablus

has been popular overseas and will get a

get a popular as - we be inspired to pursue their overseas? It to p rsuV their overseas? It to pursue their overseas? It is a to pursue their overseas? It is a

bit cold for stockings. Iraq has a lot of opportunities.

I don't have any aspirations to go

overseas. Before we saw these them

were the children but who knows

what would have them. It is lovely

to see both M I hope wo see oth M I hope to see both M I hope it goes well for you.

for you. You appear this week. I

have my file of we all the time.

Everything is going to happen next

we but we just don't ire.

Joining us this morning Janelle Monroe from Daily Deals

who's going to help us how to keep warm this winter. What are you going to do? Apart from give you a cuddle, Marianne. How are you? I'm very good. What can we do to keep off the cold this winter? With the new Wool Fresh Quilt made from 100% pure wool, which is the most natural way to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool breathes and is made of natural fibres.

Plus wool quilts provide even warmth

and unlike down wool doesn't shift around within the channels of the quilt.

Sometimes it ends up at the bottom. A big lump at the bottom. How important is wool quality? Many of the quilts sold in Australia

are actually made of imported or Chinese wool

and even though Australian wool is regarded as one of the best, many companies use cheaper imported wool just to cut costs. So you would recommend 100% Australian wool. I do.

But even though some imported quilts are labelled 100% wool when tests have found the actual wool content was as low as 61%. The remaining 40% was made up of substituted, inferior quality impure substances such as polyester. Those impurities make a great feeding ground for bed bugs and dust mites and those nasties you don't want in your quilt. Does wool thickness play a role

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Whereas the best quality quilts have 500 grams per metre.

And the Wool Fresh Quilt has all these features? It does indeed.

It's what any in the industry regard as the perfect quilt. All Wool Fresh Quilts are made using 100% pure Australian wool direct from Australian farmers. The thickness of the wool is a perfect 500 grams per metre,

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We are so confident of this product that 9am viewers will be given an amazing 5-year guarantee on every quilt purchased today. I believe there is another exclusive feature too? There is. Just have a look at this. These horrible allergy-causing dust mites live inside quilts and feed off the impurities. It is quite frightening when you look at what can be in your bedding. We have combated this problem. In keeping with our natural product we have treated our wool with an olive-based spray called Wool Fresh. This fantastic all-natural product eliminates the food source that those nasty little dust mites feed off

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And with this one jumping on the bed constantly, her odours were staying in the bedding. But now with my Wool Fresh Quilt I sleep very comfortably under 100% Australian wool. What can we expect to pay for the Wool Fresh Quilt? You would think a quilt of this high quality would cost you over $300. Today you can purchase any size Wool Fresh 100% wool quilt for only $99. It is only $99 plus postage and handling. That is less than a third of the retail value of this product.

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We are talking about those caring

for the mentally ill. I had been

caring for my wife who has bipolar

disorder. My appearance Alveley and

my siblings live in Perth. I had

very little support from very little support from friends or

my church. I've had to retire from

a senior managerial position. I am

59 years old. There is next to

nothing for men. Most of the

supporters for women. I have turned

to writing poetry to cope. It is an to writing poetry to cope. It is an

important part particularly with by

Pollard to express yourself. I hope

there is some support there. I'm sure there is something they can

find. Whether you Arras stay at home

home dad - whether you're a carer

who happens to be a man in is all

about finding support. After the break the latest from the Ten news centre. And still to come, Mark Howard reveals his inner wizard with the latest Harry Potter book.

This program is captioned live. News time and for the latest we're joined by Natarsha Belling from the Ten news centre. Good morning. Making news this morning - police will launch a new search today for the body of missing Victorian toddler Daniel Thomas.

The 2.5-year-old was reported missing from his home about 280km north-east of Melbourne in 2003, but extensive police searches failed to find him. The Homicide Squad will today return to the area to search for his body,

acting on fresh information. Daniel was last seen in the care of babysitter Mandy Martyn. Also, one of the PM's former advisers arrested in a drug raid last year wants almost $1 million in compensation. There are newspaper reports

Iktimal Hage Ali is suing the State Government for $750,000, claiming wrongful arrest and false imprisonment. And there is concerning news this morning that some flood-ravaged parts of the UK are now facing a humanitarian crisis. Hundreds of thousands of residents are without drinking water as supplies start to run out, with key sources contaminated.

Residents have been evacuated and the army has started to rush aid to the worst-affected regions. It is a mess. We call it junk mail because most of it goes straight into the recycling bin.

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Even if your insurance isn't due, you can switch policies immediately and start saving. What have you got to lose? Nothing. In fact, you could save hundreds. After the break 9am's own boy wizard Mark Howard opens up the new Harry Potter book. Back soon.

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This program is captioned live. It's been dogged by scandals, hackers and spoilers, Mark Howard was at the book launch, working his special brand of magic

and we promise this story will not spoil the ending.

These events have been during the

Heath in 6 o'clock this morning,

all very keen to get their hands

all very keen to get their hands on

the 7th and final instalment Of

Harry Potter, being released Harry Potter, being released

simultaneously worldwide. If you

like me and haven't read any of

them, this is what has happened so

far. Yes, excitement, everything!

His journey to destroy the dark

Lord. Paris is hot.

Lord. Paris is hot. Harry is trying

to defeat the Dow clawed. In the

third book he made his godfather.

In the 4th book he thought Dragons

and he is known as and he is known as he who must not

be named. Do you thing he is hot?

Yes! If I was Harry Potter, what

would you say to me? I love you.

would you say to me? I love you.

Time to have a pop quiz. IUD Time to have a pop quiz. IUD is

clever at everything? Yes. How

excited I you today? And it

incredibly excited. We will finally

find out what happens at the end.

When you get hands on the book, are

you going to read it straightaway? We have an We have an apartment block as close

as we could get to hear, and we are

racing straight up there. We have

had to get the box is organised,

get the books that and get it all

happening. Have a look at where the

queues. If you are going to get

stuck in the queue, it might as

well be his year. Add these books

more interesting than Harry Potter?

Not really. We have it made awaited

the start of the line. This is an

to love. She is the first person in

Melbourne he will get the ball. I

was here at 2 am. How was here at 2 am. How cold was it?

Freezing. This is it - Harry Potter

is finally about to be released!

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Thank you very much for telling us all about iSelect. Lots more to come on this Monday 9am, including your emails and the best way to use that miracle make-up must-have - the concealer.

Good morning. Police have launched a new search for Victorian toddler Daniel Thomas who disappeared four years ago. A tip-off leading detectives to thick bushland. A man is being questioned over a shooting in Sydney's south. Three people injured in the gunfire. Federal authorities accused of writing potentially damaging comments in a Gold coast terror suspect's diary. And a new worry for flood-hit areas of the UK.

When you're young, the last thing you think about is health cover. And why would you? I never did. HAPPY MUSIC

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My son was granted a carer's

allowance at age 12. There is a lot

of help out there. It is just

making a

making a phone call. Some or put

you in the right direction.-does

the cooking. Cleaning. I would be

lost without him. That is terrific.

Amazing. We were talking Amazi . We were talking Amazing. We were talking about

fondu. I had a fondue evening about

nine years ago.

nine years ago. I had cheese and

chocolate fondue. We had some white

wine. Fruit. I also had a fire.

wine. Fruit. I also had a fire. I

imagine that you would have been

issued its with people sucking on issueW i s with people sucking on

the fort and putting it back. It's

his messy. his messy. They well

It you see a red car there will be

a another one following it. They

are understanding that it is

sending me mad. I'd go crazy on sending me mad. I'd go crazy on red

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This program is captioned live.

Marcus Valerius Martial once said

"Conceal a flaw and the world will imagine the worst." So true, yet women persist on covering every tiny discolouration, blemish or pustulent eruption whether it be barely visible or angrily weeping. To explain how best to conceal all, imaginary or real, is the classy count of camouflage Dhav Naidu.

I have one question. But it worked

to the detriment of a blemish? No

does not. It is about an even skin

tone. We have a face judge. tone. We have a face judge. Those

are the areas.

It is always here that it is the darkest.

darkest. Use it on top of your

foundation. Not before. Foundation

will even the skin tone. If will even the skin tone. If you

have a blemish was still highlight

the area. My top three favourites. Go

Go out and buy. This will last two

for six months. Use a synthetic brush.

brush. The official stick

foundation. There are different

textures. There is a medium

coverage. He beat coverage.

coverage. He beat coverage. They

are coloured varieties. If you have

a dent in the war you wouldn't buy

a different colour paint to cover

it. You

it. You would by the close of

colour that matches the paint. This

works in the same way. You are

trying to conceal an imperfection.

This has it yellow. You will not

look closely.

As you age your skin becomes dull. It I have one

It I have one of these. It is great.

This has a very good one. I give

you all the prizes. Prices. You watch reaching the watch reaching the blemish while

you put it. It tries at the pimple.

It is good for dark bifocals. I circles.

It neutralises the colour. Can you

use haemorrhoid cream have done but

yes and No. Throw away what you

want to put bums cream on your face. want to put bums cream on your face.

I shouldn't be here. Why am a very

here? I could Pete on safari in

Africa. You're talking about bomb

cream on the face.

This has everything to fake the perfect face.

perfect face. It has highlights. We have to go. Coming up next - a new search begins for Victorian toddler Daniel Thomas. He disappeared four years ago and detectives have received a new tip-off. A man in his 20s stabbed to death overnight in Melbourne.

More damning allegations as federal authorities are accused of writing potentially damaging comments in a Gold Coast terror suspect's diary. And a new crisis hits flood-ravaged areas of the UK. The news is next.

..and some fantastic deals on our range - like $39,990 drive away on the Cherokee... sat nav on the 7-seat Commander you can afford to be more adventurous.


TAP SQUEAKS New releases daily at 11am. That's it for us this morning. T