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(generated from captions) You got me all wrong! to this family was a friend. All I ever wanted to be That's it. you people. I could have blackmailed the almighty Forresters like that! I could have brought down But I didn't. You know why? Because of your daughter, Phoebe. That's right. She's the one. I'm good enough for her, do you? But you don't even think for anybody in this family. You don't think I'm good enough this loser in a cheap suit here Because all you see is this guy, who's nothing but bad news. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - health alert - a possible cancer cluster authorities probe we have to look at. An unexpectedly large number at least 200 feared dead Crash inferno -

slams into a fuel depot. when a passenger jet setting a new record for power use. And Sydney shivers again,

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - Mohamed Haneef's barrister admits police documents to the media. he leaked the terror suspect's in the Tour de France. And a 'ruff' ride for one competitor But first this evening, of a cancer cluster scare. the Sydney hospital at the centre who worked in adjoining offices Five staff members with breast cancer. have all been diagnosed whether it's simply a coincidence, Authorities investigating or something more sinister. five women work at Concord Hospital. These are the offices where the one in psychology. Four work in nutrition, 40- to 50-year-olds. All are long-term employees, with breast cancer since 2001. They've all been diagnosed

is now under investigation. The whole hospital and as such, we have to look at it. It's an unexpectedly large number, I mean, we're not alarmed about it, of effort and care to put quite a lot into a very thorough investigation.

environmental scan of the whole site Management today announced an and is now assessing are just the tip of the iceberg. whether these cases of the hospital to identify women, I have asked all staff themselves or women they know, breast cancer between 1998 and 2006. who were diagnosed with So in a couple of weeks, we're only talking about 5 overall, we should know whether

10 or 15. or whether we're talking about

about these cases for two months, Hospital management has known

yet the general manager says working in the area in question. none of the women have asked to stop any obvious cancer trigger, Initial investigations haven't found do appear to have in common however the only thing the women is their workplace, coincidence has not been ruled out. though the hospital stresses a nasty at this stage That is a distinct possibility freaky things that occurs. that this is just one of those no reason to shut the hospital Health authorities say there's shouldn't be concerned. and that patients Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Up to 200 people are feared dead slammed into a fuel depot in Brazil, after an airliner triggering a massive fireball. skidding off a runway The wide-bodied jet that was apparently too short. Amid the smoke and flames, of the Airbus A320 - the tail is all that's left

and the depot it crashed into. a raging inferno engulfing the plane to douse the blaze. Firefighters trying for hours and crew could have survived. They say none of the 176 passengers The TAM Airlines plane lost control in wet and windy conditions while trying to land at Sao Paulo airport. It skidded off the runway, across a busy road,

and fuel storage depot. then slammed into a cargo terminal a massive fireball. Witnesses reporting and exploded," "The plane's wing hit the depot says this woman. and everybody started running away." "Everything exploded

may push the death toll past 200. It's feared fatalities on the ground been taken to local morgues, Already, at least 30 bodies have and intense heat from the fire, but with wall collapses a difficult task. body recovery has become has been an issue for many months. Safety at the airport and landings a judge temporarily banned take-offs Earlier this year,

pooling on the runway during rain. after pilots complained about water And on Monday the tarmac in similar conditions, a smaller plane skidded off but nobody was hurt. was on a domestic flight in Brazil. The plane involved in today's crash Officials here say of any Australians being on board. they have no reports Daniel Sutton, Ten News. to claim a frosty toll, The cold snap is continuing across the State's central west. with roads closed by snow and ice the battle to beat the shivers While in Sydney,

has sparked a record power surge. Central West turned to white, As the green pastures of the State's everybody was again feeling the chill.

in 21 years yesterday. The coldest morning smashed another record. Today the demand for heat hit another all-time high. Last night, electricity use two days in Sydney and NSW. It really has been a remarkable

on the average day last year, Remarkable, because the State used 13,300 megawatts. was smashed by 500 megawatts. But on Monday, that record the new record fell again, And just last night, in usage in a year. translating to a 5% jump

and the colder weather The heavy snowfalls really has seen people stay inside and turn on their heating.

The extra demand the size of Newcastle. would be enough to power a large city This winter is also proving a challenge for our hospitals,

Retailers say that sales are up 50%

in two days.

a challenge for our hospitals, This winter is also proving of adults and children presents with a spike in the number with the symptoms of flu. to emergency departments brought her 6-month-old Lilli Mum Debbie with a fever. to Sydney's Children's Hospital today In the past two weeks, the emergency department has seen 30% more cases than usual, even for this time of year. in numbers, There's a significant increase

and cope fairly well. but we struggle to see them all Hospitals are asking parents to use common sense Josh Murphy, Ten News. A truce has finally been called in Sydney's rail maintenance 'war'. Paul Mullins is at Parliament House. Paul, is the Premier promising peace in our time?

It certainly seems that way, but

there are no guarantees, although

the Premier said that progress was

made and agreement struck at talks

last night. These are the main points. All maintenance operations

to be double checked by outside experts.

And the Premier has made it clear

he hasn't ruled out the possibility

of privatising all rail

maintenance if things don't work

out. At the same time, the

Transport Minister, jaut Watkins

has widened the debate, calling on

the Federal Government to grant tax

breaks for people using breaks for people using public

transport. Here's what the key

players had to say. And I believe that in that respect, we've made real progress. Well, it's funny how on Sunday, we had a war and now we have a truce. But at the end of the day, it's commuters who are losing out. If we can bring about an encouragement for people to back the public transport through the tax system, so be it, it's in place in the States and Canada and in Europe.

Paul, there's plenty of talk from

the State Government. But, what we

really need is a deadline for

improving the rail system. Any

sign of that? The system is in a

lot of trouble? Not really, and it

has to be remembered, we had

another minor train breakdown on

the Harbour Bridge this morning.

The message seems to be, whatever you do, keep away from Millson's

Point railway station! Thank you. A 15-year-old boy is behind bars tonight after a wild police chase through 19 suburbs in Sydney's west. With three young passengers on board, the 90-minute pursuit ended with a crash. The stolen Toyota Camry being chased by several police cars through the western suburbs. It was allegedly being driven by a 15-year-old youth who police claim stole the car from Mount Druitt railway station. Inside, three passengers - one of them 15, the others 14. Pursuing police were led across 19 suburbs before the driver lost control and slammed into another car at Mount Annan, the 27-year-old female driver of that car trapped by the legs. Rescuers cutting her free to discover she was suffering only minor injuries. Police arresting the four young males. It was alleged in court they ran red lights, cut corners and crossed the centre line during the 90-minute-long joy-ride, hitting speeds of 150km/h. The driver charged with car theft, and dangerous and negligent driving.

Police told the court

the inexperience of the driver and the speeds he was allegedly travelling at could have led to a much more serious accident. When arrested, they said, he showed no remorse. None of the boys' parents attended the Children's Court hearing. The magistrate refusing bail, telling the driver he needed to have somebody responsible making sure he stayed out of trouble. John Hill, Ten News. Terror suspect Dr Mohamed Haneef has but it's his lawyer who could be in trouble. Barrister Steven Kiem has admitted he leaked Haneef's record of interview with Federal Police to the media, enraging the Prime Minister.

Moving house after more than a fortnight in a watch-house cell. Dr Mohamed Haneef huddled barefoot and alone in the back of the van as a high-security police convoy escorted him to his new prison. Police cleared highways, stopping traffic to secure their priority cargo. Then more police and the dog squad to welcome Haneef to his high-security home. A protection facility - threatened inmates, housing paedophiles, and now a terror suspect. They've assessed that that's the most appropriate facility that they've got. Haneef will be held as a terror detainee, in total isolation and under constant watch. He'll have one hour supervised exercise a day, a special diet and phone calls. He will have access to television, and to literature and to the radio. As he settled in, lawyers lodged his Federal Court appeal to review the cancellation of Haneef's visa. A decision could take weeks, but for now the Federal Government has turned its focus to hunting down who leaked Dr Haneef's first record of interview to the media.

Late today, Haneef's barrister confessed it was him. I've done this because the public is entitled to have this information so that they can judge the evidence on which the actions of the Government against my client have been taken over the last two weeks. Mr Keim claims there's nothing wrong with what he's done. I think it's regrettable

In the leaked document Haneef responds to the UK attacks, saying "Every drop of blood is human blood "and I feel for every human being." Emma Dallimore, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster, and Lleyton Hewitt definitely feels he can make it back to the top. Yes, and he's taken a big step towards that goal. He's finally announced a new coach and it's Tony Roche, who has an impressive record for getting players to that number one ranking. We'll hear from both of them shortly. Also, a nightclub bouncer who's been shot at gets a call-up for the Sharks. He talks about dodging bullets and being hit. Also later, the Wallabies arrive across the ditch in Auckland. The mission - to win the Tri-Nations and the Bledisloe Cup. Charges upgraded against a motorist accused of mounting a kerb, killing a pedestrian. That's next. Also, the cruise ship passenger who blames misadventure for Diane Brimble's death. And anger as a burst main spews millions of litres of water, flooding homes. John Howard has been asleep on climate change

for the past 11 years. CLOCK CHIMES When the world was waking up to global warming, he refused to ratify Kyoto. ALARM CLOCK RINGS

As the water crisis deepened, he did nothing. ALARM BUZZES He even declared himself a climate change sceptic. Now he's finally said Australia needs an emissions scheme, but he won't set targets until after the election. CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMES AND PIPS This program is captioned live. A key witness at the Dianne Brimble inquest has described the Brisbane mother as a risk-taker who went willingly with a group of men to their cabin. Charlie Kambouris says he believes she was simply out to have a good time. The full extent of the circumstances leading up to Dianne Brimble's death had it not been for 31 photographs taken with this man's camera, but Charlie Kambouris remains unmoved by her fate, the pictures with police in 2003. refusing to even look through I don't want to see this. Then, just minutes into the interview, he storms out. POLICEMAN: GHB or fantasy - can you tell me anything about that? No. Is that - is this the end? You're right to leave at any time you like. Thank you. His only concern - retrieving his camera's memory stick from police custody. The martial arts expert showed the same short temper at the inquest today, blaming Mrs Brimble for ending up drugged on the floor of his companions' cabin. Kambouris says, after hearing she once took the morning-after pill, he thought she was simply a risk-taker. Kambouris then told the court how being named a person of interest had damaged his health, relationships and work opportunities. He described the case as like a flame of shame spreading to all corners of his life. Once his evidence was over he showed little more empathy for the Brimble family outside court. Where's the best place to eat in Sydney? Is that all you have to say about Mrs Brimble? I have nothing to say about Mrs Brimble. Kambouris features in at least one bugged phone conversation to be played to the court tomorrow. Amber Muir, Ten News. A man accused of driving over the limit while disqualified has appeared in court accused of knocking down four people, killing one of them, in Chinatown. 30-year-old Posa Logouva faced Bankstown Court today on five charges of dangerous driving and dangerous driving occasioning death. Police say he ploughed into the pedestrians as they walked along a footpath last month. The Punchbowl man has entered no plea and will reappear in court next week. Sydney Water is facing a backlash after a huge main burst, swamping dozens of homes. It could be days before residents are allowed to return. It's as bad as a water main break can be. Around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, the river began and just kept going for hours. It's thought more than a million litres escaped, most of it into the basements and ground floors of nearby properties.

It's not a good thing to come home to from work. Power and gas were shut off late evening. Fire crews ordering all residents from their homes, concerned about the danger with so much water around. People escaped with what they could. Some, though, left with nothing. This couple managed to sneak back in this morning to retrieve essentials. They just threw us out of our home yesterday. They didn't even care. They didn't allow us to take our clothes. I requested to them that I have a 2-year-old and I need to pick up some medicine. Because of the cold weather, he gets some asthma and stuff like that. it immediately sent a crisis team Sydney Water says to organise emergency accommodation, and it's also defending how long it took to shut the main down, until just before midnight. with the water not off The shutdown took a number of hours, that's true, and that's because whenever a large main is involved, you need to close off valves in a gradual way so as to reduce the risk of creating further damage.

For residents, though, it may still be days before they can return. When it comes to rectifying the damage, Sydney Water says it's asking residents to contact their own insurer in the first instance. If they're not insured or getting the run around, Sydney Waters says it will then be happy to step in. And we will ensure that nobody is financially disadvantaged as a result of what's happened. Fire crews began pumping water out of flooded basements - a job expected to take many hours. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Time for a check Time rEa check Time for a check of the weather, Angela

Angela bishop stepping in for Tim

Bailey after a close encounter with

a dentist this afternoon. It is

still all very much about the cold

weather? It is. We didn't break any

records today, so I don't have all

of that bragging to do, but you know

it was cold enough. How does a wind chill

chill of minus 8 sound for NSW

overnight? That about wrap it is up

nicely. There was some powdery snow

around Lithgow and Orange only

reach add maximum today of 2

degrees. So, we can think of them

while we basked in a relatively

balmy 13.7 maximum here in Sydney.

Right now though, it is 12 degrees

and you know, just toasty warm and

beautiful really. Let's take a look

at a photo which sums up today a

little bit. It's from Joe who is a

ski patrol officer in Thredbo and

he took a shot of the snies up

there. They did get 15 to 20cm of

fresh snow at the resorts. A quick

look at sky watch, and no great

surprises there. Just clear blue

skies rolling from 7am. Which gave skies rolling from 7am. Which gave

us plenty of chance to have the us plenty of chance to have the

chilly temperatures unprotected by

any cloud layer whatsoever. I'll

have more details of what's in store

store for later in the week, and

late me tell you, it ain't going to

get any warmer I'll be back in around about 10. Next - Australia cashes in on China's booming cosmetic surgery market.

And the revolutionary diet helping the world's fattest man shed the kilos. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $20 million! For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball MegaPick. You could spend the rest of your life!

This program is captioned live. Let's

check on the traffic with Vic

Lorusso. And it's an absolute mess up in the north-west. What

happened? A serious accident that

occurred and it's blocked pen nant

hills road for the traffic heading

north and south bound. We're

hovering to the soith of

Normanhursh. It occurred on to a

head on on collision. North bound

traffic has been reduced to one

lane and south bound traffic to two

lanes. But north bound traffic is

the worst I've seen for quite

sometime. This is just the start of the

the delays. We're here now and we

were starting to fly from north

Parramatta and that's where the

traffic was stopped, it's having

major impacts on traffic

surrounding Pennant Hills road

surrounding Pennant Hills road and

the op Sidebottom of the Prince's

Highway. We'll have another update

for you try to get family and

friends away from this. Cosmetic surgery has become so popular in China, doctors there are finding it hard to keep up with demand. And with Australia at the cutting edge of the industry, Chinese surgeons are heading here to learn the tricks of the trade.

When it comes to plastic surgery, the journey isn't pretty. It's the end result that's beautiful. China's market for nipping and tucking has grown so rapidly it even hosts pageants for plastic surgery patients. And now, for the first time, a Chinese delegation of surgeons has arrived in Sydney to learn the latest techniques from Australian experts.

There's an increase in affluence in the world and along with affluence comes a kick in the desire of people to look as good as they can. And China is no exception. Its plastic surgery industry is now worth more than $2.5 billion annually, with thousands going under the knife for all sorts of reasons. From a female point of view they believe it's going to be easier

so to speak. In Australia the industry is growing rapidly, but here the most popular procedure by far is breast augmentation, followed by facelifts and then liposuction.

Chinese women are mostly booking in for facial procedures, but the market for body work is booming too. And as demand grows, so does the number of different procedures and techniques being developed. There are, of course, subtle differences between various ethnic groups. However, the vast majority are readily translatable into things that can be done in China. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A warning from US intelligence services that al-Qaeda is plotting another attack on American soil. A declassified report says the terror group plans to move members from Iraq to the US to carry out an attack. Although we have discovered only a handful of individuals in the US with ties to al-Qaeda's senior leadership since September 11, al-Qaeda will intensify its efforts to place operatives here in the homeland. The report also warns al-Qaeda is actively on the hunt for chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Salvage experts have tried to blow up a stricken container ship off England's south coast. A controlled explosion was carried out on the freighter in an attempt to to split it in two. Tug boats are now trying to pull the 'Napoli' apart. Ultimately what we're hoping for is to be able to separate the bow section from the accommodation block and be able to tow her away. The ship was deliberately beached earlier this year because of fears it would break up during a storm.

A toxic emergency in the Ukraine after a freight train loaded with dangerous chemicals derailed and caught fire. Hundreds of residents had to be evacuated as plumes of poisonous smoke drifted over their homes. Several people have been admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties and nausea. He once weighed in at a staggering 560kg. Now the world's fattest man is heading for the record books again. the amount of weight he's losing, This time, though, it's for and his revolutionary diet could help other morbidly obese people. 130A Gonzolita Street, home to the record-breaking body of Manuel Aribe. A year ago, Manuel weighed 560kg, or 88 stones, the world's heaviest man.

No complaints, no nothing - this is good. You're happy? I'm happy. Manuel cannot stand and hasn't left his bed in five years. He was a normal-sized child and blames his weight on fast food

but scientists believe it is much more likely to be a genetic flaw. His diet is now the centre and in one year he has lost nearly 200kg, or 28 stones. The doctor told me I had a choice, "You live or die." I like to live. You chose to live? The team behind Manuel have worked out

exactly how much protein, carbohydrate and fat that he needs. He is allowed five strictly controlled meals a day. This grapefruit, for example, is two portions in any one meal - any more, and the diet is in jeopardy. Manuel's mother prepares everything. She says her 40-year-old son is a changed man. Manuel's target is to lose another 260kg, or 40 stones, the equivalent of three grown men. The boy who grew up to be the heaviest human on earth now with a planet-sized ambition. The Wiggles cement their position as Australia's top-earning performers. Just how much they earn, next. Also, hundreds of jobs axed

as Ford moves to shut down its Geelong plant. And having the night of his life - Damien Leith launches his first original album. Come on. Dinner's ready. ROMANTIC MUSIC (Man sings) # My baby don't care for clothes, mmm-mmm # My baby don't care for shows

# My baby just cares for... # GIRL: I'm starving. BOY: The drumstick. # My baby # Just cares for me # Ahh. # This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour - Up to 200 people are feared dead in Brazil after a crash at the country's biggest airport. A passenger plane skidded off the runway and crashed into a fuel depot All aboard are believed to have perished. Electricity usage soared overnight as the State shivered through more freezing weather hit by snow. power a city the size of Newcastle. We used enough extra electricity to And a Sydney hospital is investigating an apparent breast cancer cluster with five women diagnosed with the disease in the last six years. Four of the women at Concord Hospital worked in the nutrition department and one in psychology. They're all long-term employees. Heartbreak for hundreds of Ford workers now facing an uncertain future. The motoring giant has confirmed it will close its Victorian engine plant, angering those now left without jobs. In a town that's been Ford through and through for 82 years, workers feel betrayed. Why doesn't he support the people who work here?! Not the bloody footy club! From the middle of 2010, and Territory 6-cylinders Ford will source its Falcon from overseas, redundant. making 600 production-line jobs Very difficult decision, it is the right decision but in the long run for the future of Ford in Australia. Unions are outraged. John Howard. You should support us now, in Geelong like you did at Holden. You should support workers This decision by Ford policies of the Government. has nothing to do with the economic of marketing realities. It's a consequence along with Ford, The State and Federal governments, reinvestment package for Geelong. have devised a $24 million the city's third-biggest employer. The Blue Oval The road ahead for Ford car manufacturers and all of Australia's is set to get even tougher, set to be cut from 10% to 5% by 2010. with tariffs on imported vehicles Ford is pinning its hopes After sagging sales, to be launched next year, on a new Falcon some of its Geelong workforce hoping to redeploy of its Australian production. into other arms We are committed to Australia, we are committed to Geelong,

a different powertrain strategy. but we are implementing Never get a job, no! They'll never get a job for us.

Allan Raskall, Ten News. the Australian share market today. Investors saw red on of $1.24 a litre around Sydney. unleaded selling for an average price And the price of petrol -

But you can fill up for $1.11 and Beacon Hill. at Forestville, Frenchs Forest Sell-out tours in the US as our best-paid entertainers. have cemented the Wiggles its fruit salad and hot potatoes, The children's group, famous for raked in $50 million last year. than Nicole Kidman, That's $15 million more the 'BRW's richest entertainers list. who finished second on Hugh Jackman came in third,

in fourth place while Kylie Minogue was back with annual earnings of $27 million. back in November. He was crowned Australia's Idol to the airwaves, Now Damien Leith is returning he's been working on. But that's not the only project in show business. Meet one of the busiest men is on the eve Reigning Australian Idol Damien Leith of releasing the first single (Sings) # I know it takes 22 steps # From the walk to your door. # '22 Steps' is out this Saturday, of irons he's got in the fire. but that's only one of a mass of his second son, Jagger. There's the birth seven weeks ago It's been fantastic, the sleepless nights but we've definitely had to prove it. and we have the bags under our eyes Sleepless but delirious, on his album. he's putting the finishing touches and it will be out on August 18. It's called 'Where We Land' I'm actually pretty shocked, really, are on the album - that so many of my songs on the album. there's nine of my songs for a record company In fact, it's rare of their own songs on an album. to let a new artist put so many wasn't keeping him busy enough, But just in case all that called 'One More Time', Damien's written a novel which will be released in October. I've seen the cover. the proof, the final proof. Today I'm actually getting singer-songwriter So what does this author, father, and recording artist do in his spare time? back to Ireland. He dreams of an upcoming trip (Sings) # Oh, Danny boy are calling... # # The pipes, the pipes

is getting released In September, definitely the album and I'm looking forward to that. as well. I'm actually doing a gig in Ireland # Oh, Danny boy, I love you so. # Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Angela Bishop has been busy, now

doneing the weather girl hat. And

what are we in for, more of the

cold weather? I'm afraid so. I was

heard Damian singing that, they'd just thinking about Ireland as I

be warm right now. But we're in for

more of the same right through to

the end of the week, incredibly.

But we can handle it, we're tough,

we're from Sydney town. I'll give awe look at the top temperatures

around the State. A few people a

bit warmer than us but, most were about the same.

The highest recorded temperatures and the lowest:

Now, to warm us all up, when I come

back at 5:55, we're going to have

another little song, this time from

one of Australia's up and coming

country stars. Look out for it.

It's a musical news. Sport now with Tim Webster, to lift Lleyton Hewitt. and Tony Roche the new man and they are aiming high. Yes, Roche is Lleyton's new mentor, More shortly. a club bouncer. Also, the Sharks call up by a wayward labrador. And the Tour de France dogged This program is captioned live. Lleyton Hewitt, Australia's number one tennis player, as his full-time coach has appointed Tony Roche until the end of 2008. back to the pinnacle of world tennis. that will take the current number 21 They first worked together was just a teenager. when Lleyton Hewitt

Now Tony Roche is back on board, to regain his number one ranking. helping Hewitt's bid Rochey and I have had a great relationship over the years.

He's a very positive guy. He's obviously one of the best coaches in the world. And I'm really looking forward to renewing our partnership yet again. I think he's got a lot of things to offer for me. with Grand Slam success having already coached Ivan Lendl, Pat Rafter and Roger Federer to the top of the tennis world,

a pinnacle he believes isn't past his new protege. I think you've got to shoot for the top, and I wouldn't be doing this job if I didn't think Lleyton had a chance of winning a Grand Slam. And he knows just what changes to make if Hewitt's to counter the punch of current tennis heavyweights Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. I just think a little bit more variety, not to be so much as predictable and also maybe a little bit more aggressive. Tony's first task is preparing Hewitt for next month's US Open - a tournament he won back in 2001. But the real goal is closer to home - a Grand Slam he aims to win within two years. I'd love nothing more than to win the Australian Open before I retire and we'll try and do it. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. teams in the NRL Manly might be one of the toughest Cronulla's newest recruit but they're not likely to scare when they meet this Friday night. Eddie Sua is a full-time bouncer and he's already survived much more can dish up. than anything the Sea Eagles

this week's call-up to first grade, Eddie Sua says he was shocked by not as shocked but the nightclub doorman as the night five years ago on the dancefloor. It was just a little scuffle Walked them out and one of them pulled out a gun and shot at me,

shot at me five times, in the leg. but only one of them got me, Very lucky, though. A blessing. of his close encounter Sua showing the scars as the Sharks set up camp in Kiama. Still working as a bouncer, to fulfil his NRL dream. he's had to call in a few favours I had to get some time off work. The boss wasn't real keen, but I've got to get some time off to come to training and that. But it's all good. you've still got your job? So do you think I don't know. I'll see how we go. Sorry, boss! Sua yet another new face in a depleted Cronulla line-up. Injury and suspension forcing coach Ricky Stuart

to recall halfback Brett Seymour, the man he recently banished to park football, telling him he had no future at the Sharks. I asked him if he wanted to tell me to stick it - I understand that. But he's a good fella, Brett. He's a very honest bloke who is only too happy to come back and do the best for Brett Seymour and also help out his mates. Ricky Stuart's been holding camps here in Kiama for the last five years, and his patched-up Sharks side needs the bonding time more than ever. No-one's giving them a chance this Friday night against Manly. thoughts of victory. We're not worried about the result, we just want everyone to come out and do themselves proud. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Wallabies certainly know they've landed in enemy territory ahead of Saturday night's Tri-Nations and Bledisloe Cup decider. Coach John Connolly was first into the fray, facing heavy questioning from the Kiwis. Before the Wallabies could even sit down on foreign soil, they were bombarded. REPORTER: Can the winner of this match

call themselves favourites for the World Cup? The last time Australia won the Bledisloe Cup was 2002. The Tri-Nations, even further back - 2001. Both will follow the winner on Saturday night. We haven't been in this position for a while, and to have the Bledisloe Cup and Tri-Nations double in one game is enormous for us. Despite criticism that Chris Latham is being rushed back from injury, his team-mates are confident he'll perform up to standard. Mate, he's a world-class player. He's been an international player now for a number of years. You can't pull someone out for X amount of time and say, "Mate, are they up to it?" I'm sure he'll be up to it and he'll be ready and prepared well for Saturday night's game. The match to be played at Eden Park, the perfect place to break down their unflattering away-from-home record heading into the World Cup. They need to be more consistent. And they need to also break this hoodoo of away victories. They haven't got a good record on the road. It's always harder to win on the road, but, then again, at the World Cup almost everyone is on the road. Rob Canning, Ten News. Socceroos super sub Tim Cahill says Australia's World Cup victory over Japan won't give them an edge for this weekend's Asian Cup quarterfinal. The Aussies are settling into Vietnam after shifting from Thailand.

The showdown with Japan is a match many thought would have been the dream final for the tournament. We didn't think that we were going to play Japan this early in the tournament, but what better time to do it? And if we're going to win this tournament, we've got to play the best now, Japan has more J-League rather than European-based players in its squad this time around. The Tour de France campaign of Aussie Cadel Evans is going from strength to strength. He placed third in the ninth stage and is now fourth overall. The stage was won by Colombian Mauricio Soler. After yesterday's rest day the ninth stage brought little relief to the remaining 171 riders, with another three punishing climbs in the French Alps. But it wasn't just the mountains causing problems - a stray dog bringing down Marcus Burghardt. COMMENTATOR: He's gone down and broken a wheel as well. Marcus Burghardt it is that's gone over the top of the dog.

That is ridiculous. Taking a dog to the bike race without having it on a leash is like taking a shark to a swimming event. Both recovered OK, but pre-race favourite Alexandre Vinokourov was still struggling after his fall last week, seeking medical treatment en route. There to witness all the drama, newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy. And he saw the unexpected name of Colombian Mauricio Soler

stealing the show. Then he just came up and he's completely blown this breakaway apart. Australian hope Cadel Evans showing he's up for the challenge. And Cadel Evans, the man they keep saying only follows, is the man leading right now. Cadel Evans is testing them today. The leading contenders putting space on the struggling Vinokourov and no-one able to go with the Colombian. They won't stop him now - Alejandro Valverde finishing with a burst to take second ahead of Cadel Evans. The Aussie now fourth overall behind leader Michael Rasmussen, Valverde and Iban Mayo. Neil Cordy, Ten News, That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, Manly's Steve Matai fronts the judiciary, and, as a prelude to the Bledisloe Cup, our netballers take on the Kiwis in Auckland.

It's all happening over there.

Vic Lorusso is our eye in the sky and Vic Lorusso is our eye in the sky

and there's a problem at the moment

in Seven Hills. What's going on?

This is as a result of the

severious accident we showed you

earlier. Norman Hurst to Seven

Hills. Why? Because the M2 here at

Seven Hills is backed back to Old

Windsor Road. That is a major

traffic problem for motorists

trying to head in towards the city.

It looks like a morning peak, It looks like a morning peak, but unfortunately, peak hour motorists

this evening heading into the

north-west will be delayed as north-west will be delayed as a result of the serious accident

closing Pennant Hills Road. Stay with us - Angela Bishop's back next with the latest on this freezing weather. ANNOUNCER: What would you do with a share of $21 million? Whoo-hoo! Whatever you want with Lotto's massive $21 Million Saturday Superdraw. Time's running out, so get your entries in by Saturday July 21st and you could: are alone and unprotected and that's just not true. Employees are not alone. I'm the head of the Workplace Authority and we're here to provide support and advice to employees in making agreements. And there's the Workplace Ombudsman who will take action against employers who do the wrong thing. For more information, just call us on: If you're over 50 and not working full time, by combining your home and contents insurance and choosing an excess that suits you. And, on top of that, unlike most others, So, call us now to see how much you can save. call 13 50 50 now for understanding, not just insurance. Tonight's weather report is brought to you by APIA. If you're a better insurance customer, you deserve a better price.

Tim Bailey left speechless after a dose of anaesthetic at the dentist

today leaving Angela Bishop in

charge of the weather today. How

are we looking? We're looking

chilly, so I've decided to warm us

all up with a bit of a special song

from an up and coming country star

by the name of Amber Lawrence.

Welcome to Tim's weather. Welcome to Tim's weather. You're

one of his mates, I know. You're actually

actually a city Slicker, used actually a city Slicker, used to

be an accountant and gave it up to pursue be an accountant and gave it up to

pursue the career. This is more fun

than the tax. We're going to hear

than the tax. We're going to hear

from you in a few minutes. Quickly

I'll whip around and do the weather first.

Satellite, cloud in the south-east

and cold south-westerly winds

generating showers, mainly in

Tasmania and Victoria. Light snow

falling on the ranges, cloud over

Queensland, only causing the odd

spot of rain. Brisk southerly winds

tomorrow in the south-east will

cause showers on the coasts and

also light snow in the Alps. A high

will clear showers from coastal SA

keeping the interior dry. A trough

will cause rain to develop on the

coast of WA. Rain for coastal NSW,

and on the NSW Ranges south of

Orange. Shower force Victoria,

Tasmania and SA. WA and along the

Tasmania and SA. WA and along the

far North Queensland coast. Amber,

your song is called 'Things that

Bring Me Down'. Bring Me Down'.

# And I know I'm going to feel like

hell tomorrow

# Just one last kiss

# And I know I could end up sad and sorry

# It's worst the risk

# Cause it feels like having a thrill

# And I don't do what I should

# Oh the things that bring me # Oh the things that bring me down

# Feel good

# Oh the things that bring me down

# Feel good And

I'm feeling warmer already. That's

fantastic. That's from an album

called 'The Mile' out town. Now interstate:

the forecast for Sydney, 6-14 and

snies will be at 6:53am.

Amber Lawrence, thank you for

joining us. Your album, do yourself

a favour, back to you guys. Thank you. Australia's answer to Berlin's baby polar bear, Knut, has been unveiled. A tiny white-cheeked gibbon is being hand-raised by keepers at Perth Zoo after being abandoned by her mother. But 7-week-old Li-Lian is not quite ready to be exposed to any adoring fans,

with specialists giving the fragile ape round-the-clock care. She's fed every two hours during the day and every three hours overnight, so she has a carer with her all day and all night.

Usually found in China, Laos and Vietnam, the species is critically endangered.

Zookeepers hope to reunite Li-Lian with her parents in a few months. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Hope you can join us tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( PLAYING "FUNERAL MARCH OF A MARIONETTE" ) GOOD EVENING. I'VE BEEN ASKED TO TELL YOU THAT THE FOLLOWING SHOW IS VERY SCARY WITH STUFF THAT MIGHT GIVE YOUR KIDS NIGHTMARES. YOU SEE, THERE ARE SOME CRYBABIES OUT THERE RELIGIOUS TYPES MOSTLY, WHO MIGHT BE OFFENDED. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THEM I ADVISE YOU TO TURN OFF YOUR SET NOW. COME ON, I DARE YOU. ( CLUCKING ) CHICKEN. HEY! MARGE: HOMER, DID YOU JUST CALL EVERYONE CHICKEN?