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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good morning. Welcome to Ten's Morning news. I'm Natarsha Belling. police officer on Wednesday night A gunman who shot dead a Queensland has died in hospital. for the Brisbane constable, Tributes continue to flow for 12 months. who'd only been on the job w 'e only been on the job

are still struggling Colleagues and the public with the death of Brett Irwin, on his first night shift a supposedly routine job. and attending he was only doing his job. It's just not fair - He was so young. He didn't deserve that. at his Ferny Grove base, As the floral tributes grow are flying the flag at half-mast. stations across Queensland in which we live Sometimes in this crazy world we forget just how tough it is in the 21st century. being a police officer at a Keperra home The 33-year-old constable had been when he shot him in the chest. issuing a warrant to Craig Semeyarha, police at bay for two tense hours The 29-year-old gunman then held before turning his weapon on himself. GUNSHOTS in a Brisbane hospital He died last night from head injuries. Constable Irwin, a former soldier, just 12 months ago joined the police service by the Police Commissioner but had already been recognised for his courage. like this may have happened that he might have been armed or had they believed for a moment this task in the way they did. they wouldn't have undertaken

the 107th Queensland police officer Constable Irwin is killed in the line of duty. a shattered young partner. He leaves behind page is being overwhelmed. An online police union condolence And I sincerely thank them and gestures for their very kind thoughts in one of our toughest times. with full police honours. Brett Irwin will be farewelled Anthony Donaghy, Ten News.

in a fortnight A toddler has become the fourth child in Perth, to die from a mystery illness leaving health authorities baffled. not to panic Authorities are asking parents to find the cause. as they desperately try Ten's Ebbeny Faranda joins us. Ebbeny, what can you tell us?

For children have passed away in

less than three weeks. The latest

was a two-year-old, who was put to

bed with a fever and simply never

work out. Doctors believe all four

had a bacterial infection. They

have I get to identify one

particular strain linking all four

cases. The Health Department came

under fire for notifying the public

at a late stage after the three

decks are had occurred. This caused

panic during purse. Parents flocked to the children's emergency

department at Princess Margaret

hospital if they try presented with

flu-like symptoms. This latest case

has baffled doctors. The child

simply had a favour. It died simply had a favour. It died a

short time later. Is it the 4th

death linked? At this stage doctors

are not able to tell us whether

this is linked or if there is a a

link between all the cases or

whether it is simply a coincidence

that all four children have that all four children have passed

away. Researchers are desperately working to find

working to find out what has caused

a prevention. these steps and whether we can find

was much quicker The course of the illness with these bacterial infections much less warning and indeed gave the parents for intervention. and much less chance and deaths We've seen rapid progression

in four of these children. It is a worrying cluster, a concern that there is an epidemic. but certainly there is certainly not

at a prevention. Given that the speed

This illness kills doctors are

warning parents that not to be

alarmed. They are working hard to

find a link and whether these cases

are connected and whether they can find a prevention. about the police case New questions have been raised Mohamed Haneef against Gold Coast-based doctor has landed him in so much trouble. and the mobile phone SIM card which at Glasgow airport from the burning jeep hundreds of kilometres away. but in Liverpool, with Dr Haneef's cousin Sabeel Ahmed, with Dr Haneef's cousin Sabeel Ahmed It was reportedly found eight hours after the attack. against Dr Haneef If true, it could weaken the case the lesser charge because Sabeel Ahmed faces

from British police. of withholding information in Manhattan A major clean-up is under way steam pipe explosion. after yesterday's terrifying And while health experts say near the site of the blast, it's safe to breath the air any chances. New Yorkers aren't taking that settled Asbestos was found in the dust steam pipe explosion in Manhattan, after Wednesday's the air is safe. but city officials say wearing masks - Even so, there were lots of people and postal workers policemen, residents all choosing not to take any chances. and the air is polluted, It smells bad so I don't know what's in it. of the evening rush hour, The blast happened during the height blasting through the street a geyser of scorching steam and mud and rising into the air. and dozens injured. One person was killed

have been affected by the explosion, Literally tens of thousands of people and roads like 42nd Street here with numerous buildings remaining closed of Manhattan. in one of the busiest sections just a block away, With Grand Central Station at first. the blast had many fearing terrorism What I saw, I thought because I want to be comfortable. which doesn't make me comfortable, and investigators An army of Con Ed workers cold rainwater run-off. One possible culprit - was over 80 years old, The pipe that blew under the city streets, and, with many more like that is crucial. finding out what went wrong In New York, Karen Brown, Ten News. Glenn Wheatley Legendary music promoter

is today expected to lodge an appeal

for tax evasion. against his jail term Laurel Irving live from Melbourne. Joining us now, reporter likely to be heard? Laurel, how quickly is the appeal

The probably not for at least

several weeks. His lawyers are

expected to officially lodge the

appeal papers this afternoon, but

then they need official leave to appeal

appeal from a judge before they can

argue the case before the argue the case before the full

bench of the appeals court. That

process that may in fact take

several months. At this stage it

appears unlikely claim quickly will

be granted bail in that process.

Glenn Wheatley spent his first

night of his 15 month sentence in

jail last night after pleading

guilty to three counts of tax

evasion West about $342,000. His

lawyers had said he co-operated

fully with authorities and he has

agreed to give evidence against

others, but the judge felt they were

were serious crimes and that all Australian taxpayers had suffered

as a result of his actions. Some

have been shocked by the severity

of the sentence. That's right. Many

people were surprised people were surprised at how long

the sentence is. His lawyer's in court yesterday argued that he

should not be sent to jail at all

but the sentence should be

suspended because of his co-

operation and agreeing to give

evidence against others. People in

the music industry have been

surprised at how long is used.

There seems to be something of a

feeling that perhaps Glenn Wheatley

is being made as scapegoats. is being made as scapegoats. Other

people have said it will make

others are nervous about the state of

of their own affairs. Glenn

Wheatley his lawyers will be

arguing strongly that the length of

the sentence should be reduced. More troubles for the Liberal Party, with a leadership rival lashing out at Peter Costello

over his latest outburst. Tony Abbott admits the Treasurer's criticism of Mr Howard's economic credentials and trustworthiness is a setback for the Coalition. But the Health Minister isn't holding back on the way forward. Shit happens, Tony - we just have to cope, and the test of a government is how you cope. Even the Prime Minister's wife, Janette, has weighed in, warning Mr Costello her husband never made a firm commitment to hand over the leadership. A fiery time at a Melbourne adult centre overnight

has forced patrons and staff to run for their lives. Emergency crews were called to a blaze at a Club X store in the city,

flames quickly heating things up. When the first crews arrived we had thick black smoke and flames extending out of the doorway and Flinders Lane. It's believed the fire started in the basement ceiling, smoke filling a theatre and several rooms. All inside escaped without serious injury. It will be a first in Australia - a music show where artists can promote their work internationally. The Sydney Song Summit was announced today by NSW Premier Morris Iemma, emphasising the fact that the event will generate more jobs and investment in the industry. International experts and high-profile members of the music industry to Sydney. Artists are also very excited about the event, hoping that this will be the catalyst they need for Australian music to be recognised around the world. The summit will be held in April next year. The anti-cancer gene that could also hold the secret to eternal youth - that story later in our morning health report.

And the big names of the small screen nominated for this year's Emmy awards.


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This program is captioned live. Family members are rushing to the bedside of an Australian man repeatedly stabbed during a late-night brawl in Germany. 24-year-old electrician Caleb Cox is clinging to life in an induced coma in a Berlin hospital. He and two other Australians on a Contiki tour were attacked by five men after a verbal stoush in a kebab shop. Foreign Affairs is assisting German police to help find the attackers. Russia has escalated its political dispute with London

by expelling four British diplomats. It comes as international pressure mounts on Moscow to help solve the murder of a spy poisoned on British soil. It's the latest shot in the diplmatic row that's taken tensions to heights not seen since the Cold War. What we discussed was the latest round in the Litvinenko case. He has given me certain messages

to deliver back to the Foreign Office, which I will now do. The Russians are refusing to hand over the main suspect in the case of poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko and one-upping London in a shock political stunt. Four British diplomats have been declared persona non grata and have 10 days to leave Russia. The expulsion, which also suspends Moscow's joint counter-terrorism efforts,

comes just days after London did the same. We obviously believe that the decision to expel four embassy staff is completely unjustified. Support for the British also coming from abroad. It's a matter of Russia cooperating fully in what is simply an effort to solve

what was a very terrible crime committed on British soil. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. Authorities in Brazil are still investigating the cause of Wednesday's horrific plane crash at Sao Paulo airport. Many questions are being asked about the length of the runway and what's being done to prevent future tragedies. The Brazilian Government to shut down the busiest airport in its largest city after a jet barrelled off the end of the runway Tuesday night, slamming into a warehouse across the street, killing 189 people. Critics say the runway is too short. Just today, another jet could be seen aborting its landing. Brazilian officials are suggesting pilot error might be to blame. They released video of the landing, claiming the plane was going too fast. When the jet goes out of frame, the bright lights of an explosion. At nearly 64,000 feet that runway is only slightly shorter than the main runway at Chicago's Midway airport which is similarly hemmed in by highways and businesses.

A jet went off that runway in 2005, killing a 6-year-old boy in a passing car.

Now Midway is installing crushable concrete barriers to prevent future over-run. It's not clear if barriers would have helped in Brazil. It's billed as the fastest growing sport in the world -

a combination of martial arts, boxing and wrestling. But critics of cage fighting say it's barbaric and should be banned. This is cage fighting, the combat sport in which anything goes. Well, almost anything. The fighters use the techniques of martial arts as well as boxing. The cage is there to stop the fighters throwing each other out of the ring, and it's all perfectly legal.

Jason Barrett spends his Sundays in south London. preaching to this congregation

But when he isn't thumping the Bible, he's trying to lay his opponents out on the canvas.

When people look at cage fighting, which is what I do professionally,

of the violence. a lot of people only think They don't see the discipline. the positive mental attitude. They don't see can't you? Well, you can forgive them, up and you win and get the money. I mean, the idea is you mash somebody It doesn't sound desperately

to the untrained eye Absolutely and I can definitely see that that would be the case. Promoters claim cage fighting is the fastest growing sport in the world.

Spectators paid 500 pounds for a ringside seat at this event. I watched the bouts with sport psychologist Ellis Cashmore. You can't seriously tell me that's sport, can you? A man's on the deck... Absolutely. It's a primal sport.

Sport is meant to excite.

Sport is meant to excite. My

concern is that by what we're doing

by glorifying this violence, it is

that no different to the sort of

gladiatorial contest that used to

exist in ancient times. We had the

tip statistics to prove that this

is safer than boxing. There are no

recorded deaths all long-term injuries.

injuries. There are short-term

injuries. He encaged fighting

campaign to become established here

at the moment. it looks to be well ahead on points

Rove McManus Australia's talk show king is taking on the Big Apple. from the famous city He's hosting his show

from his humble beginnings It's a long way and finding plenty of inspiration.

to make New York chuckle. but Rove McManus hoping in stand-up comedy,

That's if he can get some shut-eye. SIRENS WAIL that doesn't sleep - That's why this is the city those horns go all night. pounding the pavement, After spending a couple of days

the Aussie comedy star has found plenty of material for the 'Rove Live' special. They don't hate the neon sign in this city. Even the police department down here has a neon sign. I thought it was a Broadway show and went in and got arrested.

Although he'll have to make a few modifications to his delivery. Absolutely. I have to slow down my speech. I will try not to have so much of an Aussie drawl. Times Square will be the backdrop for the show

in front of a studio audience, along with some of the biggest names in entertainment. we've got Janeane Garofalo as well. Adam Sandler, Ben Lee, on the 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' After appearing

earlier this year, there's been constant speculation Rove's planning a permanent move to the United States. he's giving little away But, for the moment,

about his long-term future. The rumours persist. Look, we'll see what happens. doing our show at the moment. We're just happy enough It's going really well. this Sunday night. The show will go air on Ten After conquering New York,

for another show. Rove heads to Hollywood Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In New York, Nerves are on edge this morning in Hollywood. Nominations for the Emmy awards have just been announced - some of the world's biggest stars now in for a 2-month wait to see if they'll make the grade. Included in the list, Channel Ten's 'House' and 'Medium'. It's the Holy Grail. Doctors and lawyers are battling it out with mobsters and a cheerleader. Think 'The Sopranos' are finished? Forget about it.

They made the cut for Best Drama Series with 'Boston Legal' 'Grey's Anatomy',

'Heroes' and 'House'. It comes from a higher place.

Best Actress in a Drama Series but six strong contenders, has not five Kyra Sedgwick by surprise. which caught guest announcer

Kyra Sedgwick - 'The Closer'. APPLAUSE so I don't know, who is that? I don't watch that show, are repeat nominees - Other familiar names

Kiefer Sutherland from '24', Felicity Huffman, desperate housewife Steve Carell from 'The Office' Julia Louis-Dreyfus. and 'Christine's Is that weird or what? and a Hollywood posse Take a fashion 911 for Best Comedy. and you've got the candidates He's worried. Definitely.

The list includes:

And: 'Two and a Half Men'.

(Laughs) And 'Ugly Betty'. And, Jon, I have some special news for you. You've been nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor.

Oh, yay! This year's voting procedure changed and, despite judges signing confidentiality agreements, word leaked of some of the nominees. That's got some questioning the security of this new process and whether they'll keep it.

13,000 Academy of Television Arts and Sciences members have played a part in the voting.

I'm here to support the arts. Sunday September 16. The Emmys' red carpet rolls out

Teri Okita, Ten News. really that good for the environment? Are energy-saving lightbulbs returns. Details when the morning news And the countdown begins - how it all ends. 'Harry Potter' fans about to learn

This program is captioned live. a Queensland police officer A gunman who shot dead on Wednesday night has died in hospital.

for the Brisbane constable, Tributes continue to flow for 12 months. who'd only been on the job in a fortnight A toddler has become the fourth child in Perth. to die from a mystery illness not to panic But authorities are asking parents to find the cause. as they desperately try Legendary music promoter Glenn Wheatley is today expected to lodge an appeal against his 15-month jail term for tax evasion.

Energy-saving light globes may cut down household carbon emissions, but what happens once they've blown? There are fears disposing of them might raise other environmental concerns. The most popular product absolving our green guilt -

In finance news, is higher today. the Australian share market

According to latest figures seems to be out of control. Australia's love affair with credit The nation's credit bill for the first time. surging above $40 billion joins us now to tell us more. Martin Arnold from Commsec and personal credit card debt Martin, business

in just a year has jumped by more than $4 billion to more than $40 billion. What's behind that jump?

Australians love a bit of retail

therapy. The range of goods therapy. The range of goods has

been expanding with which we can

paid on credit cards. It is not

just groceries or a new pair of

shoes, a it is

shoes, a it is also things like

paying the utilities and also

buying things on the internet. What

is encouraging about this is

is encouraging about this is there

has been a big fall in cash

advances, so while people have been

using credit they have done it

responsibly. It shows a less room

reliance on credit. Generally in tough times people

tough times people go to the credit

card to get a cash advance to make

ends meet, so the numbers are

encouraging in that aspect. It also

shows that Australians are using their credit cards more effectively.

What is behind that change? It is

education. People are becoming more

aware of it using the interest-free

the balance of their period on the card. If they paid

the balance of their card in that

period, they do not pay interest.

They accumulate points as well. It

card is a bit of be aware of how the

card works and using it to its

advantage. The amount of business

and personal debt in Australia is

still frightening. How can we

manage it better, apart from the hints you just mentioned? hints

hints you just mentioned? One

obvious way is to make sure that

you can afford the credit that you

take out, whether it is a card or a

personal loan. The easiest way it

is to do a budget, see what is

coming in and what sort of money is

buying out. Use the credit card

when needed, because a lot of the

time it is handier than cash.

at the national weather. Now for a look

Why mums who work part-time are happier than their full-time colleagues - that story in our health report next.

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This program is captioned live. And now we're joined by Catherine Kennedy for the latest health news. Catherine, first up, a second cancer cluster scare in NSW?

it's not good news. That's right, Natarsha, There's yet another hospital who've contracted breast cancer. that's discovered a group of women This time it's in the Southern Highlands of NSW at Bowral Hospital. An investigation has been launched were diagnosed. after a number of women had developed the disease It's unclear if the workers before starting at the hospital. the Health Department doesn't think At this stage,

as at Sydney's Concord Hospital, the situation is as serious whose offices are side by side in which five female workers with breast cancer since 2001. have been diagnosed Researchers in Spain believe they've found the fountain of youth. They've discovered mice given an extra copy of a key cancer are fighting gene age very slowly. The study, published in the journal 'Nature',

concludes the anti-cancer gene prevents the growth of faulty cells, the cause of both cancer and ageing. Surprising results from a study into vitamin C. to either prevent or treat the common cold. For years, we've been told vitamin C is the key, protecting us from colds and fighting their symptoms. Now a new message.

for colds. Don't bother to take vitamin C to prevent colds. compiled findings Australian researchers international vitamin studies. from more than 30 doesn't prevent the cold They found ascorbic acid

and has little effect on symptoms. Taking huge doses of vitamin C normally eat in our diet far greater than we would doesn't seem to make any difference.

$300 million a year on vitamin C. Australians spend more than

some swear by the benefits. Not surprisingly, for too long around the world

to say that there's no benefit. treat everything from fatigue to flu, Naturopath Daniel Coro uses it to cholesterol, even ageing. He argues it's all about the dose. with the right dosages It needs to be used in the right conditions with the right people.

I'm not a big believer in vitamin C. I think when I take it I get better sometimes. I don't take any tablets of any kind. If you believe it's doing you good, then it's not going to hurt, is it? The study did reveal that vitamin C tablets are useful for extreme sportspeople. So if you climb mountains or run marathons, you should continue to pop your vitamin C tablets. But for the rest of us...

Save your money, eat a good diet - much better for you. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Alarming new figures on the number of young Australians trying amphetamines. A 10-year study reveals 12% of 24-year-olds have taken the drug in the last year. In the past, amphetamine users were mainly in their late 20s or early 30s. The report by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre also found no link

between amphetamines and mental health problems, but that finding's being disputed by health workers who treat users. We're regularly reminded of the benefits of a healthy breakfast, but it appears cereals high in sugar boost your memory. Scientists from the University of Western Australia compared the impact of low- and high-GI cereals on teenagers' ability to remember a list of words. They discovered those who consumed

the high-GI, or sugary breakfast cereals, recalled significantly more words than those who ate low-GI cereals. The results supports previous research

showing sugary drinks can boost people's ability

to remember what they're told. to remembe2 w at they're told.

The key to happiness for working mums is to be permanently employed, but only part-time. That's according to government-funded research that examined 10,000 and their families in 2004.

It discovered mothers who work full-time have poorer health, are more stressed and have lower quality relationships with their partners than mums who work part-time. The Australian Institute of Family Studies report also revealed mums who work 16 to 24 hours a week were the healthiest and happiest. Researchers were alarmed to find fathers who work full-time

and who had infants were working more than 46 hours a week. And finally, Tarsh, as mentioned earlier in the bulletin, Western Australian doctors are reassuring parents there's no cause for panic, despite the death of four Perth toddlers this month infected with streptococcal bacteria. Ahead, another NRL star falls to the current injury plague,

an interim coach. while Fremantle appoints That's when Ten's morning news returns. And in and out of the lead - the moments of brillance at the British Open. Straight into the hole at the 11th for John Daly.

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This program is captioned live. Sport is next with Neil Cordy. Neil, Fremantle have finally appointed a replacement for Chris Connolly? Yes, Natarsha, they've been a couple of days without a coach but this morning Fremantle has appointed Mark Harvey as Chris Connolly's interim replacement. After some hesitation he's accepted the position for the final seven matches of the season. in a troubled week for the Dockers. But it's not the end of the drama Another day, another disaster for a club still reeling from losing its coach. Jeff Farmer embroiling the Dockers in an all-new, but all-too-familiar, controversy. He's shown bad judgment once again unfortunately. I'll sit down and talk with him when we return to Perth. Interviewed by police last night, Farmer is facing charges of damaging a vehicle, after a drunken Wednesday night out at Perth's Burswood Casino. Is this the end of his career? There's no question his career's on a razor's edge, I'd say. At long last the club has a coach, Mark Harvey this morning given the reins for the rest of the season. It's a great opportunity. Amazingly, the Docker debacles have taken the focus off the return to the field this weekend of the Eagles Ben Cousins.

Rehabilitated, the Brownlow medallist faces old foe Sydney tomorrow night. Players behaving badly took the shine off the AFL's night of nights, eight new inductees added to the sport's Hall of Fame.

My mum died when I was 12. My father raised 9 children. APPLAUSE Tim Hodges, Ten News. Round 19 of the NRL is likely to be without yet another big name this weekend. Brisbane fullback Karmichael Hunt the latest in rugby league's mounting injury toll. skipper Darren Lockyer for the season Less than a week after losing their the Broncos dealt another major blow - Karmichael Hunt breaking down at training with an injured hamstring. The fullback in serious doubt for Monday's clash with the Eels. His injury coming just a day after the code implemented changes to next year's schedule to prevent the heavy burden on the game's elite players. The game's a lot more intense, not so much just on the field, it's a lot more intense week to week and day to day out more so than the game sometimes and that's what's wearing players and that's where the burn-out is going to come. The Roosters still all smiles

after last weekend's surprise win over the Sharks. The team with a spring in their step under new coach Brad Fittler as they attempt to keep their finals hopes alive against Newcastle tomorrow night. There's been a change and there's no excuses for the players any more. We've left everything behind us and we're trying to move forward and move forward as a team, Regardless of the coach the players have to take responsibility for their actions.

They did on the weekend and we have to do it again this weekend. Fittler hopeful of sustaining that winning feeling but realistic of the dilemmas he faces in his new role.

It's hard to say but you look forward to see how you react to different things - whether they're wins or losses, good ones or bad ones. But we're going to go through them all, hopefully not in this last seven weeks. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Wallabies number eight David Lyons has been ruled out of Saturday's Bledisloe Cup decider with a blood clot in his calf, and it could cost him a World Cup spot. The rare setback has baffled team doctors and left Lyons shattered after finally playing his way back into the starting 15. To get this chance in probably the biggest game in a number of years excited that was going to do well, and I was pretty confident and to suddenly be told that you can't play... I'm still in a bit of shock at the moment.

Lyons will be replaced by Stephen Hoiles, with Brumbies team-mate Mark Chisholm called into the squad. Lucas Neill will get a chance to redeem himself

after being confirmed as a starter in the Asian Cup quarterfinal against Japan tomorrow night. The star defender was red-carded for dissent in Australia's group match against Iraq and has overcome a groin strain of a 3-man defence. The game is billed as a World Cup rematch. Obviously we're not looking at it as a revenge game because we won the game 12 months ago. But we know it's going to be a difficult game. Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia has made a charge at the British Open title. Garcia is 6 under, two shots ahead of his nearest rival, while Tiger Woods had to settle for a 2-under-par round of 69. Rod Pampling is at 1-under par, the best of the 20 Aussies, who'll have plenty of catching up to do when play resumes later today. 156 players tackling Carnoustie, 20 Australians amongst them. by Queenslander Rod Pampling. COMMENTATOR: Well done. Open tragics braving Scotland's summer rain. A couple of likely lads. And they saw an in-form Korean setting the early pace. K.J. Choi minus 4 after 6. He was sharing the lead when Tiger Woods eagled the sixth.

Gorgeous shot. but not Irishman Paul McGinley. Tiger slipped, He's got off to a good start.

the launching pad for a round of 67. Four birdies on the front nine until Sergio Garcia got going. It looked like the day's best Oh, that man, Garcia. for the Spaniard, Seven birdies in all by teenage amateur Rory McIlroy - overshadowed only bogey-free round. 3 under after the day's only Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. their moments - Two past champions had Ernie Els at the first... And that's a beautiful bunker shot. ..and John Daly held the lead briefly after an eagle from the fairway. Straight into the hole at the 11th for John Daly. Lee Westwood did something similar at 15. Well, that's the first in what could be a great championship for Lee Westwood. That'll get your day going. Brilliant. A cruel lie for Arron Oberholser. Aaron Baddeley's luck just as bad - he's 7 over, most of those leaked at the ninth, where he carded a quadruple bogey. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Tour de France leader Michael Rasmussen has been dropped from the Danish national team doping authorities after failing to inform

where he was training. his situation in the tour. The axing won't affect by South African Robbie Hunter. Today's 11th stage was won

of punishment After almost a fortnight contender Christophe Moreau. there was more to come for overall a fair bit of skin off. COMMENTATOR: He really has taken for Tour de France glory The Frenchman's bid soon to be in ruins and his Astana team forced the pace. as Alexandre Vinokourov is to force this split in the back The reason they've done this is of the riders in the top ten. and hopefully catch out one or two The plan working to perfection. They're getting rid here of the man who is French national champion, 6th in the overall classification, Christophe Moreau. After starting the stage in 6th place overall he would fall to 14th by the end of the day The peleton keeping the horsepower on as the pace remained unrelenting. even through the tight turns and narrow streets along the way. Alexandre Vinokourov's impact on the race not over. It's Vinokourov. Well, look at that. Go for it, Alexandre. But he couldn't sustain his charge, the race finishing with a bunched sprint making a slice of history and South African Robbie Hunter He's being challenged. This will be a special win. He's got it on the line. for South Africa. Robbie Hunter scores Rasmussen remains in the overall lead in the hunt in 4th spot. and Cadel Evans still well is through to the final In motorsport, Australia of the Speedway World Cup.

after a semifinal race-off, Australia advancing victory over Poland our team sealing a slender 1-point in the final heat of the event. finishing 3rd and 4th. Russia and Sweden

of Australia , Great Britain, This weekend's final will now consist

Denmark and the Poles. That's sport. Mark Aiston is still ill. The national weather details when the morning news returns. SONG: # Hey, where's my Weet-Bix? # Win with Weet-Bix and the mighty Socceroos.

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This program is captioned live. police officer on Wednesday night A gunman who shot dead a Queensland has died in hospital. for the Brisbane constable, Tributes continue to flow for 12 months. who'd only been on the job in Perth. to die from a mystery illness But authorities are asking parents not to panic as they desperately try to find the cause. Legendary music promoter Glenn Wheatley is today expected to lodge an appeal against his 15-month jail term for tax evasion. at the national weather. Now for a look

Harry Potter fans, get ready.

until the world finally learns how it all ends with the release of the final book. Hollywood has long been under the magical spell of all things Harry Potter. So it's no wonder with just over a day until the release of the final book grown adults are succumbing to childish conduct... Breaking the rules. It's exciting, isn't it? find out what happens

I just feel so angry. First there were grainy pictures has sent out copies too early. It seems a distributor Will is one of the lucky few. when I opened the boxes was, The first thing I thought "Somebody really screwed up". on eBay The screw-up ended up for sale is book was purchased and in no time from Atlanta to New York. and on its way It was very exciting. for the Fed Ex truck. We were all waiting of 'Publishers' Weekly' As managing editor

Robin Lenz bought the book for an early review. have American publishers' ink steam, All of the leaks claiming the early release of the book breaks copyright law. The company is suing. Author JK Rowling issued a plea to keep the secret. And what ever you do, don't ask the man who narrates the book to spill the beans. With grandchildren it's the Chinese wrist torture, like that, to try to get me to tell them who did it. Recent government statistics find despite the Harry Potter phenomenon once children become teenagers at the same rate it did their interest in reading drops off was written. before the last Harry Potter book

children's literature say But those who know that's not the end of the story. At Barnes & Noble is exploding. the fantasy book series aisle And the kids will go right there. They know Harry Potter something similar. and they wan to find that inspiration... They want that fantasy, for more? So they really are hungry They are. Definitely. aren't hungry for - But what most muggles finding out the end of 'Deathly Hallows' before they've read it themselves.

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