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(generated from captions) Staying with Taylor would be wrong. Because I know you still love me. You still love me. You've got to stop this. I mean it. Nick? You've got to stop. Do you want to do this to me? the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - the death of shock jock Stan Zemanek. And he will be remembered for what he was - outrageous. Dam levels still on the rise, of water restrictions. leading to a possible easing And an explosive secret - in a dead man's home. drugs and bombs found and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Heading the 5:00 news - Good evening. whether you loved him or hated him, there's no denying the impression on Australian media. Stan Zemanek left year-long battle with brain cancer. The shock jock today losing his in their praise of the 60-year-old. Family, colleagues and fans uniting with brain cancer Stan Zemanek's battle only began in May last year. that battle Early this morning he lost of more than 30 years, Marcella. at home with his wife that he was going to go, MARCELLA: I knew last night and I said to the girls, about 3:00", "He'll probably slip out and he let out his last breath. and at 2:45 I was lying next to him (Crying) And I knew he'd gone. He'll be remembered radio stars the country has seen, as one of the most successful even if he did say so himself. I am the most biased broadcaster Look, I will admit that in the whole of Australia. Former colleague Alan Jones is a fan. He leaves a wonderful legacy and all the memories fade away - and no-one ever dies for a long time. the memories of Stan will last Stan his start. Radio guru John Brennan gave want to come on home at night-time He realised that people didn't with the world's troubles. and be troubled

so brilliantly, I think. And that's why he entertained Before becoming his on-air colleague, for John Laws. Stan worked as a producer - outrageous. He'll be remembered for what he was

and he did it very well. And he loved being that way Stan's passion was sailing. Away from the studio, the tragic 1998 Sydney to Hobart. He nearly died during

across the deck of 85 knots. STAN: We were taking gusts

horrendous. And you know, it was just be it radio or television, But in the studio, up the wrong way. his passion was rubbing people you're a low-life and you're a spiv, You're a professional bludger, and you're a cheat. you're a thief, you're a liar

But TV colleague, Prue MacSween says beneath the beastly exterior. she knew the beauty Stan was a very different man. Privately, of course, He was very shy, very unassuming, by his success. I think almost a little surprised at 2UE's studios, A condolence book has been set up next Tuesday ahead of a public funeral at 10:30am in North Sydney. at St Mary's Catholic Church in May 2006, When the brain tumour was diagnosed

Stan was given only weeks to live. with his radio show until December, Instead he continued with his cherished family - retiring to spend time Marcella, and grandchildren, Hamish and Chloe. or 100 people to be stronger, If I inspire 10 people or 20 people to be more positive, to get out there

and keep on doing it, then I have really succeeded. Stan Zemanek was 60. of ongoing bungling at Cityrail. Damning new proof tonight last week's transport meltdown The problem which caused was known about two years ago, nothing was done. but despite warnings, Sydney's public transport system. The emergency which crippled chaos could have been avoided. According to rail workers, all this with a roof hatch They've revealed a similar problem was identified two years ago. Maintenance staff noticed a train in place. without the proper locking mechanism out of the yards and into service. But management allowed the train regulator revealing the loose hatch: A report by the transport safety What the report demonstrates is who are identifying these problems, that it is the workers

those problems. and management is failing to address wasn't changed in 2005. The process of checking the hatches It will be now. was a failure in process What happened last Thursday

which is now being addressed. was wrong yesterday Mr Watkins says his CEO Vince Graham a culture of maintenance. when he claimed Cityrail doesn't have But he won't be sacked. Of course his job is safe. he's in there doing it. He's got a job to do, on behalf of the taxpayers. But as the blame game continues gets under way, and another investigation

are stuck in the middle. Sydney's train commuters just want the system fixed. Most we spoke to today like another Granville or something? What if something happened, So, it is a bit of a worry. from the red rattler days. I really don't see a huge difference atrocious, I guess you could say. Somewhere between disgusting and to improve train services The Government's promise is clearly wearing thin. Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

are still rising Sydney's dam levels

of the city's water restrictions. clearing the way for an easing from Parliament House. Paul Mullins joins us for our water-wise efforts? Paul, we could be rewarded

Very much so. Sydney insiders are

now using as much water as they did

20 years ago and that is despite

the fact we have an extra 1 million

the fact we have an extra 1 million people in the City

people in the City right now. These

are the latest than the capacity

figures released this afternoon.

The government says it will The government says it will

consider easing their current level

three water restrictions if the dam

levels hit 65 % but will never go back to zero restrictions. being able to wash their windows Obviously, we'd like to see people

those sorts of things, or wash their cars more frequently, of being irresponsible about this. but we're not in the business to start easing water restrictions, It probably is time but what we must not do when the last drought broke, is what Labor did in 1998, and lift restrictions completely.

Lot of good news on storage dam

levels. But the state government is

still refusing to let go of the

desalination plant? Big government

says desalination is for the longer

haul, so I guess whether we like it

or not, desalination is very much

here to stay. NSW is in the grip of mortgage stress. One third of home buyers are currently spending more than one third of their income on repayments. Combined with exploding rents, housing is now becoming an election issue. If Australians have never had it better, the Carvajals fear the bad times. Today they invited Kevin Rudd to pay a visit to their rented home in Australia's least affordable city. Thank you for having me in your home. Joanne Smith, her husband and three children live here and are expecting another child. But they could only afford to do so with the help of Joanne's mum Nancy. 400 was going to buy us a 2-bedroom place kids in a two bedroom place. What they have found is a real struggle in saving for a housing deposit while facing an explosion in rental prices. And statistics show life isn't any easier for those with a home loan. 500,000 are considered to be suffering mortgage stress from losing more than a third of their salary on repayments. Even Sydney's west, the traditional market for first home buyers, is proving out of reach for most and becoming more and more polarised. the aspirational buyers who are moving to the outer suburbs, leaving behind people with low incomes in the older established areas. Urban social planners say the M4 is the dividing range between rich and poor out west. To the north behind me are burgeoning housing estates and million-dollar properties,

while to the south are many older areas, fast reaching the end of their intended life span. Labor chose John Howard's own Sydney electorate to offer a solution, and other incentives discussing tax breaks for developers of cheaper rental properties at a housing forum later this month.

He have lower unemployment, lower

taxation, higher wages and more

opportunities. That he's a much

better deal from us than they would

get from the other crowd. An embarrassing memory lapse from the Prime Minister has ignited more leadership rumblings in the Government. John Howard forgot the name of a candidate in a key seat prompting concerns he's losing his touch. John Howard was shoring up support in a Tasmanian marginal seat today with funds for a showground upgrade. That went down a treat - not so successful, his spruiking for a candidate in another seat. RADIO ANNOUNCER: The candidate in Franklin?

JOHN HOWARD: Yes. Her name? SILENCE The candidate in Franklin, Prime Minister? Look, I support all of my candidates. What's her name? I've forgotten it. She's Dr Vanessa Goodwin. It was a blooper and I've apologised to her. But it was one of those days. Mr Howard's favourite newspaper in Sydney splashed with the headline was walking away from him. the harbour city It's reminiscent of the pressure Kim Beazley was under when he made this gaffe. Today our thoughts and the thoughts of many, many Australians are with Karl Rove. He meant Rove McManus, but it further undermined his credibility in the already nervous Labor party room. By contrast, Peter Costello's performance today far more assured. I do, as it turns out. Vanessa Goodwin... Good-WIN! for the Liberal Party - And that's the problem persistent horror polls are eroding confidence in Mr Howard. Veteran MP Wilson Tuckey again repeating his view it's never too late to change leader. According to one source, the mood in the room at Tuesday's Cabinet meeting was blind panic at the latest Newspoll. But, while a number of MPs now believe Mr Howard should have stepped down in December, they are getting no support from Peter Costello to force the issue. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A Sydney street has been closed off and the army called in after the discovery of a dangerous secret. A vast collection of military explosives uncovered by accident after the owner died. This ordinary house seemed like any other in the suburbia of Revesby, an unusual and dangerous habit. but the man who lived here had Some men ride motorbikes, others collect bombs. He's one of those, he's just one of those collectors.

Dozens of detonators, bits and pieces of old munitions, smoke grenades and a mortar were all stored illegally on the premises. Police stumbled upon the stockpile when asked to visit the home

by the worried family of its 48-year-old owner, who they hadn't heard from in days. First, officers found his body - he'd died of natural causes. Then they noticed 38 cannabis plants growing in a hydroponic set-up. And... We located some military ordinance and after that an improvised explosive devices or IED. The street was blocked off for hours. People are a bit worried, yeah, pretty worried, I mean, they're more concerned. There's a lot of kids around this area and stuff. He kept to himself a lot Never heard anything from him so... Are you surprised? Yeah, very surprised. Every precaution was taken, even the army called in. And a mobile detonation chamber set up on the street. The bomb disposal squad spent the morning securing the home making sure each of those old collector's items was, in fact, safe to be moved. They've been present in their location for a long time. The key time is if they move them. Eventually they did, without incident. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. is refusing to talk about his role Cricketer Craig McDermott in the collapse of investment company Bridgeport Finance, until tomorrow. McDermott's company Maxen Developers owes Bridgeport $18 million.

Creditors yesterday crowded a Sydney meeting to hear what's happened to their money. But in a statement, McDermott said he'd worked with Bridgecorp since 2001, and had borrowed and repaid many millions of dollars. He says his company is a victim of the collapse and he's yet to meet administrators. The growing number of grandparents caring for their grandkids - the call for more support, next. Also tonight - a 14th woman diagnosed with breast cancer at a Brisbane TV station.

And the $2 label that's making car theft much harder.

This program is captioned live.

Federal Police have raided Queensland Health offices, seizing material linked to detained Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef. A spokesperson says they met with police to coordinate access to information and are cooperating fully with the investigation. Haneef's lawyers fear the case is becoming politicised. Defence Minister Brendan Nelson, on a visit to India, defended Australia's anti-terror laws which have allowed the 27-year-old doctor to be held for 11 days without charge. An application to keep him behind bars even longer will be heard tomorrow. And four men have been jailed for life for trying to blow up London's transport system. The attempted attack came two weeks after the July 7 bombings which killed more than 50 people. The plot failed when explosives in their backpacks didn't detonate. The men were convicted of conspiracy to murder and will spend at least 40 years behind bars. Two others are facing a retrial, after the jury failed to reach a verdict. Another ABC worker is in hospital in Brisbane, the 14th to be diagnosed with breast cancer. The mother of four had worked at the same desk as seven other cancer victims. Struck down by invasive breast cancer, mother-of-four Angie Eckersley is in the Mater recovering from surgery. Shocked and distressed by the diagnosis, the director's assistant worked at ABC television for seven years, leaving only two years ago. It was her husband, Ian Eckersley, who was one of the very passionate and public faces of the campaign to investigate the breast cancer cluster. We've wiped their tears away, we've seen their pain, we've cried with them, and enough's enough. Today is just too much. It's just sad that it's taken another tragedy for us to get to this point. Angie Eckersley had worked in the same newsroom

and on the same production desk where now 7 out of 14 breast cancer sufferers worked. ABC management clearly alarmed there's yet another victim. This latest case is quite disturbing to all of us and we just hope it is the last. Angie's husband says she is in good spirits, positive about her prognosis. In a statement, the Eckersleys said: "And we urge all female employees who worked at the ABC Toowong site "not to become complacent "and to remain vigilant about their health checks." We've spoken to ABC Brisbane employees today and the reaction has been one of disbelief and sadness. Despite years of investigation, no cause of the cancer cluster has ever been found, this latest diagnosis leading to new calls for more testing. The site was shut down last December. the breast cancer issue behind us but this is an ugly reminder that it is still there. We have been rocked by this. A stop-work meeting has been called for tomorrow. Lexy Hamilton Smith, Ten News. An alarming snapshot tonight of the plight of Australia's grandparents. Vast numbers of our senior citizens have been left to raise young families by themselves. The bond between a child and their grandparent can be special. But with many parents working, more and more grandparents are helping bring up their grandchildren. I take him to preschool and pick him up three days a week 'cause I live with them. A study has revealed increasing number of nans and pops aren't just being supportive. They, in fact, unexpectedly become the guardians of their grandchildren. Researchers found many grandparents struggled with feeling isolated raising youngsters. If we provide the right support for the grandparents it makes a terrific difference to them, but also to the grandchildren. That's our ultimate goal, to have the best environment for those grandchildren to thrive. Nationwide 23,000 families are headed by grandparents.

1 in 10 of them are caring for three or more children and almost half are doing it alone. Drug and alcohol abuse, mental health and poverty the main reasons for parents being absent. Everybody believes who knows the field Researchers are now broadening their study nationwide to find out exactly how many grandparents are primary carers, the effect that has on children and also their parents. three years. The study's expected to take We're going to have a very strong base, we're sure, "This is the situation and this is how we can collectively deal with it "and respond to what's really a new social trend in Australia." Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Australian car makers are being urged to spend an extra couple of dollars a vehicle

to make them harder to steal. Imported cars like Audi and Subaru have topped the annual NRMA Insurance survey on car theft. One of their most successful anti-theft features is a self-destructing I-D plate that costs two dollars. And we think that sends a clear message to Australian manufacturers that they are currently off the pace and need to lift their game. Overall car theft is at its lowest level in 30 years. is older cars being stolen for parts.

Court wangling your weekend Court wangling your weekend to

start on a Thursday afternoon and start on a Thursday afternoon and I

think I'm getting away with it. Has

no debt is incredible down here -

1.36 metres. Good news with the

dance is that we have had a rise of

1.2 %. I am not going to come all

the way down here and not put on one the way down here and not put on

one of your world famous weather

photographs. Issue is someone

trying to trump Thredbo. Here is a

shot of snow from Auberon. Winter

is a turning it on. You are turning

it on - you are in the running to is a turning it on. You are turning it on - you are in the running to

win a video camera. Rug up for a

cold weekend in a Sydney. 15

degrees is going to be as warm as

it gets. Some suburbs in Sydney

will be a 14 degrees tomorrow, 15

degrees right across your weekend,

an increase in cloud and a showery

Saturday. If you are looking around

your neighbour would on school holidays and you are missing some holidays and you are missing some

kids that you haven't seen for a

while, family's you haven't seen

for a while - they will be on for a while - they will be on your

television in a little while

because they are down here having fun in the That story next. And hard to swallow - Dentists tell me that almost one in three Australian adults will send a little sharp pain in that area. People who go jogging, they find that triggers them off.

Treating sensitivity can be as simple as using a toothpaste like Sensodyne.

Three this programme is captioned

live up. Let's check the traffic

now. Abbey delays for traffic

leaving Parramatta and heading

towards the motorway. There was a towards the motorway. There was a broken-down car opposite Rosehill

racecourse. The tow truck has just

got into place to remove it. got into place to remove it. You

can see the delays that go back for

a good few kilometres. For

motorists heading in the other

direction, there are no delays. I

have just had reports of problems

at the M two and a Pennant Hills

Road. We will show you details

later in the Bolton. Startling health news for older Australian women.

A study revealing Hormone Replacement Therapy can increase the risk of heart disease. 50% of Australian women undergo hormone replacement therapy, used to treat the symptoms of menopause since the 1950s. But a new study suggests, for some at least, HRT's dangerous. Women starting hormone therapy for the first time over 65 will have an increase in heart disease and thrombosis and we don't advise starting at that age. the benefits of oestrogen. By delaying HRT, women fail to get Arteries can calcify and clog, leading to heart disease. But the good news is... The message to Australian women is that the 99% of women who take hormone therapy under the age of 60

have no fears of heart disease. In fact, there's benefit. By starting HRT early, women also reduce their risk of contracting diabetes, osteoporosis. Sandra McAllister began hormone therapy almost 20 years ago, a busy work life leaving little time for hot flushes and sick spells. I'm out and about, doing things, and I don't have the hot flushes anymore, so I'm fine, it's fine. HRT first came under question in 2002 when a US study showed a combined oestrogen-progesterone pill increased a woman's risk of stroke, breast cancer and blood clot. The message to menopausal women - consult your doctor. Every woman is very different and you must individualise therapy. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

The end of an era in US politics with the death of former first lady, 'Lady Bird' Johnson. Her husband, president Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in when JFK was assassinated in 1963. Lady Bird was given her nickname as a child because she was said to be "as pretty as a bird". She went on to be a tireless campaigner for the environment, years before it was fashionable. Lady Bird died surrounded by friends and family at her Texas ranch. She was 94. Undercover reporters have made a disturbing discovery in China - cardboard from a filthy back alley being used in food. Instead of meat, the fraudsters filled steamed buns with waste cardboard, which had been soaked in caustic soda to make it soft. to disguise the taste. They also added MSG the gang members, Police have arrested the difference who claim most people couldn't tell and the real thing. between the cardboard buns in Los Angeles. David Beckham fever has broken out will turn around soccer in America Fans say his weekend kick-off he has different plans. but others believe the L.A. Galaxy on Saturday David Beckham officially joins for the soccer star. and his fans have high hopes more people to come to Galaxy games and be more into soccer. a good bit of money I think he would be worth

just for the excitement he'll bring to soccer here. His arrival comes at a cost. Beckham left Real Madrid to sign a $320 million 5-year contract with Galaxy, considered the largest deal in the history of major league soccer in the US. No member of any team can bring in what he does putting rear ends in seats etc. as far as jersey sales, He deserves it. But some believe the move is a kick towards retirement. For a top player to be going down in terms of football, is obviously, you would assume, the beginning of the end in terms of the playing career. is more than a footballer. The 32-year-old and the Beckham publicity machine He's a brand, in the lead-up to the move, has been in overdrive for a magazine feature the couple posing for intimate photos why she's rarely seen smiling. and Victoria Beckham revealing You know, it's an image. that would be quite devastated I think there are some people or look pleasant, for that fact. should I actually smile will call Beverly Hills home, The couple and their three sons among their celebrity neighbours. Tom and Katie Cruise with his new team on July 21. Beckham will play his first match Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In Los Angeles, Paul Keating launches an extraordinary attack on the Prime Minister - that's next. Also - politicians invade MySpace in order to chase younger voters. And the computer game helping young kids fight the flab. SONG: # Hey, where's my Weet-Bix? #

Win with Weet-Bix and the mighty Socceroos. You could score one of five fantastic Hyundai Santa Fes or a trip to the Radisson, Fiji. There's thousands of other prizes and a Socceroos collector card in every pack. So for real energy, hook into wholegrain Weet-Bix. Mate! How many do you do? # Hey, where's my Weet-Bix? # The top stories this news hour- year-long battle with brain cancer, media star Stan Zemanek has lost his dying this morning at the age of 60. family man away from the microphone. The shock jock described as a gentle A deadly secret uncovered at Revesby. and drugs discovered by accident Military explosives in a dead man's home. and the army called in. The street closed off to become an election issue And housing is set the grip of severe mortgage stress with figures revealing NSW is in as well as sky-rocketing rents. more than a third of their income One in three home buyers now spends on repayments. sharpened the knives Paul Keating has again

against Prime Minister John Howard. for being a nationalist like Hitler. or to align in any way I say this not to suggest with Adolf Hitler - Margaret Thatcher or John Howard as it would be absurd. to do so would be as unreasonable it's been 11 years, get a life. Can I just say, Paul, Mr Keating described nationalism as dangerous and divisive with a stock trade in jingoism. They get a lot of airtime already on TV and radio. Now politicians are launching into cyberspace, trying to grab votes through one of the most popular websites in the world. in politics They say there are no friends to get them. but this is the latest attempt can learn more about them, A political MySpace where you or even add them as your friend. air your concerns Sound strange? Maybe, but they're hoping it works come election time. To get 50% plus 1 more friends than Mr Howard. (Audience laughs) Australian politicians are under no illusions about how many people are communicating over the Internet. It's already caught on in America. Hillary and Bill Clinton released this sketch on YouTube. So, what's the winning song? WOMAN: You'll see.

My money's on Smash Mouth. The MySpace Impact Channel offers exposure to 3.8 million users

who can drop any politician a line if they feel like it. That's pretty awesome, yeah. I'll definitely look it up. I don't really care for politics these days. They might discard it or might take it on board and use it to their advantage. We wanna be cool because if you're cool, The MySpace Impact site went online today and, in the fast-paced world of the Internet, the creators should be able to tell in just a week if it's been embraced. and if it will forever change the way politicians communicate in Australia. We have high hopes for it. I really hope it does raise the level of discussion around issues. But the question is, will politicians survive the cyber world?

Well, that will be totally up to you. Josh Murphy, Ten News. A positive day for the Australian share market, making strong gains from the resource sector. We found it as low as $1.18 at Croydon and Fairfield. A new computer game might actually help young couch potatoes

fight the flab. But parents are warned, it's no fitness quick fix and children still need to run in the sun. A modern-day challenge to keep children moving - the lure of the small screen making many kids fat. But a new toy can now turn the television into a fitness tool. MACHINE VOICE: Ready, set, go! The Smart Cycle is a stationary bike that plugs into the television. When the pedalling starts, the computer games begin. 3- to 6-year-olds can ride through academic games or they can hit the road in race mode. Child health experts say the machine may not burn as many calories as a real ride but is better than just lounging about. The advantage it has is that child is doing some exercise instead of just being a couch potato. And it's a safe way to improve motor skills. It teaches eye-hand coordination. It teaches pedalling for children that are starting pedalling. Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to create toys that are entertaining and healthy. It can keep kids active on winter days but parents are warned computer games, such as the Smart Cycle and the Nintendo Wii, are no fitness quick fix. Children do need time outdoors, especially in winter.

They need to play with their friends and they need to play For those who can't afford exercise technology, there are plenty of alternatives. Young children, particularly 3- and 4-year-olds,

they just love to run and climb.

And if they bore of the bike, they can always play with the box. Emily Rice, Ten News.

We are having a lot of fun and

there is one reason and that reason

is - school holidays! How much know

is they? Lots and lots of snow.

He's few of thinking of coming down.

Let's go to the world famous Uggometer. Let's go to the world famous Uggometer. Let's go to the world famous Uggometer. Let's go to the world famous

Uggometer. At Thredbo that cover is

deep and dry on a firm based.

Has no continues to fall. There

will be snow showers across the

weekend. Next week, another front

it looks like he could dump 700 it looks like he could dump 700 mm

or 800 mm - 10 it looks like he could dump 700 mm

or 800 mm - 10 centimetres to 15

centimetres of snow. It's all good.

No one at the snow is in such No one at the snow is in such good

form. If Ron Wilson was to be a

Thredbo animal, he would be rocky cocky.

cocky. The newest animal on the

hill - it is going to be a big

weekend and we are starting now. A weekend and we are starting now. A

I think you have a green jacket

like that don't you? A I do but I

don't want to be a stuffed koala. Sport now with Tim Webster and Wayne Bennett attacks the NRL's response to grapple tackles. Yes, Wayne reckons it's not the players who should be grappled. We'll tell you what he thinks, shortly. Plus - the night the lights went out at the Asian cup.

Also - Aussie paralympic star Michael Milton prepares for a second fight with cancer. And later - an Australian wartime hero remembered a century on. This program is captioned live. Devastating news tonight for Australia's much loved Paralympic champion Michael Milton.

He's been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. Michael recently made a successful switch from skiing to cycling but has been forced to withdraw from all competition to fight his second battle with cancer. As a 9-year-old, Michael Milton beat bone cancer but lost his left leg in the process. 25 years later and the fight resumes. he has oesophageal cancer, Milton today announcing in his words, "a particularly nasty type."

In a brief statement today, the 34-year-old said: Milton's cycling coach echoing the thoughts of many. Obviously, he's devastated, as are all of us, he's like, "OK, that's another hurdle. "Here's the barrier and I'll conquer this one "as I've conquered all the rest." After winning 11 Paralympic medals for skiing, Milton shut the door on the Winter Games last year, turning his attention to Summer Games glory. And in little time finding immediate success in cycling. The strength in the old leg from all the training I've been doing for skiing for years and years

and from the bike riding I've been doing the last six months. His team-mates today taking the news hard. will pull together, as well as all the other support Michael has around the world.

He's a huge name. Milton simply says he wants to see the future birthdays of his 10-month-old daughter Matilda. He'll be operated on next week. Rob Canning, Ten News. has blasted NRL officials Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett for not doing more to rid the game of the illegal grapple tackle after Souths players complained they were victims of the choking-type tackles against Melbourne last weekend. Bennett believes referees and the match review panel have not backed up threats to punish the grapple. What you'd like to do with the refs sometimes and the people that sit on the - when guys get hit in the head and guys get grappled, you'd love to get their head and give them a stiff arm and grapple them and see how they'd react, because they just think it's part of the game. It's not part of the game. The Storm predictably claim they do not encourage their players to use the grapple tackle. Socceroos coach Graham Arnold has shrugged off criticism of his team's Asian Cup performance. He's set to make changes for tomorrow night's match against Iraq. Defender Michael Beauchamp is likely to come into the team

at the expense of Patrick Kisnorbo. The commitment that the players showed last Sunday was outstanding, The performance wasn't good, we admit that. you can t hide behind it. The players admit that, I admit it, you can't hide behind it. And Australian referee Mark Shield had his hands full in last nights 1-all draw between South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Just after awarding his first penalty of the tournament he had to deal with a light failure which delayed the match for 25 minutes. Aussie Mick Fanning's continued his charge towards the world surfing crown in the Billabong Pro at South Africa's Jeffreys Bay. The world number one in full control in the fun 1.5m swell, smashing wildcard Shaun Payne and Frenchman Jeremy Flores to book a place in round 3. Just wanted to get one good one off the bat and just consolidate and did that and controlled the heat

Joel Parkinson, Danny Wills and Bede Durbidge also carried

the Aussie flag through. Reigning world champ Kelly Slater has had his heat called off due to the tide but was quick to quash retirement rumours. Norway's Thor Hushovd has moved into second place in the overall standings after winning the 193km fifth stage. COMMENTATOR: Thor trying to get through on the right here. Thor Hushovd hits the line at last.

Robbie McEwen was the best placed Aussie finishing 16th while Cadel Evans sits 21st in the overall classification, 56 seconds behind race leader Fabian Cancellara. And a case of they couldn't wait to get into the ring for a Don King fight. Ricardo Mayorga threw one too many insults at Fernando Vargas about his wife and his weight. They'll have to wait until September to settle it in the ring. Instead of that, wouldn't it be different or nice, say if a media conference broke out at a pre-fight brawl? That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight -

the latest on former Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler,

who has held talks with Sydney FC about becoming their marquee player.

The in his time road traffic check

- and there are problems on Old

Windsor Road in at Seven Hills. The

was an actor and writer need the

motorway - we are over Old Windsor

Road and we can see traffic backed Road and we can see traffic backed up newly into Parramatta. We have

people heading into Seven Hills in

strife and it is also a late night

shopping. It is not a good run for

motorists heading home to the north-west. motorists heading home to the What would you do with a share of $21 million? Whatever you want! (People shout) Whoo-hoo! Saturday Super Draw. With Lotto's massive $21 million That's right - $21 million! by Saturday, July 21 So get your entries in and you could: BUSY HUBBUB now, stand by. He's calling through We did. What do you want? unless you meet my terms. I demand, within 24 hours, the sum of $36.95. Oh, my... It's really not that much, is it? and not working full time, If you're over 50 a better insurance customer. APIA believes that you're So you deserve a better price. home and contents insurance by combining your that suits you. and choosing an excess unlike most others, And, on top of that, and not working full time, If you're over 50 insurance customer, If you're a better This program is captioned live. World War II hero Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop has been remembered, a century on from his birth. Generations gathering to pay tribute to a life devoted to others. Under the immortal image of an Australian wartime hero, the Dunlop family celebrated a legacy spanning a century today. he's done for other people Just remembering all the things in turn. and they want to pay their respects was remembered Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop and in life thereafter by those who knew him in battle his fight for others when he continued through his work as a surgeon. beneath his memorial statue. Tributes then cast, one by one, has a lot of emotion about it Anything to do with Weary Dunlop

an outstanding Australian. because he was of another unsung hero And he would have approved sharing the spotlight - Australian naval medical officer Samuel Stening was the only in Japanese captivity. in those camps The Australian mateship was quite an extraordinary thing that at the end of the war and I think so strong in him. who came out with that mateship of this year's Weary Dunlop Appeal, The ceremony also marks the launch raising much-needed funds for our ageing population. towards medical research (Plays the Last Post) Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News.

Time off all all the weather

details. Let's cross to the king of

the Thredbo himself. Some days are

diamonds and any time you're in

metres Thredbo and the snow is about 1.36

metres deep, you are happy in the

job you have got. But not everyone

is happy - your name is Wendy? How

many kids do you have? Three. I did

not have to ask you why you are

unhappy. School holidays finishers

for you when? Sunday. If you can,

beg, borrow or steal a chairlift up

to get this weekend - you would be doing

doing yourself a favour. Snow will

fall as low as 708 hundred metres.

Ryder Cup in Sydney - even your

couch is going to beat Chile this

weekend. Tops of only 15 degrees,

14 degrees in the greater West. 16

degrees will probably be your

maximum some time on Sunday. A few

maximum some time on Sunday. A few showers

showers and cold conditions.

It only for degrees in Katoomba

which is why they call them the Blue Mountains.

Cloud is forming over the South East in cold southerly

bringing showers to Tasmania,

Victoria and southern New South

Wales. Tomorrow's weather map - Wales. Tomorrow's weather map -

Bill be cold southerly winds over

Tasmania, Victoria and southern New

South Wales and South Australia

causing further showers. A trough

will maintain patchy rain across

parts of the West Coast. Showers

across the South East, heavy in

eastern Victoria and South East New

South Wales. Patchy rain in southern Western Australia. South Wales. Patchy rain in southern Western Australia. Any

time you want to look credible as a

news man on the television, you news man on the television, you get

together with Thredbo as new was

starred - Rocky a bit cocky. A

round of applause! I don't say this

very often but I am going to shut

everybody a drink. It will be the

own. first time I have ever shouted my

There will be called southerly

winds tomorrow but will bring

showers in the afternoon.

That temperatures are far from

tropical. Have a great one and we

tropical. Have a great one and we

will see you again from the top of

the Thredbo tomorrow night. Waved

goodbye folks. I'm Ron Wilson. That's the News at Five, Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight.

See you tomorrow night.

Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWING ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES ) D'OH! ( SCREAMS )