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This program is captioned live. Tonight - Glenn Wheatley jailed - the price for tax evasion. the celebrity music manager pays

Disgraced prosecutor Patrick Power

for child pornography, finally behind bars but he could be out in six months. And panic in New York - of a terror attack. a deadly explosion sparks fears and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. Also tonight -

about the PM. with his explosive claims as police smash a major drug ring. And a bikie gang boss busted But first this evening - a dramatic fall from grace

greatest music entrepreneurs. for one of Australia's to 15 months jail for tax evasion. Glenn Wheatley sentenced of John Farnham and Delta Goodrem The man who helped shape the careers as he taken off to prison. was visibly shocked as he ended it - behind bars. Glenn Wheatley began the day As he left his luxury home, to await the news. wife Gaynor bunkered down The 59-year-old entrepreneur to a very different lifestyle. now adjusting to cheating the Tax Office Wheatley pleaded guilty out of more than $300,000. When he was raided two years ago, full disclosure he promised authorities in return for a suspended sentence. The prosecution reneged on the deal. we'll lodge notices of appeal. If we try to appeal, In a last-ditch attempt, Robert Richter, QC, Wheatley's barrister, for people using offshore havens. cited a Tax Office amnesty He urged the judge of Operation Wickenby, not to slot the first celebrity scalp in Australia. the largest tax fraud investigation and Peter Cosgrove - including John Farnham and prolific fundraising. told of Wheatley's good character Shocked friends standing by him. at the moment, Although he won't understand it a better person for it. he'll probably be Wheatley's years of bankruptcy, The judge took into account sophisticated but said the crimes were ongoing, and difficult to detect. had cooperated fully Judge Wood noted Wheatley were borne of need rather than greed. and that the offences punishment was a jail sentence. However, he said the only appropriate with half the term suspended, He was sentenced to 30 months jail, due for release in October next year. Kate McGrath, Ten News. Patrick Power, Disgraced former Crown prosecutor

behind bars is spending his first night of child pornography. for possessing a sickening collection to suspend the sentence, A judge today refusing the non-parole period. instead slashing two months off arriving at court, Dr Patrick Power cut a lonely figure his double life exposed, his reputation ruined.

Formerly one of the country's most respected Crown prosecutors,

for possessing child pornography. today he was jailed the DPP to get fixed last year, When he put his computer into videos and stills were found, tens of thousands of pornographic including the rape of a 5-year-old. The judge calling it, were horrified. Child Protection advocates Oh, absolutely sick. Dr Power says he's not a paedophile, a sexual fantasy. but the images satisfied The judge finding: addiction for his crime, Power had blamed an Internet downloading pornography, claiming he couldn't stop himself depressive disorder was to blame. but the judge didn't accept his the former deputy head of the DPP The judge agreeing

as he did good work, had enjoyed a good reputation and committed the offences in secret.

with a non-parole of 6 months. Power was sentenced to 15 months he be kept in protective custody The judge ordering and placed on suicide watch. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. at the Dianne Brimble inquest, A dramatic turn with the coroner's court told

could face criminal charges. up to three men have been played to the court Secret phone recordings between key witnesses. featuring conversations no details be released to the public, While the court has ordered evidence for charges to be laid. the inquest has heard there is enough from Mark Wilhelm, The hearing is yet to hear of the eight men of interest. the last early next week He's expected to appear death threat ahead of his appearance. and has allegedly received a at another NSW hospital. There are fears of a cancer cluster working at Bowral hospital Up to eight women with breast cancer have been diagnosed some have since died. and it's understood it's not yet clear The Health Department says if any of the cases are linked, while working at the hospital. or whether the women were diagnosed over the next few days. Experts will interview staff at Concord Hospital, It follows a possible cancer cluster working in the same area where five women were diagnosed with breast cancer.

in a New York street, A steam pipe has exploded throwing the city into chaos. Hundreds ran in panic, been hit by terrorists. fearing the city had once again more than 10 storeys into the air. Clouds of steam and smoke billowing in an underground steam pipe A massive explosion leaving a gaping hole from Grand Central Station and forcing thousands to flee and surrounding buildings.

Get out of the street! Get out of the street! as they ran to safety, Many were showered with debris be under attack. fearing the city could again Our building started shaking and "Get out," so we got everybody out. A couple of the guys said, it was just raining all this mud. When we came out another attack. I thought we were having The lights all flickered. and we wondered what was going on. We were in the office We looked out the window was running back up the road. and almost everyone One person died of a heart attack. Another 18 were treated in hospital. about al-Qaeda growing in strength With new reports coming out over the past couple of days, New Yorkers remain on edge. the first thought was For many of them, another terrorist attack. this explosion could have been The entire ground rumbled and you could feel it. My first instinct was maybe a building was toppling down. Steam everywhere, smoke everywhere, concrete flying everywhere. Authorities were quick to rule out any terror link, but there were fears for public health with the possibility the plumes of smoke and steam contained toxic substances, including asbestos. If there was asbestos, the good news is that with all the water generated by the steam, was washed down. The exact cause of the blast is still being investigated, but the steam pipes used to heat buildings were laid more than 80 years ago. A similar incident in 1989 claimed the lives of three people

and was blamed on condensation within the pipes. In New York, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. The Prime Minister has tried to play down an explosive insult from his own treasurer. Peter Costello claiming in a new book John Howard is a failed economic manager who has been untruthful. John Howard is a man under siege - of his leadership the stinging appraisal coming not from Labor but from his deputy. I don't get angry. I just keep arguing my case. In an authorised biography to be released next week, Peter Costello condemns Mr Howard's performance

on interest rates and inflation when he was treasurer in the Fraser government. And he reveals he's worried Government's big spending programs. about the sustainability of the Today he refused to be drawn. as prime minister - and I would say the greatest prime minister with the possible exception of Menzies. But the Opposition pounced. If the Treasurer doesn't trust the Prime Minister when it comes to government spending, why should the Australian people? The book reveals a treasurer still bitter about the leaked 2001 "mean and tricky" memo which he believes comes Mr Howard's office. it remains a complete mystery to me To this day as to how it got into the public domain. Mr Costello also is apparently miffed invited by the Howards that he and his wife have never been to dinner at the Lodge or Kirribilli. The timing couldn't be worse for a government already struggling in the polls. Mr Costello's outburst might have been made a year ago

but its release today has his Coalition colleagues in damage control. Liberal backbencher Alby Shultz was blunt with his advice for Mr Costello. "Pull your head in." Other ministers were more circumspect. He is an outstanding Treasurer. John Howard is an outstanding Prime Minister. They make a great team. Any long and successful marriage is going to have its moments. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and the NRL acts to give the game's stars a break. Yes, the fear is the game's elite are facing burn-out. Ahead what the NRL is doing to rest them. Also, the player who almost didn't make it off the operating table. His inspiring tale shortly. Also, Ron, a setback for the Wallabies - they've lost a key player with a blood clot ahead of the Bledisloe decider. The State Government signs off on the desal plant, promising it'll be carbon neutral - that's next. Also tonight - anger as a children's hospital falls victim to power blackouts. And police smash a bikie drug ring in the State's north. The Mitre 10 multi-million-dollar tool blitz has arrived, Estwing claw hammer, $65.95. This program is captioned live. Westmead Children's Hospital insists patient care wasn't compromised when it was hit by a black-out last night. The State Government dismissing the the loss of power as minor, but parents aren't so sure. This was one of Sydney's major hospitals overnight, plunged into darkness. We apologise to patients and their families and our staff for this. More than 100 people at Westmead Children's Hospital were told a back-up generator had failed. The power was off for almost two hours. A lot of people have been distressed in there tonight. Where's the accountability of this government that they can't fire a generator for the major hospital. Today the power was back on. The Premier described the incident as minor. The Westmead interruption was a temporary one and it had a minimal or no impact on patients. The power outage here may have been caused by a generator fault but blackouts have been a problem across Sydney for close to a week. caused by equipment breakdowns.

On Tuesday it was Cammeray, Naremburn and Mosman without power. And just the day before almost 3,000 homes blacked out of numerous Sydney suburbs. across large parts the same problems in electricity You're going to see as you've seen in rail and water in NSW because the Government hasn't Josh Murphy, Ten News. A dramatic raid on a bikie clubhouse has uncovered nearly $500,000 worth of drugs and illegal weapons. Police swooping on several properties, arresting seven people and smashing a major drug ring. Police attacking another outlaw motorcycle gang, tearing the fortified door off this Lismore house allegedly owned by the Lonewolf gang. Under tough drug house laws, police are empowered to break in to seize drugs and arrest the occupants. The targets this time - the president of the Lonewolf's local chapter who will face 32 drug and gang charges when he appears in court tomorrow. The alleged treasurer, 46-year-old Richard Monckton has been remanded in custody after facing 15 charges including the supply of a commercial quantity of drugs. 35-year-old Jasdon Hazelden, arrested inside the drug house, has also been charged with 10 drug and gang offences. The arrests are in relation to large-scale and commercial drug supply, mainly of ecstasy but also of amphetamines. Police alleged members of the Lonewolf bikie gang Police claim the drugs were shipped north from Sydney where four more Lonewolf bikies were arrested and charged with drug offences. Police alleged members of the Lonewolf bikie gang have dominated the drug market in parts of northern New South Wales, with today's arrests expected to seriously disrupt distribution of amphetamines and ecstasy. The raids in Lismore netting firearms and several illegal weapons as well as $300,000 worth of drugs. John Hill, Ten News. A school has been locked down and a gun recovered during a dramatic arrest at Kingsgrove. Police took this man into custody after two cars were involved in a road rage incident.

Police allege they found a handgun in a nearby drain. Clemton Park Public School was locked down

while officers made the area safe. A second man is being interviewed as a potential witness. A group of young bakery workers have been spared from heavy-handed workplace agreements. A franchisee tried to force staff to find their own replacements for sick or holiday leave or lose their jobs. This bakery is the latest industrial relations battleground.

The owner of the Bakers Delight at Kareela in Sydney's south has been slammed for trying to force young workers to sign an unfair workplace agreement. Their jobs would be on the line if they called in sick or went on holidays without finding a replacement. Fancy putting that kind of pressure on a young worker that if they're sick or they're going away with their family, they get the sack. The staff memo read: Bakers Delight head office has been embarrassed by the whole episode and very quick to distance itself from happened here.

It's says it will now consider taking tough disciplinary action against this franchisee. Bakers Delight has forced the owner to rip up the memo, saying it's a breach of their franchisee agreement. They've also hit the owners with a fine, but won't say how much it is. Evan Batten, Ten News. Work will begin on Sydney's controversial water desalination plant The Government's signed off on the deal, awarding the $1.7 billion contract to the company behind the Lane Cove tunnel. Leighton Holdings will design, build and maintain the site at Kurnell for 20 years. The Water Utilities Minister says the plant will be 100% powered by renewable energy. It will begin operating in just over two years.

Time to check the weather at least

in Bailey. Team, everybody is

talking about this cold. I was so

cold yesterday by State hands.

Let's get out to 90 to show how

frosty it has being. I think these

were the photograph is art. This is

brilliant - a piece of barbed wire

on your property with frosts bikes

all over it as the temperature

plummeted to-6 degrees. If you have

a further light that frame at a further light that frame at Bond

and keep it on your own walk but

share it with us first. In Sydney he was minus share it with us first. In Sydney he was minus 2 share it with us first. In Sydney

he was minus 2 degrees in Richmond. Glen he was minus 2 degrees in Richmond. Glen Innes had minus 11. he was minus 2 degrees in Richmond. Glen Innes had minus 11. That was

their collars Newman to mature in

12 months. Waves up to 10 metres

high off Sydney. This look at the

sky watch. It was deceptively blue

and sunny. It was weak sunshine.

Currently around about 13 degrees.

Tomorrow it will be 15 degrees with

maybe a coastal shower. Next - tributes for a rookie police officer killed in the line of duty. And we reveal the hidden danger lurking inside power-saving lightbulbs. Crew were great, flight was awesome. And with Jetstar's famous low fares, you can choose from some of the world's most exciting holiday destinations, like beautiful Vietnam. And sensational Hawaii. And remember, with Jetstar, you only pay for what you use. ALL: Thank you, Jetstar!

A you while watching a team news.

Let's check on the traffic. A major

road in Sydney's West is blocked. A

terrible accident on Victoria Road

with 5 cars involved. All westbound with 5 cars involved. All westbound

lanes are closed. You can see a bus

and several risky units and the

police are trying to redirect

traffic a long Victoria Road. Those

are the westbound lanes closed. You can see the extent of the delays

there. Parramatta Road has been

closed for about 5 minutes.

Victoria Road axis into Parramatta

is blocked. As we go back you can

see heading up to Ermington and was

right. Peter out traffic at a whole

hitting out to the western suburbs.

We will look at other roads soon. Police in Queensland are investigating the death of one of their own. A young constable was shot and killed while trying to serve a warrant. The shooter turned the gun on himself after a 3-hour stand-off in suburban Brisbane. for the two constables - serve a warrant and return to the station. In his first week on the job and on his first night shift, It devastates us. This is just horrific. With his partner, John Edwards, the constable had gone to the Keperra home He'd missed reporting in to police eight times. As he knocked on the back door, with no warning, he was shot in the chest. He yelled a warning to his partner, then fell to the ground. Negotiators tried to talk the gunman out of his house - he let two women and two children go. Almost three hours later, special response officers intervened, only to watch the man turn the pistol on himself. GUNSHOTS This morning, as Brett Irwin should have been clocking off, the flag at his station was lowered to half-mast. The Police Commissioner arrived to offer distraught colleagues support, Brett Irwin had long aspired to be a Queensland police officer. The ex-army recruit had only been in the force a little over a year before last night's fatal shooting. Chloe Symons, Ten News. Protesters have taken to the streets, demanding the release of terror suspect Dr Mohammed Haneef. They held up SIM cards outside the Immigration Department condemning the charge and treatment of the 27-year-old doctor. His lawyer Peter Russo made a guest appearance and says his client wept when he heard he had so much support. He was moved to tears when I told him this. He's an intelligent man who can't understand what happened. The doctor has spent his first night in prison.

Today, he was allowed to contact his wife and receive confirmation her cousin is coming from India to visit him. Brazil's President has declared three days of national mourning following the country's worst ever air disaster. Rescue workers are still pulling charred bodies from the wreckage. are being used Dental records and jewellery to identify the 200 victims. The Airbus A-320 slammed into a fuel depot after skidding off the runway in heavy rain. Witnesses reported seeing the plane accelerate at the end of the runway, prompting speculation the pilot had tried to take off again. The runway was resurfaced last month, but not yet fully grooved to help drain rain water. There are new fears about energy-saving light globes. Claims tonight that they pose an environmental danger once they're disposed of.

The most popular product absolving our green guilt - energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs. Just can't get enough, basically.

Even suppliers, we are completely out of stocks. People love them. you were saving the planet... But just when you thought The real concern is what's in these energy savers. And that's mercury.

A single globe can contain up to 25mg of the toxic pollutant. Multiply that figure by the millions of CFLs being sold across Australia and suddenly there's a new environmental problem. It's all going to landfill. That's a huge amount of mercury that could end up in our groundwater. That's not good for the environment and it's not good for human health either. that recycles mercury, processing 1% of the nation's discarded fluorescent tubes and HID lamps. Mercury is a toxic metal. I think it's rated by the EPA as the second most toxic after radioactive substances. Green groups welcomed the Federal Government's push with CFL's by 2010. They say the mercury problems can be avoided if mandatory recycling is imposed as soon as possible. We need to see some easy-to-participate-in scheme Because CFLs contain mercury, they have to be handled carefully if broken in the home. Retailers advise against vacuuming,

saying that will spread the particles, instead suggesting ventilation, sweeping the area, then wiping it with a damp cloth. But in pieces, or intact, environmentalists warn, think twice before throwing green globes away. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Kevin Rudd's latest childcare plan has been slammed as a childish stunt. The Labor leader wants to tackle the childcare crisis with a new office of work and family. It would publish the costs and availability of child care online

as well as examine new tax incentives for business. We want to examine if we can do this more broadly for workplace-sponsored childcare out there in adjacent areas to workplaces as that would benefit smaller employers. But the Government says its already doing much of what Labor is promising. Let the good times roll - next, Australia's love affair with new technology continues to grow. Also - five arrested over a massive car re-birthing racket. And rock'n'roll legends out in force for the ARIA Hall of Fame. PILOT OVER P.A.: Make sure all electronic devices are off. Sorry, Mr Geldof, but you'll have to turn off your mobile. We're ready for take-off. I'm just downloading an email. Mr Geldof. Sorry, another minute. Sir, we need to take off. (Defiantly) No, one more minute. That's all I need. Thank you.

(Yells) This wouldn't happen in Australia! Get emails fast with Telstra Next G network. This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour - New York has been thrown into chaos after an explosion in Manhattan sparked fears of a terror attack. Clouds of steam and smoke billowed ten stories into the air. Authorities have ruled out an attack but the cause of the blast in an underground pipe is being investigated. Disgraced former Crown prosecutor Patrick Power was jailed today for possessing child pornography. Power must serve at least six months behind bars after a judge reduced his original sentence on appeal. because he agreed to give evidence His sentence was halved because he agreed to give evidence against others charged over a tax scam. Wheatley is considering a appeal. A major stolen car racket has been smashed in Sydney's west. Thousands of spare parts and rebirthed vehicles have been recovered after police raids on homes and businesses across several suburbs. Without warning police swoop on their targets - Middle Eastern gang members who have been stealing cars for spare parts or rebirthing vehicles. Simultaneous raids across suburbs including Granville, Greystanes and Old Guilford have netted the Organised Crime Squad a prize-winning haul.

We've seized about 20 cars and about two full containers of various parts. At this home in Berala to fill a container. police uncovered enough spare parts These pieces would have ended up in panelbeaters and wrecking yards. Police allege the gang stole around three cars everyday in Sydney. This Honda had only been reported missing this morning. These people are the actual thieves that steal these cars and also in their spare time they'll rebirth cars. But today's discovery is just the tip of a nationwide rebirthing and spare parts market. These gangs aren't after the luxury motor vehicles. They're really after everyday cars such as hatchbacks and four-wheel drives. It's these cars' mechanics that are easily sold as cheap spare parts on the legal market. Five men were arrested during this morning's raids. Three have so far been charged. James Boyce, Ten News. Retailers are cashing in on our love affair with new technology. Spending on electronics

has boosted the bottom lines for our biggest retailers and they're expecting more to come. It's apparently a plasma-led boom and, for retailers like Harvey Norman, it's the secret of a highly successful sales year. Our sales of plasma might be, on certain models, up 40% on last year. And the reason, he says, is simple - technology's getting cheaper and consumers are benefiting. You could buy a plasma out there for $1,500, $2,500, $3,000.

It was 10 times that price five, six, seven years ago. 10 times that price! to super slim screens. But it's not limited Consumer electronics in general - notebook computers - iPods, satellite navigation, sales 16.5% in the last year have all lifted Harvey Norman's for other major retailers. and it's a similar story for the latest gadgets - wealth. And fuelling this lust than ever. It seems we're doing better The latest figures out just today in Australia show that average wealth in the last five years alone. has doubled it's ever been - topping $40 billion. Debt is also higher than But Gerry Harvey's not worried. Sure you've got some people who are struggling. But you got a lot of people they've never had it so good. that are, you know, It's never been this good. Analysts agree. This could go right through 2007 and into 2008. People are feeling secure about their jobs. They're feeling wealthy and inflation's under control.

And that's music to Gerry Harvey's ears. Most people still haven't got a plasma. If they have got one, they want another, or an LCD for the other room. Selling 30% of flat screens in Australia, might last a while too. Gerry Harvey's smile Eddy Meyer, Ten News. back today The Australian sharemarket bounced across most sectors. with some good gains of Australian music They're living legends has shone on them again. and now the spotlight the Hoodoo Gurus and Frank Ifield Marcia Hines, among the names enshrined in the ARIA Hall of Fame. It's not often a red carpet features a bunch of true rock'n'roll legends, but ARIA's third annual Hall of Fame induction bash brought them out in force. I'm lucky to still be here and still be around and playing and singing. Everybody wants to achieve something and get recognition for it, # There's no time like the right time. # It was the right time for inductees the Hoodoo Gurus, while Brian Cadd performed his classic with Thirsty Merc's Rai Thistlethwayte (Sings) # A little ray of sunshine has come into the world. # Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons proved they're still in good shape. # Baby, you've got me in the shape I'm in. # Diva Marcia Hines celebrating her induction with a duet Connie Mitchell. alongside Sneaky Sound System's # I got the music in me. # # I go the music in me

The Waifs in charge of paying tribute as a support act. to a man who once had the Beatles # I remember two distant bells. # the man himself - Frank Ifield. Time to welcome to the stage That was great - the Waifs did a wonderful version of that. I'm glad they didn't sing it first. A blistering set from final inductees Radio Birdman before all the legends flew off for the night.

We I have got a snow report for you

with more snow report then any snow

report I have done before. It is

good news - a world first.

report I have done before. It is good news - a world first.

Conditions or simply fantastic. The

John got off to the slopes and Fred

Boe and said it was the finest snow

he had skied in Australia. And they

have had 20 Senate is in the past 4

hours. Snow and makers have been

very busy each night. It is light, dry and gorgeous.

The as far raised see whether it is

concerned across the snow fields

for the next few days it used her

feet - the snow and wind and all

that light, dry powder - it will

clear and we will have 4 or 5 blue-

sky days. Then, by or steal a chair

lift ticket and get down there. Yes, with some big names currently sidelined, there'll be changes next year. More shortly. for the Wallabies Also - a big setback suffering a blot clot. with a key player living their football dreams Also, the couple given a second chance at league She plays for Australia and he's been after almost dying. And oh, dear. on a marathon chase. A feral stag leads Gold Coast rangers great deals from Holden, Hit the streets with Commodore Lumina like the special edition as standard. with the advanced safety of ESP of extra value You'll also get over $6,000 Bluetooth phone connectivity plus dealer delivery and government charges. So get into your Holden dealer today. # Baby, I'm ready to go. # This program is captioned live. from the NRL's elite players Ongoing complaints of burn-out has forced the game's governing body to alter next year's draw. It comes in the wake of a host of internationals being sidelined through injury. The main changes are two byes for all teams and a reduced Monday night schedule. The NRL says it's not a band-aid solution. but I think it was very well-received, not only by our clubs players but by some of the game's elite and the Player's Association. through injury. 75 players will sit out round 19 have really hit hard The injury concerns but it gives new faces a chance. at the Newcastle Knights, he never thought he'd get. For one player it's an opportunity

He was told he should be dead. He was told he should be dead. When

the doctors said it it was the

worst day make he had seen and that

I would be dead in another 5

minutes. His appendix had burst.

Earth he can result in death if the

diagnosis is too late. Even though

he survived Michael lost 20 kilos.

He was prepared to give away rugby

league. I realised I nearly died

ended just hits you. But with the

support of his fiancee Rebecca he

has made it back to the top. I am

really proud. Preparing with

Saturday's clash with the Roosters

Michael takes nothing for granted.

Every day and a new play you just

have to look forward to it.

Bledisloe Cup decider. ahead of Saturday's Another blow for the the Wallabies

with a blood clot in his calf Number 8 David Lyons ruled out a World Cup spot. and it could cost him team doctors The rare set-back has baffled at the moment - It's like a bad dream biggest game for a number of years you get this chance in probably the I was going to do well, and pretty confident and excited you can't play, and to be suddenly told at the moment. I'm still in a bit of shock by Stephen Hoiles Lyons will be replaced called into the squad. with Brumbies team-mate Mark Chisholm quarterfinal against Japan for Saturday night's Asian Cup with a groin injury. through suspension, He missed the match against Thailand against Iraq is lingering. but the injury he picked up of performing at their best. His team-mates though are confident This is do-or-die. as a team It also suits our character that's when we perform at our best. and, as we've seen in the past, some local support The Socceroos are hoping to enjoy in Saturday night's match in Hanoi

and will start slight favourites at the World Cup. against the team they beat has led Australia to a 7-goal win A 33-goal haul from Catherine Cox

New Zealand, over world netball champions the dominant 53-46 win put down to shutting out the Kiwis' intimidation tactics.

but it's not working now. In the past it worked, to be there doing it, So get over it, because we're going and the shooters are going to be shooting. over the Silver Ferns It's Australia's fifth victory

in the past six games. is in Melbourne on Saturday. The teams' next Test made a welcome change for riders Rolling hills instead of mountains

of the Tour de France. in the 10th stage Intense 35-degree heat on the 229km course.

to cheer about Cedric Vasseur gave the locals plenty

for a Frenchman this tour. with the first victory made it a 1-2 for France. Countryman Sandy Cesar Michael Rasmussen retained the leader's yellow jersey

remains 4th overall. and Aussie Cadel Evans That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight - the British Open under way at Carnoustie in Scotland where 20 players are flying the flag for Australia. Vic Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter.

For traffic trying to head to

Parramatta felt late night shopping

hit his gridlock. Earlier this

afternoon there was a terrible

accident. Complete Brock reach for

Victoria Road. Traffic is being

diverted. Delays are going back to

top ride. Traffic trying to head a

long Parramatta Road for his start.

A Lloyd Victoria Road. Tate should St if possible. Stay with us - Tim Bailey has all the weather details after the break. Thursday. Night classes are popular. And so are you. on Thursday. You can let your hair down on Thursdays, Sporting teams train harder every day. so you'll have less to do

and not working full time, If you're over 50 a better insurance customer. APIA believes that you're So you deserve a better price. home and contents insurance by combining your unlike most others, And, on top of that, how much you can save. So, call us now to see If you're over 50 and not working full time, understanding, not just insurance. call 13 50 50 now for insurance customer, If you're a better This program is captioned live. Authorities have been lead on a chase across the Gold Coast, trying to catch a wild deer. The stag jumped across highways and swam canals and even went for a run on the beach. For 2.5 hours this stag led authorities on a wild deer chase across the Gold Coast. I just saw the deer running up the beach. I just couldn't believe it. I called the police to let them know there was a reindeer running down the road.

The deer ran along the Gold Coast Highway from Burleigh before heading to Mermaid Beach. coming ashore and taking off again, He went for a dip in the ocean before

without a second thought. the agile animal bounding over fences

how fast it was going, I couldn't believe it was just amazing. Neither could police. We tried to contain it on the beach and across the highway but it went back out on the roadway They even used a taser gun to try to slow it down - but it didn't work. He crossed the highway, loped through local streets and in and out of waterways. He's swum across a canal, so he's a bit further north again,

and we're following him in a boat along the canal and on people's front lawns. the way veryo would have liked. The deer's run did not end the way everyone would have liked. to himself - and others. He was just too much of a danger And tranquillising him wasn't an option. They metabolise drugs really quickly, so even if tried to administer a really high dose, it would have processed the drug quicker than it fell down. It was going to keep going and going until it injured someone or caused a serious accident somewhere, Police say it's a miracle no people were injured.

At several times during the chase the deer came within metres of crowded shopping malls. But experts know there are many more just like him in the Hinterland. Meg Palmer, Ten News.

Let's get all the weather details

from Tim Bailey. It is down to

minus 2 degrees at Richmond

overnight. It when to -11 England

errors. As far as Sydney is

concerned tomorrow it is looking at

15 or 16 degrees. There will be

increasing cloud. The week's

sunshine will go. Maybe a coastal

shower. Mother Nature is

concentrating out to sea tonight

where 4 or 5 kilometres out the

ways are picking 10 metres. Two-to-

three metres of us prongs are the

least well. The wind is a

roundabout 55 kilometres an hour.

What have we got for you as far as

an adult? We are going to be warm

at last. 19 degrees - it seems like

a dream. Tuesday Wednesday and

Thursday. Mainly Sunni next week.

The satellite shows feet thick The satellite shows feet thick

cloud over Western Australia. Rain

will spread in mange. Brisker winds

will generate showers in Tasmania

and Victoria. Tomorrow fresh

southerly winds will cause showers southerly winds will cause showers

on the New South Wales coast.

Showers for coastal New South Wales,

namely the Hunter, Victoria and

Tasmania, and Southern Western

Australia. Tomorrow - overcast

conditions with a coastal shower.

The weekend - showers on Saturday The weekend - showers on Saturday

and Clearing showers on Sunday.

Mainly sand sunny Monday Tuesday

and Wednesday. Temperatures back to

19 degrees.

Good news about his jacket - it is Good news about his jacket - it is

about to turn into a sleeping bag. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

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