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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Morning News. Good morning. I'm Natasha Belling. in Brisbane First - the stunning arrest of a man UK terror plots. in connection to the failed Federal Police officers swooped last night.

at Brisbane International airport. The 27-year-old taken into custody conference held a short time ago We begin our coverage with a press Philip Ruddock by Federal Attorney-General Commissioner Mick Keelty. and Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police and

Queensland police confirm a number

of search warrants have been issued,

and I understand they have been

executed. The relevant agencies are

liaising with authorities in the

United Kingdom. This is an ongoing investigation and it is

inappropriate to comment in detail

on those matters. We are acting on

information provided to us by the

UK authorities. The matter is in

and search warrant had hand. The person has been detained

and search warrant had been

executed. The issue now is to look

search at the material obtained from the

search warrant and decide what is

the most appropriate course. We

have been working with the UK

police since the bombings commence.

We have a person attached to the

London. town to counter terror command in

has moved to assure residents Queensland Premier Peter Beattie they are not terror targets. Ten's Max Futcher joins us from Brisbane.

handling the situation? Max, how are Queensland authorities

Peter Beattie was the first to

confirm this. What we do know is

that at 11pm last night a Federal Police officers based here in

Brisbane arrested and then at

Brisbane airport. He was trying to

leave the country. The tip-off came leave the country. The tip-off came

from a UK intelligence. The talk is

now turning to whether our own

terrace Reds alert should be raised.

Here is what the Premier said. we should be calm about this. I just want to say to Queenslanders and the Queensland Police The Australian Federal Police have done their job. I want to be really clear in Queensland. there is not any real known threat Here is what the Premier said. It

is barely days, but what do we know

about this man? We are learning

more by the minister. There is a

lot of media gathered here. The

reason expectation he may be

brought here to be watch house by a

federal Police. He is 27 years old

and was living in Brisbane. He is

not the Australian-born, although

Philip Ruddock was loathe to

mention what nationality he is. We

do know he was a registrar at the

Gold Coast hospital. This Gold Coast hospital. This is

significant, because as we know significant, because as we know at

some of the conspirators involved

in London and Glasgow were also up from the medical profession.

Several search warrants have been

executed and one did take place at the Gold Coast hospital. The

Premier said this morning this is

not the end of it and we can expect further arrests. about this breaking story We'll have more details later in Ten's morning news. the people of Newcastle this morning Nobbys Beach is being returned to of the 'Pasha Bulker'. following the removal everyone had been waiting for. This was the moment after last night's high tide The vessel finally under tow and this morning, the sun rose on Nobbys Beach for the first time in 23 days. without the 'Pasha' and vehicles in the area Restrictions on pedestrians are being lifted work out what to do next as salvage experts with the damaged bulk carrier. With more, Ten's Kevin Wilde. pretty happy to have the beach back? Kevin, the locals must be

It is about 10 nautical miles out

to sea. There are 25 crew members

involved with people from Denmark,

Singapore and Holland. The job Singapore and Holland. The job is

not over. There are engineers and

divers who have to assess the

extent of the damage, particularly

to the hull, and to try to make

sure there is no more oil spills.

Here is the salvage master. The

outer hall is to be expected over

the next two days. It is too early

to comment on the extent of the

damage. We need to remember that

this operation is not yet complete.

Once the extent of damage is none,

decisions will be made about where

and when this vessel will be

brought into port. Stock with the

Pasha Bulker finally free, but

locals must be happy to have at

their beach back. There are lots of

people coming down to the beach to

enjoy their lunchtime. We have been here since before sunrise, and here

people who have been unable to

enjoy a morning walk have been

making the most of it. Is there to

say that overall the people of

Newcastle are overjoyed. It is

really good to see is gone. We are

happy to have a space back. The

beach is claimed. To have it back

is just perfect. Thank you. The rest of the day's news next on the way. including another royal baby Stay with us.

how something so small WOMAN: It's surprising can contain so much love.

(Child laughs)

Just like new Cuddly Ultra. four-times concentrated formula, It has a revolutionary number of washes so you get the same in a much smaller dose.

long-lasting Cuddly fragrance. For Ultra Cuddly clothing and that don't the smallest packages After all, always contain the most love? (Child laughs) New Cuddly Ultra - only more concentrated. soft as a mother's touch, This program is captioned live. and some fishing, After a jet boat ride it's now down to business

and his Russian counterpart. for US President George W Bush the Bush's summer house in Maine Vladimir Putin has been visiting But moving onto more serious issues, an agreement the pair are trying to reach defence shield. on a US-planned missile to take a harder line Mr Bush also wants Russia on Iran's nuclear weapons program. US President George W. Bush to save a former top White House aide has used his powers from going to jail. was sentenced to 30 months jail Lewis Scooter Libby for perjury and obstructing justice leaking of a CIA agent's identity. over the investigation into the But in a statement the President said the sentence was excessive. he believed The one-time chief of staff to US Vice-President Dick Cheney

$300,000 in fines still has to pay almost and is on a two-year probation. At least 12 people have died across the US mid-west. as flood waters rise of residents to flee their homes. The wild weather forcing thousands Long after the rain stopped falling in this small town

the river levels continued to inch up. The Governor of Kansas declared a state of emergency in more than a dozen counties. The rising water destroying everything from family heirlooms to entire businesses. Very, very busy, very hectic. Very emotional. Parts of Kansas have seen 20 inches of rain in the past three days. The National Guard called in to help with mandatory evacuations found streets already swamped I've never seen anything like it, I'm from Oklahoma. This is not anything I'm used to seeing. And in Wichita Falls, Texas rescuers plucked evacuation hold outs from the rising water. In one neighbourhood, the overflow in Wichita River came up four feet. The President has already declared Texas a major disaster area. So far there have been a dozen deaths. In Tornado Alley, instead of watching the skies for twisters, they're watching the horizon for storm clouds that could bring more rain they don't need. The tribute concert for Princess Diana is expected to have made at least $6 million for charity. More than 60,000 people crammed into Wembley Stadium for the event and they weren't disappointed. lending their support. Some of the biggest names in music (Sings) # How wonderful life is while you're in the world. # Money raised is expected to go towards some of the Princess's favourite charities. Another addition for Britain's royal family. The Countess and Earl of Wessex, Sophie Rhys-Jones and Prince Edward are expecting a baby in December. Buckingham Palace says the couple, who's 3-year-old daughter, Louise was born prematurely, are thrilled with the news.

But they haven't confirmed whether the pregnancy is the result of IVF treatment. The new royal baby will be the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's eighth grandchild. Coles takeover What the billion-dollar means to you at the checkout - that's next. And Serena Williams down but not out at Wimbledon. like never before in Kresta's: Plus huge savings on all other or Kresta will come to you.

(Man shouts joyfully) your dirty little secret, haven't I, Steve? because we'd spend too much time watching telly. But I've been over to Helen's - she's got FOXTEL iQ. You can automatically record your favourite shows, so you can totally control what you watch and when. Nothin'. Good. This program is captioned live. In finance news -

the Australian share market is higher today. Wesfarmers is poised to become Australia's biggest retailer with its $22 billion bid for Coles. are expected to benefit, And while shareholders what will it mean for ordinary shoppers? Associate Professor Frank Zumbo from the University of NSW has been following the takeover bid and he joins me in the studio. Good morning, Frank.

This is a smart move from a

business point of view. Taking business point of view. Taking over

a half of a duopoly is very smart.

What does it mean for consumers?

There has been concern over the

dominance of these large dominance of these large companies.

The danger is we will see less

competition, because there is

competition currently between big companies

companies on key items like electrical and gardening products.

If their competition grows, as it

will, we may see higher prices.

With supermarkets, it will depend

on the strategy taken by the new

cult is management. They need to turn

turn the business around. Penny to do

do that with aggressive pricing.

The danger is they could push

prices up to service the huge debt

level I have to finance this

takeover. There has been a lot of

media coverage recently about the concern

concern in price with many items

available at the supermarket. We

have found that the cost of

groceries in Australia is much more

than other countries. Is this the

fact we're going to face, that

prices will continue to rise? We

have the most concentrated retail

grocery market in the world. Prices

will go up and we will have a

duopoly. Independent competition is

being driven out bit by bit. There

is nothing to keep the big

companies on us and the danger for

consumers is that prices will go up.

What power desperate consumer

watchdog has? It is powerless

because the relevant section of the

Trade practices Act is not working

because of a High Court decision

that narrowed its operation. Often

consumers are not aware exactly

what companies are and what

organisations. Can you give us a

snapshot of who owns what? It is

difficult as there does need to

settle. Wesfarmers will alone

offers works, K-Mart, targets, at

supermarkets and liquor stores.

This is a major takeover that has the

the potential to be a huge success rain major failure. And could rain major failure. And could cost

consumers more. At I'll see you

again in around about ten.

has played his last competitive singles match after bowing out in the third round of Wimbledon. On another rain-hit day at the championship, Lleyton Hewitt's match with Guillermo Canas was postponed. Arthurs confirming his retirement after his straight-sets defeat to Jonas Bjorkman. Under gloomy skies and before a crowd decimated by a day of rain interruptions, the curtains closed on Wayne's world of singles tennis. COMMENTATOR: Wayne just picking up his bag and that'll be his last Wimbledon, a quick wave goodbye.

The 36-year-old veteran outplayed by his 35-year-old opponent. Bjorkman breezing through the opening two sets in under an hour. And while Arthurs proved there's still life left in his legs... CROWD CHEERS ..he couldn't prevent a steamrolling from last year's semifinalist. A great tournament though for Wayne Arthurs. He really had a good ride. Just couldn't get the balance right. I was so excited in the locker room before I went out there today, I was just too excited to play. I came out and just couldn't do anything. Australia's Grand Slam hopes now resting solely with Lleyton Hewitt. The tournament backlog forcing his match to a modest outside court. His game though worthy of the main arena early. HEWITT: C'mon! Oh, good shot. to win the second. He made it! The match locked at a set apiece with Hewitt up a break in the third before torrential rain forced them from the court. The heavens helping Serena Williams in her time of need.

The former champion struck down with a calf muscle cramp during the second set of her match with Daniela Huntuchova. Her family's prayers answered. The rain break enough time for the wounded warrior to overcome her pain and pull off a courageous victory. Andrew Brown, Ten News. To AFL, and Essendon captain Matthew Lloyd will front the tribunal tonight for charging. to challenge a one-game suspension The star forward is confident of escaping the report so he can lead the Bombers against ladder leaders Geelong on Friday night. This is the vision that has landed Matthew Lloyd in hot water. The Essendon skipper barrelled into Melbourne defender Nathan Carol on the three quarter time siren, sparking a heated confrontation between both sides. Lloyd risks a two game ban, if he fails to escape the charge, meaning he'd miss Friday night's sell-out match against the Cats. His team-mate faired slightly better. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Green is hurt. That's a nasty one. Andrew Welsh has a reprimand for this hit. Port Adelaide's Shaun Burgoyne has also accepted a reprimand. Could be in trouble. While Geelong captain Tom Harley has accepted a $2,400 fine with a field umpire. for making contact The AFL will launch heritage round today, but the league's bad boys remain the hot topic. Ben Cousins returned to training yesterday drug rehabilitation. despite still undergoing The 29-year-old must pass scrutiny by AFL doctors before he's given the all clear to play against Brisbane on Saturday night. The only thing he's lacking at the moment in terms of preparation to be able to play AFL again is the physical contact. And while one star returned to the track, another was sent off. The career of Brendan Fevola at the crossroads after being suspended by the club for his on-field performances. He has been given a week to consider his future. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. NSW and Queensland will hold their final training sessions at Suncorp Stadium today ahead of tomorrow night's State of Origin dead rubber. The absence of rep players doing little to stop the Bulldogs overnight. Sonny Bill Williams a one-man wrecking machine over the Roosters. With no Mason, O'Meley or Ryan on the field for the Bulldogs,

Sonny Bill Williams was left to his own devices. The result - devastating. COMMENTATOR: Williams over the top to Millard. What a miricle ball! He was dominant for most of the game. I don't know if he can play any better than that.

If he can, I'd like to see it. The Roosters getting to the line on plenty of ocassions but opportunities were left wanting.

He got there on a second attempt though. We had a couple of opportunities to get back in the game but I thought the ref made a few poor calls. Disappointing effort overall actually. The Roosters managing just the one try through Lopini Paia. The Bulldogs streaking away to a 32-point victory. Williams seizing the opportunity to apologise for his recent off-field antics. To all the fans out there I know I've been in a bit of trouble off the field lately, I'm trying to make amends. A treat for soccer fans - LA Galaxy, are heading to Sydney David Beckham and his new club, for a one-off friendly with Sydney FC. for the New South Wales Government, The November game is a coup who won the rights after a fierce bidding war with Victoria. No word yet whether his wife will be travelling with him. The game, since signing a $320 million contract which will be one of Beckham's first with the American side, is tipped to be a sell-out. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation. Omega-3 - brain food for kids under construction. Ahh! MAN: OK, let's reload. The great-tasting goodness of Pura milk,

This program is captioned live. Updating our top story now - we're learning more about the 27-year-old terror suspect arrested in Brisbane over the UK terror plots. For the latest we cross live to Ten's reporter Max Futcher in Brisbane. Max, what can you tell us?

The latest we have learnt is that

this man a purchased a one-way

ticket to India yesterday. ticket to India yesterday. Before

that this man was not on the radar

for the federal Police. They did

not suspect him of terror were later activities. For search

warrants have been executed, to on

Gold Coast times, one on a vehicle.

There was also one on the Gold

Coast hospital. There is a possible

court appearance here later today.

He will go before a magistrate, to

enact anti-terror laws so he can be

detained longer for questioning.

There will be the first time it has

been used in this country. As for our

our terror alert, but remains

medium at this stage because we are

told there is no intelligence to

suggest an imminent terror attack

on Australia.

Now for a look at the national weather. Move over, Knut - Germany has another pint-sized animal attraction that's stealing hearts in need of some serious TLC. 6-week-old Mary was rushed to hospital suffering from dehydration after being neglected by her mother. Medical staff have been hand-feeding the little one

back to full health and she's improved so much she's been able to return to the zoo. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. TTN is next. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live. Today - Australia in flood, but our most important water resource continues to dry up. And the latest techno gadget goes on sale - what the iPhone can do. Hi. I'm Amelia Charlton. Also ahead on TTN - how the weather is impacting Australia's saltwater crocodile numbers. First, Australia has been drenched in the past week. There's been record flooding in Victoria,

drought-breaking rain in New South Wales, parts of Queensland had their wettest June in 40 years,

and there's been a wild storm in WA. Two sailors had to be rescued after their boat capsized during the storm.

Torrential rains and high winds left more than 20,000 Perth homes

without power. Victoria's Gippsland region was battered by the highest floodwaters in more than 40 years. The clean-up is expected to cost more than $30 million, while Goulburn, in New South Wales, once our driest centre, had its best rain in years, the downpour filling dams and creeks. The water supply now holds enough for three years.

While some areas of the nation experience massive amounts of rain, time is running out for parts of the Murray-Darling Basin. The Federal Government has pledged a $10 billion rescue plan for the region, but not all States have signed up. The Murray-Darling Basin covers almost all of inland south-eastern Australia, including the ACT and parts of Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Queensland. It contains more than 40% of Australia's farms,

and produces more than 40% of our food, making it the nation's most important agricultural region. There's cotton, wheat, dairy, sheep and cattle farming. We have avocados, we have capsicums, eggplant, and all those garden vegies. And the big citrus family - your lemons, your mandarins and your oranges. The region's most valuable resource, the thing that keeps it all going, is water. We have one supply of water that comes from the rainfall,

it falls into the upper parts of the catchments and then collects down in the river. That gives us an amount of water we can draw on.

But after 10 years of drought, the rivers and lakes are drying up. Earlier this year Prime Minister John Howard announced the Murray-Darling Basin was facing a dangerous water shortage. His government launched a plan to take control of the rivers, pledging $10 billion funding over 10 years. Most of the States reached a compromise,

agreeing on an independent panel to supervise irrigation and water flows. But the Victorian Government refused to sign up. If it doesn't rain in sufficient volume over the next six to eight weeks, there will be no water allocations. While politicians and scientists continue to debate what's best for the future of the Murray-Darling Basin, the people who live here and have a vested interest in protecting it are coming up with their own solutions. Farmers are using computerised irrigation systems to tell them exactly how much water each crop needs to grow. Mildura's Inland Botanic Gardens, on the banks of the Murray River, use a similar system. Moisture monitors measure the amount of water in the soil. The data then is sent to a computer which graphs the moisture in the soil, and then we can irrigate appropriately based on those graphs. Residents say such precise management of the water is crucial, as is education. I have this pet thing about schools not really explaining to young kids the importance of irrigation. The Government is waiting for Victoria to decide if it wants to be part of the national plan to take control of the struggling basin, and decide how best to use the water that's left. How we distribute the uses of that between uses like irrigation, the environment, recreation, and allowing places for birds like the pelican out there to breed and live its life. Well, climate change has been a hot topic this year. And this Saturday, a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series hopes to trigger a global movement to solve the crisis. With more, we cross to Emily who's at Aussie Stadium, where the first concert will be happening. Yes, good morning, Amelia. It's called Live Earth and Australia will be the first of the seven global concerts. As you can see they're already setting up the stage behind me. Live Earth will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people around the world

and marks the beginning of a multi-year campaign urging everyone, especially governments, to take action to solve global warming. It's important to remember that a changing climate doesn't just affect humans. Animals, like saltwater crocodiles, feel the impact too. Crocodiles are the largest of all living reptiles. Male crocs can grow up to 7m long and weigh up to 770kg. The saltwater variety are found throughout South-East Asia

and northern Australia, thriving in the warmer temperatures. The problem is, the Northern Territory and other parts of Australia's north are experiencing their coldest June on record. The wild weather further south has brought unprecedented cold and steady rain to the Top End in what's meant to be their dry season. The chilly conditions are playing havoc with the saltwater croc's digestive system. Well, like all reptiles, a lot of people think that reptiles are cold-blooded but the thing is, reptiles, they're ectothermic regulators - now, ecto means outside, regulators means producing. So, like crocodiles and all reptiles,

they need an outside source, mainly the sun, to keep nice and warm. So if it's not warm and reptiles are eating, including the crocodiles, that means the food inside them, when it's not warm around them, could rot inside their stomach. Saltwater crocodiles thrive in temperatures between 26 to 32 degrees. But the temperature in the Northern Territory has been dropping to below 23 degrees. If it remains this cold for a long period, the crocs a real problem. Saltwater crocodiles play an important role in the ecosystem. You look at anything -

a shark, a croc - you look at a bear, a lion, a tiger of the food chain they're all at the top

the top food predatory animals, and once you start eliminating they all get affected. ones below it, If you get rid of the crocs, right, multiplying, alright, then the fish might start

in the waterways. then there's too much fish All a very complex balance. protecting every species the planet. We need to make sure we're crocodiles in Australia. It's illegal to harm or kill This wasn't always the case. for their skins. Until 1972 crocodiles were hunted numbers have grown. Since they've been protected, saltwater crocodiles in the wild. There's currently 75,000 because of climate change. but that number is under threat for the crocs up there It's very important

and all the mammals, and all the other reptiles and everything on the planet, birds and fish

that we work together changes that are affecting them. to combat all the different climatic there wasn't too much issues You go back 60 or 70 years ago but since cars have been introduced and their polluting, and big factories they're having a massive effect on the ozone layer. with the environment Once we start mucking around there's no turning back. about the July 7 global concerts Now, the good thing is they will be carbon neutral, such as wind and solar power, so green electricity, the huge amount of energy needed will be purchased to cover for the shows. The Sydney concert has 11 artists

and Missy Higgins. including Wolfmother, Crowded House who won't be here Saturday night, There's one young entertainer Kobe White as a star of the future. but look out for 8-year-old The Melbourne third grader is a fan of the King, Elvis Presley.

In fact, at a recent competition, Under-18 Elvis title. he won the Australian Kobe's heading to America, in Memphis where he'll record at Sun Studios of course, the home of Elvis. and perform at Graceland - 70,000 fans in London millions around the world, and - via TV -

birthday with a charity concert. celebrated the late Princess Diana's a star-studded line-up Princes William and Harry organised Kanye West, including Elton John, Nellie Furtado, Duran Duran. and Diana's favourite band, And Amelia, all the proceeds go to the charities Diana supported. Thanks, Emily. See you next week. For sure. Ahead on TTN - peacetime military exercise. Australia's largest the national women's cricket team. And the teenager who's made Time to test your word power -

military exercise has wrapped up. Australia's largest peacetime with Operation Talisman Saber. But not everyone was happy Over the last three weeks, to oppose the war games up to 1,000 protesters mustered and dozens of people were arrested. is too big, too expensive, Protesters say the exercise

too environmentally damaging, into future US operations. and likely to draw us operation happens every two years. The joint Australian-US training of the navy personnel, But in the case is also their full-time home. their office Matt Suleau has that story. is a huge undertaking Talisman Saber 2007 and air force, involving the army, navy 7,500 Australians, 20,000 troops from America, and hundreds of ships and aircraft. but in safety, It's a way to train realistically,

for any real-life battles. so troops are ready

in the exercise Some of the American ships

are amphibious transport carriers which can unload boat-like vehicles to carry troops to shore, like the USS 'Juneau'. is a working military vessel The 'Juneau' simple everyday things, but, on board, sailors also need like haircuts. Full service barber shop. he's a medi-vac. This is one of our barbers - He cuts a good head of hair. library, video store, and a laundry. There's also a gym, food court, And there's no escaping the dentist. you have to go for regular check-ups. Even out to sea, there's a school as well. For those still studying, beyond the navy - A lot of them have goals are very highly motivated. career goals - some of them

Some of them are just bored. more productive They want to do something and do their job during the day. than stand on watch Next stop, the living quarters. not an incredible amount of space As you can see, and each sailor has a rack. they call this the coffin locker - Underneath the rack - the rack actually lifts up here see is only that much width - and they have a space that you can their personal belongings. be 6'3" long where they store is the engine room The heart of the vessel on watch here and there is always someone to make sure nothing breaks down. On the decks, some of the machines used in defence work, like helicopters, and attack helicopters. including transport aircraft People in the military under stress and pressure, have to learn how to do their job and women who run the 'Juneau' so you might expect that the men can handle almost any situation. a little bit camera shy. But it turns out even they can be You're going to be on TV! Oh! Matt Suleau reporting for TTN.

on our website about Talisman Saber And you'll find class activities and other stories in today's show. Cane toads beware - a spray an Australian scientist has developed which he says kills them instantly.

has been destroying native animals For decades, the highly toxic toad and invading backyards. Hop-stop, Dr David Dall says his aerosol spray, will kill toads the nice way. of pain or distress in the animal. We see no indication whatsoever

then go to sleep where they stop. They take a few hops, The spray first puts them to sleep.

like a poison, The remaining chemicals then act killing the toad before it wakes. to sell 100 million iPhones Technology giant Apple is expected

over the next three years. to sell that many iPods. It's taken the company six years Thousands across the US abandoned the comfort of their own beds to camp for days outside Apple stores, just so they could be among the first on the next big thing - to get their hands the iPhone. in a pretty intense situation. We've been hanging out for four days It's kind of like summer camp. The frenzy surrounding the release the day to be renamed iDay. even prompting I've never lined up for a product before, but ever since Apple announced the phone, I've wanted one. The iPhone offers video, music, Internet and a phone, all wrapped up in one device that fits in a pocket. It measures 11.5cm long, just over 6cm wide and only 11mm thick. It weighs a mere 135 grams. Apple unveiled its revolutionary gadget in January and CEO Steve Jobs promised big things. It works like magic. Well, maybe not quite, but those who have now had the opportunity to see it work have given it the thumbs up. It's the hottest thing around. Not for all however. Some people gave up their spot in the line outside Apple stores to make a quick buck. You want my spot for $1,000? And someone paid it - on top of the $600 price tag for an iPhone. Critics have pointed out possible problems with the Phone. No buttons, simply a touch-sensitive screen, could take a little practice. Americans like buttons. They like hard buttons that they can press and that they know have been pressed.

Just like the popular MP3 player, the iPod, Apple is expected to make plenty of money from its new gadget - more than $17 billion over the next two years. It won't be on sale in Australia for at least another six months but for those who always want the latest and the best, the delay could be a blessing in disguise. Steve Jobs has already said there'll be another 3G generation. All the bugs ironed out of it. And of course the extra few months give the tech savvy a little more time to save. In Los Angeles, Nicole Strahan for TTN. Sports news now - and recent retirements at the top level of Australian cricket haven't only occurred in our men's team.

Our women's side is also entering a new era which includes a 16-year-old schoolgirl. Sweet 16 and with just as sweet a cover drive. Teenager Ellyse Perry is one of 13 players named in our national squad to take on New Zealand this month. And if selected to play in any of the matches,

she'll become the youngest ever cricketer

to represent Australia at top level. It would be an absolutely huge honour but I'm very very happy just to be there and wouldn't mind carrying the drinks out in all six games so as I'm there in the atmosphere.

The talented all-rounder has progressed through Cricket NSW's high-performance program, catching the eyes of Australia's selectors when starring in a recent under-23s tour of New Zealand. I'm just so overwhelmed and happy with the opportunity I've been given and just to be amongst it is so awesome.

She's the type of player that we want. She's tall, strong, fast, she bowls and bats and she's just going to get better and better. While cricket is the focus for now, Ellyse may one day be forced to decide

between this and another sport. She's currently on a soccer scholarship with the NSW Institute of Sport.

In fact, not even six months ago, Ellyse was competing in the Australian schoolgirls team. I'd love to continue both sports as much as I can, for as long as I can, because I enjoy them very much and they're both very different - different skills and qualities. But ultimately I do realise I'll have to make a decision, but at the moment I'm not quite sure. Ellyse's team-mates are obviously keen for her future to lie with the bat and the ball. It's up to Ellyse to make that decision but I think she's got great potential in cricket. Andrew Brown reporting for TTN. In sports headlines, the Wallabies score a come-from-behind win over the All Blacks. Stirling Mortlock one of the best on field in the 20-15 Bledisloe Cup victory. In AFL, Hawthorn manages to hold off the Magpies by eight points. The win gives the Hawks second spot on the ladder. Roger Federer cruises into the Wimbledon quarterfinals after his opponent Tommy Haas forfeits. His next opponent will be former French Open champion Juan Carlos Ferrero. And Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen wins the French Formula 1 Grand Prix. Brazilian Felipe Massa finishes second. Rookie driver Lewis Hamilton extends his championship lead, finishing third. After the break - Scott joins me with the results of the national census.

And a special guest reporter with his story on 'Harry Potter'. So stick around.

Twenty years ago, this place was a dump - literally. Now it's so alive. The birds are back. The frogs are back. It's all volunteer work. We need all types of skills. Some people come once a month. Some people come once a year. Others just can't stay away. They're crazy about it. People like this are doing great work all around the State. We can always do with an extra pair of hands. Hey! # It's a living thing. # We've brought these wetlands back to life.

Scott joins me now - and the census results from last year are in. They are, Amelia, and they provide a pretty good snapshot of the country - everything from what we earn, to how much we help out around the house. and they provide a pretty good snapshot of the country - everything from what we earn, to how much we help out around the house. Here's an insight into how Australia's looking. Census time only happens every five years, but it's vital to telling the ongoing story of Australia. # Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free. # 12 months ago, everyone was asked to stay home on Census night and fill out their forms. 10% of people did it online with an e-census, which was an option for the first time. 40,000 people collected the census papers

and all the stats were added up. The results show our population has cracked the 21 million barrier. And the birth rate, which has been declining for decades, was the second highest on record last year.

This is a good thing because if we are able to increase the number of children and young people in our society, over the longer term, it will help us cope with the ageing of the population.

The average age of Australians has increased to 37. The ratio of under 15s has dropped to 19%. While for those over 65, it's up to 13.3%. And that number is expected to double in the next 40 years. Which means we'll need to have more workers to support them. Families are smaller nowadays, with an average of 2.16 kids, but our homes are getting bigger, which is good news for kids, compared to when your parents were growing up. It was very common even in middle-class homes for children to share bedrooms, sometimes multiple children in one bedroom, in most Australian families, but now the norm seems to be a bedroom per child, sometimes even more than one. around the house, As for who does all the work women do twice as much as men. aged between 15 and 29 And young people of domestic work - do the least amount

26% do no domestic work at all. Here's some more stats. 22% of Australians are born overseas. spoken second language. Chinese is our most to $1,200 per week. The average wage is $1,000 over 15 are married, And less than 50% of Australians in nearly 100 years. the lowest figure The census information is used by governments to work out where to allocate services, to build infrastructure, and to allocate funding. Students can also use it for assignments. The next census will be in 2011, when these kids will be in high school.

Amelia, the Census certainly reveals a lot of changes in australia in the last 5 years.

And speaking of change, there's an important one in britain. Yep, there's a new resident in Number 10 Downing Street. Gordon Brown has taken over from former PM Tony Blair. disillusioned by the iraq war. PM Brown must win over voters disillusioned by the Iraq war. with new priorities, He's promised a new government on education. including a strong focus steadfast in will, I will be strong in purpose, resolute in action to the British people. in the service of what matters

announcing a new ministry, And he's already made changes, first female Home Secretary. which includes the country's around the world this month. The new Harry Potter film premieres is a journey of highs and lows The latest instalment dark adventures as the characters endure and Harry gets his first kiss. checked it out. Our guest reporter R.J. Silk and the Order of the Phoenix' 'Harry Potter at Hogwarts for their fifth year. sees Harry and the gang back It's a bad start. doesn't believe The wizarding community

the evil Lord Voldemort. Harry recently saw This is a lie! It's not a lie, I saw him.

to win back their trust. So Harry is forced He forms Dumbledore's Army, for the battles ahead. which prepares his fellow wizards There are good adventures too as Harry grows up. In this film he has his first kiss. I think we were both a bit nervous everyone was talking about it because we did know and I think it was the knowledge a highly anticipated scene. that this was the changing mood of the books. The film follows that I think, I think, The books get so much darker, have to get darker as well. these ones, er, the films I'm so proud of this film. I really believe in it. I really, genuinely, ones, I think, much more grown up. I think this is one of the best It opens here on July 11. And shortly afterwards, Harry Potter series goes on sale. the seventh and final book in the There's been a lot of speculation the Deathly Hallows' will end. about how 'Harry Potter and two characters will be killed off, The author has revealed that at least

but who will they be? have been kept in the dark. Even the film's cast and producer I don't know who lives, I don't know who dies, I don't know what the battles are. I know nothing like that. One thing's for sure - in this very spot where I'm standing of eager Harry Potter fans there will be plenty on a copy of the final book trying to get their hands to find out. R.J. Silk reporting for TTN. Well done, RJ! OK, checking what's in the News Limited education liftouts this week. The Learning page in 'The Mercury' and play, 'The History Boys' considers whether the popular movie

is anti-education. looks at teenage performers 'The Herald Sun' and high school success. who are chasing both stardom on plagiarism in assignments While 'The Advertiser' reports and how you can do the right thing. why it's seen as theft has made the World Heritage list. Finally, the Sydney Opera House World Heritage Committee A meeting of the UN's to their list. voted to add the Aussie icon more than 800 other listed sites Our world-famous sails join the Great Wall of China, which include the Taj Mahal,

and Egypt's pyramids. And that is TTN for today. Join the team again next week. I'm Amelia Charlton, 'bye for now. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions