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This program is captioned live. admission from Sydney's train boss. Tonight - off the rails - a startling of a lack of maintenance culture. These incidents are a direct result

for a price check on groceries. Supermarket sweep - Kevin Rudd calls fine for her son's workplace death. And a mother's anguish at the paltry and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. lashes out at a forgetful witness Also tonight - an angry coroner in the Dianne Brimble inquest. And balloon with a view -

into history. one man's amazing deckchair ride But first this evening - every Sydney train commuter. the confession that should alarm confirming human error was to blame Cityrail boss Vince Graham crippling train debacle for last week's and he's gone much further, is plagued by poor maintenance. admitting the entire network in 30,000 stranded commuters, It resulted more government apologies over Thursday night's train debacle and the wind accused on the Harbour Bridge. has reached a different conclusion, Now an official inquiry firmly placing the blame and human error. on maintenance blunders not fitted correctly, Holding bolts and locking pins allowing strong winds to lift a maintenance hatch

into overhead wiring. in that the work was not done. That was human error, are the direct consequence These incidents of the lack a new yellow tag safety system, The Government promised an audit of all maintenance depots, additional locking mechanisms, flying squad and a special cross-agency to deal with such major breakdowns. from the Transport Minister A less than enthusiastic response when asked still had his confidence. if rail chief, Vince Graham Sorry. I didn't hear that question. Vince Graham? (Many laugh) Vince Graham and I have a job to do in maintenance, to ensure improvements to improve on-time running, of our rail system. the safety and reliability isolated to the Hornsby Depot. The maintenance problems have been no disciplinary action or sackings. But there'll be has called At the same time the Opposition resignation. for the Transport Minister's political spin than public safety. He's more concerned with is playing down a similar incident At the same time, the Government yesterday afternoon at Lindfield station came loose from a train. when an airconditioning grate to Waverton, The train continued at reduced speed The Government denies in a North Sydney tunnel the train was then hidden from view until after the evening peak. Paul Mullins, Ten News. from State Parliament. And Paul Mullins joins us there from Vince Graham - Paul, quite extraorindary admission is his job on the line?

It could well be. Certainly the

very government will be watching him

government will be watching him very closely government will be watching him

very closely from now on and I government will be watching him very closely from

Transport Minister didn't exactly think it's fair to say that the

rushed to his aid at today's news

conference. I have to say, it would

be grossly unfair if Vince Graham

were to be sacked. This government

has been in power for 12 years and

they can't be blaming Vince Graham

for everything. A major emergency at Newcastle was being unloaded 2.5 tonnes of fertiliser began leaking oil. and ammonium nitrate The mixture of oil leads to an explosive mixture mining industries as an explosive. and it's commonly used in was set up around the port A 1km exclusion zone diffusing the situation. while firemen risked their lives will monitor the cost of groceries, A dedicated supermarket sleuth under a Federal Labor Government. the blowtorch onto large retailers, are hurting families. insisting rising prices for less than $200 - Try filling up your shopping trolley it just doesn't happen. Kevin Rudd wants a national grocery inquiry.

families have generally seen Over the past five years like bread, fruit and vegetables the prices of everyday goods go up and up and up. the competition watchdog, the ACCC, Mr Rudd says he'd give to report on price spikes, extra powers by drought or collusion. whether they're caused It would also monitor prices, on its website. regularly publishing them they have nothing to hide. Large retailers say

of the weekly pay packet, As a proportion paying for a basket of groceries now is cheaper than it was

went shopping. when your mother or your grandmother of Mr Rudd's plan. The Government is scathing we've been monitoring prices He discovers that

through the ABS and ACCC some new seam of gold. and announces it as if he's found carrot prices in Australia, is he? Mr Rudd is now going to set I mean, I think not. for the consumer vote The move is an obvious play and comes on top of Mr Rudd's vow to monitor fuel prices, to establish a petrol commissioner necessarily lead to lower prices. but he admits neither will a record $1.3 billion profit, Woolworths yesterday forecast in the new year for meat and milk, yet it's also flagged higher prices

blaming the drought. an increase over time. I've definitely noticed are definitely more expensive. Things like basic needs things are more expensive, Every time you shop not just groceries, green groceries. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. on a company Outrage tonight over the fine imposed killing a young Sydney apprentice. which admits it's responsible for the outcome is a kick in the guts. The teenager's grieving mother says since Sue Baxter's son's death, In the years that have passed no easier to bear. her grief has become name shouldn't be here, She says 16-year-old Joel Exner's for construction workers who died etched on a memorial in building accidents. every night. I light a candle for him It's just hard. And it's just gotten harder. in the Industrial Relations Commission and a coronial inquest, the case against Joel's building firm is over. Its penalty - a $178,000 fine. It's a complete kick in the guts. It's pathetic. Multimillion-dollar company Australand admitted responsibility for Joel's death. He fell 15m from a roof he was working on, unharnessed, just three days into his new apprenticeship.

We're dealing here with a big builder with enormous assets and resources that had the capacity to make sure the workplace was safe. With the changes to unfair dismissal laws, the union claims more and more apprentices, young workers like Joel Exner, will be too afraid to speak up when assigned to unsafe tasks. It wants company directors made accountable. The day the CEOs of big companies are held responsible is the day they'll pay more attention to safety. And Sue Baxter wants the one thing she can't have... The only thing I want back is Joel. That's all and nobody can give me that.

Danielle Isdale, Ten News. As we go to air, lawyers are back in a Brisbane court arguing over the detention of terror suspect Dr Mohamed Haneef. Locked up for more than a week, the Gold Coast-based doctor is linked to the failed UK terror attacks. Federal Police have to convince a magistrate to give them more time to question Haneef, but even his lawyer is unaware what evidence they have against him. Well, from my point of view it's unfair on my client but there's another side to the story that hasn't been told yet. This afternoon, Haneef was allowed to speak to his wife on the phone, but there are moves to evict him from his Gold Coast home because he hasn't been able to pay his rent. The coroner has lost her patience with another of the men of interest in the Dianne Brimble cruise ship inquest. Luigi Vitale claims he's forgotten almost the entire holiday, but the coroner doesn't believe a word of it. before his trip on the 'Pacific Sky'. In fact, he'd never been out of Australia before. on his memory, But it's had so little impact it's almost as though it never happened. Must have been a fairly memorable event, a woman dying. The Adelaide man went on the trip with seven travel companions, three of whom were his friends. He returned a person of interest in a suspected homicide. But he claims to only remember the time he spent his cabin feeling ill with seasickness. And that's where he was the night Dianne Brimble died. Vitale told the court he can't even recall the name of the island where he and friends disembarked three days later.

But his memory lapses wouldn't wash with the coroner. She pointed out that the court had a copy of his expense account while on board, showing frequent trips to nightclubs and bars for alcohol, daily sessions at the gym and snacks of pizza and ice-cream. And this from a man who: By lunchtime, the coroner had lost her patience with the witness

and abruptly adjourned the case. She urged Vitale's lawyer to speak with his client because she would no longer tolerate his poor memory claims. A police video played to the court showed Vitale's lawyer expressing concern about potential charges relating to knowledge of a crime. But even after watching it, Vitale claimed not to remember participating in the interview. In the end, the coroner adjourned his evidence with a warning: The court will now focus on processing 500 bugged phone conversations between the eight men before resuming their questioning. Amber Muir, Ten News. Angry creditors demand answers over the collapse of yet another property investment group - that's next. Also tonight - the medical blunders we fear most - we reveal the most common hospital mistakes. And what's really in your drinking water - inside Sydney's water treatment plant. If you're looking for staff, I can help. Mike's a typical case. His furniture factory needed experienced workers, and he asked us to find someone. Out of all the people they sent along, Robert definitely had the skills we needed. But because of his back injury, he couldn't stand for long periods. We organised some financial assistance to get the workplace modified. And Robert started soon after that. We certainly wouldn't have found Robert without some help. And he's perfect. It proves you just don't know where the right person's gonna come from, do you? There's a wide-ranging work force out there, and we can help you tap into it. If you need staff, call the Employer Hotline on: Or visit For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. the rest of your life. Looking for staff? Remember, there's a wide-ranging work force out there and a lot of free services to help you tap into it. VOICEOVER: If you need staff, call the Employer Hotline on: Or visit This program is captioned live. A new nightmare for Australian investors who've lost $24 million

in the collapse of investment company Bridgecorp. Many of the victims confirming in other investment firms.

It's becoming an all too familiar sight - Australian investors attending a creditors' meeting to find out what happened to their money. The company name may change, but the story stays the same. This time it's Bridgecorp but many here have been bitten before. I did $50,000 in Fincorp. My daughter did $50,000 in Fincorp too. And I did $70,000 with Bridgecorp. Like this investor, many lost money with Fincorp, Westpoint and ACR.

I'm only a 2-time loser.

What do you mean, 2-time? I had some money with Fincorp too. Between them, 1,000 or so Australians are owed around $24 million. It's a terrible situation we find ourselves in and I'm sure we're probably better off than a lot of people. that's for sure. I'd like to get my money back, out for these investors Those who were meant to be watching have been remarkably silent since this latest collapse. The corporate regulator, ASIC, again declining our requests for an interview and refusing to explain how it let this happen yet again. I don't think they're regulating these companies enough, all these finance companies. They're very neglectful. This is the fourth company that's gone broke. Bridgecorp is essentially a New Zealand company, investors there lost $500 million.

The administrators of the Australian arm now looking at the assets left behind - heavily mortgaged properties. They will get some money back but the extent to which they get money back, I can't estimate. Little comfort but no surprise for these latest victims.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Disturbing revelations tonight dozens of deaths and illnesses have been caused by hospital blunders. of cover-up and fatigue for many of the medical mistakes. It's a surprise no patient ever wants to receive. A 17cm pair of surgical scissors were left inside Pat Skinner during a routine operation. A new report into medical blunders it's not a one-off incident, has found to report if something goes wrong. with many staff still too reluctant

By being truthful, being open, for other people. you can use that to good at hospital admissions in 2004-2005. The study looked Out of the 4.3 million cases, called "sentinel events". 130 led to death or serious harm, Medical errors involved Even the report's author admits

will grow the number of reported blunders more confident in coming forward. as medical staff become Mistakes will happen with human beings. because we're dealing many mistakes are avoidable. One advocacy group believes The Medical Error Action Group receives 70 calls a day from families desperate for answers. The stories I get from families are horrific. I don't see any changes to the culture, it's still one of secrecy, it's not one of safety. There's lots of talking about things - they're frightened they're going to be identified. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. And if you've been the victim of a medical blunder,

we'd like to hear your story. Email us at More good news on Sydney's water supplies -

for the first time in years. dams levels are nearing 60% But the State Government insists its controversial desalination plant. the city still needs sludge is a good thing. Surprisingly this ugly floating at the treatment plant Better to have it here through our taps. before making its way dam levels Heavy rain continues to boost tomorrow that it's almost 60% full. and we will have confirmation Even if our dams hit 60 or 70% or over the next few weeks, over the next 24 hours

at that level for the next 25 years they are not going to stay security supply of water for Sydney. and desalination is a long-term The recent cloudy plume visible at Warragamba Dam

in another part of the catchment and the collapse of a dam wall had to use more chemicals. meant the Prospect plant Doses were much higher. on our filters. We also have shorter run times more frequently We backwash the filters of chemicals. because of the higher load some people were right The end result is had a chlorine smell to it. when they thought the water fewer people are now complaining Officials point out than five years ago. about the quality of our water directly from Warragamba Dam. The channel behind me brings water What you're seeing is one of four chemical treatment processes

at the Prospect plant. that occurs here passes through these pipes 85% of Sydney's drinking water to reach homes. and then can take up to another week in fact 10 times better Our drinking water is in summer it often tastes better Although experts say aren't as noticeable. because the chemicals Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

Time to check the weather now. Eat

is actually is actually out there this evening? Time to check the weather now. Eat

It is for 10 degrees across the

most of the Sydney at the moment.

our minimum That was a 29 degrees warmer then

That was a 29 degrees warmer then our minimum That was a 29 degrees warmer then

our minimum temperature in NSW last our minimum temperature in NSW last

night which was minus 15 degrees in

Charlotte's pass. The rainfall last

night fell east of Parramatta which

made it wasn't in the catchment. night fell east of Parramatta which made it wasn't in the catchment. It

is currently 14 degrees. It was a great day today. great day today. is currently 14 degrees. It was a

There has been a little debate in

the 10 News Room recently about

whether this was a sunrise or a sum

that set. What we do know is that

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Tomorrow you have just won a video camera. it is a winner. Congratulations - you have just won a video camera. it is a winner. Congratulations -

Tomorrow at your you have just won a video camera. Tomorrow at your you have just won a video camera. Tomorrow at

you have just won a video camera. Tomorrow at your place will you have just won a video camera. Tomorrow at your place you have just won a video camera.

mainly sunny day. Tomorrow at your place will be a

Deadly plunge - killing five people. a plane crashes into a row of houses, That story next. wreaks havoc on a city highway. And a runaway wrecking ball That's the price of petrol we need looking for petrol. to make back how much we've spent the petrol needs to be. The further we drive, the cheaper I call it the Annabel Principle. Right.

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Let's check the traffic. That's

snake of the head light into the

West tonight doesn't look good. You

they have been a terrible accident

at St Mary's. It has stopped off

Roper road to the motorway. Look at

what peak power motorists are

sitting through. If you have been a

ready for a loved one heading home

to the west, I would put it back in

the oven because one hour delays

are expected. The traffic goes back

towards grey stains, past grey

stains and into Parramatta. We are

urging motorists to avoid the M4.

Get them to take the Great Western

Highway as it may be quicker.. the legs of babies to make them sleep A carer who tied has been found guilty of assault. was charged 46-year-old Lynda Foulds on a suburban daycare centre after a police raid

with their legs tied with bedsheets. found several sleeping infants She's been fined $750. Siobhan Tapscott was cleared Her 34-year-old colleague of all charges. the practice as bizarre The Perth magistrate descibed but not intentionally aggressive. is sparking new controversy tonight. Video of a wild footballers' brawl they won't get a fair trial The players involved say

has been made public. because the video this vision has surfaced, Police are unhappy allegedly involved but one of the star footballers says it was only a matter of time.

Security cameras from the Prince of Wales Hotel captured the all-star fight on grand final eve last September. No, I can't comment on it, sorry. It'll have to be a statement released by my lawyer later. It is hugely prejudicial. I'm dreadfully concerned that it is going to affect the fair procedure of a trial for Michael and for Simon. Both Michael and Simon vehemently deny any wrongdoing and are going to defend the charges that they face. former team-mate Simon Black, St Kilda star Fraser Gehrig and former Saint Stephen Lawrence are facing assault charges over the clash, along with two other hotel patrons. We're all ruled by the law of the land and we have faith in our legal system that the correct judgments will be made. The former Lions captain was refusing to comment further today, preferring to concentrate on the national under-18 football carnival, but he did last night. The facts, I guess, have never been in dispute.

It's more then, I guess, can you, I guess, in a roundabout way, justify your actions? So, from my point of view, that's where it sits right now.

Victoria Police claim they are considering their options. The AFL is calling on teams to deal with the issue after the matter has been through the courts. If the players are convicted then we would expect they would be disciplined by their club. Cameron Smith, Ten News. A chilling new terror warning to Britain

from al-Qaeda's second-in-command. An audio tape, released by Ayman al-Zawahiri, praises the recent attack at Glasgow Airport and threatens more of the same

if Prime Minister Gordon Brown keeps troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. MAN: (Speaks Arabic) The tape also says Britain should be punished

for making controversial author Salman Rushdie a knight. Five people are dead and two houses have been destroyed

in a shocking plane crash in America. Three of the victims were killed into their homes, when the aircraft slammed sparking a huge fire. In the moments after the crash of the Cessna 310 there was panic among those on the ground as two houses were engulfed in flames and reduced to charred ruins. 911 OPERATOR: I want everyone to get away from that house! WOMAN: OK. It's two houses! It's two houses? Get away from the houses!

The light plane had just taken off when the pilot raised the alarm as the cockpit filled with smoke. He'd been cleared to make an emergency landing when the plane clipped a tree and crashed into two homes. I heard people screaming and I saw the fire and I said, "What happened?", and I thought it was a fire but you never think it was a plane. Killed in the plane were the pilot and a plastic surgeon, well known in the nearby NASCAR racing community. They're shocked. They're upset. They are handling it very well, for the circumstances. Found dead in the houses - a mother and her 6-month-old son in one and a 4-year-old girl in the other. Her 10-year-old brother survived but suffered third-degree burns to up to 90% his body. His parents also survived. Neighbours are devastated at the tragedy. They don't deserve to lose Gabby. That's their baby. REPORTER: Tell me about Gabby. She's a really sweet, little girl, full of life. Firefighters managed to stop the flames spreading to nearby houses. The plane's manufacturer has been called in to help with investigations into the cause. In the US, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. The death toll from a week-long siege at a mosque in Pakistan has passed 60. Soldiers are in a tense stand-off with radical militants who've barricaded themselves inside. Loud explosions were heard a short time ago

as commandos worked to free as many as 300 people who are apparently being held hostage. The military stormed the mosque yesterday, the initial raid killing at least 40 militants and the mosque's cleric. Eight Pakistani soldiers also died. A runaway wrecking ball has caused havoc on the main street of an American town.

It was being used to knock down a library on top of a hill when the cable snapped, sending the 700kg projectile hurtling down the street. It's very strange when you see this huge ball coming down the street at you. The ball travelled more than 1km, finally coming to rest in the boot of a car. The future of Australia's troops in Iraq - that's coming up next. Also - it's time, birthday time - Gough Whitlam celebrates another milestone. And Muggles of the world unite - Harry Potter's back on the big screen with an action-packed adventure. KID 3: I want action, not action movies. KID 4: I feel better on the inside when I'm outside. LAUGHTER (Kids cheer) This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - a dedicated supermarket sleuth will monitor the cost of groceries, under a Federal Labor Government. Kevin Rudd promising to turn the blowtorch on large retailers, are hurting families. insisting rising prices A major emergency at Newcastle

with fears a cargo ship had been turned into a massive bomb. 2.5 tonnes of fertiliser was being unloaded when the ship's crane began leaking oil, resulting in an explosive mix. And the confession that should alarm every Sydney train commuter. Cityrail boss Vince Graham confirming human error was to blame for last week's crippling train debacle. admitting the entire network Under seige from Congress, US President George W. Bush is pleading for more time before troops are withdrawn from Iraq. Our Opposition warning Australia could be left behind with no exit strategy. The weekend devastation of a truck bomb in the Iraqi town of Armili, which left more than 100 dead, is a foretaste of a report due in Washington on Thursday. It will detail the lack of progress in the strife-torn country. Desperately trying to get ahead of its release, the President is urging patience. I welcome a good, honest debate about the consequences of failure the consequences of success in this war. The Democrat majority in Congress has lost patience.

All I know is we will draw down significantly Republican senator John McCain was in Iraq last week. He saw little progress but is backing the President's call for more time. I know that senators are tired of this war, tired of the mounting death toll. A new poll in America shows by next April, 71% want all troops out of Iraq except for a small number involved in counter-terrorism. Labor says it's time for an Australian exit strategy. The debate about a staged and phased withdrawal in the US has well and truly begun. The Australian Government is pledging to stay the course, though Foreign Minister Downer today ruled out doing more to help the American surge.

We're not going to do other things because we don't have the resources to do other things. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Gough Whitlam has celebrated his 91st birthday, dining with those who've shared his amazing journey over the years. The former prime minister taking the opportunity to revisit one of Australia's defining periods - his 1972 'It's Time' campaign. The important task now is to keep those issues before the people of Australia. A who's who of politics and power helped him celebrate at the former residence of Archbishop Mannix. Another disappointing day on the share market driven down by tumbling US stocks and lower metal prices. And unleaded petrol is selling tonight for an average of 1.24, up two cents from yesterday. We found it as low as $1.16 at Dee Why. Harry Potter has cast a spell on school holiday crowds,

with the fifth instalment of his adventures hitting the big screen. But despite some lukewarm reviews, Muggles seem to love it. MOVIE CLIP: What is the happiest you can remember? Allow it to fill you up. Keep trying. He's the boy wizard that never fails to impress. So excited. (All laugh) Number five has flown into town. It's on everyone's lips. Did you leave the broomstick in the car? Absolutely. DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS MAN: (Whispers) Harry, Harry... The mystical world of Hogwarts is back, darker and scarier than ever. We'll be jumping out of our seats, but we're ready for it. We're ready for it. Wingardium leviosa. This time Harry's arch nemisis, the dark wizard Voldemort,

returns to fight another day. A well-known character departs and magic school is a lot different this year. Things at Hogwarts are far worst than I feared. And for the fearless followers it was well worth waiting for.

4, 4.5... It was really good. They left too out a bit too much... but it was better than the other movies though. Cinemas across the country have been jampacked today, but many people have decided to avoid the queues and buy tickets online. Pre-sales have been the big success story. And the rush should continue over the holidays. If Voldemort's building up an army then I want to fight. Josh Murphy, Ten News. In scenes straight out of the movie 'Danny Deckchair' a man in the United States has used a bunch of helium balloons to fly more than 300km. The 47-year-old from Oregon tied 105 huge balloons to his deckchair and set off on an adventure he certainly won't forget in a hurry. I did not have a seatbelt, but I did have a parachute. After nine hours Kent finally drifted back to earth, after reaching the lofty height of 13,000 feet. The exact location of Springfield,

After his call whether we are in foray

foray heat wave. It is going to be

the warmest it is going to be until

the we end of the weekend. Fine and

sunny conditions. Friday - a late

shower and 16 degrees. Saturday -

16 degrees and mainly Sunni. Sunday

- 16 degrees and mainly Sunni. - 16 degrees and mainly Sunni. 16 degrees and mainly Sunni. Sunday

Minus 15 degrees at Minus 15 degrees at Charla pass

which was eight degrees below

average. Great news for the snow

makers and the condition of the

Australian Alps have. I am talking

about that because I am on a plane

tomorrow morning to bring you

pictures live from the Thredbo

tomorrow night. I will be staying

down there for about four days - I

would make it a lot longer if I

could. I like being away from the Ron Wilson. Sport now with Tim Webster the pressures of the job? and one NRL coach reveals

about his wife's observations of watching a husband under pressure - more shortly.

Also is Luke in luck? The NRL's top point-scorer holds out hope of being back for the Eels in the finals.

And later - look who's back -

a sneak peak at an older and wiser Indiana Jones. SONG: # Hey, where's my Weet-Bix? #

Win with Weet-Bix and the mighty Socceroos. You could score one of five fantastic Hyundai Santa Fes or a trip to the Radisson, Fiji. There's thousands of other prizes and a Socceroos collector card in every pack. So for real energy, hook into wholegrain Weet-Bix. Mate! How many do you do? # Hey, where's my Weet-Bix? # Ben Kennedy will sit on the bench Retired former Manly captain with the Wests Tigers on Friday. for the Sea Eagles clash it's aimed at reintegrating Kennedy While he won't play, after signing a $3 contract. who's on stand-by for the finals Steve Folkes has spoken Meanwhile, Bulldogs coach of the pressures of NRL coaching after brother-in-law Chris Anderson's shock decision to quit the Roosters.

questioned his own coaching future. Folkes revealed he too has at times

call it quits, After watching his brother-in-law Steve Folkes knows only too well

with being a first grade coach. the stresses that come My wife always says, "It's amazing your happiness for the week "can be decided by the bounce of a ball." That's the way it is most weeks. It's a rollercoaster. Chris Anderson's decision to end his coaching career mid-season, to his former Canterbury team-mate. a "gutsy call" according Anderson citing failing health as the major reason. I don't think it's ever affected my health, but certainly there are times when you ask, "Is this all worth it?,' yeah. Folkes says the answer is always, "yes". But the question of, for how long, not as easy to answer. Well, who knows? for you by results and things, A lot of the time that's decided involved. so there's a fair bit of pressure

Do you have up ahead have

of someone or get all your

frustrations out on the field. If

that giving some bloke a mouthful

if he does it deserves it, then so

be it. The NRL's leading point-scorer for the finals, is hopeful he'll be back in action buoyed by the initial diagnosis Parramatta's Luke Burt on his dislocated kneecap. An MRI scan later this week the extent of the damage will determine A it's helped me a lot and it gives

me hope for the future and I hope I

can repay you. At $6,000 - he's

been six months in hospital and

defied doctors are saying that he

never walk again. And this

never walk again. And this one's inspirational coach captain Brett coaxes

coaxes says he needs to find some

consistency against Carlton at the

SCG. This one's have struggled to

put some good performances together. SCG. This one's have struggled to put some good performances together.

The competition is soaked even -

you just have to it be mentally good

good to turn up and complete and we

are coming up against a good to turn up and complete and we are coming up against a young aside. Barry

Barry Hall is expected to play but

a couple of others are likely to

stay in the reserves for another week.

has spoken out Former Socceroos coach Frank Farina Graham Arnold in support of current coach after a lacklustre performance against Oman. in their first Asian Cup match continued in Bangkok today The hard work on the training track in steamy conditions. with players sweating it out in their second group match Australia take on Iraq in the Thai capital on Friday. sent the home fans into a frenzy In other matches, co-hosts Indonesia while heavyweights China thumped Malaysia 5-1

to go to the top of group C. Closer to home - Sydney FC has signed former Socceroo Tony Popovic on a 2-year deal. The 34-year-old returns to his hometown

after playing overseas for 12 years in Japan, England and the Middle East. Felt it was the right time to come back for the family and myself. Exciting times in the A-League and it will be nice to be part of that. Meanwhile Sydney are continuing talks with former Liverpool and England star Robbie Fowler.

A tough day at the Tour de France with riders contesting strong headwinds on the event's longest leg, from Belgium to northern France. a 236km journey

took time out Race leader Fabian Cancellera Stuart O'Grady, to chat with Aussie mate Gert Steegmans while yesterday's winner came to grief 40km from the finish. in yesterday's pile-up, After being involved 400m champion John Steffensen And Aussie Commonwealth Games is running into form World Athletics Championships. for next month's in Lausanne He's finished strongly for second behind Congo's Gary Kikaya in a time of 45.54s.

Later in Sports Tonight we'll hear That's all for now. from Socceroo Brett Emerton and meet the man who's cycling for over 90 hours, non stop.

At because he can. Time to check

the weather - traffic. Big problems

over Greystones and for traffic

heading west. This is the traffic

trying to head to the mountain's.

These are the delays - 815, to a

traffic jam towards Eastern Creek

Western ground. It is taking a

motorists an extra 45 minutes

heading to Penrith if they stay on

the M4. You can see the Great

Western Highway is very quiet - if

motorists take the Great Western

Highway, they get home on a time.

If they take the M4, they will be home late. Yeah, I know. Get off the phone! I need to use the Net! When can I see you next? My brother's being a dork. No, sorry. Can you shut up? Get off the phone! (Sighs) Yeah. Tonight's the night." (Reads) "I think I love him. Matt, I've got to go. Give it back to me!

Dad! Give it to me! Fine, I'm giving it to you! Go on the computer if you want! You're SO annoying! Give it to me. and not working full time, If you're over 50 a better insurance customer. APIA believes that you're You can save up to $270 APIA doesn't charge you a fee for paying your premium by the month. So, call us now to see how much you can save. Tonight's weather report is brought to you by APIA. you deserve a better price. This program is captioned live.

Now a tale to gladden the heart - the tale of a dog that's been missing for ten years. Rosie was lost from a car in 1997 and today she and her owner were reunited. A tiny terrier with a memory like an elephant - judging by the wagging tail, whimpering and shivers. Rosie, oh, goodness! Where have you been? Oh, God!

and Rosie was just a pup Backtrack 10 years 5-year-old granddaughter, Georgia. in the arms of Sue Webb's sports car on the Gold Coast She fell out of a convertible

on the highway, Rosie was gone. and by the time Sue could turn around 10 years lost and buckets of tears. ..and I'd dream about her. I didn't think I'd ever stop... my heart's going boom, boom! I cannot believe it - like a pendulum in triple time. And Rosie's tail is pulsating with the family Today she was reunited because, all those years ago, with her details she was injected with a microchip and the RSPCA vets scanned it. to know she's going home. but it's just the best feeling Rosie was found wandering on the coast with no collar or registration, but someone must have been looking after her. Someone else might love her, too. I don't like to think about that but I'd really like to know where's she's been. Rosie's going home - expressed in that wagging tail. If she could talk, if only she could talk. Mark Suleau, Ten News.

Berry queued at. We thought we love

Tim Bailey behind once but we

hadn't. Go where the story moves

from the mountain to wary was a

minus 15 degrees. That minimum was

eight to below average and eight-

mountains to the sea. to- year alone. We move from the

mountains to the sea. Dangerous surf conditions for Sydney

predicted to be coming up about now.

Tomorrow there will be waves at

eight at 210 ft. As far as eight at 210 ft. As far as the

weather is concerned it will be

fine and sunny tomorrow, Friday fine and sunny tomorrow, Friday

will have a late shower of.

Saturday and Sunday will be 16

degrees and the mainly Sunni. It degrees and the mainly Sunni. It

will be up fine and sunny next week.

Not much rain last night - most of

it was East of Parramatta which

didn't do the catchment any good.

And you'll weather pictures - your

pictorial views are make Powell

news. If you have a photograph -

take it down at the beach news. If you have a photograph - take it down at the beach tomorrow, take it down at the beach tomorrow,

Mother Nature will put on a show -

send it to us at the details to be

low. Are the best shot each and every low. Are the best shot each and

every week will wind a DG can or a handy can. every week will wind a DG can or a A

Cloud over the South East circulate

around a week low-pressure system

bringing showers to South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. Cold

southerly winds will strengthen in southerly winds will strengthen in

the South East causing showers to spread

spread across Victoria and southern

NSW. Showers in South eastern NSW

with snow on higher ground - we

love that sort of talk. Showers for

and far Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia

and far north-eastern Queensland. Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia


Why do we like that sort of talk? Because our cameras come to you

from the top of Thredbo - school from the top of Thredbo - school

holidays in the snow and there has been

been some of the best snow in been some of the best snow in 19

years. Officials no depth is a 1.36

metres which we have not seen since metres which we have not seen since

1990. It is a bumper season. 1990. It is a bumper season. metres which we have not seen since

CU tomorrow night a from Thredbo.

At that has a lovely ring about it. After 18 years, Indiana Jones is back, resurrecting the silver screen hero director Steven Spielberg for film number four. I just want to say, break a leg, have a good shoot, do your best work and here's looking at you, kids! (ALL) Cheers! This is our first look behind the scenes with Spielberg and leading man Harrison Ford. Joining the adventure this time around

will be Cate Blanchett and John Hurt. until May next year. We won't see the finished product I'm Ron Wilson. That's the News at Five, And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. throughout the evening Stay with us for updates with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions RAUNCHY ROCK RIFF PLAYS What's on the box is proudly brought to you by what's in the box with the dots. SONG: # Domino's! # D'OH! ( SCREAMS ) ANNOUNCER: THE NEWS ON PARADE CORPORATION PRESENTS: BRINGING YOU THE WORLD