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Tonight - terror on our door step - over the UK bomb plots. two Australian doctors quizzed who would do us harm and evil. There are people in our midst the 'Pasha Bulker' finally free There she goes - for the damaged coal carrier? but what now on his way to Sydney. And soccer superstar David Beckham and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - for so many cancelled bus services the State Government's explanation across Sydney. Wallaby star Lote Tuquiri punished And sin-binned - for failing a team breath test. shock link to the UK terror plots. But first this evening - Australia's by police in Brisbane - Two men are tonight being questioned

working on the Gold Coast. one of them a doctor country on a one-way ticket to India. He was arrested trying to leave the just before midnight Federal Police made their move a flight out of Brisbane airport as the 27-year-old tried to board on a one-way ticket to India. Scotland Yard suspects bombings in London and Glasgow. he's connected to the failed terror with the UK police We've been working in London since the bombings commenced to look at something in Australia and the information for us came to us over the weekend. arrested in the UK, Just like six of the suspects is a doctor, the Indian national being questioned at Gold Coast Hospital. a surgery registrar doctor was taken in for questioning. This afternoon a second Gold Coast The identity of that second person that occurred arose from the discussions with the first person taken into custody. Queensland Health advertising drive. recruited through a recent commenced duty on 4 September 2006 The doctor concerned as a senior house officer and was employed

of the junior medical staff and member

by consultant staff. who were supervised

to Federal Police The men were unknown from UK intelligence. until the tip-off are clearly surprised. Their colleagues Were you shocked to hear that? I think it would shock anyone. were executed this morning, Four more search warrants has been located by the police. No. No explosive material as authorities call for calm. The terror alert remains at medium,

about any such planned action here. We have no specific information We should not be complacent. who would do us harm and evil There are people in our midst of doing so. if they had the opportunity No charges have yet been laid. Max Futcher, Ten News. Max Futcher joins us from Brisbane. With the more on that story, as a model citizens - Max, the doctor has been described authorities into action? what specifically prompted this 27-year-old was not Up until this point, even on the AFP radar - of being involved they did not suspect him

in any terrorist activities, through from UK intelligence until they had information come to last night's arrest. on the weekend which led in similar terms - In the hospital they described him there wasn't any resignation, never any problems, who we've been talking about today, in fact both doctors they didn't show up for work, were rostered on to work today, I guess we now know why. anti-terror laws - Australia does have tough new would this case be their first test? It is starting to look that way Police are not giving much away although the Australian Federal at this stage. a couple of options - We understand that they have one can be if they have enough evidence,

they can charge the 27-year-old a terrorist act in the UK. with conspiracy to commit it clears the way Now if that happens, extradition proceedings. for British authorities to begin The other option, legal experts have told us,

to be charged under Australian laws, is that if he is that he was going to conduct there will have to be a suspicion a terrorist attack against Australia appear to be the allegation. and at this stage that doesn't

to three days without charge They can hold him for up and even longer court application by the AFP if there is a successful fronting some sort of court but either way it appears he will be within the next few days. on this developing story. A lot to come Max Futcher in Brisbane. is emerging

now in custody across the UK. of the seven terror suspects medical professionals Most are respected who maintained low profiles - jumping to their defence. their stunned family members From his home in Jordan, his son's face on television, a worried father watches

could be involved in terrorism. refusing to believe the young doctor TRANSLATOR: I am sure any links of this nature, Mohammed does not have and since he was born, because of his history in Jordan, he has not undertaken any kind of activity of this nature.

were arrested Mohammed Asha and his wife near Liverpool. after a high-speed chase in 2004. He qualified as a doctor in Jordan he was quiet and respectable. Neighbours say a normal, ordinary family - They just looked like and they've got a small child, husband and wife a 3-year-old boy. Another suspect, Dr Bilal Abdullah,

in Baghdad. received his medical training at the same Glasgow hospital He worked overnight. where two other men were arrested in staff accommodation. Aged 28 and 25, they were staying there might be somebody amongst us I suppose the idea an act like this who would perpetrate is certainly pretty alarming. It's the same hospital

where the driver of the flaming Jeep which crashed into Glasgow Airport is being treated for severe burns. In the hospital surrounds, several suspicious vehicles. the bomb squad has sealed off EXPLOSION That was a controlled explosion, as a precaution. one of two carried out have now been linked Up to six of the suspects to the medical profession. Critics say Britain's desperate need for doctors

gave the foreigners an easy way in. But how did the plot fail? If you bring in people that are professional and highly intelligent, how could they make such a mess of the devices? The UK's threat level remains at critical tonight, inside Glasgow's airport building the damage a clear indication the attacks could have been much worse.

Daniel Sutton, Ten News. She may be free, but the 'Pasha Bulker' is tonight still off the coast of Newcastle undergoing damage assessment. Ten reporter Kevin Wilde joins us once again from Nobbys Beach. Kevin, there's something missing from over your shoulder?

Three I hadn't noticed until Three I hadn't noticed until you

just mentioned it. 'Pasha Bulker'

is out to sea under Kit control of

two small tub boats. Not all of it

- there is a larger chunk of the

propeller stuck in the reef just a

little bit into the distance. Until

the propeller is removed, the 3 c

anchors and the three sprit cables

from the first failed attempt, the

speech will not be open to Surfers

and for people wanting to swim. the 'Pasha Bulker' is 10 nautical miles offshore. Divers have inspected the hull and are preparing a report about the extent of the damage. The coal freighter may be moved into Newcastle port or even Brisbane,

before being towed home to Japan. Once the extent of damage is known, decisions will be made about where and when this vessel will be brought into port. Last night the freighter slipped out to sea on the high tide at 9:30, just as the salvage company promised. Within a few minutes it was well out to sea and it was third time lucky. From the 25 on board from Denmark, Singapore, Holland and Australia, no celebrations just yet. It was a good feeling when that part of the plan came into play and was carried out successfully. It was a good feeling. Not as restrained, locals, who, for the first time in 3.5 weeks, had their beach back. I didn't think they'd like be able to get it out of here. It was quite a crazy moment when it happened, because everybody sort of thought, "Oh, gee, it is really moving?" And it moved quickly and silently. The Ports Minister was also glad the freighter is off the sand. team for the great job they've done in delivering back the beautiful coastline of this State. The oil response team have inspected local beaches and are happy only a small amount hit the shore. It's visible in rock pools but it could have been much worse.

And the situation now is that the

salvage team have been meticulous

and patient. They are not going to rush

rush this report in terms of the

damage done to the whole. 'Pasha

Bulker' could be out there for

another night, may be even longer.

They may bring it in to Newcastle

or Brisbane - they will take their

time and given that they got 'Pasha

Bulker' out without too much fuss,

even though we took a lot of time,

we will trust their judgment. You might notice a change in the taste of your tap water tonight. Backup supplies are now being drawn from Prospect reservoir after the partial collapse of a canal wall linking a number of small dams. The Government insists there's no health risk but says residents might notice a slight difference in the taste and odour of the water. So there will be no interruptions to the Sydney water supply and the quality of it is 100%. The reality is there's no guarantee in the minister's statement today about the long-term security for Sydney. may only be needed for a maximum of eight days. We've heard the whispers, now it's confirmed - sporting royalty David Beckham is coming to Sydney. The soccer superstar will be here in November with his LA Galaxy team-mates and possibly his Spice Girl wife. He's known globally for the miraculous ability of his right and left foot, and today it's been revealed both of them will be touching down in Sydney in November. It's written, it's signed, it's on my desk. Beckham's new club, L.A. Galaxy, including the soccer star,

will play a one-off match against locals Sydney FC. a happier Government, And you couldn't get who took pleasure in playing a game of their own against the Melburnians, for the privilege. who were also vying They've lost, they've missed out. We won again.

The deal is a massive win for the city of Sydney for Australian soccer and celebrity. but just as big a boost Where Beckham goes, so too may his just re-signed Spice Girl wife, and the world will be watching. Hopefully the city gets behind the game, and the country as well. It should be a big thing.

And this is where the historic event will be played out - Telstra Stadium. Tickets go on sale at the end of this month, and while the cost is still being worked out, there is a guarantee they will be affordable. Off the field, there should be at least one public appearance in what will be It'll be David Beckham's first trip with his new club and first taste of our harbour city. It should be good. Hopefully he pops around the corner and we see him. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster and Lote Tuqiri fails a Wallabies booze test? for the Wallabies winger will see him banned until the World Cup. After a night out drinking, Tuqiri failed to attend a team recovery session yesterday and was then found to be over the team's alcohol limit when breath-tested by officials at 1:30 in the afternoon. We'll hear from Lote in sport. Also what caused Serena Williams to slump to the court at Wimbledon? highlights shortly. She was down but not out - Also, Ron and Deb, the Queenslanders are coming across as the cocky Cane Toads on Origin eve. The Coles takeover - next, what it means for customers and shareholders. Also tonight - a learner driver behind the wheel of a deadly car crash. And left stranded - why some Sydney buses just never turn up.



FILM REEL TICKS Hey-di-hi, peoples. (Sings) # Solano... # The pleasure lasts lo-o-o-o-nger... ..on Solano. It's an isle of desire, I ain't jokin'. We'll all get hot and feel alright. We'll keep going and going... # Solano... # Oh! Mmm. ..where the pleasure lasts lo-o-o-o-nger. This program is captioned live. A 17-year-old girl is dead and two other teenagers are fighting for their lives after an apparent L-plater crash in the Royal National Park. The car skidded off Bundeena Road then rolled into a tree. Police are investigating claims the 17-year-old driver was on a learner's permit. It's believed the dead girl was the car owner but was in the back seat because she'd been drinking. An 18-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl have been left with serious injuries. Another 18-year-old man escaped with cuts and bruises. Security vision has been released to help track a killer on the northern beaches. The man, wearing a light-coloured hooded jacket,

was seen running from Pittwater Road at Narrabeen late on June 16, a Saturday. The video was taken shortly after 35-year-old Gerard Fleming was repeatedly stabbed in the chest at nearby shops. Police believe someone must know his killer, describing it as a senseless attack. Thousands of Sydney passengers have been left stranded by so-called ghost buses - services that appear on the timetable but not at the bus stop.

Part of the blow-out is being blamed on the weather. On the buses this morning, commuters are met with statistics they've long suspected - timetables don't guarantee on-time running. In May, on average, 90 government bus services a day were cancelled, most as a result of mechanical breakdown or driver shortages. It is really upsetting for us. We are always getting late to our work. I find they are always late. Always. The State Government claims the May stats have been blown out by extreme weather conditions and industrial disputes, putting cancellation rates at three times the normal figure. Not good enough, says the Opposition. We have services that are unreliable, that don't turn up, that leave commuters stranded. Commuters are sick of hearing excuses. In some ways, the buses are victims of their own success. Patronage is up, partly due to higher petrol prices, but the unions warn a shortage of drivers and maintenance problems are starting to bite. but we believe it's coming. It's not a crisis yet,

The Transport Minister concedes there's room for improvement. On average we cancel about 30 State Transit services per day out of 15,000. That's too high. I want to see that figure lower, and we'll do what we can to drive it lower. The Government is counting on the introduction of 500 new buses

over the next five years. Damning new evidence against an ex-policeman whose wife died falling off a cliff. Park rangers told a Sydney inquest they can't work out why anyone would have camped in the dangerous location. This man thought he could trust Des Campbell with his life. But he's certainly glad he didn't after uncovering his friend's web of lies, including a suspected hand in his former wife's death. It's a very emotional time for everyone. Campbell had been married and widowed within a short space of time but said nothing about it to his best mate, John Thompson,

not even when he got married for a fourth time in the very house that his former wife, Janet Campbell, had bought for him. Thompson broke down in tears in the witness stand as he recalled his shock on discovering the truth. Janet's fate proved less of a surprise

to her former suitor Paul Veneables. He told the court he'd heard nothing but bad stories about Campbell since learning the ex-cop was interested in Janet. You said you had no doubts, though, that Des had murdered her. Do you stand by that? Absolutely, absolutely. He claims there's no way Janet would have fallen off a cliff by accident.

A park ranger told the court he'd never before seen a tent pitched so close to a cliff top. It was on slippery, uneven ground and surrounded by spiky vegetation. from the clearings near the pathway. Even the views, he said, were better Campbell was booking a holiday with another woman within days and sending cheery emails to friends.

The details now helping to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of Janet's life and death with Campbell. Amber Muir, Ten News. Wesfarmers' $22 billion takeover of Coles has sent share prices plummeting. the way Australians shop. The deal has been given the initial tick of approval

with Wesfarmers vowing to revamp the supermarket chain based on its successful Bunnings stores - better service, prices and product range.

back to food, back to its traditional roots and being part of the community with the customer. Changes shoppers say need to come. I just went in to buy some vegies and it was all pre-packs in there that were Coles's own brand. They could bring the prices down and provide fresher produce. Some market watchers fear the deal, which also includes Kmart, Target and Officeworks, will lead to superstores and less competition. There's a real danger that independent small businesses will come under pressure as a result of this.

That's why it's important to have effective trade practices laws to deal with predatory pricing. Both Wesfarmers and Coles shares plunged when they resumed trading today. I would describe it as a bit of a relief pause after the very strong run up in the price of Wesfarmers shares in particular. It only puts it back to where it was on 15 June this year. Despite the feverish trading, shareholders are expected to accept the historic $22 billion deal in October. I think it's the best Coles could get in the circumstances. Their supermarkets have been losing market share. Coles is also Australia's biggest private sector employer with 165,000 workers. Unions expect that jobs at store level will be safe but for thousands of clerical and executive staff the buy-out spells an uncertain future. Coles was already slashing 2,500 jobs. More could go if Wesfarmers decides to break up its new assets. Kellie Morgan, Ten News.

Everyone is talking about the

weather around Sydney today. What a

day it. I put my hand up and take

full credit for that. You forget

how nice it is to have the sun on

your back in Sydney. It was 23 how nice it is to have the sun on your back in Sydney. It was 23 degrees your back in Sydney. It was 23

degrees - our warmest July day in

three years. The cold front that

move through the south-west of the

state did a nice job in orange - 15

mm of rain. It was all breeze wettest day in a month. There are

cold fronts lining up a cross

Wednesday and Thursday which may

drop 50 centimetres of snow on the

Australian Alps and bring

temperatures in the west of Sydney Australian Alps and bring temperatures in the west of Sydney

down to 13 degrees. This is a beach

that we call half and half beach -

half sunshine and half cloud. that we call half and half beach -

half sunshine and half cloud. It is

currently 20 degrees. This was the

best day I had been able to dish up

in about four weeks. It was

glorious. I will see you live from

Darling Harbour in about 10 minutes. Another royal baby on the way - that's next. And all smiles after a little girl's life-changing surgery. I think I am in tears because I'm happy - a happy and proud dad. RESONANT PIANO MUSIC Introducing the all-new mid-sized Holden Epica. Effortlessly powerful. It's mid-sized without compromise so we've raised a glass to celebrate. GLASS TINKLES

like never before in Kresta's: Visit a Kresta showroom, or Kresta will come to you. Call: Listen and learn. Turbocharged. ENGINE PURRS Direct injected. Dynamic stability and traction control. WHOOSH! VOICEOVER: The all-new Mazda CX-7. Everything you love about a sports car and an SUV CX-7.

It's time for Vic Lorusso in the

Traffic Helicopter. I trust

everyone is enjoying a lighter

traffic? They are in most parts of

Sydney but unfortunately where I

and that is not the case. There are

long delays heading out of the

airport. Unfortunately for traffic

leaving the airport there up leaving the airport there up

bumper-to-bumper delays for

motorists heading to Bankstown.

Once traffic passes Once traffic passes through

Bankstown it is a brilliant run to

Campbelltown. There are no major

accident a round town. Although I

had been told of a crane that has

broken down in Seven Hills out

towards the north-west. I'll be

back with an update shortly. Police have charged a man over the hit-run which has left Peter Costello's chief of staff, Phil Gaetjens, clinging to life. 28-year-old Nealle Andrew Simpson was himself nearly hurt as he tried to dodge the media outside a Canberra court. A vehicle has been recovered from a nearby river. Mr Gaetjens's condition remains critical. cannot be known until he comes out of a coma, and that may be some time. Simpson has been charged with failing to stop or render assistance at the scene of the accident, outside Parliament House. More than 800 potential Olympic athletes will be immunised in the lead-up to the Beijing Games. It's the biggest immunisation program ever undertaken by the Australian Olympic Committee, with at least four injections expected per athlete. Hepatitis A and B, typhoid - a booster of the childhood immunisations - and hopefully influenza. Reducing the risk of disease is seen as vital in helping Australia finish in the top five in the medal tally. Medical staff are also looking at how to deal with

China's questionable air quality. A group of Australian doctors has given a young Fijian girl a new lease on life. The 5-year-old is walking again after being struck down by severe epileptic seizures for the past three years. Four weeks ago, Jamie-Lee Bula could barely move due to near-constant epileptic seizures. Today she is blossoming by the minute before her father's eyes. Major brain surgery at the Royal Children's Hospital has given the chirpy 5-year-old a fresh start in life. She was bedridden for months. We had to feed her with a syringe. Now we can feed her with a spoon. She's able to grasp and smile. She's walking around - yesterday she tried to run! Surgeons removed the best part of Jamie-Lee's front left temporal lobe that had abnormalities, triggering the crippling seizures. Her remarkable recovery has defied medical convention. We were not certain that this operation would fix her epilepsy. In fact, I think I told her father, Keith, there was probably only a 50% chance that this would work. Doctors say due to her hampered development,

she's effectively a 2-year-old in a 5-year-old's body.

But Jamie-Lee now has the chance to develop into an independent adult. It remains to be seen if she is ever able to talk. It's possible, yes, it's certainly possible - where it was impossible before. Her father has seen enough progress to know his daughter has much to look forward to. I think I'm in tears a happy and proud dad. Cameron Baud, Ten News. The Queen is said to be delighted by the news she's about to have her eighth grandchild, Buckingham Palace announcing the Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward are expecting a baby in December. The couple already has a daughter, 3-year-old Lady Louise Windsor, who was born prematurely in 2003. The Queen is known to be very close to Sophie and Edward.

Our role in the UK terror plots - we look at what it means for Australia - next. Also - the food allergy epidemic - why five times more children are suffering. And calling in the masters - the original supermodels return to the catwalk. Well, seems I've discovered You liar. (Sobs) What else have you been lying to me about, hmm? Nothin'. Good.

$1.10. Yeah? That's the price of petrol we need to make back how much we've spent looking for petrol.

The further we drive, the cheaper the petrol needs to be. I call it the Annabel Principle. Right. Genius. Huh? VOICEOVER: For a smarter way to save, Our new car insurance customers saved an average of $244. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - is on his way to Sydney. soccer superstar David Beckham is making the trip His new club, L.A. Galaxy, local club Sydney FC in November. for a one-off match against

by his Spice Girl wife, Victoria. It's not yet known if he'll be joined moved from Nobbys Beach The 'Pasha Bulker' has finally been it was stranded during wild storms. more than three weeks after damage assessment The bulk carrier is now undergoing off the coast of Newcastle two men in Brisbane And Federal Police are questioning in the UK. over their connection to terror plots

Both men are doctors. One was arrrested late last night trying to board a flight out of the country. He had a one-way ticket to India. Despite the Australian terror link, authorities say there's no need for alarm. Our threat level remains at medium, with no hard evidence of an imminent attack. Australia's internal spy agency ASIO and the Federal Police have advised the Government terror threat level beyond medium. there is no reason to raise the There's no evidence or information or intelligence to suggest we should be recommending to the Attorney That reassures the Prime Minister. There is nothing in what has happened in the United Kingdom there is a greater danger which in and of itself suggests

incident in Australia. of there being any terrorist But - are not confined to one country. Extreme terrorist instincts The last terror attack in Australia was 21 years ago,

in Melbourne. on the Turkish Consulate

on consulates in the '80s. There were two other attacks to the most indiscriminate, But it's almost 30 years outside the Sydney Hilton. a bomb in a garbage skip Despite it being an election year, with the latest developments. neither side is playing politics Keelty briefed the Opposition Leader ASIO and the AFP Commissioner Mick this morning. Mr Rudd not quibbling with the way in which the situation is being handled. I am confident, based on the information provided to me, that the relevant threat assessment is appropriate, given our current circumstances. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

The local share market has closed in the black but the players in the Coles takeover were well and truly in the red. But Wesfarmers plummeted $3.13 and Coles fell 50 cents

after yesterday's $22 billion takeover announcement. Southern Cross Broadcasting jumped 84 cents after Macquarie and Fairfax Media announced in $1 billion deal. it would buy the regional broadcaster at Beacon Hill, Frenchs Forest We found petrol as low as $1.16 and Forestville. are nearing epidemic levels. Childhood food allergies Some hospitals are reporting more than they were 10 years ago admissions are five times they're not sure why. and the worry is prepares everything her children eat. Mother of three Marcella Aguilar are allergic to nuts. Twins Enrico and Angelina to educate the children, I think it's also important

because they know very well to ask that someone's given them, if they're eating something

"Has that got peanuts in it?"

Food allergies for those aged under five are on the increase, stunning evidence from a 11-year study reporting one specialist had recorded a 47% rise. When you go from seeing one young child with a food allergy per month to three or four per week, it's clear that something is happening. And it's a national trend - hospitals are treating five times more youngsters with severe food allergies. Foods that trigger an allergic reaction have remained the same - peanuts, eggs, cashews and milk.

Experts are not sure why but they have their suspicions. while they're being breastfed, They're becoming allergic

to what the mother is eating. which then turns our attention is that mothers who breastfeed What scientists do know

from developing an allergy. reduce the risk of their baby

a vital life-saving adrenaline This EpiPen injector is

severe allergic reactions for children who suffer known as anaphylaxis. preventative approach, Without a national doctors paint a bleak picture. In another five years or so, of them coming into their teens, we're going to see a whole flood beginning to take risks. there will be more deaths. Unfortunately I think Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Supermodels of old have shown they've still got it after gracing the catwalk in the latest masterpieces from the house of Dior. Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen wore the haute couture designs and helped celebrate the label's 60th anniversary. There was star power in the front row too, including Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba. Waist-defining corsets and bustles in designs inspired by master painters like Picasso and Da Vinci helped earn Dior designer John Galliano a standing ovation.

A standing ovation for all that fashion knowledge. Let's have fashion knowledge. Let's have a

look at the weather with Tim Bailey

- you are attracting a crowd and

almost a standing ovation for you

to? Just a little quiet moment at

Darling Harbour. Having some fun

down here, what a day. I knew

police that school holidays have

turned on the blue stuff. It was 23

degrees today which was a warmest July

July day in seven years. A round of applause July day in seven years. A round of

applause for the weather police.

This band won at the Battle of the band at the Tamworth festival in

that February. Looking hot to

tonight, are you looking for a man?

Dance Tel boy dance.

Ladies and gentlemen - ruckus. And

more importantly, ladies and

gentlemen, Ron Wilson, Deborah

Knight and Tim Webster. It was an applause of Thom. Sport now with Tim Webster, and the Maroons are claiming they're now the rugby league capital. Yes, but are they getting a bit too cocky ahead of Origin III? Their incessant boasting shortly. Plus - Serena Williams collapses to the court at Wimbledon. Also - Lote Tuqiri banned from the Wallabies after failing an in-house booze test. And meet Mary, the zoo orphan taking on Knut in the cute stakes. ROCK GUITAR MUSIC MUSIC INTENSIFIES

Wallabies winger Lote Tuqiri has been banned until the World Cup after failing an in-house breath test. On top of missing this weekend's Test against the Springboks and the crucial Bledisloe Cup decider,

he's also been fined $20,000. with his team-mates this morning, Lote Tuqiri trained but early yesterday he was nowhere to be seen.

He says he had a few quiet drinks with team-mates and friends on Sunday night. The next morning he missed both a Wallabies medical It was just a bad read by me. I didn't read my diary properly. I just didn't know it was on and I thought something else was on and it was missed. The $1 million-a-season winger was breath-tested by team management, returning a reading of 0.05 at 1:30 in the afternoon. He was two or three hours late for meetings and the report from the other management was that he looked a bit shabby. I feel bad that I've let fans and supporters down and I'm a bit sheepish. You know, my family, and letting them down as well. An internal Wallabies disciplinary committee yesterday banned Tuqiri for just one match, but the Australian Rugby Union has since doubled the suspension, Test of the year so far. putting him out of the most important

No-one would be keener than me to win the Bledisloe Cup back

in a couple of weeks time and have our best team on the paddock,

but it would send out a bad message if you didn't apply the rules. A 2-match suspended sentence from two years ago coming back to bite Tuqiri - the punishment imposed after a late-night incident in South Africa. Leanne West, Ten News. Just a day away from Origin III

and the Blues cleared the air with coach Graham Murray after reports of disharmony. Adam Hawse joins us from Brisbane. Adam, it was a meeting they had to have?

It was becoming a major distraction.

The players called the meeting themselves. They told Murray he has

their full backing and respect and

they weren't even aware of who made

the comments. Murray said he was

happy with that and considers the

case closed. Are the Queenslanders

getting too cocky? Dove the little

bit. I wouldn't be wearing my blues

Jersey a round town at the moment -

he would be a sitting duck. They

are now claiming that Brisbane has

overtaken Sydney as Australia's

rugby league capital The Blues holding their final training session before their face-saving mission

but evidence of Queensland's new-found bravado's never far away. In fact, it was just outside Suncorp Stadium. Up the Blues, up the Blues - right up them! Queenslanders! The high-flying Maroons not even bothered by the possibility of a late change to the Blues line-up. I don't know. I don't really care. And it seems the Blues have been beaten

by a side, well, without a coach. I don't consider myself a coach. You know that and I've said it a million times. I manage the process and I've got fantastic support. Meninga praising assistants Neil Henry and Kevin Walters as the real brains behind the Maroons. Meanwhile, the boss of the Cane Toads boasting Queensland has now surpassed NSW as the home of rugby league. If you look at the attendances at the three NRL franchise games, Origin, Test matches here, World Cup final coming up next year. And a former Maroon claiming Queenslanders' superior kinship is what's driving their success. I can go to Lang Park tomorrow night and meet some of the '95 team, some of the '97, the 2001, and we're like brothers, and that's the difference. We really force the issue and we make sure once we play Origin we become a select band of brothers that are there forever and a day.

. The Blues have brought in for Mr

Christopher Johnston give at team-

talk tonight. He looks up here so

I'm sure he would be begging for a

win to quieten down those pesky cane toads. In NRL news, the Gold Coast's Mat Rogers will miss six weeks with a knee injury, while the Roosters' Mitchell Pearce will be out for as many weeks with stress fractures in his back. The rookie halfback picked up the injury during a horror night, by the Bulldogs 38-6. as the Roosters were thumped in three seasons, Sonny Bill Williams had his best game scoring twice and laying this one on for Daryl Millard. COMMENTATOR: What a miracle ball! I don't know if he can play any better, but if he can I'd like to see it. Amos Roberts escaped suspension despite being charged with a grade one careless high tackle for this. Adam Goodes has paid tribute to former Swans coach Rodney Eade ahead of his 200-game milestone. Goodes becomes the second fastest in AFL history to reach the mark, behind Kangaroos great Wayne Schimmelbusch, the 27-year-old taking 8 years and 102 days to achieve his 200. develop me as a footballer was Rodney Eade. In those first five years

he definitely worked on my laziness, my toughness, my hardness, and these are areas that I had to confront. Sunday's must-win match against Fremantle at the SCG is shaping as a multiple celebration for Swans players. Michael O'Loughlin will become the club's games record holder and Peter Everitt will earn AFL life membership.

The tennis career of Aussie journeyman Wayne Arthurs is over after he was knocked out of Wimbledon overnight. leaving Lleyton Hewitt the last Australian in the draw.

Hewitt will resume his rain-effected match with Argentine Guillermo Canas at one set all, but Lleyton is up a break in the third. Jonas Bjorkman ended the Arthurs challenge in straight sets - the big-serving Aussie couldn't find any momentum. COMMENTATOR: Wayne just picking up his bag. And that'll be his last Wimbledon. Serena Williams battled calf muscle spasms in in the second set of her match against Daniella Hantochova but was saved by the rain. She regrouped by the time they returned to win her way into the quarterfinals. World Athletics Championships, look out - Jana Rawlinson, nee Pittman, is back. She's run the fifth fastest time of the year

against a star-studded field at the World Athletics tour meeting in Athens. It was her first elite race

since the Commonwealth Games and the birth of her son. Some of the world's best extreme sportsmen have used the backdrop of the Swiss Alps to great effect. BASE-jumpers got things under way held in Interlaken, at the third annual Outdoor Games, as the thrill-seekers used all the elements. Kayakers did some free-falling of their own in their competition as they plunged off a series of waterfalls,

before the mountain bikers took to the air again in the dirt jump contest. Their aerial acrobatics brought the Games to a spectacular conclusion. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, the latest from the Socceroos camp at the Asian Cup, as John Aloisi joins the squad.

Spectacular day but don't get used

to this and warm weather.

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Time to get the weather details -

talk about good timing, right in

the middle of the school holidays

to get weather like this is just to get weather like this is just

perfect. You see was 23 degrees and

bright blue sky. Per cold front is

going to give us a bit of a whip

around the ankles, dropping

temperatures in the West to a

maximum of 13 and 15 in the City

soap enjoy tomorrow. Hands up mum's

to hope the school holidays are

over tomorrow? And hand-up kids to

one school holidays to go right

through to Christmas. We are

helping mum's out by putting on a

school holiday activity courtesy of

the first of five News and a band

that one of the band competition at Tamworth.

The you know this bit singalong of

And won the more tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen - ruckus! I am

feeling a wee bit country - I am

off to Tamworth for the hat off

Festival this weekend. What a

beauty the weather was today - 7

above average. It was nice to have

some on the back at long last after

all that rain. I know that it was

beautiful and needed and the dance

are right where they need to be but are right where they need to be but

it was beautiful. The cold front

will drop a lot of snow on the

Australian Alps and temperatures to will drop a lot of snow on the Australian Alps and temperatures to

30 degrees in the greater west of Sydney.

The a band of cloud his career

across the interior walls very

little rain is falling from that.

Cloud it could bring the Southern

Western Australia Post bringing

isolated showers. A front will

spread showers across Victoria,

Tasmania and in line NSW with snow

developing on the Alps have.

Isolated showers in NSW, attending

scattered in the South East in scattered in the South East in land,

has no developing on the Alps,

showers in Victoria, Tasmania and has no developing on the Alps, showers in Victoria, Tasmania and

South Australia. Showers easing in

Western Australia. To say hello to

everyone at home blokes - this is

your chance. If you want to get on

the TV, we will be down here on

Thursday with the game show - all

this doubts. I have a camera men

saying why did you say that Bailey,

we are going to have thousands. we are going to have thousands. I said that we are going to have thousands. I

said that because we are accessible

to you at home - that is what we do at the news at five.

For then queued to ruckus on the

television. They were fabulous.

Thanks for having us at your Thanks for having us at your place,

see you tomorrow night. That's the news at 5:00 - I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. Stay with us for updates throughout the evening.

The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.