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This program is captioned live. salvage experts confident Third time lucky - tonight. they'll free the 'Pasha Bulker' Shock collapse - on the field. a young soccer star's sudden death I try to kiss his hand, I try to kiss his hand,

I say, "My son, please don't die." behind Britain's terror attacks. And hunting the bomb-maker

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - at the State's pubs and clubs. the last gasp for smokers And - remembering for Diana's memorial concert. 60,000 turn out But first this evening - for salvage crews will it be third time lucky the 'Pasha Bulker'? trying to free the stranded coal ship

from Nobbys Beach. Ten reporter Kevin Wilde joins us in just a few hours? And, Kevin, she could be back at sea

Let hope so. It would appear that

removing the power should opera

from here at Nobby's Beach is half

done. We had got used to it being

around the other way. All that

needs to happen is for the three

tugboats to drag it off the rock

and sand on which it is lodged.

Salvage experts have told me that

could prove to be very noisy in

deep. After her 3.5 weeks off the

coast of Newcastle this ship is now

facing the right direction. facing the right direction. Last coast of Newcastle this ship is now

night a great amount was achieved.

It was great to progress. It took It was great to progress. It took

just a few hours before oil was

spotted leaking from both sides of

the career. At first light is the

balance could not find a slick.

Westerly winds had pushed any trace

of it to see. We are still looking

for it. It would indicate there was

only a small amount of black oil.

For the first time damage can be seen to the propeller.

seen to the propeller. The rider

was also torn apart during last

night's mission. The full extent of

damage to the whole will not be

known until she is back at sea. All

they tend continue to work as hard as

they can to make available the they can to make available the

optimal conditions that apply. They

are going flat out. Tonight plan is

a fought the three tugs to drag the a fought the three tugs to drag the

ship 50 metres into deeper

ship 50 metres into deeper waters.

Newcastle has enjoyed all the

attention but the City is looking

forward to life without 'Pasha

Bulker'. We were all be pleased to

see it go on. We are looking for no

residual damage, I don't think

there will be. The beach will come

back to its natural shape in due

course and all have had an

experience I think we are the richer for. experience I think we are the richer

richer for. Kevin there will

problem seems to beat the oil leak.

Is there any sign of that, later

this afternoon? No. The good news

was that it was only lubricant oil

which is finer and less dangerous

to wildlife, and that Orwell was

only in the propeller. When we came

down this morning there was no sign

of it. Westerly winds had taken it

is out to sea. In the background there

is another helicopter of the

delivery of equipment. About 8:30pm

at the tugboats will begin. what caused the mysterious death Authorities hope to know soon rising soccer stars. of one of Australia's Ohmeer Hamide collapsed mid-match horrified friends and family. in front of

at his feet - Ohmeer Hamide had the football world

for top-of-the-table Sydney United. a star midfielder match at Edensor Park on Saturday But just 10 minutes into his youth and stopped breathing. Ohmeer collapsed was by Ohmeer's side His father, Kahled,

to revive him. as ambulance crews desperately tried

was at half-mast, Today the Sydney United flag to comprehend the tragedy. his team-mates struggling I think it will take time to heal. Very emotionally cut up. we used to always win, succeed. Every time he was in the team push you to the limit. I don't know, he used to just

a squad of rising stars in October, Ohmeer was set to tour England with Chelsea and Everton. tackling clubs such as Liverpool, that the scouts over there Nobody can say and others seriously, weren't going to look at him but he had a bright future.

why Ohmeer died so suddenly. It's hoped a post-mortem will reveal lay their son to rest, Tomorrow his family will at the Lakemba mosque. starting with midday prayers You can't get better. Just one of a kind. He was one of my top friends. James Boyce, Ten News. in Britain tonight - A huge man-hunt is under way for a single bomb-maker police searching failed terror attacks. linked to all three of the weekend's so far, Five people have been arrested one of them believed to be a doctor. SIREN BLARES the early morning motorway arrest A mobile phone captures in their mid-20s, of a man and a woman an Iranian doctor. the man believed to be a raid on the home of the two men into the terminal building. who drove their burning Jeep At the same time in another raid in Liverpool. a fifth man was arrested is that the perpetrators Information that we have here in Scotland. were certainly not born or raised the painstaking removal of evidence, At the airport,

for detailed forensic examination. the Jeep then taken away

the unexploded car bombs in London Police now certain this attack and are linked by a single bomb-maker. a thorough understanding We will be able to gain used by the terrorists, of the methods to which they belong. and of the network are copies of those used in Iraq. Also clear is that the bombs

they are copying. Yes, it looks as though technically What they haven't been able to do to actually cause an explosion is to get the detonating device

with the fuel. Glasgow airport finally reopened - queuing for hours for their flights. thousands of holiday-makers with Britain on critical alert - A small price authorities expecting other attacks. at all times. We will have to be alert And I think the message that's got to come out from Britain and from the British people

is that, as one, we will not yield, we will not be intimidated. But in Britain's Muslim community, a growing fear they will be blamed. Frankly, you know, angry, people keep hijacking our faith. seething with anger that these They keep defining us by terrorism. The man burned in the Jeep attack remains critical. The others have not yet been charged, but are being interrogated. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Australian officials are playing down fears of copycat attacks here. But security is being ramped up, with Canberra unveiling Australia's newest weapons in the fight against terror. Fighting terror with science - some of Australia's top forensic minds have joined a new Federal Police strike force. With a high-tech laboratory in Canberra and a mobile lab, the scientists are armed with technology which could bring down local terror cells. deal with anything like this - We hope we never have to actually and there's been no incidents of that in Australia yet - but if we need to, we can deal with it in this laboratory. The AFP also opening a new intelligence centre aimed at heading off a range of terrorist attacks like those in the UK. We've been blessed by the fact that no incidents of this sort have occurred in Australia.

The AFP scientists will draw on data which points to any chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear threat. it's public tip-offs which can really bust open terror groups similar to those operating in Britain. unnecessarily alarm people but complacency is what will beat us. Australian Federal Police are now liaising with British intelligence in the hope of learning something useful from the UK attacks.

We have no such evidence that attacks are planned in Australia but we believe they are feasible. The Attorney-General clearly alert but not alarmed during today's tour of the new facility. I was wondering what a glove box was. LAUGHTER It looks like a cartoon. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Retail giant Coles looks set to change hands after a $22 million takeover bid from Perth-based group Wesfarmers.

The Coles board has recommended shareholders accept the offer,

and biggest private sector employer. This outcome reflects a significant achievement of the management team since 2002. The offer values each Coles share at $17.25. The deal is expected to be completed by October. More tales of bizarre behaviour by the man at the centre of an inquiry into a suspected murder -

Desmond Campbell sent joke emails to a former lover within weeks of his wife's death. Dr Jennifer Dunlop emerges from court trying to cover up what was left of her dignity. She'd just spent two hours explaining how she was duped by the man at the centre of the inquest. What is your feeling towards Desmond today? I have no comment to make. lovers after meeting on the Internet. She says she fell for him after he assured her he was a faithful man and besieged her with emails and cards.

He told her all about his life, including his love of camping, but said nothing about having a wife or that she'd died in a mysterious cliff accident.

The first the doctor knew of it was when police approached her for a statement. She told the court

Campbell never explained why he'd lied to her or why the police suspected his involvement and she was too hurt to ask. She says he seemed unemotional about his wife's death sending joke emails. and quickly resumed Campbell's apparent disregard for women is a topic Janet Campbell's family has become all too familiar with. So far, four former lovers have given evidence.

The next one, Susan Jackson, recalled how Campbell had thrown her out of his car on numerous occasions. He also once asked her to wait for him while he resolved yet another relationship with a divorcee.

Are you relieved you never accepted his proposal? Of course. The wait for Campbell's side of the story is almost over. He's due to give evidence later this week. Also subpoenaed are his parents and current wife, who have all stood by him despite knowing he's the only person of interest. The inquest resumes tomorrow. Amber Muir, Ten News. From today, smoking is banned in all indoor public venues. But the Cancer Council says the law doesn't go far enough, insisting the ban should include outdoor areas of pubs and clubs. Smoke-free zones in all public indoor areas -

of almost three years it's the culmination of the State Government's gradual phasing-out of smoking in hotels, clubs and nightclubs, protecting workers and patrons from passive smoking.

Yeah, I hate it when they smoke. It annoys me - it smells. Not surprisingly, smokers are fuming.

It's not really fair for smokers. I think that's crap, because when I drink, I like to smoke. That's the only time I really smoke is when I drink.

of social smokers - And it's that group 4% of the population - that's expected to quit because of the smoking ban. It's hoped daily smokers will decrease from 13% to less than 10%, furthering lowering cases of smoking-related diseases like lung cancer. There's no doubt the new law has already encouraged smokers to butt their habit. Leading up to this week, the Quit Help Line has recorded three times more calls than usual.

But the Cancer Council wants the smoking ban to spread to public outdoor areas. It's not good enough.

We really want to see genuinely smoke-free pubs and clubs

and we know that there are enormous benefits

to introducing smoke-free laws in places like pubs and clubs. To attract non-smokers, some bars have gone to costly lengths to refurbish, while courtyards and beer gardens have been upgraded for smokers. We think it will bring people back to the pubs, bring families into community hotels. We think, based on experience overseas, that the clientele will go up. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A look at sport now with Tim Webster

and the Maroons say a post-try celebration has given them even more motivation. Deb, this party trick try celebration happened seven years ago when the Blues swept a series - it was so humiliating, Queensland hasn't forgotten it - more later. Plus - NSW coach Graham Murray and his team arrive in Brisbane amid reports of team disharmony. We'll hear from Murray, while an angry Willie Mason denies he's the one who complained about the coach. And the AFL's most controversial player, Ben Cousins, finally back on the footy field training with the West Coast Eagles for the first time since his drug problems forced him into a rehab clinic in the US. Also, Sydney prepares to farewell two of the the Wallabies' greatest players.

Plus - the Grand Prix crew who tried to catch a magnum of champers. Federal Labor under pressure

after another union leader is caught mouthing off - that's next. Also tonight, the veteran Qantas air hostess caught smuggling cocaine in her bra. And what's in a name?

Mixed reactions as Princess Mary christens her baby girl.

BUSY HUBBUB He's calling through now, stand by. Hello, gentlemen. I see you got my message. We did. What do you want? A deadly weapon is hurtling toward the world and will destroy it, I demand, within 24 hours, the sum of $36.95. Oh, my... (Men yell and shout frantically) It's really not that much, is it? ALARM BLARES (Men yell frantically)

This program is captioned live. Three generations of a gypsy family have been found guilty over a brutal murder on the Central Coast. Romany gypsy William Smith died

in a caravan park in 2005

after being attacked with axes, machetes and a samurai sword.

The killing was carried out by members of the Jones family, who were also gypsies. Adam Jones and his son both pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

His parents have today been found guilty of the same offence, and his wife guilty of being an accessory after the fact.

They'll all be sentenced later this month. A Qantas flight attendant has admitted importing 134 grams of cocaine into Australia in her bra. Despite the admission, Sue-Ellen Cryer is defending the charge, saying she's a cocaine addict and the drugs were for her own use. Lawyers for 54-year-old Sue-Ellen Cryer have told her trial the former Qantas flight attendant has been using cocaine for so long

it's damaged her septum, the membrane which divides the nostrils.

Customs officers stopped Cryer in March 2006 after she arrived in Sydney from Los Angeles via Auckland.

An ion track wand detected traces of cocaine on her purse, mobile phone and luggage. She was searched and found to be carrying two packs of cocaine hidden in the cups of her bra. Accused of illegally importing 136g of the drug,

Cryer told the court: and allegedly found traces of cocaine, small plastic bags and glucodin, used to cut the drug for sale. The court was told that at her home police found

a photograph of Cryer with a straw to her nose,

appearing to inhale a line of white powder.

The Crown claims Cryer imported the cocaine partly for her own use but also intended selling a quantity of the drug. But her lawyers deny that, saying she's been fighting an addiction to cocaine, which she's continued using even since her arrest. John Hill, Ten News. An emotional goodbye for a Sydney businessman murdered in his Castle Hill home. 36-year-old Richard Carruthers was farewelled by more than 200 people

during a funeral service at Rouse Hill today. he was a generous, spirited man The gathering was told and a loving husband. Many mourners drove high-performance vehicles to the service in memory of Mr Carruthers' passion for cars. He was bashed to death by an intruder at his home last month. His wife was also injured. Police are still hunting the killer. Claims of secret recordings and dirty tricks

with another union leader caught bragging he would take on Kevin Rudd. But the unions have returned fire, accusing the Prime Minister of spying on voters. Campaigning in John Howard's seat of Bennelong is already at fever pitch. The Prime Minister was back there today kissing babies. But last Tuesday night he declined to attend a Rights at Work meeting at the nearby leagues club. He sent a letter instead, defending WorkChoices -

and, the organisers claim, someone to tape-record proceedings. The Prime Minister has acted in a way which shows no respect for the constituents of Bennelong. complained about their employers. Some at the meeting One lady said her AWA robbed her of a pay rise. They were very nervous and they feared for their jobs, so you can imagine my concern. Of more immediate interest to the Government - this outburst from union boss John Robertson. The bottom line here is that people swagger a bit and say a few things like that. For me, it doesn't add up to a row of beans. But John Howard says Mr Robertson was instrumental in getting Kevin Rudd the top Labor job. Mr Rudd owes him big-time

and John Robertson won't be shy about collecting his dues. attacking Labor's union links The Government has been stridently over the past month

but, according to the latest Galaxy poll, to no avail. The Opposition has increased its lead to 10 points after preferences. 67% say recent bad behaviour by a couple of union leaders will not influence their vote. also found

almost half the electorate says it is not concerned by union influence.

Check of the weather - a beautiful

sunny day in Sydney today? But

dealers. Let's make the most of the

blue sky and the warmth. It was three degrees above blue sky and the warmth. It was three degrees above blue sky and the warmth. It was three degrees above average and a

warmest day in a month. I'm saying

make the most of it because make the most of it because after

tomorrow for you won't be out of

your on the broods for about three

days. To cold fronts are lining up

Sydney which will see maximum

temperatures in the West struggled

to get to 13 or 14 degrees and to

Sydney will be 15 degrees. Speaking of of frosty the

of frosty the Snowman, a cold front

is expected to drop 40 centimetres

of snow across the Australian Alps and

and by Friday. of snow across the Australian Alps

and by Friday. Look at this weather

photograph. You put a smile on my photograph. You put a smile on my

face. Raid the Rainbow took this photo.

photo. And you will wind eight so

any handy can if you enter this competition. any handy can if you enter this competition.

We haven't said it 18 degrees at

5:15pm for a while. Tomorrow will

be fine and sunny and I'll see

Welcomed home -

next, Aussie war brides finally given back their citizenship. And piggy-backed on a plane - the space shuttle hitches a ride back home.

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Time to check the traffic. And

there is a big repair job at

Blacktown but surprisingly it not

causing too much trouble? We are

all smiles if we are heading anyway

as a result of the school holidays.

There has been a ruptured a water

main on its Sunny Holt Road in a

Blacktown this morning. As you can

see the repairs are under way at

the moment and half the road is

blocked. As a result of the school

holidays, traffic is not that holidays, traffic is not that bad.

There is some build up at the

McDonald's exit but are generally a

great run home. It will affect

peak-hour traffic tomorrow so if

you're heading home stay away from

Sunny Holt Road. The damage bill from Victoria's Gippsland floods is expected to run into tens of millions of dollars. The most immediate problem - king tides stopping floodwaters from draining. The rain's eased, surrounded by water but houses are still nearly a week after the deluge hit Around 350 residents on the Gippsland Lakes of Paynesville and Raymond Island

over the weekend. Boats delivered much-needed supplies In Bairnsdale, to open their doors again. businesses are able Wasn't until the water goes down that's really been done. that you see the damage This house was washed from a truck to a new block, as it was being transported destroying everything, the force of the water the clean-up continues. But as waters recede, Water is an unpredictable thing. It's always hard to find out what it's going to do - but we sure found out this time! Work has also started on roads across the district. If the floods aren't bad enough, the people of Lakes Entrance have been dealt a second blow as many holiday-makers cancel bookings throughout the region at one of the busiest times of the year. We've had no bookings whatsoever. The only phone calls we have had is people wishing us good luck. It's too soon to know just what the insurance bill will be. The 1998 floods cost the State Government alone more than $60 million. is just as severe The damage this time and spread over a wider area. For businesses like Karen Zappelli's is stay away. the worst thing people can do now Please come back! We're open for business. Cameron Smith, Ten News. to give up their citizenship Australian war brides forced at the end of World War II can once again call Australia home. legal twist for their children. And there's been a surprise Iris Craig and her daughter, Erin, more than 60 years ago, left Australia bond with the land down-under. but both have always felt a strong of a half-breed myself. I've grown up as somewhat I had the regular children's stories from America but I also had 'Blinky Bill' and 'Dot and the Kangaroo'. Brisbane-born Iris met and married James Robert Craig, an American GI, in 1943. Three years later, when her husband was offered a job back in California, Iris followed. It meant sacrificing her Australian citizenship to settle permanently in the US,

a sacrifice about 15,000 Aussie women made for love.

From July 1, war brides are entitled to claim back their Australian citizenship. It'll make me feel whole again. Her 62-year-old daughter, however, has never been sure about which country she could call home, until now. And I can remember as a little girl with my hand over my heart standing there "Is that the right flag?" pledging allegiance, wondering, has cleared up the confusion. A legal review of the legislation Born in Sydney in 1945, an Australian citizen. Erin is and always has been It just feels really good yet. and I don't even have the passport born to Australian war brides It's estimated about 10% of children

are legally Australian, also entitled to claim citizenship. and now their children are to Australia permanently Erin and Iris may never move but being able to say they're Aussies is enough. It's part of our birthright. In San Diego, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. It's just flown more than 8 million kilometres but today the space shuttle 'Atlantis' was forced to hitch a ride back to base at Cape Canaveral. 'Atlantis' left California on the back of a jumbo jet but it was a slow trip home. The plane had to stop several times to refuel. The shuttle returned to Earth 10 days ago, after a 2-week mission to the International Space Station. The stars party after their concert for Diana.

That story still to come. to help people live longer. Also, the simple blood test designed And a name fit for a princess - of Denmark's newest royal. the christening Sam. Sam. How far away are you? BELL RINGS

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further attacks. with authorities expecting has died suddenly on the field A rising Aussie soccer star during a game, killed 17-year-old Ohmeer Hamide. Authorities should soon know what into a youth match on Saturday. He collapsed just ten minutes are confident And salvage experts tonight is the night they'll free from Newcastle's Nobby's Beach. late yesterday The ship was turned around just 50m from deep water. and is now pointing out to sea, A world-first test has been launched in Australia which predicts your chances of developing serious diseases, from diabetes to cancer. But critics claim it's expensive, inaccurate and even discriminatory. A moment of pain for a lifetime of medical gain - a world-first blood test analysing a person's DNA and predicting their chances of developing dozens of illnesses. It is like visiting a scientific fortune teller. we look at the cells. Instead of looking at the cards, the future is forecast, From those cells cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, everything from cancer to even obesity can be pin-pointed. Firstly, assess your level the higher band of DNA damage and, secondly, if you are in you can do something about it. It allows you to know you are following has any impact. whether the diet and lifestyle that a tailored health plan, Patients receive

to diet and exercise. advice on everything from vitamins has received high praise, While the technology concerns have been raised that medical information could be used by employers or insurance companies We would be concerned that some of this information may not be used appropriately. We're obligated to insure people no matter what they're state of health is and that will continue, so these tests will make no difference whatsoever. But good health doesn't come cheap - a one-off consultation almost $700. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. The Australian share market begins the financial year at a loss. The big finance news of the day - Wesfarmers' $22 billion bid for Coles. at $16.12. Coles Group is in a trading halt a share, Wesfarmers is offering $17.25 shareholders accept the price. the Coles board recommending

for an average of $1.24 a litre, at Beacon Hill and Forestville. We found it as low as $1.18 in Denmark There's been a cool reaction to the naming of their newest royal. as Princess Mary revealed There were gasps as Princess Isabella. her daughter would be known

just outside the Danish capital, On a glorious summer morning a little princess was given a name. In keeping with tradition, Mary and Frederik revealed their secret

before a small gathering at Fredensborg Palace Church. Unlike Prince Christian's baptism two years ago, this was a fairly low-key affair, yet still beamed live into thousands of households across Denmark. Close family and friends attended, with just a smattering of European royalty. And, as always, Mary's father, John Donaldson, watched on with pride. The third in line to the throne wore the lace christening robe made for the royal family in 1870. Cradled in her mother's arms, the little princess was only awake for a short time, unaware of all the fuss. Her older brother was also well behaved throughout the hour-long ceremony. been waiting for - the name. Then the moment everyone had

Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe. until the last minute. Even the bishop wasn't told with gasps of surprise, And while Isabella was met the other names were as expected - Ingrid after Frederik's grandmother Henrietta after Mary's late mother, Frederik's mother, the Queen. and Margrethe after original choice of name But Mary and Frederik's from some Danes, has received a cool reaction who say it's not quite royal enough. Emily Groves, Ten News. Isabella is a lovely name. Tim

Bayley with the weather.. U-turn on Bayley with the weather.. U-turn

a good one Forane Monday. I have another one up my sleeve for another one up my sleeve for rate

Tuesday. How does 21 degrees in the

city sound? They will big dose of

blue sky before frosty the Snowman brings a cold blue sky before frosty the Snowman

brings a cold change 4th Wednesday Thursday.

He it was a warmest day in a month

and three degrees above average. He it was a warmest day in a month and three degrees above average.

Enjoy the blue sky tomorrow and

play up a little bit. I will see

you again at 5:55pm. Sport now with Tim Webster, and Willie Mason gets fired up in Brisbane. Mason was accused embattled NSW coach Graham Murray. of complaining about More shortly. that still irks the Maroons. Plus, the Blues' post-try celebration doesn't wait for the petrol cap. And what happens when an F1 And celebrating Diana - for the people's princess. the memorial concert Playtime's gone a little bit wild. (Lion roars) New from Fisher-Price. Amazing Animals.

There are new deadlines at federal elections. for enrolling to vote So don't wait or you'll miss out. If you're not enrolled or need to update your address details, grab an enrolment form today. This program is captioned live. The NSW Blues have arrived in Brisbane for game three of the Origin series. Adam Hawse joins us from BrisVegas. And if it's not tough enough for the poor old Blues already, now they've been accused of turning on their coach?

It has been like a classic case of

who don't eat up here. In a Sydney

newspaper yesterday an unnamed NSW

a player was quoted as saying that

senior Blues had lost consonant

with their coach. And William Mason

denied that he is the right in the ranks. Willie Mason blissfully unaware of the storm he was walking into. There was a bit in the paper yesterday having a crack at Muzz, about the senior players but everyone is right behind him. You can't blame the coach for us losing the series. Mason calling the story "a load of crap". The Blues giant really starting to boil when told he was under suspicion as the anonymous player who dumped on his coach.

I didn't even know that. That's a bit of a shock, actually. I didn't really know that, but I get along with Muzz great. I don't know who's pointing the finger at me, but they probably haven't got the balls to say it to my face anyway. To save the finger-pointing, some Blues believe the aggrieved player should come forward. If someone's unhappy with what's gone on or are trying to say Muzz is the wrong guy,

then maybe he should have put his name to the story. The coach staying positive amid the sniping. The camp is good, there's a good feeling about them. They've trained as good as any time, if not better, this week, so I can't see any indication happening behind the scenes. Newly named 18th man Ben Creagh managing to escape all the fuss when he arrived in Brisbane later in the day. The Maroons a stark contrast to the embattled Blues, relaxing on the Gold Coast. Skipper Darren Lockyer revealing he's driven by Queensland's 3-0 drubbing back in 2000 and a humiliating post-try celebration by the Blues. That was rubbing salt in the wounds. Just didn't seem like Origin, that sort of stuff happening. It was pretty embarrassing.

It the Bulldogs wind that they are

very nearly into the top eight of. Injury won't deny George Gregan a farewell home Test this Saturday night at Telstra Stadium. He's been cleared to play the Springboks and it's shaping up as a double milestone for the Wallabies. isn't about to deny fans the chance A corked thigh to farewell one of Australian rugby's greatest double acts - George Gregan and Stephen Larkham set for their last Test on home soil. It will also be Larkham's 100th cap. It's a very proud milestone for myself, but to have George alongside me is gonna make it doubly special. Yeah, it's a great occasion. You don't often get guys 130 plus and another guy playing his 100th Test. And the contribution they've made to Australian rugby is phenomenal. He suffered nerve damage in his shoulder

in Saturday night's long-awaited win over the All Blacks. Wallabies staff fear it may keep him out of the World Cup. We've got a level of concern, there's no doubt, but we'll know more later in the week. Stephen Hoiles or David Lyons his likely replacement,

but selectors don't plan on tinkering with Australia's back line, despite Matt Giteau's performance at scrum half the field against New Zealand. when the injured Gregan left While Giteau's in the team and George is 100% fit to take the field,

we're quite comfortable with that. His South African counterpart today talking down the number of top-line players the 'Boks left at home

and talking up Australia's win John O'Neill's come into office and since he's got there they've won one and lost none,

so I'm sure now there will be a full house at Aussie Stadium or Telstra Stadium, Leanne West, Ten News. Swans co-captain Leo Barry has escaped censure for a heavy bump during the loss to Geelong on Saturday. The match review panel looked closely at this contact with the Cats' Cameron Ling but concluded there was not excessive force to warrant him being charged. Barry Hall could be fit to take on the Dockers at the SCG on Sunday. Yeah, I'm expecting him to play, based on our discussion last week, but I haven't got an update as to how he's feeling so we'll just have to wait and see. Meantime, West Coast employed security guards for Ben Cousins's first day back at training. The Brownlow medallist worked himself to exhaustion. He's still a chance of returning to the game this weekend. Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen are back in the world title race after taking out the French Formula 1 Grand Prix. for the Prancing Horse team, which rediscovered its speed right from the start. Raikkonen sealed his second win for the season ahead of Brazilian team-mate Felipe Massa. COMMENTATOR: Raikkonen wins in France. It's a Ferrari one-two. extended his championship lead, 22-year-old rookie Lewis Hamilton finishing third. Aussie Mark Webber crossed in 12th position,

while it was race over early for Vitantonio Luizzi, who was rammed off course on turn two. Dutchman Christijan Albers was also forced to retire after leaving the pits with the fuel rig still attached, and fuel wasn't the only thing spilt. Team Ferrari with a touch of the fumbles, smashing the champagne. Well, they spray it everywhere anyway.

And in Sports Tonight, all the highlights from tonight's Bulldogs-Roosters clash, plus Hewitt and Arthurs on court at Wimbledon.

Leads a look at the traffic again.

An accident causing problems in its

Smithfield. We are hovering over

Smithfield on the Smithfield Road Smithfield on the Smithfield Road

near the Cumberland Highway. You

can see to the right of your screen police

police had blocked the on ramp for

people trying to head to Bonnie

week. The overpass of the highway

has not been affected but motorists

heading home on Smithfield Road can

expect an extra 30 minutes expect an extra 30 minutes to their trip.

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Time to get the weather details. My

collection of cardigans has got

quite a worker recently but I

didn't have to use one today. You

are going to need that closet full of

of cardigans later in the week.

This is a sentence I really

shouldn't say - Ron is going to

have bruised arms on his nether

regions later in the week as we say

goodbye to the warm conditions. A

southerly cold front is going to

tap on outdoor on Thursday night

and drop temperatures in the

western suburbs to a maximum of 13

and 14 degrees. It's the warm

before frosty the Snowman. Tomorrow

will be a good looking day - blue

and sunny and a top of will be a good looking day - blue and sunny and a top of 21 degrees.

Thick cloud is crossing South West

Western Australia ahead of a strong cold

cold front and brings heavy showers

and storms. At cloud band along a

South is causing showers to spread

from South Australia, Tasmania,

Victoria and NSW. A front will

bring strong winds and showers to

South Australia and later to

western part of Victoria and NSW. May western part of Victoria and NSW.

May be some useful precipitation

for the west of NSW. There will be

strong winds and showers easing in

Western Australia. Most of the east

coast and the North will be mainly

Clear. Showers over it southern and

central Inland NSW, mainly the

south-west slopes of. Showers in south-west slopes of. Showers in Victoria, south-west slopes of. Showers in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia

and Tasmania. The cold front - he's

coming and speaking of that, as

well as dropping temperatures in

Sydney down to 13 or 14 degrees,

the Alpine areas are going to rub

their hands together in a believe.

There is no in the forecast for the

next four or five days. We can

expect 25 centimetres on Wednesday.

All in all, by next Saturday for 40

centimetres will be on the ground.

All in all, by next Saturday for 40 centimetres will be on the ground.

Perfect for the school holidays. Zee you in at Hanworth this weekend

it for the hat off Festival. A see you tomorrow night. The Concert for Diana has gone ahead in London without a hitch despite some security worries. 60,000 fans were there and 500 million saw it on TV but the real winners were Diana's favourite charities. He sang the song that farewelled her at her funeral, so it was fitting Sir Elton John opened this celebration of Diana's life. you can easily hide. # (Sings) # I'm not one of those Her boys, William and Harry, making her proud.

This evening is about all that our mother loved in life - her music, her dance, her charities and her family and friends. Looking on, William's ex Kate Middleton. Harry with a special message for his army colleagues in Iraq. To you and everyone else in operations at the moment, we'd both like to say stay safe. And with that, they introduced their mum's favourite band, Duran Duran. One, two, three, four... (Sings) # Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand. #

Bopping in the royal box for the first time,

Harry's girlfriend, Chelsy Davy. Cousins Beatrice and Eugenie were a bit further back in Wembley Stadium's nosebleed section.

Jason Donovan was the only Aussie on stage, alongside Donny Osmond. and a dream is too. # (Sings) # The light is dimming Joss Stone, Kanye West and Sean Diddy Combs got the younger crowd going before Sir Elton returned to bring the marathon concert home. # Hold me closer, tiny dancer. # True to his word, but no-one went home disappointed. For us, this has been the most perfect way of remembering her. Angela Bishop, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next bulletin, along at 10:40. Goodnight. ( whistle blowing )