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(generated from captions) and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Sandra Sully, Tonight, two more days -

to grill a Gold Coast doctor anti-terror police win time search his hospital. as bomb sniffer dogs Scientology twist - from taking psychotic medication the double murder suspect banned because of religious beliefs. Plus, Daniel Johns's drug apologies. and Peter Garrett and Bono DANIEL JOHNS: Me and Natalie smoking a joint... laying on Bono's bed life of an AFL player during a game. And quick-thinking doctors save the with Brad McEwan. That story headlines Sports Tonight Sandra, doctors have admitted could have died Melbourne teenager Ricky Petterd

the Demons' match against Carlton. after his lung collapsed during in hospital Petterd is recovering well in his chest to reinflate his lung. after having a needle inserted to do that under pressure. Obviously amazing to be able a jaw and ended a season. Also tonight - the hit that shattered I remember just getting tackled my tooth going through the air. and as I was going down I seen

Wimbledon wonderland. And Roger Federer's And just in - a football coach calls it quits

in a shock resignation. a short time ago More ahead in Sports Tonight. have been given another 48 First - federal police

over failed terror attacks in the UK. hours to hold a Gold Coast doctor They went to court tonight to gather evidence in the case. to get more time to hold Mohamed Haneef A court order allowing Federal Police expired at 7:05 tonight, so they went back to court a five-day extension. apparently seeking

only 48 hours. But the magistrate granted

further argument It would seem that he wants to hear to any further detention order, in relation if I could call it that. opposed the extension - Haneef's lawyers should be changed they believe the law so they can see the police case against their client.

We don't have access to the material to keep him detained. the police are relying on to be inadequate If the laws turn out

making them more adequate. then the Government will look at parts of the Gold Coast Hospital, police sniffer dogs swept through Earlier in the day,

where Haneef worked. for traces of explosives It's believed they were hunting and staff locker rooms. in the accident and emergency area the doctor's flat again Police have also raided searching for more information. heaps of people around My missus said it was, like, really noisy. between afternoon to night-time -

Arrangements were made today in India, for Dr Haneef to contact his wife in happier times at Sydney Aquarium. as this photo emerged of the couple from the Brisbane jail cell It's a long way where he remains tonight. Mark Suleau, Ten News. from London tonight And in breaking news have just been convicted three Muslim extremists in London in 2005 over a failed plot to set off bombs bombings which killed 52 commuters. just two weeks after the July 7

over the plot Six men were originally charged on three of the suspects. but the jury couldn't reach verdicts the government's warning The PM is defending against Australians sufficiently firm intelligence John Howard says there is terror attack against Westerners. indicating another we don't upgrade them, We don't change these things, unless there is sufficient reason. we don't make statements

and well in South-East Asia, Jemaah Islamiah is still alive But Australian tourists seem unfazed. and I think... A little bit scary, you know, and we love Bali people. but we love Bali most frequent visitors. Australians are among Bali's to the New Zealand PM Helen Clark, The warning means nothing to Indonesia next week. going ahead with an official visit for the Prime Minister A rebound in the polls but not for his government. in the Northern Territory The emergency intervention for John Howard. seemingly a winner Newspoll claiming tonight Nevertheless, Labor would take government. if an election was held now, for John Howard There was positive feedback a Sydney nursing home... as he visited You'll always have my vote. Oh, thank you. ..and more for the Prime Minister in the 'Australian' newspaper, in the latest Newspoll closing the gap on Kevin Rudd. up two points as better PM, of Mr Howard's big-stick approach The result is on the back in remote Aboriginal communities, to child abuse in the 2-party preferred poll. but the trend hasn't followed remaining unchanged, Labor's 12-point lead prime ministerial dreams alive. keeping Mr Rudd's The Labor leader is hoping the housing nightmares of voters his plan to solve will help voters like Eddy Bourke, rental property difficult. who found finding an affordable People can't realise the dream maybe a generation ago. people had in Australia from community housing He was lucky, finding accommodation at 75% market rates.

there isn't enough of it. The problem is Australia-wide - Now Kevin Rudd has unveiled a plan to private developers to offer tax credits and superannuation funds to invest the Commonwealth Government, I'm surprised after 11 years in office, of doing something similar has not thought the housing affordability crisis to assist with The industry welcomes the suggestion. in this country.

successfully in the US It is a scheme that's operated for a number of years in that country and has helped increase the supply of affordable rental housing. And the Treasurer has his own plan, on first home buyers working towards easing the burden in problem areas across the country, with an audit of land working out what can be released. cautious. But the Prime Minister remains

we don't simply increase demand We've got to be careful and make the houses more expensive. Brad Hodson, Ten News. to the Kimberley town of Halls Creek A special police team has flown in as a paedophile crisis emerges in the area. Six men have been charged with almost 24 child sex offences. A further 20 people from across the north and east Kimberley are under investigation. The Halls Creek issue surfaced when a pregnant 13-year-old girl a sexually transmitted disease. For too long the epidemic of sexual abuse and physical abuse

towards children and women in Indigenous communities has been met with silence. It's time to draw a line in the sand and say, "Enough is enough." Women can take confidence, children can take confidence that they can come forward to authorities and be heard. There are 10 suspected victims in the Halls Creek area, aged between 11 and 14. A sensational religious twist in a deadly stabbing frenzy - a court has been told a woman charged with murdering members of her family

had psychiatric problems but wasn't allowed medication because the parents were Scientologists. A father allegedly stabbed to death by his daughter, a court now told

both the victim and his wife were Scientologists and opposed to psychiatric treatment. The 25-year-old daughter appeared in court today,

charged with the murder of her father and her 15-year-old sister and the wounding of her mother. The law prevents them from being identified. The court was told: Members of the family and friends from her evangelical Christian church were in court to support the 25-year-old. The court was told she suffered paranoia, depression, panic attacks and episodes of anger. She had sought medical help but stopped taking her medication when her parents objected. When she came into the courtroom the young woman appeared withdrawn, fearful and fragile. She's now back on psychiatric medication and has been ordered to continue treatment at a prison hospital. Detectives revealed that the victims suffered multiple stab wounds. The alleged killer slashed her wrists and told police she'd butchered her family. She allegedly said:

We all want the best for our family member and we're satisfied that's happened.

John Hill, Ten News. Silverchair lead singer Daniel Johns says he feels sick and has apologised after a controversial comment he now claims was a joke. Johns had gone on radio saying he had drugs with celebrity mates. It was really one of the most surreal moments of my life. Me and Natalie and Peter Garrett and Bono laying on Bono's bed smoking joints, listening to 'Young Modern' demos. Johns now says there was no drug-taking at all. Peter Garrett has also issued a denial. More on our breaking story tonight, and Sydney Rooster coach Chris Anderson has quit his club tonight after a shocking defeat at the weekend. His replacement has already been named. The details ahead.

MAN: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The wraps come off the world's most advanced passenger jet that gives the environment top priority. By producing the most fuel-efficient, low-noise, low-emission aeroplane, we are helping to preserve the natural resources of this planet.

And in CommSec's finance report, stunning gains today on the stock market. SONG: # We're always told repeatedly # Baby, I'm telling you # This is what you should do... # CHEERING # Just say the word and they are yours... # This program is captioned live. The PM's crackdown on Aboriginal communities has sparked an angry reaction across the Tasman, a Maori Party MP letting fly at the Prime Minister's intervention

during a TV interview. John Howard is a racist bastard imposing racist policies on a people who are not in a position to fight back. Hone Harawira compared the plan to the invasion of Iraq, labelling it poorly thought out. Protests against the government action have been planned for cities across Australia and New Zealand this Saturday. A new campaign to change the definition of the term de facto partner. The push comes from Australia's same sex couples who claim they're being cheated by the Federal Government. With a 21-month-old daughter together, Sacha Peterson and Anna Russell describe their family life as normal. We are not running around We're just ordinary, everyday people and so it's tough when that's questioned. A new report has identified 58 federal laws denying same-sex couples and their children basic financial benefits, causing heated debate from members of the Family Council. Then they're claiming single parent benefits, which married couples are not entitled to. I claim student benefits and I would gladly give them up if I didn't have to pay double tax. The Human Rights Commissioner claims Australia's 20,000 same-sex couples are being cheated out of a long list of entitlements. and is calling for the definition of de facto to be broadened to include gay and lesbian couples. as first-class taxpayers Treated, in that sense, but as second-class citizens. The Federal Government says it is against discrimination - the Opposition claiming there's bipartisan support in stamping it out. It's something where action needs to occur to make sure all forms of discrimination of a practical nature are removed. Advocates believe that's a simple process. We would just like to see the changes that were recommended put in place. It's not a hard thing to do - it's not raising the 'Titanic'. Share Buyback Group is offering to buy stock in a number of high-profile companies The corporate watchdog stepped in tonight to block a company that's offering to buy shares from investors. Share Buyback Group is offering to buy stock in a number of high-profile companies at less than what the shares are worth. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission says it's concerned investors will think the offers are official buy-back programs. To finance news and CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Tom, a good lead from Wall Street with positive jobs numbers give our bourse a kick start?

The US jobs report was an important

port to dodge for the markets. That

sparked a rally in the Asian markets

markets today. Local investors

focused on commodity stocks today.

Bhp accounted for almost half

Bhp accounted for almost half the

market improvement. The price of

oil is at his highest level in 10

years. Takeover activity played a

part. A forestry group today said

you will open its books to new

potential bidders on the proviso

that if they do choose to BDB will

be higher than the current price in place.

To the market in detail: The next generation in air travel has gone on show with Boeing unveiling its dream machine - the 787. Qantas is one the company's biggest customers for the revolutionary jet that will be flying in Australia within a year. The 787 Dreamliner is Boeing's first all-new commercial jetliner in more than a decade and the company is promising it's like nothing you've ever seen. It's taken the company six years to turn the dream into a reality - an aircraft constructed from carbon fibre and reinforced plastic. The composite material helps make it less expensive to maintain and cheaper to fly by using 20% less fuel, and Boeing says for those living near airports, the jet is quieter on take-off and landing. We are helping to preserve the natural resources of this planet. Qantas is one of Boeing's biggest customers, increasing its order by 20 aircraft on the eve of plane's unveiling. The Flying Kangaroo expects to take delivery

of the first 15 by next July for use by its low-cost carrier, Jetstar. Budget-savvy passengers will notice a difference - larger seats, wider aisles, bigger windows and a lighting system to mimic sunrise and sunset on long flights. And for nervous flyers, some additional comfort - a special system to smooth out turbulence. This plane is particularly good for long, thin routes, and that means that passengers will have a better chance of avoiding having to change planes.

In all, Boeing has orders for 677 planes and the first commercial flight is still almost a year away. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Brad McEwan now with Sports Tonight. Brad, some big news breaking at the Sydney Roosters. Sandra, Chris Anderson is gone. After the break, we'll tell you his replacement. Also tonight, the Knights' flying start against the Eels. Robbie McEwen's scintillating start to the Tour de France. And Cahill does it again to save the Socceroos. DREAMY, SEDUCTIVE LOUNGE MUSIC PLAYS This program is captioned live. Melbourne teenager Ricky Petterd according to club doctors after he suffered a collapsed lung during yesterday's clash with Carlton, the medicos explaining today how they saved the young footballer's life. Ian Cohen has more. Yes, thanks, Brad, and good evening. This is one of those lucky stories - the doctors are still trying to work out

how the initial injury occurred. But the good news is the teenager is in hospital tonight recovering after having a needle inserted into his chest to try and re-inflate his lung. That just sounds really painful, and it was only done in the nick of time. He wouldn't have wanted to be in a situation where he didn't have the medical back-up for probably more than another 5 or 10 minutes. The collapsed lung caused Petterd to rapidly lose consciousness. Dr Kal Fried forced to perform a procedure for the very first time in his medical career. A tube - a cannula - was pushed through his chest wall into the area where we know the air collects, if that's the diagnosis, and Kal performed that at the time and it was almost instant recovery.

Brendan Fevola was back at Carlton after his week-long suspension for a short meeting with the coach,

and he emerged vowing not only to play this week but be on his best behaviour. Was it frustrating yesterday watching the boys play? Um, yeah, it was. When you get something that you love taken away, it's pretty keen to get back and play footy, so I look forward to playing in Sydney this week, which will be good. Speculation continues about Freo star Matthew Pavlich heading home to South Australia, his name again linked to Port and the Crows. The Dockers skipper noncommittal beyond this year. I've been committed for eight long years now, Lachy, so it's a very long time, isn't it? hit by injuries, The Bulldogs have been and Chris Grant, a hamstring. both Scott West, with a groin, at playing this week. It still gives me sort of chance it'd be definitely the next week, If it wasn't this week so I'm relatively happy with that. I thought I'd torn a hammy. At Richmond, Brett Deledio is out for four weeks after surgery to his broken hand

from Shannon Grant copped in this kick deemed to be OK. which the Match Review Panel is facing two weeks But Dustin Fletcher for a lazy swinging arm or one with an early guilty.

on Gary Ablett Team-mate Mark McVeigh's strike with one for an early plea, has also earned him a 2-match ban, has accepted a week for this elbow. while Eagles midfielder Daniel Kerr Yeah, it'll get looked at for sure. COMMENTATOR: And, Brad, just before I go, a massive announcement tomorrow. the Melbourne Football Club have got My insiders tell me, though, or the coaching stocks it's nothing to do with the coach or another coaching announcement,

a big happy birthday - but it is to do with a milestone coming up for the Dees. We'll have more on that for you tomorrow night. Thanks, Paul. Well, on to tonight's football - a horror night for Parramatta, by Newcastle, thumped on the scoreboard

Luke Burt for the season with a knee injury. you'd think the chips would be down No Jarrod Mullen for the Knights - but before they'd even made a tackle opened their account. Mitchell Sargent COMMENTATOR: He crashes over. through Steve Simpson - They were in again that took them to 12-0. did some boot scooting, When Danny Buderus to the try line. George Carmont had a saloon passage Carmont, back on the inside. It is all Newcastle on Monday night, from Ben Smith to stop another It took a copybook tackle just before half-time. the Eels' night got even worse. When they returned Danny Buderus has fallen Oh no, I think

of Luke Burt. on the lower leg, the right leg, leading point-scorer in agony The competition's with a dislocated knee. his season almost certainly over. He was taken off, In a world of hurt at the moment. on the scoreboard too. The Eels were suffering

over in the corner. MacDougall put McManus Then Cory Patterson's miracle pass had Carmont in for his second. He's still going... and they're in. for the Eels to break their duck. It took 60 minutes The Eels have found a way. A good pass to Mateo. But their defence was paper thin - MacDougall crashed past two out wide to a humiliating defeat. as the Eels crashed for the youngster. Well, that was embarrassing Paul Cochrane, Sports Tonight. who swapped clubs this season, A battle of the coaches taking the honours. and it was Brian Smith's men the last 20 minutes of a game It was nice to enjoy without a heap of pressure on us. If we had have lost again to slip away from the eight, I think we would have started so we spoke about that. It appeared from nearly the word go the whole game, we were a yard off the pace in the way we played. so the fears were sort of confirmed of the season, So, as we head into the business end the Storm remain the front runners. despite tonights loss. The Eels remain in fourth spot just outside the top eight, Across the page, and the Knight's now over the Raiders while the Dragons big win in the right direction. has them finally moving Paul Cochrane is following the story. Paul, it's not entirely unexpected.

This story is just breaking, but

what I can tell you it is that

Chris Anderson made a call to a

senior manager of the City Roosters.

He told Craig Fitzgibbon, the club

captain, that he would not be

captain, that he would not be

joining the team on a plant can be

on the New South Wales South Coast.

I believe there was due to start

today. He also spoke to the CEO of

the club and told him he was

resigning. This is not entirely

unexpected. The club was humiliated by

by Manly on Saturday night 56 by Manly on Saturday night 56 male.

It seemed at times that it was too

much for Chris Anderson to bear.

The team was leaking points. You

would have to think this is about

the end of the road for Chris Anderson.

Anderson. It is the false NRL club

he has courage. He won Premiership

with Melbourne and the Bulldogs. He

also coached the sharks and is now

at the Roosters. He came home from

England as a club's saviour, because the races were a because the races were a sinking

ship last year. He would have to

think this is just about the end of

the road for Chris Anderson's

coaching days. We saw in the vision

he could not bear to watch the

reason, and they have already named

his replacement. Brad Fittler was a

decorated player for the Roosters.

He has already been appointed to He has already been appointed to

fill in for Chris Anderson until

the end of the year. There is no

word yet if it is a long-term

appointment. He has been an

appointment. He has been an

assistant coach at the club this

season. On the field the Roosters

have been flogged all season. Brad

him. Fittler has his work cut out for

has accepted his season is over Bulldogs forward Kane Cleal in two places after his jaw was broken in yesterday's win over Cronulla, at the Dogs was starting to take off. the injury coming as Cleal's career to reconstruct his jaw overnight Despite having 3-hour surgery in hospital this afternoon. Kane Cleal was surprisingly upbeat The second-rower Cronulla prop Ben Ross with no hard feelings toward for the hit. meaning to break my jaw I don't think he went in or anything or like that. and part of it comes - It's a tough game and I think, it was just unlucky the time that it happened.

didn't see it that way. the match review committee dangerous tackle charge. He's been slapped with a grade-5 Ross will sit out three weeks Cleal not so lucky - he'll sit out the rest of the season. a lot of confidence The kid's been building and doing really well.

so, yeah, it's disappointing to see he'll probably miss the end of the season. South Sydney's Isaac Luke also in hot water with the judiciary on Melbourne's Ben Cross. for his tackle with a grade-1 dangerous throw. The utility has been charged will see him miss one week An early guilty plea will escape suspension while team-mate Manase Manuokafoa with an early guilty plea. Early pleas will also see the Wests Tigers' Todd Payton and Andrew Ryan of the Bulldogs avoid suspension. Meantime it's good news for St George Illawarra with Mark Gasnier expected back on the field in as little as two weeks. Gasnier has been out since the preseason after tearing his pectoral muscle

in the Charity Shield match against the Rabbitohs. But Gasnier is unikely to return at five-eighth, with young Rangi Chase stamping his authority on the position. North Queensland fans can rest easy, to line up against the Broncos with their skipper pledging on Friday night. Doctors say Jonathan Thurston's hip injury is not a major concern. While Titans skipper Scott Prince's collarbone is recovering well. He is a big chance to play the Raiders on Sunday. Victoria Murphy, Sports Tonight. Roger Federer has emulated the great Bjorn Borg by capturing a fifth straight Wimbledon title. The world number one eventually got up in a 5-set thriller over his newest arch-rival, Rafael Nadal. Wimbledon's wettest championship in 25 years was happy to accommodate a tear-jerking finale, an emotional Roger Federer becoming just the second man to win five successive Wimbledon crowns. To play a champion like Rafael in the finals, of course it means even more to me, equalling Bjorn as well, so it's... APPLAUSE Earlier, the game's top two gladiators fought out a war of attrition on their sport's most famous battlefield... COMMENTATOR: Great tennis!

..Federer's class on grass providing him with the opening set, Nadal's response a little unorthodox. That's amazing! That's not possible! Federer forced to stand his ground in the third... He backed himself.

..the world's best clinching a two-sets-to-one advantage, but the Spaniard refused to lie down for a Sunday siesta... Wow! Strikes back immediately. ..and his assistance from Hawk-Eye had Federer frustrated. How in the world was that ball in? I mean, it's just killing me today. The defending champion eventually regained his composure to break Nadal's serve - and heart - claiming an 11th career Grand Slam title 6-2 in the final set. It's a big moment for me and, you know, then in the end, to lift a trophy, it's special memories. I'll have it for all my life. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. Well, he truly is one of the greatest sportsmen ever. Federer has won almost 80% of all his matches. 49 career titles, including 11 grand slams, have earned him a massive 38 million smackers. Australia's first taste of Asian Cup football against Oman ended in a dramatic escape, super sub Tim Cahill saving the socceroos. call in Tim Cahill. Would you believe it? It's Germany all over again! The attacking midfielder turned back the clock to Kaiserslautern, scoring Australia's first Asian Cup goal in his first game back from a broken foot.

It's quite an emotional night. Been out for four months now and, yeah, to come back and to get a goal just puts the icing on the cake. Cahill's injury-time goal saved Australia from the ultimate embarrassment. The tournament favourites were well off the pace, falling behind in the 32nd minute, a margin that could have been tripled if it wasn't for Mark Schwarzer and his magic gloves. Free header - oh, great save by Schwarzer. As long as I could keep it down to 1-0 as much as possible, for as long as possible then there was every chance we could get ourselves back in the game. Brett Emerton was yellow-carded for this effort and it started a string of dramatic dives from Oman as they tried to protect their lead by calling for the stretcher, but the greatest rescue came from Cahill, a fortunate draw that exposed the team's frailties with players losing up to 5kg in the extreme conditions. I've got to commend the players on their character. Lesser teams wouldn't have come back and Timmy Cahill showed what a great value he is

to the national team. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. So it remains all level in Group A. The Socceroos take on Iraq on Friday night in the second of their three games. Former Socceroo Stan Lazaridis is back at Perth Glory while the Anti-Doping Tribunal decides his A-League fate. The former Socceroo met with the tribunal in May after returning a positive drug test. The club is frustrated at being kept in the dark. It's affected recruitment because there were too many variables that you just don't know. It's to do with salary cap status, etc, etc, so yeah, it's wearing a bit thin.

Lazaridis will be on light training for up to six weeks after having groin surgery. Robbie McEwen has bounced back from a puncture and a late crash of the Tour de France, to win stage one McEwan claiming his 12th and most courageous tour stage victory. A forgettable start to a memorable opening stage for Robbie McEwen as a tyre puncture just 15km in

provided the first of his many obstacles. COMMENTATOR: There's the first puncture of the day and it's Robbie McEwen. This man will always get in the picture somehow. McEwen recovered to rejoin the main group on the long and winding road to Canterbury.

Countryman Brett Lancaster in his debut tour came to grief first. And that was a nasty break, there. That's Brett Lancaster of Australia. Then it was McEwen's turn in a pile-up just 23km from home. Wearing number 46, McEwen has had a problem at the wrong time here. I was almost at a dead standstill and someone's hit me from behind and flipped me over the handlebars and the first thing I thought was I'd broken my wrist. Spain's Eduardo Gonzalez became the race's first retiree -

crashing through the back windscreen of a rival team. The breakaway group finally ran out of steam eventually allowing for McEwen to tack on. He negotiated a passage through the field

paving the way for a thrilling finish. Robbie McEwen is coming.

McEwen - the acceleration in the middle of the picture. The man off the back is going to win! Robbie McEwen, the man from nowhere - welcome home! Unbelievable! I don't know, Paul - how on earth does that happen? McEwen is dressed in familiar green while Swiss Fabian Cancellara retains the yellow. Luke Schneider, Sports Tonight.

The Wallabies' World Cup assault is still a few months away, but winger Adam Ashley-Cooper is already eyeing off the 2011 tournament. The 23-year-old has inked a new 4-year deal tying him to the Australian Rugby Union and the ACT Brumbies. The major focus was this year's World Cup and the four years allows me to focus on the next World Cup as well. He knocked back several overseas offers to stay with the ARU. A bungled pit stop cost Lewis Hamilton a dream home win in his debut British Grand Prix. Kimi Raikkonen made the most of the rookie's mistake Formula One victories. to record back-to-back had the gates locked at Silverstone, and the man they were all there to see COMMENTATOR: Hamilton's greatest challenge begins... now! The 22-year-old Brit rookie until his first Formula 1 faux pas came in the pits. Oh, he's gone too early!

Lewis, just keep it under control! Three seconds lost was the difference between running first and third - that result only wishful thinking for Mark Webber. That's Webber's fourth retirement Up front, the scarlet red machine made the most of McLaren's mess, Kimi Raikkonen with win three in '07. Two in a row, then, for Raikkonen, who wins the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The hometown hero happy with third, so much better. but it could have been We came away with the points, it's my ninth podium so I'm very, very happy for that. In the Champ Cars chaos reigned supreme in Canada. Paul Tracy hit the wall - everyone else behind him hit the panic button, with spectacular results. They weren't alone - half the field crashed out in the wet. It paved the way for Aussie Will Power to grab his second race win. Tim Hodges, Ten News. And while it was all about Will Power in the Champ Cars, it was punching power in the Indy Racing League, tempers fraying after a bump on the track between Sam Hornish Jr and Tony Kanaan

turned into a brawl in pitlane. We were just talking - in a loud way, but we were talking - and I think that happens all the time. It looked like more than just talking to us. For the record, Scott Dixon won the race. Australian Stuart Appleby has blown a 2-stroke lead on the final day of the inaugural PGA National event to finish 6 shots behind the winner, South Korea's KJ Choi. A nervous Choi had three bogeys on the back nine but threw off the chasing pack when he holed from a greenside bunker on the 17th. He eventually took out his second tournament in five weeks by three shots from American Steve Stricker. At the European Open in Ireland, Colin Montgomerie's putter was running hot, shooting a 5-under 65 to win his first title in 19 months, The 44-year-old finding form just 10 days before the British Open at Carnoustie. It's hard finding time for the things you love. When I do, I like to make the most of it. I don't like letting myself or the team down. So it's fair to say I don't have time for headaches. That's why I choose Panadol Rapid. The name says it all. WHISTLE BLOWS

It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Panadol - it's my choice. So you could win a truckload of cash! HORN BLARES Don't miss Oz Lotto's $6 million jackpot. Remember those wedding vows? For now and forever until death do us part? Well, there might've been if they were about to fall off the perch while competing at the wife-carrying world championships in Finland. 44 couples took part from 12 different countries. I was very nervous for the last couple of days. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, but I wish that happened years ago.

The winning couple takes home the woman's weight in beer. Play of the Day.

Chris Anderson has quit the Chris Anderson has quit the Sydney

Roosters. Brad Fittler will be his

replacement. Who do they played

this weekend? It as they played a

sharks, led by former Roosters

coach Ricky Stuart. Should be a big one. Now to the national weather: And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00am. I'm Sandra Sully. From the late news team - goodnight. The weather -